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Gilmore Girls: Bad Girl Lane Part 4 (FF, F-dom, anal, atm, ws)
by LL

Lane Kim strode confidently into the hotel lobby and walked directly over to the elevator, not even glancing at the reception or the bellboy. It was how her escort agency boss - Madam might be a more accurate description - had told her to act when visiting a client; you had to look like you belonged there, not that you were a high class prostitute going to see a John. Or a Jill in this case. Rory stuck her hands in the pocket of her long coat and waited for the elevator to descend. Her fingers touched a piece of paper, on which she had scribbled the room number and the name of the hotel - a middle range chain in the outer suburbs of Hartford. She didn't need to pull it out, she had memorised the room as she had the instructions of what her client wanted.

The bell to the elevator dinged as the doors opened. Lane stepped in and pressed the floor number. A man in a suit followed her in and he gave a polite nod. She gave a non-committal one back just enough to acknowledge they were two strangers trapped together in an enclosed space. He didn't give her another glance, instead looking at his watch. With her glasses, smart bag over her shoulder and long, buttoned dark coat he probably thought she was an young looking professional. It would have shocked him that underneath she was wearing a sexy schoolgirl uniform, the skirt well up her thigh and the blouse tied across her midriff leaving her stomach bare. No panties either. The client wasn't looking for an accurate representation of the schoolgirl look, more a sexual fantasy.

The bell on the lift dung again and the doors began to open. "My floor," said Lane and stepped out, leaving the businessman glancing at his watch again.

The teen looked at the room signs and turned left, following them down the corridor. She could feel her pussy tingling with excitement - it always did. Some of the women did escort work for the money. Not Lane, sure it was a bonus to find yourself several hundred dollars richer and she loved slipping the money in her tin under the floorboards. But she didn't need it, she made more from dealing pot and a little coke. No, she had joined the escort business because she was a naughty little nympho and this way she could get plenty of fucks and sucks.

She stopped at the door and undid her coat, so that the client could see what she was wearing. She was sure the woman would like it; it was suitably sluttish. Most of her clients were men, so it was a nice change to have a woman, especially when she was going to be the dominant one - not that she didn't enjoy being bottomed or banged by guys, they were fun as well. In fact Lane hadn't yet found any pairing or act she hadn't liked. She licked her lips to brighten the gloss and pushed her chest out a little so that her pop-up bra and unbuttoned shirt conspired to make her titties seem even bigger and bouncier than they were. Her knuckles rapped at the door.

It swung open so quickly that the client must have been waiting on the other side of it.

"Lane," the Jill gasped in shock.

"Lorelai," Lane replied, equally surprised.

* * *

Lane stood in front of the mirror touching up her make-up; she always did it at Rory's house - her own Mom thinking that lipstick and eye-shadow was the work of, if not the devil, at least someone who was probably going to end up sharing the afterlife with him. The teen pursed her lips, rubbing them together to clear any excess and make sure the gloss was even. Very cute, she thought to herself, and fuckable, which was the main thing.

She turned from the full-length mirror and towards her friend. Rory was wearing jeans and nothing else, frowning in concentration as she looked at a couple of bras on the bed, one a blue which matched her denims, the other as black as coal. "Which one?" she asked Lane nervously.

The choice was easy. Lane pointed to the nearest, "That one." Rory put it on, sliding the cups over her titties, pushing them up and together. Lane smiled, "It'll soon be off anyway; I don't think the guys are looking for a fashion show."

"It's still important to look good," said Rory and gestured for a white pullover, which was crumpled over the chair next to Lane. Her friend passed it her and she pulled it over her head; it was tight and thinner that it looked, the outline of the bra visible. The teen moved her head, pulling any hair strands that had been stuck in the sweater out and letting them hang loose. "You could come as well," she smiled cheerfully, but Lane had been her friend long enough to know that Rory was nervous.

"Pass me your old blazer," Lane said. Rory passed it to her, the smile still on her face. Lane took it and looked it over; Rory had removed the badge on the pocket, leaving it a darker colour than the surrounds, but apart from that it looked fine - the perfect complement to the rest of her slutty schoolgirl outfit. She shrugged it on and turned to the mirror, yes, that worked. She turned back to Rory, "You'll be good."

"But two guys... at once," Rory smile's faltered and her anxious face came to the fore. Then her smile beamed up again as if an idea had just popped into her head, though Lane suspected that it had been their for a while, "We could put them off until tomorrow and then take one each."

Lane was almost tempted, she seldom said 'no' to dick. But Mrs Kim was aware that Lorelai was away at a hospitality event overnight and that Rory was alone, her Mama wasn't načve and knew that meant loud music and, despite her strict admonitions, a glass of wine. It had been with some reluctance the older Kim had agreed her teenage daughter could spend the night at Rory's, thinking it would prevent Rory being tempted to invite a boy round. But in return Lane would need to spend extra time cleansing her soul and a Sunday afternoon's bible reading beckoned. Lane picked up a joint, pushed the bedroom window open a little more and lit the weed. She sucked it and turned to Rory, offering her friend some. She waited until Rory had taken it and sucked in a lung full before replying, "No, you take them."

