Disclaimer: This parody is based on the characters from the TV show "Gilmore Girls" that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement on their copyright of the series.

Took me awhile but here it is. I suddenly realized that all the previous chapters were exposition leading up to Lorelai and Rory finally "doing it." (Which happens next chapter, sorry but I had to explain Lorelai's motivations.) This story ended up being pretty long but I tried to make parts of it amusing and it's got lots of varied sex scenes. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Just leave a message on the TSSA`board. What's your take on bringing Paris, Madeline and Louise into the mix?

Gilmore Girls: Dirty Secrets Part 5 - Lorelai's Dirty Secret (MF,ff,Ff,Ff-mast,voy,fet,F-dom,spank,drugs)
by Edgar, Al n'Moe

"Yes, I weell be heppy to watch over ze Inn while you take zee afternoon off. I have nothing better to do weez my time zen to baby-sit a bunch of incompetent cretins," said Michel, "while you're at it why don't you make me lick zee floor clean wiss my tongue."

"Don't be silly Michel," said Lorelai, "we only do that on Thursdays."

"Ha ha veddy funny." replied Michel disdainfully, "Heve a good time while my soul ees slowly scraped raw by zee cheese grater of your sarcasm."

"You French with the cheese references. An interesting analogy and I'd love to stay and chat but, well... I don't really want to stay and chat... so umm... bye!" chirped Lorelai as she left the Independence Inn and hopped in her car for the ride back home. A whole afternoon off! Lorelai smiled in anticipation. Pulling in front of Doosey's Market she went inside, grabbed a bottle of red wine and headed for the check-out line.

"Hi Lorelai!" said Taylor as he rang up her purchase, "Oh some wine, are you perhaps entertaining a gentleman caller today?"

"No Taylor it's just to have with... dinner." said Lorelai to the nosy proprietor and Town Councilman.

"Dinner perhaps with a gentleman friend?"

"Let it go Taylor." She replied with a smile as she left the store and drove home.

Getting out of her car she went to the garage and opened one of the large, wooden double doors. The garage was filled to the ceiling with boxes of old clothes, Rory's old toys and other memories. Looking around quickly to make sure Babette wasn't around Lorelai moved a box in one corner and disappeared into a small hidden passageway created between the boxes, emerging a few minutes later surreptitiously gripping something shiny in her hand. She closed up the garage and went into the house.

After carefully locking the door she kicked off her heels, dropped her purse on the couch and took off her jacket. In the kitchen she grabbed a wine glass and headed upstairs to her bedroom. Once inside she locked the door, (you could never be too careful.) She put the wine and the glass on her dresser and looked at the shiny thing in her hand. It was a DVD. She smiled and placed it atop the TV at the foot of her bed. First it was time to wind down.

Lorelai opened the wine bottle and sat on the edge of her bed. She poured herself a glass and sipped, closing her eyes and smiling in anticipation of the erotic activities to come. Being a single mother was not an easy thing even with a dream daughter like Rory and she often needed some type of release.

You see Lorelai had a Dirty Secret.

Everybody knew that she got pregnant and had Rory at age sixteen. What her Parents and Rory DIDN'T know was that she'd already had sex with half of the male population of her high school and at least a third of the females. Not to mention a few teachers of both sexes. Of course this meant she was widely known as the school slut, even though half the kids who called her that had had no problem fucking her. From this she would learn a valuable lesson.

The whole thing started when she was 14 and accidentally saw her parents having sex. And it wasn't your standard missionary position WASP sex like you'd expect either. It turned out that staid and respectable Richard and Emily Gilmore were into some major kinky shit.

Late one night Lorelai had sneaked into her parents' empty room to snoop around. When she heard them approaching she had no choice but to hide in a nearby closet. Through the louvers on the door she saw her dad tie her mom's hands to the foot of the bed as she sat on the floor. Then, while Emily was still fully clothed he lifted up her legs and spread them then tied them to her wrists. Her black high-heels were in the air and her skirt rode up, revealing her curvaceous legs clad in black pantyhose. Lorelai could see her mothers red panties through the thin material. She was amazed that her mother even HAD a pair of red panties. This was not the Richard and Emily of today but of almost 20 years ago. Richard was still fairly fit and trim, tall and athletic and Emily was a red haired beauty, her features not yet sharpened by years of general disapproval of everything and everybody.

Lorelai didn't know what to do, she couldn't leave and she was getting turned on despite herself. She closed her eyes so she wouldn't have to watch her parents.

"You're a nasty little cocksucking whore aren't you?"


"Tell me what you are bitch! Tell me what you are and what it is you need!"

"I'm a dirty cockloving fuckslut and I want your cock in all my holes!"

'Oh great, of course they decide to talk.' thought Lorelai. Her virginal pussy was getting damp and a wet spot had appeared on the crotch of her pajama bottoms. She couldn't believe her parents were saying things like that! They had always told her that sex was evil, especially masturbation. Of course Lorelai, being Lorelai had managed to get her hands on a few dirty magazines anyway which she gazed at in wonder as she furtively played with her newly furred young pussy, always feeling guilty, sad and dirty afterward.

"Do you want my cock bitch?"

"Yes! I want to taste your cock! Fuck my face Richard! Fuck my mouthhole with your cock!"

"What's the magic word?"

"Pleeeeeeze! Please let me suck your dick!"

Lorelai couldn't believe it, her father had been saying that phrase to her all her young life. 'What's the magic word Lorelai?' Hearing it in this context sort of pissed her off but it also made her even hornier for some reason.

"Eat my dick you whore."


After listening to the raw, wet noises for a while Lorelei couldn't help herself, she opened her eyes. Her father was standing next to her mother with his hands pulling on her red hair as his cock pumped into her willing mouth. His cock was pretty big and thick but Emily took it all in till his balls were slapping against her pointy chin. Her makeup was all smeared, her face and chin were covered in spit and sticky strands of it dripped onto her expensive silk blouse. "So that's why she's always buying new clothes!" thought the teenager. Emily was making whiny guttural gurgling sounds as her dad's cock pumped in and out of her distended mouth and it was making Lorelei crazy with lust. She started rubbing her teenaged cunt as she stood in the darkness nestled between her parent's coats.

Richard brought a hand down to Emily's nylon clad crotch and started roughly groping and finger fucking her through the material. Emily obviously approved because her noises grew louder and her hips thrust upwards at Richards's fingers.

Young Lorelai was lost in a haze of guilty lust by this time as her fingers rubbed faster and faster between her legs. As her dad shot his hot wad all over her mom's willing face Lorelai came hard, muffling her helpless groans in one of her father's sweaters. Her legs felt rubbery and she almost fell out of the closet but instead she slipped down the back wall with one hand still cupping her sticky pussy and her other hand covering her mouth.

She spent the rest of the night stuck in the closet while her parents engaged in all types of kinky stuff, some of which involved doing unspeakable things to the current maid, (Which explained the revolving door of maids.) it was quite an education. She masturbated who knows how many times and finally fell asleep with her middle finger nestled in her sore little cunt. She woke up in the early hours of the morning and crept back to her bedroom.

Later, as she thought about it she started to get angry. What a couple of hypocrites! Telling her that she should be all Marcia Brady while they work their way through the Big Book of Perverted Acts! Not that it stopped her from peeking at her folks again. She seemed to get an erotic thrill from them not knowing she was watching and she was learning all kinds of new things but she still kept feeling guilty about masturbating. She had always heard how bad it was from her parents and even though she knew now that it probably wasn't true she still felt like sort of a loser for doing it.

"I'll show those hypocrites." thought Lorelei with the kind of ridiculous self-righteousness that only a 15 year old can muster, "If my mom can be a cocksucking whore than so can I! Like mother like daughter!" Of course she didn't use her 15 year old logic to surmise her parents were actually married and whatever they did in the bedroom was proverbially okay.

And so she slept with half her classmates and so she got pregnant and so she got a reputation. In retrospect she realized that her parents were doing the smart thing, keeping their sexual peccadilloes a secret, a dirty secret.

