This story is entirely fictional and in no way represents reality. Any
similarity to actual persons or television shows is entirely coincidental.

Contains: M+f, MF, anal, oral, NC, cons, voy, ws, scat

Gilmore Girls: At Home With The Gilmore Girls
by Eskimo ([email protected])

One day the developing, young Rory and her insatiable mother Lorelai were
sitting at the breakfast table, drinking coffee as per the usual. rory was
in her school uniform as she was going to school that day and lorelai was
wearing her dressing gown over the top of her lingerie. well they were
sitting there when Lorelai said to Rory, "Do you know what happened to that
$5 in my purse?"

Rory just looked down into her coffee and quietly said, "I took it to buy
some more stationery for school, I didn't ask you because I knew you wouldn't
let me have any money."

"Look Rory, I don't mind you going to school because thats free but we've
been over this a thousand times you dont need school because your going to
follow in your mothers footsteps and go into the sex trade"

"But mum I dont like sex and I dont want to be a filthy little tramp like

"Well, then ill have to teach you to like it."

"What are you talking about?"

"You'll find out soon enough," at this point Lorelai grabbed Rory by the
hair and dragged her over to a locked room which rory had never been inside
before. She pulled a key from between her breasts and unlocked the door.
Inside was a large cylindrical cage about a metre in diameter with a small
door in the side that was padlocked shut. lorelai dragged rory over and
unlocked the padlock. She shoved Rory inside and locked the door.

"Whats going on mom?"

Lorelai just looked at her and laughed as she pressed a large red button the
wall. The floor of the cage slowly started to lower into the floor with Rory
on it. Lorelai slowly walked down a flight of spiral stairs into an
underground room with an even larger cylindrical cage in the centre. This
cage was about 15 metres in diameter and was full of large, tough looking
men, each wearing a small collar around their necks. Sll of them were looking
up at the slowly descending circle on which rory was standing.

"Now Rory, I'm going to make you like sex the hard way, I did this when I
was your age and my mother did this when she was your age and my mother's
mother did this when she was your age and ... well you get the idea. These
men are convicted rapists and have not had sex in a year and whenever they
tried to masturbate they received an electric shock via those collars you
see on them now. so at the moment they are horny as hell and looking for
fresh meat."

Rory looked down in fear at the men who were now circling around the centre
of the cage a twinkle in their eyes. they all looked up her skirt at her
white panties and started to drool in anticipation.

Meanwhile Lorelai started to strip off her lingerie.

"Mummy please don't do this ill be good ill become a whore. Mummy I'm sorry!"
rory screamed out.

"Oh, its too late now Rory. Once the platform has begun its descent it can't
be stopped. Now you'll pay for being such a little bitch to me all these

Rory began to cry and scream as the platform came within reach of the men and
they started to grab at her feet trying to pull her off the platform. Lorelai
simply laughed and watched in anticipation. A few of the men got up on the
platform and pulled Rory down into the middle of the group, they bent her
over and pulled her school skirt up while someone else ripped her panties
off. One of the men got underneaath her and started to rape her. Another man
got in front and shoved his cock in her mouth. Another 2 men came up behind
her and shoved their cocks into her tight little ass hole. Rory screamed as
they put their cocks in. the cock in her mouth started spewing cum into her
mouth rory gagged for a second but then her natural istinct took hold and she
started gulping it down. then the cum stopped and the guy started to piss.
Rory continued to swallow. Then the cocks in her cunt and ass did the same.

After a while the men all dropped Rory on the ground with blood, cum and piss
seeping out of her ass and pussy and tears streaming down her face. Lorelai
stuck her naked ass up against the cage and one of the men started to ass
fuck her. After a while the men who had had their cocks in her ass became
hard again and caught their breath. They walked over to Rory and pushed her
onto her knees. They then shoved both their cocks into her mouth at the same
time and forced her to suck her own shit off their dicks. They eventually
came and pissed in her mouth.


Rory went on to become a whore at Lorelai's B&B and had a daughter of her
own (who is just about ready for 'the cage').

Lorelai still works as a whore in her own B&B, and does threesomes with Rory
(if the clients pay extra).

The rapists having grown old were released and replaced by new rapists. They
still remember their time with Rory.



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