Gilmore Girls: Gilmore Girl Gone Wild (MF,F-gang,FF,cons,nc-ncons)
by Ambush Bug ([email protected])

Rory Gilmore couldn't believe the number of people. There had to be at least
a thousand of them, or, if she chose not to exaggerate, sixty or seventy. The
majority of them were boys, and the majority of them were already faced. The
music was loud and hairy and vibrated the walls, everyone was talking and
laughing. and the acrid scent of beer permeated the air, blending not
unpleasantly with the sweet aroma of pot. Your typical killer college party.
Or at least she assumed so; she'd never really been to one of these things
before. And normally she wouldn't have gone to this one, but lately she'd
been feeling the urge to branch out, widen her horizons, get the full college
experience, and she figured, what better way to accomplish her goal than a
kegger? It was either that or give in to Paris's suggestion of experimenting
with their supposedly innate lesbian tendencies.

She had a date, of course. Not any guy she knew. This guy's name was Ben, a
fellow student in her Introduction to Psychology class. Not even a single
word had ever passed between them until he asked her out, and even then all
she'd said in reply was a monoslylabic "Sure." She couldn't say, even now
that they were here and on the verge of enjoying themselves, why she'd said
yes (or Sure) to him and not the myriad other guys who'd asked her out since
she'd arrived at Yale. Rory hated to think it was simply because Ben was drop
dead gorgeous, but at the same time she couldn't find any other possible

She made a mental note to talk to her mom about her apparent inability to
explain her actions. Mom was an expert on those kinds of things.

Ben took Rory by the hand and led her through the throng of partyers to the
kitchen. There was another throng in there, most of them lined up at the
kegs. They got in line like good little substance abusers, Ben still holding
her hand. They tried to make small talk but the music was making its noisy
way in from the living room, and besides, everyone was talking and yelling
and laughing at once, so it was pretty much impossible. Rory would shout
something to him and Ben would say, "What?" then he'd say something and
Rory would say, "What?" It would have been comical in other circumstances.
Fortunately, the line didn't take too long to get through and they finally
got two giant mugs of beer.

"Wow," Rory said as they began bumping and spilling their way back toward the
living room, "the head on mine is humungous." She didn't realize how loaded
with sexual innuendo her remark was until after she said it, but she didn't
have to worry; Ben just said, "What?" and kept going.

They decided the best strategy was to find a place to sit and let all the
conversation and good times come to them. There was an empty patch of floor
in a corner, between a bookcase and a plant, and they sat there with their
backs against the wall and started drinking. They were so close together
that all they had to do was lean over about six inches and they could speak
directly into each other's ears. This made small talk workable, and that was
what they did for the next half hour or so. Unfortunately, it didn't take
the whole half hour for Rory to figure out that Ben was boring. All he wanted
to talk about was his mastery of a video game that had something to do with
wizards and dragons and female elves with pointy ears and big boobs (Ben
called them "titties"). She also discovered that Ben lived at home with his
mother, of whom he seemed to be unnaturally fond. Still, she decided to hang
in there for at least a while longer; it was always possible that something
interesting might happen.

The party was crazy. People dancing like sexualized epileptics, guys either
chugalugging beer or pouring it on each other, girls flashing their boobs,
girls and guys passing around joints. Couples staggering upstairs to the
bedrooms. One guy farted in another's guy's face and they started fighting.
A group formed around a pretty blonde girl who took jello shots off a guy's
dick on a dare. Eventually, Rory finished her beer and Ben offered to brave
the madding crowds to get her another one. She was already feeling a buzz
(she was a lightweight drunk) and accepted his offer gladly.

While Ben was gone another guy who didn't bother to introduce himself sat
down next to her and handed her a joint. She took a drag and handed it back
to him, then proceeded to cough her lungs out. The stuff was nasty. And while
she was bent over hacking up her insides the guy took the opportunity to
grope her, rudely running one of his hands over her breasts, and then trying
to stick it down into her pants. Rory tried to push him away but she was too
weak from her battle with death. Fortunately, Ben came back and rescued her,
telling the unwanted fondler to get lost.

