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Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Paris/Rory

Keywords: ff, f-dom, BDSM, humil, exhib, voy

Summary: Paris takes revenge on Rory for telling her clasmates about a kiss
they shared and for crashing her party.

Gilmore Girls: Cat Fight
by Greatness ([email protected])

My senior year at Chilton Prep was going great until my "sometimes friend"
and "sometime nemesis" Rory Gilmore decided to embarrass me.

My name is Paris Geller and although I'm the smartest girl in the school most
of my fellow students don't like me that much. Don't get me wrong, I have
friends, it's just that Rory isn't one of them. At least not at the moment.

When we were kind of friends and I stayed over at her place one night due to
late work on an assignment, I did something she said she'd never tell anyone.
I guess I can say it now since it's all over school. I kissed Rory on the
lips. Not just a peck but an open mouthed kiss with some tongue.

I don't know why I did it, I not gay or anything. I guess I just had an over
powering urge to cover her mouth with mine. Rory's this little fairy princess
type who looks like butterflies might dress her in a forest glen, and well, I
guess I'm sort of attracted to her.

That's what makes it even worse when she told one of my friends what I'd
done, and then of course it flashed all over the school.

Anyway, as a sort of damage control, and because my parents were going away
for the weekend I decided to have a pool party to cheer myself up, and to get
people over from school to show everyone that I didn't care.

I invited all the cool kids and most of my friends. I also got the courage to
invite Tristan DuGrey, who is really handsome and had come back to Chilton
for his senior year after having been kicked out two year before. I've had a
crush on him ever since I first met him. Every girl wanted to be his
girlfriend. But they had all struck out. Maybe at the party he would pick me.

For the rest of that week I could barely wait for Saturday to come. All my
friends could do was talk about my party. Finally no one was talking about my
kiss or Rory.

Friday school day just crawled along. Finally the bell rang. I headed
straight home to get things ready for Saturday, then went to bed. In the
morning I sprang out of bed and looked out the window, a beautiful day. I
had all the food my friends liked, and mom and dads liquor cabinet was
full. This was going to be a great party.

I put on my new bikini. The suit was bright red. The top fit perfectly,
covering my breasts, but showing off a nice amount of cleavage. The bottoms
were French cut, but still covered my butt - I never could wear a g-string,
it was just to revealing for me.

The first to arrive were my friends; Louise was telling Madeline, "Man this
party's gonna be a blast." Louise eyed my bikini. "You're not going to
attract Tristan in that."

She turned around to show of her bare ass. She was wearing a g-string. Her
top showing twice as must cleavage as mine.

"I just can't get used to having that string up my ass," I said.

"You get use to it." Louise smiled.

Madeline wore a one piece, French cut like mine. But the top was cut almost
to her belly button. "I hope you don't turn to quick in that or your tits'll
fall out," I giggled.

* * *

The party was in full swing. Everyone was having a great time. The guys were
following me and my friends around like lovesick puppies. I was a little sad
that Tristan hadn't come, but with the booze I was drinking I didn't care
much. Then the doorbell rang.

I opened the door and there stood the guy of my dreams. "Hi Paris, sorry I'm
late, I had to wait for my date."

"Y-your date? Who?"

Then I saw her - Rory Gilmore. My heart sank, it could've been anyone else,
but nooooo it had to be her. She was dressed in the smallest bikini I'd ever

The g-string bottom, with a patch of cloth that must have been no more than a
1-inch triangle, barely covering her pussy. The top had 2 small circles just
covering her nipples. I knew that she'd gotten that last summer when she and
her mother had gone to Europe to celebrate her acceptance to Harvard. I was
livid, the little bitch was trying to out do me again.

As they walked in, I watched, wondering how she could possibly stay in it.
Her tits bounced up and down, her hips swaying from side to side. Every guy
looked at her and drooled. Louise came over, "Shit! That Rory Gilmore is one
sexy little bitch. I didn't think she had it in her to wear something like
that. You've got your work cut out for you if you're going to try to get
Tristan away from her."

"Shut up!" I shot back.

