Unable to lift himself from the cloud that was covering his heart,
Goliath did something that was totally out of character for him.
Something that only Hudson had ever seem him do when he discovered the
Castle besieged, and most of his Clan shattered in their stone sleep.

He cried.

He didn't make any sounds, but the tears just flowed from the
corners of his tight shut eyes and down his cheeks. He made tears
similar to these many times during his thousand-year slumber. Just
because he was saddened by the loss of his Clan. Now, he cried because
he was afraid he would lose something just as important to him: the love
of his dearest, closest friend, Elisa.

As Goliath sat there, still mulling over his dilemma, the time
marched on towards the lightening of the dawn. It was then that he heard
some movement over his shoulder. Turning, he half expected to see Elisa
standing there, looking for him after finding him gone from her bed. He
was shocked to see a familiar face standing there.

"Greetings, Goliath! How is everything? Got a small case of the
after-morning guilties?"

Goliath growled slighty in warning. "Puck! What are you doing
here?" he asked.

The impish Faery grinned, floating over the center of the room.
"Oh, come now Goliath! Is that anyway to treat an old friend?? Besides,
I just came by to wish you well. That Elisa is quite a catch... for a
Human, that is." he teased, coming over to give the big Gargoyle a nudge
in the ribs.

Goliath growled meanacingly, taking a swipe at the pixie-like
being. "Go away, Puck! I have no time for your games!"

But, Puck didn't let up. "Oh, that's right! You have to sleep
soon.. but, wouldn't you rather spend time with Elisa?? It's better not
to have left in the middle of the night, and left her all by her
lonsome!" Chuckling with glee, Puck zoomed around the room, spooking
Cagney, and making Goliath all the more miserable.

Stopping his spinning, Puck came to a stop before him. "But, you
know... You really don't have to leave her. You could stay here and
greet her when the sun comes up, and then you'll have the whole day to
spend time with her!"

"Stop your teasing!" Goliath nearly roared. "You know there is no
way I can be awake past sunrise!"

"WRONG! There IS a way for you to be active past sun-up, only you
just don't know it yet." Puck explained. "You remember when I used my
magic to turn all of the Humans in Manhattan into Gargoyles, right? And
then I turned you and the remaining members of your Clan in to Humans?
Well, just after that, I gave your former girlfriend, Demona, a little
spell that allowed her to move around in the day time."

Goliath crossed his arms, nodding as he remembered the revelation
when Demona revealed herself to be the Human, Domonique Destine. "What
are you saying? That you can turn Elisa into a Gargoyle?? I will not
have that!"

Puck shook his head. "NO, you stone-brain! That would bring too
many questions among her fellow Humans. I mean to give you the same..
gift... that I gave Demona!"

Goliath looked at Puck in disbelief. "You mean to make me Human by

"And Gargolye by night, exactly! Just think, you can still protect
the city, and be able to love Elisa by day too. It's what you want...
and it's what Elisa would want too."

Goliath thought about what Puck was offering. To be able to be
Human, to have the ability to love Elisa phyiscally as well as
emotionally. To give back what she had given him tonight - total and
unconditional love - was his one and only wish at that moment.

"You would do this? With no conditions set, or favors asked?"

"Ah-ha! I can see the doubt in your mind, Goliath! How about I do
this: I'll make it only temporary, for a few days only. Plenty of time
to take care of you Human-friend, and then, if you wish, I'll return you
to normal after that." Puck offered. "You have nothing to loose,
Goliath. What do you say?"

* * *

Come morning, Elisa found herself alone in her bed, a blanket
thrown over her still nude form. The sunlight filtered in through her
open bedroom window, revealing the rumpled sheets, and the lingering
smells of the previous night's passion.

Elisa stretched out, rolling over to swing her feet out to the
side. She didn't feel any guilt over the absense of Goliath, she felt it
was an affirmation of his feelings for her, to let things remain as
normal as they were before. However, she was a bit sad that he didn't
stay until morning, giving her a chance to thank him for the short time
that they spent together.