The guy went away and Ben resumed his place beside her, putting his arm
around her shoulders (protectively, Rory thought, which was sweet) and
handing her the beer. Rory took it with a smiling thank you and immediately
drank nearly a quarter of it.

"You know," she said, "I don't really care for the taste of beer, but it sure
feels good going down." Then she burped. "Oops. Sorry."

Ben laughed pleasantly and said, "Drink up, babe," then pecked her on the

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" Rory asked.

"Of course," Ben replied. "It'll be easier to take advantage of you that

Rory thought that was funny and laughed, although part of her suspected that
he was totally serious. She didn't think that was such a bad thing, though;
what was the point of going to a college party if you weren't going to
indulge in a little bit of dissipation?

She drank some more beer, then settled back against the wall and closed her
eyes. The harsh guitars of the stereo seemed to be digging right into her
ears, but the drums and the bass were bouncing through her body in a way that
was kinda nice. Like a great big heartbeat. The music of life. It made her
feel like dancing, although not in a Leo Sayer kind of way. She turned toward
Ben to suggest that they dance, but was stopped cold when he pressed his lips
against hers.

Rory was surprised, but only because she hadn't been expecting it; in another
sense, she wasn't surprised a bit. Nor was she turned off. In fact, she found
the sensation of his warm soft kiss very enjoyable, and even more so when he
pushed his tongue into her mouth. She took it in willingly and began to suck
on it, at the same time trying to put her glass of beer down without spilling
it. A moment later she felt Ben's hand on her right breast, cupping and
squeezing her with almost brazen confidence. She managed to get her beer
settled safely, then wrapped her arms around him and got fully immersed in
the passion of their kissing. She even heard herself making that noise, a
combination of a sigh and moan that always sounded to her like a kitten's

They made out for several minutes while the party raged around them, hugging
and swapping spit and running their hands all over each other. Ben was
working Rory's breasts like pizza dough, squeezing and pulling, and at some
point he got her blouse open and her bra pushed up. Rory knew she was
probably making a spectacle of herself, everyone no doubt watching her slut
it up, but she'd had just enough booze to know that she didn't care. She was
having a good time, getting the Full College Experience.

Ben guided Rory down onto her back on the hardwood floor and she
automatically spread her legs. She felt his hand leave her breasts and move
down to her thigh, then up her skirt to her pussy. She was wearing panties
but he had no problem getting past them, slipping his fingers under the
elastic edge and right up into her. At the same time he pulled his mouth
away from hers and went down to her right breast. He took her nipple into
his mouth and started sucking and nibbling on it. Rory gasped and tightened
her arms around his neck, closing her eyes and allowing a smile to grace her
lips as the combination of Ben's titsucking and fingerfucking sent white hot
shocks of pleasure shooting through her body. She almost lost control then,
let everything just go ahead to its natural conclusion, which was what she
wanted, just not in front of a crowd. So, after about a minute or so of
reveling in the delightful sensations Ben was generating, and probably only
another minute from coming, she forced herself to tap Ben on the shoulder and
say, "Ben, stop now. Ben, stop now. Ben, stop now!" She had to reach down and
grab his wrist and pull his hand out from between her legs, and literally
push his face away from her breasts. The guy was a maniac.

"Let's get a room," she told him.

Ben looked at her as if he had no idea what she was talking about, then
blinked and said, "Oh, sure. Come on."

He got up off of her and helped Rory to her feet. Her bra was still stuck up
above her breasts and she pulled it down, then halfheartedly attempted to
pull her blouse closed. Ben took her hand and started to lead her toward the
stairs but she said, "Oh, wait," and bent down to pick up her beer. "Okay,
I'm ready." They started again for the stairs. There was a smattering of
applause and Rory smiled and waved like she was in a parade.

There was a common room on the second floor, empty except for a sofa and a
TV, with four bedrooms and a bathroom surrounding it. They went to each
bedroom and opened the door, only to find that it was being used; in the
first room were a guy and a girl Rory recognized vaguely from Yale, going
down on each other; in the second was a blonde girl getting screwed doggie
style by an incredibly muscular black guy; in the third room a girl was
handcuffed to the bed, naked, while another naked girl straddled her and
slapped her breasts; the fourth room had three people in it, two guys and
a girl, but because of the frenzy with which they occupied themselves, Rory
couldn't tell who was doing what to whom. That left the bathroom.

