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Gilmore Girls: Dirty Secrets Part 2 - Teacher's Pet (Mf-mast,Mf,anal,voy)
by Edgar, Al n'Moe

"What is this? My daughter received a'C'?"

"I'm sorry Mamma."

"Only 'A's' and 'B's' that is what I told you when you entered High School,
anything less is unacceptable!" yelled Mrs. Kim as she looked at Lane's
report card.

"I... I'll try to do better next quarter Mamma, I promise," said Lane
fearfully. "It's just that..."

"No excuses!" said Mrs. Kim, "You will be privately tutored until you get a
better grade." She said decisively, "I will not have people thinking my
daughter is a dummy! Who teaches this class?"

"Mr. Lucas does."

"Is he a bad teacher? You never got 'C's' in History before?"

"I don't think so Mamma, I haven't heard any complaints." Said Lane.

Actually the real reason Lane had done so lousy in class was because she had
a major crush on Mr. Lucas. So she spent all her time in class day dreaming
of all the perverted things she wanted to do with her 40 year old History

"Then I will go to him and arrange for you to be tutored after school until
your grades improve." Declared Mrs. Kim.

"Yes Mamma." Lane replied meekly.

She couldn't believe her good luck! This couldn't have turned out better if
she had planned it! Alone, one on one with Mr. Lucas! That is if he accepted
the tutoring job. But few could turn down Mrs. Kim when she wanted something
so chances are it was a done deal. Lane often found herself attracted to
older male authority figures and they often played a roll in her twisted
pornographic fantasies. She assumed this had something to do with not having
a father, her dad died when she was two. She didn't really care what the
reason was; all she knew was that Mr. Lucas made her pussy tingle and that
was alright with her.

"Can I go over to Rory's house Mamma?" Asked Lane, "Just for an hour or two?"

"Have you done all your chores?" asked Mrs. Kim

"Yes Mamma, I even dusted the closet shelves the way you like"

"Then you may go."

"Oh, thank you Mamma!" squealed Lane as she sped out the door towards the
Gilmore house. She couldn't wait to tell Rory about this new development.

Lane jogged the three blocks over to Rory's place and walked through the
front door. Lorelei, Rory's mom, had long ago given Lane carte blanche to
come and go as she pleased. Nobody seemed to be around, Lorelei was probably
at work.

"Rory?" shouted Lane, "Rory are you home?"

"Oh my god Lane?" came Rory's muffled tones from her bedroom.

"No it's Che Guevara come to start a revolution at your house." Said Lane
sarcastically as she started walking towards Rory's bedroom off the kitchen.

"Don't come in!" said Rory in a slightly panicky voice, "I'll be out in a

"Okay... no problem." Lane replied from the kitchen.

"I wonder..." she thought. Quickly she put her ear to the door. She could
hear a lot of quiet moving around and rustling sounds. "I'll bet Rory was
masturbating," thought Lane with a smile as she moved away from the door,
"She was probably jerking off because her moms not home."

"Hi Lane!" said Rory in a breathless voice as she whipped open the door,
"What brings you here?" Her face was rather flushed and she looked a little

"Have I got news for you," Said Lane, pushing past Rory into her room. She
could smell the very faint lingering odor of pussy although the window was
open and the smell was dissipating fast.

"Oh... okay," said Rory who had obviously wanted to stay in the kitchen.
"Spill the beans sister! What's up?"

"Why did you say oh my god?" asked Lane suddenly.

"What?" replied Rory.

"Why did you say oh my god when I called you?" asked Lane knowing full well
why she did.

"I... um was surprised. You... ah, you startled me." mumbled Rory. "Anyway,"
she said, changing the subject. "What's this big news; tell me for crying out

"I am going to be privately tutored!"

"Privately tutored? Who by?"

"Mr. Lucas!"

"Mr. Lucas?"

"Mr. Lucas." said Lane with a wicked grin.

"Ohmygod Lane that's wonderful!" said Rory who was fully aware of Lane's
crush. "How very forbidden fruitlike!"

"Forbidden fruitlike? Is that even a word?" asked Lane

"It is now you shameless hussy." said Rory, "Honestly though that's great
news. I'm happy for you Lane."

Lane had been regaling her best friend with stories about Mr. Lucas since
the beginning of the year. Rory thought that it was romantic that Lane was
"loving him from afar." She had no idea that Lane had often fantasized about
Mr. Lucas ploughing her ass while she buttfucked herself with a candle.
Usually during her "Special Nights" which she had every couple of weeks.

