George Lopez: Lopez Family Secrets Part 3 (Mf,inc)
by Insomniac

Now that Carmen had sex with Max, she needed two more people to fuck in order to get the magic 100 guys she has been with. She knew fucking her brother was great because it was so taboo. But who else could she fuck to get 100 and have it be equally as naughty?

She walked in on her dad George sitting on the couch watching football. Max and her mom were at a meeting for his Special Ed, which her dad tried to avoid going to. Carmen knew exactly what she was going to do.

Carmen: I don't see how you can watch football non-stop. It's so boring!

George: What, guys tackling each other and kicking the crap out of each other, and plus at half time, cheerleaders. Hello! (he said with his goofy accent he used whenever he wanted to seem flirty)

Carmen: Please, those cheerleaders just wear short shorts and dance around with no talent, even I can do that.

And with that Carmen pulled the waistband of her already short shorts up to expose her ass cheeks to her father, hoping to get a rise out of her father.

George: Carmen, pull your pants down. Nobody wants to see that

Though in his mind he loved it, her butt was similar to Angie's, a lot like his wife's was in high school, but firmer.

Carmen: Pull my pants down? Um ok.

Carmen pulled her shorts down to her knees revealing her g-string. Her ass was completely visible and her pussy was barely covered.

George could not believe his daughter was basically stripping right in front of him. He did not know if she was being a smart ass or was trying to do something more. He couldn't be having sexual feelings for his own daughter could he?
She was so developed. She had large breast and a nice firm ass. He really wanted to see more, but he knew he shouldn't.

George: Carmen, stop being a smart ass and put your pants where they are supposed to be.

Carmen: But you like it when the cheerleaders do it, and you love movies where the girl goes topless. What if I do that?

Carmen instantly ripped off her shirt and unclasped her bra, George's jaw dropped. His daughter was doing more than being a smart ass and he knew it now, she had huge breasts he guessed about a D cup. Her nipples were tiny and dark placed perfectly in the center of her large tits. He knew he couldn't hold back any longer. He hadn't got action in a while and he knew he disappointed Angie. Surely, Carmen couldn't be that experienced and maybe he could rock her world.

George: Yeah, I do, but I love when they are bottomless even more.

Carmen knew that he had gotten into it. Seeing her tits was too much for her father, so she slowly slid her g-string down and took it off her feet. George practically drooled at her pussy. It was an outie and almost looked a little loose, and had a small patch of dark pubes right above her clit.

Carmen: What do you want me to do, daddy?

George: Get on your knees and unzip my pants baby, I want to titty-fuck you.

Carmen knelt down and unzipped George's fly, she reached in his pants and pulled out his semi-hard 5 inch dick. 'Wow I thought it would have been bigger. He's shorter and skinnier than Max. Oh well,' she thought, 'he is my dad and he will be an awesome 99th fuck.'

She stuck his dick in her mouth using her patented corkscrew maneuver she used on Max as well. George started thrusting his hips into her face. Luckily, he was small and Carmen could not gag on his cock.

George: Oh my God, baby, that's amazing! Get on me and fuck me!

Carmen stood up and sat on her father's dick. It was an easy fit as Carmen was loose and George was small. George thought it suspicious she didn't have a cherry, but was to into the moment to say anything.

George: Oh god, baby, your so wet! I love how you move baby.

Carmen: Here stick this in your mouth.

She took her right tit and stuck it in her dad's mouth, basically to shut him up as he was enjoying this a lot more than she was.

George: Baby, I think I'm gonna cum!

Carmen crouched up over her father's lap and stroked him off to the finish. She got off and showed the cum to her father. She then spread her fingers and let the streams of semen land on her tongue. She then stuck her fingers in her mouth to get the remains.

George: Lets not tell your mom about this, huh?

Carmen (winking at him): Haha, good idea!

Carmen was very disappointed, but it did make for an interesting night, and she loves the fact that she got to fuck her own father. Now who would be the lucky 100th dick to enter her? She hoped it would be a large one at least.


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