"The bathroom?" Rory said. "I don't wanna do it in the bathroom. Unless you
wanna take a shower. Wanna take a shower?"

"Not really," Ben said with a shrug. "We can do it here on the sofa, if you
don't mind people seeing us when they pass through."

Rory rolled her eyes. "That's why I wanted to come up here, so people
wouldn't see us. I kinda want some privacy."

"Then I guess joining the bondage babes is out of the question too?"

"It would seem so." Rory drained her glass dry, then said, "Oh, and I'm out
of beer. Could you get me some more?"

"Fuck this," Ben said. He knocked the glass out of Rory's hand, then pulled
her over toward the sofa in the center of the common room.

"Hey!" Rory yelled, but it was a halfhearted yell at best; she was pretty

Ben pushed her down onto the sofa and lay on top of her. He hiked her skirt
up to her waist, then grabbed a handful of her underwear and yanked, tearing
it off of her.

"Hey!" Rory yelled again. "That underwear was expensive!"

Ben ignored her as he fished his cock out of his pants. Rory realized,
finally, what was happening, but by then it was too late. She began to
struggle with him, but Ben was too strong, too heavy on top of her. He
held his cock in one hand and brought it up to the lips of her pussy,
then abruptly pushed it into her.

"Ow!" Rory cried. "Ben, stop it!"

"Shut up," Ben told her as he finished jamming his cock into her pussy. "Just
lay back and enjoy it, baby."

He started fucking her, shoving his cock into her again and again, and Rory
continued to struggle drunkenly against him. But then, after about a minute,
she got tired and decided to just go ahead and give in. And then she
realized, through her intoxicated haze, that it was actually starting to feel
good down there. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all. Okay, she'd
much prefer some place where a crowd wouldn't form, but what they heck, she
was getting laid, wasn't she?

She started getting into it then, noticing a warm fuzzy feeling growing
between her legs, growing and growing as Ben fucked her and kissed her and
pulled almost harshly on her breasts. She began to move with him, pushing
against each thrust of Ben's cock, and the warm fuzzies quickly swelled into
a fire that spread through her body. As she gave herself up to the delight
burning within her Rory thought she heard a girl in one of the rooms crying
out, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" but then she realized it
wasn't some other girl, it was her. She was the one shouting like a porn
star, and apparently she couldn't stop because she kept shouting and crying
out, quite possibly at the top of her lungs (it was hard to tell; even though
she'd only had a few beers, she was pretty well smashed), as Ben continued to
ram himself into her pussy. She held onto him, shoved her pussy back against
his pounding cock, and nearly screamed as her orgasm engulfed her, sending
her spinning and spiraling through an amazing storm of pleasure.

Moments later Ben started making his own noises, a sort of animalistic
groaning and grunting, and then suddenly he pulled out of her and, getting
up on his knees, began to come all over her. His sperm shot out of his cock
in long milky jets, splashing onto Rory's face and chest and stomach and
spilling onto her clothes. One great big dollop of come landed right in her
mouth, another got her in the eye, and some of it even got into her hair.
There seemed to a gallon of the stuff, and it took what seemed to Rory like
a ridiculously long time to come squirting out of his cock. It finally
subsided, though, ending in little rivers of splooge that dripped down onto
her pussy.

"Great," Rory said, a little ticked off. "I'm going to have to take a shower
now." She wiped the come out of her eye. "Thanks a lot, jizz boy."

She tried to get up from the sofa but she was too drunk to manage it and
ended up falling onto the floor. Ben, feeling sort of bad now because Rory
was mad at him, picked her up and put her back on the sofa.

"Just stay here a sec," he told her. "I'll go get a towel and help you clean

He disappeared into the bathroom, returning a moment later with a bath towel.
He wiped Rory's face, then her breasts and stomach and between her legs.

