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Gilmore Girls: Awakenings Part 2 - A Taste Of A Woman (FF,oral,cons)
by TSSA's Newest Perv ([email protected])

Friday, March 5th 2004 10:36pm

The Gilmore girls re-entered their living room after a brief excursion to the
kitchen where they had found all the materials necessary for creating two
over-sized banana splits. Except for cherries. Lorelai found the absence of
the small red fruit to be outrageously funny, Rory, however, failed to see
the humor in the situation.

"Would you stop laughing! It's not that funny."

"Don't you get it? No cherries in the Gilmore house!"

"I can see that, but I still don't find it funny. What would you be doing if
there wasn't any whipped cream?"

"Making a trip to the leather shop for new whips, but that's another story.
Rory, think about it! No more cherries in the house!"

"So what? So there are no cherries to be found anywhere in the house. Neither
you nor I have. Oh. I get it. It's still not that funny."

"Oh Yale is just sucking the humor out of you. Soon you'll be humorless. A
humorless shell of a person. Like Taylor only with nicer and slightly larger

Rory refrained from answering. A couple of retorts sprang to mind when the
words Yale, sucking and boobs had been uttered by her mother but she wisely
decided that Lorelai was not quite ready for her to make jokes about her
lesbian exploits. There would be time enough for that down the road. Way,
way, down the road. Somewhere near Key West.

The two women resumed their positions on the couch, legs crossed underneath
them as required, and dove in to their dessert. Their second dessert to be

After a few minutes of companionable silence Lorelai looked at Rory over her
spoon and asked, "So are you going to tell me about that next weekend with

"Are you sure you're ready to hear this?"

"Honey, I'm ready to hear anything you want to tell me. More than that, I
want to hear it. All of it. Anything and everything. The decision is yours.
Whatever you want to tell me, I'm here for you babe."

Rory smiled happily at her mother, "Have I told you lately that I love you?"

Lorelai smiled back at her daughter and gave the younger woman an expectant
look, which Rory tried desperately to ignore. With no response in the offing
Lorelai let her face morph into a slight pout, finally coercing a reaction
from her offspring, "I am not singing!"

Lorelai's pout deepened until finally Rory had had enough, "Fine. I'm going
to bed!"

Lorelai blocked Rory's attempt to get off the couch with her leg, "Yeah,
right. Like you're going to go to bed and leave half a banana split behind,
uneaten. Go peddle your bridge to someone else mister, `cause I'm not
buying." This last was accompanied by a shooing motion of Lorelai's hand.

Rory settled back into place on the sofa, "I didn't say I wasn't going to
take it with me, and since when has food ever been left behind uneaten in
this house anyway? Have you forgotten the Animal Cracker incident?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about! Did you have enough to eat today?
You're starting to babble!"

"Animal Crackers. At the zoo? When I was 7?"

"Still not ringing a bell. Damn! All this talk of Animal Crackers and
cherries is making me hungry. Do we have any cookies in the house? Or pasta?
I could go for some pasta." this as Lorelai shoveled yet another spoonful of
ice cream into her mouth.

"Forget it lady. You probably ate all the cookies! And the pasta! Just like
my Animal Crackers at the zoo!"

"Are you still going on about those damn crackers? You know honey I think
you're becoming obsessed. It's time to let it go. After all this was how many
years ago?"

"When I was 7! I had a brand new box of Animal Crackers for my trip to the
zoo and I opened it and ate a couple and gave you the box to hold for me.
And when I asked for the box back you tried to make me believe that I had
finished them already, that the box only held three crackers, when I could
see you sneaking them out of your purse!"

"Survival of the fittest babe. You had to learn that cold harsh reality of
life sometime, what better place than at the zoo? It's your own fault anyway.
Who told you to give me the box to hold? Hello! Have you seen me with food?"

"I was a little kid! How was I to know that I couldn't trust my own mother
not to steal my cookies!"

"Well there you have it. I was only doing what any good mom would do,
teaching you a valuable life lesson."

"Thank you Fred Rogers."

"Well it worked didn't it? You learned something from the day."

"Yeah, never to leave my food unguarded with you or Babette's cat around! And
there's no leather store in Stars Hollow."

"Oh poor Rory! Poor, poor, delusional Rory! Goes away to school and when she
comes back home she refuses to see just how much has changed in her once
idyllic little town. I bet you haven't even noticed the crack house that
opened next to Luke's diner."

"You mean Taylor's `Ye Olde Soda Shoppe'?"

"Sure, that's what they want you to think. But what would you call a place
that sells `Snow' Cones? We all know what `snow' is slang for on the street."

"What's the weather like in your world?"

"Sunny and mild with a chance of rain later in the day."

"Sounds nice there."

Both women knew they could have easily kept the banter going many minutes
longer, but the ice cream was starting to melt and while light repartee was
high on the Gilmore's list of things to do, ice cream was much higher.
Besides which, if Lorelai was going to whip up some pasta she'd have to
finish her banana split first.

Finishing the rest of her dessert in silence, Rory put the empty dish on
the table and extended her legs along the couch, intertwining them with her
mothers even longer limbs. Lorelai pulled the blanket off the back of the
couch and covered their legs, tucking the coverlet into the seat cushions
and adding to the comfortable warmth coming from the fireplace.

Rory accepted this as a signal to begin telling the next part of her story
and she opened her mouth to begin, only to be cut off by her mother, "Will
water be involved in this part too?"

Caught mid thought, Rory paused while she searched for the answer to her
mother's question. The answer came to her quickly enough but it was
accompanied by an additional recollection of the weekend in question that
caused the young woman to briefly burst out in laughter and blush deeply.

Puzzled by this reaction, Lorelai could only look on as she waited for Rory
to recover.

Her laughter winding down, Rory only increased her mother's feeling of
confusion when she explained, "Sorry. Sorry. Just remembered something there.
To answer your question, yes, there will be some water mentioned in this
story, and, oddly enough, cherries."

* * *

Saturday, September 27th 2003 8:26am

Rory stood in almost exactly the same spot she had occupied just one week
earlier. To her, the past week had both flown by and dragged on interminably,
as if she were two different people witnessing the same events from two
different perspectives. Of course the real reason was far less exotic. The
time felt like it had dragged on mostly because Rory had been feeling
perpetually horny all week and nothing she did had helped. Her thoughts were
never far from the events of the past Saturday and she found herself
constantly replaying them in her mind, like a pornographic video that looped
incessantly whenever she closed her eyes. It had even started to impact her
studies, making it almost impossible for her to concentrate on anything else
for an extended period of time. Every time Rory tried she found her mind
wandering, replaying the events of the previous Saturday over and over in
her head, until something jolted her back to the present, the lopsided grin
on her face making it pretty clear to any who saw her exactly what she had
been daydreaming about.

She had been so horny that she found herself masturbating whenever possible,
even during the day and regardless of whether any of her roommates were in
the suite with her, but instead of alleviating her tension, it seemed to
worsen it. One afternoon early in the week, Rory had come running into her
dorm, book bag flying off her shoulder onto the nearby sofa as she ran over
to the bathroom only to find it already occupied. Paris and Janet were in the
room studying as Rory began pounding on the door, demanding to be let in.

Paris glanced up as Rory continued to batter the door with her fist, "Jeez
Rory, if you have to go that bad why don't you just use the bathroom across
the hall?"

Ignoring the comment Rory continued beating on the door, "Who the heck is in

Always having time for a sarcastic remark, Paris interrupted her studying
again to respond "It's Michael Jackson. Someone told him there was a copy of
Boy's Life in there. Who do you think is in there?"

Still hammering at the door, Rory replied "Yeah, well tell him to beat it
somewhere else, it's my turn now."

Rory hadn't intended her answer to be funny, in fact she had inadvertently
given away more information than she was even aware, but, luckily for her,
Paris and Janet were both laughing too hard to think beyond the double
entendre to the true meaning of Rory's words. By the time they had recovered
the door had finally opened allowing a very flustered Tanna to spill out as
Rory pushed passed her.

Their laughter winding down Janet looked over to her sometime adversary and
said, "And I thought you were the intense one. I think you're rubbing off on

Paris shook her head in disagreement, "That's not intensity. That's 19 years
of sexual frustration. She just needs to get laid."

If Paris had known the reality of Rory's situation she would have been amazed
at how her simple observation could have been at once both right, and, so
very, very wrong. She also would have been amazed to find out that getting
laid was exactly what Rory had been trying to do all week.

At first she and Sara couldn't even coordinate their phone calls properly,
first one, then the other, calling only to end up leaving inadequate messages
in each other's voice mail. When they finally did manage to connect via phone
it only served to exacerbate Rory's severe horniness. The two girls tried
desperately to find some time in their schedules where they could get
together, but the earliest time they were both free was once again on
Saturday morning, and that was days away. Sara had tried to convince Rory to
blow off her Friday dinner with her mother and grandparents so she could come
over and meet Jennifer, the unstated but obvious implication being that they
would all have sex, but skipping the family dinner just so she could get laid
was too foreign an idea for Rory to even consider at that time. That left
them with Saturday morning.

The fact that Sara, at least, had other playmates, starting with her
roommate, with which she could satisfy her needs did nothing to ease Rory's
state. On the contrary, knowing that the blonde could, and certainly would,
hook up with others only seemed to get her all the more tightly wound. She
needed a release, she needed it quickly and she needed it often. Hence the
constant masturbating amid the very real sensation that the days were passing
all too slowly. For Rory, Saturday could not come soon enough.

Until the day actually arrived and Rory found that she could barely remember
anything from the preceding seven days. Now that it was finally here, the
previous week was nothing but a blur to the slender brunette, nothing more
than a mere inconvenience that passed in the space of a heartbeat. Waiting
for Sara to arrive Rory was again reliving the events she had shared with
the athletic blonde and as she did she found herself getting more and more
excited. Her lips were tingling as she remembered kissing her new lover in
the bathroom, the taste of Sara's juices on her tongue and the feel of the
older girl's twat as it surrounded her fingers, the flesh hot and slick with
arousal. Rory's nipples were also responding to the memory of Sara's mouth
and tongue upon them, the nubs poking noticeably out through Rory's sports
bra as they stiffened in anticipation of caresses yet to come. But it was
Rory's pussy that was reacting the strongest as the young woman replayed
that day's activities through to the end, feeling the first pass of Sara's
tongue through her folds as intensely as if it had happened only moments

Still lost in her thoughts Rory didn't even notice that Sara had jogged up
behind her and was waiting, not so patiently, for the taller girl to notice.
When Rory didn't acknowledge her Sara took matters into her own hands and
gave the dark haired girl a two-handed goose.

"Hey!" Rory spun away, removing the offending hands and turning to face her
assailant in one move.

"Gotcha! Oh, the look on your face! Damn you're angry!"

"Well yeah! You'd be too if someone grabbed your butt!"

"That depends on who's doing the grabbing. You volunteering?"

Rory blushed at the suggestion. She was basically a shy girl and in spite
of the direction her fantasies had taken the last week she was not very
comfortable talking about sex, even butt-grabbing, in public. She was less
comfortable actually experiencing the butt-grabbing. Especially lesbian

"Quiet, someone will hear you."

Sara took Rory by the hand, loosely holding it in her own, "Would you relax?
No one is paying any attention to us. So did you want to come to join me in
my workout?"

Rory looked at her as if she was suddenly speaking a foreign language. Even
if they hadn't planned to meet that morning so they could pick up where they
left off the week before, she still wouldn't have wanted to join Sara in her
run. Running in circles around a track reminded Rory too much of a hamster
in a cage, mindlessly spinning in its wheel. If she was going to do something
dull and repetitive she'd rather listen to Paris rail against the Bush
administration again. Not that she disagreed with the long list of faults
Paris routinely cataloged for her suite-mates, she'd just heard them all
before. Many, many times. But at least when Paris ranted Rory could pretend
to be interested while sitting down, and without breaking into a sweat.