"You sure? Their big dicks, your tight ass? It's your thing. And you're better at negotiating than me, I always get tongue tied."

"I'm going to get my full of pussy tonight, with a Milf with a schoolgirl fetish so it's not like I'm going without," Lane took the pot back and took another puff. It was good stuff, "You'll be fine, I've already done the talking; two grand of pot and one grand of coke for two and a half and your ass and pussy. The guys know you've not done DP before, but Aaron says neither has Walt, so they're not expecting porn star style. Anyway once they're in you, all you have to do is squeak and squeal, they'll do all the work."

"Okay," said Rory. She didn't sound totally convinced.

Lane grinned, "Honestly, Rory, it's as easy as falling of a log. And take it from me, you know how much you love one cock, two's not just twice as good it's orgasm squared."

"Sure," Rory smiled; it was still one which was tinged with anxiety, but it was also one of acceptance. Lane didn't worry about her friend, she knew Rory would be fine, she'd been exactly the same when they'd gone round to give away her virginity and the teen had loved that. Rory was just a bit of a nervous nympho at times.

"I've told the Aaron we'll go fifty-fifty on the profits," said Lane, "We just go straight down the middle with our half."

"Cool," Rory nodded. "I can get it ready tomorrow afternoon, weigh it all up and get the prices." She looked a lot more confident now she was talking Math rather than sex.

"Keep some for us," said Lane. It was her time to look nervous - it would be her and Rory's first deal, it was important they got it sold; otherwise, no matter how good a fuck Rory Aaron wouldn't be offering them a dealership again. "I can sell seven fifty dollars worth of coke for double that to your ex, Jesse reckons he can shift it to a friend in New York. You sure you can get rid of the rest and the pot?"

"Louise and Madeline have promised to help shift it round school in return for a small cut of the profits."

"Good," said Lane. She forced herself to relax and took another drag of the pot. Time to change the subject, "So how am I looking?"

"Whoever that Milf is, she's in for the banging of her life," grinned her friend.

* * *

For a few moments Lorelai Gilmore and Lane Kim just stood there, looking at each other. Lane's brain working overtime - wrong room? No, she had it memorised. Lorelai's long lost twin? Not unless the twin also knew a Korean cutie called Lane. Lorelai was the client? The door had opened supernaturally quickly, like Lorelai had been on the other side waiting and the Milf was prepared for a guest, her lips recently glossed and her dress both cheap and short and revealing. Lane's brain clicked round again and she smiled, slipping into professional mode, "Hello, I'm Lane Kim. I'm a naughty schoolgirl."

She entered the hotel room, pushing aside Lorelai who made no effort to stop her. There was a brown envelope on the desk. Lane walked over to it and peeked inside; inside was a bundle of ten dollar bills; she didn't need to count it to know there was five hundred dollars - she was expensive, but - as Lorelai was about to find - worth it. She turned back to the stunned looking Milf and waved at her with the envelope, "For me?" Lorelai nodded soundlessly. Lane smiled at her, "I don't need to count it, I trust you," she said and slid it into the inside pocket of her coat, before immediately sliding out of it and hanging it over a comfy seat in the corner of the roof.

She turned back to Lorelai; the Milf seemed to be recovering from her shock, a gleam in her eye as she looked at Lane in the short skirt and tied up blouse, the teen's cleavage very definitely on show. The teen moved to a more seductive pose, putting a hand on her waist and punching her chest out. She let Lorelai admire her slender body and toned stomach, showing her Mom's friend the sensual, wicked side of Lane that she had never seen before. After all Lorelai had paid a lot for her...

"I wasn't expecting you," Lorelai pulled her gaze from Lane's cleavage and for the first time looked her in the face. "I don't normally do this type of thing."

Lane saw she was blushing as she spoke, but she wasn't denying she'd hired her. The teen smiled, it wasn't the first time she'd had to calm a nervous client, "I do."

Lorelai eyes flicked down and she licked her lips, "Do you? I mean... have you? What about...?" she trailed off.

Lane wasn't sure exactly what Lorelai was asking, but she guessed it might be how good girl Lane Kim had come to be bad girl Lane. Lane shrugged and smiled, "I don't discuss my personal life with clients," she replied politely. Lorelai wasn't the first customer who'd wanted to ask her questions about how she'd ended up as an escort or why, though she was the first who knew her Stars Hollow alter ego. Lane was used to batting the questions aside, as a professional Lane didn't hold with personal talk, though if she had wanted to reply the answer was simple - it paid well and fucking was fun.