"You're wasting your time, Ben," Rory said. "I'm still going to have to take
a shower. There's a sticky residue all over me, and there's still a pile of
the gunk in my hair. By the way, your come tastes like an old shoe."

"Well, at least let me help you get undressed," Ben said. He started pulling
her clothes off of her.

"Not here," Rory said, getting even more ticked off now. "What if somebody
comes in and sees me all naked?"

As if on cue, a crowd of people suddenly came into the room; several of them
had come up the stairs, laughing and shouting, and two of the bedroom doors
had opened and the rooms' occupants came out. The blonde girl and the black
guy, and the two rough lesbians.

"Good grief," Rory said in frustration, "can this night get any worse?"

"Dude, check it out!" one of the guys said, pointing at Rory. "A naked
drunk chick!" All of the guys looked at each other and together shouted,

"No way, dudes," Ben said, standing up and getting if front of Rory to
protect her. But the group of guys simply pushed him aside as they yelled and
whooped and descended on Rory. They pulled her off of the sofa and onto the
floor, where several of them held her down. Two guys pulled her legs apart
and another guy got between them and fished his cock out of his pants.

"Oh, come on, guys!" Rory cried. "This is totally messed up!"

Her pleas had absolutely no effect on the drunken crowd. They continued to
laugh and shout and grab at various parts of her body as the guy between her
legs lined his cock up with her pussy.

"Go! Go! Go!" they chanted in unison, and the guy eagerly plunged his cock
into her. Rory moaned, more in frustration than anything else, and continued
to struggle against all the hands holding her down and grabbing at her. It
was useless, though; she was overpowered, and all she could do was keep
trying to resist as the guy fucked her. He jammed his cock into her again and
again, until finally he pulled out and shot a load of come onto her stomach.
The crowd, of course, cheered.

A second guy replaced the first one. He too fucked Rory until he came on her
stomach, then he was replaced by yet another guy. By this time Rory had
stopped trying to resist, although now it was more like simply resigning
herself to her fate rather than relaxing and trying to enjoy it. The third
guy got off, then she was turned over and made to get on her hands and knees.
Two guys were doing her, one coming in from behind and one in her mouth. Rory
gagged on the cock in her mouth, not so much because of the taste (she could
hardly taste anything anymore anyway) but because of its size; it was huge.
The guys fucked her simultaneously, and came almost simultaneously, and then
gave up their spots to two more guys. Rory lost count after that, as well as
her sense of time; it could have been half an hour or it could have been
twice that, she wasn't sure. All she knew was that there was a steady stream
of cocks entering her body, fucking her from behind, fucking her in the
mouth, and come everywhere. Some of the cocks were pretty long, at least two
were black, and one, Rory noticed with a trace of sympathy, couldn't have
been more than four inches long. It was the easiest deepthroating she'd ever

Eventually, it seemed to be over, and Rory was more than glad; she was not
only exhausted, she was sore. The last set of guys had double teamed her a
little roughly, the guy behind her fucking her in the ass while he held onto
her breasts like he was holding onto the safety bar of a rollercoaster, while
the guy in front jammed his cock down her throat and pulled her hair. But
they finally finished in a paroxysm of groaning and rebel yells and squirting
sperm, and suddenly there were no more cocks. There was still a lot of
laughing and loud talking, though, and everybody was still standing around,
as if they were waiting for her to do something, like barf or explode or
whatever. Rory certainly felt like barfing; she was feeling very queazy.

She tried to get up, possibly to make her way to the bathroom, but then
somebody put his hands on her shoulders and made her sit down. A mug of beer
was pushed in front of her face and she drank some of it, glad to be able to
wash some of the come out of her mouth. She took a second slug, then the mug
was pulled out of her hands and the next thing she knew the beer was being
poured over head. Rory squealed in shock; the shit was cold!