Rory and Lane had confessed to each other awhile back that they both liked
to masturbate to pornography they downloaded off the web but they were both
pretty vague as to the particulars. The how's and whys and with what, if
anythings. Lane had tried to talk about it some more but Rory had gotten
sort of embarrassed, which made Lane get embarrassed and so they had changed
the subject.

"Dreamy Mr. Lucas." Lane said with a sigh as she closed her eyes and fell
backwards onto Rory's bed.

"Dreamy, steamy Mr. Lucas." Said Rory smiling delightedly.

"God he makes my pussy wet." Lane breathed.

...There was a long pause.

"Oh shit!" thought Lane, "I didn't mean to say that out loud." Lane and Rory
never used dirty words around each other and certainly never said anything as
graphic as what she just said. In fact that was the first time she had ever
said a dirty word in front of anybody.

"Um..." said Lane, looking up at Rory from between her splayed legs.

Rory's face was a bit flushed, her eyes at Lane's crotch. She quickly looked
up when she noticed Lane had opened her eyes.

"Well ya got ta play 'em like ya sees 'em!" said Rory lamely, "I'll um... be
right back, I have to use the bathroom."

Rory ran off upstairs and Lane sighed, "I hope I didn't freak her out too
much." She thought. She could still smell the very slight odor of pussy. That
gave her a naughty idea. Before she could change her mind Lane quickly went
over to Rory's laundry hamper, rifled through her dirty clothes and pulled
out a pair of panties. She brought the crotch to her nose and sniffed.
"Mmmmm, she must have been thinking good thoughts when she wore these."
Thought Lane. Hearing Rory open the door upstairs, Lane quickly stuffed the
panties in her pocket, closed the hamper and lay back down on the bed.

Rory came back in and they spent an enjoyable couple of hours talking about
this and that, boys, music, books and whatnot. After a while Lane went home,
had dinner and went up to bed. In her room she took out the panties and
examined them. They were sexy little French cut panties, white with little
pink hearts and a little pink bow in front. Not totally slutty but much
sexier than anything Mamma Kim would let Lane wear. She could see a few small
stains in the crotch. "She'll probably never notice them missing," thought
Lane "or she'll think her mom borrowed them or something. Anyway I can sneak
them back another day."

This was a big step for Lane. All her solitary sex play had been completely
personal up until now, a closed system. Now she had stolen her best friend's
panties. She examined them closer, looking for pubic hairs but she couldn't
find any. She closed her eyes and sniffed them again, savoring the musky
aroma. This is what another girl's pussy smelled like; this is what Rory's
pussy smelled like. The smell was slightly different from her own but not in
a bad way. Lane hadn't been sure she would like other people's scents, she
liked her own but she figured that most people weren't bothered by their own
body odors. She was afraid she might be grossed out, especially from someone
else's butt sweat, even thought she often fantasized about it. She brought
the back of the panties to her nose and inhaled deeply. She smiled as she
took in Rory's funky butt scent. No gross out there, in fact she could feel
her pussy getting wet as she thought about how nasty it was to be sniffing
sweet, innocent Rory Gilmore's ass.

Lane quickly changed for bed and got under the covers with Rory's panties.
She was finally admitting to herself that she was seriously attracted to her
best friend. It would be so cool if they could do stuff together. Rory seemed
too shy though and Lane had no idea how she could broach such a subject. In
the meantime she had another girl's panties in her hand for the first time;
how perverted was that! With a crooked grin she brought the panties to her
nose and settled in for a long night of fantasy and masturbation.

"Wait a minute," thought Lane suddenly, "Wasn't Rory looking at my crotch for
a second there when I made that pussy remark?" Maybe fucking Rory was not so
far fetched after all.

* * *

Late that night at the Gilmore household Lorelei was fast asleep while
downstairs Rory lay in bed completely naked with a small vibrator working
furiously between her splayed legs. Her eyes were tightly shut as she bit
her lower lip. She rubbed her clit and cupped her smooth pussy, her head
tossing back and forth as she moaned quietly to herself. "Oh Lane! Fuck my
pussyhole, fuck it hard and make me cum!" In her mind Lane was finger
fucking her while sucking on her engorged clit, imaginary Lane looked up at
her with lust as she made obscene sucking noises. "Oh, I love you so much,
don't stop!" moaned Rory breathlessly.

She had gotten the vibrator from her mother on her 16th birthday.

"That's great Mom, if you wanted to creep me out, mission accomplished."
Rory had said.

