Get Real: Christina, Steven And John (MF,Mm)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The town of Belvedere sat atop a hill. At first glance, it looked quite
ordinary. A small town in western England. It was anything but.

For Steven Carter, Belvedere was one huge prison. He was an ordinary kid. Or
at least he looked that way. At sixteen he was five feet six inches tall,
slim, with black hair and dark eyes. He was one of the writers for the school
newspaper. He was quite good at what he did. A charming if somber lad. Steven
Carter was a kid with a dark secret. He was gay.

It wasn't something he went around telling people. He had no intention of
coming out to anyone, thank you very much. Oh no, he liked his existence just
the way it was. He had told just one person his secret: Linda. She was one of
his best friends. A slightly chubby, feisty brunette with spirit. Linda was
the only one Steven could confide in. As Steven grew up, he had sexual urges
that drove him toward men. It was fairly easy for him to find willing sex
partners at the local bathrooms...or in the Park. He had been with many men.
He kept to himself. He had a secret life.

He told Linda everything. Linda Linz once had a crush on Steven. She became
his friend to try to get close to him. Then she found out he was gay. Well,
that ended her hopes. Still, she remained his best friend. Oh, he had another
best friend, a kid named Mark Watkins but it was to Linda that Steven told
all the juicy little details of his lifestyle. The best part was that
Steven's parents had no idea.

Steven sat in Linda's bedroom and she leaned back on a chair, listening to
him as he talked. Steven had gone to the Park...again. He had been quite
taken with an handsome man named Rick Glenn. Glenn for short. Steven had an
affair with Glenn, but he had no idea the fella was married. Glenn was one
of those men who led secret, double lives. He acted like a heterosexual man
around his friends, family and probably his co-workers. But he wasn't. He
was one of those men Steven had come to know in his sex-seeking hunts.

They had sexual relationships with women...and often had one or more male
partners with whom they had secret trysts. Steven had come to his father to
borrow a camera. He had seen Glenn at the Photo Shop. He had been so glad
to see the handsome man he was so taken with. Glenn had panicked. Steven
reassured him by telling him that his father did not know his, um, secret.
Glenn had been so scared. Yes, like the rest of them, he feared that people
would find out he was not exactly one hundred percent straight.

The friggin switch hitter! Steven hadn't understood...until he saw Glenn's
wife and child. They were about to do a family portrait. Steven had been
surprised. The big phony! Steven actually felt sorry for the woman, without
knowing her. Most women worried that their husbands would cheat with other
women...well, she did not need to have that fear: Glenn would never cheat on
her with a woman. He liked the blokes, after all.

Steven frowned as he recalled that story. Glenn and his wife were living a
lie. And Steven was too. After all, he bought pornos featuring women and
lined his bedroom with pictures of hot babes and male athletes to give his
parents the impression that he was straight. But he was not.

He was lying on his bed with his eyes closed. Linda looked at him. He was
just the most beautiful boy. So sweet. So tender. She wanted him so bad. But
she couldn't have him. Of all the men on the planet, she had to fall for
Steven Carter: shy, sweet-ish, sensitive, smart, perceptive, caring. Also,
a closeted gay. Linda smiled. Her life with Steven reminded her of a certain
American TV show. Will and Blake, was it? No. Will and Grace? Yes. A show
about a masculine gay man named Will, Grace the funny, sexy faghag who loves
him, a feisty rich woman named Karen and a smart-mouthed queer named Jack. A
very interesting show. She once watched an episode in which a woman from
Will's past came. The woman was a hot blonde and the only female that Will
had ever had sex with. Linda wondered if Steven would ever develop an
interest in females. After all, plenty of women were bisexual and Glenn,
Steven's latest flame was bi, why couldn't Steven be interested in women.
She was surprised at her own thoughts. Falling in love with a guy she knew
was pathetic!

The next day, Steven and Linda went to school. While they sat on a bench,
they saw a small group of boys playing soccer. They were tall, lean young
men. Steven and Linda watched with interest. One boy stood apart from the
others. His name was John Dixon. Linda liked to call him "sex on legs". He
was tall, broad-shouldered and muscular, with black hair and blue eyes. A
very handsome man. He was the Hero of the School. The most popular boy at
Belvedere Catholic. Captain of the Track Team.

"He's stunning," said Steven.

Linda smiled. "Why do you always fancy straight men?"

Steven glared at her. "Oh, I don't know, why do some women fancy gay men?"
Linda gasped. He had seen right through her! He looked at her. "Linda, are
you okay?"

"Yes," she said.