Another mug was held in front of her, but this one didn't have beer in it.
It had a strange milk colored substance in it, something like liquified
mayonnaise. Then all at once she understood: it was more come. In a glass.
And they expected her to drink it. Rory looked around for someone who might
be willing to tell her this was just a dumb joke, but everybody seemed pretty
earnest about it. The hand holding the glass pushed it up to her lips while
another hand held her by the chin so she couldn't turn her face away. Rory
opened her mouth and the glass tilted and the come poured into her mouth,
filling it up completely. She closed her throat, telling herself there was
no way they were going to make her swallow any of this crap, but then she
realized that they didn't expect her to when they started chanting, "Kiss!
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"

And suddenly there was a girl sitting next to her, a pretty blonde with a
drunken smile and no shirt on, and she was moving her face closer to Rory's.
She held her mouth open and stuck her tongue out and Rory leaned toward her.
She gathered up the come in her mouth as best she could and spit it into the
blonde's mouth. The stuff spilled all over the girl's tongue, some of it
slopping down her chin and onto her breasts and the rest creeping toward the
back of her throat. Then the girl (or possibly someone else) grabbed the back
of Rory's head and pulled her closer to the girl and the girl started french
kissing her. The girl's tongue, along with a gigantic amount of come, swirled
around in Rory's mouth as someone (the girl?) fondled her breasts. There was
more cheering and clapping, of course.

Gee, Rory thought, the life of the party knocks em dead. Hope they're not
expecting an encore.

"NO," the other girl said loudly, right in Rory's ear; a guy was trying to
put his cock in her mouth. "Enough already." She pushed the guy away, then
turned to Rory and said, "Come on, let's get out of here." She grabbed Rory's
hand and together the girls made their way through the thinning crowd and
into the bathroom. The blonde girl shut and locked the door, then said,
"Let's get cleaned up." She went over to the shower stall and turned on the

Out of habit Rory attempted to undress, only to realize that she was
completely naked.

"Wow," she said, "I hope I get my clothes back."

"You probably will," the other girl said. "Except for maybe your bra and
panties. And your socks."

"My socks?"

"My name's Buffy. What's yours?"

"Rory," Rory replied. She wasn't sure if it was proper etiquette to shake
hands or not. She peered closely at the girl's face. "Hey are you-"

"No," the girl cut her off as she stepped into the shower stall, "I'm not
Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know, I look just like her, the two of us could
be twins, blah blah blah. But I'm not her. We just happen to look alike,
that's all."

"And you have the same name," Rory added as she too got into the shower. The
water was hot and it nearly sobered her up. "So, what's the business with my
socks? Why won't I get those back?"

Buffy, who was standing directly under the spray of water and letting it wash
through her long blonde hair, said, "Eric Weston's a sock freak. Believe me,
you don't want them back."

"Ew," Rory said. She stood there, waiting for her turn under the water, and
took the opportunity to look her new friend over. She's built just like the
Slayer too, she thought. Wowee. She suddenly felt a little embarrassed and,
to cover that, asked, "So, do you get people asking you for your autograph?"

"Yes," Buffy replied in a bored tone of voice. "I usually give them one, but
I sign my own name, not....Sarah Marie Sunshine, or whatever her fucking name

"Your last name isn't Summers, is it?"

"No, it's Horowitz."

"Buffy Horowitz?"

Buffy moved out of the spray of water and began soaping herself down. Rory
stepped under the water and let it cascade all over her from head to feet. It
felt wonderful; hot and wet and cleansing. Rory loved being clean. Hot and
wet were both good things too. "So tell me," she said as she rinsed her hair,
"do you do this kind of thing a lot?"

"You mean shower with other girls? All the time."

"No, I mean, you know, the whole Girl Gone Wild group sex slutbomb thing."

"No," Buffy replied. She was working up a good lather of shampoo in her hair,
and her breasts were jutting out toward Rory in a way that Rory couldn't
ignore. They were magnificent breasts. "I was downstairs, innocently enjoying
a beer and a joint, when I heard the noise up here. I came up to see what was
going on and got swept into the maelstrom. It happens."

Rory decided she was sufficiently wet now and went to move out from under the
spray of water. There was very little room, though, and she ended up bumping
against Buffy and her big breasts.

"Sorry," she said sheepishly.

"Fine by me," Buffy replied with a smile. She brought her hands down from
her hair, placed them on Rory's hips and, pressing her body against Rory's,
slowly pivoted with her until the girls had switched places.

