General Hospital

Moving On (F/F)

Starring Elizabeth Webber and Bobbie Spencer

The show and all characters are trademarks of and copyright ABC. No money
is made from this completely fictional work. I may continue this work if
reader feedback is positive so let me know what you think and if you want
to see more.

"Lucky is dead!! I feel so alone!!!" Elizabeth Webber sobbed
as she fell into Bobbie Spencer's arms, tears flowing freely down her
She had arrived at Bobbie's after a particularly hard day at Kelly's,
she thought she saw Lucky at least twice that day. Twice she had called
the young man's name, only to find that it was someone else entirely. The
second occurrence had taken place on the street outside Bobbie's
where else would Lucky go if he had returned? It made perfect sense to
Nonetheless, it was not him. Some other young man simply looked at her as
she were insane and walked away.
Liz was deathly sick of this. Sick of seeing Lucky and having her heart
crushed every time it turned out to be him. Lucky had been dead for almost
months now and she had been feeling so terrible alone. She fell asleep
night crying into her pillow. She wanted to leave the pain behind and
embrace life once more, unfortunately she had no idea how to do it. Lucky
haunted her at every bend in the road, in every crowd, with every smell
every memory. He couldn't have been more alive to her.
Bobbie had also felt the loss of her nephew, but at this time her heart
ached more for Liz than Lucky. Lucky's pain was over, Elizabeth's pain
seemed never ending. She truly liked the young girl, she was bright and
attractive, nothing would have pleased her more than to see Lucky and Liz
married one day and continue the Spencer family line. They seemed so
perfectly suited for one another. Now she knew it would never be and the
thought made her head throb.
"I know Liz," She whispered in a soothing voice as she cradled the girl
against her chest, "I know."
"I don't know how to go on." Liz said through a series of sniffles, "I
don't even know if I can."
Bobbie gently took the young girl's chin in her hands and lifted her face
up to her own. "You will find love again Liz. I promise you will. You'll
never forget Lucky, but eventually the pain will fade. I guarantee you
as time passes it will hurt less and less."
A new round of sniffling began at Bobbie's comment, "I don't even know if
want the pain to end, it would be like I'm forgetting Lucky or
his memory."
Bobbie shook her head, "No honey, do you think Lucky would want that? Do
you think he would want you miserable and alone forever? I seriously doubt
it. He would want you to move on, we both know you'll never forget him and
that will be enough."
Tears streamed down the younger girls face even as the beginnings of a
smile blossomed on her beautiful face. "All I want some times is for the
pain to stop you know?"
Bobbie knew all too well about wanting the pain to stop. She had given up
her own child as a young teen, never to see her again, at that time she
was inconsolable, crying for weeks and months on end. To her it was as if
the baby had died, and it was a pain that incapacitated her for years.
Bobbie felt emotions well up inside her as she regarded this beautiful
woman. In the past, Bobbie had been with other women and enjoyed the
sensation immensely, she knew she was bisexual and that explained her
attraction to Liz now. For Bobbie though, it went deeper than that. She
liked this girl, she thought very highly of her indeed. She ached for this
girl. She wanted to take Liz's pain away. That explained why the beautiful
red head began wiping away Liz's tears and just as inexplicably.....
Liz full on the lips.
At first Liz didn't realize what Bobbie had done to her. She felt a
pressure on her lips and instinctively pressed back. She opened her eyes
realize that Bobbie was kissing her. What was going on with her? Why was
doing this? Liz realized that she did not dislike the sensation of another
woman kissing her. She had never been with a woman but the thought had
crossed her mind on more than one occasion, then she met Lucky and forgot
about her desires for women. The kiss felt good, it had been a long time
since she had been kissed. Liz was tired of being sad, tired of crying,
wanted some pleasure in her life, and realizing this, she allowed herself
melt into the kiss.