He smiled. "I guess everyone wants what they can't have."

Linda nodded in agreement. "You got me there, Steve."

The two friends got through the school day and Steven Carter asked Linda to
go with him to the Park. Someone had seen Steven there once and reported it
to his parents. They found it suspicious. Steven told his parents he just
went there to...un-block. He thought it would look less suspicious if he
went there with a girl. Naturally, Linda agreed to go with him. Steven was
so happy he could kiss her. She left. So he went in.

He had seen a tall, handsome man walk in. The man had given Steven the eye.
The queer eye. Steven knew what that meant. He was about to seriously get
some! So he went. He went into a bathroom stall and wrote a small note to
who he hoped was the blond stud. The stranger agreed to meet him right
outside on the bench. Steven exited....and waited.

He sat on the bench, waiting anxiously to see the tall blond stud. What he
saw was...better. He gasped...It couldn't be...No way !!

John Dixon! John "Superman" Dixon. John "Sex on Legs" Dixon. John, straight
man extraordinaire. Athlete. Ladies's man. Honor student. The school hero.
What the hell was he doing there? This had to be a mistake! John was
straight...right? Or was he?

Steven's heart beat faster and faster as he saw the young man approach him.
The dazzlingly beautiful John Dixon sat next to him and introduced himself.
Steven was still shocked. He was even more surprised when Dixon asked to
come home with him...boy, he was fast!

Steven Carter went home with Dixon. They had coffee. Steven was quite
surprised to see that Dixon was funny and sympathetic, not at all a
queer-bashing homophobe like all the kids at school. When Steven asked him
what he was doing at the park, John Dixon said he didn't know what came
over him and that he was simply curious, nothing more. Steven had been so
drawn to him that he tried to kiss him. John Dixon recoiled, and basically
ran out of the room, then the house, as fast as he could.

The next time he saw John Dixon would be at school. Steven Carter did
everything he could to get a moment alone with the boy he so desperately
wanted. It was not easy. John was always surrounded by teenage girls
fawning over him and a bunch of jocks. He couldn't approach John there.
Many people at Belvedere High School thought there was something off with
Steven Carter. Carter was unusual. A handsome if slender young man who
never showed any interest in sports or girls. Most people still thought
of queers as being effeminate types who could not play sports. Steven
had many encounters with men who seemed very masculine and almost
stereotypically "straight". Well, well. How masculine could you look
while getting serviced by a kid not old enough to drive?

He went to the school dance with his friend Linda Linz. They were there,
dancing while listening to some wonderful music by James Taylor. Steven
enjoyed those dances with Linda. She was an amazing girl. Heck, once they
joked about how, if he ever got the urge to go straight, she'd be the one
girl he would sleep with.

Suddenly, Steven's eyes widened and he stiffened. His dance partner noticed
this and she wondered why he had stopped. Linda turned and saw John Dixon
coming in, holding the hand of a very beautiful girl. Christina Lindmann.
She was a model and Dixon's current girlfriend. Meanwhile, Kevin Granger,
John's fellow athlete and all around bad-ass jerk was hitting on anything
that moved. His ex-girlfriend Jessica was eyeing him coldly. Steven only
had eyes for John. The bastard was so physically perfect in every way. Damn!
He knew what was happening, too late! His body reacted to the erotic thoughts
he had for the one he loved.

Linda felt Steven get hard. Her heart leaped! Could he possibly be attracted
to her...after all? Her hopes sank when she saw Steven's eyes looking right
past her, at John. John was doing the slow dance thing with Christina
Lindmann and they did look so good together. "Don't start." said Linda.

Steven giggled. "I was thinking about someone else."

Linda rolled her eyes. "Charming."

They both laughed and started slow dancing. Steven couldn't help but look at
John Dixon and he was surprised to see John looking back at him...longingly.
He gasped. John Dixon, the guy who could have anyone in the school, heck, the
world, was looking at HIM!!!

After the dance, Steven and Linda decided to go home and chill. Since their
respective parents were out, they could hang out and do stuff.

"We'll have a threesome, darling, you, me and Mel Gibson," said Linda,
referring to Braveheart, the movie she had seen a hundred times.

"Good," said Steven.

He went home to change. Maybe the evening wouldnt be a drag after all. Having
fun with his friend was okay, considering. He suddenly heard a tapping on his
front door and hurried down, finding himself staring at a very tired-looking
John Dixon.

"Hi," said John.

Steven gasped. "Hello." He stared.

"Can I come in?" asked Dixon.

"Sure." Steven Carter stepped aside as John Dixon walked in.