The more I watched her the madder I got. She went from boy to boy, rubbing up
against them. When she left one to go to another, the boy would have a raging
hard-on... I could see it. What a change that summer in Europe had made on
Rory, she'd come back a different and confident person. This just served to
make me more upset.

The more I drank the madder I got. An hour went by and Rory looked like she
was getting a little drunk too. She sat down on the pool deck, and grabbed a
bottle of suntan lotion. Holding it high in the air letting the lotion run
down her legs. Then holding one leg up slowly rubbing it into her skin. She
rubbed up to the top of her thigh, stopping just short of her crotch.

Then I watched as she picked the bottle up again and squirted lotion all over
her breasts, the extra running down her stomach. She was putting on quite a
show for the boys. She even surprised me when she put both hands between her
breasts and rubbed the lotion in. She ran her hands down and rubbed her
stomach. Tristan was watching Rory's little sexy display.

"Rory, can I help you with that?" he asked kidding.

"No thanks I've got it," she said, smiling up at him.

I was fuming now, she had the guy of my dreams, and was taking over my party
too. I'd had enough of her prick teasing display. "Why don't you just fuck
every guy here you slut!!" I yelled at her.

"What's your problem Paris?" Rory looked at me with those big blue eyes of

I yelled, "I'm sick of you. I want you to leave!"

See smiled at me and said, "I don't think so. I'll leave when MY DATE wants
me to leave!"

"I'll tell you one more time to leave or I'll throw you out!" I yelled,
beginning to loose control.

"You don't have the balls Paris," She purred back at me.

She was right, I was a chicken. When I turned and looked, everyone was
staring at us. All the boys started make clucking sounds at me. I looked at
Louise and Madeline. They were making motions at me to go for her.

I took a deep breath, and turned back to Rory. "Are you leaving?"

She just laughed.

I reach down and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet...
"Oooch! Let me go you bitch!"

She grabbed at me, and found my top and pulled. Both my breasts spilled out
for everyone to see. The guys were hooting ... "CATFIGHT" ... Having my
breasts bared to everyone sent my over the edge of common sense. I doubled
up my fists and punched her in the face... SMACK... Her head snapped back.

She had a puzzled look on her face. I punched her again, her eyes rolled back
in her head. I let go of her hair, and she slumped to the ground.

"Get up you fucking slut!" I kicked her in the side, she didn't move. I
looked back over my shoulder. They were all standing with their mouths open.

"Get up!" I picked up a drink and threw it in her face. She coughed and
opened her eyes.

"Fuck! You hit me!"

"Good you're awake, when I beat the shit out of you I want you awake." I
grabbed her hair again and started dragging her around. She had one hand
grabbing at her long auburn hair, the other trying to keep her breasts in
her top.

"What do you think guys? Want to see Rory's naked tits?"

They answered me by chanting, "Skin... skin... skin..."

With one hand holding her hair I reach down for her top. She slapped at my
hand. "No, please! I'll leave Paris."

"Too late." I slapped her across the face, as her hand came up to block my
blows I grabbed her top. Her breasts sprang out, her nipples were hard little
points. She tried to cover them with her hands.

"What's wrong? Don't you want them to see your tits?"

"Please! I'm begging you... stop it Paris!"

"How come you stopped drinking Rory?" I grabbed a half empty bottle of
scotch. "Open your mouth."

"No, stop it!" Rory clamped her mouth closed.

"Now that's not very friendly. I just want you to have fun."

I punched her in the stomach, she open her mouth gasping for air. I jammed
the bottle between her lips. Scotch was running down her breasts but she
wouldn't swallow. I pushed the bottleneck down her throat.

Her reflex action was to try to swallow.

"There, that's better you little bitch." I watched as the bottle emptied into
her. When I let go of her she fell to the ground coughing and spitting up

"Whatdya' think boys, what should we have Rory do next?" I looked at their
faces. They were still in shock at what I had done. "Well? Can't think of
anything? Well, I can. Bitch! Rub your tits for the nice boys!"

Rory looked up at me and shook her head no.

"I said rub your tits!" I punched her left tit.

"Oooooch!" Her hand went up and rubbed her now sore left tit.

