General Hospital: The Seduction Of Holly Sutton (FF,F-dom,drugs)
by Calufrax

Lucy Coe was a desperate woman in a desperate situation. As part of the
group that stole most of Port Charles’ art collection, she was now faced
with the real possibility of her clandestine involvement being revealed.
And the only person who could do that was Holly Sutton. Whether Holly was
aware of her important information or not was irrelevant. Lucy had to come
up with a way to silence Holly. She’d thought of many different plans, but
in the end, only one seemed foolproof.

She called up the unsuspecting Holly and invited her to lunch at the Port
Charles Grill. After buying an expensive meal and plying Holly with
alcohol, she convinced Holly to come up to her room for a nightcap. Once
inside, she fixed Holly a glass of wine (with a small tranquilizer added),
and as she sat on the edge of her bed, groggily sipping the wine, Lucy went
to her closet. Opening the door slightly, she pressed the “record” button
on her already set-up video camera, and left the door ajar to get a clear
view of the bedroom.

She looked back at Holly. The brunette swayed to and fro awkwardly, the
drug and the alcohol working in tandem. Lucy smiled to herself: this would
succeed! Once she was through with Holly, she would never reveal her
information, even once she realized what she knew!

Lucy went to the dresser and took her own glass of wine. Taking a deep
breath, she downed the contents in one final gulp and went over to Holly.
Holly looked up at her. “Lucy,” she said, her British accent slightly
slurred, “Thanks for the day. It was really great.”

Lucy forced a smile, taking a side glance at the closet door; she could see
the blinking diode of the camera flash as it recorded. “Holly, it was my
pleasure.” She took Holly’s wine glass and placed it on her dresser. She
turned back to face Holly. “Holly, there’s something I’d like to tell you.
Something... I’ve been meaning to tell you since I came back to Port Charles.
What I want to say is...” She paused, swallowing. "...I love you!” She
smiled, relieved. “I love you, Holly! I’ve always loved you. I even lay in
bed at night thinking about you.”

Holly rose from the bed, confused. “What... what are you saying, Lucy?” Only
half of the conversation was reaching her drugged mind.

“I’m saying this.” With all her courage, she leaned in and kissed Holly
full on the lips. She stuck her tongue between Holly’s red lips.

Holly moved her head back. “Lucy, what are you--?”

But Lucy quickly fell down upon her, dropping her to the bed, kissing her.
Lucy felt Holly’s rigid body beneath hers, but kept kissing her deeply,
pressing her tongue into the resistant Briton’s mouth. She ran one hand
through the brunette’s curly hair, and the other to Holly’s impressive
chest. She cupped one of Holly’s large breasts, mashing the tit between her
fingers. Lucy sought out a nipple through the fabric, and gave it a gentle

Holly wriggled her face away from Lucy’s mouth, sputtering, “Lucy, what are
you doing?

Lucy gave Holly her most seductive look. “I’m going to fuck you, Holly, my
love.” She looked down to where she touched Holly’s tit, and saw Holly
nervously look, too. “Doesn’t that feel good? Do you like me squeezing your
boobs like this?”

Holly’s expression was mixed, and it was clear that the liquor and the drug
had impaired her judgement. “I... I... No. No, Lucy, let me up! Please!”

Lucy became worried as Holly began to struggle. She was certain that she
could keep the busty Briton on the bed, but she was concerned how it would
look on the video: Holly needed to look as if she were a willing
participant. She craned her lips over to Holly’s ear and breathed, “Oh,
God, how I want you, baby.” She snaked a tongue out and licked her ear
gently, nibbling on it. She felt Holly quake beneath her, and she smiled.
Moving a leg, she managed to part Holly’s milky-white thighs apart, and
started rubbing her crotch with her knee.

