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Gilmore Girls: Bad Girl Lane Part 3 (MFF,anal,atm)
by LL

Lane rang the doorbell and waited. Beside her Rory hopped nervously, looking from side to side down the street as if she was expecting to see an FBI snatch team hidden in the bushes across the way. Lane gave her friend a smile, reaching out to squeeze her hand. The brunette stopped jiggling and jumping, but still looked around anxiously.

The curtain on one bungalow's window twitched. It made Rory flinch and give another little nervy quiver, but Lane remained relaxed. She'd been to the house before, several times, and she knew the security precautions - the owner wouldn't let them in until he was sure they were who he thought they would be and that they hadn't brought any unexpected guests with them. The Korean teen waited patiently as the curtain on the other side of the bungalow opened a couple of inches and closed again, as the man inside checked out the left hand side of the street. The only life was an old pensioner mowing his lawn a few lots down.

There was the sound of footsteps and of a camera buzzing and whirring overhead as it focussed on them, the owner making a final check of his visitors; finally he was content and there came the sound of heavy bolts being pulled back. Lane gave another comforting smile to her friend and turned to face the opening door. Framed in it was a good looking muscular man with short dyed blonde hair and with jewelled studs through his nose and ears. Wavy tattoos ran from under the sleeves of his T-shirt down to his wrists, seeming to twist and wave round the limbs like a set of snakes. He was wearing flip-flops and Bermuda shorts and as he stepped to one side and gestured them in Lane could feel the warmth coming from the overpowered radiators. She took him up on invitation and stepped in, half-pulling a clearly nervous Rory after her, "Hi Aaron."

"Hey, Lane," the young man shut the door behind them and pulled a pistol from the back of his shorts. Rory stared at it as he casually dropped the weapon on a small table next to an almost dead potted plant; Lane took no notice. Instead she turned round and slid the heavy bolts, but well oiled bolts back in place. Aaron grinned and nodded "You know the drill."

"We wouldn't want uninvited visitors," agreed Lane. She half turned and nodded towards Rory, "Aaron, this is my friend Rory Gilmore."

"The virgin right?" he asked grinning.

Rory went red and looked at the floor, but Lane was unperturbed, the way she saw it everyone was unfucked at one point and then they got fucked, Rory was just at the unfucked stage. The petite Korean nodded, "Yes..." she paused, "So you up for it still?"

"What? I get bang you both for a half of high grade pot - course I fucking am."

* * *

Lane Kim and her best friend Rory Gilmore were hanging half in, half out the open window of Rory's bedroom. Even though it was only spring inside the room the brunette's electric fan was blasting out at full power, making all the flames of the scented candles flicker and bounce as it threatened to blow them out. Lane thought it was over the top; as pot went the stuff she and Rory was smoking was mild and any smell was lost in the outside breeze as they passed the spliff between each other. But this was the way Rory smoked it; it didn't need marijuana to make her paranoid that her Mom might catch the slightest whiff of grass and immediately ground her for life. Lane didn't have that concern, her own Mom had no idea what pot smelt like and when she wondered aloud what the weird smell was on Lane's cardigan the teen didn't bother to tell her.

There was a lot Mrs Kim didn't know about Lane; not just that she took drugs, but that she played truant and had recently got a tattoo of a butterfly on her inner thigh. And that she was one the sluttiest nymphos on the Eastern seaboard. It was the last of these that she and Rory were talking about as they smoked the pot, "So what happened next?" asked Rory, her eyes wide and her breath uneven, she looked hot and flushed and not just from the drugs. Her spare hand shook as if she wanted it to drop back and move between her legs and only a superhuman act of willpower was stopping her.

She took another suck of the joint and passed it to her Lane, who inhaled deeply, "So after I'd taken Tom, or is it Tim - it doesn't matter, I rested a few moments and got out of the backseat. His pals were still around and looking like they wanted some action. So I dropped down to my knees in front of them both and sucked them each, whilst Tom was trying to do his pants up in the car..."

"Lane..." Rory's voice was filled with admiration, but her friend hadn't finished

"After I'd given them both a blow job I realised I wanted to be fucked again. So I had to get Tom to take his pants back down, suck him back to hardness and get in the cramped back seat again and get him to fuck me... in the butt this time." Lane stopped her description and took a drag of the pot; she felt dizzy, though she was sure that it wasn't the weed, which was less powerful than some of the varieties she'd tried, but because she was leaning headfirst through the window. She looked at the glowing ember as it burnt down the spliff and took one final drag, before passing it to her best friend, "Here you finish it."

