Gilligan's Island/Justice League: Survivors Of The Lost
by Hamster ([email protected])


Batman hated cold-cases. He had a very small few. It wasn't in his nature to
give up on a case no matter what happened, so whenever he was having a slow
night he'd open up an unsolved case file and give it a fresh look. In this
case it was the Howell file. Wealthy socialite Thurston Howell the third died
of massive blood loss. He was partly devoured by vultures, according to the
medical examiner, while he was still alive and was repeatedly stabbed. Yet
somehow he miraculously managed to get two plane tickets to Hawaii where he
and his wife disappeared forever. The police assumed that the Howell woman
killed her husband and took off. Batman didn't like the theory. That was 3
years ago. There was one of his most persistent adversaries who had
disappeared 3 years ago as well. There was also a bank robbery just a day
before the Howell murder. Batman didn't believe in coincidences. He looked
at Howell's mug shot and then at the criminal's.

"There is a resemblance." He said to himself.

Using the Bat-computer Batman began looking through credit card records. He
had things he needed to handle in Gotham, fortunately he new some people that
could follow up for him.

1: 'THURSTON HOWELL the THIRD' (IF that is his real name...)

Three years on the god-forsaken island. It may have been good while it lasted
but it was getting really old.

Thurston Howell III was sick and tired of Gilligan. The island had been the
perfect place to lie low until the heat died off of him but he didn't want to
stay there for the rest of his life! No, it wasn't Gilligan's fault that the
Minnow was shipwrecked. But ever since Howell's little act of sabotage
Gilligan had managed to thwart every single attempt to escape the island that
the castaways had ever made. The final straw came when a plane flew by and
Gilligan tried to draw it's attention with a flare but ended up blowing it

His impersonation of an idiot millionaire and his faking the love of the
withered hag who was convinced he was her departed husband was starting to
wear pretty thin. Gilligan was an obstacle on his path to freedom, an
obstacle that needed to be removed forever.

He sat in his hut with the Skipper and Professor. Conspiring.

"No, no way. I can't, I won't do it." said the Skipper.

"Skipper please, you have to think about this logically. Gilligan is the
x-factor that has continuously interfered with any and all attempts we have
made to expedite our retreat from this island. Quite frankly the only way to
get off this island is to ensure that Gilligan is unable to interfere with
our escape attempts. The only way to do that is to eliminate him completely
as a variable." said the Professor.

"Gee Professor that's a real nice way to talk about killing a man." said the

"Dammit, Skipper, why do you care so much! I would have strangled that
wretched cur in his sleep years ago if it hadn't been for your insistence
that I not lay a hand on him." said Mr. Howell.

"You don't understand. Gilligan saved my life in the war." Protested the


10 years ago in South East Asia...

A smuggling boat and a truck were all alone at the harbor. One man emerged
from each. Mr. Ming shook the Skipper's hand.

"I have your weapons, Ming, do you have my money?" asked the skipper.

"Please Mr. Grumby can you reconsider the price the people of this nation
need every resource they have to bring to freedom to the people of our
nation." Ming said.

"I've told you repeatedly. Only refer to me as Skipper. And I don't care
about your fucking rebellion. Only in the money that you will pay me for my
weapons. No money, no guns." said the Skipper.

"Yes my smuggler friend. Perhaps we can come up with an alternative payments
plan." offered Ming.

"What are you talking about?" asked the Skipper.

Ming snapped his fingers and two of his men opened the back of his truck. In
the back was a pair of woman of around 20.

"Two young tourist women that we conscripted into service to entertain our
freedom fighters. One is American and the other is French. Knock 33% off of
the price and you can have one to keep." Ming offered.

"I'll knock 20% off and keep them both asshole." said the Skipper.

Ming wrung his hands. "Very well."

Skipper turned to his men. "Get the guns in the truck, do it fast and do it

Skipper walker over to the two sullen looking young women who just became his
property and grabbed their wrists. He led them back to the boat.

Once in the cabin the girls hugged each other tightly as they sat on the bed
with fearful expressions. The Skipper was an asshole sure, but he wasn't a
fucking asshole.

"What are your names?" asked the skipper.

"Bridget." said the blonde French girl in her sexy accent.

"Amanda." said the red haired American in her southern accent.

