"In Avalon's Nursery"
a story by ARTWerks(tm) -- writen by Peg Leg Dukk
(C) 1996


Goliath moved his hands up to cup Elisa's breasts, letting their
weight and softness fill his fingers. Rubbing the tips of her nipples
with his thumbs, he gently coaxed the feelings that were flowing through
her into higher sensations.

"Are you enjoying this, my love?" he asked softly, still unsure as
to how far they should take this intimate touching.

"Mmmmm, yes... don't stop." Elisa replied. She was fully enjoying
the sensation of Goliath's touch on her flesh, a feeling that she hadn't
felt in a long time. Arching her chest towards him, she tried to make
the feelings more intense.

Goliath wasn't totally unaffected by her aroused state. His own
blood was begining to sing with desire as he continued to caress his
lovely wife. He could feel his own manhood begining to swell inside his
pants as he drank in the sight of Elisa's nearly nude form beside him.
It was a credit to his willpower that he didn't join her on the bed and
maul her in his passion.

Elisa could see the fire in his eyes, and knowing that Goliath still
desired her, even after all that had happened during her pregnacy, was
enough to make her decide to take this intimate touching a little
further along. Scooting closer, she lowered one slim hand to his lap,
where she found his manhood jutting out against the fabric of his pants.
Curling her fingers around it, she began to rub softly. Goliath reacted
with a soft hiss of breath, then sighed as she increased the presure
slightly more. Every pulse of his heart could be felt, and the heat that
was emitting from the concealed flesh beneath her touch was like a

In response, Goliath left one hand to continue touching Elisa's
body, while he let the other one drift like a shadow down her body,
until it rested at the crux of her thighs. She parted her legs slightly,
and he pressed one finger to the "vee" that lay covered by a barrier of
silk. Already, there was a sheen of moisture there, seeping through to
soak a small part of her panty crotch. Goliath wasted no time, using
this moisture to aid him in sliding his fingertips over her vaginal
mound, stirring up more pleasant feelings in her.

"Hmmm, ohh yes... That feels, umm, so good!" she moaned, continuing
to pull and stroke at her husband's still-encased shaft.

"You do... such wonders to me... Elisa..." Goliath panted under his
breath, torn between taking care of Elisa's needs and letting her deal
with his own. The feelings were spiraling up inside him, and it was
good, but it would take more that this to satisfy his carnal hunger.

Elisa could sense this too, but she was still afraid for the child
inside her. She had to make a decision, but she knew it wouldn't be fair
to leave this off abruptly, especially for Goliath. It was then she had
an idea.

"Goliath, hmmmm, wait!" she said, letting go of her lover so that she
could scramble out of the bed. Goliath stopped, a slight touch of
disappointment on his face, but this soon vanished when Elisa skinned
off her panties, standing gloriously nude in front of him. Rushing in
her own sexual impatience, she reached for his belt, loosening it as she
unfastened his pants at the same time.

"Elisa! Are you sure of this? With the baby and all.."

Elisa stopped, hushing his words with a light kiss. "No, not that!
But, I have something much more in mind. Just lie back and watch,
okay... Big Guy?"

As usual, the use of her former nickname for him stopped him, making
his brows arch in intrigue. Whatever she had in mind, he was certain
that she wasn't going to let him enter her, but it was something that
they would find just as gratifying.

Sensing his total cooperation, Elisa finished stripping his pants
down his muscular legs, taking the underwear with them, leaving him bare
from the waist down. She then pushed him back onto the bed, leaving his
feet to touch the floor. She then crawled over him, enjoying the feeling
of his skin against hers. Dropping down onto his body, she found his
mouth with hers and planted a deep kiss there, dueling with his tongue
as they writhed together on the bed.

Breaking off the kiss, Elisa laughed softly as she gazed with love
into his dark eyes. "Ready for what I have, Goliath?" she asked.

"You already know the answer to that, my love!" he said, his eyes
dipping downward, motioning her to stare at his engorged penis, which
was peeking up from between their bodies.