"There that's a good girl. Grab the other one too."

Rory's hands were now rubbing and squeezing her breasts.

"Well boys whatdoa' think? Do you like watching Rory rub her tits?" I looked
at the crotches of their swim trunks, it looked like they all were getting
hard-ons. "Looks like you do. Pull on your nipples some more, slut!"

Rory stroked her breasts, and pulled at her nipples, looking up at me in
genuine fear.

"Don't stop till I tell you to." I stood threateningly over her.

Rory nodded, and kept kneading and pulling at her breasts.

As I watched her submitting to my will, it turned me on. My secret attraction
to her showed in the fact that I was getting wet looking at her almost naked
body so close to me.

The feeling of domination over my rival was exhilarating. I looked around at
the guys again. Tristan had his hand in his trunks and was stroking his cock,
I was a little surprised that he hadn't tried to stop me.

"Ok bitch, that's enough." I went over and looked into Rory's eyes. I
could tell the booze was starting to get to her. She just sat there
staring straight ahead. Her nipples were hard as rocks from her forced
self-manipulation, and she was breathing a lot heavier than she was
earlier. I thought, 'Wow! She's getting turned on by my bullying, what
a trip.'

"Well, well, looks like she likes rubbing her tits. She's a dirty little
bitch. I think she needs to be punished. Whatdoa think Madeline?"

"Yeah you're right, punish her," Madeline played along.

I bent down and looked Rory right in the eye. "You need to be punished, don't

Rory's eyes tried to focus on my face, she was now totally drunk. "B-but shoe
made me..." Her words were slurred. "Nnnno I'll Pleasse yooou...."

"Quiet. If anyone here says you shouldn't be punished, I won't." Rory looked
around the pool. "Pleeease sooomone?" But all the people were looking at the
scene before them and waiting to see what I would do next, no one came to
her rescue.

"Looks like you get punished. Madeline come over here and hold her."

Madeline grabbed Rory's arms and pulled them behind her back, making her
breasts stick out. I slapped her right breast, then the left.

"Ooooch stop! PLEASE!"

"You don't want me the use my hand anymore?"

"No more, please."

"Ok I'll use this." I put my foot on Rory's purse, and ripped the strap
handle off of it. It was perfect for what I had in mind. "May I use this?"

Rory tried again the focus on my hand, and failing. "Yes use that...."

"Good, if you move it will be worse."

I raised the strap and brought it down across the tops of her breasts,

Rory being so drunk just barely moved.




Long red lines began to appear on her breasts. I aimed lower, hitting her
across her nipples.


Rory let out a little yelp and jumped.




I beat her poor breasts until I was covered with sweat. The last few blows
Rory didn't even move. Her breasts were now covered with red welts. One
nipple was starting to swell. "You can let her go."

Madeline let go and Rory slumped to the ground. Her hands rubbing her bruised
and battered breasts. She was now crying.

"Do your tits hurt bitch?"

"Yesss pleasse nooo more..." She rubbed her nipples, which were still

"What do you think guys, you want to see her pussy?"

Everyone was still standing still, no one spoke, they just stared. Then
Tristan said softly "Yeah."

"Turn over on your stomach!"

Rory groaned as her breasts mashed against the pool deck. I grabbed her
bottoms and pulled them off. "Now raise your ass in the air."

Rory struggled to get her knees under her. Finally she did as I had
commanded. Her head and breasts still resting against the deck.

I looked at her naked ass. It was nice and firm, I patted it. Tristan let out
a low groan.

"Sounds like they like your ass. Now spread you legs."

Rory spread her legs about a foot apart. Her pussy lips looked like they were
shaved. "Wider bitch!" I kicked her square on her pussy.

"AAAArch." She spread her legs wider. She was shaved!! Her pussy was smooth;
it looked just a thin line. She had no pussy lips at all. I reached between
her legs and ran my finger along her slit.

Rory moaned as I slid my finger into her. "You like that, don't you?"

Rory answered me in a little girl's voice. "Yes momma."

"I'm not your... Yes, I'm your mother. Do you want me to stop?"