After she gave birth and moved to Stars Hollow she spent the first few years working her ass off as a maid at the Independence Inn and taking care of Rory and she was usually too exhausted to think about sex. Plus, pushing a baby out of her 16 year old vagina had sort of freaked her out and it was a while before she could think of her pussy in a sexual way again.

After all the events of the past few years she no longer felt guilty about masturbating and eventually what she started thinking of as the "Gilmore Libido" kicked in again. She remembered how erotic it was to spy on her parents so one night, when she was 18, she left Rory sleeping in her bed and went out lurking around Stars Hollow, peering into people's bedroom windows and masturbating as she watched the various sexual dramas unfold. It got so that she knew the best places to go when she was feeling horny, which was often. There were lots of places she could go to see guys jerk off and sometimes she was in the mood for that but mostly she liked to watch couples fucking. After a while she realized that her favorite thing to watch was teenaged girls, just a few years younger than her.

She loved to watch them masturbate because the combination of their young innocent faces, their newly womanly bodies and the dirty things they were doing made Lorelai sopping wet. Maybe it was a form of narcissism. She would stand by the window of the unsuspecting teen with her jeans halfway down and both hands at her crotch, rubbing herself furiously as she whispered encouragement. Soon it got out of hand and she was sneaking out 3 or 4 times a week. It was a lucky thing two year old Rory was a deep sleeper. Needless to say, someone eventually saw her. Fortunately she was able to get away and because she always wore a black hooded sweater and women generally didn't do that type of thing, the witness described her as a male.

In a little town like Stars Hollow the news got around pretty fast and it wasn't long before everyone was seeing peeping toms everywhere. East Side Tilly even claimed a man came into her bedroom but Miss Patty said only in her dreams. Lorelai realized she was breaking the rules she had so painfully learned, or not quite breaking the rules, she DID have a dirty secret, only it was one that she could easily get caught at. Once again she was jeopardizing her reputation and, she suddenly realized, her daughters safety.

"I can't do this kind of thing here, I like it here and I like these people." she thought. And that's when she came up with the self imposed rule to keep her sexual business away from Star's Hollow. As soon as she could afford a car she started taking "night classes" and several times a week she would leave Rory with Sookie or one of her maid friends from the Inn. Then she would drive at least two to three towns away to Riley, or Kingsport or her favorite, Litchfield. Litchfield was really a small city and so she could easily be anonymous there. She engaged in all manner of sexual debaucheries on these outings. The thing was she had to work fast because she always had to be home by at least midnight. Fortunately, a gorgeous, horny 19 year old girl had little problem finding takers. She never used her real name, introducing herself as "Emily" (Just to be nasty to her mom, although of course her mom didn't know.) and occasionally as Squeegee Beckenheim if she was in a crazy mood. She did this for many years, having affairs with both men and women, sometimes at the same time. She also had several torrid affairs with high school girls or girls who looked young enough to be in high school. She loved turning an innocent, curious young girl into a horny fuckslut. (Who always used protection, she was very adamant about teaching her prot,g,s about contraception.)

But as Rory grew older and more aware of what was going on around her, Lorelai had less and less time for her Dirty Secret (She always thought about it like that in her head 'My Dirty Secret.') So she started masturbating a lot more, only going out occasionally when she could find some excuse to be gone all night.

Lorelai took a few more sips of wine and then she stood up and stretched. The nipples of her perky, medium sized breasts strained against her blue silk blouse and she smiled wickedly as she saw herself in the full-length mirror. She took off her blouse and bra and looked at herself as she cupped her medium sized tits and gently squeezed. She stood sideways to get a look at her incredibly round ass encased in a very tight pair of black slacks. Lorelai knew that her ass drove men (and women) crazy. Even Babette and Miss Patty had commented on it! That's why she always wore such tight jeans and slacks, she figured if she couldn't fuck anyone in Stars Hollow she could at least give them something to dream about.

Lorelai unzipped her slacks and wiggled her hips as she pushed the skin tight material down and stepped out of them. As was often the case, she wasn't wearing any panties and her nicely trimmed brunette cunt was revealed. She took the DVD, placed it in the player and scrunched up some pillows to use as a backrest as she took the remote and hit PLAY. Then she poured herself more wine and sat on the bed Indian style waiting for the show to begin.

The screen showed a view of Rory's bedroom looking down at an angle from a corner of the ceiling. Sitting on the bed were Rory and her best friend Lane Kim. They were talking to each other but there was no sound. Lane was wearing one of those long, neck to ankle nightgowns that her mother made her wear and Rory wore sweatpants and an old t-shirt like she usually did. Lorelai had been getting increasingly suspicious about her daughters activities lately and when Rory asked if Lane could stay over she agreed readily, hoping to find out what, if anything was going on.

A few years ago, when Rory started developing, Lorelai had found herself reluctantly becoming sexually attracted to her pretty daughter. She tried to ignore it but the combination of Rory's innocent face, hot young body and little girl voice made her unwilling pussy dripping wet. Rory had grown up to be exactly the kind of teenage girl Lorelai used to find and fuck. She didn't know what to do, she was horny all the time and couldn't help but think of her daughters lithe young body when she masturbated, which was often. The worst (but also the best.) was when Rory would hug her affectionately or innocently sit on her lap as she sometimes still did. Lorelai would be desperately thinking of Orson Wells naked or dead kittens in an effort not to grope her daughter's tender ass and pull her into a kiss. As Lorelai's frustration increased she tried to think of what to do to relieve the (completely unknown to Rory.) sexual tension.

One day she saw an episode of some trashy TV show that was all about hidden cameras taping unsuspecting girls. Apparently the technology had gotten quite sophisticated and it gave Lorelai a wicked idea. She used the internet to research the subject until she knew all about it and then purchased the best gear she could afford on a day trip to New York. Then, over a period of 4 days she carefully set up the hidden camera in Rory's ceiling while she was at school, making sure it was unnoticeable. Then she burrowed out the secret room behind the boxes in the garage, knowing Rory would never find it because she was afraid of all the spiders and never went in there. She set up the rest of her equipment there and set it to record for 4 hours on 2 random nights a week. She put two blank DVD's in the machine and eagerly awaited the end of the week. When she finally got a chance to see them she was excited and disappointed. The night-vision camera worked perfectly but all she had was 2 great recordings of Rory sleeping.

"Maybe she just didn't masturbate on those nights." Thought Lorelai and set it to record again but she just got more sleeping Rory. "Christ, when I was 15 I was masturbating all the time despite the guilt! Doesn't she have a sex drive?" Lorelai thought about the Gilmore Libido. Both her parents had it and of course she had it and Christopher was quite a horndog himself so the odds were that Rory would have it too.

But all she did was sleep.

Finally, on her 16th birthday she gave Rory a small vibrator (see Chapter 2) and told her she should start using it. She also started making her take birth control pills even though Rory complained that she wasn't having sex. (No kidding!) She was taking no chances with the Gilmore Libido!

Not too long after that she finally got a recording of Rory masturbating and she watched it over and over while fucking herself with one of her many dildos. After that she would check the recordings once a week. Sometimes she got something, sometimes she didn't, the suspense was sort of fun. She didn't keep all the recordings, just the best ones. The rest she destroyed and threw away in the dumpsters at the Inn.

One of her favorites was a recording of the first time Rory had ejaculated. That one wasn't so much a turn on as hilarious. She knew she shouldn't laugh at her daughter's confusion and horror but it was just so FUNNY. Lorelai would burst into uncontrollable giggles as she watched Rory fall halfway out of bed as girlcum shot everywhere. Rory had one hand on the floor and was trying to push herself back onto the bed but she was still orgasming and her hips were bucking despite her best efforts. Finally, her arm grew weak and she fell out of bed with her cute ass up in the air, still squirting. That was the funniest part for Lorelai. Then naked Rory got up and started prancing around the room on her tippy toes with her hands flapping and her eyes all big and round, wiping her pussy and obviously freaking out as she looked around and saw the wet mess she had made. There was no sound but Lorelai could easily lip read her saying "Holy fucking shit!" over and over. It was incredibly hilarious and something Rory could never know about. Lorelai felt sympathy and love for her daughter and reminded herself that she probably looked equally ridiculous the first time she ejaculated. She had never seen her own mother ejaculate though so she figured it was from her dad's side of the family, although the thought of Grandmother Lorelai squirting made her shudder.

