George Lopez: Ernie Gets Payback (MF,oral,tit-fuck)
by Insomniac

George Lopez was in a bind, his garage had recently burnt down at the hand of his son's friend Ricky. He needed money anyway he could get it. Except of course a loan from his father-in-law.

The next day at work

Ernie walked through the office door and starred at his friend who looked so down on himself.

Ernie: Hey brother, how are things looking in getting the money?

George: Terrible, man. Angie wants to call Vick, but I cant take money from him. I just don't know what I have left for options

Ernie: Listen, George, I've saved up some money and I think it'll be enough to get another loan from the bank. Here's 5,000 dollars... I want you to have it.

George: Are you serious man, I don't know how I can ever repay you. I'll pay you that back with interest once the loans paid off bro.

Ernie: Hey, man, sounds good. Its no problem, man, you're my best friend.

Later that evening

Ernie went to George's house to see if he had planned anything with the loan and catch the game as well. He knocked on the front door and Angie let him in.

Angie: Hey, Ernie, George is dealing with the bank for some last minute approvals. He should be back in a half hour or so, you can go and start watching the game if you want.

Ernie: Ok, thanks, Angie.

Angie: Oh, and I want to personally thank you for helping us out. We really needed it.

Ernie: Oh, its no problem, anything for my man George.

Angie had devised a plan that she could repay Ernie in her own way and she was setting this in motion.

Angie (with a smile on her face): Ernie I really want to thank you, so here's the deal... you're gonna get some tonight, Ernie, but how is up to you.

Ernie couldn't believe what he just heard. He was about to get an option of sexual pleasures from his best friends wife, whom he always thought was the most gorgeous woman on the face of this earth.

Ernie: Ok, what's the options he asked shyly...

Angie: Well, I know how much you've had a crush on me and how much you'd enjoy seeing me naked, so option one is I get totally naked. I'll pinch my nipples, turn around, slap my ass, spread my cheeks, finger myself. Anything where my body is shown solo for one minute. No pictures or video that can be seen later, once in a lifetime opportunity.

Ernie couldn't believe this, she would get naked and masturbate for him right there. Jump up and down and finger her ass if he asked. He wondered what the other options could possibly be.

Angie: Options two, I'll give you a handjob until you cum. I'll do it in my bra and have my ass showing. I'll jerk you off standing in front of the mirror so you can see my ass, but no touching just like the first option, and you can't see tits under the bra and no pussy.

Ernie was amazed, but saw the obvious difficulty at the choice.

Ernie: Option three he asked eagerly?

Angie: Option three is I'll give you a titjob and blow job for five minutes. Stick your dick through my cleavage with bra on and I'll suck your dick. If you don't finish in five minutes, oh well. Thats the rules! So see me naked for a minute doing any non-touching thing, a full handjob in bra and ass showing, or a bra tit job and blowjob for five minutes.

Ernie was facing possibly the hardest decision he'd ever face sexually. Angie was gorgeous he dreamed about seeing her naked. he knew only option one allowed him to see everything she had. Those perky huge tits, that tight toned ass, and what he imagined as a shaved tight pussy. but of course he wanted some action as well. Sticking his dick through her tits and getting it sucked for five minutes would be heaven, but what if he didn't finish by then... then what go to the bathroom and finish himself. He wouldn't have any image to finish to because he wouldn't see anything other than her breast that are bra covered... he could get fully jerked off, this would have her amazing ass shown, and bra covered boobs which is the same as option three.

So it came down to finish with an image for the future. Get dream head and maybe finish but not see anything. Or see everything and use that memory for later...

He started to try to come up with how it could lead to more, maybe if she likes my big cock in her mouth she will want it in her pussy... but what women gets hot from head. No one gets hot from a handjob either. She could get hot if she fingered herself in option one... but what if she didn't get horny enough she wanted to do more, the he wouldn't get a handjob or a blowjob with a chance of finishing.

Angie certainly had thought about this and knew that this choice was driving him crazy.

Angie: Well, George should be home in around 20 minutes. You need to make your mind up fast. It'll either be five minties, one minute, or however long the hand job takes. So pick fast!

Ernie: If I pick two or three can I finish anywhere?

Angie: If you pick head and finish I'll swallow or it can spurt out on my tits, thats it. If you get the handiob you can finish on my ass or face.

'Damn!' Ernie thought, making his choice even harder. He would love to have his load swallowed, he was sure that he would finish. She was so hot and his dick being trapped between those big tits and then in her warm mouth, but he also would love to see his load on her face or ass. If he finished on her ass that would be a great image for future use.

Ernie: Ok, Angie, I think I'm going to pick option three, head with the tit job.

Angie wasn't really looking forward to that option. She didn't really want to suck his dick, but she knew she had to as payback for the money.

