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girls" that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series.

I know I promised the arrival of Lorelei this chapter but I thought Rory's
deflowering should happen "onstage" unlike Lane's which was just sort of
mentioned in a paragraph. Also I wanted to explore R and L's relationship
somewhat. I can't seem to make these stories more succinct, maybe it's too
many adjectives. Anyway I PROMISE next chapter is all about Lorelei.

Dedicated to Uther Pendragon, who has done some amazing butt fakes of the
Gilmore Girls. May your nose hair never exceed your imagination. Excelsior!

Gilmore Girls: Dirty Secrets Part 4: Rory Grows Up Chapter 2
by Edgar, Al n'Moe

It was Saturday afternoon in Stars Hollow and Rory Gilmore and Lane Kim were
on their bikes and heading out to Mr. Lucas' house. They were both excited
for today was the day that Rory would lose her virginity.

Lane had started an affair with her history teacher, Mr. Lucas, several weeks
ago (see Chapter 2) and shortly after that Rory and Lane had hooked up on one
of Lane's "Special Nights." (Chapter 3) Rory had been surprised to find out
what a perv her best friend and now lover was, she seemed to be into every
fetish in the book; the kinkier the better as far as Lane was concerned.
(Obviously a result of her sexually repressed upbringing.) It had been very
difficult trying to find a place to get together for sex though because of
the girls' busy schedules. Often they would furtively kiss or grope each
other when they had a few minutes alone.

They had both learned to savor the moments when they could let go. They came
up with secret nicknames for themselves, Lane was "Dirty Slut" and Rory was
"Naughty Girl." When one of them called the other by her nickname they knew
the discussion had turned to sexual matters. Rory had naturally taken a
submissive role in their relationship; she enjoyed giving up responsibility
for her actions and meekly did as she was told as Lane's demands got kinkier
by the day. They started exchanging their used panties at Lane's insistence.

"Here's what you do." Said Lane, "Pick a nice pair of cotton panties and wear
them for three days. (Cotton retains the smell better.) Whenever you get a
chance during the day I want you to think dirty thoughts about how much I
love you and all the nasty things we've done and are going to do so your
panties get really wet. You can shower but you have to put the panties back
on afterwards. At night I want you to look at my pictures as you masturbate
with your panties on, be sure to get them nice and wet and don't forget to
rub them up the crack of your ass. I'm gonna do the same thing and then we'll
exchange them."

"Wow," whispered Rory, "that's really kinky."

"It's not just the kink but the thought behind it that counts!" explained
Lane, "The way I see it, the pussy juice you created while thinking of me is
mine, just as the juice I leaked while thinking of you is yours. I can get
off on the scent you created while looking at my pics and thinking of me, my
own specially brewed Rorysmell!"

Rory blushed furiously at Lane's nasty reply. "It's like some kind of twisted
organic circular type. thing."

"Exactly!" grinned Lane, "It's like we're getting each other's concentrated

Rory was embarrassed and aroused. It actually sounded romantic in a twisted
sort of way. The thought of Lane making cunt juice especially for her to
masturbate with was a huge turn on. And the thought of Lane stroking herself
while looking at the pornographic pics they'd taken made her damp. Lane had
told her of her exhibitionist fantasies of other people masturbating to her
pics, she told Rory to do it whenever she liked and she had begged Mr. Lucas
to let her watch him while he stroked his cock to her pictures. Then she
masturbated to HIM masturbating to HER.

Rory quickly took to the idea and she enjoyed knowing that Lane was lusting
for her while looking at her pics. Most of them had been taken on Lane's
"Special Night." They consisted of Rory dressed and undressed as a slutty
schoolgirl and in Lane's cheerleader outfit. Rory had obscene pics of Lane
dressed the same way from that night. There were also a few upskirt shots
of Rory's panties, some tit flashing and a few of her lifting her skirt and
exposing her ass which were furtively taken during the last few weeks.

Lane had a lot more pictures than Rory because she was posing every Saturday
at Mr. Lucas' house which meant Rory got a new batch of pictures every week.
To Lane's delight Mr. Lucas had shown her his vast closet full of costumes
and outfits. He photographed her in a little black French maid's outfit, in
a slutty, revealing hooker ensemble complete with leather miniskirt, tube
top, nylons and patent leather spike heel boots, in a cute little pink pajama
jump suit with attached feet and a flap that opened up in the back and of
course as the archetypical Asian schoolgirl. Needless to say there were
hardcore pics of her in all those costumes too. Her only frustration was that
she couldn't get a full body shot of both of them because one of them always
needed to be holding the camera. There were a lot of angles she couldn't get
without a third person.

It was a Thursday afternoon after school the first time they exchanged
underwear. Rory was in Lane's bathroom; she quickly pulled off her hot,
sweaty navy blue tights. ("The tights help to cook your yummy juices." Lane
had told her.) and removed her three day old panties. The musky smell of
concentrated pussy wafted in the air and Rory inhaled deeply of her own scent
as she quickly opened Lane's hamper and exchanged her panties with the ones
Lane had put there only minutes before. She stuffed them and her tights in
her back pack and went into Lane's room.

"The eagle has landed." Said Rory in a mock official voice "Or I sent a
message to Garcia or something of that nature."

"I'll alert Jack Bauer." Said Lane, "So does that mean you're not wearing

Rory lifted her plaid skirt and gave Lane a quick glimpse of her hairless
slit. "Yup, I'm going commando."

Lane grinned, "Cool, and plus the name fits in with this whole secret agent
vibe we've got going."

Rory started singing "Secret Agent Man" in a cheesy voice.

Lane suddenly got a look of raw lust on her bespectacled face, stepping close
to Rory; she got on her tiptoes and whispered in her ear. "I'm gonna cum SOOO
hard when I sniff your sweet cunt juice you Naughty Girl."

"Me too." breathed Rory.

"And I'm gonna sniff where your ASS was," whispered Lane fiercely, "I'm gonna
think about those panties rubbing up against your hot, sweaty ass crack as I
FUCK myself! Tell me why I would DO that Rory, why would I DO such a thing?"