"There not much to finish," said Rory accusingly, though she still took the last inch between her fingers and breathed in the cannabis. She gave a small startled cry as the last bit burnt down to her fingers and swiftly crushed the remaining spliff against the back wall of the house. For a few moments more the two teens remained hanging half-in, half-out; the warmth of the room contrasting with the cool spring breeze - too cool. They got back in. Rory closed the window and dropped to her bed, "Lane that was... wow, now I know why people become junkies."

"You're hardly likely to become a junkie from a few spliffs, this isn't Reefer Madness," corrected her friend.

"No..." admitted Rory, reluctantly. She lay on the bed for a few moments, before turning her head and smiling at Lane, who was sitting on the seat next to the desk, fiddling with a pen; "Have you got any more?"

"I'm out," said Lane, "You got any money?"

"I... er spent it all on a couple of new hardbacks."

"That's what libraries are for," said Lane, "Well that and telling Mrs Lane you're going to study in one instead off sucking off a Quarterback and his mates."

Rory nodded sagely, though Lane knew that Rory had gone no further than heavy make-out sessions, with the hottest action being a hand clawing her boobs through her sweater; "What about you?"

"Spent it on CDs and on the pot we've just shared."

"That blows," said Rory, "What we going to do?"

She shifted position so that her legs were halfway up the wall; it made her skirt fall down her thighs, showing a glimpse of white panties - the gusset sticking into the camel toe. An idea flashed in Lane's mind like a light bulb being switched on - and not just how to get drugs. Rory was over eighteen and it was way past time her cherry was popped (metaphorically, as a few years ago Rory had confessed she broken her real hymen with a 'borrowed' dildo from her Mom's room). The Korean said, "I know a way to get some for free... well not paying money."

"You do? How?" Rory's head turned so that she was looking at her friend.

"How much do you want it?" asked Lane.

"We don't have to whack someone do we? asked Rory nervously.

"In a manner we do," said Lane. Her friend's eyes widened and her mouth opened in shock. Lane paused for a moment, enjoying her friend's horrified reaction, thinking that she had entered an episode of the Sopranos, then she smiled and carried on, "More whacking someone off, more use of mouth and cunt than sharp objects and bangy things."

"Oh," said Rory, "You mean... like sex for drugs?"

Lane shrugged, "It depends how much you want it." She smiled, "Anyway it'll be fun and for your first time, I'll be there as well; that's gotta take some pressure of worries about performing."

"You mean he'll want to have sex with us both?" Rory facial expression returned back to shocked.

"No dealer's going to give up pot just for a quick screw, they're gonna want a threesome and some anal... don't worry about that I'll cover the butt-fucking, but if we go for it you're going to have to spread your legs," Lane explained. She paused and shrugged, "It's your choice..." She smiled, "But it'll be fun... sex always is, I've told you."

Rory looked at the ceiling, thinking deeply, Lane waited patiently, her friend always over-thought things, but she always came to the right answer as well. This time was no different; Rory nodded, "Okay, everyone says I'm my Mom's daughter - if I was a teen Lorelai Gilmore I'd be up for it wouldn't I? "

"That's a yes?"


Lane reached into her bag and pulled out her cell; she scrolled down. There were a lots of numbers on there - her Moms, Rory's, the head of her church's chastity committee, some random guys who'd been under the impression she'd call them back for seconds; and her dealers - all of them. She paused, she knew the guys who sold her pot, and she guessed all of them, or at most at least, would be happy to take her up on the offer. Fat Bobby would give the best deal, but he was also as obese as a whale with a weight problem; Kevin needed to bath more and Chloe, was cool, but Lane wasn't sure Rory would want her first to be another girl. It would be Aaron.

* * *

"Fuck first, pot after," Aaron said as he eyed up Lane and Rory; from the leer on his face he was thinking he had a bargain.

From the lump in his pants Lane knew she'd got the better part of the deal, hard dick and soft drugs. And the chance to have a threesome with her cute and sexy best friend Rory as well. The petite Korean nodded, smiling sexily, "Works for me. Rory?"

The brunette nodded nervously, "Er... yeah. That's good for me as well."

"Let's go into my parlour," Aaron flashed a white toothed smile as his hand swung out to point towards his room.