The next sound he heard was Linda's voice. She wanted to know what was
keeping him. He couldn't go see the movie with her, not with the god-like
Dixon in the house. He made some excuse about being sick and Linda walked
off, disapppointed.

He looked at Dixon. John Dixon looked at him. And suddenly kissed him.

"Coffee?" he asked.

John said, "I don't like coffee!" Steven only stared as Dixon sat down on
the bed and looked downright sad. Like a puppy. "Please help me", said Dixon.
"I'm worried."

John sat down and started to tell Steven his sad story. John Dixon told him
how, not long ago he went to Basing Stokes with friends and got really wild,
partying. He met a guy there. The guy was named Randall. He was a basketball
player from Basing Stoke High. He and Joh got really drunk. Then they went
by the river for a laugh. The guy dared John to jump in the cold water. And
John did. Randall laughed his head off then started to dry John as he came
out of the freezing waters. He started touching John all over. Then kissed
him. John panicked, ran and basically left and never came back. He avoided
Randall after that. Heck, he avoided all guys who "looked" gay. He was
basically as homophobic as any queer basher until he met Steven, the kid
who changed his opinion of queers. Steven was a regular-looking guy. A bit
of a geek, but not a friggin flamejob...

Steven found himself moved by John's words. He gently held the young athlete
as he quietly sobbed. God, he loved this boy! Why did the cute ones had to be

Suddenly, John looked up at him and Steven saw desire in his eyes. Could it
be possible? Did John like him? There was no doubt as their faces rushed to
each other and they kissed. Steven Carter kissed the boy he loved, and hugged
him tightly. He caressed John's body and quickly got him out of his clothes.
John was muscular and strong, like an Olympic athlete. Or a very good
bodybuilder. Steven kissed him and then climbed on top of John, and got him
hard. Then he worked with John's manhood, trying to please his beloved.

John closed his eyes, relaxing as Steven worked him. He wanted this. He
wanted this boy. He felt the warmth of Steven Carter's mouth as the boy
sucked his dick. Once hard, Steven Carter wanted to do a classic sixty-nine
with John but didn't feel like John was ready for this yet. He lowered
himself onto John's cock and gasped when the thick cock entered his ass.
John Dixon made Steven Carter lie on his back, and began to hammer him.
Steven grunted. John's cock was huge and filled his tight asshole. Steven
had been fucked before. He'd been royally fucked by Glenn, the guy had a
huge dick and knew how to use it. John held Steven's waist and fucked him,

Steven felt his own cock get hard. He jerked himself off and came at the same
time that John sent a blast of cum into his ass. Next, John tried to pleasure
Carter. He sucked the other boy's dick and Steven moaned in pleasure. Then
John Dixon and Steven were rolling on the bed, kissing and stroking. John lay
on his back, legs in the air and Steven held his legs apart, exposing his
ass. Steven Carter slowly entered John's ass. John gasped. Steven guided his
cock in. He began to fuck John nice and easy. John was stroking his own cock,
moaning in pleasure as Steven devastated his tight ass. Suddenly, Steven
closed his eyes. He came, sending his hot cum deep inside John's ass. They
lay against each other, panting. Steven looked at John, who quickly fell

The lad was so handsome. Great cock and a nice ass, too! God, he loved the
feel of John's virgin ass. He looked at John, who was sleeping. "I love you,
Johnnie," he said, and kissed John Dixon on the lips.

The next day, John went home. He and Steven agreed to see each other very
often. He made Steven Carter swear he would tell no one. John had a big fear
of anyone at school finding out he was involved with Carter. He was John
Dixon, star athlete and honor student. He was the one the boys wanted to be
like and the girls wanted, period. He couldn't have the school know he was
involved with a guy. Steven totally understood. He loved John and he knew,
in his heart that John loved him. He could see it in John's eyes. They saw
each other as often as possible, in secret. They went to the woods. They
used Steven's house when his parents were not there. Other times, they made
love in John's basement. Steven was happy. Sometimes, he spent hours talking
on his cell phone with John, his boyfriend.

Oh, appearances had to be maintained. He didn't talk to John at school. They
acted like strangers around each other. They met in secret. It kept their
relationship spicy. Steven no longer went to bathrooms cruising for anonymous
sex with guys who were pretending to be straight. He had a lover who was hot
damn gorgeous and was proud of it.

John was still going out with Christina Lindmann. That worried Steven. He
had lost many fine men to girls. What did they see in girls anyway? He would
treat them better, never withhold sex from them and he never had mood swings
or whatever it is was that was wrong with a lot of women in the emotional
department. Oh, and his hole was tighter, plus he never got pregnant, or PMS.
But how could he lose John to Christina?