Angie: Ok, let me run upstairs real quick. There's no warming up so you get yourself ready.

Angie ran upstairs while Ernie whipped his dick out. He half expected her to come back with George or a camera and use this against him. He still couldn't believe this was happening, but obviously he was willing to risk it. He started stroking his cock. He was rather proud of it. He kept it trimmed, almost shaved but not quite. He had a large nine inch cock that suck straight out with no curves. He was already hard, but he continued stroking it in preparation for Angie.

Just then Angie returned in yoga pants and a sports bra.

Angie: I thought the sports bra would be better to put your dick in. More comfortable and better feel of the boobs and the yoga pants just to give you a nice view if you can't fully see it.

Angie made her way down the stairs and caught her first ever glimpse of Ernie's dick.

Angie: Wow, Ernie I'm impressed! That must be eight inches at least, and its so smooth and nice looking. Circumcised and thick. I'm sorry, but I just expected you to have a little dick.

Ernie: Yeah, its nine... and its ok. Most women think that, but should we get started?

Ernie could barely hold it in, just seeing her in a sports bra complimenting his dick was enough to make him cum!

Angie: Ok, sit down in the chair.

Ernie did as he was told. Angie then knelt down and lifted up her breasts. She spread them apart and set them down on his dick. Her large C cup breasts now surrounded Ernie's nine inch cock like a vice grip. Ernie let out a moan and one of his stupid giggles he did whenever he got nervous. Angie gave him a little smile, reached over and started a timer on her phone to go off in five minutes.
Then she bent her head down and took his dick into her mouth.

Ernie was literally in heaven. Angie's mouth was so warm and her lips were so tight around his head. Her hands were pushing the outsides oh her breasts
squeezing the massive cock between them. As she bent her body down with her tits stroking Ernie's dick, her head would move in unison. She would bob her head down taking about four inches of dick into her mouth. She could take more but her tits got in the way.

Ernie was already fixing to cum.

Ernie: Ohhh, Angie you give amazing head baby!!! Your tits are so nice and perky, this is fucking great ohhhh shiiiiit!!!

Angie always loved compliments on her technique. Its something she had built up over a lot of guys before George. She was the popular girl in high school for a reason.

Ernie (hopeful): Angie if I finish on your tits can you lick it off?

Angie thought about it for a second and nodded her head yes.

Ernie: Ok, that's what were gonna do then.

Angie (muffled from the big dick in her mouth): Ok, just tell me when your ready.

She drooled a little bit, but instead of making it look like an accident she took her mouth off his dick and spit some more on her tits. Using her saliva as lube for his dick between her tits.

This was too much for Ernie. After about thirty seconds of this he started moaning loudly and bucking his dick into the back of Angie's throat. Angie began to gag a little spilling out more saliva.

Ernie: Holy fuck! I'm gonna cum baby! Ahhhh your soo fuckin' good!!!

Angie took the dick out of her mouth and grabbed her tits firmly. She then bounced them up and down continuing to jerk his throbbing member off. She looked over at the clock and there was fifteen seconds left on the clock. Just then she felt a spray of cum on her chin.

Ernie: Ohhh fucking shiiiiit! Ohhh my goddd that's sooooo good!

Ernies dick erupted with hot jizz. The initial shot was dripping down from under Angie's chin. Then his cock continued to spew cum over his head onto her tits. It soaked into her bra. Angie wiped the cum off her chin and her pants. She then obliged to Ernie's last wish and lifted her tits up and lapped the cum off her tits. She even licked the last little bit off the tip of his dick.

She then removed his dick from her cleavage and walked into the laundry room.

Ernie (barely able to speak): Wow, thanks, Angie. That was.... amazing!

Angie then walked out of the laundry room fully naked and Ernie's eyes got huge.

Ernie: WOW!!!

Angie (giggling): Well, you got cum on my bra and I wiped it on my pants.

She had a perfect body. A clean shaven pussy just like he imagined. It looked so tight and even a little wet. Her breasts were firm, no more sag then when she wore a bra. She had dark nipple the size of a quarter. Perfectly centered in the middle of the breast and sticking straight out at a point.

Angie: Well, I'm gonna get dressed. This was a little unplanned treat for future use, so remember it!

Ernie: Oh, trust me! I will forever!

Angie laughed and turned and walked upstairs.

Ernie caught a view of her ass. So smooth and tight. It moved so swiftly as she shook her hips while walking up the stairs. he was so glad he got to see her completely naked. He had a memory for later and got a full blow job from the women of his dreams, his best friends wife.

Once she got upstairs George walked through the door.

George: Hey, man, I got the loan taking care of. Thanks again man.

Ernie: Oh, trust me, no thanks necessary.



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