She could feel Holly’s breathing against her cheek. It was erratic, and a few
stifled moans of pleasure came out. Lucy was succeeding! As she continued
nibbling on her ear, Lucy could feel less and less resistance from Holly. She
looked at her face. Holly’s eyes were shut, and she was biting her lower lip
in muffled pleasure. Lucy leaned in and bit her exposed lower lip. Holly’s
eyes snapped open, surprised. Lucy began to lick Holly’s lips lovingly, and
Holly watched with wide-eyed curiousity. Finally, Holly’s head moved
slightly, and her mouth met Lucy’s in a apprehensive, shared kiss

Lucy laid there, kissing Holly for a few minutes, feeling Holly’s tongue
tango with hers. A strange sensation began to throb in-between her legs, but
she shrugged it off. She only felt that way during sex, and there was no way
Miss Lucy was a lesbian! She was only doing this to save her own skin. She
could hear Holly’s gentle moans in her mouth; Lucy thought of Holly’s
expression when she later showed her the video of their lovemaking! That
brought her back to reality-after all, she had to make this look good on

She parted from Holly’s eager lips, and turned her attention downwards, to
Holly’s blouse. Gritting her teeth, she started to unbutton the shirt.
Perhaps it was Lucy’s trembling fingers that cleared Holly’s mind, because
she started to fumble at Lucy’s hands, sputtering, “I don’t think that—“
Lucy cursed to herself, and took one of Holly’s hands and reluctantly put
it on one of her own tits. “Feel me, Holly,“ she cooed to the big-titted
brunette. “Touch me...“ She finally finished unbuttoning the blouse, and
parted the fabric. Lucy gasped. Now revealed was the impressive bounty of
Holly Sutton’s breasts. In all the years she’d known Holly, Lucy had
certainly been aware of her big chest (how could she not?), but she never
realized that they were so beautiful. There, held tightly by a lacey black
bra, were two milky, china-white mounds, their fullness flattened by
Holly’s lying down. Lucy reached out and gently touched the crest of one of
the tits. Her fingertips prodded downwards, pushing into the soft breast’s
surface, and Lucy took a deep breath, feeling the pulsating between her
legs again.

It was only then that she realized that Holly was still holding to her tit,
massaging it. Lucy certainly had no intention of appearing nude herself in
the video, but she had to continue the charade. She unbuttoned her own
shirt halfway, and thrust Holly’s grasping hand into it, giving her a handful
of grade-A, Lucy Coe tit. Holly palmed the boob roughly.

Lucy looked at Holly’s big tits. She reached between the breasts, at the
small hook that held the bra together. Fumbling with the catch, she unhooked
it. Once the bra was opened, Holly’s breasts jiggled free. When Lucy had
begun her seduction, she could feel her nipples were small and pointed. Now,
they were hard and as a rock, and large as pencil erasers. Summoning all her
courage, Lucy lowered her head and slapped her lips around one of the
nipples. Sucking it, she pulled back and ran a slim, sexy tongue across the
nipple. What she wouldn’t do for the sake of realism on the video...

Holly moaned out, “Lucy... oh, Lucy... suck me...“ She pulled her hand away
from Lucy’s breast, and grabbed her head, pulling it roughly against her huge
breasts. Lucy’s eyes widened in surprise as she suddenly was smothered in a
seemingly endless supply of womansflesh. The rich scent of perfume and powder
nearly overwhelmed her. She looked up at Holly, through the rich valley of
her cleavage. She choked, and tried to look as if she were enjoying herself.
“Oh, baby, your tits are great...“ Holly relaxed her grip on her, and she
rose her head up. She pinched both of her nipples. “I could suck on them all

Holly laughed and pushed her tits together with her arms. “Please do!” she

Lucy smiled at her sexily, and playfully bit at a nipple. Holly yelped out
in pain. She smiled. “Oh, baby, I’ll suck you, all right...“ she said through
clenched teeth. She pulled back her head, stretching the nipple and tit
upwards. She finally released it, and it snapped back, jiggling and settling
back to its perfect round shape.

Lucy rose from the bed and began to remove her skirt. Her beautiful legs
were revealed, as well a pair of skimpy pair of red panties. Going to her
dresser, and opened it and pulled out a large strap-on dildo. She looked at
Holly hungrily as she began to strapped the mock-penis onto her crotch and
pelvis. Holly, drugged and deep in lust, laid on the bed, playing with her
boobs; Lucy almost laughed out loud—the nastier Holly appeared on camera,
the more certain Lucy was that she could blackmail her into staying quiet.
With the final snap in place, Lucy gave her newfound attachment a tug and
felt it firmly in place. She sauntered seductively over to the bed and
stood before Holly. She said in a dominating tone, “Suck my cock, Holly.”