"No," Rory was so drunk now, that I think she didn't even know where she
was, or that we were performing for all the in kids at school. I was really
enjoying my role as tormentor as I put both my hands on her. I spread her
pussy looking for her clit.

"Spread wider."

"I can't."

"Sure you can," I pushed down with my free hand on her hips.

"Oooooch, that hurts momma."

"Don't be a baby," I slapped her on the ass. Rory's legs were now spread as
far as I dared make her. I looked between her legs and saw it. Her clit was
just peeking out of the top of her slit. "Do you want me to rub you clit

"Yes momma Please," She mumbled in near delirium.

With one hand I spread her pussy, with the other I played with her clit. As
I rubbed, it swelled and grew to twice its size and stood out into plain
view. I was amazed at the size of it. It was almost an inch long, and as
round as my thumb. I grabbed it between my index finger and thumb. I rolled
and pulled it.

"OOOOOOOOOh!!" Rory tried to move her hips. But I pushed down on her ass.

"Does that feel good?"

"Oh yes."

I quickly stopped. Rory groaned, "NO don't stop." She reached up to her

I slapped her hand. "No, not yet you little bitch." I traced her asshole with
my finger. Rory's ass cheeks quivered. "Does that feel good?" I was making
small circles around her anus.

"Yes, more, don't stop."

I leaned down and blew on her asshole.

Rory giggled, "That tickles momma."

I put the tip of my finger in. I knew how much I enjoyed it when I stuck my
finger in my ass. And she looked like she did too. I worked my finger in and
out. "Faster momma pleeeease."

"Does your mother do this to you?"

"You know you do, quit teasing me."

I heard a gasp from behind me. They were shocked at this admission. I slid a
second finger in.


I finger-fucked her ass slowly. I pulled my fingers out, her asshole quickly
closed tight. I watched the puzzled look on Rory's face. "Don't stop."

"No you can finish up dear. On your back."

Rory rolled over on her back. Her tits were now turning black and blue, her
nipples looked swollen and sore. She wasn't completely shaved, she had an
small strip of auburn hair on top.

I grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her legs toward her head. "Louise get
over here and help me." I had an idea. I had seen it in one of my dad's dirty
magazines. A picture of a girl with her legs crossed behind her head, playing
with herself.

"Grab her arms, and pull them through her legs."

Louise pulled on Rory's arms and I bent her left leg behind her shoulder.

Rory look up at me with glazed eyes, "What are you doing mommy?"

"Nothing, just having some more fun."

"Oh..." Rory giggled, hiccupping a few times. I bent her right leg around her
right shoulder. I grabbed the strap that I whipped her with, and tied her
ankles behind her head. Rory looked like a sexy pretzel.

"Well what do you think guys, like it?" I turned to face them.

All of the guys in the crowd were obviously aroused. I could see bulges in
swim trunks for as far as the eye could see. "I see you guys approve," I
smiled. This party was becoming even better than I'd imagined.

Stepping near Rory, I slid my finger along her pussy slit. "Why don't you
play with yourself?" I suggested.

Rory's hands went to her pussy, spreading her lips and stroking her clit.

"Do you want me to play with your asshole Rory?"

Rory's eyes had a clouded look as she tried to think.

Not waiting I ran my finger up and down between her ass cheeks.

Rory giggled. "Stop that, it tickles."

I slid one finger in her ass.

"Oooooh mommy that feels sooo good," Rory was rolling her clit between her
fingers and moaning.

I worked a second finger in, gently fucking her ass.


My own pussy was sopping wet now. I had to admit that this pretty little
bitch really did have an exceptional body. I slid my free hand in my bikini
bottoms, and rubbed my own burning clit, forgetting that we were on public

My body was on fire watching Rory ramming three finger in and out of her
pussy, and twisting and pulling her huge clit. I needed two hands - I took
my fingers out of Rory's ass.

"No don't stop," she moaned.

I grabbed the empty scotch bottle. Pushed the tip of it to Rory's ass. "Here
you do it." I took her right hand and put the bottle in it. Rory pushed the
neck into her ass. "Yeeeesssss." She wrapped both hands around the bottle and
fucked her ass.