Lately Lorelai was getting recordings of Rory going at it every time, and they were much more erotic than her earlier masturbatory efforts which were often furtive and under the covers. Now Rory was lying naked on the bed, her thin teenaged body a glory to behold as she explored herself with one hand while fucking her bald pussy with her little purple vibrator. Lorelai was more turned on than ever and had many excellent orgasms. She liked to pump a dildo into her wet pussy in the same rhythm as the unknowing Rory on the screen. Then when Rory came, squirting girljuice in complete silence on her TV, Lorelai would cum too, squirting her own juice and whimpering Rory's name.

Often during these recordings Rory would have her laptop open on the bed, looking at her cheesy soft-core pictures or so Lorelai assumed. It was always facing away from the camera. Lorelai was illogically proud that she had never gone through her daughters things (Despite the hidden camera.) but one time Rory had left her laptop on the kitchen table and she couldn't resist. It didn't take her long to find the clumsily hidden porn files. They were all soft-core pics of men and women stripping and posing. 'Well they're pretty tame but she is only 16 after all.' thought Lorelai. 'Though I'm not surprised she likes girls as well as boys. That's probably the old Gilmore Libido kicking in.'

Then one day Lorelai got a recording of Rory sniffing a pair of panties as she masturbated. It was a very hot recording and Lorelai thought "NOW you're acting like a Gilmore sweetheart, sniffing your own panties you kinky little minx." Lorelai had never really done much in the way of panty sniffing but she enjoyed the scent of her own pussy and often gave her wet fingers a sniff as she masturbated. She mentally applauded her daughter's ingenuity for taking things one step further. But suddenly Rory seemed to be sniffing panties in almost all of the recordings. And it seemed that she was putting her vibrator up her ass occasionally and would often be wearing another pair of panties while she played with herself. Lorelai tried to get a better look at the panties but the lights were always off which meant the night-vision was on which meant the picture was in black and white. She could only tell they were unpatterned and light colored and she now suspected they weren't Rory's. Lorelai tried to figure out who's they might be, Paris maybe? Or maybe Madeline or Louise, those girls gave off a kinky vibe. Rory wasn't really acting too different when her and Lorelai hung out. She seemed to be spending a lot of time with Lane lately, probably telling the poor, repressed Korean girl about her naughty adventures. When Rory asked if Lane could stay over one night Lorelai jumped at the chance, hoping she could maybe lip-read some of what Rory might say to Lane late at night.

Lane and Rory continued to talk in complete silence on the screen and Lorelai tried to read their lips. For the millionth time she wished she could have set up a microphone but the possibility of random feedback noises had stopped her.

Suddenly Lane leaned forward and tenderly kissed Rory on the lips.

'What the fuck?' thought Lorelai and hit replay.

"Holy shit!" said Lorelai, "Lane! Rory and Lane? No way! Ohmygod Rory and Lane!?" Lorelai continued to watch as the girls continued talking as if nothing had happened. Lane had a look on her face that Lorelai had never seen, a grin of mischievous lust. And she was saying something to Rory that made Rory blush and her face sort of scrunch up into a little pout. She was pretty sure Lane said 'fuck' or 'fucking' a few times, it was always easy to spot that, and she may have said 'dirty' also. Rory then smiled at Lane and they hugged while sitting Indian style on the bed.

Lorelai was freaking out. Lane Kim? Sweet little Lane Kim who she'd known since she was in kindergarten? Lorelai had always felt sorry for the poor girl because of her overbearing, religious mother and had always sort of rooted for her secret musical side. Now that she thought about it, Lane had already had a dirty secret for years because of her music collection, at least from her mother's point of view. 'And it looks like the secret may have gotten dirtier.' She thought.

Lorelai had never really thought of Lane sexually, probably because of the religious thing. She thought Lane was cute but in an abstract way. Not like Paris, Madeline and Louise who she sometimes fantasized about. Now she was looking at Lane in a whole new light and liking what she saw. Her hand had drifted between her legs and she gently stroked herself as she watched the byplay on her TV. Now that she thought about it, Rory and Lane had been a bit more touchy feely lately. She just had a blind spot when it came to Lane, never suspecting that her daughter's best friend had a sexual side.

The two teenagers talked for a while, mostly it seemed to be normal conversation but occasionally Lane would say something and stroke Rory's face or grab one of Rory's tits through her t-shirt and gently squeeze it for a second. Rory was obviously enjoying Lane's molestations. At one point Lane actually stood up on the bed and lifted up her conservative nightgown to her armpits, flashing her tits at Rory for only a second or two. Lorelai immediately went back and replayed that section over and over. It was nice to see everything in color because for once the lights were on. Lorelai's fingers found her clit and she started rubbing herself more intently.

After a while Rory looked over at the door and seemed to ask Lane something. Lane grinned and stood up, beckoning Rory and the two girls walked off camera. Lorelai waited for them to come back but after about 10 minutes the bedroom was still empty. What were those girls up to? And why hadn't she been aware of it? She thought back to last Friday, that was the day after she had aced that test at Business School (Which she was attending in earnest now.) and as usual, she had decided to celebrate by drinking margaritas. 'That might explain it.' She thought. They had watched "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" for the fifteenth time and she had gotten sillier as she got drunker, doing an English accent and cracking up Lane and Rory. After that things got a bit hazy and she realized she couldn't remember anything else until she woke up the next day. 'Rory must have put me to bed.' She thought and was chagrined that she had gotten that drunk in front of her daughter and her friend. She was usually very careful about drinking TOO much around Rory.

The bedroom on screen remained empty and Lorelai fast-forwarded until Lane and Rory came weaving back into the room. They both looked drunk and were carrying a glass of what looked to be the Margaritas that Lorelai apparently hadn't finished. She had just assumed that her daughter had poured it down the drain like she had done in the past when she cleaned up but apparently not. Rory looked a little melancholy but Lane seemed to talk her out of it and Rory smiled as they raised their glasses and downed the Margarita's.

Then the shorter Asian girl walked up to Lorelai's thin, willowy daughter and gently kissed her, pulling her into a gentle embrace. The two young girls kissed for a while and Lorelai was touched, it was obvious they loved each other. Then Lane pulled away and whispered something to Rory which made her wriggle in obvious excitement. Lane pulled out the chair from next to Rory's bed and then both girls stripped off their outer clothing. Lane was wearing a pair of conservative white panties (Obviously the ones like Rory had been sniffing.) and Rory was wearing some tight, green striped ones which Lorelai had thought she'd thrown away because she'd grown out of them.

Lorelai was enjoying the contrast between the two young girl's bodies. Lane's perky little round ass and her daughters beautiful pear shaped butt. Rory's pale, conical tits with her pink, puffy nipples and Lane's smaller amber tits topped by her hard little brown nipples.

Lorelai licked her middle finger and slowly pushed it up her soaking wet pussy, and then she started wiggling it around as she continued to rub her hard clit.

Lane sat down in the chair and gestured to Rory who stood there smiling and running her hands up and down her body in a seductive way, then she put a CD in the CD player and ran to the closet, pulling out a pair of high heels and putting them on. Lane said something and Rory turned on the CD. Then Rory started doing something that knocked Lorelai on her ass. She started dancing, writhing around in a sinuous fashion and thrusting her hips back and forth like the girls in music videos. Watching her daughter in panties and high heels dancing around like a slut with her cute little tits hanging out was making Lorelai's pussy ache and she paused the show for a minute so she could get one of her dildos. She picked her favorite, a twelve inch realistic looking one with balls and a suction cup on the end. She sat down on the floor in front of the TV with her legs spread, idly rubbing her pussy with the dildo and looking at Rory frozen in mid thrust.

"Man, I was expecting some 17 year old teen-age fumbling and petting, not Rory giving Lane a lap dance!" she muttered. "And Lane's obviously enjoying it." On the screen Lane was frozen with a look of intense lust on her bespectacled face, her short shapely legs spread and one hand in her crotch

"And since when can Rory dance?" she asked no one in particular. "Both her and Lane were always exceptionally lousy dancers as I know from the nights when we've danced to the Monkees. Many are the jokes I've made about seizures and putting spoons in mouths because they're so bad. Now suddenly Rory is dancing like a stripper?"

