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And now the story -

Gilmore Girls: Awakenings - Rory Gets A Sex Life (FF, oral, cons)
by TSSA's Newest Perv ([email protected])

Friday, March 5th 2004 7:10pm

"Hey Mom, I'm home!"

"In the kitchen!"

Rory followed her mothers voice in to the kitchen where she found her
parental unit in a familiar pose – staring in to the refrigerator and

"Whatcha doing?"

"Contemplating my navel. I find it works better if I'm slightly chilled."

"Makes it much easier to remove the bellybutton lint. Did you order

"Pizza's on its way, Chinese already in the living room."

"Then why were you checking out an empty refrigerator?"

"I was hungry?" Lorelai gave her only child a puzzled look.

"But the pizza's on the way and, and..."

"Yes, but the pizza is not here yet and the Chinese food is in the living
room and I'm in the kitchen you see. You don't expect mommy to walk all the
way to the living room when she's hungry, now do you? How am I supposed to
survive the trip if I don't stock up with supplies, hmmm? Answer me that?"

"I don't know what I could have been thinking. You who have always taught
me to never leave on a trip unprepared. Have I learned nothing?"

"Your very own Eagle scout baby. Boy Scouts have nothing on me. Well except
for those cool neckerchiefs and that whole penis thing. We really don't want
to go there."

"I am properly ashamed and completely unworthy of your tutelage. And I'll
pretend I didn't hear that part about the penis. Or the neckerchiefs."

Before Lorelai could respond the doorbell rang signaling the arrival of the
much anticipated pizza and an end to that particular line of banter. Lorelai
went to take delivery of the food and Rory went into the living room to start
portioning out the huge quantities of other provisions she was sure her
mother had brought home.

It was a Friday night and the Gilmore girls had been given a get out of jail
free card for that night's usual dinner with Rory's grandparents. The elder
Gilmores were attending a formal dinner at one of Richard's biggest clients
and in the Gilmore family business engagements always took precedence over
family events. This worked well with Rory's plans for the weekend. She had
something huge to discuss with her mother and she was unsure how the news was
going to be received. So she had planned out the entire weekend in her mind
with contingencies and backups and alternative approaches. She had almost
created charts and graphs as well, but when she found herself contemplating
a small diorama the youngest Gilmore came to a screeching halt and rethought
her approach. Simple was better, and nothing was simpler than just sitting
and talking for Rory and her mother. The two Lorelai's had an amazing
relationship for mother and daughter and each prided themselves on the fact
that they could talk to the other about anything. The young woman was
counting on that this particular night.

Lorelai entered the living room and set down the pizza and the two began
talking about their week and the newest happenings in Stars Hollow in between
sharing bites of Chinese and slices of pineapple topped pizza. Another shared
trait of the two was the ability to eat just about anything with no ill
effects. They continued trading stories and tidbits about the town they both
loved until they had consumed as much food as they were likely to for that
evening. Well except for the ice cream that was going to be dessert, but that
wasn't going to be until later, and it went into a completely different
stomach and so didn't count.

Pushing the cardboard boxes to one side of the table Rory asked "What movie
did we get?"

"Buckaroo Banzai."

"A classic. Very cool."

"Remember, no matter where you go..."

"...There you are."

Lorelai put the disc in the DVD player and started it up. Skipping the
extras and commentary she went right to the movie. Normally the two would
watch some of the extra features and ooh and ah or rag on them but tonight
was different. Since Rory had called that afternoon and said she was coming
home for the entire weekend and could Lorelai clear anything she had
scheduled because they needed to talk the older woman had been preparing
herself. She had an excellent idea what the conversation was going to be
about and while she had been steeling herself for this moment for nearly
two years she still found that the mere thought of what was to come filled
her with dread. Resuming her seat on the couch as the movie began to play
Lorelai turned to her daughter and said,

"So. What's this thing that we needed to discuss that's so big I had to
cancel my plans for the entire weekend?"

No answer. But Lorelai was not one to be so easily dissuaded.

"You know, I had some mighty big plans. I was going to clean the kitchen,
then tackle the basement, maybe throw out that collection of plates from
the Franklin Mint we no longer use. Then I was going to re-carpet the
upstairs and shingle the roof. Then if I still had time I was going to get
together with Jen and Brad to resolve that whole Middle East mess."

"Shush. I'm watching the movie."

Lorelai bounced in place a little on the couch, "Rory. You've seen this
movie so many times we can act out the parts. It's like our own Rocky

"Ooh good idea! C'mon, let's do the time warp again!" Rory leapt off the
couch as she was saying this and attempted to pull her mother up with her,
but Lorelai resisted and pulled the younger woman back down.

"Rory, honey. C'mon. You know you can tell me anything at all. Anything.
Well almost anything. Tell me you've started wearing clogs and I'm changing
my name."

"That's it. That's the big news. I've bought Birkenstocks and I'm dropping
out of Yale to join a commune. Can we watch the movie now Ms... What will
your new name be?"

"Huffenpuffer. No wait I can't use that, I already used it the last time I
went to Radio Shack and filled out one of those catalog thingies. Let me
consult some lawyers and I'll get back to you on the name change thing."

"I'm sure Nicole could help, she seems to know about stuff like that."

"Yeah, but there's that whole conflict of interest thing, she's married to
Luke, but they're divorcing, except when they're not, and there's the whole
custody issue to consider."

"Custody? Of whom?"

"Me of course. I mean if Nicole divorces Luke and ends up with the diner
what happens to me? Where will I go for coffee then? And pie? Who's going
to serve me pie?"

"It's always the customers who suffer the most in a divorce."

"Tell me about it!"

The conversation wound down and the Lorelai's watched in silence for a while,
but Rory kept darting nervous glances her mother's way, as if waiting for the
older woman to raise the subject of Rory's phone call once more. When it was
apparent that Lorelai was not going to broach the subject again anytime soon,
leaving it up to Rory to do so on her own schedule, the younger woman finally

But not for long. Rory was a very responsible girl. Usually. And it was that
character trait that was driving Rory to begin telling her mother the secrets
she had been keeping for the last five plus months. Taking a peek at her
mother Rory turned on the couch to face the older woman and took a breath.
She opened her mouth to speak, stopped, closed it, and opened it again.

Lorelai saw Rory take a breath to begin and thought 'Okay, here we go.'

"Hey Mom, have you heard from Dean lately?"

'Not the opening I expected. So it was Dean was it? Why am I not surprised?
Wait, Dean is married. Why am I not surprised? I should be surprised!' Out
loud she simply responded,

"Not really. I see him at the Dragonfly every so often and we say hi, or
Konichiwa, we practice our Japanese on each other you know, but other than
that there's been nary a peep from him since he got married. Should I be
expecting to hear from him?"

"No, no. I just thought you might have heard from him. So nothing from him
or, maybe, about him, floating around town? Nothing from, say, Miss Patty?
Or Babette?"

'Miss Patty? Babette? Why would they be talking about Dean? Unless... there
was gossip about Dean. Dean and... Rory? That would explain it.'

"Rory hon, why don't you tell mommy what's on your mind?"

Rory sat silently for a few moments then turned back to her mother and said
"Lindsey is divorcing Dean."

'Is that it? There must be more to it.'

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Is Dean okay? Do you know why Lindsey is divorcing
him? They seemed happy enough, almost perky if you ask me."

"He's fine. I think. Yes, I'm sure of it, he's fine."

"So you've talked to him since he found this out? And did he tell you what

"He didn't have to tell me what happened, I was there. I was there, and I...
I caused it!"

This was not what Lorelai had expected when she had hung up the phone with
Rory that afternoon. She had expected her daughter to tell her she was no
longer a virgin, not that she had come between her ex-boyfriend and his new
wife. But Lorelai had never been one to dwell on a mistake, wouldn't that
be the pot calling the kettle black, so she reached out and took Rory's hand
in hers and gently rubbed her thumb on it, smiling a little at her daughter
to let her know that she wasn't disappointed and she wasn't going to be
judged, at least not by Lorelai.

"How do you know you caused it?"

Now Rory did her mother proud. She squared her shoulders and looked the older
woman in the eyes as she answered, "She caught us having sex. We were having
sex and she walked in on us."

"Where was this? In Dean's apartment? When was this?"

Lorelai did not seem overly surprised by Rory's disclosure, and her lack of
surprise disconcerted the younger girl, "No, not there. Actually, we were in
Miss Patty's, on one of the piles of dance mats. And it was two weeks ago.
You're not mad?"

'Two weeks! At least it wasn't in the backseat of a car. Or with that punk

"Rory, honey, why should I be mad. I may think you shouldn't have done that
with Dean, or any married man, but you're an adult. You knew the potential
consequences. You're free to do what you want with another consenting adult.
He did consent, right?"

"Yeah right. I attacked Dean, ripped off his clothes and threw him to the
mats and had my way with him. Of course he consented."

Lorelai was forming a mental image as Rory spoke and a small smile appeared
on her lips as the picture developed. Dean may have been only nineteen, and
Rory's first boyfriend to boot, but that did not mean Lorelai had been
oblivious to how cute in the face the boy was.

Rory was also lost in thought, the same thoughts in fact but neither woman
knew that, and Lorelai quickly wiped the smile from her face before her
offspring noticed it. That was all Rory needed at that moment, to find out
that her mother held lustful thoughts about her ex-boyfriend.

Focusing on Rory's problem, and not on a naked and willing Dean, Lorelai
asked her daughter some of the more obvious questions, "Was she real mad?"

"Yeah, I think she was, but in that quiet, fuming kinda way, ya know? We
were... ummm well, there we were and Lindsey had apparently been watching
for some time and she just started speaking, not yelling and not waving her
hands or moving around a lot. She just stood there and started talking and
crying. It was obvious that she was angry and hurt and humiliated and then
Dean started apologizing and I started too and Lindsey was crying and then
I was crying and Dean started to cry, so I cried some more. It was real

"Of course it was. That's to be expected, all the crying and intensity, don't
you think?"

"I guess. I mean, yeah, of course. I know how I would feel if something like
that ever happened to me, so I guess it's only natural that Lindsey should
feel the same. It's just... she hates me so much now! And she'll never
forgive Dean. I can't believe how much I screwed this up for him!"

Lorelai opened her arms and her daughter fell into them. She stroked Rory's
hair as the two stayed that way for a little while lost in their thoughts,
the movie playing in the background completely unnoticed. When the credits
finally began to roll Lorelai pointed at the screen and spoke,

"Hey look, Carl Lumbly!"

"Isn't he Dixon on Alias?"