Fearing she had misunderstood Sara's intentions for the morning Rory began to
stammer out a response "I... I... I thought... Weren't we going to? I mean,
didn't we..."

"Rory, Rory! Relax, will ya. I'm teasing, okay? Now c'mon, let's go back to
my dorm where we can both work out. And Rory? At some point today, I will
make you sweat."

Still holding Rory by the hand Sara started to pull her over to the path that
would lead them back to Trumbull Hall, their thoughts already turning to the
naked sweaty fun in the very near future.

* * *

Saturday, September 27th 2003 8:38am

As Sara opened the door to her suite, Rory saw the same sign on the bulletin
board that had been there last week, `The Bullpen'. Just like the week before
the smaller sign `No Games Scheduled Today' was tacked underneath the larger

"Hey Sara, What does this mean, `No Games Scheduled Today'?"

"That? That's nothing, just a holdover from the girls who lived here a couple
of years ago. They called this room `The Bullpen'. Couldn't tell you why. You
coming in?"

Other questions were bouncing around Rory's mind but Sara's query prevented
her from asking them, "Oh yeah, sorry."

Rory hurried into the room and Sara closed the door behind her. Now that she
was back in the suite where she had been intimate with Sara the Freshman girl
was starting to feel a little nervous. How was this going to happen? Were
they just going to get naked and jump right into bed? Did Sara expect Rory to
just dive right in, so to speak, and start to pay her back for last week's
brunch shortened encounter? Rory didn't know how she wanted this to proceed,
she just knew that jumping straight into bed wasn't it.

Fortunately that wasn't foremost on Sara's mind either. The shorter girl
moved closer to Rory and wrapped her arms around the brunette's neck, pulling
her down for a kiss. They stood in the outer room kissing like that for a
short while until Sara broke away and took Rory's hand in hers.

"C'mon, let's go inside."

Rory stood in Sara's bedroom feeling a little unsure of herself as she
watched the blonde sit on the bed and remove her running shoes. When
Sara looked up again she noticed Rory standing there, looking clearly

Rory started to explain her unease to the older girl, "Sara, could we."

Sara interrupted the brunette, "I worked up a bit of a sweat out there so I'm
going to take a quick shower. Care to join me? I could use some help washing
my back."

Rory stopped midstream. A shower? That sounded like a. great place to start.
She'd already been naked with Sara, so that wasn't a problem, and a shower
offered lots of opportunity for her to get comfortable touching another naked
female. Yes, a shower was a great idea.

Rory smiled at Sara, "That sounds perfect."

"The shower, or washing my back?" came the mandatory tease, but Rory didn't
take the bait this time.

Sara had a bit of a head start, so she was fully undressed before Rory and
she padded into the bathroom to start the shower, turning when Rory joined
her there. The two stood quietly for a moment, each taking in the other's
bare body and remembering the last time they had been together like this.
Sara opened the door to the shower and tested the water, making a small
adjustment before reaching back to take Rory's hand and lead her into the

When Rory entered the bathroom she stopped to absorb the sight of Sara's
nude body. This wasn't the first time she had done this, but it was the
first time she was doing it without any feelings of guilt, or shame. Rory
had seen enough naked women in her life to know that Sara was far from
voluptuous, in fact she herself possessed more curves including slightly
larger breasts. That didn't mean that the blonde was not sexy or attractive.
Quite the opposite in fact. To Rory the older girl's athletic body was
just about the sexiest thing she had ever seen. Even as the year passed
and Rory found herself exposed to a wider variety of undressed bodies she
would still consider Sara one of the sexiest. Whether that was because
Sara was the first person she was ever intimate with, or because of the
excellent physical condition the blonde kept herself in, or because Sara
simply exuded self confidence in everything she did, Rory did not know.
Probably a combination of all three.

So when Sara reached back to take her by the hand Rory felt a surge of
sexual excitement rush through her. The game was afoot.

Rory joined Sara under the streaming water, letting it warm her body and wash
the light layer of perspiration from her skin. Sara turned to Rory with the
body wash and puff in her hands and passed them over to the younger girl.

"Do my back?"

Rory stared at the items in her hand as Sara turned to face away from her.
Shrugging her shoulders, she held the puff under the stream of water and then
poured a liberal amount of the body wash onto it. Rory would have liked a
little more time to warm up before leaping into the fray, but as she thought
about it she realized, this was the warm up, the fray would come later.

Working the puff into a lather she pressed it to Sara's back near her right
shoulder and began to wash the blonde's tanned skin. As she washed, she
realized that she could not find any sign of a tan line on her friends back.
Glancing further down, she still could not see any lines that would indicate
Sara wore a suit when tanning. The thought contributed to her growing

When she returned her attention to her task, Rory was surprised to find that
as she washed the older girl's back she had placed her left hand on Sara's
left shoulder without even noticing. She was working her way up Sara's left
side anyway, so she brought her hand down to help her spread the body wash
along the athletic girl's back, getting a real charge from the touch of her
hand on the freshly washed skin. With her left hand moving along Sara's flesh
with nothing but a thin layer of soapy water separating them, Rory grew
unhappy with the need for the puff as a delivery mechanism for the body wash.
Then she realized no one was forcing her to use it.

Putting her hand through the loop in the cord attached to the puff Rory
began to wash Sara's back with both hands, letting them travel at will over
the smooth surface. Her hands ranged from the blonde's shoulders down to her
lower back, stopping just before the hips, avoiding, for now, anything even
remotely resembling an erogenous zone.

It became obvious after a short time that Sara's back was as clean as it
could be so the blonde turned around to face Rory as the water removed
the soapy suds and carried them down the drain. Taking the puff from the
brunette's hands she picked up the body wash and gestured Rory to turn

"Your turn."

Rory did as requested and faced away from the shorter girl. Sara placed her
hands on Rory's back and proceeded to wash the Freshman in much the same way
as Rory had washed her. She used the puff to apply the body wash then spread
it around with her hands, covering Rory's shoulders and back. Having done
this almost daily with Jennifer for a couple of years now, Sara was not
getting as big a jolt as Rory had from the experience. It's not that Sara's
touch was mechanical or wooden, it's just that Rory was getting more out of
it than the blonde. Sara knew of an excellent way to change that.

Silently proclaiming Rory's back clean, Sara removed her hands from the
brunette's flesh, giving the taller girl a few seconds to miss them, then
she cupped her hands and grabbed Rory's ass, just like she had earlier at
the track. This time Rory's reaction was a little more favorable.

"Hey!" Rory stumbled forward a half-step but refrained from spinning around
to confront her assaulter.

She turned to look over her shoulder at her new friend and lover and saw a
very mischievous grin on the smaller girl's face, as Sara began to squeeze
Rory's butt cheeks softly. Rory smiled back in response, feeling another
persons hands on her bare bottom for the first time since she was a toddler.

"I guess my butt needed washing too?"

Sara moved forward and pressed her body up against Rory's, trapping her hands
between them and continuing to rhythmically squeeze the taller girl's ass.
Her hands moved down the rounded cheeks, getting closer and closer to Rory's
anus. The younger girl was mentally preparing for the first touch of the day
on one of her most private parts, and certainly not where she would have
expected the opening move to be, when Sara leaned her chin on Rory's shoulder
and spoke into her left ear.


`Charmin? Did she just say my butt was charming? What's next? Pleasant and
amiable? Fun to be around? Oh that Rory. Her butt is just so much fun to be

"Did you just call my butt charming?"

"No, Charmin. You know, as in `squeezably soft'."

"Oh. Is that a good thing? I'm not supposed to have buns of steel?"

Sara laughed at the question, this was getting too weird, "Rory, all I'm
saying is you've got a great ass."

"Oh. Thanks. Good to know."

Rory wanted to pursue the matter a little further. She didn't have a very
good handle on how she compared to others, in a physical sense. She knew she
was very smart, getting into Yale based solely on your academic record, and
not on Daddy's bank account or connections, is not something stupid people
tend to pull off. She knew she was a nice person, if only because all her
friends were nice people and they wouldn't hang around with a jerk. And she
knew she was pretty, she'd been told so by enough people, people she wasn't
dating, that she trusted they were being honest with her. What she didn't
know is how she stacked up, part by part, to other women.

Take her breasts for example. Like many women, Rory worried that they were
too small and that boys would find her less attractive as a result. Then as
time passed Rory slowly became aware that she was actually larger in size
than her mother, and Lorelai had no problem at all attracting men. Same with
Sara. Rory could see first hand that she was a little larger than Sara, and
no one would say the blonde athlete was not beautiful, not anyone that could
actually see anyway. And then there was Paris. Rooming with the strident
young woman had been an eye-opening experience for Rory in more ways then
one. With all the bulky sweaters Paris tended to wear it had been easy to
miss the fact that Paris was blessed, some would say overly much, in the
boob department. The girl was D cup easy. Yet she had a very difficult time
attracting boys her own age. Her personality was simply too abrasive.

So Rory was only now, slowly, coming to the conclusion that her boobs were
just fine. Her legs, however, were a completely different story. She'd always
been pretty happy with the way her legs looked. At 5'7" Rory was taller than
many of her female friends, not as tall as her mother perhaps, but taller
than the average girl. Much of that length came from her legs. Back when she
was a kid in Miss Patty's studio the former chorus girl had told Rory that
she possessed `Dancer's legs'. Too young to really appreciate what that
meant at the time Rory had learned over the intervening years that having a
dancer's toned and well shaped legs was a very good thing. Rory looked damn
good in heels and a short skirt.

This became evident her first week at Yale, when she was starting to enjoy
the independence that came with living away from home for the first time. She
was out exploring the old campus wearing a gray skirt that she had always
avoided because she worried it was too short for the residents of her home
town, while at school it wouldn't even get a raised eyebrow. Not for its lack
of length anyway. But it drew attention to her legs, and they were getting
more than a little notice. One guy who passed her on her right was staring
so intently at her legs, and not even trying to hide the fact, that he was
almost walking backwards along the grass to the side of the path. He narrowly
missed a tree, but could not avoid tripping over the outstretched legs of
another student sitting under the tree. She started smacking him with the
book she was reading, scolding him for not watching where he was walking.
Rory caught his eye as she passed him, still trying in vain to calm the
pissed off girl, something that was n ot helped by the smile he flashed at
Rory as she walked on by.

Then there was her butt. This was something Rory really had no clue as to
what made one better than another. If you listened to the media, J Lo's
posterior was all the rage for a while, but to Rory, J Lo was just a
talentless skank with a really fat ass. Yet another in a seemingly endless
line of slickly packaged media whores whose 15 minutes of fame could not
end quickly enough. So if J Lo's butt was the epitome of rears, then Rory
would happily pass. Or you could go to the other extreme and take the
infomercials as gospel. According to those you could not possibly lead a
full and rewarding life unless your buns were so hard you could break
bricks with them. Like the Hulk ripping through his thoroughly inadequate
shirt, you could not consider yourself good-looking until your cheeks
burst through the seat of your pants and you looked like a baboon with
your bright red buns of steel proudly displayed, proclaiming your sexual
magnetism to all the other baboons within sight. Again, pass.

So Rory would have liked to discuss it more, but Sara wasn't in the mood
for a dialogue on female anatomy. Especially when there was a particular
female's anatomy within easy reach that could be examined, literally first
hand, no discussion necessary. The blonde had been enjoying herself as her
hands examined Rory's rear, but when Rory's focus turned inwards Sara knew
it was time to move on to new territory.