Lorelai started the recording again and watched as Rory turned around in front of a smiling Lane and pulled her panties up into the crack of her creamy white ass. She turned her head and said something to Lane who nodded with a smile and then Rory leaned forward, legs bent with her hands on her knees and her cute little tits hanging down as she started humping her ass up and down in front of Lane's attentive face. As Rory shook her ass Lorelai noticed a glazed look in her eyes and sheen of sweat on her broad forehead. She seemed to be concentrating really hard on keeping her ass moving and she would intersperse slow, sinuous humping with very fast, jerky movement, she really looked like she was getting off.

Lorelai was rubbing her clit furiously and she pushed the now thoroughly wet dildo slowly up her aching cunt. Seeing Rory and Lane in this context so suddenly out of the blue was making her crazy with lust. It was her fantasy come to life; cute innocent teenagers acting like dirty, sex-crazed sluts.

Suddenly Rory peeled off her wet panties and threw them to Lane who brought them up to her little pug nose and took a deep whiff. She said something to Rory then leaned over and whispered something in Rory's ear which caused Rory to wriggle around and kiss Lane on the forehead.

'What's that thing in Rory's ass?' thought Lorelai, 'Oh my god there's a buttplug up her ass! She's got a fucking buttplug up her ass! No wonder she looked like she was getting off! Now where the hell does a 17 year old girl get a hold of a buttplug in Star's Hollow?'

Things were getting crazier by the second. Lorelai kept thinking she couldn't be shocked again and now suddenly her innocent little daughter has a buttplug up her ass! It was a small one; about 3 or 4 inches long she noticed when Lane slowly pulled it halfway out of Rory's obviously willing butt and then pushed it back in. Then Lane peeled off her own panties which Rory took and promptly brought to her nose. Lane scooted forward in the chair and brought her knees up by her tiny breasts, revealing to Lorelai that she too had a buttplug up her ass. Rory knelt down and, while still sniffing Lane's wet panties, slowly pulled the toy out of Lane's packed butthole which made the Asian girls face scrunch up with pleasure. The thing was huge, much bigger than Rory's. 'How the hell did she get that thing up her ass?' thought Lorelai, 'She's so tiny.'

The look of pleasure on Lane's face when Rory pushed the huge thing back in told Lorelai all she needed to know. Having something that size up your butt takes some getting used to and it looked like Lane was pretty used to it. Lorelai hadn't started having anal sex until her mid 20's and it took a little while until she started really liking it. It was an acquired taste and took some pain and effort to get to the good part which is why few teenaged girls did it. Yet obviously Lane had taken the time and effort.

"Hold on a second," exclaimed Lorelai, "Did they have those buttplugs in the whole time we were watching Holy Grail?"

Now Rory had one long leg up on the arm of the chair, exposing her bare little pussy to Lane's hungry gaze. She appeared to be keeping up a running commentary as she played with herself just inches from Lane's face. Lorelai was dying to hear what they were saying; it had to be dirty talk. You don't masturbate in front of someone and talk about your credit rating. She'd never even heard Rory swear. And a lot of the pouty looks and sweet smiles were familiar; Rory must have got them from her. Lorelai herself at age 35 could still pull off the cute thing like nobody's business but she sure as hell couldn't compete with a 17 year old. Rory was playing the Lolita role to the hilt and she was very good at it. Just like Lorelai was at her age.

Lane's pretty Asian eyes were gazing hungrily at Rory's cunt as she masturbated her own hairy little muff furiously. Lorelai had a feeling that they were trying to cum together. A quiet whimper escaped Lorelai's lips as she started pumping the dildo faster into her hungry pussy, her other hand kneading her tits and pulling on her erect nipples. The incredibly unexpected pornographic scene she was witnessing, the juxtaposition of the two innocent girls she had seen grow up and the two lesbian sluts with buttplugs up their asses on the TV and the fact that they didn't know she was watching sent her into paroxysms of horniness.

She pushed the dildo further up her pussy and got up into a squat. Then she put some spit on the suction end of the dildo and pushed it to the floor. She started humping the dildo faster and faster, her tits bouncing and her round, supple buttocks clenching as she watched her teenaged daughter and her best friend. The girls looked like they were about to cum. Rory had leaned forward with one arm around Lane's shoulders and was holding on for dear life kissing and murmuring into Lane's ear as her long, thin legs started shaking. Lane had her teeth nuzzled into Rory's shoulder, with one hand tightly gripping one of Rory's soft buttocks. When Lane and Rory came, screaming and shuddering silently on the TV Lorelai came too.

"Ooooooh fuck! Oh Rory you glorious little slut ohhhh I'm gonna...I'm gonna...oh, oh, oh, oh fuck YES! Hnnnnnnnnng!"

As Lorelai gave one mighty down thrust on the dildo her pussy let loose with a huge gush of girlcum, squirting around the dildo and splashing her thighs and ass, making them glisten. She continued to cum, making little high pitched squeals as she lost her balance and fell on her side, her hips still thrusting and jerking in the clear pool of girl juice she'd made.

Once she came down from her orgasm and regained her senses all the questions about the girls' behavior came crashing down on her head again. Where did 17 year old girls get buttplugs? How is it that Lane could fit that huge thing up her ass? Why were they engaged in kinky behavior (Gilmore Libido notwithstanding.) when that was something older, more jaded women usually did? (Unless, of course they met Lorelai Gilmore.) She was going to have to look into this without giving away the fact that she was spying on Rory. A thorough search of her room was in order. Lorelai looked back up at the TV, Lane and Rory were laying on the bed, legs and arms entwined. Lorelai smiled, they looked adorable.

Then Lane started rubbing Rory's nipples.

Lorelai looked at the clock; she still had several hours until Rory came home, plenty of time to search her room. She picked up the still wet dildo and climbed on the bed to see what the two girls would do next.

* * *

Rory Gilmore sat in history class at Chilton Prep taking notes on the Battle of Hastings.

She was finding it hard to concentrate because she had a medium sized buttplug up her ass.

She concentrated on not squirming in her chair as the teacher droned on. She shouldn't have agreed to do it but Lane was always so persuasive.

"Come on! It'll only be for two weeks and I'll never ask you to do it again. I promise." cajoled Lane.

"I don't know," said Rory, "I promised myself that sex wouldn't interfere with my schoolwork."

"What sex? That's the problem; we're not having any sex. You can think of it as a test," said Lane. 'Can she function with a buttplug up her ass?' You'll be triumphing over adversity."

"I don't think self administered adversity would count. And it's not something they give a merit badge out for."

"Look, you want to be ready to surprise Mr. Lucas when he comes back don't you?"

"I suppose."

"No supposing about it girlfriend, you wouldn't want the loss of your anal virginity to hurt like hell would you?"

"I might." said Rory with a wry grin.

"Well maybe," said Lane, "but if not you'll end up scarred for life and you'll become the crazy log lady from Twin Peaks."

"So that's why she carried around that log." said Rory, gazing off into the distance wistfully.

"So you'll do it?"

Rory sighed. "Okay, but just this one time."

"And as a show of support I'll wear a buttplug to school too." said Lane.

"That might not be a good idea." said Rory doubtfully, "What if your mom finds out somehow?"

"Hey, I'm hiding it in the last place she'd look." replied Lane with a grin.

"You're Dustin Hoffman in "Papillon."

"I'm Dustin Hoffman in all the movies he's made for the last five years."

"You said it sister!"

And so all last week she had worn a small buttplug to school. She got used to it pretty quickly and sort of enjoyed the fullness of it. On the two days a week she had gym class; she went in the bathroom, took it out and hid it in her backpack for the duration, faithfully inserting it back up her puckered little butthole after the period was over.

This week though she had a larger plug up her ass and it was distracting the hell out of her. Every time she walked, moved or sat down she could feel the smooth plastic toy massaging her bowels. Earlier she was in a bathroom stall and she knew that if she stood just so, with her legs spread and bent slightly while holding on to the walls she could hump her pelvis back and forth and make herself cum. She didn't do it though because she knew she would definitely squirt and make a mess. The problem was that because she knew she could cum so easily like that she was nervous that she might move in the wrong way and set herself off.