Lorelai nodded and blushed a little more, though she closed the door behind her, suggesting that even if she was still not comfortable she was close to deciding that as Lane was here they might as well fuck. Lane helped her in her decision making by undoing an extra button on her blouse, exposing more of her black bra and the round mounds it was covering. Lane walked over to the desk and took out her exercise book and a pen, putting them down on the blotter, even though her back was turned aware that all the time Lorelai's eyes were feasting on her. She deliberately bent over, as she went into her bag and letting her skirt ride up her thighs and cling tightly to her shapely behind. She remained in position a few moments, knowing that she was driving up Lorelai's libido, before she turned to the Milf and pretending she was searching for something, though in reality she had found it immediately. She straightened with the strap-on panties in her hand and opened a drawer and slid them in. Lorelai's eyes followed the toy, before moving back to Lane as she turned and ran a finger between her cleavage "So you want to do it?"

"Yes," said Lorelai and she blushed again, turning her head slightly to avoid looking Lane in the eye.

The teen smiled, this would be fun, she hadn't ever really thought about doing it with Lorelai Gilmore, her lesbian fantasies tending to go for more buxom and blonder women, but now she was here she decided that the Milf brunette was pretty damned hot looking. "I was told your fantasy was that I'm your foster daughter and you've just got back from talking to the Principal who's not happy with my behaviour. You start to tell me off, but it turns out I'm the dominant one. Is that right?"

"Yes," Lorelai's cheeks were red and she was looking at a picture of some fruit on the wall rather than Lane, "You fuck me in every hole, totally humiliate me."

"I was told you want me to call you Mommy?"

Lorelai's blush was so warm it was almost burning, "I think Lorelai wouldn't be right. You're my foster daughter after all."

"That's cool, also I'm to verbally abuse you as well, so I won't be calling you Mommy for long," she looked at the Lorelai. The Milf was still for a moment, pondering, then she nodded. "I'm ready when you are," Lane sat down at the desk and opened her exercise book. She figured that naughty schoolgirls wouldn't do math so instead she started to doodle, drawing matchstick figures with large tits bouncing on other matchstick figures with what looked like five limbs.

There was silence in the room, the only sound the scratch of Lane's pen on the paper; it went on for so long that Lane wondered if Lorelai had changed her mind and had decided for a quite night in. Just when Lane was about to ask if there was anything wrong Lorelai came up behind her and forcefully put her hand down on the book, "I've just been to see Principal Charleston. He's not happy with your performance, he said you put all your effort in trying to feel up the cheerleading squad."

If it was a mother-daughter fantasy which was really about Rory that was way off, Rory would be more into being fucked by the local drug dealer, not that Lorelai knew that and Lane didn't think now was the moment to tell her. Still Lorelai wanted her to be bad and bad she'd be. She turned a sulky look on her face, "So? School's boring, and so what if I want some pussy; it's better than being one of those stick stuck up ass types who's head's always in a library book."

"That's not the attitude I want to see," said Lorelai sternly, a frown creasing her forehead, "If you don't improve your grades we'll be having words young lady."

Lane grinned inwardly, wondering how much of the fantasy was about sex and how much it was about really having a grade perfect daughter who needed no parenting where school was concerned. But out loud she gave a scowl and under her breath, but loud enough for Lorelai to hear, scowled, "Bitch."

She turned back to her exercise book as Lorelai stood in mock anger, her hands on her hips, "What did you call me?"

"I called you a bitch, Mommy" said Lane louder, the role-play was kind of liberating for her as well, she'd never dare talk to Momma Lane like that.

Lorelai reached down hard for Lane's shoulder, gripping it hard and almost pulling the teen to up. Lane stood and turned so she was facing Lorelai, the older woman's face puce, fake anger mixed with real lust. The Milf stared at her, "Listen to me. I won't have you throwing your education away like some skank, after some pussy. Even if it means keeping you in the house all day."

Lane gave Lorelai her most rebellious look, one she had been practising in the mirror for years and never quite got round to using, "You'd like that wouldn't you, Mommy, you'd like this to be stuck at home with you." To emphasis the point Lane slid her hands seductively down her slender body, and untying the knot on her blouse that kept it together. Lorelai looked at her, lust etched into her face, and Lane slid out of her blazer, "You want me under your eye Mommy?"

"I don't know what you mean," Lorelai was so excited by Lane open blouse that she was almost growling, her voice hoarse with desire.

"Yeah, you do Mommy. I've seen you watching me, wanting to kiss, nibble at my titties, fuck my sweet little pussy," the teen felt herself getting wet with excitement. She pushed her bra down just enough for her titties to free themselves and slide over it, pushing away the thin material of her blouse and giving Lorelai a glimpse of her titties, "That's why you don't want me feeling up the cheerleaders, you want me for yourself."