While Buffy rinsed off, Rory took the bar of soap and began lathering her
body. She thought about what had just happened, the way Buffy had rubbed
their bodies together. It had felt....strange. But nice, too. And it was
obvious that the girl had done it on purpose. And the way she'd smiled when
Rory had accidentally bumped boobs with her made Rory think that maybe Buffy
was at least inclined toward sapphism.

Maybe, she thought, I should hook her up with Paris.

She tried to imagine that: Paris and Buffy locked in a passionate lesbian
embrace, naked and kissing and feeling each other up. She didn't particularly
care for the idea. Not that she was against women doing things with each
other; that was a personal choice as far as she was concerned. No, what
bothered her was that it just felt wrong. There was a lack of justice in that
scenario. She changed the image: now it was her and Buffy locked in a
passionate lesbian embrace, naked and feeling each other up. While hot water
streamed over their soapy bodies.

"Whatcha thinkin?" Buffy asked in a flirty playful voice.

Rory suddenly realized that she'd been fondling one of her breasts with one
hand while her other hand slowly rubbed the bar of soap over her pussy.

"Oops," she said. "Sorry."

Buffy giggled and said, "You don't have anything to apologize for, Rory. You
so look hot that way." She stepped closer to her. "So hot." She put her arms
around Rory's waist and pulled their bodies together. Buffy was taller than
Rory, so Rory's breasts ended up pressed against Buffy's ribs. Buffy gave her
a soft gentle kiss above her right eyebrow and Rory looked up at her. Buffy's
smile was warm and loving (like my Mom's, Rory thought with a small amount of
anxiety), and her hand on the small of Rory's back felt like a feather
tickling her. Buffy closed her eyes and dipped her head, bringing her mouth
down to Rory's, and kissed her on the lips. Rory dropped the bar of soap on
the floor.

Well, she thought, I suppose this was bound to happen sooner or later. After
all, I'm in college, and this is one of those college things. Just didn't
think it would happen with the vampire slayer. She's not a bad kisser,
though. And at least this time we're not swapping sperm.

After several long moments, Buffy broke their kiss and looked deeply into
Rory's eyes.

"I wanna suck your tits and lick your pussy," she breathed.

"That's not very romantic," Rory replied.

"Maybe not. But by the time I'm done with you, you're gonna be totally in
love with me."

"Okay, but you're the one who's gonna explain it to my mother when I start
wearing engineer boots."

"Hush now," Buffy said. "You talk too much."

Rory had another quip ready to go, but it flew right out of her head when
Buffy brought her hands up and grabbed Rory's breasts. She pivoted with her,
guided her back under the water, then lowered her head and began sucking on
Rory's nipples. Rory gasped as the familiar heat of sexual pleasure suddenly
rose up inside of her.

"Oh wow," she said as the water poured over her head and shoulders, splashing
down over her breasts, spilling on each side of Buffy's mouth and hands.

"Mmm," Buffy replied, her lips and tongue working on Rory's breasts.

Rory sighed and felt weak in the knees. She closed her eyes and wrapped her
arms around Buffy's head, running her fingers through the girl's long wet
blonde hair. She moaned as she felt Buffy's teeth take hold of one of her
nipples and gently nibble on it.

"Oh man," she said. Her breathing became shorter and sharper as felt herself
getting closer and closer to orgasm. "I've never said this to a girl before,
but I think I'm gonna come."

"Do it," Buffy breathed against her skin. She reached down with one hand and
started rubbing Rory's pussy with her fingers. "Come on, do it, come for me,
baby. Come for me." She took Rory's nipple back into her mouth and sucked on
it as she rubbed her, and Rory was suddenly overwhelmed with a white heat
that bloomed and flowered inside of her. A long groan of pleasure escaped
from her throat as her orgasm spilled through her shuddering body.

"Jeez Louise," she said, out of breath, and only standing now because Buffy
was holding her up. "That was...."

"Awesome," Buffy said. She straightened up and took Rory in her arms, kissed
her quickly on the mouth. "You never knew you had it in you, did you?"

"Is that, like, the punchline to a lesbian joke or something?"

