Gilligan's Island: Island Fun (MMF,drugs)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The sun rose over the island. It is a beautiful, uncharted island in the
pacific. It is the place where a few castaways have found a new home.
Thurston Howell III is a millionaire who was on a boat that got wrecked in
a storm. He and his wife, Eunice Wentworth 'Lovey' Howell washed up on the
beach of an uncharted island. They are there with the other castaways.
Captain Jonas Grumby (aka the Skipper), world-famous movie star Ginger Grant,
traveling girl Mary Ann Summers and the ambitious and brilliant Professor Roy
Hinkley, Jr. They all share the island with a young shipwrecked sailor named
Gilligan. Often, they try to leave the island but they never quite make if
off. There is always a glitch.

The Castaways have discovered that there are some people on the island.
People like the beautiful native girl Kalani, her ex-boyfriend Ugundi and
their people. The Castaways befriended the natives and were always welcome
to their circle since Gilligan risked his life to save the beautiful native
girl Kalani. Kalani often leaves her people to come visit the bumbling,
clumsy yet heroic young man known as Gilligan.

Kalani comes to visit Gilligan and she runs into Ginger Grant. Gilligan and
the young women are in a clearing, talking. They take some fruits to eat...
little do they know that one of those fruits contains a powerful aphrodisiac.
They are eating and drinking when they feel the urge to...Hmm. Quickly they
rush to the hut that Ginger Grant has made her home... the two young women
undress and first start messing around with each other, then turn their
attention on the young Gilligan...

Ginger Grant began to bob her head up and down on Gilligan's cock as she
attempted to take all of him in her mouth. Gilligan thrust his cock into her
mouth and rammed it to the back of her throat. At the same time, he felt
Kalani sucking at his balls and slurping on them. The movie star and the
native girl feasted on the young man's cock and balls. He soon came all over
their pretty faces. They sucked him dry, gulping down his hot seed.

Ginger Grant put the strap-on dildo around her waist and positioned herself
behind Kalani. She pressed the dildo against the native girl's pussy lips.
At the same time, Gilligan put his hands on Ginger's hips and pressed his
hard cock against her asshole. He thrust into her, sliding his cock into her
rectal cavity. Ginger winced. She took this as her cue and with one firm
thrust of the strap-on dildo, she penetrated Kalani's pussy. Kalani gasped.
She had had cocks inside her before but the plastic one was huge. She felt
it sink deep into her pussy. It hurt a bit but as Ginger gripped her hair
and yanked her head back, slamming her as hard as she could, the sensation
of pain was quickly mixed with a wild pleasure. Ginger herself was getting
slammed for Gilligan's thick cock was splitting her ass apart.

Gilligan loved the feel of a tight ass around his cock. The girls panted and
moaned as the three-way fuck fest went on. Gilligan began to thrust his cock
energetically into Ginger's asshole. Ginger gasped. She felt his huge cock
tearing up her shithole. Gilligan yanked her back by pulling her hair. She
grunted and her face was flushed, contorted in pain, pleasure or both. She
just thrust her hips forward, slamming the dildo into Kalani's pussy.

Kalani groaned and pushed back, wanting to get more of that plastic cock
inside her. This caused Ginger to almost fall back against Gilligan, which
drove his cock deeper into her bowels. This went on for a long time. The
three lovers went at it, their hot young bodies glistening with sweat. They
fuck each other until they can't take it anymore...

Gilligan is the first to achieve sexual release, blasting his hot cum deep
inside Ginger Grant's ass. Ginger shrieks and bucks wildly. The strap-on
dildo is wedged deep inside Kalani and the native girl screams in pleasure.
The three lovers lay on the ground, panting. The effects of the aphrodisiac
wash off. One by one they leave, after looking at each other awkwardly.
Gilligan will never forget this day. It's the best day of his existence.

The End


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