"I don't know what you mean," said Lorelai. She was saying the words, but her acting skills weren't enough to conceal her desire. All the signs were there - the excited gleam in her eyes, the little grunts and pants of anticipation, a hand clenching itself in front of her as if the second she loosened it would be under the dress and hitting her pussy.

Lane knew how she felt, her own cunt was tingling with excitement at doing Lorelai Gilmore. She gave a hard looking smile and said, "So if you're not a fucking dyke who wants to fuck me stop me doing this." She slammed her mouth on Lorelai's, gripping the back of the woman's head with one hand and keeping her in place as her tongue tried to force its way into the Milf's mouth. The brunette weakly tried to resist, one hand flailing until Lane caught the wrist and gripped it hard. She pressed herself harder, slowly forcing open Lorelai's resistant lips and thrusting it in. It was obvious that the reluctance was for show only as Lorelai's tongue began to engage right back with the teen's, striking against it, slithering over, twirling and twisting around. Lorelai's eyes were closed as she leant into it. Lane let go off her wrist, the arm fell to Lorelai's side, unmoving. Her hand now free Lane took the time to pull the zip on the back of the dress down, still forcing her tongue to control the Milf's mouth. Then the teen pulled back, a smile on her lips as she wiped her tongue over them, cleaning away the Milf's saliva, "See, I knew you were a whore."

"I...I..." Lorelai stammered, whether it was acting or whether she really was confused about how much she enjoyed this was a moot point, but also, to Lane, an irrelevant one.

The teen gripped at the older woman's dress and brutally tore down the straps, before yanking it down to the waist leaving Lorelai's tits bouncing as they were set free. Lane grinned, "You want to eat some pussy?"

"No...I...I don't know," Lorelai looked flustered. She also looked excited.

"I wasn't asking whore," said Lane. She grabbed Lorelai and propelled her onto the bed. The Milf fell forward, turning onto her back as Lane twisted her round and swung her legs up so that Lorelai was lying on the bed. Lane dropped out of her skirt with an easy professionalism, her bald twat was already wet with excitement.

"Oh, oh, oh," Lorelai stammered her eyes wide as she looked at the cunt on display.

"Eat me bitch, eat me good." Lane didn't give the other woman long to examine it before getting on the bed and sitting down on her face, smothering Lorelai with the cunt. "Fucking eat me."

Lorelai's mouth opened and she began to lick at Lane's fuckhole, thrusting between the lips and lapping greedily. Lane immediately gasped and shook as the older woman's tongue dove into her. It was fast and hard, passionate and powerful - it made Lane think that Lorelai was no amateur; despite the Gilmore's claim if she hadn't done this often Lane Kim was a virgin nun. She ground her pussy down on Lorelai, squashing the woman pretty face between the teen's thighs, "Eat me you fucking whore, eat my cunt like a slut."

The Milf's body quivered, shaking the bed as she pushed herself into the wet cunt, slurping at it energetically, redoubling her tonguing as Lane leant forward and started to slap the brunette's naked titties, "More you cunt bitch, stick your tongue in deeper. Yeah, bitch, fuck me with it, fuck me like a Mommy fucks her little girl. Aaaarrhhh." Lane had to admit that Lorelai could do things with her tongue that would have made her the most popular lesbian on the Eastern Seaboard if she'd been out; slashing her tongue deep into the petite Korean's wet hole and hitting the spot with vigorous intensity. The teen moaned again, "Oooooohhh," feeling the enjoyment course through her, "Uuurrhhh."

Half of her would have been satisfied to just sit on Lorelai's face and let the Milf slurp her sweet slit. But the other half remembered she'd been paid five hundred dollars and Lorelai should get her monies worth. The teen closed her eyes for a second, trying to take control of her body and stop herself succumbing to the orgasms. It took a few moments, but she managed, putting the pleasure into one part of her brain, leaving it luxuriating there before she returned to bitch schoolgirl Lane, dominator of her foster Mom. She slapped at Lorelai's tits, making them wobble and jiggle, "Eat me harder, bitch, use that tongue like the skank you are." She slapped the titties again, forehand and back, smacking them hard enough to bounce them and leave little red and pale blotches on the skin. "You're a whore, you're a fucking dumb, stupid slut who wants to eat teen pussy. That's what you are, a fucking whore, no better than a street corner hooker." Her hand slapped again, the tits rocked and swayed as she hit, her palms smacking against the soft flesh.

Lorelai's tongue moved even faster and harder, her face pressing hard into Lane. The teen groaned and squeezed her thighs tighter, gripping the Milf's head in a vice, "Eat me cunt, eat me!" she shouted and smacked the brunette's boobs back and forth. Lorelai responded with enthusiasm, driving her tongue as deep into Lane as she could manage, so desperate to please the teen that her mouth pushed into the hole as well, her lips munching at the wet walls. Lane gasped and groaned, bucking with excitement. The pleasure was too much to take, so intense it was like shooting headfirst down a Helter Skelter. She closed her eyes and let out a gasp, "Fuuucck, yesss!"