"What is it too small? Do you need a bigger one?" said her Mom with a wicked
grin. "Remember I also got you that sweater and skirt combo you wanted,

"Is this a gag? What am I supposed to do with this?" asked Rory.

"You'll figure it out." Said Lorelei. Suddenly getting serious she said,
"Listen honey... when I was your age I was horny all the time and I didn't
masturbate because I was told how wrong it was. Instead I started fooling
around and you're the result of that. You know I love you very much and
I'm glad you're here but I don't want you to go through what I did."

"Mom, you know I'd never let that happen. But for crying out loud... a
vibrator?" said an exasperated Rory.

"You'll thank me later." Said Lorelei and she proceeded to give her a long,
embarrassing talk on the wonders of masturbation. She knew that Rory had some
body issues and wanted to help her ease into adulthood.

Rory had hated when puberty arrived. She didn't want to be a woman, she liked
being a girl. She had bitched and moaned all during her early puberty, hating
the way her breasts were growing and her hips were swelling. And what was the
hair on her pubes for anyway? It wasn't long before she started shaving her
wispy pubic hair along with her underarms in an attempt to be a girl again.
When her first period hit all hell broke loose.

"Maaaaa, this sucks!" she complained.

"It's just a visit from your little friend." said Lorelei, always ready with
a kitschy cliche.

"Yeah, well you didn't tell me he'd be hemorrhaging." Said her sulky
daughter, "I don't wanna grow up! This sucks! If I'm a grown up I won't be
able to play anymore! Did I mention this sucks?"

"Calm down my little Mary Martin," said Lorelei, "If we could stay the ages
we wanted to be I'd be 21 and doing beer bongs but we all gotta grow up hon,
it's an Immutable Law. And anyway adults can play too; it's just a different
kind of play."

"Eeeeewwww gross Ma!" complained Rory.

"Don't knock it till you've tried it." said Lorelei with a sunny smile.

As usual Mom was right. Rory moved the vibrator off her clit and started
pumping it in and out of her swollen pussy, using her other hand to take over
the rubbing of her clitoris. She couldn't believe Lane had said that about
her pussy, Rory heard it in her mind again "God he makes my pussy wet."
Hearing Lane talk dirty had caused a twinge in her cunt. As usual she got
embarrassed at the time but now she ran those words through her head over and
over. Except Lane was saying "she makes my pussy wet." She started swirling
the vibrater around in her pulsing slit. Her legs started to quiver and she
started kneading her tits as she approached orgasm.

"Oh Lane Oh Laneohlaneohlaneohlaneohhhhhhhh! Mommmmmmyyy I'm cummingggggggg!"
Her buttocks clenched and her hips thrust upward uncontrollably as her baby
blue eyes grew wide as saucers. A stream of clear liquid shot several feet
out of her pulsating snatch and made zig-zags like a garden hose as her hips
jerked up and down. A string of drool hung from her grimacing mouth as she
squealed and huffed. Girl cum splattered all over her legs and some leaped
back, spraying her face.

Meanwhile, hidden deep within the ceiling of Rory's bedroom, a camera
recorded it all.

* * *

Mrs. Kim told Lane that she would be attending her extra classes twice a
week, on Thursdays after school and on Saturday afternoons.

"Schools not open on Saturdays" said Lane

"That is correct; you will be tutored at his house on those days. I have
checked his credentials and they are impeccable. Here is his address." said
Mrs. Kim handing lane a business card.

"Okay Mamma." Lane replied modestly.

It was Saturday afternoon and Lane was on her bike riding out to Mr. Lucas'
place. She'd already had her Thursday class; it was nice, especially when Mr.
Lucas leaned in close as he explained something to her. But today she was
going to get to see his house, a much more casual setting than the classroom.
He lived out on Old Stars Hollow Road a little ways out of town. Halfway
there she hopped off her bike, walked it into the nearby woods and pulled off
her oversize "Jesus Saves" sweatshirt. Underneath she wore a tight black
t-shirt emblazoned with "Pantera." She wasn't wearing a bra and her ever
protuberant nipples poked out nicely. She took out a mirror and put on some
light makeup. "I wish I had tighter blue jeans." She thought. She wasn't
really dressed slutty by any means but this was the first time she'd ever
dressed even this provocatively. She stuffed the sweatshirt and stuff into
her saddlebag. Jumping back on her bike she rode the rest of the way to Mr.
Lucas' house.