He remembered one time, John and he were meeting in John's house. They made
love near the pool, then in John's parents bedroom. Sometimes, things got
outright kinky. John dressed up as a cowboy and Steven got dressed up as an
indian chief. The cowboy fucked the indian in the ass until the indian
surrendered, tied up the cowboy, whipped his ass with his own belt and
fucked his ass in turn. John liked to be assfucked. Steven brought a dildo
and stuck it up John's ass and John sat on it while sucking him off. Other
times, Steven spread his asscheeks and let John top him. John received love
and sex from Carter. Unlimited fun, whenever and wherever. How could he not
like it? He had nothing to worry about.

Christina Lindmann's Apartment....

John Dixon sat in bed. He had a lot to worry about. If he wanted his life
with Carter to continue, he would have to continue seeing Christina Lindmann.
Not a problem. He really liked her. Oh, not as much as he liked Steven Carter
but close enough.

Christina was beginning to get suspicious. He did not call her as often as he
should. They did not go out. Heck, he hadn't seen her since the dance, and
that was three weeks ago. Now, he had to make it up to her. He treated her to
dinner at a fancy restaurant. His rich father certainly could afford it. Then
he took her dancing. He told her how beautiful she was, and meant it. He told
her she was the only girl in his life, truthfully. She was!!!

Christina was staring, doe-eyed at John. She knew she loved this boy. Even
though he was an 18-year old high school athlete and she was a model from
London. She could not see him as often as she wanted to. She was a full 2
years older than him and had been modeling for awhile. She made $10,000 on
her last job and had just signed a $500,000 contract with the Golden Thrall
catalog. She was on her way. She had TV offers. She appeared in 12 episodes
of "My Dear Husband", a soap opera about the life of Martin Hall, reclusive
millionaire and closet homosexual living in 1800s England. She played Joan,
his faghag and confidante who talks him out of committing suicide and ends
up falling in love with him.

She was leading an amazing life. She could have any man she wanted, but she
couldn't get enough of John Dixon. He was a gorgeous athlete from a very rich
family. Yet he was nice and every bit the gentleman. He never pressured her
for sex. He always respected her. He was never controlling or possessive. He
didn't show her off to his friends. When she told him something, it stayed
between them.

She remembered how they met. He was attending an upscale party with his
wealthy parents. She was there with her date, Michael Ringwald. Ringwald was
the son of Mary Kate Ringwald, a woman who made millions in the cosmetic
business. He was a rich pretty boy. They dated for awhile. Then Christina
saw John. Tall, athletic, masculine John. He was seventeen at the time and
she was nineteen. He was the only one at the party not slavering over her.
The only guy who treated her like a human being and not some fine piece of
ass to be enjoyed and then tossed away. She liked him...a lot.

He was not that eager to talk to her. But once he did, she did not regret it.
He asked her about her life, little details of how she did in school, who she
saw and stuff like that. By the time she was going home, she was quite taken
with John Dixon. She called him and they set up a date. She broke up with
Ringwald. John was cool. He took her out on his motorcycle and she fell in
love with him.

They had been going out for a year. She had been with many guys before. Well,
eight to be exact. He told her of his "experiments" with a certain girl. But
that was awhile ago. Now, she wanted to give herself to him. Give him what
she knew he had been waiting for.

She lay there next to John. "Johnnie," she said, "what's on your mind, babe?"
He looked at her. Sometimes, he had that faraway look in his face. Like
something was bothering him. But he couldn't bring himself to talk about it.
"What is it, John?"

John looked at her. He was feeling a lot of emotion right now. He liked her.
A lot. He also knew he liked Steven. He felt so strongly attracted to both of
them it was scary. If he liked Christina, then he wasn't gay, right? But he
also liked Steven, so what does that make me, he wondered.

He looked at Christina. "I was just thinking," he began. She looked at him.
He stared at her. She was so beautiful. At twenty years old she stood five
feet ten inches tall, slim, with short red hair and pale blue eyes. She had
porcelain skin, like his favorite American actress, Julianne Moore. She
looked so lovely in her black bra and panties. He wore his boxers only. He
wanted to tell her the truth. As a kid, he experimented with several girls.
But in his teens he felt a yearning for another man. He had feelings for
girls, but nowhere near strong enough for his body and soul's yearning for
a male partner. He feared what that made him. He hid those feelings from
himself. He hid from others. He talked to girls at school. A lot. He joined
the soccer team his freshman year, played Rugby and finally settled on the
Track team. If he was such a studly athlete, no one would think he was gay
or whatever. He hung out with the guys. He avoided all kids who looked weird.