"Let's give you a taster first," grinned Lane. She turned towards Rory and slid her mouth close to the brunette's ear, "Remember what I said in the car, just follow my lead and go for it. You'll enjoy it."

Rory gave another nervous nod. Lane shoot her gaze quickly at Aaron who was standing impatiently at his door and then back to Rory as their heads moved so they were opposite each other. Lane smiled and opened her mouth, bringing it down on Rory. The brunette didn't react for a moment, letting Lane do all the work, but then she recalled Lane's words and opened her own lips, allowing the Korean's lithe tongue to slide into her mouth. She was a good kisser, 'she must have learnt something from Dean and Jess,' thought Lane. The Korean pushed her mouth harder onto her friend's pushing her tongue in further and swirling it around Rory's mouth. It was giving Aaron a show, from the corner of her eye she could see he was no longer slouched impatiently, but straight up and fully engaged in watching the tableau in front of him. Lane gave him more...

With one hand she lifted the front of her friend's skirt, showing the white panties, sticking into the camel-toe sexily. Rory kissed hard back at her, content to follow Lane's lead and expose her underwear. But Lane hadn't finished. Still holding the skirt up she moved her other hand from Rory's back to her front. A finger slid under the cotton of the panties and found Rory's slit. The brunette teen's eyes widened and her mouth fell away from Lane, as she looked at her friend in surprise, "Lane... what...?" Lane's finger slid into the hole and Rory's question was answered.

"Follow my lead," Lane murmured and pushed her digit in and out. Rory felt soft and warm and she was already getting wet. Lane moved her middle finger further in, feeling the warm walls grip round her finger like a fleshy vice. Up further she went, confirming her friend had no hymen, even if she was a virgin, moving further and further, exploring the hole. Rory groaned and giggled, resting her hands on her friend's shoulders. Beside them Aaron's Bermuda's bulged so hard the seams threatened to split.

"Ooooh, aaaarrhhh," Rory gave a little quiver as Lane found her spot.

The Korean rubbed and pressured it for a moment or two, making her friend gasp more loudly and shake with excitement as she came. Not for too long, it was only a taster, a preview; Lane pulled out her wet finger and turned towards Aaron. Slowly and deliberately she put her finger in her mouth and sucked it clean of Rory; "Mmmnn, nice," she purred.

"Looks it," said Aaron, "Though the deal is I get to join in, not just watch."

"We're counting on it, aren't we Rory?" her friend nodded as Lane took her hand and advanced the couple of steps that separated the teens from the dealer. She stood their for a moment, inches from him, smiling teasingly, watching him trying to control his breathing and struggling with his lust, ready to take them both. Lane dropped Rory's hand and flicked her friend a look, the brunette looked nervous and resolute together. It looked like she would continue to follow her lead without asking. Lane's eyes went back to Aaron, "Your room?"

He nodded, "Yeah."

"Let me take this off then," smiled Lane. She began to unbutton her blouse, so close to him that she as she undid the buttons her wrists were brushing his torso and she could feel his warm breath and smell the mints he'd just eaten - so much she could almost taste them. Beside her she could feel, as much as see, Rory doing the same undoing her own top and following Lane's lead in letting it drop to the floor.

Aaron's mouth twitched as he looked down at the two pairs of firm teenie tits, just held in check by their sexy black bras. "You just gonna tease?"

"No," said Lane. She unclipped her bra and let it slowly slide off her tits and drop. Seconds later Rory followed her, the brunette blushing slightly at the first man to see her boobs. Lane gave a wicked smile at Aaron, her hands moving to the top of his Bermuda's and her thumbs sliding under the elastic, "So you going to show us what you've got?"

His hands moved round to the waists of the girls opposite him and then slid lower, massaging the top of their thighs through Rory's skirt and Lane's denim jeans. He smiled, the grin arrogant and a little cruel, but sexy, "You gonna make it worth my while?"

"Oh yeah," said Lane, "We going to do that."

She wiggled free from Aaron's grip and moved down to her knees, pulling the Bermuda's down as she descended. His prick was huge, almost twelve inches, and it was thick as well, so round she'd struggle to get it in her mouth. And it was hard, like iron, a steel prong sticking out. The teen could feel herself almost salivating with lust and she slid her tongue out and along the hard member, feeling it bounce over the veins and carve a wet line across his flesh. Down she went, carrying on until she was at the end of the shaft and then she went round and down so that her tongue was under his balls, licking at the smooth bag. From the corner of her eye she could see Rory getting down to her knees and looking at the prick, awe-struck. Lane smiled and turned to her friend, "There's plenty to share. Let's lick together."