"Can you believe they still haven't killed Sloane? I'd kill him just for
refusing to shave. Does he think he's Pierce Brosnan?"

"I can't believe that Sark escaped again. How many times is that now?"

"You know what's really frightening? By comparison the real CIA makes those
guys look downright competent."

Rory nodded in response, not really wanting to get into a serious
conversation about the shortfalls of the Intelligence community. It wouldn't
be an unusual conversation for the pair, they could literally talk about
almost anything, but Rory was still fixated on what she had done to, and
with, Dean and wasn't ready to move on yet. Lorelai sensed this and returned
to the questioning she had suspended earlier.

"Are you okay baby?"

Rory nodded again, "I'm fine. It's Lindsey I'm worried about. She did nothing
to deserve this!"

Lorelai looked at Rory, a huge smile adorning her face, "Have I told you
lately how much I love you? C'mere"

The taller woman gave her offspring a big hug as Rory looked up at her,
"You're not going to sing, are you?"

Of course Lorelai had to start warbling "Have I told you lately..."

Rory rolled her eyes in exasperation and extricated herself from her mother's
grasp, "That's it. I'm going to bed."

She started to get up from the couch but Lorelai grabbed her hand and pulled
her back down again. Rory fell back into her seat and remained there, she
wasn't really tired enough to go to bed and it was still pretty early.

Lorelai maintained her hold on Rory's hand and again asked, "Are you sure
you're okay?"

"I'm fine. Really."

"And Dean is okay?"

"Yeah. He's hurting a little, but I think he'll get through this okay. I
don't know, maybe it's all for the best. I mean, I know how messed up things
are right now, and I know they looked happy, but I don't think Dean was
happy. Not really. Did you know he was going to drop out of school?"

"Get out. Did he say why?"

"He said he needed to make more money so they could move someplace bigger by
the end of the year. Lindsey wanted to move."

"Well there you go, maybe this is for the best. Maybe this would have
happened even if you hadn't hooked up with Dean, and maybe one day you and
Dean will look back on this and it won't hurt so much. And try not to worry
too much about Lindsey. She's got her mom and her dad and they'll see her
through this and someday soon she'll be okay too. You've gotta believe that."

"I do."

"And don't be afraid to feel a little sorry for yourself. You got hurt by
this too you know!"

"Yeah, but I didn't have a marriage come crashing to an end. Dean and
Lindsey, they're getting divorced because of me. The only thing that happened
to me is I was interrupted as I was getting ready to... leave. I was getting
ready to leave."

"Yeah, but it was your first time! And you didn't even get to... arrive!..."

"Much better, thank you."

"... And now when you think back about your first time all you'll remember is
how you didn't get to... arrive. Not to mention that other stuff."

Lorelai paused and heaved a big sigh. She didn't notice the sheepish look
on Rory's face as she continued mourning her daughter's coitus interruptus.
Releasing Rory's hand she placed her own hand on the young woman's face and
gave her a little pout.

"My baby's not a little girl anymore. She's a woman now."

Rory was becoming more embarrassed by the second and she removed Lorelai's
hand from her face, holding onto it with her own as she started to explain,
"Ummm, yeah. Unh, Mom? See about that. That wasn't, unh... See, I wasn't...
Ummm, that wasn't my first time."

Lorelai stopped dead. 'Not her first time. When was her first time and why
didn't she say something?'

"That wasn't your first time. You and Dean had been together before that?"



"The beginning of December. That first Saturday in December."

'December! That was month's ago! Why didn't she say anything?' "And was
that at Miss Patty's also?"

"Not exactly."

"Not exactly. What does that mean, not exactly?"

"Do you remember when I called you that Saturday and you said you were
spending the night at Jason's? Well, I was calling from the Dragonfly.
With Dean."

"So your first time was at the Dragonfly? Rory! There aren't even any mats
at the Dragonfly! There wasn't even carpeting on the floor in December. You
lost your virginity on a bare floor at my unopened inn?"

Leave it to Lorelai to be irate because her daughter had sex in a less than
perfect setting, "Ummm, not exactly."

"Again with the not exactly. Then where exactly did you and Dean get

"Here. In my bedroom. In my bed, to be exact."

Lorelai went from mildly outraged to a bowl of mush in a split second,
"Oh, that's perfect. Your first time was in your own bed with your first
boyfriend. So much better than on a cold bare floor."

Rory had her sheepish look on again but this time Lorelai caught it, "Not
better than a cold bare floor? It wasn't any good? Honey, did Dean, how
shall I say this? Did Dean arrive too quickly? That's okay you know. Boys
his age tend to be a little quick on the trigger."

"Yes... I mean no... I mean yes it was better than a bare floor, and no it
was good, and yes Dean was done a little too quickly that first time. Did
you know that boys his age also have a lot of energy?..."

'That first time? There was a second time? Way to go Dean!'

"...But that wasn't my first time."

"But you just said your first time was here in your bedroom with Dean!"
'Throw in some sex toys and you've got an erotic game of Clue - I'll guess
it was Dean in the bedroom with the strap-on dildo!'

"Yes, that was our first time, me and Dean, together, but not my first time."

'I see.' "I see. So Dean isn't your first. Then if you don't mind my asking,
who was your first guy? Anybody I know?" 'Please don't let it be that snotty
punk! Please don't say Jess! Please!!'

"No, you don't know him..." 'ThankyouThankyouThankyou' "...It was a guy at
Yale. His name is Steve. I met him through a... friend. And Mom? For the
record, Jess and I never slept together."

'Good! The little pissant doesn't deserve to be with someone as good as you.
So, Steve was it. That's a good strong name. I hope he was good to her. Every
girl's first time should be perfect.'

"And was this at Yale? Don't tell me it was in a car, that's such a cliche."

"Yes, it was at Yale. No, it wasn't in a car, it was in a bed in my friend's
dorm room."

Lorelai squinted her eyes and peered at Rory. 'In a friends dorm room? Not
Rory's and not Steve's, but a friend's? That's a little strange.'

"And that wasn't strange for your friend? Letting you and Steve use... his?
Hers? ...bedroom for sex. And where was your friend while this was going

Rory had been hanging in remarkably well throughout the whole ordeal,
discussing her newly developed sex life with her mother in a calm and mature
way, without hiding her face in her hands or burrowing under the blanket
thrown over the back of the couch once. Until now. She still avoided hiding
her face, but she could not prevent the blush that colored her face a deeper
red than Lorelai had ever seen before on her easily embarrassed daughter.

"She. My friend is a she. And she was... around."

'Oh my God, she was there. She was in the room with them when... Oh. My.

"She was around? As in nearby? Or maybe at the library? Or maybe she was at
Marigold's getting coffee? Or maybe you meant she was a round? A round what?
A round of darts? The mulberry bush? What could around mean? Or, is it
possible, I'm just throwing an idea out here, is it possible your friend was
in the room with you and Steve as you pounded the mattress? Rory please tell
me that you did not have an audience the first time you had sex! What'd you
do, sell tickets? Oh, God! You didn't tape it did you? I guess we know what
your new last name will be. Can you get me a free room at any of your hotels?
I'll bring my own bed linens."

"Oh gross! Of course we didn't tape it! And there wasn't any audience the
first time I had sex!"

"Thank God! So your friend was not in the room with you as you and Steve..."

If possible, Rory turned an even deeper shade of red, "No, no. She was there

Lorelai's head was spinning. 'Is she doing this deliberately? Does she think
that getting mommy's head to explode is a fun way to spend an evening? And if
so, why couldn't she practice on my mother first?'

"Rory, honey, I'm confused. You just said that Steve was the first guy you
ever had sex with and that your friend was there when you did it, but then
you said there were no witnesses when you had sex for the first time."


"But, Rory sweetie, this doesn't make any sense. Are we playing word games
here or are you trying to see what an embolism looks like firsthand? Was
your friend in the room but you blindfolded her, or made her turn around
and promise not to look? Is that what you're saying? Is this some sort of
technicality thing?"

As she had earlier when she had told Lorelai about being responsible for
Dean's divorce Rory once again faced her mother squarely and shrugged off
any embarrassment she was feeling as she prepared to clear up the confusion
her story had caused, "No. No technicality. Well, not really. You asked
me who was the first guy I had sex with and I told you. It was Steve. And
Sara really was in the room when he and I got together that first time, in
fact she set me up with him."

Lorelai was slowly beginning to recover her equilibrium, "Okay, so you did
have someone watching you the first time you had sex. That's what I was..."

"That wasn't the first time I had sex..."

There went that equilibrium right out the old window.

"... that was just the first time I had sex with a guy."

Lorelai's jaw literally dropped. She sat there open-mouthed as the
ramifications of Rory's pronouncement ran through her. 'Not her first time
having sex. Just her first time with a guy. That meant her first time with
a guy wasn't her first time having sex. And that meant... Wow! Any chance
she could mean a vibrator? Is it possible she could think that her first
time could be with a piece of plastic?'

Lorelai saw the way Rory was looking at her and knew that her daughter was
not telling her about her first encounter with some synthetic cock. She could
see the fear in Rory's eyes, fear about the way Lorelai was going to react to
this rather astounding development. They were still sitting on the couch with
their hands linked and Lorelai squeezed Rory's hand to let her know that she
needn't be afraid. Lorelai was far from ready to move on and pretend that
this was all in a day's mothering, but she was not going to make her daughter
feel ashamed of her actions, no matter how shocking they may have been.
Lorelai knew from bitter experience exactly how it felt to have one's own
parents make you feel just how much of a disappointment you had been to them,
and she would be damned if she was going to do that to Rory.

So she squeezed the younger woman's hands and tried to wrap her mind around
what she had just learned. But first she had to be absolutely certain that
what she thought had happened had actually happened.

"Rory, honey, spell it out for mommy. Are you saying your first time was
with another..."

"Girl. Yes I am."

'I see. Okay. Okay. My daughter is bi. Or maybe just bi-friendly. I can
handle this. How do I handle this? Exactly the same way as if she had come
home and told me her first time had been with Dean and it had been everything
she had dreamed of. Now, or two years ago when I thought this would happen,
it's all the same. I have to be supportive.'

"Was it wonderful? At least tell me it was wonderful."

Rory smiled broadly at the sign of acceptance from her mother "It was...
amazing. Not at all what I expected, but still really amazing... oh, and

"That's good. I'm glad. You deserve wonderful. Hey, I have an idea. Why
don't I get us some ice cream and you can tell mommy all about it. If you
want to, that is. If it doesn't make you uncomfortable, 'cause if it makes
you uncomfortable we can talk about something else. Hockey. We can talk
about hockey. Or your first time shtupping a girl, if you want. And if you
don't want to that's cool too. Totally your choice."