Buffy laughed softly and said, "You're silly, Rory." She kissed her again.
"And cute." Another kiss. "And very hot." She went to kiss her again but Rory
put her hand up between their mouths.

"Didn't you mention something earlier about licking my pussy?" she asked.

"Mmmm, I sure did."

Without another word Buffy dropped slowly to her knees, letting her hands
slide over Rory's shoulders, her breasts, and her stomach. She touched Rory
behind one knee, lifted her leg up, and moved it to the side. Rory rested her
foot on the side of the tub and placed a hand against the glass shower screen
to steady herself, then watched as Buffy leaned in and nuzzled her nose into
Rory's pubic hair. A moment later she felt Buffy's tongue licking her pussy.
It swirled lovingly over her clit, around and around, sweet wet circles, then
poked almost shyly between her pussy lips. Rory found herself short of breath
again and gasping as the flame of sexual desire once again began to build
inside of her.

She cupped her own breasts in her hands and squeezed and fondled them,
pinching and pulling on her nipples. Buffy continued to lick her ravenously,
sucked and nibbled on her clit, pushed her tongue deep into Rory's pussy,
fucking her with it. The flickering embers that smoldered within her surged
and swelled, became a river of fire that streamed through her body, igniting
every part of her. Rory gasped and cried out as it threatened to overwhelm
her, sending her into a moaning melting orgasm. Her lithe wet body trembled
with the force of it as Buffy's lips and tongue worked on her and the water
from the shower poured over her.

Finally, it seemed to be over, the brilliant sensations were fading, and
Buffy had pulled her mouth away from Rory's pussy. But then Buffy pulled her
down onto the floor of the tub with her, laid her down in the puddles of
water beneath them, and straddled her. She was facing the opposite direction,
away from the shower head, so that the water sprayed down on her ass as she
laid her body over Rory's in a 69 position.

69, Rory thought, my favorite number. But now she was faced, literally, with
the reality of a woman's pussy before her, a pussy with water dripping down
from it in little streams that trickled onto her nose and mouth, a pussy she
was expected to do things with. She'd had this fantasy before, a few times,
without the water, but those had just been idle daydreams. There was nothing
idle, nothing imaginary about the curly blonde tendrils and the full feminine
lips that loomed above her now. They were real, they were there, and they
were waiting to be licked. Paris would be so totally jealous if she knew
about this, she thought.

Rory closed her eyes and brought her head up from the floor of the tub,
cautiously pressed her lips against Buffy's pussy. It was surprisingly warm,
and musky, and she was afraid she would hate the taste, but when she brought
her tongue out and gave Buffy an experimental lick, she found that it wasn't
so bad as all that.

Don't like the view, though, she thought, and closed her eyes.

She could feel Buffy's tongue on her own nether lips now, moving in long
catlike licks, and she mimicked them, causing Buffy to moan against her
pussy. That sent a warm pleasant surge of heat through the lower half of
Rory's body, which made her moan too, and soon both girls were moaning and
sighing and writhing under the spray of water. Rory licked and lapped at
Buffy's pussy, sucked her clit and fondled her wet slippery breasts, lost
now in the sexual fire that was consuming both of them. The fire spread
through their bodies. blooming and billowing, and finally spilling like
mercury through their bones, and Rory and Buffy cried out together as their
orgasms flared and burst within them.

Afterward, Rory lay in the water at the bottom of the tub, exhausted,
satisfied, and still a little loopy from all the beer she'd drank. Also
amazed, because she didn't feel as guilty or as weird as she'd always
thought she'd feel if something like this should ever happen. In fact,
she felt great. Almost great enough to do her pathetic Tony the Tiger

Better not do it, though, she thought. Don't wanna ruin the moment.

Instead she waited until Buffy moved, pulling herself off of Rory's body and
getting to her feet, then helping Rory to her feet as well, before she said,
"That was the most unbelievable experience I've ever had, Buffy. I think I
might be in serious like with you."

"Told you," Buffy said. She smiled and took Rory's face in her hands, kissed
her on the mouth. "Girls are always better than boys."