"Because you're a Dirty SLUT." whimpered Rory who by this time knew what to
say when Lane asked her that question.

"That's right; I'm a dirty little SLUT who likes the smell of your ASS and
PUSSY! And you're gonna sniff MY panties aren't you?"

"Yes." said Rory.

"And you're gonna smell MY pussy."


"And sniff my sweaty ASS like a dog."


"That's right because you're a NAUGHTY Girl aren't you?"

"Yes. I am." said Rory in a small voice.

"What are you Rory? Tell me what you are!"

"I'm a NAUGHTY Girl, I'm your dirty little pussy sniffing slut and I'll do
whatever you want Lane. Oh Lane I love you so MUCH!"

"And I love you Rory Gilmore." said Lane with a smile as she gave Rory a
quick peck on the cheek. "Now you better get going or my mom might get

"'Kay, bye!"

As she turned to leave Lane suddenly reached her hand under the back of
Rory's plaid skirt and brought her middle finger up the sweaty crease of her
bare, round ass cheeks.

"Oh!" said Rory as she blinked and stopped, instinctively thrusting her ass
out towards Lane's finger. Lane grinned as she stood next to Rory, looking
up into her face. She gently placed her left hand on the submissive teen's
taut stomach while rubbing her right middle finger up and down her slick,
sensitive ass crack.

"Wait for it." said Lane and then she slowly pushed the tip of her finger to
the first joint into Rory's tender ass. She twirled it around and whispered
tender nothings into her lover's ear as Rory moaned quietly. Suddenly Lane
pulled her finger out of Rory's butthole and Rory gasped as she felt her
needy anus clench around the sudden emptiness in her butt. She watched as
Lane brought the slick finger bearing Rory's stinky ass grease to her cute,
pug nose and wiped it on her nostrils and upper lip.

"Sometimes I like it fresh." Lane said with a nasty smile, "Now run along

Ever since they had got together Lane had been persistently whispering nasty
things to Rory, often at the strangest times, which as a result kept her in a
constant state of horniness. As Rory walked home she could feel the early
evening breeze on her slightly damp pussy. It felt nice. "Now I know why mom
sometimes doesn't wear panties, it feels. sexy." she thought. She felt a
quick stab of guilt as she thought about her mother. They really were like
best friends and she usually shared everything with her but her and Lane were
enjoying having this whole secret life going on. Lane, of course had been
doing it for years but it was a new feeling for Rory. She felt slightly
guilty that she hadn't told her mom about it but she also liked having this
huge secret which she knew would probably even shock Lorelei Gilmore.

Late that night Rory undressed and brought out Lane's plain white cotton
underwear. She examined them carefully and pulled off several shiny black
pubic hairs which she gently placed in an envelope on her bed stand. She
planned to surprise Lane with it when she had a good amount of pubic hair
as a token of her love and obedience and also as sort of a joke. She brought
the inner crotch up to her nose and took a big long sniff as Lane had told
her to do. Her eyes closed and she moaned as she smelled three days of musky,
concentrated Lanejuice. Her other hand crept down between her spread legs
and started tugging on her clit. Without hesitation she moved the back of
the panties under her nose and inhaled deeply of the ripe, dirty smell as
she had also been instructed by her best friend. "Hmmmm. That's good."
thought Rory and she thought how pleased and turned on Lane would be when
she recounted her horny actions in detail. "Lane's probably sniffing my
panties right now." she reflected as she started finger fucking herself.
"That's nice to know."

Meanwhile the hidden camera quietly whirred away.

Both Lane and Rory had especially orgasmic nights. Several days later they
were sitting in the gazebo in the town square. Lane had just finished
telling Rory about her latest kinky bout with Mr. Lucas. Lane had been in
an especially good mood lately which made sense seeing as in just a short
time she had gone from no sex to getting both cock and pussy on a regular
basis. In fact she had to make an effort to hide her good mood from her
mom in case Mrs. Kim became suspicious.

"It's no fair," pouted Rory, "you get laid all the time and I hardly ever

"What about last Wednesday?" said Lane. They had managed to sneak into the
woods behind Rory's house to a secret place they used to go to when they were
kids; a group of hemlock bushes that grew in a circle creating a cozy little
cave underneath. They crawled under the bushes which had a deep, soft carpet
of pine needles and spent the next two hours engaging in all sorts of kinky
sex. They kissed and sixty-nined and sucked each others tits and Lane of
course insisted that she kneel behind Rory and give her a doggy-style rimjob.
She licked and finger fucked Rory's pussy and asshole until Rory had a
thoroughly satisfying orgasm.

Rory had really started to enjoy having her ass licked, probed and
worshipped. It was a turn on the way Lane would just lose control and make
desperate mewling noises as she masturbated while licking Rory's fleshy
globes and tongue fucking her sweet little anus. During those times it seemed
right for Rory to take the dominant role and she urged Lane on, spouting
obscenities in her little girl voice.

Afterwards Lane told Rory to do the same to her and they switched positions
while Rory buried her face and fingers in Lane's perky bronze butt. Finally,
Rory squatted above Lane's bespectacled face ("My safety glasses." said
Lane.) and played with herself with encouragement and a finger up the ass
from Lane until she squirted loads of girl cum into her best friend's mouth.
Lane gulped it down happily and looked up at Rory with a satisfied smile.

Cumming on someone and having them drink your cum was an incredible turn on,
just like Lane had said it would be and Rory wanted to do it more often.
Afterwards they got dressed, composed themselves and snuck back to Rory's
house with no one being the wiser. Fucking in the woods was risky; sometimes
hikers were wandering around so they couldn't take advantage of it too often.

"Last Wednesday was fun." said Rory with a big smile. "But that's only the
second time we've had a chance to really fuck. Meanwhile every Saturday
you're getting the high hard one!" she complained.

"Okay Salieri, how about you come with me next Saturday?" asked Lane.

Rory looked at Lane, started to say something then hesitated.