"Okay," said Rory.

Just do what I do," smiled Lane and returned her tongue to the massive member. Rory paused, just for a second, and joined her friend in licking at the shaft. Aaron gave a groan of pleasure and excited anticipation, his rock hard dick so tense it was like a spring. The two teens worked him in unison, Lane's tongue moving up and down and round, Rory following her, running over his huge shaft and sliding over any part not touched by her friend's saliva. Lane slid down and went for his balls again, sucking and licking at the two round scrotum. Even if the cock blocked most of her sight line, she could still see Rory's tits jiggling as the brunette moved and hear the slurp of her tongue as it moved over the cock. Her own tongue probed and petted at the bag, before she brought it slowly up the underside of his prick, leaving the shaft wet and shiny with her saliva. Her own twat was aching with desire - she was ready.

Standing up Lane unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off, her panties followed. Down below Rory was still servicing Aaron with her mouth, except she had moved from licking him with her tongue and was giving him a full blow, her lips clamped round his member as she vigorously bobbed back and forth. Lane felt a moment of pride, all the stories she'd told her friend of her recent sexual adventures had told Rory what guys liked and her friend was putting that new found knowledge to use. On the other hand, "Easy..." Lane pulled her friend's head back, "We're here to give more than head."

Aaron looked disappointed, but didn't say anything as Rory stood up, blushing, "I got carried away."

"Don't worry. Now let's get these off," Lane put her hand under the elastic of her friend's skirt and pulled it down to the thighs. Rory took over and pulled it the rest of the way down, and as she was doing so Lane's thumbs were under the elastic of the brunette's panties. Soon they were on the floor with the rest of the clothes. They kicked off their shoes and pulled off their socks and stood their, with their only covering being Lane's glasses and Rory's watch.

"Bedroom now?" asked Lane mischievously as she touched her wet pussy, her fingers moving through the tiny strip of black hair above her hole, before sliding round the shaven and smooth skin round the quim lips.

"Yeah," said Aaron, kicking off his sandals and pulling off the shirt.

He led them into the room and Lane got on the bed, spreading her legs, "Come fuck me then," she turned over onto her front, "And you can have a go at this hole if you're good."

Shaking his head Aaron, put his arm round the naked waist of Rory Gilmore and smiled, "I wanna make sure I get my money's worth, the virgin first."

Lane got up, trying to contain her annoyance - she had planned to allow Rory to be broken in gently by having her watch at first, but that wasn't the real irritation, which was that was so horny she could have burst. She turned to Rory, her friend looked nervous, "That alright with you?"

"It's alright with me and that's all that matters," said Aaron, pushing Rory towards the bed, "At least if you want your pot."

"It's good," said Rory, forcing a smile and getting on the bed.

There was no option but to go along with it. But Lane had no plans on being a passive spectator, not with a pussy so hot that it was molten. She got onto her knees beside Rory and placing her hands on her thighs spread her friend's legs open, whilst turning her head to look at Aaron, "You want to fuck her?"

"Dang she's sweet," said Aaron.

Lane reached out and took hold off his cock, rubbing and stroking it, guiding it down into her friend's snatch. Rory gasped as the top of the dick entered her, too big to easily slip down her tight virginal hole. Lane's hand's slid between her and Aaron, down to the inside of the teen's thighs, easing them further apart as Aaron withdrew and returned, his big prick entering further each time. Rory groaned and stretched, trying to accommodate him - Lane took her hand and stroked it before moving her mouth down to the brunette's titty and starting to kiss and lick it. Rory began to relax more, her body becoming less tense and rigid, allowing Aaron to move faster and harder. "Oooohh," she gasped, "That's feeling good."

The dick entered deeper, Aaron moving faster and harder, opening her tight pussy and taking Rory's virginity in a series of deep, penetrating thrusts. Lane continued to do her part, sliding her tongue round Rory's nipples, making them stand up, erect and hard, like little cupolas on a top of a dome. A very shaky dome, as Rory titties bounced and quivered with the rest of her as she reacted to the fucking, shaking and moving up and down the bed as Aaron's prick rammed her.