Sara moved her hands to either side of the shapely rump before her then
swiftly moved them onto the taller girl's hips and slid them toward the
center of Rory's abdomen, her fingers coming to a rest, intertwined, in
the brown pubic hair just above the Freshman's vulva. The sharp intake
of breath that accompanied the move confirmed for Sara that she had
caught Rory by surprise.

Rory waited for Sara's next move, watching the blonde's fingers as they
idly played with a tuft of her pubic hair. Her attention was distracted
momentarily when Sara began to place little kisses along her shoulder,
heading up towards her neck, but was brought back abruptly when she felt
Sara's hands begin to stir again.

Upward, over Rory's abdomen and towards her breasts. After teasing Rory
twice with intimate advances below the belt, Sara took the road more
traveled and moved her hands in the direction of the brunette's chest,
but not before stopping and caressing, under the guise of washing, the
younger girl's abdomen.

Rory really appreciated Sara's leisurely approach in the shower. Considering
that only a week earlier Sara had been bathing Rory's insides with her
tongue, it would hardly have been a surprise if the light haired girl had
assumed that they could pick things up reasonably close to where they left
off. Instead she seemed to intuitively understand that Rory needed to be
allowed to ease back into things, fantasies and wishes throughout the prior
week were one thing, reality was another. And the reality of the situation
was that while Rory wanted to be there and wanted to do the things Sara had
done to her, but she needed time to prepare herself. Hence Sara's laid-back

Sara was still applying tiny kisses to Rory's upper back and shoulder's while
her hands were in constant motion on the dark haired girl's belly. She moved
her hands up Rory's body in tiny increments, letting the taller girl get
ready for the first truly intimate touch of the day. Of course Sara had spent
considerable time last week touching and kissing and licking and sucking
Rory's breasts, but this week the obvious implication was that when the older
girl finished it would be time for Rory to reciprocate. Applying her lips and
tongue to Sara's sensitive flesh for the first time was exciting to Rory,
but, Rory being Rory, she obsessed about how good she would be at it. Leave
it to Rory to suffer from performance anxiety about her first time sucking on
another woman's nipples.

When Sara's hands finally made contact with the bottom of Rory's boobs the
response caught both of them by surprise. Rory giggled. Sara was taken aback,
she had anticipated a moan, or a sharp intake of breath, or some other
approving verbalization. Not a giggle. Rory was just as surprised. She was
not normally the giggly type. And it wasn't even that she found the situation
humorous, far from it, or that Sara's touch had tickled her, it hadn't. She
was just nervous, and where she would usually be babbling when circumstances
made her anxious, this time, for some reason, she was mostly silent. Except
for one lone giggle. For now.

Rory opened her mouth to explain, getting no further than "Sorry." before
Sara cut her off "Shhh. Just relax. We'll take this as slowly as you want."

Sara had some experience with giggly girls. Jennifer was about the most
giggle-filled person she had ever met. There was nothing that didn't make the
girl giggle madly, except maybe babies, puppies and kittens. Then she would
just ooh and ah and gush about how much she wanted one. Sara was safe from
the latter two, Yale did not allow the students to keep pets on campus, and
the first one frightened her, but she had convinced Jennifer that Yale didn't
allow students to keep them on campus either, so she was okay for a couple
more years.

Sara had not moved her hands onto Rory's breasts after that initial foray,
but she didn't back off either. She knew Rory was not going anywhere, not
going to change her mind and decide that she did not want this as much as
Sara. The slender brunette had the entire week to consider whether she
wanted to proceed down the path she was walking. And after a week of phone
calls, text and instant messages, bemoaning their inability to hook up
before the weekend, Sara was dead certain Rory knew what she was getting

Tentatively, Sara moved both hands up over the swell of Rory's breasts,
cupping them, but not doing anything else for the moment. She remained like
that for a few seconds before moving her hands again, dragging her fingers
over Rory's nipples and getting the sharp intake of breath she had been
looking for earlier.

Sara moved closer to Rory, closing the distance between them until the
blonde's boobs were pressing against the taller girl's back. A frown crossed
the older girl's face as she noted, not for the first time either, that her
lack of height was preventing her from doing something she wanted to do. That
is, kiss Rory. Given their relative positions, it really could only work if
the person standing in front was shorter than the person in back, and that
definitely was not the case here. Oh well, she'd just have to make do with
fondling Rory's tits. It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it.

Sara spent what she considered a reasonable amount of time washing Rory's
breasts, paying particularly close attention to the dark haired girl's erect
nipples. Rory had settled down after the first touch to the sensitive nubs,
closing her eyes and leaning back into Sara's body, concentrating on the
feeling of the blonde's fingers on her skin and the warm water cascading down
her body. Experimenting a bit, Sara found that Rory liked it best when she
rolled the brunette's nipples between her thumb and forefinger, and was okay
with the blonde pulling on the sensitive buds some, but only some. That was
fine with Sara, she didn't get off on pain either.

After a while Sara was ready to move on to other things and she removed her
hands from Rory's chest, placing them back on the taller girl's rump and
giving her another quick squeeze, "Turn around."

When Rory was facing her again Sara lifted up the body wash and puff and
held them out to the younger girl, one eyebrow raised in question, giving the
brown haired girl the choice of taking them and moving on to the next step or
not. Rory took the items in her hands and gave Sara a timid smile. Sara gave
her a much bigger one in return.

Rory regarded the puff and soap for a second, then without any further
hesitation she poured a small amount onto the puff and began to apply the
wash to Sara's shoulders. As she had with the light haired girl's back Rory
used her free hand with the puff to spread the soap around Sara's skin.
Starting with the shoulders Rory spent a few minutes cleaning Sara's upper
chest before skipping down to her friend's stomach and continuing there. It
wasn't really a case of chickening out. Rory was going to get to Sara's
breasts, she just felt more comfortable approaching them from underneath.

So she washed Sara's abdomen and sides and slowly worked her way up the
shorter girl's body. Outwardly Rory looked amazingly calm, her brow
furrowed a bit in concentration as she worked the soap over her friend's
skin. Inwardly was a different story. Her heart was hammering and her
mouth had gone dry as she watched her hands move closer and closer to
Sara's boobs. She didn't have any remaining reservations about touching
the blonde girl intimately, how could she when a week earlier she'd
shoved two fingers into Sara's snatch and brought the older girl to
orgasm. It wasn't reluctance that was causing her nervousness, it was
excitement. Sexual excitement. Rory was about to touch another girl's
boobs for the very first time. She hoped she did it right.

Inch by inch Rory had worked her way up Sara's torso until she was washing
the skin just underneath the blonde's perky boobs. The puff was already
brushing against the bottom of Sara's left breast and with a silent `Here
goes' Rory moved the mesh-like scrub on to her breast. She moved her hand
in a circle, applying the body wash to Sara's skin and then slid across
the blonde's chest to repeat her actions on the other side. Sara watched
this happen with a little disappointment. She hadn't expected Rory to take
such an easy way out. She glanced up to see the same look of concentration
as before on the brunette's face and was about to make a comment when she
felt Rory place a hand on her right boob and give it a small squeeze. A
smile appeared on Rory's face.

In a matter of moments Rory's right hand joined her left on Sara's chest.
The puff forgotten once again on the floor of the stall Rory moved her
hands in a clockwise motion, her palms rubbing against the erect nipples
as the dark haired girl focused on washing Sara's boobs.

`Wax on.' thought the blonde as she watched her shower buddy perform the
same circular motion over and over and over, the crooked smile on the brown
haired girl's face growing larger over time the only indication that Rory
was enjoying what she was doing.

After a few minutes of this Sara began to wonder if Rory was ever going to
try anything more adventurous, or if this was the younger girl's idea of
breast-play. When Rory still didn't show any sign of altering her pattern
Sara decided it was time to step in.


No answer. At least this time Sara knew that the brunette hadn't fallen
asleep on her. She hoped.


"So soft."

Ah. So she hadn't dozed off. She was just mesmerized. In a way that was a

"Rory! I think they're clean now."

"Huh? What?"

"I said, I think they are clean now."

Rory blushed lightly and stopped her circular movement, but she didn't remove
her hands from Sara's tits, "Umm, sorry about that. I got kinda distracted."

"It's okay. Listen, what do you say we finish cleaning off and get out of the
shower? I doubt the hot water's gonna last much longer."

"Umm, okay. Sounds good."

They did as Sara suggested, rinsing the remaining soap and grime from their
bodies before exiting the stall to towel off.

What Sara had said about the hot water running out was true, but it wasn't
the only reason she suggested getting out of the shower. The blonde knew from
personal experience that before much longer things in the shower would have
progressed beyond copping a few feels of each other's boobs and asses, and
while she was all for heading in that direction, she knew that eventually
they'd both want out of the shower and on to the bed. That was fine, but it
left them with two choices. Jump into bed soaking wet from head to toe, and
deal with the consequences, or take time out just when things began to get
hot so they could dry off, including their hair. Talk about your buzz kills.

Sara chose door number three. Get out of the shower before things got too
far. This wasn't as bad as it could have been, Sara made sure they kept
touching each other throughout the process by suggesting they towel each
other off. This was done with much confusion and more than a few giggles
as they worked out the details. Things went best when they were drying
each other's back as it allowed them to move close and make out as they
slowly moved the towels along their skin. It became somewhat frenzied as
they tried to dry their hair vigorously, the towels falling in front of
their eyes as often as not, causing them to break out into laughter each
time, but eventually they got the job done.

When they moved on to their respective front sides things got noticeably
warmer as the towels slid over their shoulders and down their chests. Sara
was the first one to let her towel fall away from Rory's body leaving her
hand behind and she took advantage of the missing cloth to work in a few
squeezes of Rory's breasts. Not wanting to be outdone Rory followed suit
and soon her hands were kneading the flesh of Sara's boobs once more, only
this time she was following the blonde's lead and the results were far more
enjoyable for both parties.

It got hotter still when it came time to dry off the lower half of their
bodies. Again Sara was the first to let the towel drop and she placed her
hand on Rory's vulva, cupping the taller girl's mound and lightly rubbing
her fingers along the Freshman's lips. Rory's eyes closed in reaction to
the pleasurable feelings but she quickly forced them open and placed her
right hand on Sara's pussy. Being a bit newer at everything that was going
on Rory was understandably more excited by what was being done to her and
by what she was in turn doing to Sara. As a result she was rubbing Sara's
labia rather harder than the fair haired girl was rubbing hers, the fact
of which did not bother the older girl one whit. She actually preferred
being touched that way. Regardless of which method was being employed one
thing was sure, they were both getting wet as a result.

By an unspoken mutual agreement both Sara and Rory pulled their hands away
from each other's vagina before they got carried away. They still had the
lower portion of their bodies to dry and the way things were going they were
never going to finish. Things turned silly again as they tried drying each
other's legs, each bending over to reach the other and thereby moving the
target of their towel out of reach. After a couple of aborted attempts Sara
finally convinced Rory to stand still while she dried off the longer limbs
in front of her. Rory stood there while Sara finished her task, but instead
of returning the favor she took one look at the athletic girl's fully exposed
rump and decided it would be a great time for payback of another kind. Taking
her right hand Rory grabbed at Sara's butt intending to give the shorter girl
a goose, but the blonde swiveled a little at the wrong moment and instead
Rory ended up delivering a solid spank to the nearest cheek.

Sara lurched forward and her head shot up, "You little witch. Oh you are so
going to get it now!"