"What is it?" asked Lane.

"You wouldn't mind if I did it with Mr. Lucas? You wouldn't get... jealous?"

"Rory I don't love Mr. Lucas, in fact when he asked me to call him `Ken' I
told him I preferred calling him Mr. Lucas for the whole Authority Figure
thing. My only demand is that I get to watch."

"Do you think he'll do it?"

"Are you kidding? Just pull your little girl routine and he'll be putty in
your hands."

"He is VERY handsome." Rory said with a grin.

"And you should see his cock!" said Lane.

"I have, remember? It's very nice." Rory had looked at all of Lane's hardcore
pics and was quite familiar with Mr. Lucas' naked body. Mr. Lucas, on the
other hand knew nothing about Lane and Rory's sexcapades. Rory in her usual
shy way had asked Lane not to tell him anything or show him any pics.

"Only you would describe a cock as `nice.'" said Lane with a smirk.

"Welllll. I'm sorry! What do you want me to say, `It's quite a turgid member,
yesiree, very priapic don't you know!'"

"And don't forget the throbbing..."

"Oh, of course I won't forget the throbbing."

".and the balls."

"Oh yes the balls are integral."

* * *

So now after a week of planning Rory and Lane turned onto Old Stars Hollow
Road. Lane had decided they shouldn't tell Mr. Lucas what they had planned.

"If your standing right in front of him calling him `daddy' he'll be much
more receptive than if I try to talk him into fucking another underage girl."
Lane explained. She had called him daddy once when they were fucking and he
came almost immediately. "If there's one thing I learned from cruising the
internet it's that innocence sells. You have that whole waif vibe and I have
a healthy dose of Korean cuteness. We'll use that to our advantage."

They pulled their bikes into the woods and Lane pulled off her sweater. She
had on a tight blue t-shirt with "Spock's Beard" emblazoned on it and her
ever hard nipples jutted out proudly. Rory was wearing a tight red and white
striped short sleeved polo shirt that she hadn't worn in years, her conical
breasts and puffy nipples were pushing out prettily. She wore tight blue
jeans to accentuate her pear shaped ass.

They took out mirrors and applied makeup and then Rory pulled out some liquor
from her bag and Lane pulled out a joint.

"Are you SURE we should get fucked up before we go there?" asked Rory.

"Definitely, it always makes you less bashful and I told Mr. Lucas that I was
coming over fucked up and that he should get fucked up too." Lane took a hit
off the joint and handed it to Rory.

Rory took a hit and asked in a squeaky voice, "Mr. Lucas smokes pot?"

Lane took a swig of whiskey, made a face and passed it to Rory. "He grew up
in the 70's, you do the math. In fact I've been getting my pot from him for
weeks, we're smoking it now."

"Cool." said Rory as she took her second swig from the bottle.

* * *

Ken Lucas sat in his study and sipped his cocktail. In a little while his
student Lane Kim would be coming over for her "lessons." He smiled and took
a hit of some weed as he thought about how enthusiastic she was. He really
didn't have to suggest anything, she would just come by every Saturday and
show him some pics she got off the web and tell him she wanted to try this
or that obscene act. Then she would go through the costume closet and pick
out something she liked and they would go to the studio where Lane would
pose and strip while Ken took pictures. Lane always insisted that Ken stay
dressed but have his cock sticking out of his pants as he took pictures so
she could gauge the effect her poses were having on his thick nine inch rod.
After that they would fuck and take pics the rest of the afternoon, trying
whatever kinky things Lane was into that week, as long as it didn't involve
breaking her hymen. It was amazing how she could be this cute, bright,
innocent seeming little Asian girl one minute and two second later be saying
the most depraved things imaginable. It was a huge turn on.

"I think it's finally time to show her the sex room." he thought.

He and his late wife had been into all sorts of kinky stuff, much kinkier
than anything Lane had done so far. They built a large room upstairs for
having orgies and filled it with toys. Ken hadn't used it since his wife
died a few years ago but he realized he had finally found someone who
deserved to use that room, no matter how young she was.

The doorbell rang and Ken went and opened the door. To his surprise Lane
wasn't alone, she was with Rory Gilmore, a former student from S.H.H.S. They
were swaying slightly and their eyes looked red as they both smiled up at

"Hi Mr. Lucas," said Lane, "I brought my friend Rory with me. She wants to
see your library. I told her you had some first editions."

"Do you really have a first edition Dickens? I think that's so cool." said
Rory enthusiastically.

"Uh. um. yes, I do." said Ken as he noticed Rory's nipples poking through her
tight top. Rory put her hands behind her back and looked up at Mr. Lucas with
her big blue eyes.

"Can I see it?" she asked shyly.

Ken got the feeling that Rory was fully aware of the double entendre; the
look on her face was a tad too innocent. "Uh, yeah sure, come on in." He

Lane immediately led Rory to the library and Ken followed behind, watching
Rory's heart-shaped butt sway in her tight jeans. He couldn't believe Lane
had brought RORY GILMORE to his house, Stars Hollow's favorite daughter.
Quick-as-a-whip Rory Gilmore who was going to go to Harvard and who's mother,
Lorelei, had the hottest ass in town. He'd often considered dating Lorelei
but he'd never actually met her, only seen her around town. Many of the male
teachers and a few of the female ones at Stars Hollow High were secretly
disappointed when Rory transferred to Chilton because they knew they wouldn't
be seeing Lorelei's tight, jean clad ass around the school any longer.

Did Rory know about him and Lane? Probably, he thought ruefully. He felt a
quick stab of fear as he thought about what would happen if the people of
Stars Hollow found out about him and Lane, and now it seemed Lane wanted to
bring Rory into the mix. "Oh my god!" he thought, "Am I really going to be
fucking the two most supposedly wholesome girls in Stars Hollow?

Ken entered the library, Rory was holding the first edition Dickens in her
hands with reverence, she leafed through the pages, her red eyes staring
fascinated at this icon of literature.