"Ooohhh, God, ooohhh, this is good. Fuck me, don't stop, yes, carry on. Ooooh, urrrghh, Lane..." Rory gripped the bed and cried out in pleasure, obviously enjoying her first big dong immensely.

Lane's tongue continued to play with her BFF's tits, sucking and licking at the nubs, keeping them stiff, biting them and pulling them with her teeth. One of her hands was down, just above Rory's pussy, massaging the brunette's skin and flesh; she could feel the pressure as Aaron's twelve incher rammed into Rory's cunt, driving the hole open. With her other hand she moved round to her own butt and began to push a finger in, first her pinkie finger and once that had gone fully in, replacing with her larger middle finger. She wanted to be prepared for when Aaron finished fucking Rory and she didn't want him to waste time on opening her butt; and it felt good - not as great as a cock, but still enough to make her quiver.

"Fuck, fuck, you're so fucking tight," grunted Aaron as he continued to pound Rory.

The brunette was gasping in pleasure in reply, "Aaaarrghh, God, yesss, fuucckk, God, God, I'm cumming, oh my God, uurrrghhh, ooooohhhh."

Lane bit down lightly on a nipple, stretching it as she pulled upwards. Her friend's back arched and she screamed, though Lane knew it was more from the effects of the big dong slamming into her than her own efforts, fun though they were. "Fuucckk, aaarrrghh, fuck," gasped Rory, her arms stretching out like she was being crucified and her hands gripping and ungripping like she was in a midst of a fit, "Uuurrrrghhh, aarrrghhh, God, fuck, yes, fuck, fuck."

As the teen quivered and quaked Lane began to worry that Rory would be getting all the fun, that Aaron would want to spend all his energy deflorinating the virgin rather than ramming his cock down the anus of the more experienced Korean. She wiggled her butt and forced her finger deeper down it, hoping to persuade the dealer to swap holes without her actually saying anything - she didn't want to appear desperate for dick, even if she was so horny that she was afire.

Whether it was energetic fingering of her ass or that Aaron had always planned to swap holes the dealer suddenly pulled his dick out of Rory, spraying her pussy cum over her the flesh round her and Lane's hand, which was still massaging them. He moved behind Lane, "You want me?"

"Yes," Lane brought her head up from Rory's tits and spread her hands out in front of her. She lifted her butt and wiggled it, "In my ass."

"Sounds like a plan," grinned Aaron. His hands took hold off Lane's buttocks and pried them apart. His big dick, still slick with Rory's cum. began to push into her hole. Lane groaned and wiggled, pushing back to help him in. Her fingers had done some of the prep, but his dong was so big and wide it still was an effort. He moved back and pressed forward again, slowly his dick gouged downwards, her walls squeezing and fighting it, her body arching back to meet him. He held her tighter and dragged himself forward "Fuck, shit, baby, that's a fucking tight as hell ass you've got Lane."

"Uurrrgh. Yes. It is. Give it me. Give it me all. Fuck my butt," Lane grunted out, terse and to the point, as she rocked and twisted, moving herself to take his huge dick. Gradually he was getting deeper, opening her, battering away the anal resistance. Lane gripped the bedding and swung herself back, feeling more of his foot long length pound down her ass, "Aaaarggh. Fuck. Bang me harder. Fuck me. I want your dick. In my ass. I want it in my butt."

Beside her Rory was recovering from her own pussy pounding and had struggled onto her knees. She was staring in fascination at the big dick ramming in and out of her friend's backhole. The brunette's hand stole down to her pussy and she began to finger-fuck herself, moaning softly, as her other hand gripped and played with the titties that Lane had been suckling.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Aaron grunted and panted as he slammed harder and harder into Lane, as they both looked at the masturbating Rory. It might have been Lane's imagination, or it might have been that her ass was starting to spread, but it seemed that Aaron was going faster and harder, his huge cock pounding deep into her hole, as he gazed at Rory. If he was Lane couldn't blame him, a naked Rory, her mouth open in lust, fingering her sweet wet snatch, was a sight, and the sounds of her moans were a further turn-on. In fact if Lane hadn't been gripping the bedding and screaming in orgasmic pleasure she'd have been diddling her own pussy looking at her friend.