She came upon a long, wooded driveway which she rode down a ways until she
came to what appeared to be a small mansion. "What the hell?" she thought,
"how can a he afford a house like this on a teacher's salary?" Suddenly she
was getting nervous, "Oh my god, I'm going to see a man and my nips are
showing." Seventeen years of repression didn't drop away that easily. Sure,
she could talk a good game in her room but this was the real thing! She
parked her bike, grabbed her books and laptop and rang the doorbell.

"Hello Lane," said Mr. Lucas opening the door, "Are you ready for your

"Oh I'm ready for lessons alright" thought Lane as she gazed with pleasure at
her history teacher. He was tall, about 6' 5" and had a slender but muscular
body, with brown, curly hair and just a touch of silver above the ears. He
had a handsome face with a strong chin and hypnotic steel blue eyes that
seemed to see right through her. He was not wearing his usual teacherly garb
and had on a t-shirt and jeans. The t-shirt had "Jethro Tull" on it and Lane
could see a very nice bulge in his jeans. Much better than the baggy khaki's
he usually wore.

Lane realized she was staring and snapped back to reality, "Crap, I hope he
didn't notice me checking out his package, it's just that it's practically at
eye level to me." She thought.

"Yes Mr. Lucas. I'm ready to learn!" she said, beaming up at him. Then
realizing the subtle meaning behind those words she blushed prettily.

"I do believe this girl has a crush on me." Thought Mr. Lucas,

"Well, come on in." he said, leading her into the house. He'd had a feeling
that this student was sweet on him, a few times in class he had noticed her
staring at his crotch with a glazed look in her eyes and a hint of
perspiration on her upper lip. This wasn't the dreamy eyed gazes he got from
some of the girls in his classes. This wasn't puppy love; it seemed to be
pure lust. Like everyone else in town he knew about poor little Lane Kim and
her domineering mother. "It seems Lane may have hidden depths." He thought.

He'd been secretly excited when Mrs. Kim came to him and set up the
extra-curricular classes. He'd always had a weakness for Asian women and he
found Lane's obvious intelligence and petite body quite attractive despite
all the baggy clothes she wore to school, or maybe because of them, he
couldn't get a good look at her cute figure which was intriguing. And now
she shows up on his doorstep in a little t-shirt with her cute, perky tits
sticking out. His cock stirred involuntarily as he thought about the way her
stiff nipples were thrusting out from her little round breasts and wondered
at the wisdom of agreeing to these classes. "I'm not going to let anything
happen." he thought. "I'll just enjoy the attention."

Since his wife died two years ago he hadn't been with many women. He was
pretty wild sexually and he couldn't seem to meet any women with the same
appetites. His wife had been perfectly suited to him. They had all kinds of
costumes, toys, DVD's, photographs, books and homemade porn. He had a special
room upstairs completely devoted to sex. He'd love to fuck the shit out of
this hot little bespectacled teenager but he knew that could land him in real
big trouble so he'd just be polite and distant and when she left he'd jerk
his cock while thinking of her hidden charms.

"Mr. Lucas, how can you have..."

"I know what you're going to ask. How can I afford this huge house on a
teacher's salary? Many years ago I received a substantial endowment from a
dead relative. I've continued teaching because I enjoy it but that doesn't
mean I have to live like a teacher."

"It's very nice." said Lane, looking around.

"Thanks, it has all the amenities, library, swimming pool, the works. Come
into the study and we'll get started." said her teacher.

They spent the next few hours going over her history texts. Lane was able to
occasionally steer the conversation to personal matters and asked him about
his t-shirt. When he told her he enjoyed the progressive rock genre she was
able to talk music with him for a bit. Nothing earth shattering happened and
she went home. This went on the same way for several weeks and was causing
increasing frustration in Lane. She felt shy when she was around him and
didn't have the bravado she had when she was alone in her room talking like
a truck driver. She wasn't really sure if he found her attractive at all and
she was terribly scared of rejection. She always wore a tight t-shirt and no
bra and she noticed him furtively checking out her tits a few times but it
seemed he wasn't going to make a move.

"Maybe if I drop by unexpectedly I can break this pattern we seem to be in."
she thought. So on Sunday afternoon she rode out towards Mr. Lucas' house
with a book on prog rock. She told her mother she was going to Rory's house.
She also had a little something she'd gotten from Rory, a small bottle of
whiskey Rory had stolen from her mom's liquor stash. "I'm going to need a
little Irish courage if I plan to go through with this." She thought. Lane
had told Rory her plans and asked for the liquor a few days ago. Rory at
first appeared shocked that Lane was planning to go all the way but quickly
seemed to get excited about the prospect. They giggled like schoolgirls
(which, of course they were, but they decided they were doing it ironically.)
as they considered and rejected various scenarios. Neither of them went in
into too much detail though. There still seemed to be that shyness factor.