"No, I don't mind. I mean, we would have done this if it had been a boy, so
this shouldn't matter? It's still my first time, right? But what about you?
Will this be too weird for you?"

"I'm good if you're good. I'll get the ice cream and you can tell me the
whole story. I'll be right back!"

Lorelai scampered out to the kitchen and returned in short order with two
large bowls of Oreo's Cookies 'N Cream. Not Chunky Monkey or Cherry Garcia,
but still an excellent choice. Handing one off to Rory she sat on the couch
and crossed her legs underneath her in what was apparently the required
posture for women eating ice cream. They enjoyed a couple of spoonfuls in
companionable silence when Rory began to speak.

"Okay, so where do I start?"

"At the beginning, obviously."

"Okay. So. It all began back in September..."

"That is such a hokey way to start a story."

"Shush you. This is my story. Now where was I..."

"Was there lots of kissing? There should always be lots of kissing!"

Rory nodded matter of factly, "There was a considerable amount of kissing."

"And music? And candles? Candles are nice."

"Are you going to let me tell this?" the youngest Gilmore asked in some

Lorelai rolled her eyes but made no further comment as Rory began telling
her story, "Do you remember my first assignment for the newspaper?"

"The interview with that water polo player?"


"I knew it involved water."

"Funny you should mention that..."

"I've been told I'm very funny."

"... Not by me. And water will play a big part in this..."

* * *

Saturday, September 20th 2003 8:31am

Rory was not in the best of moods. It was Saturday, it was early, and she
was dressed in running shorts, a sports bra and sneakers. Rory hadn't even
owned a sports bra a week ago, but Doyle had given her an assignment to
interview the co-captain of Yale's varsity women's lacrosse team, and it
seemed very important to him that she dress the part, so there she was.
And as it turned out the only time both she and her assignment were free
was now. Saturday morning to be precise. Not Rory's favorite time of the
day, but an assignment was an assignment and if she failed in her task
there was no way Doyle was going to take her on as a reporter for the
paper. So she sucked it up and shaded her eyes with her left hand as she
began searching for the cause of her bad mood.

"Rory? Rory Gilmore?"

"What? Huh? What? I mean yes. Are you Sara Glover?"

Jogging in place beside her was one of the prettiest blondes Rory had ever
laid eyes on. Shorter than Rory's 5'7", Sara stood about 5'2" or 3", it was
really difficult to tell with all the bouncing she was doing.

"That's me."

Rory held out her hand "Pleased to meet you."

Even when shaking hands Sara didn't stop moving, "So, you want to get

Rory looked around for a place where they could sit down to do the interview.
There was a stand of seats a short distance away and she pointed that way,
"You want to do this over there?"

Sara laughed lightly, shaking her head and grabbing Rory by the hand, "Uh
uh. C'mon. I told you if we were going to do this today it would have to be
while I was working out, and I meant while I was working out. So get those
feet moving."

Rory tried to resist Sara's pull, "But I'm not a runner..."

"Yeah, yeah. You're a lover. Tell me something I haven't heard before."

"... I don't even like walking that much. Isn't there some exercise you could
do while we sit. I'm much better at sitting. There's one thing the Gilmores
are really good at and that's sitting. I come from a whole line of people who
excel at sitting. That and eating. There are two things we excel at. Sitting
and eating. Sitting and eating and talking. There are three things..."

Sara laughed at Rory again but didn't stop pulling on her arm, "You're
starting to sound like a Monty Python skit. Now start running! C'mon,
pump those legs!"

Rory got sidetracked by the Python remark and let herself be pulled into a
reluctant trot at Sara's side, "You know Monty Python?"

Sara gave the brunette a sidelong glance as she ran, "Sure. Why shouldn't I?"

"No reason I guess. It just seems that Python isn't that popular with kids
our age. Or maybe it's just because they were so popular with my mom and
me that..."

"You always refer to yourself as a kid?"

"Sometimes, I guess. Not always. Why?"

"Well, you're 19, right?"

"Yeah. So?"

"Seems a little old to still be thinking of yourself as a kid, don't you

"How should I be thinking of myself? As middle-aged? I gotta stop."

Rory was starting to get tired. She wasn't joking when she told Sara she
was not a runner and while she wasn't in poor physical shape she certainly
wasn't conditioned well enough to take up jogging on a whim and still hold
a conversation. She stopped and bent over gulping for air. Sara started
to jog in a small circle around her while she waited for Rory to catch her

When she was breathing a little easier Rory lifted her head and looked up
at Sara then back to where they had started, 'Hmmm, not that far. About a
quarter of the track. I wonder how far that is? How long is the track? A
mile, maybe? That's not so bad.'

"Hey, Sara, how long is this track?"

"A quarter mile."

"No I mean how far is one lap of the track, not how far have we run?"

"A quarter mile."

"A quarter... but that would mean... Oh, man!"

The College Junior couldn't resist getting in a small tease, "That would
mean you covered about a sixteenth of a mile before you almost collapsed."

And in that same sixteenth of a mile Sara had not stopped moving once, had
kept up her end of the conversation without getting the least bit winded,
and, except for a small trace of sweat on her headband and neck, looked
like she was ready to pose for a Wheaties box. Rory couldn't decide
whether to hate or admire the athletic blonde.

"And you do how many laps?"

"Twenty laps three times a week, weather permitting..."


Ignoring Rory's yelp of dismay Sara continued detailing her morning workout
sessions, "... 30 minutes in the pool two times a week and aerobics and
Pilates classes the other two days."

Rory hadn't heard the rest of the schedule, she was still caught up on the
whole twenty lap thing, "No way I can do twenty laps, not even with a
super-size coffee. I don't think I can finish even one lap. I should just
go to Doyle and tell him what a big loser I am, couldn't even get a simple

"Rory relax, you don't have to do twenty laps. I've already been out here
for over half an hour."

"I don't? That's good."

"No! You only have to do ten!"

Rory went from elated to crestfallen in one sentence and Sara began laughing
again but she quickly let Rory off her hook. There was something about the
Yale Freshman that brought out Sara's teasing side.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding! Seriously, I only have three more laps to go.
Why don't you take a seat over there and I'll finish up and then we can do
the interview thing on the way back to my dorm? Sound good?"

"Sounds perfect. I'll be over there puking my guts up and you come get me
when you're done."

Saturday, September 20th 2003 8:49am

Sara finished her morning run and she and Rory were walking back to her room
in Trumbull. Rory had begun to ask her interview questions, running through
the obvious choices, How did Sara get started in Lacrosse, Why did she choose
Yale, What was she majoring in, What were her career goals, etc., etc. Rory
found Sara to be an easy interview, the blonde was charming and funny and she
didn't try to shy away from answering or give standard responses. She gave
the mundane questions some real thought and her answers were sometimes
surprising. Like why she had chosen Yale. Because her best friend since the
ninth grade wanted to go and she and Sara had always planned to go to the
same college, so when the time came and they had both been accepted, it
seemed like the right choice to make.

The more Sara talked the more Rory found herself liking the older girl. They
were coming up on Sara's dorm and Rory didn't want the interview to be over
so soon. Sara also wanted to continue the conversation so she invited Rory
up to the room she shared with her best friend.

"Listen, I have a brunch date later, but it's not until 11. Do you want to
come up and we can continue this? That is if you don't mind doing this
while I shower and get ready."

Rory's answer was enthusiastic, "I'd love too! I mean sure, that way I can
finish the questions on my list."

Sara saw another opportunity to tease her companion but decided not to take
it. The eagerness of Rory's response and the obvious embarrassment it
caused her intrigued Sara and she didn't want to do anything that might
scare the younger girl off.

"Okay then. Follow me."

Sara was describing her dorm building to Rory, giving her some background
and historical information about it but Rory was paying scant attention. She
was too busy considering her rather animated response to Sara's invitation.
It wasn't the invitation per se that had gotten Rory excited, but the
additional information Sara had offered about needing to shower while they
talked. That had gotten Rory keyed up and she couldn't figure out why.

If Sara noticed that her companion was not paying attention she didn't let
on and in short order they were at her dorm room door and she was ushering
the brunette inside, but not before Rory noticed a sign tacked to the small
bulletin board on the outside of the door. In large print it read 'The
Bullpen' and underneath it in a smaller font 'Pitching Relief Today' and
finally under that, 'No Games Scheduled Today'. Thinking it odd but not
worth commenting on Rory preceded Sara into the room.

"Well this is it. Not much to see. Outer room here, fireplace, TV, couch,
mini-fridge. That's mine and Jennifer's bedroom over there, the bathroom
is through there too."

"Very nice. Mine's not much different except there're four of us in two
bedrooms. And still just the one bathroom."

"Yeah, well Freshmen have to rough it. You know pay their dues and all that.
Okay. Well I'm gonna go and shower. I'll leave the door open and you can
shout your questions in to me, okay?"

"Ummm, okay. Will your roommate be coming back? I wouldn't want to
surprise her by being here when she's not expecting anyone."

Sara paused at the doorway to the bedroom, "Nah, Jen went home for the
weekend. She won't be back 'til tomorrow night."

That said the blonde moved into the bedroom and started undressing for her
shower. Rory wandered around the outer room looking at the small
knick-knacks that were scattered here and there. When she passed the open
door to the bedroom she looked in just as Sara stepped out of her panties
leaving her fully nude. The sight hit Rory right in the gut and she
inhaled sharply, drawing Sara's attention to her. The athletic blonde
stood there quietly while Rory stared at her intently.

Sara was easily one of the sexiest girl's Rory had ever seen and the most
beautiful one she had ever seen naked. Rory had been in the presence of
naked girls before, Chilton did have P.E. classes after all, but Rory had
always kept her eyes down while changing and had avoided the showers
whenever possible. So she didn't have much to compare Sara to, but even if
she'd had the experience of a Playboy photographer she would have found the
older student gorgeous.