Not that she needed to worry about her own sexual pleasure. Aaron's dong was deep within her now, thrusting down her anal hole and ramming at her G-spot from behind the wall. The thickness of him was spreading her, the bulging cock pressing against the walls as it slammed in, each thrust making her quiver and quake with orgasmic pleasure. "Aaarrrghh, aarrrghh. Harder. Give it me harder. Fuck me deep. Fuck me good."

He was slamming against her, his balls slapping at her cheeks as the full foot of dick dived deep into her ass. His hands gripped her sides, dragging himself forward and levering himself back, the fingers squeezing at her flesh, the nails, short and jagged, scratching at her, leaving small red weals on her sides. Sweat was covering her forehead; slowly it slid down to mist up her glasses and make the world outside seem like a fog. She could see Rory only as a pink blur, an arm moving and a body shaking. Lane closed her eyes and squealed, "Arrrrghhh, oooooh, aaaarrrghhh."

"I want to join in," giggled Rory. Lane opened her eyes and turned her head to see her friend had moved position, no longer was she playing with herself, or at least not just with herself, now she was on her knees using one hand to balance, whilst she used the other to play with her pussy. The brunette's face was just inches away from Lane's ass and she flashed Lane a quick smile, before bringing it closer. Her mouth opened and her tongue flicked out, running over Lane's quivering cheeks and trying to get at the dick pumping in and out of her ass. Aaron was moving so fast that Rory was fighting a loosing battle, but from the feel of the flick of her tongue and the way her body quaked as she enthusiastically fingered her slot, it was a fight Rory was up for.

With Rory's tongue sliding over her the orgasmic pleasure seemed to just get better. Lane screamed and squealed, her body shuddering as with each vigorous thrust Aaron dick hammered against her G-spot, slamming through the cervix wall and making the clit quiver. The teen's insides felt like they were being put in a blender, whipping around and twisting, explosions of pleasure tearing her. "Fuck harder, fuck me harder," she screamed.

Aaron did so. His dick pounded at her butt as he slammed against her, his muscular body ramming her forward. Rory moved position again; this time sliding herself under Lane so that she was below her friend's pussy. Lane squealed and squeaked as Rory's tongue dived in, lapping at her wet slot. It was heaven; blissful pleasure flowing through her as both her holes were filled and serviced, cock and tongue working together in a harmonious whole of ecstasy. Her body arched and twisted, "Fuuucckk, yessss."

"Fuck, yes," grunted Aaron, almost like an echo. He groaned and stopped moving, so suddenly it was like he had hit a wall. The reason became clear soon enough as his cock twitched and pumped, shooting his cum into her tight hole, filling it with his white, velvety sperm. He pulled himself out and collapsed on the bed.

"Me next," said Rory, pulling herself from beneath Lane, any shyness had long gone, "I want it in my butt as well."

"Give him a few minutes," said Lane.

Rory shook her head and smiled, "Use your mouth to get him hard Lane."

Rory was her best friend and Lane was more than willing to do that favour for her. She smiled, "Okay."

Still on her hands and knees she moved position so that her mouth was over Aaron and began to lick his flaccid cock, coated as it was with his and her cum and juice. She had just begun, not enough to get any reaction, when she felt Rory behind her. The brunette's hand gripped the young Korean's butt and pulled apart the cheeks. Lane gasped, her breath gushing into her lungs in a rush, as Rory's tongue entered her asshole. It swirled round and round the open hole, licking at the cum and slurping it down. Lane let out a moan of pleasure as Rory probed further in, finding the goo and pushing it around and down or lapping it into her throat like it was cream for a cat. Deeper and deeper Rory went, exploring Lane's most intimate hole, until she couldn't get any further, her face lodged between the cheeks and her tongue wiggling in Lane's open hole.

"MMmnnn," Lane moaned in pleasure and sent her tongue down Aaron's shaft. Lane's skills and the sound and sight of Rory's anal slurping were arousing and soon Aaron was hard again. Lane's mouth opened and she took the dong between her lips, moving slowly down, feeling it stretch her lips as she went further. She slid up, leaving a trail of saliva marking her passage. She'd only been able to fit in half the dick so she went down again, quivering in pleasure as Rory did to her ass what she was doing to Aaron. He lay back and relaxed as the two teens used their mouths to satisfy, slurping and sucking sounds filling the room.