"Wow Mr. Lucas, this is super ginchy, what else do you have." she asked.

"Do you like Kipling?" asked Ken.

"I don't know, I never Kippled." replied Rory seriously.

Lane burst into laughter and they both started giggling as they discussed
what "Kipling" might be.

"It's the act of lifting your left leg while sneering at a blonde person from
New Jersey!" crowed Lane.

"No, no!" said Rory giggling, "It's the ancient Scandinavian art of carving
tiny religious bas reliefs onto carrot scrapings!"

This went on for a while as Ken looked on with a half smile on his face. He
remembered how he used to get the giggles when he first started smoking pot.
And he had to admit they both looked charming as they laughed and joked.
Finally they collapsed and calmed down and he proceeded to show Rory the rest
of the library. He was impressed with her knowledge of English Literature and
she knew quite a bit about the Russians too. And he was charmed by her
intelligence and quick humor. Suddenly Lane spoke up.

"C'mon Rory, I want to show you the costume room."

"Yay, costumes!" exclaimed Rory in a singsong voice as she followed Lane out
of the room.

"We'll be back in a little while," said Lane over her shoulder, "I think your
gonna like this." she said with a grin.

So Rory knew about the costume room! Obviously Lane had this whole thing
planned out. Ken went back in his study, sat in his big leather chair, took
a few more hits of pot and sipped his cocktail. "There's not much I can do
at this point so I might as well enjoy myself." he thought. After about a
half an hour he heard Rory calling him.

"I'm in the study!" he yelled.

He heard approaching footsteps and then muffled giggling and whispering. Then
Rory was suddenly pushed through the doorway, she tottered a little on her
heels and frowned back at Lane, then she turned and smiled at Ken. His jaw
dropped in wonder and his cock stiffened in his pants.

Rory had dressed up as Alice in Wonderland. She was wearing a little dress of
robin's egg blue with puffy shoulders and a little white apron with a very
short skirt flaring out and lots of white ruffles underneath. She had a blue
hair band pulling back her brunette hair and she was wearing black and white
striped, thigh high stockings on her long luscious legs. You could see her
virginal white cotton panties peeking out from under her tiny skirt and on
her feet she wore shiny black, patent leather Mary Jane style shoes with four
inch heels. From her hand dangled a plush white rabbit in a waistcoat.

She was obviously having a little trouble being fucked up and moving about in
the unfamiliar footwear and she tottered around awkwardly which only caused
her to look more adorable. Finally she regained her balance, clasped her hand
behind her back and crossed her shapely legs. She lowered her head and looked
up at Mr. Lucas with her big blue eyes and a shy smile on her tiny lips.

"Do you like the outfit I picked out Mr. Lucas?" asked Rory in her best
little girl voice.

Ken just sat there staring at Rory's crotch and legs as his pants became
increasingly tight.

"Mr. Lucas?" asked Rory as she leaned forward with a look of concern on her
face. Meanwhile Lane was grinning as she poked her head around the door and
watched the sexy scene she had orchestrated.

Ken snapped back to reality and looked Rory in the eyes.

"You're. beautiful." He said softly in a reverent whisper.

"Uh.thanks." said Rory blushing prettily. As she often did when she was
nervous, she started babbling and joking. "I wanted to stay with the whole
Dickens theme but the Little Nell outfit looked horrible and I didn't think
Miss Haversham was appropriate so I picked a different Victorian author. The
outfit came with white stockings that had little hearts and diamonds along
the side but I found these," she said gesturing at the thick, horizontal,
black and white stripes on her stockings. "...which are more historically
accurate if you look at the original Tenniel illustrations except of course
that these don't cover my butt and. they're, um.bigger I suppose." she
finished lamely.

Mr. Lucas smiled, "Come here Rory."

"Okay." said Rory shyly, stepping forward until she was standing right in
front of the seated older man. Her long legs and tight panties were eye level
to him. He leaned forward, brought his hands to her hips and slowly drew his
hands down her legs, eliciting a soft sigh from Rory.

Looking up at Rory he said, "Are you sure you want this? Wouldn't you rather
be with a boy your own age?"

"Oh no Mr. Lucas! I heard that boys my age suck at sex and I'd rather have
someone who's experienced teach me what to do and I'm already doing it with
Lane anyway and my Mom put me on the pill a year ago and I promise I won't
go all Amy Fischer on you and I won't tell anyone! I really want you to fuck
me, please Mr. Lucas pleeeeeeeeese!" begged Rory.

Ken knew he was going to fuck this delectable piece of teenaged ass but he
was enjoying Rory's pleading so he gave her a doubtful look.

Rory decided to try a different tack; she crossed her hands behind her back
and looked down on Mr. Lucas with her lower lip pushed out and her big blue
eyes wide and sad. "If you want I'll call you daddy." she said in a trembly
little voice. "I didn't grow up with a daddy so if you want YOU can be my
daddy. Will you be my daddy?"

Ken's erection was getting painful in his pants at the young girl's nasty
request. "Yes Rory, I'll be your daddy." he said hoarsely, "Will you be my
little pussy girl?"

"Oh daddy! I'd love to be your little pussy girl!" exclaimed Rory happily.
She bent down, wrapped her arms around her new daddy's neck and gave him a
huge kiss, their tongues intertwining. From her view at the door Lane could
see Rory's pretty ass as she bent over. She had been rubbing her pussy as
she watched the scenario unfold and now she walked into the study and stood
there a moment absently touching herself.

"Hey you guys, come up for air." she said getting their attention.

Ken looked up and Rory turned around and sat on the arm of the chair with an
excited grin on her face. "What do you think of Lane's outfit? She let me
pick it out. Isn't it hot?" she asked.

Lane posed for Ken and smiled lustfully.

"Oh yeah!" said Ken as he gazed appreciatively at the young, bespectacled
Korean pervert.

Lane was wearing a very tight, white, shiny latex nurse's outfit, the skirt
coming to just above her shiny red latex panties. She wore white, high heel
boots that came to just above the ankle and frilly red ankle socks. Her hair
was in two braids and a little nurse's bonnet with the Red Cross on her head
completed the ensemble.