Smiling all the more, Elisa gave Goliath one last kiss before she
turned toward his crotch, moving down until she was eye-level to it's
throbbing head. At the same time, she straddled her own legs over his
head, exposing her light thatch of dark curls and aroused nether-lips to
his gaze. Not waiting for his admiration or approval, Elisa began to
kiss and lick his column, tasting the muskiness and sweetness that
seemed to be natural carry-over from his Gargoyle form.

Goliath was slightly unprepared for Elisa's change of position, but
when she settled into place, and began her voracious attack on his
manhood, he responded in the only way he knew best. Taking ahold of one
smooth, tan thigh in each hand, he began to kiss and touch his lips to
the fevered skin of her privates, leaving a fire trail up and down each
side. His skilled (up until recently) tongue began to roll over each
nerve ending, setting off lighting strikes of pleasure as he advanced on
her crotch. Where the true passion place lay waiting.

Elisa was spurred on by his magic touch. She held the base of his
shaft in one hand, keeping it upright as she held the large sac, filled
with his gems in her other hand. Stroking with a sure and soft touch,
she stoked the fires in his member, while her lips, tongue and teeth
produced tremors of estacy in his body. She would sometimes envelope his
shaft with her entire mouth, enclosing it with her warmth as she moaned
out her won pleasure, adding to his with the vibrations from her throat.

Lifting of briefly, she queried between breaths, "So... did you, UH,
like my... my idea?"

Goliath paused, his tongue just a scant fraction away from her
clitorus, as he answered, "Oh, yes, Elisa... Don't stop..." With that,
he speared her button, sending massive waves of erotic energy through
her body.

Together, they pushed each other's pleasure around, driving to the
very edge of release, then slowing down, trying to find a higher place
in thier lovemaking. Rolling, twisting, turning, touching. There was
nothing the one did that didn't make the other double their efforts to
return the favor. They were like fire and thunder, ice and lighting,
crashing together on their bed as they quickly approached the sumit of
their climax.

Elisa was the first to feel the twinge. "Ohhhh.. ahhhh, no, Goliath,
stop, NO, don't STOP, I...ahhhahahahahahAHHHH!" With one last twist of
his mouth on her mons, Goliath produced the effect he was striving for.
With a thunderous crash, Elisa's orgasm exploded against him, making her
seize up and clamp her legs around his head.

All the while, Elisa hadn't forgotten Goliath's need. She dropped
his maleness from her mouth, but she wrapped both hands around him,
pumping his flesh like crazy as she sought to bring him over the edge
with her.

"Eli-i-sa, I... ah, I am, coming, WITH you... oh,ahAHARRRRRRHHH!"

"Yes! Do it, Goliath! Come with me!" she chanted, watching as his
essence began to shoot from the tip, splashing against her shaking
breasts and neck. He came like a fountain, firing off several spurts of
his maleness before the volume subsided, and his climax began to wane.

Soon they were both sated, each having fulfilled the other's desire
to climax. Elisa then dropped his manhood, turning about to drape
herself over Goliath's heaving chest, encircling her arms about his
neck. Goliath wrapped both arms around his wife, relishing in the
afterglow of the love they had just made. Together, they rested until
their breathing became normal, and their grip was more gentle than

Elisa smiled to herself, then gazed up at her husband in
contentment. Sensing her stare, Goliath looked down and smiled back, his
eyes still glazed with desire, but now mostly filled with pure

"Elisa, I love you." he said simply.

"I love you too... Big Guy."

* * *

Angela had left Elisa and her Father's home, giving a parting wave
after he had stopped at the door to wave back. She then leaped into the
night sky, and began to weave her way through the air currents as she
headed back to Castle Wyvern. Her thoughts were on her father, and how
happy he must feel right now, living with Elisa. While she knew that
they truly did love each other, and she would never have wanted Elisa to
Give Goliath up for nothing, she couldn't help but feel envious, and a
bit disappointed. Disappointed because she had always wanted to get to
know her father, ever since her time in Avalon when she was just a
hatchling, and now he was taken away just as they had begun to become
more like father and daughter again. She was envoius that Goliath and
Elisa could be so perfectly happy with one another; two Humans that were
so in love, and raising a child soon.


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