Lane's ass was closing, forcing Rory's tongue back. The teen continued to lick the hole, but less deeply. Lane didn't mind, her friend had cleaned out most of the anal cream pie in the most delightful way and even as the tongue exited the pleasure of it remained. She carried on sucking Aaron's cock, making sure it was ready for Rory's virginal ass - she remembered how it had felt the first time a cock had gone up her butthole and she wanted it as lubed as possible for her friend. She was still struggling to fit it all in her mouth when Rory's head appeared next to hers. The brunette smiled, "Let me help."

She didn't wait for an answer, but started to lick round the balls and the bottom of his shaft. Lane lifted her head up off the cock, she wouldn't be able to fit any more in, certainly not with Rory getting in the way, but if she couldn't suck she could lick. Her tongue moved round the top, cleaning the polished end and down the shaft. The two teens giggled as their tongues touch, intertwining round the huge cock, before separating and continuing to slide round. Aaron groaned, "Fuck, this is hot, two cuties on my dick."

Neither answered, both to intent on washing the prick, cleaning it of cum and leaving it slippery and shiny and hard as iron, ready for anal action. Their tongues flicked and slid, wiping it with their saliva.

But there was more to be done to prepare Rory for her anal stuffing, than just lubing the dick with spit. Lane lifted her head from Aaron and said to Rory, "You keep on licking it, make it nice and wet for your ass." Rory nodded and ran her tongue up the shaft. Lane smiled at her friend and carried on, "I'm just going to work your butt, get it ready."

"Oh, sure," giggled Rory, stopping licking the dick for a moment.

Lane moved behind her. Rory's firm teen butt was quivering as the teen lapped. It looked so enticing that Lane wondered why she'd never tried it on before. She gripped the cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing the small, tight, virgin fuckhole. Rory quivered and moaned a little louder as Lane put her mouth down there and ran her tongue between the cheeks and over the hole. She moved up and down, soaking the hole with her spit, covering it with saliva.

"Oooohhh," Rory gave a small gasp as Lane pushed her finger into the tight hole. Some of the saliva went in as well, oozing down the hole opened by the digit. Lane moved her finger round, pushing and tickling, expanding the virgin territory like she was a settler clearing forest. Rory gave another series of small moans and gasps, temporarily bringing her head up from the dick to squeal her pleasure. Lane fingered deeper and harder, pushing her digit as far as it could, working it back and forth, alternating the finger with spitting into the hole, making it wet and ready. Rory quivered again, "Oooohhh."

"I think she's ready for something bigger," grinned Aaron.

Lane agreed; it was time. She pulled her head away from Rory and looked at Aaron, lying back, his torso rippling and his big cock, wet with her friend's spit, standing up like a skyscraper. "Don't bother to move," Lane said, "It'll be easier for Rory if she goes down on you."

"Hey, whatever," nodded Aaron, "I can lie back and think of... something."

Lane "Ror, I'll help you in." Rory nodded, her face a mix of nervousness and excitement. "You can go down as fast or slow as you want," Lane continued. She got up and helped position her friend so that she was hovering over the huge dick. Lying on the bed beside Rory Lane took hold off her friend's tummy and lower back and gently guided her down until the tip of the dick was just an inch below the teen. The diminutive Korean smiled at her friend, "You ready?"

Rory nodded, "I am."

"Down you go," said Lane. She let go off her friend and took hold of the dick, guiding it into the ass of Rory Gilmore. The brunette gave a small squeak as for the first time ever a dick started to enter her anus. She raised herself a little, taking herself off the dick and hovered for a moment. Lane said, "Take hold off your cheeks in your hands and pull them. Don't worry I'll guide it in." Rory did as her friend said, grabbing the cheeks and plying them apart before lowering herself. She gave another squeak as she landed on the dick, but this time she didn't raise herself, instead she forced herself down. It was only an inch or two, and given the size, she had a long time to go yet, but it was further than before. "Good, that's it," giggled Lane encouragingly.

"How am I doing?" Rory asked.

"More to go," said Lane before Aaron could say anything, "but you're doing well. It'll be sore at first, but keep going."

Rory pushed herself further down, a grimace crossed her face, but it didn't stop her taking an extra two inches. Lane let go of Aaron's dick, it was so deeply embedded in her friend's butt it didn't need any more help. Instead she sat back, sliding her fingers over her own wet pussy and giving Rory encouragement, "Good girl. You can do it. Just a few more inches. Wow, you're starting to really get down."

Aaron was speaking as well, "This is so tight. You're so fucking tight and small. Come on down baby girl, fuck my dick."

