George Lopez: Lopez Family Secrets Final Chapter (MFf,inc)
by Insomniac

Carmen was at 99 people she had slept with, She needed one more person to make her 100. She needed the last to be meaningful and dangerous like her brother Max and father George. Neither were good in bed but if anyone knew she fucked her dad and her brother... She got hot just thinking about how bad she had been. But who was left, she had fucked her boyfriend plenty of times, that was getting boring and she needed someone knew for her number to go up. There was Ernie, but he was overweight, goofy looking, and acted like a four-year-old every time a girl talked to him. Theres gotta be someone else she thought to herself. Someone
Im overlooking. Then it hit her, Grandpa Vick she said. Sure hes older but hes kept himself in good shape, he's a doctor so hes gotta be healthy enough to handle sex at his age, and how naughty would it be to have fucked a male in each generation of her family. Especially her mothers father, her own grandfather.
Now how was she going to get to fuck him, shed have to get him alone and horny. Hmm...

2 days later...

Angie: hey carmens, grandpa vick is coming over and then we are going to do some shopping for Max's birthday. Your dad is over at Ernie's watching a boxing match so your on your own for dinner.

Carmen: Ok mom.

Grandpa Vick's coming over she thought to herself. Too bad they will be gone and ill be here alone. Oh well, another time she thought.

Later that night...

Angie: Carmen I have to run over to Ernie's to drop off something for your father, if grandpa gets here just tell him that I will be right back.

Ok said Carmen.

Angie stepped out the door and drove off, just then grandpa vick drove in, got out of the car, and walked into the house.

Vick: Angie are you ready to go?

Carmen: hey grandpa, mum had to run over to Ernies for a sec, she said she'll be back real quick.

Vick: Oh, alright. Well how are you my beautiful granddaughter.

And when he said that he meant it, she was beautiful. She reminded him of Angie at that age, but with more developed breasts. He felt ashamed for noticing the size of her chest, and for that matter comparing them to his own daughters. But he couldn't help see how fast his little girl had grown up.

Carmen: Ohhhh I'm ok. She said shyly knowing that now was as good a time to make a move as ever, they were alone and her mom would be gone for at least a half hour.

Vick: Well whats wrong?

Carmen: Its just that I haven't had a boyfriend in so long, it must be because I am ugly or something.

Vick: No, no, no, baby, do not say that your are beautiful how could you think that.

Carmen: well I don't, but it must be that because why else wouldn't they like me. I think im attractive. I like my facial features and check out this body.

With that Carmen pulled off her sweatpants and t-shirt to reveal her pink lace panties, and matching bra.

Vick couldn't believe it, sure they were family and they could do whatever. But his granddaughter at the age of 17 had pulled her pants down, and taken off her shirt in front of him.

Vick: Carmen I think you're a little too upset, I'm sure the boys love your body. But that's not what you need to be concerned about, now why don't you put your clothes back on and we can get this straightened out.

Carmen: But don't you want to show me how much you like my body? You must be really lonely says grandma left you.

And that he was, his wife had cheated on him with another man, for a while, he had found later.

"Carmen listen, you need someone your won age. Someone who can love you and appreciate you. I am too old, we are family. Its not right you are just confused. What about your mother huh."

Carmen: But you love and appreciate me, and mum wont be home for a half hour.

Carmen wasn't taking no for an answer, she was going to make love to her grandfather. She had to make him the 100th person she slept with. Right after her brother and her father. So she furthered the situation by taking off her bra and panties.

Vick now was amazed. There he was staring at the huge breast of his granddaughter, they were the beast breasts he had ever seen. So ample and perky. Large with small dark nipples perfectly centered. She had a patch of dark pubic hair between her legs. He could see the moisture from her being so turned on.

No one will ever find out she said.

Vick: Lets go to your room huh, he knew it was wrong but he knew they wouldn't be caught and she was so hot, naked, and willing to fuck him. He was incredibly lonely and this only reminded him of how lonely he was. He needed to be with a woman again even if it as that woman was his own granddaughter.

They made their way to Carmen's room we she then laid on the bed. Now your turn to strip she said eagerly awaiting to see her grandfather naked. She wasn't expecting much due to her family seemed to lack in the penis department.

He started taking off his clothes one article at a time, then off came the boxers. Carmen's mouth dropped, he had to be a thick nine inches. It was well trimmed, circumcised and huge.

Carmen: Wow, grandpa that's huge, I want to see if I can fit the whole thing in my mouth!

She quickly sat on the edge of the bed and opened her mouth, waiting for her grandfather to shove his huge member inside it. And he did. She used her beloved corkscrew maneuver that drove both max and her dad wild. Vick seemed to handle it better, must be more experienced she thought. Ill have to step it up for this one.

Vick: Wow, baby, your pretty good, let me show you something.

He flipped Carmen upside down so that her head was still sucking his cock, but she was on her back, pussy the opposite way of him. He then climbed on top of her in a 69 position, and began eating her out. He immediately found her clit and flicked it rapidly, he then jabbed his tongue in and out of her slit while flicking her clit with his thumb.

This was the best Carmen had ever had her pussy licked. She was breathing deeper than ever. Then Vick drug his tongue across her asshole, which caused Carmen to moan out loud. He stuck two fingers in her vagina, one in her asshole and went back to working the clit.

Carmen: Ohhh my GOODDD grandpa lick my PUSSYY OHHHH your amaaazingg!!!