Once again Lane pulled into the woods and quickly changed. She sat against a
tree and took a swig of whiskey. She made a face, "Wooo, strong stuff!" she
thought. Lane was actually more used to getting high than getting drunk but
she figured drink would loosen her up whereas pot would probably make her
paranoid. She took several more swigs, popped a mint in her mouth and got
back out on the road. She rode up his driveway and parked her bike. She
stood, swaying slightly and looked up at the house. "Damn, I'm fucked up!"
she thought. A petite girl like her didn't need much liquor to get shitfaced.
"I may have overdone it." She rang the doorbell, no answer, she rang again.

Ken Lucas was sunbathing beside the pool in the backyard. His lean body
gleamed in the noonday sun. He was wearing small, tight swimming trunks to
maximize tanning area. The kind of ridiculous little trunks he wouldn't be
caught dead wearing to a beach. On the table next to him sat a cocktail.
"Damn that girl has got me hot." He thought. Yesterday he had stood next to
Lane as she sat at the table studying. His crotch had been just inches from
her face. She was obviously very aware of it and kept glancing sideways over
her glasses at his bulge. Ken had then turned away before it became too
obvious that he was getting a hard on. He took another sip of his cocktail
and smiled to himself.

"Mr. Lucas?"

Ken opened his eyes and around the side of the house came Lane, as if
stepping out of his daydreams. She was beaming at him and held a book in her
hand. Ken stood up as she walked over to him.

"I wanted to bring this book over I was telling you about." She said shyly.
"It's all about Prog Rock and its influences on current trends..." As Lane
babbled on, slurring her word slightly Ken realized something, "This girl is
drunk!" he thought "She's fucked up and she came to see me." Her slightly
glazed eyes were staring directly at his crotch as she talked. He became
embarrassed as he suddenly realized what he was wearing.

"Thank you Lane, I appreciate it." he said as he took the book.

There was an awkward silence.

"So um, this is your swimming pool huh." Said Lane gazing out at the pool.
"It must be nice to go swimming on a hot day like today"

"It is." He said. Making a decision he asked, "Lane? Would you like to go

"I'd love to!" sighed Lane with a sad grin, "but I didn't bring a swimsuit."

"There's still a bunch of swimsuits upstairs in my wife's closet. I'm sure
you'll find something to fit you."

"Oh Mr. Lucas that sounds great!" said Lane delightedly.

She followed him into the house and upstairs, gazing at his muscular ass the
whole way. They entered a large bedroom and he opened a walk-in closet.

"In here on the right in the front." He said "You can change in here; I'll
meet you back at the pool."

Lane agreed and Mr. Lucas left. She looked around. A big bed with a dresser
and other bedroom items filled the room. She noticed a hamper and grinned
drunkenly as she opened it up and rifled through it. She pulled out a pair
of grey briefs and looked at them in wonder. She brought the inside crotch
to her nose and breathed in deeply, her eyes closed as she inhaled her first
man musk. "I am smelling an actual cock!" she thought with glee, "This is
what an actual mans cock smells like!" It was definitely in the same ballpark
as pussy but underlying it was a definite masculine odor. Her eyebrows
clenched and she sniffed some more, using her other hand to rub her pussy.
"This is good stuff." She thought, "I have got to take these with me." She
stuffed the underwear into her backpack and went into the closet. It was
huge, filled with all kinds of sexy clothes and shoes that she'd love to try
on. She located the swimwear; there were dozens of bathing suits, one pieces,
bikinis, even a few thong bikinis.

Thong bikinis...

"Oh my god do I have the nerve to do it?" she thought thinking of him
laughing at her or worse. Then she thought of exposing her ass to a real live
man and how naughty that felt. She thought for a second and grinned. "Maybe
it's the liquor talkin' but what the hell." She thought as she picked out a
small white thong bikini and started to get undressed.

Ken had finished his first cocktail and was starting a new one. "I can't
believe I'm doing this." He thought, "But I have to see this hot little babe
in a swimming suit, I just can't help myself."

"Mr. Lucas?"

Ken turned around. Before him stood Lane wearing a white bikini. She looked
stunning as her amber skin contrasted nicely with the virginal white of the
suit. She had let down her hair and it blew in the wind in glossy abandon.
Her nipples were obvious and jutted out proudly from the thin triangles of
her top.

"How do I look?" asked Lane sweetly with her legs crossed and her hands
behind her back, grinning shyly.