It seemed that Lane had been getting even kinkier and more demanding lately since Mr. Lucas had to leave town on family business. For that matter Rory herself couldn't stop thinking about her constantly wet pussyhole lately.

He had left for three weeks and no matter how the two girls begged he wouldn't give them the keys to his house.

"If someone reports a prowler and the cops find two teenaged girls," said Mr. Lucas, "some very uncomfortable questions will be asked. I'm sorry, but no way."

The two girls usually spent some time at Mr. Lucas' huge house on the outskirts of Stars Hollow once or twice a week. Lane went every Saturday to be "tutored", sometimes with Rory tagging along, and often during the week after supper for a few hours when one or both had a good excuse to be somewhere.

Rory couldn't believe how horny she was all the time lately. You'd think having two lovers would satisfy her but apparently not. "It's a good thing Mom put me on the pill." she thought for the thousandth time. "I wonder if she was this horny all the time when she was my age? Duh, stupid question, my existence is proof of that."

With Mr. Lucas gone the girls had nowhere to go for the fuck sessions that their young bodies now craved and it was driving them both a little nuts. There were too many hikers in the woods at this time of year so their secret place under the hemlock bushes was no good. Rory's house was impossible because Lorelai had a habit of appearing at any given time and Lane couldn't have Rory over for another "Special Night" because Mrs. Kim would never allow another sleepover so soon after the last one.

Rory suddenly felt guilt overwhelm her. She shouldn't have drugged her mother. She was a horrible person and had violated her mother's trust. It was iffy even with Lane's psycho mother but Rory had the COOL mom. The mom all her friends wished they had. The mom who was her best friend. The mom she shared all her secrets with. Or at least used to. But the secrets she was keeping from Lorelai seemed too big, too much. She always pictured her first time to be with some teenaged boy, Dean or Jess or someone. Then she would somehow calmly talk about it with her mother. But how could she tell her mom that she was fucking her best friend Lane AND a guy older than Lorelai herself who she liked to call daddy. And lately since she was horny all the time she just couldn't help herself; her insatiable lust even overpowered her concern for her mother's safety.

When Lane suggested having a "Special Night" at the Gilmore house Rory had initially balked. Her mother might come downstairs and check in on them at any time of the night, she'd done it before when they were younger.

"Well, we can use the sleeping drug." said Lane hesitantly.

"No way, she'd figure it out in an instant. And anyway I don't want to drug my mom."

"Okay, no problem. It was just a thought"



"My mom is taking a test at business school on Thursday and I know she's going to do good because she's been studying like mad. That means on Friday she's going to get drunk like she always does when she aces a test. Do you think your mom will let you stay over this Friday?"

"I'll ask her as soon as I get home." said Lane excitedly. "So what, do we just wait around till Lorelai falls over in a drunken stupor?"

"No she never gets THAT drunk but I'm thinking we could sort of help her along with some of your magic powder and when she passes out she'll just assume it was the liquor." replied Rory. "Plus I'm sure if we encourage her we can probably get her to drink more than she usually does; she's very amusing when she's drunk."


"You'll see."

* * *

And so it came to be that on Friday evening Rory and Lane were sitting on the couch eating junk food and laughing their buttplug filled asses off at Lorelai's silly antics. Drugging her mom was going to be absurdly easy because Lorelai had decided that Rory was her serving wench for the evening.

"A drink, my loyal servant Patsy! Would that you were of age so you too could imbibe with me in the nectar of the gods!"

After the movies Lorelai drunkenly sent the girls to bed, " talk about boys n' clothes n' music n' makeup n' stuff," she teased, "but first a nightcap loyal Patsy!"

Rory slipped the drug into Lorelai's drink and the girls retired to Rory's room where they actually did talk a little bit about boys and clothes and music and stuff. Shortly thereafter they heard Lorelai stumble upstairs to her bedroom and they waited a while longer to make sure the drug did its work.

After an appropriate time they checked the living room to make sure she finished the margarita (She did.) and then went out into the kitchen and poured themselves some drinks from the blender which was still mostly full.

"We better be careful with these, my Mom says they pack quite a punch." said Rory.

"Are you getting all Carrie Nation on me sister?" teased Lane.

"I'm just saying."

"Can we go out on the back porch and get high? You think Babette might see us?"

"Babette's in New York, Maury had a gig, so no snooping eyes."

"I think the student doth surpass the master." said Lane, "Gilmore, you've done me proud."

Rory smiled at her lover and they both retired to the porch to sip their margaritas and toke a bit. After a while two giggly red eyed teenagers wandered back into the kitchen and poured themselves another drink.

"Okay so this is the laaaaast one." said Rory in a slurred voice.

"Why?" Lane asked as she slowly weaved back and forth.

"Because I am TOTALLY fucked up from the first one." Rory replied.

For some reason Lane thought this was hilarious and they laughed until they had to sit down.

"Man, how could your mother drink so many of these." asked Lane finally as they slowly came down from their laughing fit.

"Y'know what? Maybe we'd better go up and check on her."

"That's prolly a good idea." slurred Lane.

"Maybe she didn't make it to the bed and she's lying in a heap."

"Yeah, a big ol' heap."

"I don't want my Ma lying in a big ol' heap!"

"Your right, we should make sure she's tucked in regular so she doesn't get suspi... supsis... suspicious."

So the two tipsy girls tiptoed with exaggerated caution up the stairs and into Lorelai's room. Lorelai had passed out face down and sideways on her bed. Her luxuriant brunette hair had fanned out and she looked utterly peaceful.

"Oh she looks like an angel!" exclaimed Rory half joking and half in earnest as she clasped her hands next to her cheek.

Lane just stared for a moment saying nothing. She couldn't help but notice how sexy Rory's mom was. Lorelai was wearing a pink T-shirt, a tight pair of faded jeans and socks with candy canes on them.

"So what should we do?" asked Lane.

"Here, help me get her socks and pants off and then we can move her around and tuck her in." said Rory moving towards the bed and grabbing one of Lorelai's socks.

Lane pulled off Lorelai's other sock and then they both rolled her over so they could undo her jeans. Rory didn't notice that Lane was gazing down at Lorelai's braless tits straining against the tight T-shirt. If she looked close she could see the outlines of her nipples. Rory unbuttoned and unzipped her Mom's jeans and each girl grabbed a leg and started pulling but the jeans would only come down to the swell of her hips.

"Man! How does your mom get into these jeans! They're skin tight!" gasped Lane as she pulled fruitlessly.

"She says they're dimensionally transcendental, like a TARDIS." huffed Rory, "Here, let's turn her over again and pull from the top this time."

The two fucked up teenagers flipped her back onto her stomach and grabbed hold of the tops of her jeans.

"Now PULL!" commanded Rory and they quickly yanked the jeans over her firm round ass and down to her knees revealing that today, for a change, Lorelai was wearing panties, panties with little panda bears on them to be exact.

"Look, she's wearing her panda bear panties. That means she likes you." Rory explained as they sat on the bed and took a breather.

"What?" panted Lane as she found herself once again gazing with uneasy lust at the tight panties encasing Lorelai's unbelievably round and firm buttocks.

"She only wears her panda bear panties for people she likes. She would never wear them to Friday night dinner with my grandparents."

"Well I'm flattered but how does anybody know she's wearing them?"

"They don't, it just makes Mom happy."

"Your mom is so weird and different and cool, I wish my mom was more like yours." said Lane shyly.

"You can always come over and share my mom." Rory with a smile, and she leaned over Lorelai's legs and kissed Lane gently on the cheek while Lane smiled uneasily. "Now let's get these confounded jeans off!"

They finally got the jeans completely off and Lane noticed how shapely Lorelai's legs were. The panda bear panties had gotten pulled down slightly and she could see just a bit of ass cleavage.

"Y'know," drawled Lane, crawling up onto the bed and sitting Indian style next to her best friend's drugged mother. "Your mom is supposed to have the finest ass in Stars Hollow."