Holly crawled up until she was on her hands and knees on the bed. She took
the dildo in her hands. Her head came forward and she ran a tongue across
the length of the cock. Gentle moans came from deep within her throat. She
ran her tongue back and forth, until she finally settled in on the head.
Parting her ruby lips, she took the dildo into her mouth.

Lucy cast an eye at the still-flashing red diode on the camera. Time for
some real acting, she thought. She closed her eyes and moaned out, “Oh,
yeah, baby. Suck it. Put it into your nasty mouth and suck it before I fuck
you with it.” Suddenly, Lucy pulled the dildo from her mouth, and grabbed a
handful of Holly’s hair. The brunette cried out in pain. “Tell me, Holly.
Tell me what I want to hear.”

“I... I don’t know-“

Lucy pulled her hair again, and Holly cried out. “Tell me that you want me
to suck your tits. Your big tits.” She pulled at her hair again.

Holly’s eyes began filling with tears. “Lucy, please, suck my big tits,”
she said, her British accent lilting the words even nastier. “Suck them.”
She scooped them up into her hands, lifting them high so that her great
cleavage was even greater. “Suck them now. Just don’t hurt me.”

Lucy grabbed another handful of hair. “And are they big?

“Yes. Yes, my tits are big. I have big tits. Big boobs.”

“Jugs. Call them jugs and tell me more.”

“I... I like to wear things that show off my big jugs. Sweaters, t-shirts,
nightgowns. I like it when men look at my boobs—jugs! I like it when you
look at them, Lucy.”

Lucy released her hair, and caressed her cheek softly. “Good. Now, Holly,
tell me what you want to do with my cock?”

“I want to suck it. Please?”

“Beg. Beg me.”

“Oh, oh, please! Please, Lucy! Let me suck it. Please!” Her voice began to
get louder and more desperate. “Please, let me suck your cock! You can come
in my mouth if you want to, just let me-“

Jesus, Lucy thought, she’s either so drunk she doesn’t realize what’s
happening, or I’ve turned her on so much she doesn’t care! Lucy chose that
moment to shove the dildo into Holly’s open mouth. She heard Holly gag, but
held onto her head. Holly, surprised at first, began sucking on the dildo.
Lucy watched her, almost feeling her tongue running across the dildo. What
a sight that was, seeing Holly’s pristine, innocent face, sucking greedily
on her huge plastic dick! Lucy almost got aroused herself, thinking of
Holly’s reaction to her video. She ran her fingers through Holly’s rich
curls, gently urging her to go down deeper on the cock. “That’s it, baby.
Suck me. Suck me good.”

Slurpy sucking sounds squeezed past Holly’s lips. Her eyes were shut, and
her cheeks were puffed with warm wetness. Lucy could tell by her actions
that little sweet Holly Sutton was a natural cocksucker. She could just
imagine how many cocks had rammed their way past the lips and down the wet
throat of the busty brunette. Cradling Holly’s head, Lucy got another rush
of sadistic domination, and gave Holly’s hair another pull. “Talk to me,
Holly. Talk to me while you suck my cock.”

In pain again, Holly released the cock. Even though her brain was still
muddled from the drink and drug, she could still think quickly. “I... I want
to suck your cock, Lucy. All the way down my throat. After that, I want you
to fuck me with it. Please?” She pressed her lips into a wet kiss against
the head of the dildo, and withdrew, leaving a long line of spit to her
lips. “I’ll do whatever you want me to do?”

Lucy rose an eyebrow. “Really? Are you my whore?”

Holly smiled, relieved at her reaction. “Oh, yes! Yes, I’m a whore-your
whore. What do you want me to do for you?”

A surge of power rushed over Lucy and she shoved Holly onto her back on the
bed. Dazed and confused, Holly offered little resistance as Lucy reached
out and tore off her skirt. Holly’s white legs were revealed, each lined
with a pair of black garters to hold of her thin stockings. Lucy reached
between her legs and pulled down her white panties, stretching them off
past her legs and feet. She then stood there, letting the camera get a nice
long view of Holly’s pussy.