Standing up, She felt the need to take a shower. Grabbing a towel,
she padded over to the bathroom and turned on the shower, letting the
water get hot while she gathered some body lotion and soap. Once the
room began to fill with steam, she stepped inside and let the water wash
over her slightly sticky skin.

Smiling with the memory, she realized why she was sticky down there.
God, she was so shocked to see what Goliath had been packing, giving a
shudder at the prospect of her attempting to put his manhood inside her.
Still, she wished she had taken the chance and gone all the way with her
friend, even though they had been two different people, two different

Washing her body down with the soap, she removed the last of the
remenants of their passion, before pouring some of her shampoo into her
long hair. Working it into a thick lather, she tilted her head back,
working her fingers over he scalp as she let the water beat onto her
breasts and tummy.

Lost in deep thought, Elisa was thinking of Goliath running his long
fingers through her hair, almost swearing she could feel them running
through her wet tresses now. Frowning to herself, she moved her hands
around, coming in contact with a second pair of hands: big, powerful,
strong-feeling hands that were slowly rubbing the shampoo into her hair.
For the moment, she tensed up, ready to turn on whoever this stranger
was, untill she felt the hands gently push her forward under the spray,
rinsing the suds out of her face and hair.

Once cleaned of the soap, Elisa turned, nearly slipping on the wet
tiles under her feet, but one of the hands gripped her arm to stop her
from falling. Wiping the water out of her blinking eyes, she focused on
the first thing she saw: a face that was looking on her with such
intensity, she nearly dropped her jaw in surprise.

"Elisa, are you alright?" a voice questioned her, filled with
concern and a nervousness. Finally, her sight cleared enough to notice
the man standing with her inside her shower: tall, rugged looking, and
hamdsome in a slightly familiar way, his broad shoulders filling the
small stall of the shower. His dark eyes looked down on her with a
surprising look of tenderness.

"Who are you? Where did you come from?" she asked, slightly

"Elisa," the man breathed, "Don't you know me, no matter what form
I take? Remember Titania's Mirror?" he asked, a smile lightly playing on
his lips.

She tried to recall the name, as the man waited patiently, thier
bodies getting wetter from the shower. Suddenly it came to her: the time
when Demona had her turned into a Gargoyle, and Goliath and the

"Goliath!?" she asked with a start, looking the man up and down in
a dazed state as the memory came back. She remembered when the spell had
turned Goliath into a human - a rather handsome one - and she had to
dive down to rescue him (while she was still a Gargoyle), clutching his
still-muscular form to hers. Now, he was here again, Human, and almost
too real to believe.

"Yes, Elisa, it is me."

"But, HOW? Did Demona-" she began, several questions filling her
mind, but it was her turn to be silenced as he raised his fingers to her

"I'll tell you all about it later, Elisa," he offered, his arms
wrapping around her wet, naked form to draw her close to his own body.
"But now, I think it is time I repayed you for last night. Come... I
think we would be more comfortable in your bedroom." Bending down,
Goliath picked her up just as effortlessly as he had as a Gargoyle, and
carried her out to her bedroom beyond.

"Goliath... wait, we-" she began again, her protest muffled by his
pressing her against his chest. She felt her senses fill with the
totality of his being. His scent was just as strong in his Human form,
and his skin felt just as soft against hers. Her mind was filled with
dozens of reasons why they should stop and talk this over, but, for the
life of her she couldn't bring a single one of them to be voiced.

Goliath layed her on the bed, covering her with his new Human body.
Without the presense of his wings and tail, he felt slightly strange, and
was unprepared for the sudden feelings of resistance he sensed in her now.
She needed reasurance, much like he needed when she initiated the
amorous advances last night. Cupping her face with one of his hands -
now devoid of claws - he bent down over her to brush his lips against


Written by: Peg Leg Dukk Inspired by Characters of the TV Series
June 25, 1996 "GARGOYLES" by Walt Disney


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