"Do you wanna do it again? Cause I sure do."

Buffy laughed and said, "I'd love it, but honestly, I'm getting waterlogged.
Let's get out."

With that she pushed back the glass shower door and stepped out of the tub,
grabbed a towel and began drying off. Rory shut the water off and got out
too, and both girls quietly dried their bodies and got dressed. Once they had
all their clothes back on Rory said, "So, what do we do now? Should I give
you my number and you give me yours? Or do girls in love generally move in
with each other at this point?"

Buffy laughed again, a larger laugh than before, indicating that what Rory
had said was more funny than charming. Rory didn't really care for laughs
like that, especially when she wasn't really kidding. Buffy had been dead on:
Rory had fallen in love with her. Or at least developed a monster crush. But
before she could say anything Buffy was opening the bathroom door and saying,
"Come on, Rory, let's get the hell out of here."

"I don't know if we should go out there," Rory said. "There might still be
boys with overly aggressive cocks lurking in the corners or something."

"Don't be silly," Buffy said, "they're done with us. They're either
downstairs getting even more drunk than they already are, or they're passed
out somewhere, or they're busy victimizing some other poor girl. Now is the
best time to escape. Come on."

Rory let Buffy take her hand and lead her out into the common area, which,
she saw, was devoid of people. They gathered up what clothes they could find
(no bras, panties, or socks anywhere) and got dressed, then went down the
stairs to the living room. There was still incredibly loud music coming out
of the stereo system, but the action had died down quite a bit; Buffy had
been right, most of the people had left, and most of the ones that hadn't
were laying around on the floor, still as corpses. Buffy turned down the
music, went to the phone and called a cab, then led Rory out onto the porch.
There was a boy and girl sleeping on the front lawn, both of them stark naked
and surrounded by empty beer bottles.

"Shouldn't we wake them up or something?" Rory asked. "They could catch
pneumonia, or get arrested."

"They should be arrested," Buffy said as she sat down on the porch steps.
"They're brother and sister."

"Oh, the decadance." Rory squinted as she peered at the naked couple, trying
to see a resemblance.

"Forget them, sweetie. Come down here and give me some sugar."

Rory sat next to Buffy, and for the next ten minutes or so they made out,
french kissing and fondling each other's breasts until the cab arrived. They
went out to the car and Buffy held the door open for Rory.

"Such a gentleman," Rory said..

She got into the cab and scooted over to make room for Buffy, but Buffy
didn't get in. Instead, she just leaned in and gave Rory a peck on the lips,
then said, "I'll call you."

"What? Aren't you going home too?"

"Sweetie, I am home. This was my party."

"Oh," Rory said. She thought about the destruction the partyers had made in
the house and said, "Man, your parents are gonna ground you for a decade."

"No, they won't. I'll have the place straightened up and repaired long before
they get back from their vacation. Have a good night, Rory, and thanks."

"But wait," Rory said. "I didn't-" the door shut in her face and the cab
started to move. As she watched Buffy wave goodbye and get further and
further away, she finished her sentence. "-give you my phone number."

"Where to, Miss?" the cab driver, a balding man in his forties, asked. Rory
gave him her address and he raised his eyebrows in the rear view mirror.
"Yale, huh? You a college kid?"

"Your deductive skills are amazing," Rory replied glumly.

"Say, you wouldn't happen to be one of those part time hooker types, would
ya? Cause if you are, I could shut this meter off."

Rory surprised herself by actually considering the idea for a moment. After
all, why not? She'd already gotten ridiculously blasted at a college party,
smoked dope, got laid by a boy she hardly knew, got gangbanged by a battalion
of boys she wouldn't have been able to pick out of a line up, drank a glass
of come, had her first lesbian experience and fell hopelessly in like, and
then got brutally dumped, all in one evening. Why not just become a whore
too? Round out her Full College Experience.

Rory sighed, closed her eyes, and said, "Maybe some other time. I just wanna
go home."

"Whatever you say, hon," the cabbie said. But as he drove Rory back to Yale,
he kept glancing in the rear view mirror, watching his gorgeous little fare,
hoping that she passed out before he got to her destination.



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