Now that she was standing still Rory judged Sara to be about four inches
shorter than she was, about 5'3" tall. Her blonde hair was pulled back in
a ponytail but it looked like it would fall past her shoulders to maybe the
mid-back. Rory found Sara's eyes to be especially interesting. They
appeared to change color depending on the ambient light. Outside they had
appeared to be a dark blue in color but here in the dorm they looked
hazel. It could be contact lenses, but Rory didn't think that was the
cause. She'd have to ask later. Rory's gaze moved down to Sara's breasts
next. Again, she didn't have much to compare them to, but to Rory they
became the definition of perfect. Sara's breasts sat low on her chest, not
because they sagged - they most certainly did not sag - but because nature
had put them there, and they looked to be a bit smaller than Rory's own,
equally perfect, pair. About a 34B she figured. And they were topped with
a prominent set of erect, pink, nipples. Whether they were always erect,
or if Sara was cold, or for some other reason Rory did not know. When she
was finally able to remove her gaze from Sara's chest she went back up to
the blonde's shoulders and arms. It was obvious that the slightly shorter
girl was an athlete, her shoulders were well muscled and her arms were
toned. The time spent working out in a pool helped no doubt. Skimming
down to Sara's abdomen Rory was not surprised to see how tight it was, a
very feminine six-pack clearly evident. Rory's heart skipped a beat as she
lowered her eyes to Sara's groin. Never before had she stared so blatantly
at another girl's genitals, but now she could not tear her eyes away, and
she would have remained that way if Sara had not picked that moment to


Rory's eyes grew wide until she resembled a cartoon character and her head
whipped up to see Sara giving her a lopsided smirk. Busted. 'Oh God she
saw me staring! Oh God! Oh God! She's gonna freak! What am I going to
do? I have to do something! What can I do? I was staring and she caught
me! Oh crap!'

But Sara didn't freak. She didn't even comment. She picked up her towel and
went in the bathroom to start her shower.

Rory's heart was pounding so hard she couldn't count the beats. She heard
Sara call her name from the bathroom but couldn't make out what was being

Stammering a little she answered "Wha... Wha... What? What was that, I
couldn't hear you?"

"I said, do you want to pick up where we left off?"

'Pick up where we left off? Is she asking me if I want to be caught gawking
at her naked body again?'


"The interview? Do you want to pick up the interview where we left off?"

Rory heard Sara open the shower door then close it behind her, "Unh, yeah.
Right, the questions." Composing herself, she forged on, "So, what's your
take on Title IX? Do you think colleges should be forced to spend as much
on women's sports as they do on the men?"

"What was that? You have to speak up, I can't hear you over the water."

Rory repeated her question somewhat louder.

"Sorry, I still didn't hear you. You have to speak up or come closer, okay?"

Rory moved into the bedroom and settled on the bed nearest the bathroom
door and repeated her question.

"Well, I think that Title IX is partially right. Women's sports should not
go under funded, but colleges should not be forced to split the budget
50-50. Unless the interest is equal. Look, not all campuses have the same
demographics. Some schools have more women than men and some have less. I
think the funding should reflect that. It should also reflect the level of
interest. Women generally aren't as interested in participating in
organized sports at the college level as the guys are, so a school
shouldn't be forced to spend money on something there is no interest in.
But I'll repeat my first comment, if the interest is there schools should
make sure that the funding is there as well, up to the point where the
percentage equals the percentage of women on campus. Does that make

Again a well thought out response to a question most students would either
try to duck, or make up some complete bullshit that showed they had no clue
whatsoever what Title IX was. Smart, beautiful and a Monty Python fan.
Rory was smitten and surprisingly she wasn't even bothered by the idea that
it was another woman that had smote her.

"Sounds good to me. So accepting Title IX as written, do you think schools
should discontinue men's programs in other, less popular sports, like
wrestling in order to keep up a level of funding for more popular, and
often bloated, programs like football?"

"What? I still can't hear you too good. Why don't you come in the bathroom?
It'll be much easier."

'Easier for whom?'

Rory really didn't want to go into the bathroom to complete the interview,
she didn't want to risk embarrassing herself again, but she also didn't
have a good enough reason to not go in. Sara couldn't hear her questions
well enough over the shower, so... there was no so. She didn't have a valid
excuse. In to the bathroom she went, taking the obvious, and only, seat
and facing the shower doors.

Rory could see Sara's naked body behind the door as the blonde washed the
sweat out of her hair. She sat there staring once again until Sara opened
the door and poked her head out to see what had happened to her young

Rory scrambled to look the away. She could not be caught gawking a second
time. Of course, she had been caught and this time Sara did not pass up
the chance to tease.

"Wow, you look really flushed Rory. Are you still overheated from that long
run you did? Do you want to join me in here? There's plenty of room."

More stammering, "J... Join you? In there? Unh, no thanks. I can wait until
I get back to my room. Really. I barely broke a sweat."

"You sure? It's a big shower. Jennifer and I share it all the time, so I
know you'll fit."

'Jennifer... all the time?'

Rory hadn't even met Jennifer and she was jealous of her, "I'm sure. Thanks

"Some other time maybe."

Sara turned off the water as she said that and grabbed the towel from the
rack. Opening the door all the way she stepped out and began drying herself
off, pretending to ignore the pretty brunette still seated on the toilet.

Not wanting to be caught a third time Rory attempted to leave the bathroom
but Sara would have none of it, "No, that's okay, stay. Why don't we

Rory struggled to get her thoughts back on track. She had just about gotten
her train of thought chugging along and she was getting ready to resume her
interview when Sara finished drying herself and dropped her towel to the
floor leaving her naked and open to Rory's gaze once more. Crash. Instant
derailment. Closely followed by alarm as Sara stepped towards Rory, reaching
behind the panic stricken younger girl for something on the shelf above her

Rory found herself face to chest with the sexy blonde, Sara's perfectly
shaped tits only a couple of inches away, droplets of water clinging to
them, nipples still standing proud. So much for the cold being responsible.
Before she even realized it Rory was leaning forward, her mouth having
decided for itself that it was going to sample the globes hanging so
achingly close.

'What the hell was that? What's going on here? I was going to kiss her

Again Sara pretended not to notice what had happened, but a smile touched
her lips briefly. The blonde backed away and Rory heaved a little sigh of

'That was too close.'

It was then that Rory noticed that Sara had been reaching for her razor.
The lacrosse star was going to shave her legs.

"You did have more questions, right?"

"Questions. Right. Yeah. Ummm..."

Again marshalling her thoughts Rory opened her mouth to begin only to slam
it shut as Sara lifted her right leg and placed her foot on the sink to the
left of the toilet. Sara was going to shave her legs not more than a foot
from Rory's head. Rory could no longer pretend that she was not staring at
Sara's naked body. It would have been silly to even try. It was evident
to Rory that there was more going on than an innocent interview. Sara was
obviously flirting with her. No, flirting didn't cover it. People didn't
flirt while completely nude. People didn't invite other people to watch
them shower and call it flirting. This much Rory knew about flirting.

'Unless I've been doing it wrong. Maybe I should do some research on flirting
at the library... better yet, on the Internet. There's bound to be something
online that I can read. No! I was right the first time. This is not flirting,
this is something more. This is seduction.'

Rory had never been seduced before. She and Dean had broken up before they
had reached the point where seduction could enter the picture and Jess...
well Jess was too much of a stuck-up punk to try his hand at seduction.
His idea of wooing didn't go much beyond sticking his tongue down a girl's
throat while trying to get her bra off. Always the romantic. But even though
Rory had never experienced a seduction before that did not mean she knew
nothing about it. Rory was nothing if not well-read, and that included
reading about the finer points of romance and seduction. And this was nothing
like the things she had read about. Where were the scented candles? And the
wine? Where was the wine? And there wasn't even a CD playing softly in the
background. None of those things were present so maybe it wasn't a seduction.
Maybe Sara was simply not shy about nudity and everything that had occurred
was completely innocent. That must be the explanation.

'Damn.' Rory shocked herself with that thought. She was actually disappointed
to think she was not being seduced. By another girl no less.

It wouldn't have occurred to Rory to simply ask Sara, but if she had the
older girl would have happily explained her actions. She could have told Rory
that she really was being seduced, and the reason it didn't resemble anything
the 18 year-old had read about was because that was fiction and this was
reality. And in reality seduction wasn't always sappy songs on the stereo
with candles flickering in the background. In reality seduction was usually
nothing more than giving a person exactly what they secretly desired, but
were afraid to admit to, then letting them hold onto the illusion that they
had been coerced into taking it. This was the true power of seduction and it
was exactly what Sara was doing to Rory in the bathroom.

When Sara had first met Rory she had no thoughts of seducing the Freshman
girl. They had hit it off instantly and Sara thought she had found a new
friend, but not a new lover. That started to change when Sara observed Rory's
reaction to her comment about continuing the interview while she showered.
It was clear the idea excited the taller girl, and that in turn excited Sara.
The incident that cinched it was when Sara caught Rory staring at her as she
undressed. The expression of lust on the brunette's face hit Sara like a
two-by-four to the side of the head. It was so unexpected. And Rory's
subsequent embarrassment when she realized that she had been caught checking
out Sara's naked form, well that was just too cute for words and so typically
Rory. Although Sara did not yet know Rory well enough to be aware just how
characteristically Rory that reaction was.

When Rory did finally muster the brain power to form words and resume her
interrogation she surprised both herself and Sara with her first question,
"So you're going to shave your legs?"

Sara gave the befuddled girl sitting in her bathroom a lopsided grin, "Is
this part of the interview?"

It was obvious that continuing the interview was no longer foremost in
Rory's mind as she responded in a detached way, "Yeah, the interview."

Sara's grin got bigger, "Do you think I need to shave my legs?"

Taking this as an invitation, Rory looked at the leg perched on the sink to
her left. She let her gaze travel up the limb from the ankle to the thigh,
pausing for a period on a very shapely calf. Nope, no hair there. When
Rory had been ogling Sara's form in the bedroom she was interrupted before
she had made it down to the blonde's legs and now she was sorry that she
had missed them the first time. Sara may have only been 5'3", but her legs
were so perfectly formed they gave the impression of being much longer than
her height would indicate. Years of running, swimming, aerobics and
lacrosse had certainly played their part, but it was mostly genetics that
had given Sara her sexily sleek form.

Rory opened her mouth to speak, her voice cracking at first, "No. Ahem...
No, your legs look fine. No shaving needed."

"How about here? Do you think I need to shave here?" Sara pointed to her
crotch as she spoke.

Rory had to clear her throat twice more to keep her voice from cracking a
second time as she replied to her new friend's question, "No, no shaving
needed there either."

"I'm not so sure. Maybe you'd better take a closer look."

When Rory did as advised Sara knew the brunette was hooked. Rory was
obviously not considering the objective behind Sara's words, she was too
far gone in lust. Instead she was acting almost as if hypnotized, her free
will compromised, leaving her unable to resist Sara's suggestion. Of course
Rory was not hypnotized, and her free will was completely intact. It was
just that, at a very basic level, Rory wanted this as much as Sara, only
the young Freshman had never realized it before. Hence the need for the

"So smooth. And soft. Looks so soft, almost like..."