Vick then flipped Carmen around so his member was aligned with her slit. He slid it in.

Carmen began screaming and bucking, this was the most incredible thing she had ever felt. She could not believe that after 100 men her grandfather would be the best. He had a huge dick and such technique. He went go fast then faster, then slow it down pulling it in and out. Getting the tip just out of her pussy, then shoving it right back in.

Carmen: OH Grandpa fuck me! FUCK ME with that huge cock of yours, shove that whole dick in my wet pussy baby YEAHHH!!!

She began moaning so loud her nor Vick could hear Angie come home, she came in and heard all the yelling, at first she thought something was wrong. But when she heard what Carmen was saying she immediately ran upstairs. She peeked her head in the doorway and saw her own father fucking her daughter, his granddaughter. She could not believe it. Whose idea was it to start this. How could her dad take advantage of her daughter, such a sweet innocence teen. Not only was this illegal but it was incest... of course she remember that she had slept with Max. But she couldn't help that, the moment hit and she was incredibly horny.

Angie: What the fuck is going on here?!

Both Vick and Carmen stopped, they knew they had been caught. Vick was mounting her daughter with his still hard cock lodge in her pussy. Carmen just lay draped over the bed looking upside down at her mother. Angie could no help but notice the size of Carmen's tits. They were much bigger than her own and looked very nice. And her father cock-half-in-Carmen. Was huge himself. Was this the excitement she had been looking for? George certainly wasn't enough nor was Max, and she had been looking for bigger and better. But was her father the answer?

Vick: Angie I'm sorry this must be... he started.

Angie: Shut up, and fuck me too. Lets make this a three way party.

Angie stripped off her clothes and revealed herself to the second and third members of the family whom she never got naked in front of. She had fucked her son Max and now she was about to fuck her daughter and father at the same time.

Vick: Wow baby I cant believe you want to do this, I cant believe Carmen wanted to either.

Angie: Oh so this was your idea huh?

Carmen: Yeah, I also fucked dad and Max... hope that's ok too.

Angie: Wow, you little slut, its ok I fucked Max too. He's bigger than your dad haha.

Vick could not believe his ears, it made sense as to why they would both sleep with him now though. Carmen could not believe it either, she wasn't the only one who fucked Max. She wondered who was better... Oh well I'll ask grandpa Vick when were don she thought.

Carmen: Here mum. 69 me and I'll eat you out while you eat me out, then you can take grandpa's cock out of me and blow him from time to time.

Angie: Ha sorry baby you've been pounded enough, its my turn.

With that Angie mounted Carmen and took her dad's cock out of her daughter and proceeded to insert it into her own slit. She then brought her left hand down to play with Carmen's clit, she was already so wet from being stuffed by Vick. She then started to suck on Carmen's tits while her dad fucked her doggystyle.

Angie: Ohhhh daddyyy your so fucking big! OMG fuck me, yessss yes fuck me with that huge thing of yours! Ohh Carmen your tits are so huge, I don't know who you got these from, mine aren't even close to that.

Carmen: Ohhhh yea yea yeahhhh, thanks mom but yours are really hot, let me get a taste.

Angie leaned up so that your daughter could suck on her breast, she inserted one in her mouth and playing with the other with her hand, and then alternating.

Carmen: Ohhh mommy those tits are so nice, and you work my clit like a champ. You've either been with a girl before or you play with yourself a lot.

Angie: Both hhahah!!

Vick could not believe that his daughter and granddaughter were so educated in sex. Sure his daughter was married with two kids, but had been with girls? This was crazy. But he wasn't gonna say anything while his cock was in them.

Vick then took out his dick from angie's steaming cunt and went down on her while simultaneously fingering Carmen.

Angie started bucking wildly, "OHHH DADDY IM GONNA CUM OHHHHH!!!"

Just then Angie started to cum, having it run down her pussy into her dad's mouth.

Vick: Flip her into a 69 with Carmen and have her eat your cum. You can lick her clit and I will finish her too.

Angie did as she was told. Carmen started lapping up the juices that her mother had released while Angie went down on her and Vick rammed her harder than ever. It wasn't long before Carmen came as well and Angie was their to lap up her juices.

Vick: Now why don't you two make out while I finish on your face.

They did so, and Vick soon bust his huge load all over their kissing faces. They lapped up the cum from eachother face.

Angie: So daddy... who was better.

Vick: *laughing* Well lets see, Carmen has got the better breasts. Angie you have the better ass. Carmens pussy taste better but your shaved and I like that more, Carmen gave great head. I really did all the work for the sex but Angie almost seemed tighter. I would have to go with a tie. You each have your own talents.

Carmen: well that's fair. So mom, who'd you like better dad or Max. I think mine would have to be Max, he was a little bigger and could hold his load. Their both pretty small though.

Angie: Yeah I agree, your dad can't even keep it up. She said laughing.

They all agreed not to tell anyone about this. Though Angie decided she might tease George later with their son having a bigger cock and Vick having a much larger one, she knew he wouldn't do anything because he fucked Carmen.
She was also interested on who Max thought was better. But that was all in time.

Angie: Alright everyone get dressed. Dad we really do need to get to shopping.

Carmen: Can I come to?

Sure Angie said. And they all went shopping just moments after having a very taboo threesome, who knows thye may have played around a little in the car on the way there.



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