Now that Max and Angie had sex they were both on the hunt to get more pleasure. Max loved his first time, especially with a woman so hot and one that he had fantasized about for so long, his mother. And Angie still wasn't completely satisfied as Max was only an inch bigger than George, who hardly cut if for her.

George Lopez: Lopez Family Secrets Part 2 (mf,inc)
by Insomniac

Carmen was about as close to being the school whore as you could get without going through every guy one by one and having sex with them. She kept count of who she had sex with, when, and how good it was. She had slept with three teachers, some girls and the majority her male classmates. She was at an astounding 97 people she had had sex with. She was way above her mother in her high school years, it was almost as if promiscuity ran in the family. She was looking to find three more guys so that she could get her number to a well rounded 100 men she's fucked. But who could it be, she did everyone who was even semi-attractive in her school and wanted to make the last three a little bit special getting to such a big number. 'Hmm..." she thought.

Carmen: I know, I can try to get with family members. I have done teachers before. It cant be much harder to seduce them.

The next day Carmen went down to the kitchen and saw Max eating breakfast.

Carmen: Where's mom and dad?

Max: They went to a meeting at dad's work. They'll be back around dinnertime.

Carmen: Ok.

She turned and walked up the stairs, got to her room and quickly stripped naked and flicked her clit a few times to get her hot and wet.

Carmen: Hey, Max, come up her for a second.

Max walked up to Carmen's room and when he opened the door he could not believe his eyes. There was his sister standing buck-naked waiting for him to come up. She had very large breasts, much bigger than his mother's. She had a small patch of pubic hair right above the top of her slit. Her nipples were small and dark. 'She definitely was Angie's kid,' Max thought

Max: Carmen your naked...

Carmen: Oh you don't mind do you? I just needed your help for my anatomy class. We're doing a project about the psychological aspect of how a body turns someone on.

Max: So the point of this is to turn me on?

He was pretty sure he knew where this was going and he could not believe he was going to score with his sister the day after he scored with his mother. He was having the best hours of his life.

Carmen: It's to see how you react, and in turn see how I react to your nude body ok? I mean I can see your getting a little hard already, why don't you take your clothes off and see how you make me feel.

Max began to strip naked revealing his thin six-inch cock.

Carmen: Not bad for a boy your age there, Maximillion. Now how does this make you feel?

She grabbed Max's penis and began to stroke it up and down. Using a swift back and forth motion at the same time.

Max: Wow, your really good! I'm getting so hard just looking at those tits and having you stroke me off, sis.

Carmen: Well, if you like that lets see how this feels.

Carmen stuck Max's hard member in her mouth and began a corkscrew maneuver that she knew was popular with the boys. Max had never had a blowjob before, he had only been given a handjob and sex from his mother the night before. Now he was getting head from his older sister and he was pretty sure that he was going to score as well.

Max: Oh, Carmen, take it all in your mouth it's so wet and warm.

Carmen stopped, brought her head to the top of his dick and slowly inch by inch took his whole member into her mouth watching his face the entire time, almost smiling at the fact she could impress someone so novice at sex with her skills.

Carmen: You like that, don't you, big boy? Tell me, Max, have you ever tasted pussy?

Max: No, can I taste yours?

Carmen stopped sucking Max's dick and positioned herself, so her pussy was right in front of her brother's face. Max instantly dove in flapping his tongue like a mad man. He thought the taste was kind of weird but it tasted better than his mother's asshole, so he kept licking. He found a spot that made his sister moan so he concentrated on that spot.

Carmen: Oh baby, you found my clit! You sure seem like you've done this before. But here, lets fuck.

Carmen got on her hands and knees and positioned Max to come over and stick his rock hard cock in her, and he did so quickly. Max stuck his dick in, he had never been in the dominant position before, only his mother had been on top of him, so he just kept rocking back and forth hoping that his older sister was getting the same pleasure he was.

Max: Oh sis, you make me feel sooo good, God I love this!

Carmen: Make sure when you get ready to cum let me know, ok?

Max: Yeah, I know, I think its cumming right about now, baby!

Carmen got up and stuck out her chest just in time. Max blew his load all over Carmen's huge breast. After he was done shooting his seed, Carmen put her head down and licked all the cum off her tits and the remains from her brother's dick.

Carmen: That was good, little bro.

She gave him a big french kiss, got dressed and walked off. Max was now satisfied for a while as he had had both women in the household and knew he could get it whenever he wanted it. Carmen however knew she still needed two men to get her to 100 guys she had fucked, but who else she thought.


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