Rory watched her right hand as it came into her field of vision. She couldn't
remember moving it from its position in her lap, but there it was, moving of
its own volition towards Sara's vulva. Both girls gave out a little groan
when Rory made contact. Sara was keeping tight control of her breathing,
determined to do nothing that might force Rory to cut and run. Rory couldn't
have said whether she was breathing, or how hard her heart was hammering in
her chest, she was so focused on the feeling of Sara's most intimate flesh
where it touched her hand. She was using her index and middle fingers to run
along Sara's outer labia, the skin smoother and softer than anything Rory had
ever touched, except of course for her own pussy. Sara's lips were also hot
and slick and Rory's fingers were beginning to get wet as she slid them back
and forth between the blonde's legs. Since she was still pretending to be
checking the surface for stubble Rory never got too close to Sara's clitoris
but that didn't stop the blonde from gasping loudly when Rory applied
additional pressure and both her fingers slipped partway into the smaller
girls vagina.

Nothing in Rory's experience had prepared her for the sensations she was
feeling. Her heart was beating harder than when she had taken her impromptu
run earlier that morning. The tingling between her legs had turned into a
full blown sexual itch and she was squirming in her seat in a vain attempt
to bring about some relief. And while Rory was no stranger to masturbation,
sending her own fingers into her cunt in search of pleasure was nothing
compared to burying them in another woman's snatch. Everything felt so much
tighter, wetter and hotter than Rory had ever imagined, on those rare
occasions when Rory had entertained such thoughts.

Relying solely on instinct Rory began to move her fingers slightly in
Sara's twat, drilling them in deeper and deeper until she could not go any
further. She left them like that for a few moments until Sara reached down
and grabbed Rory's wrist with her left hand. Holding on to it Sara began
to slowly raise and lower her body on Rory's digits, fingerfucking herself
while the younger girl remained still. Sara kept that up for a couple of
minutes while Rory watched closely. Knowing, without having to ask, that
Rory had never done anything like this before was very exciting for the
blonde athlete and the entire morning had turned into one giant session of
foreplay for her. So she was already pretty well primed for an orgasm and
it wasn't going to take all that much more for her to explode. When Rory
extended her thumb and brought it into contact with Sara's clit it provided
the final bit of stimulation the blonde needed and she began to slam Rory's
fingers in and out of her cunt, keeping the brunette's thumb in place where
it would swipe against the engorged nub, ultimately sending her over the
edge and into her climax.

Sara felt it was necessary to maintain tight control of herself so as not
to scare her new lover off before they could complete their fun, so she
clamped her lips tightly and closed her eyes as she came, permitting only
the smallest of grunts to pass her lips, "Unh... Unh..."

That and the rhythmic clenching of her pussy muscles around Rory's fingers
were the only signs of the blonde's orgasm. Not being an expert in such
matters Rory was not 100% certain that Sara had, in fact, climaxed, and
there was no way she was going to ask. Still, it had definitely looked
like an orgasm, Rory had experienced the sensation before, even if it was
by her own hand, and the thought that she might have just made Sara cum put
a small smile on the virgin girl's lips.

Lifting her tired body off Rory's fingers Sara got down on her knees in
front of the seated girl. Rory was staring at her fingers, entirely coated
now with Sara's pussy juice, looking at them from every direction as if she
could no longer believe they belonged to her. There was a tiny grin on
Rory's lips as she examined her hand so Sara knew that her companion was
not about to freak out completely. She placed her hand on Rory's and moved
it closer to the young girl's lips.

"Want to taste?"

Rory turned her head away and down, embarrassment quickly coloring her
features. Not wanting to push, Sara leaned forward and extended her tongue.
She began licking her own pussy juice from Rory's index finger, making a big
show of it for the uncomfortable girl's benefit. Rory watched from behind the
hair that was covering her eyes as Sara sucked her index finger clean of any
lingering pussy juice. Using only her eyes Sara presented Rory another chance
to taste the juices that remained on the brunette's middle finger. This time
Rory did not turn away but still declined the offer.

Sara did not immediately begin to remove any fluids from the finger with her
tongue, instead she wiped the digit along her lips, applying the lubricant as
if it were lipstick. When she had covered as much of the surface of her lips
as she could reach Sara slowly leaned into Rory, bringing her moistened lips
to within an inch of the Freshman girl's.

Whispering softly she said, "I'm going to kiss you."

Rory did not consent to Sara's kiss, but she also did not protest when she
felt the blonde's lips touch hers. It was an indirect application to be
sure, but some of Sara's pussy juice was transferred to Rory's lips as they
kissed. Sara kept it brief, breaking the kiss to allow Rory time to react.
Her first reaction was to bring her hand up towards her mouth, her lips were
tingling with excitement. Sara could almost see the thoughts whirring behind
Rory's eyes and she saw the brunette hesitantly open her mouth and taste her
lips with her tongue. A surprised smile appeared on Rory's face, whether
because she had not tasted anything, or because she liked what she tasted,
Sara could not say. Until Rory sprang forward and started to kiss Sara again,
this time allowing her lips to part and her tongue to caress the lacrosse
star's lips, collecting what little moisture still remained.

This kiss lasted somewhat longer but Sara could not let it continue for any
length of time. Kneeling on the tile floor was rough on the knees and besides
she did have that brunch date and she was running low on time. She broke the
kiss once again and stood up, much to Rory's obvious disappointment.

"C'mon, we've got to get you out of these clothes before you get all sweaty."

A puzzled look settled on Rory's face 'I thought I wore these clothes because
I was going to get all sweaty?'

Shrugging she dismissed the thought and allowed Sara to take her by the hand
and lead her into the bedroom.

Saturday, September 20th 2003 9:23am

They moved over to Sara's bed and stood at the foot. Leaning in Sara began
to kiss Rory again, this time letting it last and permitting her tongue to
probe lightly into the taller girl's mouth. Sara kept the kiss going until
Rory's growing arousal became evident, the brunettes embrace becoming tighter
as her hands began to wander slightly, then broke it off and started to
undress the younger student.

"Let's take this off."

Sara slipped her fingers under Rory's jog bra and lifted it over the
brunette's head, assisted by the Freshman herself who conveniently raised
her arms over her head to ease the garment's passage. Standing there topless,
Rory began to feel self conscious and she crossed her arms in front of her
breasts, hiding them from Sara's view.

"No you don't. C'mon, get those arms down." Sara scolded as she grabbed
Rory's wrists and pulled the shy girl's arms back to her side.

"Rory, why are you covering your breasts? They're beautiful. Perfect, in

Sara lifted her right hand and cupped one of the perfect breasts before
her. Rory shuddered at the touch even though the room and Sara's hand were
comfortably warm. Dean had made some attempts at getting his hand under
Rory's bra, but the timing never seemed right to her and the best he had
ever achieved was feeling her up through her bra. That still left him a
couple of steps ahead of Jess, who had never succeeded in even getting a
hand under Rory's shirt, contributing to his perpetual state of frustration.
Neither of them would ever have believed that it would be another woman who
would get to be the first to touch Rory so intimately.

Rory shut her eyes and concentrated on the sensation as Sara's hand closed
on her left breast. She could feel the heat of the blonde's palm as her
flesh was kneaded softly, the calluses on Sara's hand rubbing against her
nipple and causing it to stand even more erect than it already was. She
kept her eyes closed when Sara removed her hand only to have them fly open
when the lacrosse star bent forward and flicked her tongue over the
sensitive nub.

Sara backed away from Rory's breast only long enough to utter "Salty." before
she returned and sucked the bud sharply into her mouth.

Rory's eyes could not open any wider so she matched Sara's sharp inhale
with one of her own as pleasure more intense than anything she could ever
remember feeling shot through her nipple. Sara continued to suck the pink
nub for several minutes, using her left hand to caress and fondle Rory's
free boob. When she'd had enough she switched places, sucking Rory's right
nipple while mauling the abandoned breast.

Rory stood quietly, except for occasional moans of delight, and kept her
hand loosely placed on the back of Sara's head, ready to press the blonde
body part forward if there was any indication the shorter girl was thinking
of ending her attentions to Rory's nipples. It wasn't like Sara wanted to
stop what she was doing, so the hand wasn't really necessary, but she was
up against the clock here and so could not spend as much time on foreplay
as she would have liked.

Releasing Rory's nipple from between her lips, and ignoring the younger
girl's moan of displeasure, Sara took Rory by the hand and led her over to
the side of the bed. Placing a hand on Rory's shoulder the blonde instructed
the Freshman to take a seat on the edge of the bed.

"Sit. I want to get your shoes and socks off."

Rory did as requested and Sara knelt in front of her to remove her footwear.
Finishing her task the lacrosse star slid her hands up the outside of Rory's
bare legs, letting them come to a stop palm down on the young girl's thighs.

"Take off your shorts."

For the first time since removing her jog bra Rory was hesitant. She resisted
the temptation to cross her arms over her breasts again but could not stop
herself from looking down and away from her blonde friend.

"Sara, I'm... I'm not... I'm not gay. I'm..."

Sara interrupted her before she could complete her sentence, "That's okay.
I'm not either."

Moving her hands off Rory's thighs and onto the bed to each side Sara lifted
herself from her sitting position on the floor and brought her lips up to
within an inch of her companion's, continuing her explanation, "At least I
don't think of myself that way. I like boys. A lot. But I also like girls..."

She emphasized this by leaning in and kissing Rory, again waiting until the
brunette's breathing became ragged before breaking away, only to pick up
her thought where she had left it.

"... A lot. Which works out well for me since I like sex more than a lot. I
guess that makes me bi, but I think it just makes me me."

Rory worked through Sara's statement as the blonde started to tug on the
waistband of her running shorts. It wasn't that her new friend's remark was
difficult to understand. It was just in Rory's nature to look at things from
all sides, turning the comment over in her mind, tasting the truth in the
declaration and coming to terms with it.

It was while Rory was puzzling things out that Sara got her to lift her hips
off the bed and succeeded in getting her running shorts and panties down her
legs and on the floor. As the garments hit the carpeting Rory realized for
the first time that she was naked. Before she could even become alarmed at
her state of undress Sara was again lifting herself up for another kiss. This
time as the two girls kissed Sara maneuvered herself onto the bed and started
to press Rory by the shoulders, lowering the brunette to the bed's surface,
never once breaking the kiss as they moved into place.