The area in question was nestled in the prefectly shaved area between
Holly’s legs. A pair of ruby-red lips, puffy and wet, could tell Lucy that
Holly was truly getting off on the experience. Grabbing one of Holly’s
legs, Lucy leaned in and trailed her tongue from her footheel to her knee.
She then looked into Holly’s eyes. Drunken and red, they told Lucy that
Holly was ready to be fucked by the massive plastic dildo. She pushed the
leg aside and settled between both legs. With one swift motion, she dove
in, aiming the cock for Holly’s sweet pussy, pushing the whole length of
the dildo into her cunt.

Holly Sutton let out a cry of surprise and ecstasy. The sensation of
suddenly being invaded stabbed at her very core. But, she opened her eyes
to see Lucy Coe, lying on top of her, her eyes blazing with overwhelming
sexual power. She stiffened as Lucy pulled the dildo back and drove it in
again. She began fucking Holly steadily, in and out. Holly’s pale white
legs wrapped around her waist.

“Oh, God!” Holly cried out, reaching out for Lucy. “Oh, fuck me, Lucy! Fuck
me! Oh... oh... oh... ohhhhh... Fuckkkk meeee!” The bed began to rock back
and forth from Lucy and Holly’s powerful fucking. Lucy smiled, and began
kneading Holly’s breasts together. Her nipples were even harder than

“I’m fucking you, Holly, my darling.” Lucy breathed, watching the sweat
glisten on Holly’s face. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No!! Lucy, please! Oh, please! Don’t stop! Fuck me all night! Ohh shitt!”
Holly’s screams told Lucy that she was gearing up for a climax that would
shake the hotel down to its very foundation. She pulled out the dildo, and
drove it in to the hilt, diving in deeper and deeper.

“Oh... oh... oh...“ Holly moaned, reaching to take Lucy’s hands around her
tits. She lifted a heavy breast up and began licking the firey nipple with
her slim, wet tongue. She sucked on it. “Ohhh... here I...shit! Here I...
Commmme! Oh, Godddd!!!” Holly nearly threw Lucy from the bed with the
sudden arching of her back, raising her ass off the bed a good ten inches,
trying to devour as much of Lucy’s cock as she could. In moments, through,
she fell back onto the bed, spent. She panted heavily, her lips barely

Lucy withdrew the dildo from her cunt; a dull sucking sound was heard as
the cock left her wet hole. She leaned down and kissed Holly on the cheek.
Smiling in satisfaction, she asked, “Well, Holly, my love, did you like our
little fuck?”

“Oh, yes, Lucy...” Holly breathed, opening her large dark eyes. She stared
at her longingly. “It was so good...“

“I’m so glad you enjoyed it.” Because it’ll be the last thing you enjoy for
some time... she thought to herself. Once Holly saw the video, she’d keep
her cocksucking mouth shut about what she knew. She rose from the bed, and
started to remove the dildo harness.

Suddenly, she felt a pair of arms encircle her from behind, and pull her
back. She fell onto the bed, and Holly immediately mounted her. Holly,
sweaty and smiling, leaned down, boobs hanging down low, nipples no less
erect than earlier. “It was so good, Lucy.” She cooed to her. “Now, I want

Lucy was shocked. She wasn’t expecting this! “Holly, I-let me up.” She
struggled to rise, but Holly leaned forward, holding her arms firmly onto
the bed. Holly pressed her mouth against Lucy’s, pushing her tongue past
Lucy’s lips. Lucy protested, but her words were muffled. Holly released
Lucy’s arms and ran her fingers through her hair. Then, her hands moved

Once Holly broke the kiss, Lucy stammered, trying to regain control,
“Holly... uh, baby... let me up. Please? I’ll fuck you again.” She gave her
most ernest, seductive look. “I promise.” Lucy looked at Holly’s hands,
which were working their way down towards her chest. “What... what are you

Holly licked her lips. “I want to suck on your titties like you sucked
mine.” She closed her eyes, and said, “Oh, yes, suck mine.” She leaned
forward, slapping her chest flat onto Lucy’s face. Her creamy breasts laid
heavily on Lucy’s face and mouth. Again, her protests were unheard as Holly
started to remove her blouse. Opening it, she saw Lucy’s firm, pert tits,
lying beneath a red lace bra. She unsnapped the bra and Lucy’s ripe boobs
fell out.

“Holly, please!” Lucy pleaded against her cleavage. The last thing she
wanted was to be touched by a woman!