With a squeal Rory dashed out of the bathroom followed closely by her
unintended victim. The two girls leapt onto Sara's bed, landing in a jumble
of limbs, giggling and yelping as their fingers sought out each other's
flesh, delivering a tickle here, a soft swat there, each trying to prevent
the other from gaining the advantage while they kept their line of attack
open. Although Rory was the taller of the two it was Sara who ended up on
top thanks to a strength built up by years of exercise and organized sports.
They continued to struggle for a few minutes more but the tickles were
increasingly becoming strokes and the taps were replaced by kisses. Sara
lay on top of Rory and they began to caress each others skin as their kisses
became more passionate. Just as the blonde was about to send a hand back in
between Rory's legs the younger girl lifted her thigh, parting Sara's legs
and ending up pressed against the smaller girl's cunt.

Sara groaned at the contact, "Unnnhhhh! Ooh yeah, Rory, right there. Keep
your leg like that!"

They stopped kissing and Sara opened her eyes to look at her lover. Rory
gazed back at her with an open, but inquisitive look. She obviously had no
idea what Sara had planned. With a big grin Sara shifted just a smidge to
her left and planted her left knee on the bed. This took some of the weight
off her right leg and would allow her the necessary range of motion she
would soon be needing.

Rory watched with a great deal of interest as Sara repositioned herself on
the bed. She could feel the heat from the blonde's vagina where it was
pressed against her thigh. She could also feel more than a little moisture
begin to coat her skin. When Sara moved her right leg in between Rory's and
brought her thigh up to push against the slender brunette's vulva the light
finally went on over Rory's head.

`Oh! Does this really work?'

Sara began to slide her right thigh up and down against Rory's slit, the
motion dragging her own pussy along the long limb trapped between her legs.

`Oh! OHHH! I guess it. OHHHHH!'

The friction of Sara's thigh as it passed over Rory's snatch was so much
different than anything she had experienced before. For one thing she felt
it over the entire length of her slit and her clitoris simultaneously. Her
own adventures in masturbation had never provided so much stimulation and
the few times Sara had licked her or fingered her, while far more intense,
were also far more focused on one part of her muff at a time. This. This
was everywhere.

Sara saw the smile start on Rory's face and spread rapidly as the younger
girl absorbed the sensations emanating from her groin. "You like this?"

Rory nodded eagerly, her smile getting wider, "I do. Unh. A lot!"

"Me too."

Sara continued to make long slow strokes with her thigh against Rory's twat.
The friction and heat were intense and Rory could see that there could be
times when this method could be unpleasant, if one or the other participant
was not sufficiently aroused. Fortunately that was not a problem for either
of them at the moment. Both of them had been well lubricated when they exited
the bathroom as a result of some impromptu finger play, and, even with the
timeout for the tickle session, their arousal had increased while they were
making out.

So both girls were protected from feeling too much friction by the liberal
quantities of pussy juice that coated each of their thighs, making the
surface slick and easing the passage over their extremely sensitive flesh.
And the more they rubbed together, the wetter they became, and the faster
they could go.

As Sara began to pick up speed Rory saw the one and only downside to this
technique. It was difficult for them to kiss while doing it. Not impossible,
just difficult. Sara was moving too much. There was an upside however. By
pulling away just a little and resting more of her weight on her arms Sara
was able to minimize the motion of her head and they were able to gaze into
each other's eyes as they made love. All in all it was not a bad tradeoff,
and one that Rory would accept any day.

Things continued this way for a little while, the two gazing at each other
as Sara moved on top of Rory, and every now and then one or the other would
close her eyes as the sensations became too much for them. In time the
passion built to a point where they each felt their orgasm approaching, the
only question being, who would cum first.

Sara had some control over the matter and she started to modify her
movements, trying to get both of them to the same state of arousal. She
wanted the two of them to cum together. She began to swivel her pelvis as
she moved, her straightforward up and down motion becoming more of a circle,
the new method providing additional stimulation directly to Rory's clit.
The change had an immediate impact on Rory and her eyes widened as she gave
out a low moan. Now it was only a matter of timing.

Settling in to her new style Sara stepped up the pace some more, and she
watched Rory's eyes flutter closed and another low, and longer, moan, passed
through the younger girl's lips. When Rory's eyes opened again Sara could
see the passion in them and she pressed her thigh into her lover's muff even
harder. Another moan and Rory's eyes fluttered closed again.

Moving at a pretty good rate Sara was drawing out Rory's moans almost
continuously now and the brunette was beginning to show additional signs
that her climax was near. She was holding on to Sara's upper arms, her grip
slowly tightening, and she was lifting her hips off the bed, pressing her
crotch against the thigh that was providing so much pleasure. This in turn
meant Rory's leg was also pressing harder against Sara's twat, lifting the
smaller body off the bed a little and forcing a few moans of her own to
pass through the older girl's lips.

For both girls orgasm was now imminent. The strokes of their mutual grind
had diminished in length but they had more than made up for any loss with
another increase in speed and both of them were being very vocal, if not
very creative in their exclamations.

"Oh Sara!" "Oh Rory!" "Oh Sara!" "Oh Rory!" "Sara!" "Rory!"

With one last thrust Rory kept up her end of the bargain, cumming all over
Sara's thigh, her cries of passion coming out in a rush until her climax
peaked and her body went momentarily rigid, preventing even that small level
of communication, "Sara Sara SARA!!"

Sara didn't need to hear her name on Rory's lips to know her lover was having
an orgasm. She could feel it. She could feel it in the liquid heat that was
splashing onto her skin, she could feel it in the death grip Rory had on her
upper arms, and she could feel it in the thigh that had gone rigid between
her legs, in the muscle that was flexed as Rory's pelvis lifted off the bed
in response to her climax. With Rory contorted in ecstasy beneath her it was
now Sara's turn to cum. If they were going to do this it would be up to her.

Luckily, Sara's skills were not limited to giving head. She knew her body and
she knew how to reach a certain level where she was close to cumming, but not
quite there yet, and she knew how to stay that way until she was ready. When
Rory's climax arrived and her leg went stiff Sara began humping the younger
girl's limb even faster. It only took two, three, four strokes and then she
too reached her orgasm with a shout and a moan.

"Rory I'm cumming! Unnnnnnhhhhhhhhh!"

Their orgasms having mostly started together it was no surprise that they
mostly finished together, their muscles relaxing at about the same time and
Sara collapsing on top of Rory's limp body. They struggled to get their
breathing under control and Sara started to chuckle quietly, remembering the
aftermath of last week's session with Rory. She had made her young lover cum
twice that day and each time the slender brunette had reacted differently
when her orgasm had wound down. The first time Rory had been energized,
almost to the point of being hyper. Understandable since it had been her
first orgasm caused by another person. The second time had been the exact
opposite, she had instantly fallen asleep where she landed as soon as her
climax was over. Again understandable, at least to Sara. So the blonde was
very interested in finding out how Rory would respond this time. Would it
be curtain A or curtain B. Sara was willing to bet on curtain A, she thought
it would be unlikely that Rory would be so tired out already that she'd fall
asleep on her again. She'd damn well better not fall asleep on her again or
Sara knew a certain Yale Freshman who was going to get her ass paddled.

"That was FRIGGIN."

Nope, not asleep, "Incredible?"

".AMAZING! But incredible would do. And you came too, right? Am I right?"

"Oh yeah. Big time."

"Is it always like this? Amazing I mean?"

Sara didn't even take any time to consider her response, "Yeah, it really
is. And when it's not amazing that's only because it's even better."

It didn't matter if that was the reality of things or not. Rory would
find out in time how true Sara's statement was, but until then there was
absolutely no harm in telling her that sex would always be that fulfilling,
that gratifying. And who knew. Maybe for Rory it always would be.

Rory pulled Sara's head down to her and they began to kiss passionately.
They continued to make out for a while, their tongues intertwined, their
bodies still in almost constant motion, a grind here, a leg moved there,
hands roving at will, until at last Sara rolled off Rory's body and lay
on the bed next to the younger woman. Almost instantly Rory turned onto
her right side and propped her head up on her hand. She reached over to
Sara's body and started to trace an intricate pattern on the blonde girl's
torso, using the backs of her fingers as she stroked up and down and around
the older girl's breasts, spiraling in towards the nipples then back out
and down to Sara's navel and starting all over again.

"I really liked that. Liked how we could be doing it together."

Sara had been watching Rory's hand but when the brunette spoke she glanced
her way, "Yeah. It makes for a real nice change of pace. But for my money,
nothing beats eating pussy. I could do that for hours."

Rory blushed deeply, the combination of Sara's descriptive word choice and
the memory of being on the receiving end of the blonde's talented tongue
turning her skin a bright shade of pink.

"So it's true what they say. People can blush from head to toe."

Sara's gentle tease only caused Rory's blush to deepen, even though she knew
it was not true, nobody blushes down to their toes. But Rory did blush easily
under certain circumstances, and the fact that it was plain to see with skin
as pale as hers made it all the more likely that someone would comment on it,
and that only caused her to blush further. Of course, the fact the Rory was
stark naked at the time just made Sara think it was the cutest thing she'd
seen in ages.

Even as Rory was fighting off her embarrassment she was replaying Sara's
words in her mind. `Is it true? Can Sara really go down on a girl for hours?
What would that be like?'

"Sara? Can you really."


"Can you really. umm. you know. do what you said for hours?"

"Eat pussy? You know Rory if you're going to do it don't you think you should
be able to say it?"

No response from the bed's other occupant. But Rory's hand had stopped moving
and now lay lightly on Sara's skin, just beneath her left breast.

Sara regarded Rory's hand as she asked "What do you think?"

Rory considered the question for a moment before answering "I don't know. I
mean, wouldn't you get tired? Your tongue and neck that is. It seems to me
that eventually you'd get tired."

"Well at first, yeah, your tongue can get kinda tired, or your jaw does
anyway. But there are exercises you can do to build up your strength and

Rory gave Sara a little slap on the arm, "Oh stop. There are not exercises
to build up the strength in your tongue! You know I'm not as gullible as you
seem to think."

Sara gave Rory as serious a look as she could muster given the conversation,
"I'm serious! There are exercises you can do to strengthen your tongue. It
is a muscle after all. They're modeled after the same exercises that speech
therapists use. Go to any of the lesbian websites and you'll find a whole
slew of them."

Rory was giving her lover a very skeptical look. She was inclined to think
that Sara was teasing her again, it did seem to be one of the blonde's
favorite things to do, but the way the older girl was looking at her made
her think that maybe this time Sara was being straight with her. Exercises
to strengthen the tongue. Looks like it was time to hit the web.

Peals of laughter interrupted her. Damn! She did it again!

"Oh Rory! You are just too adorable! Sorry, it's just you looked so serious
there! Lesbian tongue exercises, oh that is too precious! I can't wait to
tell Jen that one!"

Rory was blushing again. Normally she wasn't fond of being teased,
except by her mother, and that was a two-way street, but Sara wasn't being
mean-spirited, teasing was just one of the ways she showed affection, and
Rory already knew that. Another way of course was to stick her tongue as
far up a snatch as she was able, and Rory was learning that as well. So she
accepted the teasing amiably, confident that at some point it would be her
turn, and when that time came Sara would pay. With interest.

Sara's laughter had run its course by now and she immediately moved to soothe
any feathers she might have ruffled, turning on to her left side and reaching
out to touch Rory's arm, "I'm sorry. Really. I just couldn't resist, you were
so serious! I'm really, really sorry! There really aren't lesbian tongue

"There aren't?"

"Well, I'm sure there are some exercises you could do that do strengthen the
tongue. I wasn't kidding when I said speech therapists have developed some
for people with certain kinds of impediments. Whether they do anything to
improve on your ability to lick carpet, that I don't know. But wouldn't it
be cool if they did?"