Lane grinned at Rory's and Mr. Lucas' lust filled expressions.

"So, do you like my little surprise?" she asked.

"You bet I do but I've also got a little surprise for you." said Mr. Lucas.

"Yay! I love surprises!" said Rory clapping happily, "What is it? What's the

"Follow me." he said leading them out of the room and up to the second floor.
They reached an area of the large house that Lane was unfamiliar with.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"Your surprise is through that door." He said, pointing at a set of double
doors at the end of the corridor. "Just go right on in, I'll join you in a

Lane and Rory opened the door and walked in, looking around in wonder. They
were in a large, spacious room with floor to ceiling mirrors completely
covering two walls to their left and in front of them. On the other two walls
were various types of restraining devices and other BDSM equipment. Rory's
pussy tingled as she looked at the huge assortment of metal and leather. She
had lately been fantasizing about being restrained and forced to do another's
bidding and she hoped they'd get to use those sometime. It appealed to her
submissive nature. There were lots of pillows strewn about the room and lots
of soft looking furniture with stripper poles here and there along with more
unusual objects that looked like monkey bars with padding. In one corner of
the room was a sunken area with a floor sloping gently down to a drain.

"What's that for?" asked Rory.

Lane looked at the padded pit for a moment and a wicked smile played across
her face. "Oh, I can think of a few things." She said nonchalantly.

Rory looked at Lane in confusion and Lane gave her a leer and a wink. Rory's
eyes widened in sudden comprehension and she blushed feverishly. Surely Lane
wouldn't want to try THAT.

Lane walked up to a large black cabinet and opened it. The insides of the
doors were covered in hanging whips of various types and on shelves in the
cabinet she saw nipple clamps, weights, restraints and strap-on dildoes of
various sizes and types from small and slim with a vibrating sphere on the
end to a realistic looking black one covered in veins which was 12 inches
long and 4 wide. There were also what looked to be anal beads and other
butt toys of various shapes and sizes. "Oooooh, I haven't tried any serious
S & M stuff yet." she considered. Lane's pussy was getting slippery in her
vinyl panties because the rubber wouldn't absorb her juices so they kept
building up; her cunt was literally swimming in her hot creamy Lanesauce.
As she looked at the BDSM toys she spread her legs slightly and pressed her
fingers against her shiny red panties. This caused all her pussy juice to
well up out of the top and sides of her panties and trickle down her taut,
amber legs, making slick, wet trails down to her ankles and wetting her
frilly crimson socks.

"Hey Lane, Check it out!" said Rory. She was looking through what was
evidently a large toy box. She brought up an armful of sex toys and dumped
them on the floor, sitting down with her legs spread and her knees up she
started examining them with a happy smile. Lane could see Rory's hairless
little pussy through her damp panties which had become slightly transparent
with the horny teenager's juices.

While Lane and Rory explored the wonders of the sex room Mr. Lucas entered a
room next door and opened up the closet where he opened yet another door.
This led to a sound proofed L shaped room which was directly behind the floor
to ceiling two-way mirrors in the sex room. The walls and floor of the secret
room were flat, matte black and there were chairs and sofas scattered around
and some toy boxes against the back walls. The only light was coming from the
sex room.

He went to the wall and turned on the speakers so that he could hear what was
going on in the sex room but only the loudest noises could be heard from the
other side. At four points of the L shaped room were state-of-the-art digital
video cameras on tripods. He turned them all on. Two were stationary and were
set to record long shots and the other two were set for close-ups and were
motion sensitive with servo-motors so they would track anyone in the other
room. Later on he could edit them together so he had the best angle for
whatever activities were going on. "I don't think I'll tell them about the
voyeur room yet." he thought as he rubbed his hard cock through his pants. He
stood for a minute watching Lane and Rory giggling and joking as they picked
up and displayed various oddly shaped sex toys. Then Lane got out her camera
and started taking pictures of Rory/Alice who smiled and posed.

"Okay now remember, keep up the little girl routine," said Lane as she
snapped away. "Did you see him lose it when you called him `daddy'?"

"Yeah." replied Rory with a grin, "And don't worry about the little girl
thing, it seems to come naturally and I like doing it. And anyway," she
added, "calling him `daddy' sort of turned me on too."

"Alright then, and don't forget what you promised me afterwards Naughty
Girl." warned Lane.

"I won't Dirty Slut." said Rory as her face warmed at the thought of what
she had promised to do with her best friend after her deflowering.

Mr. Lucas walked in and the curious, horny teenagers ran up to him asking
him questions about the room and the toys. He explained about his wife and
their kinky adventures.

Lane and Rory couldn't believe their good luck, not only did they have
access to Mr. Lucas' nine inch cock and the costumes but now they also got
to experiment with all the toys and stuff in this incredible room. Ken for
his part was thoroughly enthralled with the two young girls enthusiasm. He
wanted to kiss Lane on her cute little pug nose, and he wanted to drown in
Rory's big blue eyes.

"Rory wants to ask you something." said Lane, "Go ahead Rory, ask Mr. Lucas."

"Will you teach me how to fuck Daddy?" said Rory in a trembly voice as she
stood there slightly knock-kneed, looking up bashfully at Mr. Lucas and
hugging her rabbit. "Will you show me how to be your little pussy girl?"

Ken didn't reply, he just walked up to Rory, wrapped his arms around her
long slim waist and kissed her tender teenaged lips, forcefully slipping his
tongue around hers as she moaned and let her arms fall back limply behind
her, dropping the stuffed rabbit. Lane found a nearby sofa and settled back
to watch the show, occasionally snapping pictures. The insides of her thighs
were completely drenched in shiny pussy juice and she spread her legs and
sighed in delight as she anticipated the loss of her best friend's virginity.

Mr. Lucas led Rory to a couch and sat her down on his lap sideways so he
could see her pretty face. She lowered her eyes and grinned shyly as he
started gently stroking her hair with one hand while slowly rubbing up and
down her thigh and leg with the other.