But Holly misunderstood, thinking she was being encouraged. “Oh, yes...” And
she bent her head down, grabbing onto a breast. She began sucking eagerly
on the large nipple.

Lucy tried to protest. But Holly’s sucking was starting to get to her.
“Holly, I-ohh...“ Holly continued to suck and nibble, at the same time,
squeezing and pinching the other breast. “Holly... ohhh. Holly, I...
Ohhhhhh...” Holly looked up into her eyes, her red lipstick now smeared
around her mouth (and Lucy’s tit). “Am I a good whore?” she asked, then
bent back down to continue her work.

“Holly, what the hell...oh, shit...” Lucy bit her lower lip. Damn that felt
good! But, no! This wasn’t right! Holly was supposed to be the one being
humiliated, not her! She had to stop her. “Holly, you have to stop now. Did
you hear me? You have... ohhhh.”

Holly stopped sucking, and looked back up again. She began to lower herself
down Lucy’s body, until she came to Lucy’s crotch. She spread Lucy’s
reluctant legs, and before Lucy could utter a protest, she had pulled aside
her panties and stuck her tongue deep into her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Lucy’s hands clenched the sheets, holding them tightly. “Oh,
God, Holly! Stop it!”

But, Holly was already eagerly lapping her tongue across Lucy’s clit,
fingers poking into the pussy. She ran a slim finger between the lips, then
pushed a finger in, wiggling it. “Shit!” Lucy started to reluctantly moan.
This wasn’t right! She kept repeating to herself. It wasn’t right! It
wasn’t-"Oh, Holly!” Her hands released the sheets and she reached out to
grab Holly by the hair.

Holly looked up. “Lucy-“ she began.

But Lucy, fingers grasping her hair firmly, pushed her head back down
between her legs again. “Eat me, bitch!” she snarled in sexual fury. Holly
willingly complied-lips, tongue and teeth gnashing at Lucy’s now-oily cunt.
Holly traced a finger downwards until she came to Lucy’s sweet pucker of an
asshole. Reaching up, she ran it along Lucy’s pussy, getting it wet. Then,
she started to push the finger into her asshole.

“Ohhhhhh!!” Lucy cried out. Never before had anyone (man, and certainly not
woman) made her feel this way. Her legs wrapped around Holly’s head, her
nails digging into Holly’s scalp. She released her hair and reached up,
pinching and pulling at her own nipples as she reached her climax. “Oh...
oh... oh... oh... Holly! Do it! Do it, baby! Fuck me!”

Holly’s lips lapped at Lucy’s hole, slurping her juices. Her finger pushed
in and out of Lucy’s tight asshole. A deep rumbling grew in Lucy’s crotch.
“Oh... I’m cumming! Holly, here I come! Swallow it! Swallow every drop, you
little whor-ohhhhhhhhh!” The orgasm hit her hard, and her fingernails
pierced the flesh around her nipples. Beads of blood came from her skin.
Her legs bucked around Holly’s head, as the busty brunette bobbed up and
down, eating Lucy’s climax for all it was worth.

When she was done, Lucy lay on the sweat-covered sheets, twitching, legs
still around Holly’s head. “Ohhhh... Oh, baby...“ she breathed. She laughed
aloud—here she was, doing this to blackmail Holly, and she’s the one who
gets screwed! And she loved it!

She reached down and pulled Holly’s head up to her. Holly’s big tits mashed
against Lucy’s smaller ones as she laid on top of her. Holly’s eyes were
still red from the liquor, and Lucy would bet that she wouldn’t remember
what happened today. But for now… Holly smiled at her. “Did I do okay?”
Lucy wiped a thin layer of sweat from her forehead, taking a deep breath.
“Holly, you did fantastic!” The two women laughed. As much as she’d enjoyed
the experience, the thing that really ate at Lucy (beside Holly) was that
Holly had disobeyed her. And that was something that Lucy couldn’t let lie.
Lucy ran an appreciative hand along Holly’s body, cupping one of her large
breasts in her hand. “Baby, let’s play a little game, okay?” Holly nodded
happily. “It’s called Farmer Lucy. Guess who I am?”

“Farmer Lucy, of course!” Holly said with a laugh. “Who am I?”