When Rory was flat on her back Sara backed away and settled on her left
side facing the naked brunette. Propping her head up with her left hand she
allowed the right to lightly stroke Rory's torso and stomach, staying well
away from the younger girl's lower abdomen and only occasionally caressing
her breasts and nipples.

Rory watched her friend intently, her eyes shifting from the hand that was
wandering over her upper body to the blonde's hazel, no they were dark blue
again in the light of the bedroom, eyes. Sara's caresses were raising goose
bumps on her skin and she could feel her pussy getting wetter and hotter
with each stroke.

'This is really going to happen. I'm going to have sex. With a woman! My
first time will be with a woman! ... will it be better than a guy? What if
it's not any good? There's only one first... Oh my God! What if I'm not any
good. I don't know what to do. This isn't what I ever imagined. Oh God! I
don't know what to do. I've never... I've got to... tell Sara! Yes! I've got
to tell her that I don't know what to do and then she'll... and I'll... I've
got to tell her!'


"Yes baby?"

"...I've never... I haven't done this before."

"I kinda figured that out already."

"No I mean, I haven't done this before. With anyone."

'What? She doesn't mean... She does mean! Holy Shit!'

"Rory, are you saying you've never had sex before? With anyone? You're a

A series of very sheepish nods from the brunette head.

'Well this is a first. Never been with another woman, that I can understand.
But never had sex before, and doesn't think of herself as gay. That is a

"Well, I guess we'll just have to make this special, won't we?"

Forestalling any additional revelations or protests from her companion Sara
bent her head down and began kissing Rory again. While they kissed she
resumed her light stroking of the younger girl's body, spending a lot of
time just caressing Rory's shoulder and arm, getting the inexperienced
woman comfortable with her touch before taking things up to another level.

Rory really appreciated the slow pace Sara was setting. She was still nervous
about what was to come and she welcomed the opportunity to ease into things
gently. The caresses of various non-intimate parts of her body let her
concentrate on enjoying the kissing without being worried about Sara's next
move. At least with the kissing Rory felt she was on reasonably solid ground.
She hadn't had sex with a partner yet but she had done more than a fair
amount of kissing over the last three years, especially with Dean, and she
considered herself to be pretty good at it. So after letting Sara be in
charge for several minutes Rory was relaxed enough to begin exerting herself
and take over control of the action.

Sara wasn't surprised when Rory decided to assume command of their kissing,
in fact she had been waiting for a sign that the younger girl was calm enough
for her strokes to move away from unthreatening and on to stimulating. There
were several ways Rory could have indicated this to the blonde but by
becoming an eager participant she sent the clearest possible signal that she
was ready and willing for whatever came next. Able would be determined later.

Sara wasn't surprised when Rory took control, but she was certainly pleased,
'So the shy girl isn't so shy after all. Hey, not a bad kisser either. Can't
wait to teach her other things she can do with that tongue!... Damn! It's
getting late. Fuck! Need to speed things up a little.'

With Rory fully engaged in their make-out session Sara was free to do
whatever she wanted with her hand. Moving down from the brunette's shoulder
Sara placed her hand once more on Rory's breast and let it lay there unmoving
for some seconds. When no complaints were received Sara began to squeeze
Rory's flesh again and to play with her nipple, rolling the nub between her
thumb and forefinger, pinching it and pulling on it lightly. Rory moaned in
pleasure from the manipulation of her breast but did not let Sara's interest
in her chest interrupt their kissing.

Keeping close watch on the clock on the nightstand Sara did not spend as much
time as she normally would have playing with Rory's tits. She and Jennifer
had both discovered early on that most guys loved playing with their tits,
until they were allowed to move below the belt and found something that
interested them even more. And sex after that always meant insufficient
attention paid to their chest and the interest in their pussy only lasted
long enough for the guy to get his rocks off. Most guys that is. So whenever
Sara was having sex with another woman, especially Jennifer, she usually
spent a considerable amount of time on the woman's chest, kissing and
nibbling and squeezing and kneading and pulling and pinching and licking and
sucking and any other thing that entered her mind that would bring pleasure
to her partner. This time was going to have to be an exception however.

Sara's hand continued moving down Rory's body, coming to a stop on the
younger woman's flat abdomen. Rory had an appetite that could shame a
tri-athlete and was not known for being a gym rat, but still she managed to
stay in excellent physical condition, through some gift of nature. Most
likely it was genetic since her mother was exactly the same, even though
the older woman was well into her 30's, the point in life when the
metabolism usually slows to a relative crawl and the poor eating habits of
years past tend to catch up with a person. So, although Rory ate way more
than a young girl her size could possibly need, and was never caught
intentionally exercising, she still had washboard abs, in fact there did
not appear to be an ounce of unnecessary fat anywhere on her body, to the
amazement of doctors everywhere.

When Sara began to caress Rory's abdomen she applied more pressure than in
her earlier trips down there. She was also permitting her hand to travel
lower on the brown haired girl's body than she previously had. The only
indication Rory was aware of the more daring explorations was an increase
in both the frequency of her moans and the swiftness of her breathing.

Sara proceeded to alternate between fondling Rory's breasts and rubbing her
abdomen, going lower and lower with each pass until her fingertips were
brushing up against the top fringe of her bedmate's pubic hair. Through
all of the blonde girl's touches Rory and Sara had never stopped making
out. Sara was content to continue as long as she could focus most of her
attention on the hand that she was using to discover Rory's body. Rory had
been equally content to continue as it gave her something to do besides
watching Sara feel her up. Plus both girls really were very good kissers.

At the first touch of Sara's fingertips on Rory's pubic hair the kissing
stopped and both girls eyes opened wide. They pulled apart so that their
eyes could focus properly but other than that neither made another move.
Sara could feel Rory's heart pounding and could see how rapid the innocent
girl's breathing had become. The blonde knew she had to do something or
Rory was going to start panicking and would probably bolt. She could
attempt to resume kissing the anxious brunette, but Rory was so nervous she
probably would be unable to respond as she waited for Sara to do something
with her hand. She could also back off some and return to the less
threatening breast-play and belly rubs. Or she could persist, sending her
hand down through Rory's well manicured bush only to end up firmly cupping
the younger woman's sex, her finger's pressed tightly against the
Freshman's vulva.

Sara kept her eyes locked with Rory's as she chose the last option. Backing
off at this point would probably mean she would lose her chance with Rory.
It would simply take too long to get the younger girl to relax enough to get
things going again. And trying to distract Rory so she could proceed reminded
Sara too much of her own early fumblings in the back seat of a car with her
high-school boyfriends. Each of them resorting to some act of subterfuge to
divert her attention as they tried to get their hands under her shirt or into
her pants. Rory deserved better than that for her first time.

Sara could see the anxiety in Rory's eyes as she waited for the blonde to
decide what would happen next. She could also see desire in them, a desire
to play this scenario out to its logical conclusion. Rory was well beyond
the point where she could plausibly deny knowing what she was doing and
what Sara intended to do with her. She was lying on a bed completely naked
with another woman, equally naked, who was about to give Rory the most
intimate caress of her young life. It would have been hard to convince
anyone who might happen upon them that Rory was unaware of the nature of
her actions and that she was under the false impression that this was all
still part of the interview process and therefore totally innocent. Rory
could only think of one person that gullible, and Madelyn was in another
school, hundreds of miles away.

Knowing something was about to occur, but not knowing exactly what, only
served to make Rory's heart beat faster when she felt Sara's hand slide
through her pubes and come to a stop cupping her vulva. As she had earlier
in the bathroom when she first touched Sara's labia, Rory let out a low
groan as her friend, and now lover, began to rub her finger's along her
outer lips. Rory closed her eyes and pursed her lips, a look of intense
absorption on her face, almost as if she needed to close down her other
senses so she could focus on the sensations Sara was causing between her

Actually the exact opposite was true. The stirrings coming from her vagina
were so powerful that it felt as if every nerve ending in her body had been
rerouted to her groin, leaving her with no input from any other part of her
body. So she had no need to concentrate to feel Sara's fingers slide along
her labia, the sensations were so overwhelming everything else was shut out
and Rory would not have reacted even if Lorelai had walked into the room
and started reciting the week's grocery list.

Sara was very pleased with the way things were going. Judging by Rory's
moans, which were increasing in volume with each stroke of Sara's hand, the
brunette was really enjoying the first touch of another individual on her
most personal parts. So when Sara leaned down and placed a quick peck on
Rory's lips it barely even registered with her. And when the blonde
started to kiss her way down Rory's body the brunette still did not react,
not even when Sara took a side trip to the larger woman's nipples and spent
some time flicking her tongue over the erect pink nubs.

It was only when Sara curled her fingers as she slid them down Rory's slit,
allowing them to slip between the reclining girl's lips and into her vagina
that the younger girl finally reacted. Rory's moan became a shout and her
eyes sprang open as she tried to see what it was that had made her feel
such pleasure. It didn't seem possible to Rory, but every time she thought
that she had never felt anything so incredible in her life before, it was
only a matter of minutes until she was feeling something even better.
Sara's fingers gliding in and out of her pussy and making squishing noises
as they displaced her fluids clearly qualified as better.

Sara appeared to know exactly what Rory was thinking when she met the
brunette's eyes and said, "Just wait. It only gets better."

Having only experienced her own fingers upon occasion and the hairbrush
that she had used to break her hymen, Rory could merely accept Sara's words
at face value. It was difficult to imagine how anything could improve on
the sensations she was already feeling. Unless...


Sara looked up in surprise at her new friend, "What was that sweetie?"

Rory struggled to get the words out in between her grunts of pleasure,
"...unh... unh... unh... more!... unh... unh... please... unh..."

"More? You mean another finger?"

"YES!! Oh God yes!"

Sara was impressed. Most newbies had no idea what would increase their
pleasure and never even tried to communicate the desire for something more,
or different. They just lay there accepting whatever came their way and
then simply mimicked what had been done to them when it was their turn.
The only person that had been an exception to that rule was her roommate
Jennifer. Both Sara and her best friend were very demanding lovers,
constantly conveying their needs to whatever partner they happened to be
with, expecting those needs to be met and prepared to return the same in
due course. Only with each other had the two found someone else who knew
what felt good to them and what exactly was needed to turn good in to
amazing. Anyone, no matter how inexperienced, could tell the difference
between what felt good and what didn't, it was a rare person that could
verbalize exactly what was missing to turn bad in to good and good in to
great. Sara thought that maybe she had finally found another such person.