The teen got off her, "Stay there you fucking whore," she ordered as she pulled off her blouse and threw it to the floor, following it swiftly with her black bra.

Lorelai nodded and lay still, the only movements that of her chest rising and falling and a slight turn of her head so that she could watch Lane as the naked teen got off the bed and went over to the drawer where she placed her strap-on panties. She quickly pulled them on and turned to Lorelai, her hand sliding up and down the rubber dong, accenting its length and thickness. She smiled as she saw the brunette's eyes widen;. "No, please Lane," there was a tremor in the woman's voice. Was it possible that Lorelai Gilmore never been banged by a twelve incher? No, she had asked for a big strap-on when she'd put in her request to Lane's Madame; it was likely all part of the game. But in either case the Milf was in for a treat

Lane got onto the bed and knelt beside her, "You want me to fuck you Mommy? Don't answer I can see you do, your fucking slut pussy is all wet."

"Oooohh," Lorelai gave a moan half excitement, half fear as Lane's finger pushed under her dress and into her cunt. The teen wiggled and twisted it, letting the warmth cover her digit. "No, please..." Lorelai repeated.

Lane slid herself out and licked the cum away, "I'm going to fuck your whore cunt now," she said. But before she did so she had one more thing to do. She reached down to the dress of the half-disrobed Lorelai and pulled it down harder. She felt it rip as it came off, Lorelai had deliberately gone for shoddy material, Lane was sure. She threw the dress to one side and looked down at Lorelai. The woman's hands had automatically slid down to cover her cunt. Lane brutally pushed them away and gazed down at the magical place underneath, the hole was pink and wet, the skin around it shaven with just a bare hint of stubble. Lane resisted the temptation to stick her own face down there and instead gave the Milf the iron stare of a dominatrix, "Get on your hands and knees, slut Mommy. I'm going to fuck you from behind so I can't see your skank face."

"Uh, uh," Lorelai whined in an approximation of a cry, turning onto her hands and knees. Lane noticed that the Milf was facing the mirror, she was going to say something about that, but she decided that Lorelai was the client. If she wanted to look in the mirror Lane would let her, perhaps she was role-playing some rebellion or she might just have wanted to look at Lane as the teen banged her cunt. "Please don't Lane," Lorelai continued, though Lane could see the excitement in her reflection.

"Shut the fuck up whore," said the petite teen as she took the dildo in her hand and pushed it between Lorelai's slit lips. The Milf pretended to squeal and try to escape forward, but Lane grabbed her waist and dragged her back into place as she slowly pushed the big dildo up the older woman's cunt. Lorelai still continued to struggle, so Lane laid a palm hard across her buttocks. "Take it you bitch!" she snarled.

"No, no, no," moaned Lorelai as the cock was forced into her twat. It was huge, not an easy fit, but Lane had been instructed not to show mercy. She gripped Lorelai's waist hard, for leverage and balance and began to thrust hard, ramming the toy at the Milf. Lorelai squeaked again and shook violently. "No," she cried again, "No." But the excitement in her voice was impossible to disguise and her body was moving in excitement, shuddering as she pushed herself back, stretching her lips over the dong, slowly impaling herself on its length. "No, please, no."

""Shut it you fuck," said Lane girding her loins to slam even more violently into the woman's waiting cunt. Lorelai pounded forward, her eyes like marbles and her expression twisted, her mouth up and down, her forehead creased, a strand of hair falling across it. Lane hammered down, forcing the toy deeper and deeper into Lorelai, ramming aside the obstructive walls and pressing the dildo further in. Lane smiled "Fucking Mommy cunt, I'm fucking Mommy cunt."

"No...oooohh, urrrrhhh, urrrrhhh," Lorelai's body rocked as she was pounded, Lane could see her titties bouncing and dangling in the mirror as she moved. Deeper and deeper the cock went, Lane go at full strength, slamming as hard ad fast as she could. She could see Lorelai's face contorting as the older woman gasped and moaned, unable to pretend that she wasn't enjoy the dick. It went deeper and deeper, until Lane was slamming to speedy rhythm, pushing the toy all the way into Lorelai. The brunette groaned and gasped, her body bending, "Ohhhh, urrrhhh, urrrrhhh."

"You're a fucking bitch. You're my fucking bitch. Aren't you? Say it. Say I'm your fucking bitch."

"I'm your fucking bitch," squealed Lorelai.

"You're a dirty skank whore. What are you?"

"A dirty skank whore," Lorelai gasped back.

Lane smiled and shifted one of her hands so that it was over the buttock, the thumb resting at the Milf's puckered back hole. She stroked the tight rimmed flesh and said, "I'm just going to loosen up my next fuck hole."