Rory's eyes widened in surprise, "What are you talking about?" she sputtered.

"Its general knowledge," said Lane matter-of-factly, "that among the men folk in town Lorelai's ass is considered the finest in all the land."

"What? How do you know about this? Why haven't I heard anything about this?" exclaimed Rory.

"Yeah I can see that conversation, 'Hi Rory, how's tricks? Say, nice ass on your mother there. Well, gotta go. Kudos on the whole mother with a rockin' ass thing babe. Catch ya later!'"

Rory giggled. "No but I mean... really? Everyone in town is talking about my mom's ass?"

"Well...not really actively talking about it. It's just out there. Like how everyone knows Kirk is so weird or Luke is grumpy or that Taylor's such a fussbudget. And as you just noticed she does have a tendency to wear ridiculously tight pants." said Lane, never taking her eyes off Lorelai's butt.

"So what do YOU think?" Lane asked suddenly.

"About what?"

"About your mom's ass, do YOU think it's the nicest in Stars Hollow?"

"Lane ewww! C'mon that's my mom! How would I know if she had a nice ass or not!" said Rory a tad too defensively. "You think I go around checking out my mom's ass? Go check out your own mom's ass!" She didn't want Lane to know that she had occasionally masturbated to thoughts of her mother. That was just too weird and would have to be her dirty little secret.

Lane shrugged and Rory looked down at her mom's panty clad buttocks.

"Umm... Lane?"


"What do YOU think?"

Lane laid down next to Lorelai with her head propped up on her arm just inches from the unconscious older woman's butt.

"I think your mom has an incredible ass." said Lane softly.

"My mom? Really? I mean I know my moms hot and all but she's Lorelai! She's like...she's my mom!"

"She's not MY mom." Said Lane with a smile and she brought her hand up, rested it on Lorelai's firm buttocks and squeezed ever so slightly.

Rory was both disturbed and turned on by her friends' behavior and she stood there uncertainly as Lane started stroking her mother's ass.

"So does your Mom usually sleep with her panties on?" asked Lane as she caressed and squeezed.

"Um actually no, she usually just sleeps in an old t-shirt." admitted Rory.

Lane grinned and sat up. She grabbed the panties and tugged them down her legs, revealing to the girls' eyes the rounded perfection that was Lorelai's ass.

"Wow." said Lane softly. "If I took a picture of that I could get rich just selling it around town." She leaned back down, bringing her face closer to that beautiful butt.

Rory just stood there, turned on and embarrassed, her hands rubbing up and down her legs nervously. "Maybe we should just move her and get out of here." She said.

"In a second, I want to see something." said Lane and she brought her hands up and gently spread Lorelai's ass cheeks, revealing her cute, pink, puckered little anus.

"LANE!" whispered Rory in exasperation. "For crying out loud!"

"What?" replied Lane, grinning, "Look, you have your mother's eyes, and I just wanted to see if the other end matched."

Rory started to laugh but then became serious. "Lane sometimes you just... you go too far and you push me into a corner and it's just... and I don't..."

"So do you want to know?" interrupted Lane.

"Yes." said Rory quickly.

"Well I don't have much to go on, not having seen a lot of girls' assholes but yours' seem a pretty close match." said Lane. She brought her finger to Lorelai's anus and pressed lightly, twirling it around slightly and digging ever so gently at the entrance to the older woman's drug relaxed butthole.

Suddenly Lorelai moaned loudly.

Lane leapt off the bed in surprise, caught her feet in her nightgown, stumbled into Rory and both girls crashed to the floor in a tangled heap. They lay there and clutched at each other, drunkenly made shushing noises as they fearfully waited for something to happen.

When Lorelai just continued to lie there, oblivious and bottomless, the girls looked at each other in relief and quickly maneuvered her around and tucked her in which gave Lane a good view of Lorelai's trimmed bush. Rory looked at her drugged mother with an uncertain frown and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. She gestured to her friend and walked out of the room but Lane lingered for a moment, looking down on Lorelai's peaceful face. She brought her finger to her nose and sniffed the faint, earthy scent of her best friend's Mom's butthole. Lorelai had a serene smile on her pretty face.

"Sweet dreams Lorelai Gilmore." whispered Lane as she left the room to meet Rory below for the fun to follow.

* * *

Suddenly Rory was brought back to the present as the bell rang. She gathered up her books and stood up, carefully trying not to move funny as she got ready to walk to her next class.

"I notice you've got sort of a funky waddle these last few days Gilmore. What's the matter, did your Mommy spank you for stealing cookies?"

Paris Gellar, the bane of her existence at Chilton, had sidled up behind her as they left the class.

"Go bother someone else Paris. Don't you have wings to pull off butterflies or something?"

"Get out of my way Mary, your cramping my style." Replied the blonde terror as she pushed past Rory which unfortunately caused the butt plug in her ass to do wonderful things.

"And worse yet, your cramping MY style." said Paris' crony Louise, looking every bit the blonde ice princess as she glared and also pushed past Rory, who was forced to lean against the desk which caused the butt plug to push just a bit further up her ass. She grunted quietly.

"Hi!" said Madeline with a sunny smile as she walked by and inexplicably stopped in front of the nervous teen. The third of the unholy three, she was the only one who didn't seem to really have a problem with Rory, although she would generally go along with what the other two did. Rory maintained a poker face and tried not to think about how wonderful her insides were feeling.

"Hey." She said faintly.

"Madeline!" summoned Paris.

"Bye!" said the pretty, short haired brunette girl, bouncing as she walked away following her friends.

Rory didn't understand the dynamic between those three. Why did Paris hang out with those two bimbos anyway? Paris was a psycho type-A personality, easily as smart as Rory but with a vicious streak while Madeline and Louise spent most of their time either talking about how to get boys or just going out and getting boys. And why did those two party girls put up with Paris' antics?

"I guess I'll never know" she thought as she carefully walked to her next class.

* * *

It was Wednesday evening and Lane Kim was happily walking to the Gilmore residence. Lorelai had called her Mom and asked if Lane could come over to have dinner with her and Rory and Mrs. Kim had said yes, although with one stipulation.

The petite Korean girl looked down at the tofu, wheat germ and seaweed concoction she had been forced to bring "In case they only have the flesh of beasts." and grinned ruefully. She knew that Lorelai would throw it away as soon as she got there and then they'd order a pizza or something. She had been a bit surprised when her mother told her of the invitation but she was always happy to have some non-Korean grub and she'd grab any chance to be with her sweetheart Rory, even if they had to pretend nothing was going on. If she was lucky she might get a minute or two alone with her and they could solidify their big plans for this Saturday when Mr. Lucas would finally return and Rory would have anal sex (With a real cock.) for the first time. Rory had made a pro/con list and had been leaning toward a bondage scenario.

Also, Lane wanted to tell her that she still had a buttplug up her ass, just to get her all flustered and horny. As she turned down the street to the Gilmore house she could feel that buttplug massaging her insides and she realized this was the second time she was hanging out with Rory's Mom while hiding a toy up her butt. A part of her knew she was starting to take things too far, getting careless but her lust was overriding her caution.

As tonight was a formal invitation Lane rang the doorbell instead of just walking right in like she usually did. Lorelai answered the door.

"Lane! What a surprise! How nice of you to come by! Come on in!"

There was an artificial tone to Lorelai's voice that Lane picked up on right away. Something was going on. Lane walked into the kitchen, looking around for Rory.

"What's that you got there?" asked Lorelai suddenly from right behind her, startling Lane and almost making her drop the food.

"Um... something my mother made. You can use it as a doorstop if you want to." Said Lane uncertainly, handing over the sad mess.

"Oh, how nice." Said Lorelai as she threw the offensive meal in the garbage, "Tell Mrs. Kim I said thank you."

"So where's Rory?"

"Oh Rory went to a function with her grandparents tonight. She won't be home till much later. I figured this was a GREAT time for you and me to catch up on things. A little girl talk." said Lorelai smiling coldly.

Lane could tell that Lorelai was pissed. Unlike her own mom who would scream at the top of her lungs when she got angry, Lorelai would get eerily calm and politely sarcastic. Lane had been on the other end of Lorelai's anger on only a few occasions when she was growing up and it was not a fun thing.