"Oh Lane..." He was at a loss for words as he gazed at the small triangle of
whiteness stretched taut against her teenaged pussy.

" look very pretty." He said, composing himself. "You're a very
attractive young lady."

Lane walked forward to the edge of the swimming pool. Ken's eyes widened as
he realized she had on a thong. He gazed at the bare amber globes of Lane's
perky round ass. "This babe's got moxie." He thought. She stretched her arms
and arched her back slightly causing her butt to stick out more and looking
over her shoulder said, "I'm going to jump in, you can keep sunbathing if
you want to." She put her glasses on the table and dove into the pool. Ken
couldn't help noticing how much older Lane looked without her glasses. He
sat down and hid his growing hard on with some newspaper. Lane's ass was
glistening as it stuck out of the water while she swam around. She looked
like some Polynesian goddess as she climbed out of the pool with her wet
hair black and dripping.

She walked towards his side of the pool with her slim hips swaying and
Ken's eyes widened in surprise. Once Lane's suit got wet it left little
to the imagination. He could see her brown little areolas through the
semi-transparent material and the unmistakable outline of her bush. She
noticed his expression and looked down. Noticing her condition she smiled
broadly at Ken and stood in front of him facing the pool again as if to
dive in.

"I am showing Mr. Lucas my bare ass!" thought Lane. She wondered what would
happen if she bent over and spread her cheeks, exposing her puckered anus on
either side of her thin white panty strap. "I'm drunk but not that drunk."
She jumped into the pool again and did some more swimming, enjoying the
attention and always making sure Mr. Lucas got a good look at her bronze ass

After a while she got out and lay on her stomach on the chair next to Ken
with her eyes closed.

"I just want to get some sun." she said as she closed her eyes, rested her
chin on her arm and smiled.

Ken couldn't help but stare at her round little ass as she dried off. Her
cheeks clenched slightly and he could see goose bumps appear on her tender
young assflesh. In the waning afternoon sunlight he could see the tiny little
blonde hairs on her butt, growing thicker as they spread down to the cleft
of her buttocks. His cock was starting to hurt as it strained against his

"Take a picture it lasts longer."

Ken looked up. Lane was grinning at him, suddenly her eyes widened.

"Actually that's a great idea! Can you get that camera I saw and take some
photos? I'd love to have some pictures of me in this outfit. I can transfer
them to my laptop! Oh please Mr. Lucas? I never get to dress up like this!"

"I wouldn't call that exactly 'dressed up.'" Said Mr. Lucas, "Lane listen...
you're a young girl and if someone should see pictures like that I could go
to jail for a long time."

"I'm wearing clothes!" Lane pouted, "People wear this to the beach! And
anyway I promise to password protect it in a hidden folder so no one can
find it but me. I just want some photos of me looking pretty! Please Mr.
Lucas, Please?"

Ken looked at his student; her bikini had dried and was no longer
translucent. She bit her bottom lip as she looked at him hopefully. "Oh
well, in for a penny..." Thought Ken in surrender.

"Okay I'll go get the camera." He said standing up. Lane's eyes widened as
she saw how big the bulge in his trunks had gotten. She could see the outline
of his engorged rod as it strained against the light green material.

"Um... okay." Said Lane, suddenly shy in the presence of a real live cock.
"I made him hard!" she thought in wonder, "I actually gave him an actual hard

Ken grinned as he went to get the camera. He'd noticed how she got flustered
at his hard on. He felt more in control of the situation now. "I think she
wants it even more than I do." He thought as he picked up his top-of-the-line
digital camera and went back to the pool.

"Okay now don't pose too provocatively."

"I won't Mr. Lucas, I promise." said Lane sweetly.

Ken started taking pictures of Lane in various poses. She seemed to want to
get a lot of shots of her bare little ass and she kept angling her dimpled
cheeks to the camera as she smiled and pouted and primped. Lane didn't know
that he was taking quite a few close-ups of her tight ass, hard round tits
and sweet bikini clad cunt. Occasionally Lane would "accidentally" spread her
legs as he was taking a picture and he could see a distinct camel toe in her
panties. Little wisps of glossy black hair crept out here and there.

"Oops!" she would always say with an innocent smile, "My foot slipped."

He took quite a few pictures of her in various positions standing, sitting
and lying down. With and without her glasses. Ken told her the light was
getting lousy and they could probably get better light inside his studio.