Bobbie didn't know what had come over her. She was kissing Liz Webber as
they were lovers. Why was she doing this? Her sudden burst of passion over
with, Bobbie broke the kiss and pulled away from Liz. Liz looked at Bobbie
with something akin to lust on her face. She knew Bobbie had succumbed to
moment of passion and was now regaining her senses. It was all up to Liz
now. She could pretend that it had never happened and continue grieving,
or................. she could move on and embrace life.
Liz leaned forward and kissed Bobbie as Bobbie had kissed her. This time,
neither woman held back. Liz felt Bobbie's lips part and her tongue rush
to greet Liz's. Liz wasted no time in sending her own tongue out to greet
it. Bobbie and Liz kissed passionately now, sucking on one another's
hungrily. Bobbie actually thought she heard Liz growl somewhere deep in
throat. Bobbie was surprised to see Liz take the initiative, pulling and
tugging and Bobbie's denim shirt, almost desperate to get her clothing
Still, neither woman was willing to break the passionate embrace to ease
removal of their clothing.
Liz removed Bobbie's denim shirt and tossed it carelessly to the floor,
was then confronted with Bobbie's heavy breasts, freckles dotting the
woman's alabaster skin. Liz immediately buried her face in Bobbie's chest,
this time she wasn't crying, she was suckling and licking. The sensation
drove Bobbie wild with lust.
"Yessssss Liz. Oh God yes that feels so wonderful."
Bobbie reached back and unhooked her bra, setting her breasts free and
enabling Liz access to her stiff nipples that almost ached with need. Liz
looked at them for a moment as if she were a child confronted with her
favourite toy for Christmas. "Go ahead honey," Bobbie encouraged her,
them all you want." Liz was speechless at the redheads beautiful body and
immediately lowered her head and began suckling, chewing, and nuzzling on
the breasts in front of her.
As Elizabeth suckled on Bobbie, the elder women reached around and undid
the back of Liz's top, sliding it off and throwing it on the growing pile
clothing on the floor. Bobbie's heart raced as the younger girl looked up
her, never taking her lips from her nipple, and smiled at her with
contentment. It had been the first time since Lucky died almost half a
ago that such a smile graced Liz's face. Bobbie almost came then and there
when she realized that it was she that caused Liz to smile so.
Bobbie reached around once more and removed the younger girls bra, both
were now nude from the waist up. Liz was still suckling on Bobbie's
and sending waves of pleasure throughout her body, but Bobbie knew she was
being greedy. Liz needed to feel pleasure and she wanted to be the one who
gave it to her. Bobbie gingerly eased the young girl from her nipples by
shoulders and brought her up into a torrid embrace. Liz melted into
arms, their lips locked once more and their tongues engaged in swordplay.
"Let me pleasure you." Bobbie whispered in a husky voice indicating her
"Yesssss yes. Please take me." Liz begged.
In response, Bobbie began to lick and kiss her way down Liz's perfect
little body. She looked up to see Liz's eyes closed and her tongues
seductively across her lips and she embraced the pleasure Bobbie was
her. When Bobbie reached Liz's navel she inserted her tongue in it,
Liz to scream in pleasure and practically undulate her entire body off of
the couch. That made Bobbie smile as she continued to tongue the girls
and undid her jeans, tugging them, first down to her knees, and then down
her ankles and then off completely. The young woman's cotton panties soon
followed. Bobbie regarded Liz's pubic patch with awe, a perfect triangle
which she proceeded to run her fingers through. Liz groaned in response
instinctively parted her legs. Bobbie immediately caught the scent of
by now dripping wet pussy and felt a heady head rush. She almost felt
at the beauty of this young girl. Bobbie pursed her lips and blew lightly
the young girls clitoris, making her jump and shriek.
"Oh!!!!!!" Liz exclaimed.
Bobbie then reached out and spread the young girls lips open, her tongue
reaching out and knowingly caressing Liz's pleasure centre. Liz buried her
face in a pillow and screamed her release. Her body one immense tinging
pleasure point. Soon Bobbie was lapping knowingly at Liz's now dripping