"No please, not my ass," gasped Lorelai. She gave a shudder as Lane ignored her and pushed the thumb in. "Ooooohhh" Lorelai gave a loud groan. It was hard to tell how much was pleasure, as she was still getting pussy fucked hard, how much was pain as the thumb was stuck way down the hole and how much was humiliation, even if was humiliation the Milf was so obviously getting off on.

"If you think it hurts now, imagine how much it's going to hurt when I stuff this great big strap-on up your ass," Lane said. She grinned as she twisted the thumb round, working the Milf's ass. "You're ass will be gaping by the time I've finished fucking it."

"Ooohhh, nooo, ohhh," Lorelai gasped and shuddered.

Lane thrust the dildo hard into the woman's wet cunt, hearing the sucking sound as she pulled back. She rammed down, pushing her thumb into the ass at the same time; Lorelai jolted and bucked, almost like she was a horse trying to throw its rider. Lane pulled out the thumb and replaced it with her middle finger, pressing it down deeper than she had been able to manage before, "I'm going to bang your butt so hard, you'll be able to stick a football up there." The dildo slapped down the cunt. "It'll be wider than the Pacific by the time I've finished fucking you."

Lorelai gasped and moaned again, her body rocking with Lane's, taking the dildo all the way. The teen pulled the finger out and Lorelai's ass began to contract back. But only for a moment before Lane pushed in two fingers, driving them deep and wiggling them, stretching at the walls. Lorelai's head jumped and her back arched, a hiss came from her mouth, "Fuuucckkk. Yesssss. No, I mean, no."

It didn't matter what she meant as Lane continued to finger fuck the Milf's back passage and stuff her pussy. She slammed both holes vigorously, ramming digits and dildo as far as she could into the holes, watching the brunette writhe and squeal in pleasure. The teen continued until she was satisfied that Lorelai's anal chute was as stretched as two fingers could make it, and if it was not ready for a twelve inch dong it was still as ready as it would be.

She dragged the strap-on out of Lorelai's cunt, cum dripping from it onto the bed and grabbed the wet dick in her hand. "Let's fuck a new hole with my big cock," she said, withdrawing her fingers from the ass at the same time.

"No... no... oh, Lane," gasped Lorelai whilst pushing her buttocks back at the teen. With one hand Lane pulled at the nearest one, keeping it spread and the hole opening; using the other she guided the prick into the Milf's butt. Lorelai gasped and grunted as Lane pushed in, her body quivering as she was anally penetrated, "Oh, urrrhhh, don't... don't... don't stop now... oooohhh."

As the toy went in Lane gripped the older woman's waist again, dragging her back as the teen worked her own hips. The dildo rammed back and forth, with each thrust going deep, pushing aside the tight walls and going deeper. Lane smiled inwardly, whilst keeping her face dominant and stern in the mirror and pounded harder. Soon the entire toy was in and the teen felt her thighs smacking against the woman's buttocks. Lane drew back again and rammed forward, the toy hurtling all the way down Lorelai's anal tube to crash resoundingly at her cervix wall, forcing it in like the wall was made of rubber. The Milf cried out in pleasure as Lane pulled back and hammered in again, and again, and again. Lorelai's ass was getting easy, loosened by the pounding of the huge dong down it.

And that's when Lane really let loose. Pounding as hard and fast as she could and hammering the hole like she'd gone psycho. Lorelai screamed and shuddered her entire body quaking like a thousand bombs were exploding within her. Lane slammed in, determined to Lorelai the most vigorous, violent butt-fucking ever; "You're my slut," she screamed, "you're my Mommy skank, you're my dirty anal fuck-whore."

"Yes, yes," cried Lorelai, "I'm your slut. Ram me with your big dick. Ruin my whore butt, bang it open."

"Take it you whore. Take my cock all the way up your sluttish skank asshole," Lane shouted at the Milf, so loud it was almost deafening. Lorelai screamed back, and Lane pounded her again, thrusting the dildo deep down the chute and smashing her thighs so hard into Lorelai's cheeks the skin went white and red. Lane ignored the stings on her legs as she cracked into the Milf, pounding like she was a desperado on the run and had to finish quick. Not that she needed to stop or had any intention of doing so, instead she carried on with an intensity she had never felt before, "You're an anal slut whore. You're a fucking dyke bitch who loves me ass fucked. You're a cheap fucking hooker, a fuckhole, just a fucking hole for my big fucking dildo. Bitch, skank, whore."

"Yes," shrieked Lorelai back, "I'm your fuckhole, I'm your bitch. I'm just a slutty, whoresish, skanky piece of shit. Oh fuck, yes, fuck me harder. Fuck my asshole like I'm a two-cent whore, fuck my skank butthole."