"So how do you build up your stamina?"

"Same way you get to Carnegie Hall."

Rory gave Sara a puzzled look for a second until the answer popped into her
head, "Practice."

"Practice baby!"

It was Rory's turn to laugh now, Sara was so enthusiastic in her response.
Her laughter grew as she thought about the association her friend had just
made when she borrowed from that old borscht belt joke.

"You do realize that's probably the first time anyone has ever likened their
skill at."

"Eating pussy."

". eating pussy. to playing violin at Carnegie Hall."

"Well why not? I am considered a virtuoso you know."

Rory saw an opportunity for a little teasing of her own, "At the violin? I
never would have guessed. You seem to have such stubby fingers."

Sara gave her a sour look, "At eating pussy. Would you care for a

Another light blush colored Rory's skin and she looked down at her hand
which was now picking at the sheets, "I guess we could do that, if you're,
you know, not too tired or anything."

Sara rolled onto her back with a short laugh, "Heh heh. Too tired. You have
so much to learn young grasshopper. Now climb on board and I'll show you how
you can keep your neck from getting tired too."

`Climb on board? On board what? Oh! Ohhh! This should be interesting.'

Rory got up onto her knees and straddled Sara's body. She had a general idea
what she was supposed to do, but was a little fuzzy on the specifics. The
term face-sitting was descriptive, but it didn't really tell you how you
were supposed to actually sit on your lover's face. Fortunately Sara had the

"You need to come up here near the headboard. Okay, now let me get... arms
under... so I can... Okay good."

Rory was on her knees with her vagina positioned over Sara's face and the
blonde's shoulders and arms were behind her knees. Sara reached up and placed
both of her hands on Rory's ass and she started to guide the younger girl's
beaver down toward her mouth.

"Okay, you need to spread your knees a little so that your muff is closer.
yeah, that's good! You can stop, yeah right there!"

Rory looked down her body to where Sara's partially obscured face was, the
older girl's mouth now an inch or less from her crotch. She was looking to
see if perhaps Sara would give her some sort of sign, something that would
allow her to prepare before the blonde dove in. Rory felt Sara give her butt
a quick squeeze, just like she had out by the running track at the beginning
of the day. She smiled down at her lover, a squeeze of her cheeks, now that
would have made a good signal.

Rory's right hand shot out and hit the plaster above the headboard hard
enough to put a dent in it.

Sara winced at the sound but did not let the noise deter her from taking a
second lick the entire length of Rory's slit. She slurped down the first
dollops of cream she encountered, letting gravity work for her and send the
fluid cascading over every one of her taste buds before sliding into her
throat. The 19 year-old had all the usual tastes one would expect in a
healthy girl plus a little extra, a freshness that Sara found difficult to
describe. Whatever it was she really liked it.

The lacrosse star let her tongue wander leisurely along Rory's lips,
avoiding the dark haired girl's clit for the time being. There would be
plenty of time for that later. For now she was going to indulge herself
in Rory's taste completely, bathing her tongue in the Freshman's juices
while showing the young girl yet another way two women could enjoy each
other's body.

It wasn't as if Sara had deprived herself when she and Rory were together
that last Saturday. She had, after all, brought Rory to a very wet climax
twice using a combination of fingers and her tongue. But she had been doing
it under a certain time constraint and Sara didn't like to rush sex. She
much preferred to take her time and make it last as long as possible,
whether that meant one or two very high quality orgasms, or lots of smaller
ones was irrelevant to her, so long as she could spend as much time as she
liked causing them. And receiving them. That was pretty important to her as

Sara lapped at Rory's pussy, taking long, slow licks, letting almost the
entire surface of her tongue experience the slick labia and insides of her
lover. She absolutely adored the way it felt to press her tongue into Rory's
opening, to feel the heated flesh as she probed every nook and cranny and to
hear the various whimpers and moans that she was causing work their way out
of her young lover's throat. She really loved how responsive Rory was,
especially when she had her tongue pressed as deeply into the taller girl
as she could reach and she would brush the tip against the walls of the brown
haired girl's cunt. Rory may have preferred easing her way into a session,
but once she was comfortable she became a willing, even eager, participant.
As her current situation would clearly indicate.

For such a shy, often reserved girl, Rory was not having any problems getting
into the swing of things. Sure she needed time to overcome the completely
understandable nervousness she felt as she took these first few steps into
sexual experimentation. And just like a toddler she was at first hesitant,
unsure of her footing, until after a misstep here and a misstep there, she
began to grow more confident in her ability, trusting that she would be able
to maintain her balance and not fall flat on her virtual ass if she proceeded
down the path she was on. Sara knew it also helped that no one was pushing
Rory to renounce her heterosexuality and declare herself a candidate for
Yale's Lesbian Freshman of the Year award. Without that pressure on her Rory
would be able to experiment at her leisure and decide for herself if she
wanted to continue having occasional Sapphic encounters or if after trying
it a few times she would conclude that it was nice, but not really for her
before she beat a hasty retreat back to Boysville. Like so many before her
chalking it up to youthful indiscretion and the permissive atmosphere of the
college life. Of course Sara was going to do her damnedest to make sure that
did not happen and that she and Rory and Jennifer would be dipping their
tongues into each other's honeypot for many years to come. Besides which,
Sara hadn't done any renouncing and she and Jen spent plenty of time dallying
in Boysville, so there was no reason for anyone to expect Rory to give that

And If the plentiful moans and huge amount of pussy cream emanating from
Rory were any indication of the brunette's intentions then Sara could stop
worrying. She and Rory would be playmates for a long, long time.

When Rory had recovered from the initial shock that Sara's tongue had caused
as it parted her labia she was able to concentrate on the sensations that
same tongue was currently generating in her vagina. A smile came to her face.
Now this, this is what she had been seeking all week, the intense pleasure
that can only be felt when it comes at the hands, or in this case tongue, of
another human being.

Rory closed her eyes as Sara's tongue bored its way into her pussy. Her left
hand reached out for the top of the headboard and she held on, not really
needing the support, but happier for having it nonetheless. And as Rory
quickly discovered, having her hand gripping the headboard allowed her to
move her hips more freely, grinding her twat lightly into Sara's face and
maximizing the contact of the blonde's tongue to her slit.

With her right hand she reached down and grasped Sara loosely by the hair.
It had been the brown haired girl's right hand that had slammed into the wall
and Sara briefly worried that Rory might have hurt herself, but she had hit
the wall flat handed and except for the initial sting it was none the worse
for wear.

Sara noted the addition of Rory's hand on her head and the small swivels of
her lover's hips but did not take any action as a result. She remembered well
Rory's reaction the first time the Freshman had reached a climax with Sara's
head buried in her crotch, how the younger girl's body had almost folded
around her head, trapping her in place until Rory's orgasm had passed. And
as much as Sara had enjoyed the experience, in particular the fresh girl
cum that had spilled out of Rory as she came, repeating it in her current
position could be hazardous. So she maintained a watchful eye on the girl
sitting on her face as she considered her options and all the while her
tongue beat a delightful tattoo against Rory's tasty snatch.

Sara kept up her tongue work in Rory's folds for a long, immeasurably
pleasurable time. She kept her young lover at a low boil as long as she
could, drawing out the experience for both of them and garnering the
benefits as she drank down copious amounts of cream, fresh from the
source. When Rory began to moan with some frequency, and definite volume,
and she increased the pressure of her cunt against Sara's face the older
girl knew the time to act had come. She tapped Rory's thigh and removed
her tongue from her lover's box. From the reaction she got you would have
thought that she had just taken away Rory's favorite toy. Maybe she
actually had.

"Hey! What are you doing? Don't stop now!"

"I want you to stand up. I want to show you something I think you're going
to really like!"

Giving her lover an eager grin Rory said "Okay!" and started to get off the

"Rory! No. I meant stand up on the bed. Same spot you were before, up near
the headboard."

Rory didn't know what Sara had in mind, but she trusted the blonde and she
took her position as instructed.

"Okay good. Back up just a little. yeah, good. Right there. Now spread your
legs just. Perfect! Stay just like that!"

Sara eased back into place between Rory's spread thighs only this time she
was sitting almost completely upright on the bed. She leaned back against
the headboard and supported part of her weight on her left hand, leaving
the right free. Sara had plans for that hand.

Once everything was arranged properly Sara glanced up at Rory and the two
lovers made eye contact, Rory flashing the older girl a big smile as she
waited for the next move, "You're not going to punch the wall again, are

"No, I'm ready for you this tIIIIME!" Rory ended in a shout as Sara drove
her middle and index fingers into the brunette's cunt and quickly followed
up with her tongue.

The relaxed, measured swipes of Sara's tongue through Rory's pussy were now
of the past. The blonde had used a very gentle touch with Rory up to this
point, treating the younger girl much like a skittish horse. A heavy hand
would only have served to scare her away. But now Sara wanted Rory to see
that there were other ways, less laid-back ways, that they could have sex.
That didn't mean she was going to get rough with Rory. Sara wasn't in to
rough sex, and while she was still learning about Rory's likes and dislikes
she felt very comfortable in thinking that her new lover would not respond
well to anything rough. Not well at all. However, sex that was a little more.
energetic. Well there was no reason to believe that Rory would not respond
to that as enthusiastically as she had to every other thing Sara had shown

Rory had been holding onto the headboard with both hands when Sara had sprung
her sneak attack, and it was very good thing she was. The slender brunette
had been so shocked by the invasion of Sara's digits that she had actually
lifted up on her toes and would certainly have lost her balance if not for
her hold on the wooden board. Even with her hands augmenting her stability it
was still touch and go for a while as Sara plunged her fingers in and out of
Rory's snatch a rapid clip. The addition of Sara's tongue made for some
confusing moments for Rory's body as she struggled between pulling away from
the fair haired girl's probing fingers and pushing her twat down against the
warm pink tongue. Predictably, increasing her contact with Sara's gifted
tongue won out.

Not that anyone could blame Rory for her choice. Sara may have been joking
earlier when she referred to herself as a virtuoso, but when it came down to
it, the girl had skills. She'd been sexually active with women for six years,
starting with her best friend and lover Jennifer, and in that time Sara had
`practiced' so much, that if there were such a thing, she'd be first chair
in the Yale all-veggie orchestra. Assuming of course that the orchestra was
willing to overlook the fact that technically, Sara was not a lesbian. Even
so, when it came to eating pussy, Sara could compete, and win, against the
most dedicated devotee of the meatless lifestyle.

As Rory started to grind down on Sara's face she temporarily removed her
fingers from the younger girl's cunt. The fair haired girl loved to press as
much of her face as possible into her lover's snatch, driving her tongue in
deeper than they had ever experienced before, using her lips, tongue, and
sometimes even her nose in her efforts to deliver as much pleasure as she
possibly could.

The two girls settled into something of a rhythm as Sara's tongue wriggled
happily in Rory's pussy. The dark haired girl was still producing more than
enough cream to keep Sara slurping at her lips madly, sucking milky white
fluid and any available flesh with equal abandon. Sara continued to
concentrate solely on Rory's opening and slit, avoiding the clitoris, but
knowing that she would not be able to do that for much longer. Deciding that
now was as good a time as any to put Rory on the path to orgasm she gave the
brunette's butt a quick squeeze and moved her hand to the inside of her
lover's left thigh.

Using her right hand Sara began to push on Rory's left leg. At first the
younger girl did not understand what Sara wanted her to do, until the blonde
took precious moments away from munching Rory's carpet to explain what she

"Lift your leg up onto the headboard."