"Do you promise to be my little pussy girl?" whispered Mr. Lucas into Rory's
little pink ear.

"Oh yes daddy I'll be your little pussy girl for as long as you want." said
Rory. She noticed how large his hands were and how long his fingers as they
stroked her tender young body.

"And you'll do anything I say?" he asked.

"Anything daddy." Rory could feel Mr. Lucas' erection pressing against her
panty clad ass and she subtly ground her tender butt cheeks on the older
man's crotch. "You can make me do nasty things if you want." she said

"You like nasty things, don't you?"

"Yeah. I guess I sorta do." admitted Rory "Daddy, can I ask you something?"

"Sure sweetheart."

"Would it be okay if. if I um. would you show me your wiener?"

"My. wiener?" asked Ken with a grin.

Rory's eyes lit up in a sunny smile. "Yes please Daddy! Show me your big fat
wiener, I wanna see your hard wiener!" she crowed, jumping up and down on Mr.
Lucas' lap with excitement.

"Oh now your just being silly. You're over doing the kid talk thing."
scolded Lane as she stroked her pussy through the red shiny latex of her
tiny panties. "Once you see it up close you won't be calling it a `wiener'."

"Sorry, I got a little carried away. First time jitters" said Rory, glancing
up at Lane with a sheepish grin.

Mr. Lucas laughed and sat Rory down on the couch, standing in front of her
he rubbed and groped at his hard cock through his jeans. Rory stared at the
obvious bulge in the older man's crotch and licked her upper lip in
anticipation. Her broad forehead was shiny with sweat as she nervously
stroked her hands up and down her upper legs. He undid his pants and slowly
pushed his trousers down. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his shaved
nine inch dick popped out and bobbed obscenely just a couple of feet from
Rory's spellbound face.

"Do you like my `wiener'?" asked Mr. Lucas.

Rory just stared, wide-eyed at this fine example of engorged manmeat. Even
though she'd seen pictures it looked much bigger in real life. She could see
the veins popping up all up and down the thick shaft and she looked curiously
at the huge purple head with the little slit at the tip out of which would
come (cum), if Lane was to be believed, the best tasting drink in all the
world. She looked shyly up at Mr. Lucas.

"I was wrong, it's not a wiener." She said remorsefully. Then she looked back
down at his erect tool and slowly smiled. "It's definitely a cock."

"What would you like to do with my cock, Rory?"

Rory glanced back up at Mr. Lucas and she frowned prettily as she considered.
She leaned forward and closed her eyes as she gently breathed in the smell
before taking in a big audible whiff of his sweaty cock and balls.

"Mmmmmm. Smells soooo good. Ripe and musky." groaned Rory in her little
singsong voice. Since all of Rory's sexual encounters had been with Lane she
had naturally picked up Lane's sensibilities about sex. She had learned that
the thick smell of a lover's crotch could be intoxicating, just as Lane had
taught her that her pussy and asshole had been placed close together for a
reason, they were BOTH organs of pleasure. Mr. Lucas pushed his hips forward,
his cock just inches away from Rory's innocent looking face and she fluttered
her hands nervously and brought them up toward the thick mancock.

"Can I. touch it?" asked Rory.

"You can do whatever you like." said Mr. Lucas with a smile.

Gingerly she touched his shaft with her long pale fingers, they felt cool
and nice on his cock and Mr. Lucas groaned in pleasure. Rory quickly glanced
up at this evidence that she was doing something right. She took his cockhead
with her thumb and forefinger and lifted it up so she could get a better look
at his heavy ball sack. With her other hand she hefted his balls curiously.
Then she grasped the base of the shaft with one hand and squeezed as she
slowly brought it up towards her face. A glistening drop of pre-cum oozed
from the tip and she licked her lips in anticipation. She was about to take
her first taste of cock when she hesitated, she wanted Mr. Lucas to tell her
what to do.

It was more fun that way.

She looked up at him with her most innocent gaze and asked him in a small
voice, "What should I do now daddy?"

Mr. Lucas looked down on this cute, teenaged girl. Rory Gilmore, the princess
of Stars Hollow holding his dick and looking up at him submissively.

"Open your mouth Rory." He said, "I'm going to feed you my cock."

"Yay." Said Rory with a smile and she opened her tiny mouth wide. Mr. Lucas
grabbed Rory by the back of her head and grabbing his big cock with his other
hand he put the huge purple head into Rory's mouth. She wrapped her lips
around it and used her tongue to lap up the generous amount of pre-cum,
immediately tasting the sweaty meat and the creamy seed. "Oh, it tastes
nice," she thought, "all salty and it makes my tongue tingle." With an
audible gulp she swallowed her first taste of the feast yet to come as Lane
looked on proudly, diddling her clit and snapping pictures.

"You go girl!" yelled Lane.

Mr. Lucas let go of her hair and she let the head of his cock plop out of her
mouth. "Yummy." She said grinning up at Mr. Lucas and over at Lane.

"Isn't it?" agreed Lane, "Now make me proud Naughty Girl, show your daddy
what you can do."

"'Kay Mommy." whispered Rory.

Lane didn't hear Rory's gentle murmur but Ken's eyes widened in surprise. "I
think there may be some Oedipal things going on under the surface here." he

"Could you feed it to me like you did before?" asked Rory, "I think I'd like

"Why don't you take the lead for a bit until you get used to it. We don't
want your first blowjob to be a bad experience and that particular scenario
can become. forceful, maybe later if you still want to."

Rory stuck out her lower lip and pouted, "I DID practice on a banana with
Lane showing me how but I suppose your right. On the other hand," she said
as she grabbed Mr. Lucas' thick shaft, ".your cock."

"Good girl." moaned Mr. Lucas as she took his cock in her mouth and started
sucking and bobbing her head eagerly. While she stroked his aching dick with
one hand she used her other hand to pull her sopping panties to the side. She
started finger fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit with her thumb and
started making a nasal, staccato gurgling sound as the older man's penis
fucked her tender teenaged mouth. Her lips were generously stretched around
the thick meat and her mind melted as she began to feel more beautiful, alive
and powerful than she ever had before in her short 17 years.