"You have a studio? Let's go." said Lane eagerly, jumping up and taking a sip
of his cocktail. He took her to his studio, set up some lights and a plain
blue backdrop and he continued photographing the young teen. He started
taking shots of her from lower angles as she stood and posed.

She was sitting on a chair with her arms wrapped around her knees when she
deliberately looked up from gazing at his cock, looked him in the eye,
brought her legs down and slowly spread them open as wide as they would go.
She smiled over her glasses and pulled her bikini bottoms to the side,
revealing her virginal Asian pussy to Ken's hungry gaze.

Ken looked at her seriously for a moment but then he squatted down and
continued taking pictures of her. Her purple pussy lips were puffy and
engorged as evidence of her lust and small drops of girl juice glistened
prettily. Lane took off her top and threw it to the side. He took more
shots as she grinned coyly and held up her little round tits as if for
inspection. She stood up and turned around. Looking over her shoulder she
slowly pulled the thong down to her ankles and smiled as he took some
close-up shots of her glossy peach with her pubic hair hanging down like
a little beard and her pert buttocks. She turned to face him, revealing
the straight black pubic hair above her steamy hole. He kept on taking
pictures as she posed in ever lewder positions. Spreading her pussy lips
and even pulling apart her ass cheeks as she had fantasized earlier.

"I'm showing this guy my fucking asshole like a total slut! She thought,
"I'm showing him my nasty shithole like a vicious little cunt while he takes
pictures! Oh god!" More pussy juice leaked from her as she thought about what
a nasty little pervert she had become. She looked at the outline of Mr.
Lucas' cock causing his crotch to throb as he took more close-ups of her
tender slit.

She frowned. "Does it hurt?"

"Does what hurt?" he asked as he continued taking pictures.

"Your cock." She said pointing.

Ken stood up and looked ruefully down at his throbbing member. "Sometimes it

"Is it hurting now?" asked Lane, fascinated.

"I'm afraid so." He said

"Mr. Lucas, you can... I mean if it'll feel better you can um... take it
out." She suggested in a wavery voice. She quickly continued on, "We don't
have to do anything or anything it's just to relieve the pressure."

"Lane you're a 17 year old girl and I'm old enough to be your father. We
shouldn't be doing this." He tried to convince himself.

"Oh please!" crooned Lane as her hand fell to her pussy and she started
slowly rubbing her clit. "Pleeeeeese I want to see what a live cock looks
like! I promise I won't touch it or anything, I just want to see! If we don't
touch each other it's not sex! We're just two people standing next to each
other without our clothes on." Lane justified.

"No touching." Said Mr. Lucas sternly.

"I promise." whimpered Lane quietly as she watched Mr. Lucas pull off his
trunks. And there it was before her very eyes, MAN COCK! Big beautiful juicy
man cock. Lane's eyes widened behind her glasses and she made a little
gurgling sound as she stroked her clit faster. She leaned forward to get a
better look. His thickly veined cock was about 9 inches long, thin at the
base and thicker at the circumcised head. "Like a baseball bat." She thought.
His big balls were up tight against his torso as his penis swayed obscenely.
She noticed he was shaved and decided she liked the look. She brought her
face closer to his cock so she could examine it and memorize every detail.

"Oh fuck yeah!" yelled Lane loudly, "A real fuckin' cock! It looks so fuckin'
cool!" she heard a click, looking up she saw Mr. Lucas snapping a picture as
he looked down at her. She smiled lustfully and her eyes were drawn back to
his cock as she kept whispering, "It's so fuckin' cool! It's so fuckin'

Ken could feel her hot breath on his turgid member and she closed her eyes as
she inhaled his cock scent with a sunny smile, he reluctantly pulled back.

"Mr. Lucas would it be okay if we... I mean would you want to... um, could we
like... masturbate together? As long as we don't touch each other?" asked
Lane in a desperate voice. "I just want to see you stroke it! I want to see
how you cum! Please Mr. Lucas? I'm already doing it anyway."

"Well okay but I better be over here." he said sitting in a chair opposite

He put the camera down and grabbed his needy cock in one hand as he cupped
his balls with the other. His hips pushed forward and he moaned and spread
his legs as his hand started pumping.

"Oh fuck stroke that cock!" grunted Lane as she slid forward and brought her
legs up. Her eyes were glazing over and a look of concentration appeared on
her sweat glazed face as she entered the special zone where her pussy ruled.
Her inhibitions were totally gone and she wasn't even aware of Mr. Lucas. All
she was aware of was that huge beautiful cock and what she wanted to do with
it. Without taking her eyes off his cock, she drew her ankles up to either
side of her head, moistened her middle finger with her mouth and pushed it up
her tight butthole. She started pinching her nipples with her other hand as
she started incoherently whining in a choked voice.