"OK I'll make a deal with you, when we get back to Bangkok, I'll let you guys
go and you can return to your families. I'll even give you money for plane
tickets. Until we get there we all have fun sleeping together." said the

Bridget and Amanda had been forced to fuck multiple men non-stop since there
abduction, if they only had to sleep with this one guy and then they could go
free then it was a good bargain.

They each nodded.

"Great." said the Skipper.

He unbuckled his belt and removed his pants. His cock was ready to spring
into action. The girls removed their shorts and t-shirts. Once they were
naked the Skipper hopped onto the bed and kissed Bridget. With his free
hand he reached over and began to fondle one of Amanda's tits. He took his
shirt off and then began to kiss Amanda while groping Bridget's tits.

"Roll over Bridget." Ordered the Skipper.

Briget rolled over onto her stomach. Which was right where the Skipper wanted

"Lift that sweet ass up." Ordered the Skipper.

Bridget lifted her butt in preparation for the coming invasion that she knew
was coming.

"Amanda you can spread your legs and let Bridget eat you out." said the

She did as she was instructed and Bridget immediately began to lap at her
pussy. The Skipper got behind her and plunged his penis into her pucker. She
had a tight ass and groaned loudly each time his cock assaulted the inner
sanctum of her anus. Amanda was moaning with pleasure by this point and the
Skipper began to pound her ass harder. He was thrusting into the young French
girl's ass so hard in fact that she was having a hard time eating Amanda's
pussy. Heck her tits were swaying like crazy with every single stroke.
Bridget was wailing as she got power fucked. She gave up on eating out Amanda
and switched to fingering her. Right after Amanda began to cum the Skipper
started cumming in Bridget's ass. He gave Bridget's ass a good slap as he
pulled out.

The Skipper was interrupted when he heard gunfire.

"Holy shit!" He said. "Girls wait here.

He left his cabin and ran up on deck, all that he saw was carnage. The police
had shown up and Ming's men were being slaughtered. The Skipper looked on and
his heart sank as he watched Bullet after bullet tear through Ming until the
man was nothing more than shredded beef.

"Get to the boat men, these assholes are not taking prisoners." The Skipper

His men were fighting back. Except for one, he was wearing a red shirt and a
stupid white hat and was running at top speed for the boat before the retreat
was sounded. Lucky too because it seemed to be too late for the rest of his
men who were being chewed up by gunfire left and right. Gilligan was the only
one to manage to get aboard before the Skipper decided to cut his losses and
get the boat moving. The boat began to leave under heavy fire. Hot metal
pierced the hull but the skipper had insured that the hull was reinforced. As
the boat limped out of port and was intercepted by two heavily armed police

"Holy shit we're going to die!" The Skipper had not even noticed that he'd
totally shit his pants.

Skipper had begun to promise god that if he survived he'd change his ways
and give up smuggling when suddenly the Skipper heard a beautiful whistling
sound. The skipper saw a police boat explode. The wreckage from the first
police boat flew into the second and caused it to catch fire and begin to
sink. He did not know then and there how this divine intervention came about
but later he learned that it was Gilligan who had accidentally set off a
rocket launcher that they had been smuggling.


"I don't give a shit." said the Pen...errr...I mean Thurston Howell the

"Your tale while fascinating is irrelevant." Agreed the professor.

"He saved my life..." said Skipper.

Suddenly Oswallll...Thurston Howell the third, that is, changed tacts
completely. "Look forget we said anything, just keep the boy under control
and make sure he doesn't fuck up anymore."

"Yeah sure, no problem. I'm going to go blow off some steam." said the

The Skipper left the hut and made his way to his own hut.

The professor turned to Howell. "I thought that we were both in agreement."

"You are awfully stupid for a genius. I have every intention of killing the
boy but unfortunately it appears that the cooperation of the Skipper is not
forth coming. But rest assured that the violent and painful death of that
retard IS forthcoming quack, quack, quack." said Thurston.

"Mr. Howell, you dropped character for a minute there." said the professor.


"There is something else that we need to discuss." said the professor.

"What?" Demanded Howell.

"I have figures out a way to get the minnow working again, as a raft at
least. But I'll need to do some jury-rigging and I think it will only be able
to transport two of us with supplies." said the professor.

"Hmmm. Say no more. I don't mind sneaking off in the middle of the night and
leaving the rest of these buffoons here to rot. Firstly however, I have an
axe to grind." said Howell.


In their hut Ginger and Mary Ann were arguing.