pussy. Liz was panting and moaning, her fingers curled in Bobbie's red
humping her body towards the tongue that enslaved her body completely.
Bobbie continued to lick Liz, her tongue growing bolder and becoming more
rude by the second. That was when Bobbie got a wonderful idea.
Bobbie had always possessed a high sex drive, and kept a small vibrator
handy in her purse, which was sitting on the floor within arms reach. She
blindly groped for her purse and when she found it, easily removed the
vibrator and switched it on. She brought it up and pressed it to Liz's
causing the girl to unleash a litany of swear words and screams at the top
of her lungs. Bobbie had just delivered her to a new level of erotic
nirvana. Carried away on a tide of lust, Bobbie inserted two fingers into
Liz's pussy, feeling the tight wetness clutch her fingers, almost
to let go of them. Bobbie held the vibrator at Liz's clit and continued to
swab it with her tongue. The combination of the vibrations, the knowing
tongue, and the fingers now rapidly pumping away inside her caused an
explosion of heat inside Liz. Gripping Bobbie tightly, her fingers
in red hair, Liz opened her mouth to scream, yet no noise followed. She
lost her voice and was unable to regain it, the pleasure had overtaken her
and her body exploded in white hot orgasm. Not just one orgasm like the
single ones she had experienced giving to herself, but waves of multiple
orgasms swept over her, engulfing her very soul. She knew then that Bobbie
was giving her something she had been so desperately searching for, the
ability to feel good again. The ability to feel sexy and loved without
regret or pain. Liz's eyes clamped shut as she felt the most wonderful
feeling she had ever experienced ripple through her entire body. Once
she opened her mouth and this time she found her voice. With Bobbie madly
licking and sucking on her, long slender fingers working rapidly in and
of her, a vibrator held in just the right way on her clit, Liz screamed in
total and unrepentant ecstasy.
After several minutes Liz's body stopped convulsing. Her body stopped
humping itself against Bobbie's mouth, and she found she was once again
to open her eyes. She looked down at Bobbie, who was still gently licking
away at her, allowing her to experience all the necessary aftershocks.
Bobbie realized Liz's eyes were on her she smiled, her face sticky with
Liz's juices.
"Let me do that to you, please." Bobbie only smiled and stood before the
young woman. Bobbie felt Liz's eyes follow every curve of her body and
a rush of pride. She had taken good care of her body over the years and
was till sexy. Some thought she was sexier now than she had ever been.
Bobbie reached out and took Liz's hand, pulling her to her feet. Liz,
unsteady from her massive orgasms, fell into Bobbie's arms and kissed her
deeply. Bobbie giggled and led the young girl upstairs to her bedroom.
they reached the doorway Bobbie picked Liz up in her arms and carried her
across the threshold as if they were a newly married couple. Bobbie
Liz over to the bed and placed her gently on the bed.
"I'm a woman Liz, and I have special needs." She said as she reached into
the dresser drawer and pulled out her other toy. One which had not been
(at least, not with a partner) for some time. Liz looked on in awe as
handed her the strap on dildo.
"" After the experience Liz had received at Bobbie's hands moments
she didn't have to be told twice. Liz took the rubber appliance from
and immediately stepped into the harness. Bobbie helped her cinch it up
tightly around her hips as they kissed one another lovingly. When the
on was ready, Bobbie finally peeled off her skin tight jeans. Liz watched,
almost as if hypnotized, as Bobbie's long legs and rounded ass presented
itself to her for the first time.
Fully nude, Bobbie climbed up onto the bed and got down on all fours in
front of Liz. Who immediately worked herself closer to her. Bobbie handed
her a bottle of lubricant for the strap on, but it wasn't necessary.
was dripping wet and no lubricant was really necessary. Liz grasped her
lover by the hips and eased the dildo inside her. Bobbie's mane of red
was tossed from side to side as she felt the strap on stretching her out.
The plastic appliance slipped inside easily, and Liz simply grabbed Bobbie
by the hips tightly, holding her in one place and allowing her to feel the
