George Lopez: Lopez Family Secrets Part 1 (mF,inc,anal)
by Insomniac

Angie was an absolutely gorgeous woman, she had long black hair. Was about 5 foot 4, tight body, firm butt and perky breast. She had a huge smile and nice big eyes. She knew she was attractive on account of how many guys she had fucked before George. Lots of Cuban guys, a lot of hung black guys and even a few white guys. She had also experimented with women and she loved it, but guys were much
easier to get so she stuck with them. She however was not satisfied with making love to her husband George. George had a huge head, was slightly overweight, and had a small 5 inch cock that he could rarely get up, even though Angie was so beautiful. She needed to find some new pleasure fast or she was going to explode.

* * *

Max was in his room, he had trouble sleeping and often just laid in his bed thinking about the day he's had or he'd jerk off. He jerked off to every female he could think of. Girls in his class, Carmen, his mom...

So he had started pulling down his pants and stroking his medium sized cock. It was 6 inches long and relatively thin, but he was bigger than most kids his age. His door was open slightly as he was afraid of the dark and liked the light from the hallway to shine into his room.

At this time his mother Angie (whom he was fantasizing about) was walking by. She knew Max had to get some good rest for his test tomorrow so she decided to peak in to see if he was asleep. She put her head through the crack in the door and saw that her son was masturbating. She instantly got horny from her built up lust that George could not satisfy. She wondered how big his cock was. After all he was George's son and was a lot younger, having only just entered puberty. But she decided to pursue it anyway. She flicked on the light and saw Max beating his cock, which looked slightly larger than his fathers.

Angie: Hey bud, what are you doin' over there?

Max: MOM! Uhhh nothing I can't get to sleep.

Angie (smile on her face and sexy look in her eyes): You know jerking off feels better when someone else does it for you. Why don't you let mommy show you how you can feel even better.

And with that Angie reached down and grabbed her son's cock. Max was surprised but he was not gonna fight it. This was he dream come true. His mom's touch was so gentle and her hand was so warm it felt great.

Max: Hey mom, can I see you naked?

Angie: Of course, baby.

And with that she threw off her shirt and unclasped her bra. She exposed her very own son to her breast. Instantly Max stared with his mouth gaping. She had firm and perky breasts with a small dark nipples. She then removed her jeans and thong to reveal her nicely shaved pussy. Max felt like he was gonna blow his load right there. His mom was so hot and now she was naked in front of him, wanting to touch him and make him feel great.

Max: Wow mom, you're so hot!!!

Angie: Aw, thanks, baby. Now I'm gonna get on top of you and I want you to put your dick in me, ok.

Angie got in a reverse cowgirl position and slowly inserted her son's dick into her. It fit easy as she was semi-loose and Max's cock was not that big, but it felt better than what she was use to. This was an inch bigger and stayed hard unlike George's limp penis.

Max began to moan softly. He knew he had to be quiet because Carmen and his dad were sleeping only a couple rooms down. He decided to get creative and explore his mother's body. He took his index finger and stuck it in his mom's tight smooth ass.

Angie: Honey, how'd you know your mommy likes it up the ass? That feels so good baby, but thrust your hips up when I'm coming down and push your finger forwards in my ass.

Max: Ok, mom.

Angie (smiling at Max): You're bigger than your dad and you last longer, too. Make sure when you get ready to cum you tell me, so I can get off.

Max: Yeah, mom, this feels soooooooo good! This is my first time and its amazing. I think I'm gonna cum!

Angie got off her son's dick and bent down, so her face was next to his cock. She took his dick in her hands and finished him by a handjob and got covered in his hot semen.

Angie (licking the remains off her face): Wow, you certainly have a huge load there, kid!

Angie (winking at him): Now go to sleep and let's keep this between us.

Max: No problem, but one thing though. Can I lick your ass and stick my dick up it to see how that feels?

Angie: Ok, ok, make it quick.

Angie bent over and Max quickly dove his tongue deep into her ass. Angie gasped, this was an amazingly feeling and so tingley and made her feel great. She then spread her cheeks and sat down on Max's still hard cock. This was definitely a tighter fit but still managed to fit it in there.

Max: Wow, this feels even better, but its not as wet and warm.

Angie: Yes, now go to sleep.

Angie bent down and stuck her tongue inside her son's mouth before getting dressed and exiting the room. She was happy for the night but she knew she needed bigger and better things for her to be satisfied.

To be continued


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