"How can you do it with him, he's so...gross." said Ginger.

"Just face it Ginger. The professor is fucking oblivious, Mr. Howell is old,
and Gilligan is a drooling retard. And speaking of the professor if you keep
wasting your time waiting for that fool to realize you exist you aren't
getting laid till we get rescued. Hell I bet your pussy is so underused
that's all rusted over." said Mary Ann.

"Bitch." said Ginger.

"Whatever, I'm going to go get laid." said Maryanne.

Ginger watched the farm girl leave. She was miserable. Especially since
Mary Ann was right. The Professor just didn't pay any attention to her. If
she wanted to get laid she'd have to lower her standards and fuck the Skipper
or take charge and practically rape the Professor.

Ginger stalked to the hut containing the island's most attractive man. She
pushed the door open and stormed in.

"Ginger is something wrong?" asked the confused professor.

"Yeah, you are going to need a doctor when I finish with you." said Ginger.

Ginger pushed him against the wall and ripped his shirt open.

"What, the..." The Professor was cut-off by a hard kiss.

She dropped to her knees and unbuckled his pants then unzipped them. She
pulled his pants down to his ankles and then threw him to the ground.

"Ginger please, you're hurting me." said the Professor.

"OH SHUT UP!" She yelled as she pulled her dress off. "I'm going to fuck you
like an animal."

The Professor tried to stand but Ginger put her heel on his throat.

"Uh-uh baby. You don't go anywhere until mommy get's her satisfaction." said

Ginger tore her underwear away then attacked his tighty-whiteys. She grabbed
his limp cock and started to stroke it to life. Once it was good and hard she
slammed herself down on it hard.

"UUUUNNNN." Groaned the Professor. "Ginger can't you be more gentle?"

She slapped him.

"Be a MAN!" She said.

She began to slam herself up and down on his meat pole as she dug her
nails in his chest. Anyone too close to the hut would be able to hear the
Professor's sobs and occasional cry for help.


Mary Ann walked into the Skipper's hut and found him on his hammock staring
at the ceiling.

"Something wrong, Skipper?" asked Maryanne.

"Yeah, that son of a bitch Mr. Howell." said the Skipper.

Mary Ann rolled her eyes. The Skipper's bizarre conspiracy theory about how
Howell came across his money made no sense at all to Mary Ann who was tired
of hearing about it.

"Not this again. I'm telling you it's just not possible..." Mary Ann said.

"It's not that, that sonofabitch wants to kill Gilligan." said the Skipper.
Mary Ann remained quiet.

She didn't want to anger the Skipper but the fact was that she hated Gilligan
and hoped he'd meet an untimely demise as much as everyone else did. She
wasn't quite ready to murder him, but if he were struck by lightning or
devoured by a shark then she'd be ok with it.

"I've got to stop them." He said.

"Do you know exactly what they have planned?" asked Mary Ann.

"No." Admitted the Skipper.

"Then there's nothing you can do except wait and see." said Mary Ann.

"Guess you're right." said the Skipper.

"Just forget about it, let me help you relax." said Maryanne.

Maryanne faced the Skipper then straddled his lap. She kissed him. The
Skipper grabbed her ass and squeezed. Mary Ann pushed her pussy up and down
on his cock up and down faster, and faster. Her tits bounced in his face and
the Skipper leaned forward and sucked on her nipple. Mary Ann fucked herself
on his meat pole vigorously until they were pre-maturely interrupted by
pricking sensations on their necks.


It was time for Gilligan to die. There was no longer any question about it.
Fortunately Howell had plan. He had discovered a mysterious clutch of eggs
belonging to an indigenous bird. The Bird was a large flightless predator.
Easily capable of ripping a man to shreds. Fortunately Howell had always had
a way with birds, after all he was actually THE PENGUIN!!! Penguin had raised
one of the chicks in secret and now the large man-eating cassowary was his
personal hitman. The Penguin approached the Bird's cage with a sweat stained
shirt in hand. He gave the bird the shirt to smell and it breathed in the

"Hunt my precious, hunt and feed." said the Penguin.

The bird ran off, intent on doing as instructed and killing the bearer of the

"Sweetheart what's going on?" asked Mrs. Howell "What was that bird?"

"Ahhh Lovey, there's something I have always wanted to tell you." said the

"Really what?" asked Mrs. Howell.