'She knows.' thought Lane.

"Have a seat Lane. The pizza should get here any minute."

Lane sat down in a panicky daze. Her stomach was doing flip-flops and the buttplug in her ass was suddenly feeling horribly uncomfortable. She was suddenly realizing all the things that could happen to her and her friends. Mr. Lucas could end up in jail and she'd probably never get to see Rory again because she would be sent to Korea for the rest of her life.

"So girlfriend, what's new?" asked Lorelai casually as she sat opposite Lane. She had that sexy, scary wicked grin she sometimes got.

"Oh, you know just the usual stuff." replied Lane faintly as she thought frantically of a way she could spin things to work to her advantage. 'Maybe she doesn't know everything,' she thought, 'maybe she only knows about me and Rory.'

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

"Ah, that'll be the pizza," said Lorelai as she stood up. "I got it with anchovies the way you like it. You keep that little butt parked in that chair and I'll be right back."

The toy in Lane's ass was like a lead weight and she felt like throwing up. 'I'm so fucking stupid! I'm so fucking stupid!' she kept thinking. Lorelai brought in the pizza and set it on the table. Just the smell was making the panicked teenager nauseous.

"So let's talk about stuff." said Lorelai acting all girly and over the top.

"M'kay." mumbled Lane.

"Soooo what's up? How's school going? Met any new boys lately? Buy any good CD's? Fuck any girls named Rory?"

At the mention of Rory's name Lane's stomach heaved again. She couldn't bear to look at Lorelai so she stared at the table and said nothing.

"What's the matter, cat got your tongue? Or maybe that's an unfortunate analogy, what with you probably lapping my daughters pussy and all." said Lorelai, again in that coldly sarcastic way. Aside from being in a state of utter panic a part of Lane was surprised at Lorelai's graphic language. She'd never heard her say anything worse than the occasional 'goddamn' when she was growing up.

"Oh nonono." said Lorelai, "This is not how it's going to go down sweetheart. You are not going to play the sullen teenager with ME. I INVENTED the sullen teenager. Now talk to me, what's going on?"

In fits and starts and in very little detail Lane reluctantly told Lorelai about her and Rory, being careful not to mention Mr. Lucas, drugs and liquor, homemade porn or "Special Nights."

"Rory and I love each other." said Lane finally, "I'm sorry we didn't tell you but it just happened so suddenly and Rory was afraid you'd freak out."

Lorelai stood up and looked sternly down at the young Asian girl while tapping her fingers on the table. Lane gazed up at her over her glasses, trying her best to look innocent but Lorelai wasn't buying it. The seriousness of the situation began to overwhelm the young girl and she suddenly burst into tears.

"Please don't tell my Mom! Please! She'll kill me! She'll send me to Korea! I'm SO sorry, I'm SO sorry, I'm SO sorry!"

Lorelai knew that Lane wasn't telling the whole story. When she had searched Rory's room she found the small buttplug she had seen on the recording and an unlabelled disk hidden between the pages of Gogols "Lost Souls." (Rory had assumed her mother would never attempt to read THAT dreary tome.) When she put the disk in her laptop she completely freaked out at what she saw. Hundreds of pornographic pics of Rory, Lane and some unknown older guy. Some were posed and looked professional quality and some looked like candid pics taken in the moment. Rory and Lane were wearing all sorts of outrageous costumes. You could tell that the girls were enjoying themselves and no doubt the guy was.

The guy looked vaguely familiar; maybe she'd seen him around town. She didn't recognize the locations except for a few flashing pics of Lane and Rory around the town square. 'These girls are doing dangerous stuff.' she thought. 'They could easily get caught.' In one picture Lane was by the gazebo flashing her little tits with a huge grin. In the background you could see Miss Patty on the steps of her dancing school smoking a cigarette and facing the other way. All it took was a turn of the head and Miss Patty would see her two former students putting on a show that SHE never choreographed. Lorelai was both distressed and turned on. She looked at the next picture and there was a close-up of Rory in her schoolgirl outfit, eyes half closed, glazed with cum and with a tiny grin on her face while Lane looked at the camera and licked the cum off her cheek. Lorelai felt her pussy flood with juices despite the fact that she'd already masturbated three times while watching the spy-cam CD. She immediately copied the folders onto her laptop and put the disk back in the book.

Meanwhile Lane was weeping and moaning with her head on her arms. "I didn't mean anything!" she sobbed over and over. Although she was angry Lorelai felt sorrow and love for the poor girl but she also knew that Lane was a first class liar and she was going to have to press her for the rest of the story. Also, she was a little jealous that Lane got to fuck Rory and she didn't. Fortunately Lorelai had what she thought would be a pretty sure fire way to get more info.

"Lane honey," she said as she sat down and stroked the young girl's hair. "Lane look, I can tell you love my daughter and whatever makes her happy makes me happy but there's something very, very important that I'm going to have to ask you."

"W-what's that?" asked Lane fearfully as she raised her head to look at Lorelai.

Lorelai stood up and looked solemnly down on the contrite teenager while Lane wiped her tears and braced herself. Suddenly Lorelai smiled brightly, turned around, looked over her shoulder and said.

"Do YOU think I have the hottest ass in Stars Hollow?"

"I... what?" said Lane, completely dumbfounded.

"I mean I KNOW I'm supposed to have the hottest ass because Sookie told me about it one day. She weaseled it out of Jackson." rambled Lorelai, "But the thing is, I want to know what GIRLS think and seeing as your now a big fat lesbian I thought you could let me know."

"I... I..."

"Oh wait a minute, let me give you a better look." said Lorelai and she wriggled her hips as she slowly pushed her jeans down to her knees, revealing that today was a no panty day.

Lane's mind had stalled. One minute she's crying her eyes out and getting ready for her life to fall apart and now suddenly her girlfriends mom is showing off that wonderful ass she was lusting over just last week. She didn't know how to respond to this sudden switching of gears. She didn't know where to look. Despite Lorelai being a cool mom she had still been an authority figure to Lane when she was growing up. Plus she wasn't quite sure if Lorelai was still being sarcastic or not. You could never tell with Rory's mom. Lane suddenly wondered with an awful shock if Lorelai had somehow overheard her conversation with Rory last weekend.


"Uuuh... Lorelai, I um..."

"Wait... your probably not getting the full effect. Kneel down over here." said Lorelai pointing to the floor beside her.

"I don't think..."

"NOW." said Lorelai with steel in her voice. Lane quickly moved around the table and knelt next to the older woman. With her jeans halfway to her ankles Lorelai arched her back, bringing her fleshy globes closer to the confused teenagers face.

"Now tell me what you think," she said sweetly. "Is it perky enough? Sometimes I don't think it's perky enough." While watching the spy-cam DVD Lorelai had noticed something in the sexual dynamics of the two teens. Lane was obviously dominant and often seemed to be ordering Rory around although Lorelai knew that if Rory didn't really want to do something she wouldn't do it.

One curious thing though, at one point in the recording Lane seemed to get all shy and said something to Rory. Rory grinned and apparently replied negatively but Lane kept asking, eventually ending up on her knees in front of the standing Rory. Rory was trying to act all stern but she wasn't very good at it and kept breaking character. Then Rory smiled and turned around. Lane's eyes were immediately drawn to her pretty pear-shaped ass and Rory started talking over her shoulder as Lane began to stroke her furry little slit.

Lorelai knew that look in Lane's eyes; she had seen that look in the eyes of some of her lovers, the ones who'd had an ass fetish. She knew that their eyes would glaze over as they stared and masturbated, worshipping the object of their desire. At that point you could pretty much get them to do anything as long as you promised them a chance to lick your ass.

Lorelai had decided to use her own locally famous butt (It was sheer coincidence that Lane and Rory were discussing it recently.) to seduce Lane into spilling more information. She was well versed with seducing teenagers and this girl was going to be a piece of cake. Plus Lorelai had been unbearably horny the last few days, often playing with herself two or three times a night while looking at the pics she'd stolen from the CD. Being around Rory and pretending everything was normal was driving her crazy with lust and it had been way too long since she'd had some tender young pussy so she would be killing two birds with one stone.