Rory nodded, "Oh, okay." and lifted her foot up and placed it on the wooden

The board was only about two and a half feet high and Sara had actually
intended for Rory to place her knee on the board, extending her leg along
the top and spreading her legs about 90 degrees apart, maybe a little less.
But Rory's way was so much better. With her foot on the top of the board
her knee was way up by her chest and now her legs were spread way further
than originally intended. And that just made it even easier for Sara to fit
her face up against Rory's pussy.

Since it was one of her favorite things to do and Rory was spread wider
than almost any lover she had ever been with Sara indulged herself for a few
moments, tilting her head and pushing her face up into the younger girl's
crotch and quickly shaking it back and forth, making a small "rrrrrrrr" sound
as she did. Rory laughed at the sensation, the vibrations from Sara tickled
her a little, and at the sheer playfulness of the act. She liked the idea
that she and Sara could have fun when they were together, even during the
middle of sex. It just seemed so healthy.

Sara laughed a bit as well, she was really glad that Rory was enjoying
herself every bit as much as she was, and unless the older girl had guessed
wrong, they were both about to enjoy themselves even more.

Sara slid her tongue into Rory's opening several more times before returning
her middle and index fingers to their earlier position. She took a few quick
swipes of her tongue the length of Rory's slit while plunging her fingers in
and out of the brown haired girl's vagina. After the third pass of her tongue
she backed away somewhat and looked up at her lover as she brought her left
hand up from the bed and her thumb made contact with Rory's clit while her
right hand continued what it was doing.


Rory looked down and met Sara's eyes, her mouth slightly open, and her
knuckles almost white she was gripping the headboard so hard. She had been
more than a little pleased with herself that she had not really reacted when
she felt Sara's fingers slipping into her. She should have realized that the
older girl would have something else in store as well. Next to teasing,
shocking her was Sara's second favorite game.

Sara had a sly smile on her face, as well as a great deal of pussy juice,
when she asked "Do you like that?"

Rory could only nod yes, her mouth was still open and periodically small
moans were issuing from it.

"Are you ready to cum?"

Another nod yes.

"Tell me... Tell me you're ready to cum."

"I'm ready... unnnnnnhhhhh... Oh God! I'm... unnnnnnhhhhh... I'm ready to

"How do you want me to make you cum?"

Rory could only look at Sara and moan. She simply did not have anything left
to answer Sara's question with.

Sara rephrased her question, "Do you want me to use my thumb? Or would you
prefer my tongue?"

It took Rory four tries before she ground out "Tongue!"

"Excellent choice. I approve."

Sara did not immediately remove her left thumb from Rory's clit. She
continued her two handed assault for a while until she saw Rory's eyes close
and her moans cut off completely. She extended her tongue and flicked the tip
of it against Rory's slit just below the clit and slowly moved her tongue up
onto the sensitive nub while she used her thumb to push the hood back,
completely uncovering the bundle of nerves.

Alternately sucking and licking at Rory's clit Sara continued to increase
the younger girl's arousal. She began to draw letters on it, spelling out
her name and Jennifer's and Rory's. For variety she spelled out `Sara loves
Jennifer' or `Rory tastes good'. It didn't really matter what she was
spelling as long as her tongue was always in contact with Rory's clit. She
hadn't been able to spend as much time as she would have liked licking her
Freshman lover's clit when they were together the prior week, but she had
spent enough to learn that as long as she was gentle, and she kept her
tongue supple, she could directly stimulate Rory's clit without causing her
any discomfort. This was crucial to Sara as it permitted her to proceed to
the next step.

But before she did Sara wanted to make another change first. She had kept up
a near constant motion in Rory's box with her right hand, keeping her wrist
and the two fingers straight as she sawed them in and out of her lover's
cunt. She had felt her fingertips brush against the brown haired girl's
g-spot again and again, but she had not done anything with the specific
intent of stimulating Rory there. That was about to change.

Thrusting her hand up one more time into Rory's muff she did not immediately
reverse her direction. Instead she backed out more slowly, stopping when she
felt the roundish, rough area on the front wall of Rory's vagina. Using her
fingertips she began to make a come here gesture, tapping and brushing the
g-spot with a firm pressure and feeling it start to grow and become more
solid. Sara wasn't expecting to bring Rory to orgasm this way, and certainly
not cause her to squirt, all she really wanted was for Rory to become aware
that there was yet one more way to receive pleasure. Something for the next
time perhaps.

Rory eyes opened again when she felt Sara's fingers beginning to probe her
front wall. The smaller girl was still licking and sucking on her clit, but
she was obviously up to something with her fingers. When Rory felt the
rhythmic tapping she got a pretty good idea what Sara was up to. She may not
have had much in the way of sexual experience, but she had one hell of an
education, both formal and otherwise, and she knew what and where the g-spot
was. She just hadn't expected anyone to be fooling around with hers anytime

Now that Sara had succeeded in getting Rory's attention once more, it was
time to change direction again. Pushing the hood to Rory's clit back as far
as it would go Sara wrapped her lips around it and began to suckle. Yet again
Rory was caught by surprise, Sara having successfully misdirected her by
drawing her attention to her g-spot.

She opened her mouth as a loud cry of pleasure ripped through her,

This was quickly followed by another and another as Sara sucked Rory's clit
again and again, and when the blonde flicked her tongue repeatedly over the
nerve center Rory came. Loudly. And wetly too.


Having spent so much time standing on the bed Rory could be forgiven for
being unable to remain fully upright as her orgasm struck. Her hands came
down to grasp Sara on either side of the head and her foot slipped off the
headboard and landed on the bed. She was pressing Sara to her crotch so
tightly that the blonde found it impossible to breathe and had just barely
been able to withdraw her hand from Rory's pussy before her fingers became
trapped. With both feet flat on the bed Rory's knees began to buckle and
the pair started to slide to the surface, Sara's head still ensnared
between the taller girl's legs and her tongue still waggling like mad as
she endeavored to swallow all of her lover's freshly made cum.

Luckily for Sara Rory stopped her downward motion when her knees hit the
bed and she loosened her grip on the fair haired girl's head. With this tiny
amount of freedom Sara was able to take in some much needed oxygen but she
did not stop her tongue's work in Rory's still sopping pussy.

It wasn't until Rory's climax finally ended that Sara stopped drinking the
cum from her twat. There was more to be had but they were both in something
of a cramped position, Rory especially, and Sara wanted to give her young
lover a chance to lie back on the bed before resuming her cleanup duties.
Being momentarily worn out Rory took the most economical route and simply
fell onto her back on the bed and pressing her feet against the headboard
she pushed herself down the bed so she could stretch out fully.

Sara joined her, laying down next to the taller body, but keeping her head
up near the top of the bed, opposite Rory's knees. They stayed like that for
a few minutes, recovering from their exertions, already replaying in their
minds all the things that had just happened, huge smiles mirroring each other
plastered on their faces.

After a short breather, and being somewhat insatiable, Sara wriggled down the
bed a little until she was next to Rory's left hip. The lacrosse star had not
completed her task of clearing out every drop of Rory's cum and if there was
one thing Sara had learned about lesbian sex, it was never to willingly walk
away from newly created pussy cream. She turned onto her left side and leaned
over to part Rory's legs enough so that she could press her face once more
against her lover's snatch and finish what she had started.

Rory was laying flat on her back with one arm thrown across her eyes when she
felt Sara move on the bed and a hand began to push her thighs apart. When she
felt a tongue slipping in between her lips once more she raised her head from
the bed, rather incredulous that Sara would be back between her legs so soon.

`Surely she can't expect me to be ready that quickly.' Rory giggled softly
`Maybe she's just trying to prove that she really can do that for hours. And
don't call me Shirley!'

Sara heard the giggle but paid no attention to it, assuming that she had hit
a ticklish spot with her tongue. If Rory continued to giggle then she'd
interrupt her task to see what the brunette found to be so amusing.

But Rory had already moved on to other things. When she lifted her head to
see what Sara was up to she found that when the blonde had shifted on the bed
to bring her head more in line with Rory's groin, she had also brought her
own pelvis in line with Rory's head. And when Sara had turned onto her side
it had brought her groin even closer. All Rory had to do was to turn to her
left just a little and she would be face to. her destiny. The time for some
payback had finally arrived.

Rory turned her head to the left. She was closer to Sara's vagina than she
had ever been, even closer than when she started down this new path a week
earlier. She could see, heck she could smell, the arousal on Sara's slick
lips. Rory took this opportunity to study the genitals of the woman she could
now call lover.

The older girl liked the minimalist look when it came to pubic hair,
completely shaving her lips and most of the hair from her mound, leaving only
a tiny tuft behind. Depending on who asked she would either say she kept it
that way because it allowed her to wear any style bathing suit she liked, or
because she didn't want her lovers to have hair stuck between their teeth.
Neither answer was the truth. The real reason she did it was because Jennifer
liked it that way. Her roommate and lover liked the intimacy of shaving
Sara's private parts and it was one of the many things the two girls shared
that made their relationship special. And very, very hot.

As Sara could surely testify, Rory had a much more natural lower hair style.
She wasn't ridiculously bushy, she too, liked to be able to wear a variety of
swimsuit styles, but she also wasn't shaved. And the idea of a Brazilian wax
filled her with dread. Until now. Now that she had seen Sara naked, seen how
incredibly sexy the bald look was on the older girl, she was beginning to
reconsider her choice of pubic hair fashion.

Of course Rory's opinion was being swayed in part by how wet Sara's cunt was.
Sara was laying on her left side with her left leg stretched out along the
bed, but her right leg was bent at the knee and her foot was flat on the bed.
This spread her legs far enough for Rory to see just how very wet, and very
open, the blonde's pussy was. They'd been going at it for quite a while now
and though Sara had had one orgasm early on, she had just spent the better
part of an hour tickling Rory's insides with her tongue. Suffice to say the
blonde was feeling a tad horny and it was evident by the fluids dripping from
her snatch and over her thigh before continuing on down to form a small
puddle on the surface of the bed.

`Ohhh, wasteful.' Rory thought and she reached out with her finger to gather
up some of the liquid before it could reach the sheets.

When Rory's finger touched Sara's upper thigh it was the older girl's turn to
snap her head up to see what was transpiring south of her navel. Rory had of
course touched Sara intimately before, both earlier that day and on the prior
weekend, so it was not unprecedented for her to do so now. But this time Sara
thought it was going to be different. This time Sara thought Rory was going
to take her first foray into the land of giving head. And that Sara was not
going to miss seeing for all the tea in China. What the hell would she do
with all that tea anyway?

Rory was oblivious to the fact that she was being watched so closely by
her bed partner. She was in her own little world for the moment, intent on
gathering up some of Sara's juices with her finger. She'd had the shorter
girl's cream on her fingers once before but she'd been too embarrassed at
the time to take a taste, waiting instead until Sara had kissed her and she
got the smallest of samples from the blonde's lips. However that was then
and this was now. This time she was not going to shy away and let Sara clean
the fluid from her finger, this time she was going to do it herself.

With not even a hint of hesitation Rory brought her index finger to her
mouth and sucked the cream that covered it off, `Mmmm, apples!' was her
first thought. Then she took another taste and decided that the apple
flavor probably came from Sara's body wash more than from her pussy

`Well that sucks. How am I going to know. Oh. Well here we go.'

Rory turned fully onto her left side now and she moved her mouth closer to
Sara's vagina. Her right hand was placed on the light haired girl's vulva,
ostensibly to keep the older girl's labia separated, however unnecessary
that might have been. She leaned in until she was only an inch or two away
from Sara and took a deep breath, partly to fill her lungs with her lover's
scent and partly to try to bring her hammering heart under control. Sara
could feel the exhale of Rory's breath against her lips, a ticklish puff
that rolled over her skin, stimulating nerve endings that were already on
the verge of sensory overload. A second and a third puff of breath followed
and Sara's heart joined Rory's in its excited pounding. Her breathing had
stopped with the first touch of Rory's breath on her flesh.

