Note: This story is entirely fictional. It does not depict real people or
real events. It is highly explicit and is not to be viewed by minors or those
who are easily offended.

Gargoyles: Demona's Days As A Human Part 1 (FF,MFF,magic)
by Wild Bill Wilde ([email protected])

For about the hundredth time, Demona inspected herself in the full length
mirror. That little sorcerer Puck had done his work well. Now instead of
turning to stone at sunrise as the other gargoyles did, Demona would turn
into a human.

"A beautiful human," she said to herself as she ran her hands through her
thick red hair. She brought her hands down her body and cupped her double-d
cup breasts, flicking her nipples into hardness, enjoying their heft and
jutting them out as she turned in profile to the mirror. Facing the mirror
once again, she ran her hands down over her flat stomach and down each long
leg, before bringing them up again, to the juncture of her thighs, where a
valley of pink nestled in a lush forest of fleecy red curls. She spread her
pussy lips and ran her thumb over her clit while she slid her middle finger
in and out of her rapidly moistening snatch.

"Such pleasure," Demona sighed as an orgasm rumbled through her. She gave
herself a second, and then a third, before her legs gave out, and she lay
down on the floor to catch her breath, her thighs wet with her juices.
While most gargoyles could and did have intercourse, it was done more for
reproduction then for pleasure, and generally not really enjoyed by either
party. Demona was different. She loved sex and since she didn't have a
mate, at nights she would glide around the city, indulging in her favorite
activity, spying on humans. Particularly humans having sex, when she could
find them. And she usually could. Demona fondly recalled how she had once
perched on a window ledge, gently fingering herself with her talons,
watching and listening as the couple inside made hot, passionate love,
oblivious to anything else. She felt a spurt of juice trickle down her
thigh as she remembered how the man had shot his load all over his
girlfriend's face and breasts.

Well, now that she was human, Demona decided that she was going to get some
of that hot humping and fucking for herself. She pulled on a pair of shorts,
a tank top and some shoes and headed out.

After looking around a little bit, Demona decided to try a place called the
Pink Flamingo Theater, where the marquee boasted that triple X movies were
shown 24 hours a day. She purchased a ticket and went in. A movie was
playing, and Demona watched as a blonde with big tits deep-throated a huge
cock while a black woman licked the blonde's pussy. Demona looked around for
a seat, and couldn't believe her eyes. Seated in the theater was none other
than Alisa Maza of the NYPD! Alisa was a friend of Goliath and the other
gargoyles, and probably wouldn't have wanted anything to do with Demona.
Deciding to put her human guise to the test, Demona walked over and sat down
next to Alisa. Alisa, in her usual attire of tight jeans, boots, black
turtleneck sweater stretched tightly over her ample breasts and a leather
jacket, looked at the new arrival, and held out her hand.

"Hi, I'm Alisa."

"Hi, I'm De...Dominique. Nice to meet you."

"So, often, Dominique?" Alisa said, giggling at the double

"Uh, no, not really. I...uh...just felt like doing something different

"Me too. Maybe we can go for coffee or something after the movies."

"Sure, that would be fine." Demona settled back in her seat, amazed. Here she
was chatting with someone she thought was an enemy, and getting more than a
little turned on, both by the movie and, surprisingly, the proximity to

The women on the screen had changed position now, with the black woman
taking over the cocksucking chores, and the blonde using a strap-on to
enthusiastically plow the ebony pussy. Demona felt her arousal increasing
and shifted in her seat, noticing that Alisa was making the same sort of
moves. Suddenly, Alisa put her hand on Demona's thigh and looked into her

"So, Dominique, tell me, do girls as well as guys?"

"Yes," Demona sighed lustily.

"Oh, thank goodness." Alisa gasped. "I'm just so turned on right now, I need
to get off really bad, and doing it with someone else is much more fun, don't
you think?"

"Yes, do me right now, right here, please," Demona hissed pleadingly through
clenched teeth, writhing in her seat from the effect of Alisa's words.

Without another word, Alisa snaked her hand inside the waistband of Demona's
loose khaki shorts, purring with delight when she discovered that her new
friend wasn't wearing panties. Alisa massaged Demona's snatch and clit with
the palm of her hand, bringing moans of delight from Demona and spurts of
juice from Demona's perspiring pussy. Alisa paused in her pussy massage,
stood, unbuttoned her jeans, and wriggled them down until they were around
her knees. She returned her seat, returned her hand to Demona's pussy, and
guided Demona's hand between her legs.

Demona needed no further encouragement. She fingered Alisa's syrupy snatch
and twiddled her clit enthusiastically.

Soon, both women were moaning loudly, providing their own soundtrack as their
their thighs trembled, and their hips bucked up off the seats. Demona came
first, hissing with pleasure as she drenched the crotch of her shorts with a
huge load of pussy cream. Alisa soon followed her, smiling blissfully as her
snatch syrup spurted around Demona's fingers and dribbled onto the seat and
the floor. They licked each other's fingers clean, then paused to catch their
breath. Demona looked around the theater then nudged Alisa.

"It appears we have an audience," Demona said, indicating a young man a
couple of rows back, who had been watching them intently and discreetly
rubbing the crotch of his jeans. Alisa looked back at the man, then looked
at Demona and smiled.

"Let's really have some fun now, Dominique."

They made their way back to the young man's row, and sat down on either side
of him, leaning in and pressing their breasts against his biceps.

"Enjoying the show?" Alisa purred. Before the young man could answer her,
Demona took the initiative, and ran her hand over his denim-covered crotch.

"He sure is, and it feels like he's got a lot to offer two hungry women like
us," she said with a wink. Alisa's hand joined Demona's and she smiled.

"You are so right," she said with a smile. Then she took on a mock
business-like tone. "But we never suck a man's cock until we've been properly
introduced. I'm Alisa, and this is my new friend Dominique."

