Gilligan's Island: Island Lover (MF,anal,reluc)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Mary Ann Summers walked up the road. She wandered through the forest. It was
another beautiful day and she was determined to enjoy it. She wandered into a
specific path in the forest... by the lake.

Someone was waiting for her there. Mary Ann Summers was going to meet her
secret lover.

There he was. A tall and slender young man with black hair and blue eyes. He
was dressed in a shipmate's uniform. Gilligan. The one and only Gilligan.
Mary Ann smiled. If you had told her a few years ago that she would end up
falling in love with a nerdy young sailor on a deserted island, she would
have laughed in your face. Now, there she was. She smiled and walked up to
her lover. He welcomed her with open arms and embraced her. They went deeper
into the clearing and found their favorite spot.

Gilligan had it all ready. A large blanket on the floor, some fruits and
drinks. Mary Ann smiled, pleased. He was such a great guy. They kissed. Soon,
they were rolling around on the blanket. Mary Ann started to take her clothes
off in a haste. It had been days since she and Gilligan...coupled. She wanted
him quite badly and knew he wanted her as well. So, imagine her surprise when
he told her, "I don't feel like doing this right now."

Mary Ann was shocked. "Excuse me?" she asked. She crossed her arms and looked at Gilligan,
feeling rejected and angry.

He looked at her. "I want to try something different." he said.

"What?" she asked.

He told her.

"You're crazy!" she said.

Gilligan looked at her. "I've always wanted to try it." he said.

"It's not right." she said. "It's a sin."

Gilligan looked at her. "Do you love me, Mary Ann?" he asked.

Mary Ann looked into his eyes and nodded. "Of course I do." she said.

"If you love me you will let me." he said.

Mary Ann hesitated. He was her lover and she loved him but... of all the
things in the world why did he want her...ass? He just stared at her.
Pleading. Like many women in love, Mary Ann would do anything to keep her
man. She looked at Gilligan. "Only because I love you." she said.

She got on all fours, facing away from him. Gilligan looked at her, not
believing his luck. Mary Ann felt him come behind her. She couldn't believe
what she was gonna let him do. She felt so...vulnerable. Still...she was
making love to the man she loved...nothing wrong with that...right? She
would do anything for love. Even take it up the ass.

Gilligan positioned himself behind Mary Ann. He caressed her hot little ass.
She looked so...appealing. He took some coconut oil and rubbed it on his
cock and rubbed some on her pink little asshole. Mary Ann was practically
quivering in anticipation. Suddenly, she turned around and looked at him.
Gilligan stopped. He would never forget the look on her face.

"Tell me you love me." she asked. Gilligan stared at her. "I would do
anything for you, anything." she said. "I need to know...tell me you love
me." she said.

Gilligan smiled. "Of course I do." he said.

Mary Ann smiled. "Let's rock and roll." she said.

Gilligan placed his cock against her asshole, and pushed. His cock slid
inside Mary Ann's ass. She gritted his teeth when it went in. Gilligan began
to thrust his thick cock deep into her asshole. Mary Ann grunted from time to
time. Even with the lubrication, the cock still felt huge inside her asshole.
Gilligan firmly held her by the hips and began to ram his cock into her
asshole, plundering her uncharted depths.

Mary Ann had never felt so invaded in her young life. She had never had
anything up her ass before. Gilligan was energetically thrusting his manhood
into her asshole. She slid her hand between her thighs and fingered her
pussy. It felt good. She supported herself with the other hand which rested
on the ground. She felt that thick cock of his sliding up her butthole, like
a huge snake. At first she felt pain but as he progressed, the pain was
replaced by a feeling of fullness.

Suddenly, she felt Gilligan trembling behind her and he gripped her hips
with force. She tensed. The next second, she felt a jet of hot cum explode
inside her asshole. She screamed at the top of her lungs. Gilligan roared
victoriously. The sensation overwhelmed Mary Ann's young senses and she
almost fell but Gilligan caught her with one swoop of his surprisingly
strong arm and held her. He slowly squeezed his cock out of her ass. She
winced. Gilligan's cock came out of her stretched asshole with an audible

She lay on her back, looking at Gilligan. Looking at him, she remembered the
words her mother once told her. If a man just left after sex, he didn't care
for the woman he slept with. She was just a fuck to him. Mary Ann knew there
was only one way to be sure. She prayed that Gilligan wouldn't just leave...
not after she had given to him the most taboo love she could give. He looked
at her. His expression gave away nothing. She was frustrated that she
couldn't read his mind. "Come here, you." he said.

He pulled her close to him. Mary Ann felt like shouting for joy as Gilligan
pulled her into a tight embrace. She planted a big kiss on his lips. "I love
you, Gil." she said.

Gilligan just smiled and held her. Why did chicks get so weird after sex?
He would never know. If showing her some affection would get him laid more
often, that's what he would do.

He smiled, content with himself. On Gilligan's island, life was good.

The End


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