Rory loved licking Lane's pussy but there was something much more. primal
about sucking cock. Pussies were nice but it seemed like her mouth was MADE
for this meaty pole. She loved the way it tasted and she realized for the
first time that she felt like a real woman. A real woman like her mom who
could make a man's dick hard and make them want to fuck her. In the dusty
recesses of her subconscious Rory wished that her mother was looking proudly
on as she sucked on this big ass cock. She slowly pulled her mouth off,
sucking hard with her cheeks hollowing from the pressure, her wet lips
dragging across the engorged crown. Then her lips finally came off with an
audible pop.

Rory looked up and grinned at Mr. Lucas. Her dimpled chin was shiny with spit
that dripped down in glistening strands and her hand was still busily fucking
her tight hole as she opened and closed her long, nylon clad legs.

"Your cock tastes good daddy." she said in a wet voice.

Meanwhile Lane had her middle two fingers pushed up her pert little butt
while her thumb rubbed the hard nubbin of her clit. "Oh yeah SUCK it! SUCK
that fuckin' cock!" she murmured to herself as she kneaded her tits and
tugged on her nut brown nipples with her other hand. "You're such a naughty
girl, a cocksucking little naughty girl!"

Ken couldn't take it any more; He grabbed the back of Rory's head and thrust
his engorged meatstick into her tender mouth, pushing her head onto his cock
as he started fucking her mouth with deep, jerky thrusts. His dick buried
itself into her throat several inches with each stroke. He held her head
firmly in place, leaving her no chance to pull away even if she wanted to.
Rory's blue eyes widened and she felt another wave of pussy juice engulf and
drip off her hand as she pushed all four of her fingers in her moist hairless
hole and started fucking herself even faster. She could hear a high pitched
keening noise and realized it was coming from her. She brought her other hand
up and forcefully pushed her middle finger into Mr. Lucas' clenching asshole
like Lane had told her to do.

That did it.

"OhhhhhhhHHHHHHH FUCK! I'm GONNA CUMMMMMM!" yelled Mr. Lucas thrusting into
Rory's willing mouth.

"Mmmm Hmmm! Mmmmm Hmmm! Mmmmmm Hmmmmm!" squealed Rory, unable to talk but
needing Mr. Lucas to know that she WANTED to drink his jizz.

With a grunt Mr. Lucas began cumming down Rory's throat. Her eyes squeezed
shut and she felt an orgasm approaching as she finally tasted her surrogate
daddy's salty manjuice. More and more spurts of ropy cum filled up her tiny
mouth and though she tried valiantly to swallow it all lots of cum was
dripping from her lips and chin. Mr. Lucas pulled his cock out of her mouth
and she kept it wide open, making ahhh sounds as he continued to cum on her
innocent looking features. As Rory saw the hot cumchowder shooting at her
face she sputtered and screamed as she came hard, spewing half-swallowed cum
back onto Mr. Lucas' cock. Ken felt a splash on his legs and looked down in
wonder as Rory's wide hips shivered and thrust while squirting a huge load
of hot teenaged girlcum out of her finger filled pussy. She continued to cum
in spurts until his legs were drenched in her pungent juices.

"Ohfuck, ohfuck, ohfuck, ohfuck!" Lane chanted quietly as she watched her
oldest and best friend frantically licking the remaining cum from her History
teacher's softening cock. She brought her greasy fingers to her nose and
inhaled loudly as she came with a muffled squeal. "ROOOORRRYYY!"

Rory gratefully licked all the remaining cum droplets from Mr. Lucas' cock
and balls and then fell back exhausted on the couch with her eyes closed,
continuing to moan and whimper softly to herself. Her sweet innocent face
was glazed with thick gobs of dripping cum and she smiled slightly as she
licked her sticky lips. Her long, coltish legs were spread wide making a
diamond shape and she still had three fingers in her slick twat though she
was too drained to fuck herself at the moment. She idly ran her fingers in
the ropy cum on her dimpled chin and cheeks, occasionally bringing some to
her mouth to swallow.

Lane finally came down from her massive assgasm, stood up and started taking
pictures of cum-glazed Rory while Mr. Lucas collapsed on the couch.

"Oh Rory you look so HOT with jizz on your face." exclaimed Lane
breathlessly. "These are gonna be great pics!" She wanted to lick her friends
face and sample some of that salty goodness but she'd promised that the first
cum would belong Rory.

Rory smiled sweetly up at Lane and posed for the camera. "C'mon you guys, I
wanna see you fuck now." said Lane.

"Gimme a second." said Mr. Lucas who was still recovering.

"Rory, strip and pose for Mr. Lucas so he'll get hard again." commanded Lane
to her sticky, supine young friend.

Rory shakily stood up with her cum shiny face glistening and wobbled
unsteadily on her Mary Jane heels. She unzipped her blue frilly dress and
slithered out of it, revealing her braless teenaged tits with their large
pink areola and taut nipples. He stared at her long waist, wide hips and
her little white cotton panties which were still pulled to the side, showing
off her shiny bare cunt.

"Am I making you HARD daddy?" moaned Rory wetly as she scooped up some more
cum from her face and sucked it off her slim finger with a wet, smacking
sound. "Will you get hard for me so you can FUCK my little pussyhole? You
can fill me up if you want to. I promised Lane that I'd fill up my pussyhole
with your CUM so could you fill me with cum daddy? For me and Lane?"

Rory sat down, took off her shiny shoes and peeled off her sopping wet
stockings which were drenched in her girlcum. She stood up and turned around
so Mr. Lucas could see her panties pulled up into the crack of her perfect
pear shaped ass. She bent over as she pulled down her panties, revealing her
wet pussy lips and sweaty little butthole.