If Lane had ever been asked she'd have laughed at any suggestion she'd ever bang Lorelai Gilmore, but yet, here she was, her dildo thrust deep in her best-friend's Mom's butt, not just fucking her, but totally dominating her. And the older Gilmore was loving it, shrieking in excitement as her ass was thrust open. Lane gripped her waist harder, it was sleek and slippery with sweat as Lorelai worked herself back hard at the toy, taking it all in and screaming in ecstasy as it pounded all the way down her asshole, "Aarrrghh, yessss," screamed the Milf, "Ram my whore ass. Fuck it open. Make it gape. Fuck me like I'm a bitch."

Lane hammered harder, thrusting in with all her strength, sending the dildo hurtling down the hole, all the time screaming abuse back at Lorelai, "Fucking whore, slut, you fucking bitch. Take my cock in your fucking hooker ass. You're a fucking dyke skank whore, you're my fucking fuckhole."

"Yes Lane, I'm a dirty whore. I'm you're fuckhole. Fuck me like I'm a slut," Lorelai shrieked back.

It was what Lorelai had asked for when she'd booked, to be sexually humiliated as she was banged. And it wasn't over yet, as Lorelai's instructions called for it to becoming even more so. The teen yanked the dildo out of Lorelai's ass for the last time, for a second she looked down at the Milf's butt, the hole red rimmed and gaping, the skin of the cheeks mottled and white where lane's thighs had smacked them. The hole began to gradually close, slowly moving back to a more reasonable size and Lane got off the bed and stood beside. She leant and grabbed Lorelai's wrist, pulling the older woman towards her, "On you knees, skank."

The Milf did as she was told, looking up at Lane her expression a mixture of terror and anticipation. Lane looked down, keeping her own face grim and unyielding, the dom to Lorelai's sub. "You've dirtied my cock with your ass. It needs cleaning."

"Yes Lane," said Lorelai dutifully.

But she didn't move. Lane smirked, "By you bitch; open your mouth and start sucking."

Lorelai paused, just for a second, but it long enough for Lane to grab the back of her head and force her face towards the dong, "I said suck my dick, whore."

Lorelai's mouth opened and she began to wrap her lips round the dildo. It wasn't easy, despite the Milf's reputation for rapid chatter and quick-fire quipping, her mouth was normal size; the dick wasn't. Still she quickly got herself open wide enough to take the tip, and with Lane pushing her at from the back a few inches more. If Lorelai had just wanted a normal ass to mouth Lane would have left it at that, allowing the woman to take the few inches she'd managed and to suck the toy at her own pace. But Lorelai had been explicit in her instructions, she didn't want to just give a blow-job on the dildo, she wanted to be face-fucked. The teen slid a second hand to the back of Lorelai's head, interlocking her fingers and cupping the back of the Milf's skull with them. She gave a smile as she looked at the older woman struggling to take in the cock, "I said clean it bitch."

Lorelai knew what was coming, and was almost certainly wanting it, but she kept up her role-play and tried to take the dick deeper into her mouth, forcing her jaw down and managing to take an extra half-inch. But it wasn't enough for either of them and they both knew it. Lane pulled her hips back, "You're a fucking useless cock-sucker for a whore. I've got to do all the work." She thrust forward, pushing the dildo into the Milf's mouth. Lorelai gargled and choked, automatically trying to bring her head back away from the dildo, but kept in position by Lane's grip. The teen brought her hips back and then thrust again, driving the dildo deeper into the Milf's gullet. Lorelai's eyes widened and misted over, watering as the plastic prick pushed over her tongue and towards the back of her throat. "Fucking dick sucking bitch," snarled Lane and thrust again.

This time she was rewarded with a loud gurgling noise and a wash of white bile as the dick struck deep into Lorelai and activated her gag reflex. The woman gasped and choked, struggling for air, sucking it desperately in through her nostrils. Her body shuddered, her chest heaving as it automatically tried to get away. Lane was having none of that, Lorelai was had paid five hundred dollars and the teen wasn't going to skimp on giving the Milf the face-fucking she desired. She gripped Lorelai's head harder, "Did I say you could stop deep throating my dildo fuckface whore?"

If Lorelai could speak she'd have said, 'no' and if she could have moved her head she would have shaken it. As she could neither of these things Lane just had to imagine her response and resumed jerking her hips. Each thrust sent the dildo pounding into Lorelai's mouth, making the Mom vibrate as she wretched. Her eyes watered even faster, the tear ducts opening wider and flooding out, ruining the eye-shadow and leaving it in streaks down her cheeks. Lane rammed harder, her feet remained in place and her back straight, the only movements the thrusts of her hips and bounce of her hands as Lorelai's head was forced back. The teen snarled, "Suck it whore. Your mouth is as much a fuckhole as your slut ass and skank cunt; they're all mine to use as I want. And I want to fuck your fucking mouth, fuck-features."

This time Lorelai couldn't reply, so the only speaking was from Lane, "Whore. Bitch. Slut. Skank. Suck it, suck my dildo dick. I never fucked such worthless cheap cunt. You enjoy sucking dick that's been in your ass? Only a fucking whore would like that, you know. You're a fucking whore, slut-bag."