"I'm a fuckin' slut! I'm a fuckin' slut! Ohhhhh fuck yeah stroke that meat!
Make it cum for me, make it squirt! Oh god oh fuck!" she pulled her finger
out of her ass and rubbed it under her nose, mouth puckering as she sniffed
at her greasy upper lip. "...a fuckin slut! A nasty little perverted cunt!"
she gibbered.

"Holy shit this chick is nuts!" thought Ken as he stroked and pulled on his
aching cockmeat. "She's a virgin and a whore all in one!" he noticed that he
had stood up and was standing closer to Lane as she stuffed a second finger
up her ass. "So she likes assplay huh? Let's see how she responds to this."
He took his hand off his balls and brought it behind him. He looked her in
the eye as he pushed his own finger up his ass.

"Oh yeah fuck your asshole! Fuck your asshole! Oh turn around, I wanna see!
I wanna see!"

Ken turned around and bent over, giving her a view of his tight, muscular ass
with his finger fucking in and out as well as his heavy balls hanging down.

"Oooooh, that's so good, so good! Oh fuck!" mumbled Lane as her fingers sped

Ken turned back around and looked down on her wanton nakedness. He was
standing right in front of her and he was about to cum. His hips started
jerking forward.

"Oh are you going to cum? Are you going to cum? Oh I want to see it squirt;
I want to see you shoot it! Cum for me! Cum for me!"

White hot liquid was building up in Ken's balls, he knew he was going to
blow soon. "Oh my god, I shouldn't cum on her, everything's okay as long as
I don't touch her!" he thought in his lust riddled mind as the first waves
of orgasm hit. His right hand was blur as he desperately reached out with
his other hand to a nearby shelf and grabbed a wine glass.

"Ohhhhhhhh Fuck!" he screamed as loads of sticky cum shot out of his hard
dick. He angled his penis to catch the cum in the wineglass and streams of
thick, ropy jizz streamed into the glass.

"Oh your cumming...ohhhhhh! It's fucking cum! Oh fuck!" growled Lane as she
started to cum like she'd never had before. Her eyes stayed glued onto Mr.
Lucas' creaming dick and she started making nonsense sounds as her tight,
teenaged body started shaking in orgasm.

Some of the cum flew around as Mr. Lucas tried desperately to keep his hips
from jerking around. A glob landed on Lane's glasses and started dripping
down obscenely. Another drop of cum landed on her lower lip and she licked
it up. She finally got to taste the salty goodness of cum.

continued to orgasm.

The last few globs of cum shot into the glass as Ken came down from his
orgasm. He just stood there dazedly with the wineglass in his hand, dripping
cum and watching Lane scream and shake. Lane suddenly reached up and snatched
the glass from Mr. Lucas. Before he could say a word she brought the pearly
mixture up to her lips and poured hot cum into her mouth. "Oh wow I can feel
the heat on the glass," she observed. She held the cum in her mouth and
swirled it around with her tongue. Looking up at Mr. Lucas, with her cum
mustache she pointed to the camera and made inarticulate noises as some cum
leaked out of the side of her mouth and dripped down to her chin. Mr. Lucas
quickly started taking pictures. She opened her mouth and showed Mr. Lucas
her little tongue peeking out from a pool of his cum. She closed her mouth
and swallowed and again opened her mouth to show that it was gone. She took
off her glasses and licked the cum off of them, smiling as she tasted the
evidence of her teachers lust.

Mr. Lucas continued to take pictures as the afternoon progressed. Eventually
he gave up all pretense and fucked her up the ass, filling her willing butt
with his seed as she thrashed and bucked and yelled out depraved things. She
also got to taste her first cock and gulped down another load of his hot cum.
It was the best afternoon that Lane had ever had. The fact that she lost her
butt virginity on a Sunday made it even better. "That's right Mamma, this
morning I went to church and this afternoon your darling daughter had a 9
inch cock up her ass." She thought.

They looked at all the pictures they had taken and separated them into two
files; soft-core and hard-core. Lane transferred the files to her laptop and
shocked Mr. Lucas when she brought up some of her downloaded hardcore pics
and showed him with a grin some of the things she wanted to try. He shook his
head and wondered at the sheer depravity of this seemingly innocent teen.
Then Lane took a shower got dressed and left with a satisfied smile on her

On the way home she stopped over at Rory's house. But that's another story...

To be continued...


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