Wrapping her courage around her Rory closed the final distance and brought
her upper lips next to Sara's lower ones and for the first time in her life
she kissed another woman's pussy.

A quick peck and Rory pulled back to her original position just over an inch
away. Her eyes darted around as if trying to determine if anyone had seen
what she had done while at the same time her tongue appeared and licked the
tiniest trace of moisture from her tingling lips.

When her eyes journeyed up Sara's body Rory saw for the first time that she
was being watched. Blue eyes met hazel and Rory blushed but did not make
any attempt to move away. Sara waited for her lover to try again, but Rory
seemed stuck, unsure of how to proceed. That was something that Sara was
well positioned to help with. She coaxed Rory's right leg into an identical
posture to her own and bent her head down, extending her tongue and sending
it yet again into the dark haired girl's twat. Sara flattened her tongue
and took two long licks along Rory's slit then she lifted her head back up
and met the brunette's eyes, giving the Freshman an expectant look.

Rory looked back at her blankly for a moment then she smiled as she realized
what Sara wanted her to do. `Oh! She wants me to follow her lead. I can do

Her heart racing once again Rory brought her lips back to Sara's cunt and
extended her tongue, making contact immediately, and to the best of her
ability she repeated what had been done to her, taking two quick swipes the
length of the lacrosse star's gash and coating her tongue with Sara's cream
then reflexively swallowing the tasty treat and backing away once more.

She had done it. She had licked a carpet, dove into a muff, munched a rug.
Whatever you called it, her tongue had been in another woman's vagina. Rory
Gilmore had eaten her first pussy. She was more excited than the day she had
been accepted to Harvard.

Her heart contracting at what felt like 1000 beats per minute Rory
concentrated on the subtle flavor that had so recently coated her tongue, a
look of wonder on her face as she tried in vain to identify the differing
tastes, deciding in the end that she could not pin it down, she had tasted
nothing that compared to it, all she did know was that she loved it and she
wanted more. Much, much more.

Again Rory gazed down to Sara, looking more thrilled then the blonde had
ever seen her, `Hot Damn! She liked it! Oh we are going to have so much fun!
I can't wait for Jen to get here!'

"You liked that?"

Rory nodded eagerly, "I really, really did!"

"Want some more?"

"Yes please."

"Okay, try to do what I do, and Rory honey, try to keep your tongue supple.
Don't stiffen up. Some girls find a stiff tongue too intense."

Sara demonstrated on Rory, taking one long lick between the younger girl's
lips and looking up at her, a single raised eyebrow indicating she should
give it a try. Diving in, Rory executed her version in Sara's snatch, her
tongue penetrating a little farther than Sara's had, but otherwise performing
acceptably. Lifting her head she met Sara's eyes and saw the pleased look on
the blonde's face.

"Better. Much better. Try to be just a little softer." Sara held her hand up
for Rory to see, her thumb and forefinger separated by a paper thin distance
as she peered through them at her lover.

"Got it."

Placing her head between Rory's legs a third time Sara took one more lick
of the taller girl's muff but this time she did not lift her head to look
down at the brunette, waiting instead for Rory to give her a lick then
instantaneously running her tongue back inside the younger woman. Rory felt
Sara's tongue moving in her before she could pull away to get a reaction
from the Junior and she realized that the play-by-play coaching was over.
She would mimic the movements of her lover's tongue in her vagina and the
feedback would come when Sara did. She would know how good a job she did
pleasing Sara the same way Sara knew how well she did at pleasing Rory. By
the sounds she made, by the movements of her body, the volume of cream she
produced and finally by the power of her climax.

At first Sara simply repeated her opening strokes in Rory's slit, pausing
just long enough for the dark haired girl to replicate it then starting
over again. This went on for a short time as Sara could feel Rory adjusting
quickly, figuring out what got a response and what didn't. Next Sara added
a probing motion, sending her tongue into Rory's opening and wiggling it
around a bit, keeping it there while the taller girl's tongue probed her
own opening. Once Rory had that down Sara sucked her younger lover's lips
into her mouth, alternately taking one then the other and sometimes both
together, waiting for Rory to do the same to her, before she released them
only to quickly suck them back in.

This continued for some time. Sara introducing a new technique, Rory
repeating it successfully then moving on to the next. Initially Sara kept
things reasonably slow, but Rory proved to be as quick a learner in things
sexual as she was in things academic. She was a natural. So Sara sped up
her lesson in the art of cunnilingus but even at the faster rate it never
took long for Rory to master a topic. After a while Sara stopped even
trying to demonstrate anything new, she had covered the basics, everything
else was just a variation on the theme. She continued to eat Rory out but
now it was for their mutual pleasure, not because the younger girl needed
the guidance. Rory was now flying solo.

After about a minute with her tongue in Sara's beaver Rory's heart rate
started to come down. She was still incredibly excited by what she was
doing, and if she thought about it too much she could get her heart racing
again, but as long as she concentrated on the `doing' and didn't think
about the `what' and the `who' she was fine. She followed along with Sara
as best she could, repeating the movements of the blonde's tongue with her
own, approximating when she was unsure, but performing with a great deal
of enthusiasm in either case.

As Sara stopped adding anything new to the mix Rory was left to her own
devices. She was already confident enough in what she had learned that she
was able to improvise, shake things up a bit, and not just repeat over and
over all the things Sara had shown her. The only thing she was unable to do
was to keep going as long as Sara had without taking a break. Rory needed
to stop periodically to catch her breath where as Sara had apparently
learned to breathe through her ears. Convenient for someone who spent so
much of her time with sexy young women sitting on her face.

Rory also had to learn how to gather up the cream her lover produced before
it slipped away, over a thigh or down her chin only to end up decorating
the bed linens. She got a lot of it, but so much more got away and there was
only one way to correct that. Practice. Hours and hours of practice. Then
maybe, just maybe, she'd be able to follow in Sara's footsteps all the way
to Carnegie Hall. So much better than those stupid piano lessons she took as
a child. And, unlike the piano lessons, this was one after school activity
no one was ever going to have to force her to show up for.

Embracing the concept that it's never too early to start practicing Rory sent
her tongue deeply into Sara's box in search of liquid treasure. She applied
the probing technique the blonde had demonstrated and when she found a dollop
she slurped it into her mouth and swallowed. Sara giggled at the sound but
did not remove her head from its position between Rory's thighs, instead she
found a glob of cream of her own which she slurped at noisily. Both of them

Rory was deliriously happy. Not that she had ever really thought about it
before, but she was discovering that sex with a woman was incredible, and not
at all what she had expected. The few times her mind had wandered down this
particular path she had imagined that sex between two women would have to be
somehow less. Less exciting. Less fulfilling. Less satisfying. She didn't
doubt that women would be capable of bringing each other to orgasm, and that
their climaxes could be gratifying, she had just assumed that they would be.
less. After all they were missing one of the basic components, a rather
necessary piece of anatomy that was required to make the act complete, make
it. more. Weren't they?

Evidently not. As Rory was quickly discovering there was nothing less about
her love making with Sara. Nothing was missing, it was just different. Even
though she had not experienced sex with a man first hand yet still she knew
intuitively that it was not automatically going to be better just because it
was a man she was with, but it was going to be different. If it so happened
that it was better that would just mean that the two of them were more
compatible sexually, not that sex with men per se was better. At least that
was how it seemed to Rory.

`Maybe I'd better put that theory to the test though. Just in case I'm
wrong. Though if it gets much better than this I may have to drop a couple
of classes.' Rory let out another little giggle at the thought while sending
her tongue on another expedition into the deepest reaches of Sara's pussy.

Sara was starting to respond to Rory's ministrations, her breathing growing
more rapid, her right hand reaching down and coming in from behind her to
clutch the brunette by the back of the head, and a steady stream of
instructions and praise pouring out of her mouth interrupted only by frequent
timeouts so she could return her tongue to her current assignment. Washing
the inside of Rory's vagina. Rory was only peripherally aware of the other
indicators of Sara's growing arousal, but the verbal indicator, that was
music to her ears. Muffled from time to time when Sara clamped her thighs
around Rory's head if the younger girl did something particularly pleasing,
but music nonetheless.

"Oh God yes Rory! Right there stay right there!" ... lick lick slurp. "Oh my
GOD! YES!" ... lick slurp suck. "rightthererightthererightthere" ... suck
suck suck. "Oh God! Oh God! RORY!"

The last "Rory" was one of the times that Sara's right thigh had closed down
on her head, sparing her some of the volume of the outcry. This time it was
because Rory had moved her right hand away from Sara's labia and had brushed
her fingers against the light haired girl's fully engorged clit. When she
did it again Sara cried out her name once more, almost double the previous
volume. It occurred to Rory that she could make Sara cum if she focused on
the athlete's clitoris. But was she ready for that?

Rory considered the question seriously. Sara was obviously ready to cum at
almost anytime, all she required was the proper stimulation and it would be
all over. But Rory was really enjoying herself. Really, really, enjoying
herself and she did not want it to end so soon. They couldn't have been at
it much more than. Rory glanced up at the clock on the nightstand. 35
minutes! She had been going down on Sara for 35 minutes! It had felt like
5, 10 tops! Add to that the time Sara had spent seeing to Rory's needs and
it was close to two hours since the blonde had last climaxed. Two hours of
near constant arousal. No wonder she cried out so loudly at just a brush of
the fingertips against her clit.

Now the question was not should she, but how should she. How, exactly, did
Rory go about bringing Sara off? Fingers? Tongue? Suck on her clit? Direct
stimulation or off to one side? What was the best way to do this that would
guarantee a colossal, noisy, wet, and most of all enormously satisfying
climax for the woman who had introduced Rory to more pleasure than she had
ever dreamed of?

Rory replayed the various climaxes Sara had brought her to, looking for
something that would provide an answer to her questions. She did not have
to look far to find it. The clues were right there in Sara's own words.
And Rory was finally going to get a chance to tease Sara.

With a hidden smile Rory pulled her tongue completely away from Sara's cunt
for the first time in over 30 minutes. She waited a few seconds and brushed
her fingertips on either side of Sara's clit, not quite touching the nerve
center, but close enough to get another moan from Sara. A few more seconds
and she did it again, and again Sara moaned. Rory waited.

After a very short time Sara popped her head up from between Rory's thighs
and glared at her lover, "Why did you stop?"

Rory dragged her fingertips on Sara's flesh once more, "Do you like that?"

"No! Stop fucking around and get back in there!"

"Are you ready to cum?"

"Yes goddam it!"

"Tell me. Tell me you're ready to cum."

Sara glowered at Rory, "I'm ready... unnnnnnhhhhh..." Rory gave Sara's clit a
swift lick.

"What was that I didn't hear you?"

"Oh God! I'm... unnnnnnhhhhh..." another lick, a little slower this time.

"Nope, still didn't get it." Another lick, and this time Rory circled Sara's
clit with the tip of her tongue.

Sara gritted her teeth, determined to get the words out and end her torment,
"I'm ready to cuuuuummmmm." Lick.

"How do you want me to make you cum? Like this?" A longer, slower
combination, circling the erect nub and then a fluttering motion with the
tip directly over the top.

"Oh God Rory! Please just do it! Make me cum!!"

"Or would you prefer my fingers?"

"Oh you fucking tease! TONGUE GODDAM IT! TONGUE!!"

"Excellent choice. I approve."