"I'm not really your husband, you looney old broad." said the Penguin before
pulling his umbrella and lunging at the woman. The blade at the tip of the
umbrella popped and the Penguin speared her clean through her mid-section.

Mrs. Howell slumped to the floor and began to slowly bleed to death. Her
vision blurred as she watched her 'husband' stroll away humming a merry toon.


After Batman thoroughly researched the Howell's disappeance and weather
patterns from the day of said disappearance Batman singled out a specific
island. Hawkgirl, Fire, Canary and Huntress used the league's teleporters
to arrive at the island.

"Search the boat top to bottom." Hawkgirl ordered.

"Sure." said Huntress.

"Credit card records show that Howell boarded a tour boat called 'the
Minnow'. It never returned to port." said Black Canary.

"You think this is the same boat?" asked the Huntress.

"That is a fairly safe bet since it says S.S. Minnow on the side." said

Huntress gritted her teeth. She was kicking her self for not noticing the
ship's name when she spotted some footprints.

"Batman, look at this! Footprints." said the Huntress.

"Looks like someone was picking fruit here by these pushes. The footprints
go from plant to plant and the fruit bearing plants were all disturbed. It
seems the Minnow had some survivors." said the Black Canary. "There are
also some older footprints leading to and away from the boat. It seems that
someone has been attempting to repair it. And doing a very poor job of it."

"So there are survivors?" asked Fire in her cute Brazilian.

"Likely several." said Hawkgirl.


The Cassowary could smell his prey. The thing had to eat, he needed to eat,
was ahead of him.

Gilligan was completely oblivious to the bird that was so close to murdering
him. He was too busy collecting fruit. He figured that if he collected enough
really good fruit for everyone, they would forget how he was always screwing

The Cassowary was lining Gilligan up as his target. It charged and
precisely the same moment that the Gilligan tripped and fell. The bird flew
past him and over the pushes directly onto the beach where Fire, Hawkgirl,
the Huntress and Black Canary. Batman's reactions were nothing short of
amazing. Huntress fired her grapple gun and angled it so that the bird's legs
were quickly tied together. It hit the ground hard and a very surprised
Huntress stared at it.

"What is that thing?" asked Huntress.

"Looks like a primitive Cassowary species. A large flightless predatory
bird." said the Black Canary.

Huntress removed a tranquilizer dart from her utility belt and tranq'd the

"Think there a lot are more around?" asked Huntress.

"Given the island's size, 20 breeding pairs wouldn't be an over estimation."
said Hawkgirl. "But that is assuming that they have competitive predator
species on the island, if not then there may be more."

"Scary. Competitive predator species?" Huntress asked.

"Giant snakes, very large poisonous lizards, even cannibal tribal humans."
said Black Canary.

"There is a man cowering behind those bushes." said Hawkgirl.

Slowly Gilligan stood to his feet with his hands raised.

"Hello." He said. He was plainly staring at Fire's casaba melon-like


The Professor shuffled through the jungle in a depression. He felt used,
dirty and violated. He sniffed pathetically as he wandered between the trees
and then slumped to the ground and began to weep. His emotional pain was soon
joined with real pain. He felt his neck, there was a dart sticking out of it.

"Shit." he said before he flopped to the ground unconscious.

Several men dressed in animal skins approached him.

"He looks a bit thin." said one of the men.

"It's ok, there's more of them. Besides there's more meat on him than on sea
turtles. I'm fucking sick of eating sea turtle." said another.

Three days prior the tribal elders had all gotten together and decide instead
avoiding the people from the opposite side of the island that they should
invite them over for a feast, as the main course.


"So there are six others?" asked Hawkgirl.

"Yeah." said Gilligan.

"OK." said Huntress. "You stay here and we'll find the rest."

The four women made their way to the village where the castaways' huts were
collected. There was no one there. They combed the place every which way and
found no sign of anyone.

"Where'd they all go?" asked the Black Canary.

"I don't know?" said Huntress. "Maybe they are all hunting/gathering or

"We'll have to wait." Hawkgirl.

They all sat down in Gilligan's hut.

"You know this is not a bad island. It's the perfect spot for a romantic
getaway." said the Huntress.

"I'll keep that in mind." said the Black Canary with a sly smile.

"What are you guys laughing about." asked Hawkgirl.

"You can't figure it out?" asked Fire in genuine surprise.

"They are obviously sleeping with each other." said Fire.

Everyone's eyes popped open.