Of course for Sara this was something she did only when having sex with
another woman. Whenever she had sex with a guy she accepted it as a lost
cause to even try to explain what worked for her and what didn't. In those
cases she usually just rolled the guy onto his back and climbed on board.
This way she could achieve as much gratification as was possible under the
circumstances and the guy, well she'd never received any complaints about
her methods so things must have worked out to the satisfaction of any of
the guys she'd been with.

Responding to Rory's request Sara tried to work a third finger into the
younger woman's very tight snatch. It took some doing, and a lot of Rory's
readily available pussy juice, but eventually Sara was able to slide her
ring finger in with the other two and to resume pumping her digits in and
out of the Freshman's twat.

"...UNH!... UNH!... Oh... God... Unh... Yes!..."

Rory's head was hanging back as she let the pleasure wash over her. Again,
she didn't have much to compare it to, but she had never felt so full
before. She could feel her vagina adjusting constantly to the intruding
fingers as they thrust into her and slipped back out. She had usually not
used her fingers in this manner when masturbating, preferring instead to
focus her attention on her clit, and now she was deeply sorry she hadn't.

'Why didn't someone tell me it would feel this good? This has to be the
most pleasure anyone has ever felt!'

That was when Sara added her thumb to the mix.


No one could blame Rory for not remembering Sara's response in the bathroom
when her own thumb began to massage the blonde's clitoris as the older girl
rode her index and middle fingers. She had been a tad busy since then and
reviewing the mornings events while she was still right smack in the middle
of living them would be absurd. Even if she had remembered she couldn't
have known what it would feel like the first time another person touched
her clit. She had heard the clichés - it was like lightning striking your
pussy, or electrodes being attached to your skin, or fireworks going off,
or yadda yadda yadda. Truth was, none of that really did justice to the
intensity of feeling that comes with being with another person for the very
first time. Everything was amplified, just because it was all so new. So
this was no small town fireworks display, for Rory this was the Fourth of
July on the Boston Commons and the countdown had begun for the cannon fire
at the end of the 1812 Overture.

Sara could see that using her thumb on Rory's clit while she continued to
saw her fingers in and out of the girl's cunt was having a dramatic
effect. Rory's head had slammed back onto the bed at first but now she had
lifted it again and was staring at Sara's hand as it worked at her vagina.
Perspiration was collecting on Rory's brow from her exertions and her hair
was now almost as damp as if she really had joined Sara in the shower, and
she was gasping for air. Rory was well on her way to an orgasm and her
muscles were already showing signs of contracting, particularly her legs
which had started to lift off the bed and curl towards her torso.

This presented Sara with a dilemma. On the one hand, she liked the position
she was currently in, it granted her the perfect view along Rory's entire
body and she could watch the brunette's total response to her first orgasm
not of her own doing. On the other hand, Sara did not want to miss any of
what she was sure would be copious amounts of Rory's pussy cream when the
ex-virgin's climax actually struck. She wanted to be perfectly placed between
the taller girl's legs, ready to slide her tongue into the sodden snatch and
lick up every trace of juice she encountered.

Figuring that there would never be another chance to swallow the tangible
evidence of Rory's first orgasm Sara quickly moved down the taller girl's
body and into place between her legs. She persisted in her digital treatment
of Rory's box, three fingers filling the Freshman's vagina while her thumb
polished the sweaty girl's clitoris. Sara looked up into Rory's eyes as she
moved closer to her new friend's pussy. Maintaining eye contact Sara extended
her tongue and leaned over, removing her thumb just as her tongue touched
Rory's clit and circled the puffed up nerve bundle.

Rory watched as Sara's tongue got closer and closer to her clit. Knowing
what was going to happen this time added to her excitement but did nothing
to diminish the added jolt of pleasure she felt when Sara made contact.
Rory's hands shot up to grasp Sara's hair, preventing the lacrosse star
from leaving her position between the brunette's legs. Sara circled Rory's
clit with her tongue once... twice... three times. Each time Rory's body
curled up a little more, her legs were completely off the bed now and her
ankles were crossed behind Sara's back, conspiring with her hands to thwart
any attempt by the blonde to escape.

Sara circled Rory's clit a fourth time, slashing her tongue directly across
the nub at the end. Then she puckered her lips and sucked the brunette's
clit into her mouth. This ended up being more than Rory could take and she
began her climax in earnest.

"Unh!... Unh!... UNH!... GOD! OH GOD!! OH GOD!! OH SARA!!!"

If Sara had wanted to get out of the way when Rory's orgasm struck she
would have been in trouble. Rory's body was completely wrapped around her
head and upper body as the Freshman student rode out what appeared to be a
supremely satisfying climax. Luckily Sara wanted to go in the opposite
direction and she removed her fingers from Rory's snatch only to instantly
replace them with her tongue. While Rory crested the wave of her orgasm
and the intense pleasure slowly began to fade, Sara was drilling the
brunette's muff in search of pussy juice. At first the search was easy,
Rory's juices were literally gushing out of her cunt, so much so that Sara
was briefly concerned that she might miss out on some. Redoubling her
efforts the blonde found that she was able to keep up with the flow until,
inevitably, the flow slowed to a trickle and finally came to a complete
stop. Now Sara had to work harder to find traces of Rory's cum. Keeping
her tongue supple she pushed the pink muscle in between Rory's labia and
began to lick up and down the length of her new lover's slit.

When Rory's orgasm finally petered out her body began to unclench and her
upper torso fell back to the bed. Her hair was plastered to her head and
sweat was dripping from her body and she felt more alive than she ever had
before. She had been told that sex was great. Her mother told her. Dean
and Jess told her, whenever one of them was trying to convince her to sleep
with them. Madelyn and Louise told her, repeatedly. Books, movies, TV,
Dr. Ruth. They all told her sex was great. But they had never said it was
GREAT! Well, Dr. Ruth may have, but who could believe that little troll
actually knew what sex felt like. Rory felt like she had just conquered
Everest. Or won a Pulitzer for journalism, or found a cure for cancer.
She was so exuberant she was downright giddy. She was ready to challenge
Sara to a footrace, so long as no one expected her feet to actually touch
the ground. Twenty laps? Rory felt certain she could do twice that,
easy. Heck, make it fifty!

Rory's head was still on the pillow where it had landed and her right arm
was covering her eyes when she began to chuckle quietly. Of all the scenarios
Rory had envisioned over the years not once had she ever imagined anything
even remotely like this. She'd had the usual schoolgirl fantasies about her
first time. How it was going to be with her one true love on their wedding
night and how she and her soulmate would have a house with a white picket
fence in Stars Hollow where they would have 2.3 children and they would live
happily ever after. She'd also had more practical imaginings about her first
time, how she'd find a guy and they'd hit it off and after a reasonable
period of time they would sleep together and it would be wonderful. Never,
not even once, had she dreamed that her first time would find her with
another woman and that woman would bring her more pleasure than she thought

So Rory chuckled quietly to herself, then announced to the room and to the
world, "That was friggin INCREDIBLE!"

Sara smiled widely at her bedmate's exclamation. She knew precisely what
Rory was talking about, watching the body beneath her writhing in pleasure
had been almost as pleasing as having her own orgasm. Almost being the
operative word. Sara had found that she enjoyed giving head as much, and
maybe even more, than receiving, and when she saw the results of her efforts
in the happy, glowing faces of her partners it made her own excitement grow
and that ended up with her having far more gratifying encounters than she
would have otherwise. This explained why, even after Rory's orgasm had
completely faded, Sara could still be found with her tongue deeply seated
in the younger woman's cunt.

The athletic blonde was still enjoying the sensation of her tongue as it
traveled through Rory's folds. Sara was a natural at eating pussy. Her
first encounter had been with her best friend Jennifer back in the tenth
grade. It was then that she learned the power her tongue had as she coaxed
orgasm after orgasm from the dark haired girl. With hardly any effort she
was able to bring Jennifer to repeated climaxes just by intuitively knowing
how and where to lick and nibble and suck on her friend's pussy. She had
confirmed this power with numerous women over the next several years,
consistently able to bring one after the other to the extremely rewarding
climax they desired. Though she had yet to find another woman who could
cum so easily and repeatedly like her Jennifer could.

Rory lifted her head from the pillow where it had fallen and looked down
her body to the blonde perched between her legs. She locked eyes with her
lover and gave the blue-eyed girl peeking up at her a huge smile. Rory
thought that Sara would stop what she was doing and move up to join her at
the head of the bed, but the shorter girl seemed more than happy to stay
right where she was. As if to emphasize her choice Sara slurped Rory's
lips into her mouth and pulled them away from her body, letting them curl
back into place only to repeat the process all over. Pushing her tongue
back into Rory's opening Sara noisily sucked down the freshly produced
fluids she found. When Rory heard the slurping sound she blushed deeply
over most of her body, but even her embarrassment could not chase the smile
off her face.

'Damn that feels good! I wonder if it always feels this good, or is she
just really, really good at it? Maybe she should stay down there a little

Sara was thinking the exact same thing. Rory seemed content to let her
enjoy what she was doing so there didn't appear to be any reason to move,
and Sara was starting to believe that her ministrations were getting the
younger woman aroused all over again. Rory's smile was just beginning to
disappear, the same look of intense concentration she wore earlier
replacing it, and her breathing was growing shallow again. Sara's left arm
was wrapped around Rory's leg and her hand rested lightly just above the
brunette's vulva. She reached with her right hand for Rory's left and
clasped their hands together. Relying on the intuition that had never
failed yet to guide her to the best spot Sara brought her tongue up to
Rory's clit and proceeded to use the broad flat part to lick just off to
the side of the tiny nerve center. She made sure she kept her tongue
relaxed and supple. Sara had learned from bitter experience that a stiff
tongue flicking furiously against the clit was simply too extreme for many
women, including herself. Regrettably, many men thought this was the key
to oral sex, and no matter how often they were corrected they still treated
the clit like it was a tiny drum and they were the drummer for Spinal Tap
playing their final solo.

Setting an even pace Sara got down to the business of bringing Rory to
another orgasm. For the time being she avoided direct stimulation as she
concentrated on her selected spot just off to the right of the Freshman
girl's clit. She paid close attention to Rory's reactions, looking for any
signs that the young woman was not getting as much pleasure as she could be
out of Sara's oral efforts. From the look on Rory's face, and the way she
was squeezing Sara's hand clasped in hers, the blonde had gotten it right

Rory screwed her eyes closed as Sara licked her pussy with a steady rhythm.
The consistency of Sara's tongue as the blonde patiently dragged it across
her heated flesh was helping Rory quickly build to another climax, while
sending jolts of pleasure through her body with every swipe. She was
squeezing Sara's hand almost painfully hard and her legs had settled around
the older girl's back once more, her heels pressing against the blonde's
shoulder blades. Her right hand was being used to knead her breasts,
pinching and pulling on her nipples and adding to the pleasure coming from
between her legs.

