Gilligan's Island: The Shipwreck (MF,MMF)
by Spyder ([email protected])

August is the month and a cruise is about to take place with five passengers
and two crewmembers. On a small boat named The Minnow, they leave the West
Coast to sail for a few hours. The object is to sight see while enjoying the
warmth of the summer sun. The Skipper is a veteran and had sailed many times
up and down the coastline. His first mate is a dimwitted sort of person
called Gilligan. It seems every time things go wrong Gilligan is around the
vicinity on those occasions.

They shove off, as normal and the seas are calm, until a storm begins to stir
things up. The Skipper is okay with the cruise thus far and leaves Gilligan
to steer them along. He tells Gilligan that he will nap as the boat slowly
makes it's way along the way. As for the passengers they are sitting on deck
enjoying the cruise and being somewhat restless Mary Ann strolls around and
winds up where Gilligan is. The two of them strike up a conversation about
where they are from and their backgrounds.

Once the conversation is over Mary Ann is feeling hot and removes her shirt,
Gilligan sees her full breasts heaving with every breath she takes and
strokes his bulge that is forming in his pants. Mary Ann, being a farm girl
sees that she has excited this meek and timid man decides to try a little
TLC on him. She lowers herself to her knees, licks her lips and then unzips
Gilligan's pants to his knees, followed by his white cotton shorts. By this
time the storm is getting worse and Gilligan wants to steer toward shore,
but stops that idea as Mary Ann has begun to give him a blowjob.

Meanwhile Ginger has placed her body beside the Skipper's in his quarters
and experiences a little finger fucking from him as she strokes his cock and
chest. On deck the Howell's are performing his own sexual love in with Lovey
riding her husband's cock wildly. Ginger has waited a long time to have sex
and is nervous at the chance to be laid by her first man. At this time the
Professor has walked into the Skipper's room and slam-dunks his cock into the
virgin ass of the actress who now blows the Skipper.

Mary Ann is licking and nibbling on her lover's smallish sized cock, but is
enjoying the sheer pleasure of his load shooting in her mouth. An hour has
passed as Gilligan is now entering Mary Ann's ass while attempting to steer
the boat. It proves to be a tough task as she looks back as he cums all over
her butt and back.

Gilligan lies her on the rough deck, opens her thighs while squeezing her
sweet looking tits and eats her pussy. He thinks to himself that he wishes
that she had some hair covering her pink cunt and continues to devour the
clean pussy of this hot farm girl.

On the other side of the ship, Lovey and Thurston have tired themselves out
with the first sex they have had in five years. Being old they never thought
that sex was appropriate for the elderly, but have found out other wise

In the Skipper's cabin, the Skipper and the Professor have taken turns ending
the virginity of their lover. Ginger had learned how to give head and how it
feels to have a cock in her ass and pussy at the same time. The three of them
lie there relaxing as the storm is brewing heavily while the ship is being
pushed toward the west.

Back at the helm, Mary Ann has slipped her pussy over the stiffened cock of
Gilligan and since he has cum in her mouth, she knows that it is time to
have him cum enter her pussy. She rides him as Gilligan hopes that they get
another chance to fuck this hot lady. He also hopes that the next time she
has allowed some hair to cover her pussy. He cums in her pussy and turns
her over so he can plunge his dick in her while he is atop of her lovely

While he fucks Mary Ann hard, the ship crashes into the island and is left
with a huge hole in the bow. The crew and passengers are knocked about and
left out cold in the various parts of the ship. When they wake up the
Skipper immediately seeks out and blames Gilligan for the ship crashing.

The End


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