George Lopez: Carmen Getting Abused Part 1 (f-solo,mf,inc,m-dom,voy)
by planter333 ([email protected])

Carmen Lopez pulled into the driveway after a long day at her school. She quickly went through the porch door, dropped her book bag right by the door as quickly as she went through and ran up to her the stairs leading to her room. As she went towards her room she checked every room on the way to make sure no one else was home, and to her delight all the rooms were empty. As she entered her room she shut the door went to the closet and pulled out a shoe box from the very top shelf underneath old Christmas sweaters, she never wears. Carmen, then opened the lid of the box and grabbed her vibrator. As she grasped her pink friend in her right hand, she said to it in a sarcastic tone "Looks like we have another date Enrique."

She quickly jumped on her bed and with a smile on her face lifted her school uniform skirt and pulled off her black thong. "I won't need these," she said with a grin as she tossed them across the room. She then kissed the tip of her pink vibrator and then turned it on with a flick of a switch. She let the tip of the vibrator touch the lips of her pussy and held it there for a few seconds, as her back instantly arched with delight and let out a soft moan. She then gently slid her vibrator deeper in her pussy and let out a loud moan in delight as her whole body arched from the bed and even her toes curled with pleasure.

As she continued to pleasure herself with her pink vibrator, Enrique, her younger brother, Max, was in a state of shock and happiness at the same time as he watched his hot sister masturbating from his closest's peephole which had a great view of Carmen's bed. See, in Carmen's rush to gain pleasure she failed look inside Max's closet which he hid in every day after school for almost a month, hoping to catch his sister doing this. He had this vision in his dreams for nights, but even in his dreams he knew it would not go anywhere else and he should just enjoy the show, but an idea came rushing in like a midnight train. He quietly left the closet, and slowly walked out of his room making sure he was prepared for every scenario.

He left his room and stood right in front of his sister's room, hearing her moaning was getting louder as her vibrator was doing its job. His palms sweaty as he took a deep breath and opened the door to his sisters room. His sister in too much ecstasy did not notice him coming in. So Max, the smooth criminal he was, decided to cough. The very second his cough left Max's lungs, Carmen jumped in shock and quickly raised her head with, her hair frazzled hair like a chick who just got done having the best orgasm in their life, and yelled, "Max, what the fuck!"

With a sly look he responded, "I thought you may have needed help."

"Get the hell out of my room Max, you're a perv." She quickly responded.

"I'll leave, but I got to say I am bigger than that vibrator you have in your pussy," Max said while pointing to her pussy

"Bullshit, my boyfriend doesn't even come close to the size of this and he is 5 years older than you." Carmen had a look on her face like a student corrects a teacher. Max stood there red faced in anger, pulled down his pants to revile his 13 inch penis. Carmen's jawed dropped and then proceeded to blush as Max said with his hands on his hips with pride, "Told you, now how about you crawl over here on your hands and knees and beg for it."

Carmen quickly got off her bed and crawled like a baby to her baby brothers 13 incher. She kneeled and with those big brown eyes looking up at her brother moved her head toward his cock, and then, SLAP! Max slapped his sisters face and yelled, "Bitch, you don't suck my cock till I tell you to!"

Carmen's face had fear all over it as she softly said, "Alright, Max."


Max slapped her face even harder than before, "You don't speak unless spoken to you fucking whore and you call me "Sir", do you understand!" he yelled as spit flew from his face.

His sister almost in tears responded "Yes, sir."

Max stood there as he saw his sister with tears about to form as he said, "Stand up and take your clothes off you whore."

Within seconds she got up and took off her top and bra to revile her great tits, which she must have, must have been passed on from their mother. As Max stared at those 33C's, Carmen took off her skirt and went down to her knees ready for some cock in her mouth.


Max slapped her face again yelling, "You fucking bitch did I tell you to fucking kneel!" She shook her head as Max grabbed her face with his one hand and started to pull her up to her feet. "Now bitch, turn around and let me see that ass."

She quickly turned around in fear of the punishment. Her ass was like an ass of a god, it was tan, perfect size, not too small and not too big. Max knew why all the guys wanted a piece of that Mexican pussy.

"Kneel, fucking bitch!" He demanded from his sister.

Carmen quickly dropped to her knees and was about to go head first into her brothers dick, but waited in fear of a slap. Max grinned as he knew he came close of having another slap. He then told Carmen "Open your mouth, you slut."

Carmen opened her month, waiting for her next task, but Max grabbed the back of her head and made her gag on his cock, as he kept saying, "Don't move, don't move." Carmen began to tear up as her mascara ran across her face and having the feeling that she was about to vomit, she pulled out gasping for air. Max then proceeded to slap her face not once, not twice but four times as hard as he could saying to Carmen, "I told you not to move!"

"But I couldn't breathe! I'm sorry, Sir." Carmen cried than another slap went across her face.

"Did I tell you to talk..." she shook her head, "Good now we understand you piece of shit scum, now open your mouth."

Carmen opened her mouth as Max grabbed the back of her head and moved her head up and down from his cock as fast as he could... then within a few minutes he yelled "Carmen you better swallow." Than his cock erupted as his cum filled Carmen's mouth, as he stared waiting for her to swallow, she the gulped as much she could. As Max watched the cum hanging on his sisters chin, he pulled up his pants and walked about.

"But, But Sir, what about me?"

"You're my bitch now, so you break up with your boyfriend and meet me in my room at midnight and then maybe I'll fuck you, but first clean up and make me a sandwich."

Max walked away with a smile on his face and Carmen quickly wiped the cum on her chin and put some clothes on.

End part 1, I should be writing more depending on the review. Thanks!


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