Lorelai looked down at Lane. The young Korean's forehead was shiny with sweat as she licked her upper lip and stared at the older woman's beautiful ass just inches from her face.

"I still don't think you're getting the full effect, let's try this." said Lorelai and she reached down, snatched off Lane's glasses, grabbed the young Korean by the hair and pulled her stunned face firmly into Stars Hollow's most prized butt crack.

Lane didn't know if she was in heaven or hell as her tongue instinctively sought Lorelai's puckered anus. She had never really been dominated sexually, Rory couldn't seem to take it seriously and Mr. Lucas was too easy going. Lorelai's aggressiveness was confusing her and turning her on.

"Ooooh!" said Lorelai as Lane's practiced tongue licked and probed the tiny folds of her sensitive butthole. "You're quite good at this. Let me help you out a little." And with that Lorelai reached back, grabbed the back of Lane's head with both hands and very forcefully rubbed her ass crack up and down all over the lust addled teenagers face.

"Can you smell it now?" she demanded in a tight voice filled with anger and frustration as she pulled the girl back by her hair. "Can you smell my ass!?"

"Y-yes." said Lane hoarsely.

"Yeah, I'll bet you can. You're a big fan of Gilmore ass aren't you?"

Lane didn't reply. She was just staring slack jawed at her best friend's mom's ass and savoring the rich, musky scents coming off her face as she absently rubbed at the crotch of her tan-colored jeans.

"AREN'T YOU?" yelled the older woman, pulling Lane back by her hair and yanking her head back and forth.

"What?! What?!" cried Lane in confusion as she reluctantly looked away from the object of her worship and up at Lorelai.

"I said you're a big fan of Gilmore ass!"

Lane looked up into Lorelai's intensely blue eyes. So like Rory's and yet so different. While Rory's eyes were wide and innocent, Lorelai's were wicked and knowing. Lorelai was definitely in charge and that was making her dripping wet. Her pussy had soaked through her panties and even her jeans and the toy in her ass was again thrilling her bowels.

"Y-yes. Yes I love it." whimpered Lane as her mind started shutting down and her pussy took over. "It's the best thing ever."

"See, that wasn't so hard." said Lorelai, smiling down at the sweaty teen but Lane wasn't paying attention. She was again rubbing herself while staring at Lorelai's ass and forcefully whispering something to herself.

"What's that you're saying honey?" Lorelai asked.

Lane didn't look up. Her brown eyes were glazed and she had a look of anxiety and surrender on her pretty face as she continued to stare at the wonderful bounty before her.

"I'm Lane Kim and I'm a dirty fuckin' SLUT!" she suddenly spat out in a wavery voice. "My name is Lane Kim and I'm a nasty little BUTT whore! I'm a dirty slut, I'm a dirty fuckin' slut, I'm a dirty fuckin' slut!"

'What the hell is THAT all about?' thought Lorelai as she again pushed the girls willing face into her ass crack.

"That's right honey," she said with an evil grin, "and tonight you're MY dirty fucking slut."

"Fffffmmmmmmmwwwwfffggggwwfff!" replied Lane, whatever that meant, probably something nice.

* * *

It was a little while later and Lane was lying on the living room floor. Her sweater was off and she was kneading her little tits as Lorelai stood stark naked above her head.

"Is this what you want?" she asked as she squatted slightly so Lane could see her ass and pussy better. Both were covered in a shiny film of the young girl's saliva. "Will this make you happy?"

"Yes please! Please!" whimpered Lane as she stared upwards with crazed eyes.

Lorelai slowly squatted down and Lane started moaning as the older woman's ass cheeks engulfed her face. Bending her legs, the sex-crazed teen put both feet firmly on the floor and started thrusting her hips up and down to manipulate the buttplug in her ass, forgetting in her lust that she didn't want Lorelai to know about it. Lorelai immediately noticed that when Lane was at the apex of her hip thrust, she would hold it there a moment, trembling with clenched muscles in a way she had seen before.

"Let's get these pants off shall we?" said the gorgeous brunette bringing her pussy to bear on Lane's hungry mouth as she leaned forward and started tugging on the girls crotch dampened corduroys.

"MmmmnnOh no, no please!" pleaded Lane in a muffled voice from between Lorelai's legs as she suddenly realized the older woman would want to know about the buttplug. She started struggling and kicking but Lorelai was larger than the tiny Asian and simply ground her cunt firmly into the young girls face.

"What have we here?" said Lorelai as she pulled Lane's jeans and panties up to her ankles, keeping her hobbled that way as she pulled her legs up to her chest and looked down at the buttplug peeking out from between the young girls butt cheeks.

"Well I do declayuh!" said Lorelai in her Southern Belle voice, "Theah appeahs to be a buttplug nestled 'tween yoah cheeks chile! And all I usually find is spare change!"

Lorelai slowly pulled the rather large buttplug out of the young girl's ass, causing an involuntary moan to issue from Lane's lips. She sat back and looked down at the shiny faced teen, holding up the still warm toy.

"You have some explaining to do missy."

* * *

It was some time later, Lorelai was on the living room couch with Lane bent over her lap. She was furiously spanking the tearful young Asian and had been for quite some time. Lane's pert little ass had turned a bright cherry red.

"Do you understand now young lady? There will be absolutely NO DRUGGING OF MOTHERS!" On the last four words Lorelai brutally smacked the teenager's reddened butt to emphasize her point. By this time Lane had reached a trancelike state and the horrible pain had become something else entirely. Tears leaked from her glazed eyes and a string of drool made a damp spot on the couch as she unknowingly made a high pitched, wavery keening noise.

"SMAP, SMAP, SMAP!" Went Lorelai's hand in accompaniment to Lane's continual keening which would hiccup every time the older woman's hand came in contact with her pain numbed butt.

With much cajoling, teasing and threatening Lorelai had gotten the rest of the story from the unwilling Lane. All of it: the panties, the porn, Mr. Lucas, the sex room, the drugs... (See all previous chapters.) When she found out about Lane's "Special Nights" and how she had drugged both her and Mrs. Kim she just went ballistic and started spanking the poor girl. Personally she thought it was a clever idea and she probably would have done the same thing if she'd had a need to when she was Lane's age. But this was a Mom thing. She couldn't have these kids drugging people. It was disturbingly amoral and she didn't want Rory or Lane going down that slippery path. Although she was angry she felt sympathy and love for this little vixen that had captured her daughters heart.

Finally she gently turned Lane over and brought her arm behind the young girls head, holding her on her lap as if she were a baby. She kissed Lane's sweaty forehead and whispered sweet, dirty things to the trembling teenager as her fingers started slowly stroking the hairy patch between the exhausted girl's legs.

"Now listen closely sweetheart," she whispered as Lane's slim hips started moving in response to the gentle stroking. "I have a little plan and you're going to help me with it. Okay?"

Lane just stared up at Lorelai and whimpered, the evidence of her compliance written all over her face.

* * *

"So remember what I said about Saturday, and tell no one about this on pain of death." Said Lorelai to a freshly showered, bespectacled and clothed Lane who stood on the front porch engulfed in the surrealness of the moment.

She'd stood on this porch a million times with Lorelai only this time it was completely different. For one thing she was physically and mentally exhausted from two and a half hours of the most incredible orgasms of her young life, not to mention her still sore bottom.

"Don't worry honey, I won't really kill you." said Lorelai with a grin, mistaking Lane's dazed silence for fear. "I'll just torture you a bit. Now get on home before your Mom calls asking for you."

"M'kay." murmured Lane suddenly feeling shy and embarrassed. She turned to go down the stairs but suddenly turned back around and awkwardly hugged the much taller woman.

"I love you." she whispered very, very quietly into Lorelai's blouse. And then the tiny Asian pervert quickly ran off into the mild Star's Hollow evening, leaving Lorelai wondering if she'd imagined what she'd heard.

'Now I better open some windows,' thought Lorelai, 'this place reeks of pussy and I don't want Rory to suspect anything.'

Suddenly Lorelai paused and smiled wickedly. This Saturday was going to be SOOO much fun.

To Be Continued...

Next Chapter: Confrontation and Consummation


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