"My name is Jeffrey," the young man said not believing his good luck. Instead
of shaking hands, the women each gently squeezed his package, and he reached
under their shirts and gently squeezed a breast with each hand.

"Well, Jeffrey, this is your lucky day. "You get Dominique and me all to
yourself. Now why don't we go someplace a little more private, so we can get
rid of these clothes and get a little more...comfortable."

"Yeah, let's go,"Jeffrey panted.

"Uh, Jeffrey," Alisa giggled, "You'll have to let go of our boobies so we can
stand up."

Without further adieu, they left the theater, climbed into Alisa's car and
headed for her townhouse.

* * *

No sooner had Alisa's front door closed behind them, then articles of
clothing were falling to the floor as the threesome frantically undressed
each other. Soon they were sitting on the couch, all as naked as birth,
the women happily fondling Jeffrey's rock-hard erection and stroking his
cum-laden balls.

"Mmmm, you were right, Dominique, he's huge! And he's definitely ready to
ride! Let's shine him up and get busy!"

Demona didn't have to be told twice. She joined Alisa on the floor between
Jeffrey's spread legs, and together they gave the horny young man a blowjob
he would never forget. Two tongues polished every inch of his cock from his
cumhole to his balls, and twenty fingers stroked and caressed his balls and
thighs. Jeffrey moaned as he felt the cum begin to rise up his shaft.

Alisa and Demona sensed it too and stopped their oral activities. Jeffrey
gave an anguished groan and looked them pleadingly.

"Don't be in such a hurry, stud," Alisa purred. "There's pussies and asses
that need fucking, and you're just the man for the job. Hang on just a

Alisa went in the other room and quickly returned with a foot-long strap-on
dildo that she handed to Demona.

"He's going to fuck my pussy and my ass, and you can fuck which ever hole he
isn't in. Then we'll switch and I'll do the same for you. OK?"

Demona slipped into the strap-on, lubed it up, and nodded. Alisa motioned
Jeffrey to lie down on the floor, then she climbed aboard his rock-hard
cock, while offering up her pink rosebud for Demona's pleasure. Demona
nestled the "head" of the strap-on in the tiny opening and pushed gently.
Alisa let out a whoop of pleasure as both cocks began steadily pumping in
and out of both her holes. A stream of pussy cream gushed forth as she came
and came and came. That stream turned into a flooding river after the cocks
switched holes and resumed their pumping action, bringing Alisa to even
more orgasms.

"Your turn, Dominique," Alisa gasped as she tried to catch her breath.

Demona slipped off the strap-on, licked it clean, then handed it to Alisa.
Then Demona lowered herself onto Jeffrey's cock, sighing and hissing with
pleasure as she experienced her first human cock, soon followed by her
second cock. The sensations were incredible, and Demona thought she might
pass out. Fortunately, though, she remained conscious, and highly orgasmic,
shrieking her way through one come after another. The pleasurable sensations
only increased when the cocks switched positions, and it was Demona's turn
to whoop as the human cock squeezed into her ass and began pumping away,
throbbing hotly. Demona continued coming, drenching herself, Alisa and the

"Let's finish him off with our mouths," Alisa suggested.

"My thoughts exactly," Demona agreed.

Once again, Jeffrey was seated on the couch, and the ladies spit-shined and
caressed every inch of his straining manhood.Then they gave him a double
handjob, and he lost control, his cock jumping, spurting, and squirting a
monster load all over Alisa's and Demona's faces. The ladies licked the cock
and each other's faces clean, then all three lovers slipped into a deep

Demona awoke hours later and hurriedly looked out the window. The sun would
soon set! She had to get back to her hideaway! She scurried around the
apartment collecting her things.

"Leaving so soon?" Alisa inquired, as she rose and stretched.

"Uh...yes...I...uh...have to be somewhere...a job...and..."

"Sure you can't stay just a little bit longer, and, to paraphrase the
song... `Fuck me baby one more time'?" Alisa asked, holding up the strap-on.
Demona bit her lip and looked out the window again. She decided that there
was enough time for what she'd heard the humans call a "quickie." Demona
slipped on the strap-on and got down to business, fucking Alisa rowdily.
Demona didn't have as much time as she thought, though, and just as both
ladies were sharing an orgasm, Demona transformed. Her eyes flashed red, she
growled gutturally, and her wings and tail appeared.

Alisa, lost in the throes of her own orgasm, initially noticed none of this.
"That was a good one," she said as she turned around. "I really like the way
you growled when you...DEMONA?!"

"Yes, it's me and..."

"You mean I let you...and you did...and I did...and we did...oh no!"

"You didn't seem to mind earlier," Demona purred. "And I certainly enjoyed
it. So tell me, Human, was it really that bad?"

Alisa thought for a few moments, then made up her mind as she felt their
mutual juices drip down her legs. "No, I guess it wasn't," she said

"Well, now that that's settled, I guess I'll be spending the night here. My
human clothes don't fit me when I'm like this, and I didn't bring my gargoyle
garb with me. So, care to share your bed with a naked gargoyle?"

"Mmmm, definitely has possibilities," Alisa said with a smile. "Let me
explain a bit to Jeffrey before you show yourself." She took a deep breath
and went to wake up their lover.

"Sounds good to me," Demona said to herself. She leaned against the wall and
gently teased her slit with her talons as her tail switched back and forth in

* * *

The small hours of the following morning found the three tired lovers
sleeping peacefully in Alisa's king-sized bed. Alisa and Jeffrey gathered
protectively in Demona's wings, her tail wrapped possessively around his
penis, giving it an occasional stroke. All three had serene smiles on their
faces and all three had the same thought.

"Things are certainly going to be different now."



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