"Do you like my pussyhole daddy?" she said as she turned back around and
tossed her fragrant panties him. Mr. Lucas brought the wet panties up to his
nose and took a generous whiff of Rory's cunt scent as he started stroking
his swiftly hardening penis. "Oooooh yeah! Stroke that cock for me while you
look at my pussyhole daddy." Rory cooed as she brought a shapely leg onto the
couch and spread her puffy, pink lips with her fingers, showing him her
gleaming hole.

Lane suddenly remembered there were sex toys all over the place and she
quickly found a very large, red, vibrating buttplug which she greased up and
pushed into her pert little ass so she would have one hand free to take
pictures. She started swiveling her hips jerkily in a circle, causing the
buttplug to move around deep in her bowels in astonishing ways.

"You were right Lane cum is the BEST!" Rory quavered, "I really like you're
cum daddy. Do you like it on my face? Do you like your hot cum on Rory's face

Mr. Lucas stood up, his thick cock throbbing and pushed Rory onto her back
on the couch. He grabbed her ankles and brought her long legs up to his
shoulders, his swollen cockhead just inches from Rory's shaved and virginal
cunt hole.

"Daddy's gonna FUCK your pussy you naughty fuckin slut! Daddy's gonna FILL
you up with his nasty daddycum." grunted Mr. Lucas as he guided his cock
toward the shiny crack between her legs.

"Putitin putitin putitin putitin putitin!" murmured Rory as she stared at his
sweaty cock and tilted her hips higher, bringing her knees to either side of
her face so she could see a real, live mancock go into her teenaged cunthole
for the very first (And hopefully not the last.) time.

Mr. Lucas slowly pushed his thick member up Rory's well lubricated pussy.

"oooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH!" Rory started out moaning quietly
but her moan swiftly became a scream as his rock hard cock slid in until she
could feel his hot balls pressed against her thighs.

"Do you like daddy's COCK Rory?" asked Mr. Lucas as he pinched her pink
nipples, causing Rory's eyes to widen.

"Yes daddy." groaned Rory, looking up helplessly as she grabbed her ankles
and pushed her hairless pussy up hard on his meat shaft.

"Tell me what you LIKE Rory. Tell me what makes Rory's pussy WET."

"Rory LIKES your big dick in her horny pussyhole! Fuck me daddy, fuck me

Mr. Lucas started pumping his cock back and forth, slowly at first but
with increasing speed until you could hear their thighs violently slapping
together. Rory moaned and squealed as she enjoyed being fucked by a real
live meaty cock for the first time in her short life. She knew she was
going to orgasm soon and urged on Mr. Lucas as he told her what a good slut
she was.

Meanwhile Lane was spitting obscenities at both of them as she snapped
pictures with one hand and played with her clit while jerking her toy filled
ass back, forth and around in circles. Her white, latex nurse skirt was
pushed up above her slim amber hips and one of her braids was coming loose.
Her chin was flecked with spittle as she urged the May/December couple on
with ever more nasty words.

"oh oh Oh OH OH OH MOOOOMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYY!" Rory yelled as she thrashed like
an epileptic and came for the second time that day. Her eyes rolled back into
her head and she hyperventilated loudly as she splattered the older mans
balls with her joy fluid. He felt the juices rushing past his shaft as his
balls dripped with Rorycum. Since he had already cum once he was able to last
longer this time and was determined to give Stars Hollow's favorite daughter
the ride of her life. As she came down from her orgasm he quickly pulled out
of her, causing her to gasp and frown at the sudden hollowness in her tight
little pussy. But he quickly flipped her over and she squealed with glee as
she got on her hands and knees and thrust her pretty teenaged ass out for Mr.
Lucas' examination. He grabbed her by her thin waist and pulled her back and
onto his throbbing dick.

"THANK you daddy! Oh THANK you daddy!" whimpered Rory again and again in her
trembly, little girl voice with her cum laden face pressed against the back
of the couch. She hungrily licked up some of the cum which had wiped onto the
sofa and grunted mindlessly as she pushed her pussy back against Mr. Lucas'
thick shaft. He could feel another big load of cum building up in his shaved
balls as they slapped sweatily back and forth against Rory's hot young ass.
He took lots of vitamin supplements and special meds which guaranteed an
unusually creamy and large amount of cum and he could feel that this would be
a big one, even though it was his second.

"TAKE it you fuckin slut! Take my DADDYCUM!" he roared as he started spewing
hot sperm deep into Rory's willing pussy.

"Ohhhh Daaaaaaaddddddddddyyyyyyy! Squealed Rory as he pushed his thick thumb
into her tight pink anus and furiously wiggled it around. She felt herself
cumming yet again as spurt after spurt of white hot jizz filled up and then
started dripping out of her newly deflowered hole. As soon as Mr. Lucas
finished cumming Lane pushed him off of Rory's still jerking hips and flipped
her onto her back, pulling her coltish legs apart and revealing her pussy
filled to the brim with thick hot manjuice.

"You promised." said Lane and the thin brunette just nodded her head
breathlessly as Lane brought her bespectacled face to Rory's cum-filled
pussy. With a loud, wet groan Lane started lapping and sucking the salty
cum out her best friends well fucked pussy.

"It's a pussy-cum cocktail." said Lane in a sticky voice as she looked up at

"I want to try some." pouted the well fucked teenager so Lane put her mouth
over Rory's pink netherlips, sucked out a mouthful of the thick white mixture
and brought it up to Rory, they kissed deeply for a very long time as they
swirled and tasted the spicy mixture of Rorycum and Daddyjizz.

"So Mr. Lucas, are you willing to take on another. student?" said Lane with a
glazed grin. Rory smiled shyly up at him and licked her fingers.

"I think something can be arranged." Ken chuckled.

And so they spent the rest of the afternoon engaged in various kinky
pleasures and Mr. Lucas smiled as he thought of all the nasty things he
would do with Lane Kim the perverted Korean and Rory Gilmore the submissive

Of course it was only a matter of time till Lorelei found out.

To be continued.

Next Chapter: Finally, Lorelei.


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