But that didn't mean Rory was ready to end her teasing. She'd been on the
receiving end a little too often lately and now that she had a chance to
balance the scales somewhat she was going to take it. She shoved her tongue
back into Sara's snatch, but she avoided going anywhere near the older girl's
throbbing clit.

Sara growled when she realized that Rory was not done with her yet, "If you
don't stop it I'm gonna paddle your ass!"

Rory pulled back just far enough to respond "Go ahead. Who knows, I might
like it. It still won't make you cum."

Another frustrated growl from Sara, but she didn't follow through on her
threat. Rory knew she wouldn't, the blonde was only joking, playing at being
intimidating in an effort to get Rory to give her the last bit of stimulation
she needed for her orgasm. Sara was so close, had been for a while now, and
all she needed was a little more, just a few seconds really, a few seconds of
Rory licking or sucking at her clit and she would cum. Just a few tiny ticks
of the second hand and it would all be over. A few measly seconds and she
would feel the sweet release that you can only get from a truly satisfying
climax. and then she could punish Rory for teasing her.

Deciding that Sara had been teased long enough, and that she had waited for
an orgasm more than long enough, Rory moved her tongue away from the blonde's
opening and at last brought her mouth up to the shorter girl's clit.

She started slowly circling the bud, spiraling in until she was making the
briefest contact with the side of her tongue before she reversed direction
and started to spiral back out again. Sara moaned loudly at the touch. Rory
took her right hand and with her index finger she pulled the hood of Sara's
clit back fully. She then took the bottom of her tongue and made a couple
of quick left-right-left motions on the nub, ending by fluttering the tip
softly over the entire surface.

Sara was breathing loudly now, sucking air in and expelling it with a grunt.
Her face was scrunched up and her eyes were closed and she was pressing on
the back of Rory's head with her hand, pushing the younger girl's face
tighter against her crotch, and cutting off the only avenue of escape. Rory
wasn't going anywhere until she had made the blonde cum, and maybe not even

Rory continued fluttering her tongue on her lover's clit for several more
moments and the she circled the nerve bundle again. This time when she
finished she brought her lips in for a quick kiss and with one last lick
she sucked Sara's clit into her mouth and held it, slowly increasing her
suction and finally providing Sara with the release she had been craving.
Sara came all over Rory's face with a scream, her body thrashing around
and threatening to give her young lover a case of whiplash.

"Rory! Unnnnhhhh... Unnnnhhhh... Ohhh... Unnnnnnnnhhhhhhh... RORY! RORY!!!!"

Sara's body went rigid as she finally reached climax. After the scream
proclaiming the arrival of her orgasm to the entire campus she had fallen
silent, only the echo of her lover's name remaining as the sound bounced
from building to building, RORY ORY ORY. All her energies were now directed
towards maximizing the waves of pleasure that were coursing through her
body, making this one of the most intense orgasms she had experienced in
quite a while.

Rory did her part to make Sara's climax even more memorable by lightly
rubbing her thumb on the hood of the blonde's clit, sliding the sheath
gently back and forth, providing continuing indirect stimulation that
just added to the intensity. She also kept her tongue firmly planted in
the blonde's soaking wet twat, drinking down the flood of juices that
were gushing from it, but that was mostly for her own pleasure, not

After an unusually long period of time Sara's climax crested and began to
ebb, her muscles slowly unlocking and releasing Rory from her restricted
position. Even though she was now free to move away, Rory stayed where she
was some moments longer, her tongue taking long, loving swipes in Sara's
pussy, savoring the remnants of the older girl's orgasm, but mostly just
unwilling to stop until it was absolutely necessary.

At long last Sara rolled away from Rory and lay flat on her back on the bed,
her head propped up on a convenient pillow. She lay quietly, then with a
chuckle said "Fuck that felt good! You sure that was your first time?"

Rory looked down shyly then peeked back up to her lover and friend, "Was it
really good?"

"Are you kidding? Did you hear me? Shit, I think I broke a few windows across
the way!"

Rory was still looking somewhat bashful, but a pleased smile had appeared on
her face and she brought her fingers to her lips, touching them, as if she
could not truly believe what she had done. And apparently done well.

Sara watched Rory examining her lips then reached out with a foot and nudged
her to get her attention, "Come here."

Rory's smile got wider as she reversed position on the bed and she moved to
join Sara up by the headboard. As the younger girl moved into place Sara
pushed her left leg out to the side, slipping it under Rory and pulling the
brunette's body on top of hers. Rory was now laying mostly on Sara and they
began to kiss, softly at first but with rapidly increasing passion. As their
kisses grew more heated Sara's hands began to roam on Rory's back and her
legs came up and wrapped themselves around the taller girl's back.

When the kissing started Sara was certainly not looking for it to lead to
anything more, at least not for herself. She was going to need a bit longer
than two or three minutes to recover from a climax as powerful and gratifying
as the one she'd just had. She had started kissing Rory out of appreciation
and affection for her new lover, not desire. That would come later, after
she'd had some time to rest. And for Rory the kissing had started because she
was so excited, so energized, she just had to be touching Sara, she could not
keep her hands, or lips, off the blonde. When Sara had opened her legs and
Rory had ended up with her entire body over her lover's she had to exploit
the contact, dragging her body along the older girl's, pushing their breasts
together and feeling their nipples scraping against one another, and feeling
her mound press into Sara's.

That was when the kissing grew more impassioned. For the whole time Rory
had her tongue nestled in Sara's folds the blonde had been returning the
favor, licking and nipping and sucking, keeping Rory at a heightened level
of arousal, but not crossing the line into becoming a distraction. Rory
had been content with that while she had been focused on pleasing Sara,
but now that her attention was no longer required elsewhere she was free
to concentrate on the signals she was getting from her own body. Signals
that told her she was horny and wanted to cum.

The first time Rory grinded her crotch into Sara's flesh a low, guttural
groan forced its way passed her lips, interrupting their kiss. She
tossed her head back and her eyes closed tightly as the pleasure briefly
overwhelmed her. When the feeling faded she opened her eyes wide and
looked down to Sara, obviously surprised at her reaction.

Sara gave her a knowing smile, "Someone wants more."

Rory didn't, or couldn't, respond, she was still grinding against Sara and
her eyes had closed as another wave of pleasure went through her.

Sara began to offer small encouragements to her lover, "Do it. Go ahead Rory.
Do it. That's it baby. Go ahead, it's okay."

Rory rubbed her body against Sara's once more, her clit passing through
the light haired girls minimal bush, the friction building as the bundle of
nerves was pressed into Sara's skin. For such a simple maneuver Rory found
the amount of pleasure she was getting out of it all out of proportion to
the effort required.

She repeated the movement a fifth and a sixth time and on the seventh she
came, a soft "Ohh." the only noise she made as her eyes closed momentarily
then fluttered open and it was over.

When her climax ended Rory collapsed on her lover and waited for her heart
rate to settle down. Sara stroked Rory's hair with her right hand while they
waited, both of them thinking about how unbelievable the day had been. And it
was only half over.

A few minutes later Rory had recovered enough to move off of Sara and lay on
her side to the older girl's left. Sara kept her arms wrapped around Rory and
the brunette laid her head on her lover's shoulder. They remained that way
for a while, not speaking, and their hands wandering over each other's skin,
their intention not to stimulate, only to touch, to reaffirm their connection
while they basked and cuddled.

After a while their exertions caught up with them, and without either of them
realizing it, they drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Friday, March 5th 2004 11:51pm

"Whew boy, I need a drink."

"You're stopping? Why are you stopping?"

"Because I'm. thirsty?"

"But there's more isn't there. Didn't you tell me there was more? Something
about Jennifer? And cherries?"

"Yeah there's more, but it's getting kinda late, don't you think." Rory was
puzzled, why was Lorelai so intent on hearing the rest of the story right
then. Couldn't they pick it up in the morning?

"But you have to finish the story. I'm not going to be able to sleep unless
you finish the story. You want mommy to be able to sleep tonight don't you?"

"Why is it so important that I. Oh, I get it. You want me to tell you about
me and Steve. My first time with him."

Lorelai gave Rory a pleading look, "I think I need to hear it. Need to know
that it was everything you deserved. If we stop now I'll go nuts imagining
all sorts of things, crazy things with whips and chains and one of those sex
chair things that you hang from the ceiling. Things that you don't deserve."

"Yeah, they don't allow those at Yale. I've looked into it."

"I'm serious Rory. I need to hear this."

Rory gave her mother a look filled with love. No one on earth had a better
mother, a more understanding mother, than Rory did. She felt truly blessed.
She crawled along the couch and lay down in her mother's arms and they
hugged each other, Lorelai placing an affectionate kiss on Rory's head.
They stayed like that for a short while, enjoying the closeness, until Rory
started to get off the couch.

"If we're going to do this I need something to drink. All that talking is
making me thirsty."

Lorelai followed her daughter off the couch, "Weird. `Cause all that
listening made me hungry. I wonder if there's any popcorn?"

"Ooh, with real movie theatre butter?"

"You mean real hydrogenated processed beef fat with butter-like flavoring."

"There's no hydrogenated beef fat in the butter at the movie theatres. You're
thinking of Twinkies."

"Well there's no butter in movie theatre butter either." Pause. "Do you think
we have any Twinkies?"

"I don't know, let's go look."

* * *

Saturday, March 6th 2004 12:02am

"Do you think that's his real name?"

Rory looked up from bowl of freshly microwaved popcorn, "What? Redenbacher?"

"Please, don't even get me started on that one. No, Orville."

"What's wrong with Orville?"

"I don't know, it sounds like something's missing."

"Like what? More cowbell?"

Lorelai shot an evil look at her daughter and Rory raised her hands in
surrender, "Sorry, sorry."

Lorelai continued as if nothing had intruded on her riff, "I don't know, it
just sounds like it starts in the middle, like something should be in front
of it. I know. Chicken."


"Yeah, you know, like Chicken or Ville."

"Is this a wedding pun? `Cause you know, no one likes wedding puns. They're
right down there on the bottom of the popularity list, just a couple notches
above Mimes."

"Really? I had no idea it was its own sub-category."

"Oh yes. The breakdowns can get really precise."

"The benefits of an Ivy League education. Do they rank above Pauly Shore?"

"Even Mimes rank above Pauly Shore. Pauly Shore is the absolute nadir of
comedy. There is nothing below Pauly Shore except an endless bottomless
humorless pit where comedy goes to die. That and Rob Schneider."

"Where does that leave Carrot Top?"


"I guess that's a whole other level of suckiness, huh?"

"You have no idea."

The women took their bowl of popcorn and started the journey back to the
living room.

"You know if my mother starts to work that into the dinner conversations I
may just have to kill her."

Rory looked mystified, not quite sure what the older woman was referring to,
"What? Wedding puns? Seems a tad on the extreme side if you ask me."

"No. Cowbell. I don't think I could take it if she starts doing Christopher

Rory winced, as horrified by the image of Emily Gilmore imitating Christopher
Walken as her mother was, "Oh, okay. Yeah, I could see that as justifiable."

"No court in the land baby, no court in the land."

* * *

Okay so that's chapter 2 of my Gilmore Girl series. Don't really have
anything to say about it except it took me longer than I had hoped and I
missed the July update as a result. So it goes. I'll try and make up for
it by having chapter 3 ready for August along with this one.

Up next part 2 of Love in an Elevator, although if things go as planned that
will be posted before anyone ever reads this. Hmm, I wonder if that will
create a paradox in time. And if time allows I'm going to work on a Maria
Menounos story I've been kicking around for a couple of weeks. We'll see how
it goes.

So that's it for now. Until next time.



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