Here's a story I wrote a while back. Some people liked it, I guess.
All the usual disclaimers apply per age requirements, original copywrite
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From the Journal of Elisa Maza

Well, I've decided to do it. I don't know if it will work or not, but
I'm going to try. It'll take a few days to set everything up. There's a big
electronics show, so I know Lexington will want to go. Matt was assigned as
Police Liason for the show's security, so I'm sure he can get Lex in somehow.
Sometimes, it's good to have a partner. Maybe Angela will want to go too,
then Brooklyn and Broadway will follow. I'm not so worried about Hudson and
Bronx, they like to stay home a lot. I think there's a hockey game on at
the same time, so that should interest them. That just leaves Goliath and
me, just like I want. God, I hope this works.

* * *

I'm sure Matt was suspicious. After all, I wore something different.
Despite what some people think, I don't wear the same clothes all the time.
It's just that jeans, shirt and jecket are easy for work. Tonight, I wore
one of my better outfits, a long skirt and sweater combination, appropriate
for the weather. Thankfully, Matt didn't say much about it, other than a
compliment. They all complimented my outfit, even Hudson and Angela. After
a little small talk, everyone started going on their way. Angela wanted to
see what Lex had been carrying on about, just like I'd hoped, so those two,
Brooklyn and Broadway left right on schedule. Hudson just gave us a smile
before heading to his chair.

It had just started to snow when I arrived and it was heavy when we
left. It's a wonderful things about snow. Even New York City is beautiful
in it. Goliath carried me, gliding to my apartment. It all looked so
peaceful below us. For one night, I thought, the city can take care of
itself. I held tightly to him after we landed, just long enough for him to
notice, though I didn't look at his face.
He followed me in and I went to
the table. Dinner was warming in the oven, a roast I cooked earlier.

I was so worked up inside, I could barely eat, but I did my best to
keep calm. Goliath ate almost as well as Broadway and I knew he was
watching me. I was watching him too, little glances, just enough. My
stomach felt tight, but everything below felt weak, especially my legs. I
started swinging one leg a bit, to work the tension out. My foot brushed
Goliath's leg and it was like a jolt of electricity through my body. My
eyes met eyes and there was a fire in them that was frightening but also

I stood up quickly and started clearing the table, putting the dishes
in the sink. I could feel him come up behind me and I waited to see what
he would do.

"Elisa," he murmured, and my heart felt like it would stop. I took a
breath and turned, looking up at him. He towered over me, standing so close,
and his scent was musky, heady, and it filled my head so I couldn't stand.
Goliath reached to catch me, his strong arms easily holding me. His wings
enfolded us, pressing me gently against him. All I could breathe was him,
all I could feel were his strong arms and warm skin. My hands traced the
muscles of his chest before I laid my cheek on his skin, his slow steady
heartbeat filling my ear, the rushing of my own blood echoing in my head.

I could feel him rising, his flesh pressing against my belly through
his loin cloth and my sweater and skirt. My fingers glided over his strong
stomach as I stepped back, his wings easing their embrace. I wasn't sure
what to do next, and I don't think he knew either, since neither of us had
been with the other's species before, so I decided to just use my instincts.
I pressed myself to him again, slipping my arms up around his neck. I
pulled on his neck gently until he lowered his head and I kissed him. He
seemed a bit surprised but didn't pull away. I guess gargoyles don't kiss
much, or else Demona never went for it.

His hands rubbed my back as we kissed and I could feel him pressing
against my stomach, harder. We kissed for what seemed like hours, just
enjoying the closeness. I don't think either of us had been close or been
held for a long time. Too long, if you ask me.

I finally let go and stepped back again. I looked down at his, well,
I don't know if manhood would be the right word, considering. I've never
seen a man who could measure up to Goliath, even here. Massive is about
the only description I can think of, his cock is almost as thick as my fist
and long. I didn't know if I could fit that inside me, but I really wanted
to find out.

The sweater was too warm for me by this point, so I slipped it off,
along with my skirt. I only had a bra and panties on underneath, and I
could feel his eyes on me. I don't know if I could compare to female
Gargoyles body wise, from what I've seen most of them are built like the
proverbial Brick Shit House, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I'm
proud of how I look. From the look on his face and his rumbling, Goliath
obviously liked how I looked. That made me feel much better.

I pushed him back to the couch and made him sit. His hard cock looked
even larger as I knelt between his legs. I took a deep breath to calm
myself before I slipped my hands around his flesh. Goliath's groan was loud
enough to wake the neighbors. I glances up at his face and thought I saw
his eyes flash blue before they closed. I didn't want to think how long it
must have been since he last slept with someone.

I started stroking him gently, feeling him under my hands. He felt
human, soft skin over iron, sliding with my hands. The head of his cock
slid out of his foreskin as I stroked him, and I couldn't resist giving it
a kiss. His entire body jerked and I thought he would cum right then, but
he held back somehow. I kissed the head again, tasting him a little. His
flesh smelled musky, like men, but stronger or richer and a bit dusty at the
same time. He tasted almost human and I gave him a little lick, under the
glans, while still stroking his shaft. Then I tried to take him in to my
mouth. Only part of it would fit, so I sucked and licked what I could as I
stroked him. I could taste his pre-cum, thick and a little bitter, but not
really bad to the taste. I kept it up for a few minutes, enjoying almost as
much as he did. I wanted to make him feel good and this was a great way to
do that.

Goliath grabbed the cushions beside him, claws going right through them
I found out later, and his whole body stiffened as he let out almost a roar.
The first shot of sum was stronger than I expected, almost knocking me back.
My head did go back so, though my hands never left his cock. He shot for
what seemed like minutes, thick cum going everywhere, especially on me.

Well, it didn't taste bad. Stronger than normal, salty, but not as
bitter, guess that comes earlier, pun intended. I swallowed what I had in
my mouth and tried to wipe the rest off of me, licking it from my hands. I
smiled up at Goliath and he pulled me up in his arms, wings folding around
us. I snuggled up against him as he murmured my name. His cock was still
hard against me and I wanted to go on after catching my breath.

Oops, I think he's waking up. Going to put this away and go back to
bed, finish writing later. Might even have something else to add, we'll


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