His and Lane's words were almost lost in the grunts and screams and cries from Rory, "Aaaarrrghh! Oooohhh! Fuuuccckkk. My asssss! Oooohhh!" But slowly the teen was going down, sometimes lifting herself and sometimes pushing harder, but inch by inch the cock was going up her ass and spreading her chute like it was elastic. And as it got deeper Rory was starting to see why her friend loved it in her ass and her noises changed to pleasured moans, ecstatic squeals and excited shrieks, "Aaaarrrghh! Oooohhh! Fuuuccckkk. My asssss! Oooohhh!"

Aaron gripped her waist and started hammering his dick up, the two of them moving together faster and harder, slamming together as he gave the brunette the full foot. Rory's body arched, her back bending and her hair flowing down behind her, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck my butt! Fuck my asshole so fucking hard! Aaaarrrghh, fuck it with your big cock, fuck it harder!"

Aaron was really getting into his stride, raising his hips to vigorously ram his dick into Rory. The teen quivered and shook with excitement, and Lane rubbed her own cunt harder, fingering the wet pussy until she could feel herself quivering and cumming. Rory screamed again, convulsing orgasmically, "Aaaarrrghhh!"

It was so obvious that Rory was enjoying her first anal drilling. Lane knew how it felt, the feel of a big dick stretching you out, the thud of a body against yours, the intense orgasms wracking you. From Lane's experience the only thing better than an anal fucking was getting your pussy banged at the same time. The Korean smiled to herself, whilst without a second cock she couldn't quiet give Rory the same thing she could do the next best.

She moved so that she was between Rory and Aaron's legs, her face inches from Rory slot; the pussy was soaked with lust. Lane looked at her bouncing friend and giggled as she said, "You want me to eat your cunt?"

"Yes! Yes! Eat my pussy, fuck my ass! AAAArrrghh, make me cum!" Rory shrieked.

Down went Lane's mouth on the twat and she began to tongue the hole. She could feel the vibrations of the cock pounding in, making Rory quake and shake, she could hear Rory shrieks, loud and wanton, she could taste Rory cum, sweet and succulent. Lane's tongue went in deeper, sweeping round the wet hole as she explored and probed, seeking Rory's sweet spots and in the meantime slurping as much of the brunettes juice up as she could. Her hands pushed at the insides of Rory's thighs, opening the teen up, but also pushing her back further on the prong. Rory shrieked and squealed more, her pussy rising into Lane's face as the cock punched her forward, "Aaaarrrghh, urrrrghhh, fuuuuckk! I want it, I want it!"

Lane tongue darted harder in as she found the clit, racing over it like there was a time limit. Behind it she could feel the hard, fast thump of Aaron's dick hammering at the wall and stimulating the clit from behind. Rory was orgasming so vigorously she was almost bent over as her body arched and quivered, moving like she was a spitting live wire, "AAAArrrggghh... fuuucckkk! I.... Fuck me!"

"Shit," gasped Aaron and blew his load into the teen's ass. Rory gave another squeal as the warm wet goo blasted up her back hole, then with a moan she dropped off his cock and lay face-down on the bed.

Lane wasn't finished with her friend yet. She leant over her and pulled apart the brunette's ass cheeks. "Mmmnnn," she said and slid her tongue into the gaping hole, returning the favour from earlier.

"Oh Lane, that's so good," moaned her friend as the petite Korean tongue rolled over the sore spots and licked them better. Lane pulled the cheeks a little further apart so she could go deeper, taking the cum on her tongue and slurping it into her mouth. She pushed as far as she could, swivelling her tongue round and round. Slowly the walls began to close, forcing her back. She retreated slowly, her tongue darting into the hole and fighting against the closure, each lick and lap making Rory quiver and cry out in pleasure, "Oooohh". Lane carried on until she had taken as much of the sperm as she could and her tongue was just licking the top half-inch of the hole and its entrance.

Aaron got up from the bed and padded out. Lane dropped down beside Rory, "Enjoy that?"

"It was... I can see why you want to get fucked so often... it was," Rory stopped and shook her head, speechless for once.

A few moments Aaron returned with a small bag, he grinned and tossed it on the bed, "My end of the deal. I gotta say you ho's earned it."

Lane smiled, "If you want we can come back tomorrow and earn some more."

"You'll bankrupt me," said Aaron grinning. He didn't say no.

* * *

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