“With tits like these? You’re my cow! And it’s milking time...“ Lucy kissed
her, and their tongues danced together. She reached with her fingers and
pinched one of Holly’s nipples playfully. Holly yelped in Lucy’s mouth.
Lucy backed away and said, “Now, cow, on your knees. It’s milking time!” As
Lucy rolled off the bed, Holly climbed onto her hands and knees, arching
her back so that her boobs hung forward.

Lucy ran the back of her hand across Holly’s tits. “Are you ready to be
milked, cow?”

“Oh, yes, please.”

Lucy slapped one of her tits. “You’re a cow,” she scolded. “You don’t talk.
You moo. Now, I ask again, are you ready to be milked?”

Holly rubbed at the sting Lucy’s slap left on her breast. “Moo.” She said.

Lucy reached down and grabbed each tit by the nipple. Squeezing each one
tightly, she pulled down hard on them. Holly cried out. “Owww! Lucy, that’s

Lucy slapped her tits again, this time harder. “Shut up, bitch! You’re a
cow, remember? Where was I? Oh, yes.” She continued “milking” Holly’s
breasts, feeling the familiar thrill of control come over her. She could
hear Holly sobbing under her breath, mooing plaintively.

Lucy beamed. Giving the tits a final hard pull, she said, “There’s no milk
in these tits at all! You’re a bad cow, Holly. You need to give milk to be
a good cow.” She rose an eyebrow. “And I know how to do it.” Going behind
her, she put back on the dildo.

“Lucy, what are you-“

Lucy slapped her ass. “What did I tell you, cow?”

Holly swallowed nervously. “Moo... moo...“

“That’s better. Now, this should get the old milk-producing glands working
again.” Holding the dildo firmly, she lined it up with Holly’s pert
asshole. Leaning forward, she kissed Holly on the cheek. “This is a little
payback for what you did, cow.” And, she thrust the dildo, unlubricated
except for Holly’s earlier juices, into Holly’s unsuspecting ass.

The result was instantaneous. Holly screamed out in pain, and fell forward
onto the bed. Lucy was on her, one hand grabbed and pawing her tits, the
other forcing the dildo further and further into her ass. “God, Lucy,
stop!!” Holly screamed, tears streaming down her face. “Stop!! Stop,

Lucy continued to rape her against her protests. Holly screamed out again
and again. Lucy was oblivious to the shrieking, otherwise she would have
covered her mouth. But, she didn’t care now—she was in control again.

“Please, Lucy! Stop!! Stop!! I’ll do anything!! Anything!!” Holly begged,
face flat against the sheets while her ass was in the air.

“Anything, cow?”

“Oh, God, yes!!! Anything!!”

Lucy laughed aloud. Holly was completely at her mercy now. She continued to
fuck her ass for ten minutes. Holly’s screams and pleas continued, but soon
died down, and she went silent. Lucy finally withdrew the dildo, and
removed it, tossing it to the floor. She went and pushed Holly over onto
her back. The busty Briton rolled without resistance. Lucy looked into her
eyes-she broken her will completely. Lucy frowned. “Oh, did I overdo it
with my little cow?”

Holly breath came out in puffs. Her face wet, eyes red, she looked at Lucy.
“You are still my little cow, aren’t you?”

Holly’s lips parted. “Moo...” she whispered.

“That’s good. Now, let’s see if your little experiment worked.” She leaned
down and wrapped her lips around one of Holly’s boobs. She sucked and
licked eagerly. Finally, she pulled away. She licked her lips happily.

“That’s the best imaginary milk I’ve ever had!” She caressed Holly’s tit,
and then her face. “You’ve had a hard day, little cow. Take a nap now.”
Holly’s red, tear-filled eyes closed, and soon Lucy heard the soft
breathing of deep sleep.

Lucy took a shower, cleaning the sex off of her. Then, she redressed. When
she came back to the bedroom, Holly was still asleep. She went, collecting
the videotape and dildo, putting them in her purse. Then, with an
afterthought, she reached down and took Holly’s huge bra as a souvenir.

Looking at the sleeping Holly Sutton, she saw the red cleft between Holly’s
legs. Curious, she went over and leaned down, running her tongue along
Holly’s pussy. Breathing in the scent and licking her juices, Lucy decided
that she might have to do this again sometime.

Maybe Bobbie Spencer would be interested. .Just the thought of milking that
big-titted ex-hooker’s tits made Lucy all wet again...


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