I pulled my top off, and stepped out of my bottoms. I sat down with my legs
spread, burying one hand in my pussy. The other squeezing one breast than the
other as I watched Rory's obscene display.

Then Rory picked up the pace. She was fucking her asshole with brutal force
now. She was pushing the bottle deeper. Rory's clit jumping up and down with
each thrust.

I now had four fingers in my pussy trying to keep pace with Rory's thrusts.
"Push it deeper Rory." I commanded.

Rory stopped fucking herself and pushed hard. I watch as her ass opened up
and the bottleneck began to disappear up her ass.

"Good girl, push harder."

"But it hurts," she moaned in pain.

"It'll stop if you push harder."

Rory's arms strained, as she pushed harder. The whole neck of the bottle was
now buried in her.

"Come on you can do it."

Tears were running down Rory's face. "I can't it's too big." But she kept
pushing at it harder until the large part of the bottle began to sink into
her ass. "It hurts please let me stop momma."

"You don't want to disappoint me do you?"

"No, but it hurts," she hiccupped hysterically.

"But you're almost there," I encouraged her.

Rory kept pushing; the wide part of the bottle was sliding in now. "Is that
enough momma? Please let it be."

"Yes. Now fuck yourself."

Rory groaned as she slowly began fucking her ass in earnest.

I was amazed that she could take it that deep. As her action increased Rory's
ass began to loosen up so she could fuck the bottle faster.

The sight of Rory Gilmore ramming her ass with an empty scotch bottle was
more than I could take. My body tensed, and I screamed as my cum gushed out
onto the cool decking.

Rory screamed, "Oh gad! I'm close momma! Oh god momma, I'm gonna cum!"

I grabbed the bottle from her hand and fucked her hard and furiously. Rory's
face showed her approaching orgasm. I pushed even more of the bottle up
inside of her.

Then I put my hand on the bottom, and pushed with all my might.

Rory screamed in pain as the whole bottle vanished up her ass. I started
slapping her clit as she dug her fingers deeper into her cunt. Rory's whole
body glistened with sweat. "Take it out!! TAKE IT OUT!! PLEEZE!!"

I pulled on both of her swollen nipples. Rory's body jerked and jumped. "OH

She came like a freight train. I'd never even imagined that someone could cum
so hard. Her body jerked and bucked, she screamed so loud that she looked
like she would pass out at any moment. Her cum was running down to puddle
under her.

I stood up and watched her cum for more than a minute thrashing around
uncontrollablely on the pool decking. When she finally stopped, the bottle
came shooting out of her ass, breaking as it rolled along the ground.

As I stood there a thought came to mind. What was I going to tell her when
she sobered up. Her ass was sure to be sore. And her tits were swollen and
bruised. I turned to ask the crowd what to do. They were all gone. Just
puddles of cum where they had been standing.

Great now what? I pulled an almost unconscious Rory to a sitting position
and hurriedly dressed her in her bikini. I dragged her into the house and put
her on the couch.

She came-too six hours later. She groaned and looked down at her breasts.
"God what happen?" She lurched into the room. "Look at me Paris, my tits are
all bruised."

"Weeeell, you fell on the wet pool decking, yeah that's what happened. You'd
had to much to drink and fell down."

"But my ass hurts too."

"Weeeell... when you fell you pulled the picnic table down on you and it hit
you in the butt."

Rory shook the cobwebs from her head. "If the table hit my butt why does my,
um, well... my ass-hole hurt?"

"You must have bruised it too."

"Yeah, you're right I guess. Where is everybody?"

"Well when you fell they got scared and left. You didn't look too hurt to me
so I put you on the couch."

"You're a good friend Paris thanks for helping me."

"Your welcome." I smiled at her.

She got up and walked slowly to the door rubbing her sore breasts, and stuck
her finger between her ass cheeks and rubbed her sore asshole.

"Do you need me to drive you home?"

"No you've done enough, thanks." Rory opened the door.

I called out, "Maybe you and me can get together next week?"

"Sure that would be fun."

As she closed the door I thought... Yeah, it'll be fun all right.

The End


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