length and width of the shaft inside her, not allowing her to move as she
wished along the shaft.
"OHHHH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!" Bobbie breathed through clenched teeth.
After only a few seconds, but which seemed like an eternity to the needy
redhead, Liz began pumping and grinding her hips towards Bobbie's. Bobbie
immediately threw her head back and moaned. Liz once again wrapped her
fingers in Bobbie's red hair and doubled her efforts. Before too long the
only sounds in the room were that of the ‘slap slap slap' of the ladies
flesh bouncing together, the grunts and moans of sexual exertion, and the
rhythmic creaking of Bobbie's bed. Once again Liz redoubled her efforts
started pumping the dildo faster into Bobbie, who could only grunt in
perfect time with every thrust. Liz regarded Bobbie with an immense
satisfaction, she was pleasuring Bobbie as she herself needed to be
pleasured. After recovering from her tremendous orgasms at Bobbie's
hands and tongue, she wanted nothing more than to return the favour no
matter what it took. No matter what Bobbie was into , however kinky, she
wanted to do it for the voluptuous redhead. She was only mildly shocked at
seeing the strap on and after her experience with the tiny vibrator, she
couldn't wait to see the reactions it brought forth from this stunning
woman. She didn't have to wait much longer.
The volume of Bobbie's rhythmic grunts increased with every thrust from
and the speed of their thrusting increased yet again. Bobbie was going
the edge. Not knowing why, Liz reached back and brought her hand down flat
on Bobbie's right ass cheek, spanking her. Instantly Bobbie moaned deep in
her throat and arched her back. Liz continued to thrust as she pulled
slightly on Bobbie's hair, pulling the older woman's face back to her own
and kissing her deeply, her tongue once more snaking inside Bobbie's
into Liz's mouth.
"Yes Bobbie that's it," Liz said in a thick, yet encouraging voice, "cum
for me."
"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Bobbie collapsed on the bed as her body began
to convulse, her every muscle and fibre permeated with pleasure. Liz
continued to thrust at the older woman, allowing her all the orgasms and
aftershocks that Bobbie had given her. With every thrust Bobbie twitched
some more as a delicious aftershock gripped her. Finally Bobbie stopped
moving and Liz stopped thrusting with the strap on. For a moment she
Bobbie had passed out but as she slipped the strap on from Bobbie's pussy,
the redhead moaned in slight disappointment. Bobbie rolled over onto her
back and pulled Liz down on top of her, cradling the younger girl to her
breast. Liz smiled up at her and Bobbie returned the smile.
"That was fantastic. I've never felt so good." She said as she traced a
fingertip lazily across Bobbie's lips. Bobbie immediately sent her tongue
out to lick the finger.
"I know honey. It was magical." She responded as she licked Liz's fingers.
"Would you mind if I stayed the night?" Liz asked, a naughty smile on her
"You can move in if you want to. I think you'll find the landlady more
accommodating. She'll even share her bed with you ever night." The two
giggled at the thought.
"We'll see. I think I'll just start with one night though and see where it
Bobbie lowered her face to Liz's and kissed her passionately. "I like that
idea." She responded as they broke the kiss and headed to the shower hand

From behind the doorway, Hannah Scott recovered from her own orgasm. She
entered the brownstone just in time to see Bobbie at the top of the
carrying young Elizabeth Webber in her arms.... into the BEDROOM!!! Being
FBI agent, Scott had quite a bit of training in covert operations and
climbed the stairs without making a sound. She had witnessed the entire
event in the bedroom and the pile of clothing on the floor in the living
room. She had always found both women attractive but never in her wildest
dreams had she ever imagined the two making love. Hannah couldn't help but
lift her conservative dress and move her panties aside, playing with
as she watched the two lovely women making passionate love. Hannah's
hit just as Bobbie's did and it felt exquisite. Somehow, she would make
these two women love her as well.........

The end????


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