George Lopez: Max And Mom (mF,m-solo,inc,oral,first)
by Insomniac

Max was 13 years old; he had only a few months ago discovered masturbating. He was very inexperienced when it came to sex he knew the basics but had never done anything with the girl. He was walking by his mother's room when he overheard her on the phone.

Angie: Oh my god, it was one of the hottest experiences we've had in a long time. I was sitting in the bathtub and George came in and out of the blue he started touching me, I jumped at first, but I didn't even take my sleep mask off. we started to fuck and it was do spontaneous, I hope he decides to do it again tonight.

Max was grossed out at the thought of his parents having sex. Then he thought for a moment, he started picturing his mother naked. All of a sudden he started to get hard. He envisioned his mother naked in the water. Soap covering her nude body, lathering up her breasts. He started to jerk off at the thought, he then ran to the bathroom and jerked himself until he came.

* * *

Later that night George came by and told Max that he needed to go to the hardware store. He told Max that his mom was in the bathtub and to let her know that he would be back in 45 minutes. Max nodded and then thought to himself, he could go in and spy on his mother naked. He started to get hard again. He walked up the steps and slowly opened the door to peek his head inside. He saw that his mother was wearing her sleep mask again. The lights in there were bright over the bathtub, so she often wore her sleep mask to keep from blinding herself. He slowly tip toed in to get a full view of her naked body.

There he saw her, his mother naked sitting in the bathtub. He looked upon her breasts, they were easily D cup. There was a dark small nipple placed perfectly in the center of her breast. He was amazed at how hard he was at the sight of his only mother's boobs. He made his way down further, her toned stomach glistening with the water. He then worked his way even farther to his mother's pussy, there was the thinnest strip of dark black hair just over her slit. Max was an educated in sex but was eager to try something.

He nervously reached out and flicked her nipple awaiting what would happen. His mother smiled, "I heard you come through the door. I was hoping you were going to try something."

It worked, she didn't even take off her sleep mask. She was under the impression that it was his dad. Max then buit up the confidence to cup her breast, he started fondling and squeezing it. He loved the way they felt, they were firm and way bigger than his hand could take. His mother let out small groans of enjoyment and laid back as she let who she thought was her husband fondle her.

Max built up the courage to work his way down, he eventually got to her pussy. He started rubbing it not knowing what to do, his mother then responded, "Baby, stick those fingers in me." He did as he was told and stuck his index finger inside his mother's vagina. She let out a gasp and started to bite her lip. Max was amazed at how he could make someone feel like this, especially his mother. He started pushing back and forth in and out of her vagina. Once he got going for a bit he stuck in another finger.

Angie: Oh fuck, that feels so good. I love when you finger me like that. I love that shit when you do it hard!

Just then Angie reached out and grabbed the button of Max's pants. She unbuttoned them and unzipped his jeans. Max couldn't believe what was happening, would she realize that it wasn't George when she took a hold of his penis? Well he thought here it goes. His mother reached inside of his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock. She started to stroke his dick.

Max knew if he made too much sound she would then realize it wasn't his dad. So all he could do was grunt. All of a sudden Angie sat up, Max thought he was done for. She never took off the mask but leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth. She quickly moved back and forth moving her tongue along his shaft. Max was easily 6 inches and thick. He had a small patch of dark hair sitting at the base of his cock. He figured out he must be the same size as his dad, as she did not notice a difference. Or maybe she doesn't care he thought. Could it be that she realizes its Max and simply doesn't care?

Of course not he thought to himself. He was doing all he could not to cum, he knew he couldn't last long, this was the greatest feeling he had ever had in his life. He was so turned on by his mother's naked body, and her sucking his dick. He wanted to make this moment last but he knew he was going to blow his load in a few moments. He felt his mother must have sensed his cock throbbing as she then got up, turned around, and hung her ass over the bathtub. She then said "Put that hard dick inside me now!"

Max couldn't believe that he would lose his virginity to his mother. He hoped he knew how to do it right, he had watched tons of videos but he was so nervous. He crouched down and aligned his dick with what he thought was his mother's vagina he then tried to insert his dick inside her. He ended up missing two or three times. His mother laughed, "Come on George is this your first time or something?"

If you only knew, max thought to himself.

On the fourth try max finally thrust his hard cock deep into his mother's vagina. He had so much force from trying to get it in he bottomed out in her pussy. He thrust deep inside her shoving his whole member inside.

"Oh fuck I love it when you get this deep inside me now go hard, harder, harder!"

Max kept going, thrusting his hips up and letting them go. Wreath rusting them back up and shoving his cock deep inside her. He could not believe how hot and wet his mother's vagina was. He then took initiative and he grabbed her ass cheeks with his hands. He squeezed them firm and separated them so he could see her ass hole. It was so clean and shaven, he decided he would stick his thumb in the side it. He worked his thumb deep inside her ass hole, enough so he could feel his cock on the other side.

"Holy shit, you haven't played with my ass in a long time. Last I knew you didn't like it, but I'm glad you have the sudden change of heart."

Max knew that he was ready to cum, he was trying as hard as he could not to scream. He thought about it could he pull out, what if his mother wanted to take it on her face? Would she take off her eye mask? He knew his mother had her tubes tied, so he decided to cum inside her. He shot his load deep in her pussy and then pulled out still dripping down her leg. She reached down and scooped some of his cum in her hand. She brought her hand up to her mouth and licked her fingers.

"Mmm, you taste so good, fuck!"

Max wasn't done pressing his luck he turned around and ran out the door before his mother could see him. He got dressed and ran downstairs and turned on the TV. About five minutes later Angie came down the stairs.

"Hey, Max, where is your dad?"

Just as Max turned around to think of an answer George walked through the door.

"Man, that's the last time I shop at that store. The lines took an hour and a half to get through."

Angie looked puzzled, "Wait, you were at the store?"

"Yeah, didn't Max tell you? I sent him up there to."

Max turned around and looked at his mother with a blank stare on his face wondering what her reaction would be. Angie looked wide eyed back at Max and said, "Oh. No, I guess he forgot."

George then walked upstairs to hop in the shower. Angie then took a seat next to Max, neither said anything for five minutes. She then turned to her son and whispered in his ear, "I hope you had fun," then gave him a kiss on the lips. She stuck her tongue a little in his mouth and rubbed it against his. She then turned around and bend over a little sticking her ass in his face. She then turned around with a little smirk and walked away. Max couldn't believe that she had found out and was not mad. Perhaps this wasn't the last time he would have sex with his mother.

The End


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