The words weren't the only sounds; there was the splatting as the dildo thrust into Lorelai's mouth, like a hammer smacking into a pond. And then there was the sound of Lorelai, a choking, gagging series of hums and pants as the woman struggled for breath and gasped in air and at the same time spewed bile and spit and saliva. It was flooding from her mouth, a white goo, which looked like male cum as if the cock was real and had blown into her mouth. It soaked her chin, leaving it with a gleaming sheen and over her titties, down her stomach and belly, to puddle between her kneeling thighs, before sliding down them like snow melting on a roof. Lane slammed the dildo in again and again, making the Milf wretch and choke until she was heaving for every breath.

"Fucking cuntish whore," snarled Lane as she pulled out the cock for the last time.

"Hhuuuurrhhh," Lorelai fell forward gasping for oxygen and letting more white bile spill from her mouth and down her chest. "Hhuuurrrhhh."

Lane gave her a few seconds grace as she pulled of her strap-on panties; say what you liked about Lorelai but she'd left the dildo gleaming like it was a new car in a showroom. But Lane wasn't going to tell her that, it would have ruined Lorelai's evening to be told how good a cock-sucker she had been. Especially as Lane had one request left to fulfil. She grabbed Lorelai's hair, "Come with me fuckface."

Lorelai gave a squeak, "Please... I've been good. I've been your slut."

Lane ignored her and tugged harder, pulling the Milf towards her and onto all fours. She half-dragged, half-led Lorelai, on her hands and knees, towards the bathroom, the older brunette squealing all the time. The teen Korean kicked the door open, and brought Lorelai in. She thrust the woman face forward onto the floor and stood over her as Lorelai turned. The Milf's eyes widened as she saw Lane's pussy above her, getting closer as the teen lowered herself into a squat, "After fucking a skank bitch I always like a nice long piss. Open wide Mommy."

Lorelai's mouth remained defiantly closed. At least until Lane repeated herself, her voice cold and as sharp as a knife, "I said open your mouth, you fucking dumb whore."

Lorelai opened wide and Lane released herself, spreading her pussy and letting the amber liquid flow. It gushed out in warm stream, splattering over Lorelai's face and nose, stinging her eyes and forcing them shut, dripping down her chin and cheek, sliding down her nostrils making her sneeze and squirm and into her mouth, making her gag and choke and swallow as it slid down her throat. Lane hadn't been lying about need a long piss and it seemed to come out in a never ending stream, soaking the already humiliated Lorelai and forcing her to keep drinking as around her head a yellow pool formed from the pee she couldn't swallow. Even once it had stopped Lane remained in situ, shaking free the last drops so the bitter liquid dripped onto the Milf's pretty face like rain. Only once she was satisfied that no more would come out did she stand up and walk over to the toilet to take a strip of tissue to dry herself. Clean, she stepped over the prostate Lorelai, dropping the used tissue on her as she did and walk out of the bathroom, "You're a fucking skank whore," she repeated as she left.

Inside the main room her clothes were strewn where she'd left them,. Lane put them back on, buttoning the blouse all the way down this time. Next she went into her bag and brought out a brush and lip-gloss, she didn't want to look like she'd been dragged though a hedge backwards as went home, or more accurately gone through a Jill's backdoor. The door to the bathroom opened and Lorelai stepped out, she was rubbing at herself with a towel and the sound of a shower could be heard behind her. She smiled brightly at Lane, "Thanks. I really enjoyed that, it was worth every cent."

"Glad you had fun. I enjoyed it as well."

"You won't tell Rory?" Lorelai looked nervous, as if she had only just thought of that.

"No," said Lane smiling, "Discretion's guaranteed."

"Good, she's an innocent, she doesn't know what a woman needs sometimes," Lorelai said.

"Sure," Lane's smile got wider as she thought that 'innocent' Rory Gilmore was probably taking two huge dicks in return for drugs even as they spoke, "I wouldn't want Rory to think I'm a slut either."

Lorelai smiled back and nodded in relief, "Er, do you want to stay for coffee?"

"I better not, I need to get back to your house. Rory's on her own and she'll soon start to wonder why I'm so late," Lane smiled.

"Okay... um, can I, um hire you again? Perhaps you could be a hotel guest and I'm a maid you find trying to steal from your suitcase."

"Yeah, that sounds fun," Lane smiled, "You've got my cell. Give me a call and we can set something up... we can talk about giving you a frequent client discount as well."

"I'd like that."

Lane stood up and picked up her bag, "I'll be seeing you then."

"Yes," Lorelai looked like she was going to give Lane a peck on the cheek, but at the last moment thought better of it and stood back, "Thanks again, bye."

Lane opened the door and walked down the corridor to the elevator. She began to hum a tune.

* * *

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