All of these were signs of Rory's increased arousal but Sara was waiting for
something different. Sara was waiting for another change in Rory's breathing.
The brunette was puffing her breaths out in unison with the strokes of Sara's
tongue, and as the blonde picked up speed so did Rory's breathing. When Rory
began to verbalize her pleasure Sara knew it was time to alter her tactics.

"Oh God Sara! Oh God! So good. So... good... SARA!!"

For Sara the timing of that scream could not have been better. Using her
left hand which had still been resting on Rory's lower abdomen, Sara took
her thumb and pulled back the hood to Rory's clitoris, completely exposing
the enlarged nub. Moving her tongue she made direct contact with the
blood-swollen bud just as Rory called out her name. They were in the home
stretch now. Rory had moved her right hand down from her chest and wrapped
it in Sara's blonde tresses. Her heels started to dig into Sara's back,
lifting her pelvis off the bed slightly.

Sara moved with Rory, adjusting her position a bit so her tongue never missed
its scheduled meeting with the Freshman's clit. Any change in the tempo at
this late stage could interfere with the progress of Rory's orgasm and Sara
did not want to risk that. Not that she had anything against prolonging the
arrival of a climax. Sara knew the benefits of the occasional tease, but she
was running short on time and she simply wouldn't leave Rory unsatisfied.
That may have qualified as 'special', but it was certainly not what Sara had
meant and not the way she wanted Rory to remember her first time.

Rory's vaunted verbal skills had deserted her by now. Not that she cared.
She was reduced to repeatedly uttering one name, a form of worship ascribed
to by more people than belonged to any single organized religion.

"...Sara!... Sara!... Sara!... Sara!... SARA!... SARA!... SARAAAAAAAA!!!"

With Rory's heels pressing against her back and the younger girl's hips
lifting off the bed Sara's neck was being stretched uncomfortably as she
tried to remain in a position where she could still reach the brunette's
clit. Fortunately it was only a matter of a few more strokes directly
applied to said clit and Rory was praising Sara's name to the heavens. As
her climax hit Rory's back arched and Sara's tongue slipped away from her
clit and ending up positioned in her vaginal opening, perfectly situated to
swallow the juices now pouring out of her box.

Unlike her first orgasm Rory was not spending a lot of effort thinking about
the experience, she was much too busy enjoying it. Like the first one, this
too had been nothing short of amazing. She was soaked in sweat and her
breathing had still not returned to its usual pattern. As her climax ebbed
her head returned to her pillow and her legs uncurled, stretching out along
Sara's back. Her right hand fell away from Sara's blonde mane but her left
remained holding onto her new friend and lover's right one.

Sara was ecstatic. She felt she had delivered on her promise to make Rory's
first time ever special. In fact she thought it would be fair to say that
special didn't quite cover it. Spectacular seemed more appropriate, and she
thought Rory would agree. One way to find out.


No answer.

"Rory sweetie."

Still no answer.

'What the...'

A devious grin appeared on Sara's lips and she lowered her mouth back to
Rory's muff, extending her tongue yet again and sliding it in between her
lover's labia.


'Holy Shit! She's asleep! Guess spectacular is the right word! Oh shit,
look at the time!'

Sara eased herself out from under Rory's legs, careful not to wake her.

'Damn, look at my hair. I'll have to shower again anyway, don't want to show
up smelling of sex again. Oh well, they'll just have to wait. Hope she wakes
up before I leave. I suppose I could leave her a note...'

Saturday, September 20th 2003 11:04am

Rory drifted awake slowly. She had been having the most pleasant dream, but
she could not remember a single detail. There may have been a blue sky and
clouds in it, maybe not. She stretched languorously and allowed her eyes to
open, looking around the room for her friend and, now, lover. Sara was
nowhere to be found.

'Maybe she's still in the bathroom. What time is it?'

Finding the clock on the nightstand Rory saw that it was already past time
for Sara's brunch to begin and figured that her blonde playmate had already

'Damn! I wanted to talk to her. I have to thank her... tell her how amazing
that was... maybe we could do it again sometime, and I could... OH CRAP! I
fell asleep before... Oh shoot! Now she's gonna think I didn't want to...
and that I only wanted for myself... Damn It! Why'd I have to fall asleep?'

Still chastising herself for falling asleep and probably ruining everything
Rory began to get out of bed intending to dress and return to her own dorm.
When her feet hit the floor she started looking for her clothes, finding
them scattered about the floor near the foot of the bed. On top of her
shorts she found a note from Sara.

Dear Sleepyhead,
Did you enjoy your nap? I'll bet it wasn't as much fun as
what led up to it, now was it? I hope you enjoyed that as
much as I did. Not the nap, the other stuff. It sure looked
like you did. Again, not the nap. Sorry I had to leave
before you woke up, but I had friends waiting.

I'd ask you to stick around until I get back, but I'll be
out most of the day and you probably have things to do.
Promise me you'll call me in a couple of days. We have to
get together to play again. Okay? Please say yes.

Love, Sara

P.S. You should shower before you leave, or people will
know what you've been up to.

P.P.S. I'm keeping your panties. If you want them back
you'll have to give me something better. I think you know
what I mean.

When she finished reading the note Rory was very relieved. She had not
screwed things up with her untimely nap after all. In fact, Sara had
apparently enjoyed their encounter as much as she had. The anxiety she had
felt while worrying that she had ruined her encounter was quickly giving
way to extreme high spirits.

'I got laid! Does it count as getting laid if no guy is involved? Who cares!
I had sex! I had SEX! Who cares about showering? Let 'em all know - I HAD

Rory finished gathering up her clothes and moved into the bathroom. She was
sincere in not caring about other people knowing she'd had sex that morning,
but continuing with her day after having sweat so much earlier, that she
could not tolerate, so she stepped into the shower and washed herself off.
By the time she was through she was feeling even more energized than before
and she almost could not prevent herself from doing a little dance right
there in Sara's room.

She did succeed in preventing herself from breaking into dance, but she
could not keep the huge smile off her face or the frequent laughter that
spontaneously bubbled out of her.

'Okay, that's gonna get me a lot of strange looks. Alright let's get serious
here! It's time to get dressed and get outta here. Where're my clothes?
Right, right... Oh Man! I liked those panties! I should take something too.
What? The sheets? That'd be a good memento, right? No, she'd probably notice
they were missing... Aha!'

Hanging on the doorknob to the bathroom was a royal blue thong. Rory was
positive it hadn't been there earlier. Sort of.

'Are those even Sara's? Jeez, what if they're Jennifer's? I can see that
conversation, Hi there, we haven't met yet but I'm the girl who stole your
thong. Hope you don't mind... yeah, right.'

Deciding that the thong had not been there while Sara had been showering Rory
took the undergarment and held it in her hand.

'Now what? Am I supposed to take these? It does seem like something Sara
might do, take mine and leave me hers... does she expect me to wear these?
Is she wearing mine? That's... a little freaky. No, she couldn't... This is
just a swap, something to remind me of today. Right?'

Realizing that there could be no answer to her questions unless she tracked
Sara down, Rory finished dressing and stuffed the thong in the pocket of her
running shorts.

'It doesn't really matter, either way every time I think of this thong it's
gonna remind me of this morning. I'd still like the sheets though.'

With that Rory exited the room and returned to her dorm.

* * *

Friday, March 5th 2004 10:23pm


"Yeah, wow."

"Sounds like you really, really enjoyed yourself."

"I really, really did."

"And Sara? You never...?

"Well I did find out later that she... came, in the bathroom."

"Ah. Then you didn't really leave her hanging."

"Nope. Anyway, I more than made up for it that next weekend."

"Weekend? The entire weekend? You and Sara... And you... with Sara?"

Rory was momentarily baffled, "Yes. The whole weekend. Why? Oh! Never mind.
Yes mom, I... returned the favor... the following weekend."

When Rory had finished relaying the saga of her first sexual episode Lorelai
was struck as much by what she had not heard as by what she had. At no point
during her time with Sara did it appear that she had reciprocated the oral
sex she had received from the blonde. Intentionally or otherwise, Rory's
little nap had prevented her from having to face that choice, so to speak.
So Lorelai was able to hang on to the hope, however tenuously, that this was
a one-time fling for her daughter, some innocent sexual experimentation, and
that it had not been a real lesbian encounter because Rory hadn't really done
anything. Well, not much of anything.

Unfortunately Rory's last sentence killed that hope deader than Pauly Shore's

Not receiving any response from her mother at this latest revelation Rory
grew apprehensive again. Her mother's initial acceptance of the nature of
her first time had chased away all the fears of rejection she had felt
going into the conversation, Lorelai's current silence brought those same
fears scurrying back.

Facing her fears head on Rory hesitantly asked, "Do you want me to tell you
about it?"

Lorelai lifted her head and gave her daughter a sweet smile. Time and time
again that evening Rory had made Lorelai swell with pride. Her only child
had grown into a confident, poised young woman, concerned for, and tolerant
of, others, and willing to stand up and accept responsibility for her
actions. On top of which, Rory was so self-assured, that she was able to
sit down and relay a tale that she had to have known was going to be found
shocking, but she did it anyway, putting it out there for Lorelai to hear,
and letting the chips fall where they may. Now it was Lorelai's turn to
make her daughter proud.

"Very much. But first, I think we need more ice cream!"

The ashamed look on Rory's face was replaced instantly by a beaming smile.
Lorelai couldn't tell if it was due to her response, or the offer of more
ice cream. Probably some of both. Okay, it was probably mostly due to her
tacit support for Rory's choices, but some of it had to be due to the ice

"Ooh! Do we have any bananas?"
_ _ _

Well, there it is. The first chapter of my Gilmore Girl series. As long as
the feedback, assuming there is any, is not overwhelmingly negative I intend
to write others, though there may be a delay before Part 2 is posted. I don't
know if other's ever encounter this, but I'm kind of jumping all over the
timeline of the story in my writing. For example, Part 2 of this will take
place in late September 2003, but I'm currently working on a part that takes
place on Halloween. Think Rory dressed up as The Evil Callisto. Anyway, I
don't want to lose the ideas I've had for that part, so part 2 gets delayed.
Not for long, I hope.

Oh yeah, I started this story back in early March. I haven't seen the season
ending ep yet, but any similarities between that show and this story are just

So that's it for now. Until next time.



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