Until he met Randall, who was as straight appearing as he was and hit on him.
He was scared. Now, he was with Steven. He liked Steven. It wasn't just sex.
He had strong feelings for him. But the problem was that for the first time
in his life, he also had feelings for a girl. A beautiful girl named
Christina Lindmann. A young woman who could have any man, but chose him. "I
was thinking that I feel so lucky to have you in my life," said John.

Christina smiled. "Oh, good," she said. "For a moment, I was thinking there
was another girl in your life."

At that, John smiled. Christina grinned. "Well," he said. "I don't know, I
may have strayed," he said, "to the other side." Christina glared at him. He
looked at her, eyes wide. Damn, why did he say that for?

"Stop joking," she said. "I work with actors and artists all the time, I know
a queer when I see one."

John grinned. "Oh, really?"

She smiled and jumped on him. She playfully hit him and he got back at her
by flipping her on the bed. She was stronger than she looked for he suddenly
found himself pinned under her light but strong body. "You were saying,
mister Dixon?"

He smiled and looked into her face. God, she was pretty. There was a gleam
of mischief in those eyes of hers. "I was saying that I want to get on the
ride of my life," John Dixon heard himself say.

Christina's eyes widened. "I want you, John," she said simply.

John looked at her, so hot and bothered. Her slender, wiry body. Her short
hair. That smiling, wild face. What a girl!!! He wanted her! He felt
something rise inside him, something coursed through his body. He recognized
the feeling of arousal, something he'd only experienced with Steven Carter.
But he wasn't with Carter. He had no experience with girls and could only
watch as Christina stripped out of her bra and panties. He admired her sexy
body. She came down and started kissing him. He kissed her back. He massaged
her tits gently. Then he kissed her neck, and went to her navel, licking and
kissing. He finally went to her pussy and started licking, making her wriggle
in delight as his tongue probed her. Steven Carter had taught him how to
stimulate the genital area. What a coincidence that what worked with guys
also worked with girls. Christina gripped his head in her hands as he worked
on her pussy. He continued licking until she reached the peak of orgasm and
howled in pleasure. John Dixon left her gasping, eyes half opened and sweat
shining on her forehead.

"Where did you learn how to do that?" she asked.

"In my head," he said.

She decided to return the favor and stripped him of his boxers. Then she
sucked his cock until he was hard. Once hard, she guided him into her pussy.
She put her arms around him and he began to fuck her. His cock was ensnared
inside her pussy, which was tight but he was used to something much, much
tighter. It felt nice, considering. He looked into Christina's eyes as he
fucked her, going hard and deep inside her. His cock was rock hard and he
went as far as he could. She was in a veritable frenzy, hugging his body
and trying to kiss his face as he plunged his cock inside her love tunnel.
John felt a rush in his loins, and gasped. "Christina....." he gasped.

Christina looked into his eyes. "Don't fight it, come in me."

He did. He spurted into her, gasping as he did. Christina's grip on him
tightened and a terrible shaking overcame her. They stayed like this, lovers
embracing. They lay in bed. John had never felt anything like this before.
The lovemaking he had done with Steven Carter was amazing, but this was
equally amazing in its own way!!! He lay there, under the sheets, in
Christina's arms. They watched each other's eyes in silence.

"How was your first time?" she said, smiling.

John smiled. He took her frail-looking hand and kissed it. "My first time
was great," he said. "Thank you."

That seemed to please Christina for she closed her eyes and rested her head
on John's chest. "Johnnie?" she said.

"What?" he asked.

"I love you," she said.

He breathed in relief. When he didn't say anything, she looked at him. "You
are the only girl in my life," he said.

She smiled, planted a kiss on his lips and went to sleep.

John Dixon lay awake. He thought about all that happened in his life these
past few months. He had been isolated and lonely his whole life. He had been
so alone, thinking he was a freak for having desires for men. At times, he
wished he desired women. Now, he had both. A boy he loved, and a girl he
loved just as much. For the first time in his life, John Dixon truly felt
blessed. He was going to have to find a clever way to keep them both. He
closed his eyes and thought about his two lovers. Steven Carter was wiry
and strong, gentle yet undoubtedly masculine. Christina Lindmann was
frail-looking, but she was quite strong. Both were beautiful and unique in
their own way. Yep. He was one of those bastards lucky enough to get the
best of both worlds. John Dixon...bisexual and proud.

The End


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