"Sheesh, Thanks for outing us, Fire." said the Huntress.

"What? But they are both women." Hawkgirl said.

"For the record we hook up with guys also but sometimes we just want to touch
each other." Black Canary added.

"But..." Hawkgirl started.

"This is not a big deal, I go both ways also." said Fire.

"I just don't know how..." Started Hawkgirl.

"Then I shall show you." said Fire.

She grabbed each side of Hawkgirl's face and kissed her. Hawkgirl was
frozen for a minute but she melted into Fire's warm sweet kiss. Fire grabbed
Hawkgirl's magnificent ass and the two women's impressive breasts pressed
against each other.

"Shit this is making me hot." said Huntress.

"Me too." said The Black Canary.

Canary got behind the Huntress and cupped the other woman's crotch with one
hand and clutched her tit with the other.

"Mmm I'm so horny watching those two go at it, baby." The Canary said.

Huntress unzipped the front of the Black Canary's out fit. She began to
massage the other woman's tit and tweek her nipple. Fire was busy stripping
off Hawkgirl's out fit while Huntress undressed Black Canary. In very short
time all the women were naked. Hawkgirl had been hoping to see if Fire's
bush was as green as her hair but Fire apparently shaved it clean.

"You are so very beautiful." said Fire before kissing her again. "I'm going
to lay down. Sit on my face."

Sure enough Fire was on her back and it only took Hawkgirl a couple
minutes to rethink her position on lesbian sex. Hawkgirl nestled her pussy
comfortably on Fire's mouth. Fire's tongue darted into Hawkgirl's pussy. Her
wings fluttered and she arched her back then moaned with pleasure. There was
loud wet slurping noise coming from Huntress and Black Canary who were
noisily eating each other out. Canary and then Huntress were the first to
cum and taste each other's nectar. They looked over at Hawkgirl who was
beautiful and naked, covered in sweat, with her wings softly fluttering in
pleasure. They decided to walk over and join their teammates. Canary thrust
her blonde cunt in Hawkgirl's face while the Huntress went down and started
to eat out fire.


A huge stew pot was boiling the Skipper was inside. Well most of him.
Roasting on a spit was the Professor.

"Would you two like to join your friends?" asked the chieftain with his tribe
gathered around.

Ginger and Mary Ann both shook their heads 'no'.

"Hmm we have enough meat for now." said the chief as he rubbed his chin.
"I'll cut you guys a deal. You two pleasure me and my Tribe mates and I'll
hold off on turning you into bar-b-q."

Ginger and Mary Ann both looked at each other.

"I think we have a deal." said Maryanne.

"Yeah, we can do that." said Ginger.

"Excellent, now it's a party." said the Chief.

Using a long knife he cut each of the girl's bonds.

"OK strip." said the Chief. Ginger and Mary Ann both took their cloths off
for the chief and his horny tribesmen. "Line up guys we got some hot pussy
to tap."

Sure enough a line formed up behind the Chief. He bent over Maryanne and
decided to ram his sausage in her ass. He grunted as he ploughed into her.
Two others had taken Ginger's pussy and her mouth and were seesawing her.

The girls were used over and over by every member of the tribe until finally
everyone had had their fill of pussy. The girls themselves were exhausted and
completely splattered with cum. They were on their backs panting when a pair
of tribesman showed up dragging an angry Penguin.

"Let me go. I won't stand for this. Do you know how I am?" He hollered.

"Hey you guys found another one. Good on you." said the chief. "Good news
girls, I was going to have one of you cooked up next but we're going to keep
you around some more and cook this dumb ass."

"NO PLEASE DON'T EAT ME!!!" Begged the penguin. "I'm really tough and gamey."

"Good try. Now shut the fuck up." said the chieftain.

There was a deafeningly loud scream that made everyone wish that they had
no ears. The force of the sonic attack batted the chief's tribesman away 50

"Nobody else is being eaten today." said Hawkgirl. "Now run away or I tell
her to scream louder."

The tribesmen stared for a minute and then stood, turned and fled into the

"Thanks for the help my dears, I'll just be leaving." said the Penguin.

"Not so fast." said the Huntress. She grabbed the man by the shoulder. "Make
a move and I'll break your neck."

"Where are the rest of the castaways?" asked Hawkgirl.

Ginger and Mary Ann both pointed at the pot.

"Eww gross." said the Huntress.


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