The characters from the Gilmore Girls are the property of Amy Sherman/Warner
Bros. I'm just borrowing them.

Gilmore Girls: Gilmore Girlfriends Part 1 (Ff,inc)
by LL

It all started innocently enough. If I'd have known that it was going to lead
to me becoming my Mom's sex toy I'd have. well I'd have done exactly the

Mom's work had decided to have a big formal dinner at a swish new restaurant
and club; partners invited. Except Mom had one problem; she was going through
a dry spell sex wise. I tried my best to help and came up with a list of
eligible men who Mom might want to invite. She's is way too fussy; they were
too fat, too thin, too old, too young, too married, not married because the
State doesn't allow gay marriages.

Eventually I put down the list after Mom had turned down my final suggestion
of the Trash Collector, "He's got a nice smile, but his paunch is so big I
think he might be pregnant."

I admit I was stumped. It looked like Mom would have to go on her own.
Hopefully, there are enough couples that she'd only have to be the spare
wheel for ten minutes with each of them. Mom was desperately trying to avoid
that fate; as she had told me there's not much worse than the pitying looks
people in pairs give someone sitting on their lonesome.

"There's nothing for it," she suddenly said, "you'll have to come to keep me

I whined and pleaded. It was a Friday night; I wanted to be with my friends;
everyone there would be ancient. None of it did any good. When Mom gets what
she thinks is a good idea even a nuclear holocaust won't put her off. Still,
at least I managed to talk her into getting me a new dress and allowing me to
have a few drinks with my meal.

* * *

I sat in the living room waiting for Mom to come down. Outside the cab
honked it's horn again. I could hear Mom opening the bathroom mirror and
shouting down, "We'll just be a minute," before slamming the window shut.

A few minutes later she came downstairs. She looked divine. She had styled
her hair so fashionably she could have passed for a teenager. She gave me a
quick curtsey and smile; the ruby red lipstick lit up her face.

"Are you ready?" she said. Her black dress was cut short at the sides,
exposing her calves as she walked. It was also cut in such a way at the top
that it exposed enough cleavage to be daringly sexy, without descending
into sluttishness. I followed her out. Her high heels were designed to both
accent the shape of her legs and to give her hips that light swing that men
staring at a woman's ass love.

There was no doubt about it. Mom was on the pull. I groaned inwardly. That
meant I'd be sitting at my own at the table whilst Mom chatted to any
single man who a) showed interest and b) had teeth. And I'm not sure if she
was that fussed about option b).

The less said about that night the better. As I suspected after the meal
Mom had started doing the rounds of anything wearing trousers. I sat at the
table on my own, continually filling my wineglass. Now, I've had a few
drinks before. Mom isn't one of these totally up-tight women who won't let
their kids touch a drop until they're twenty-one. But when Mom and I open a
bottle of wine I'm only allowed it in moderation - I don't think I've ever
drunk more than one and half small glasses.

As I was sitting there on my own, not talking to anyone, no one could tell
how drunk I was getting. And that included me. I noticed that people had
got up from their tables and were dancing politely to the crooner on stage.
In my state I decided that not only would it be a good idea to join them,
but that I should liven up the sedentary with a Highland Fling.

Which is how seconds later I found myself sitting on my ass, with everyone
in the place looking at my panties. I sat there stupefied for a moment and
then I felt someone hands on my arm, lightly tugging me up.

"Okay Rory," said Mom, "We better get you home."

The night air did nothing for my drunkenness and I was still well gone when
the cab driver pulled up outside our house. Mom struggled for a few seconds
to put the key in the lock, as I struggled to stay upright. Even as I
looked at Mom I swear I could see her titties wobbling and expanding. They
were a damn fine pair, and I wondered why I'd never noticed that whilst

You think going ass over tip I'd have done my share of stupid things for
the evening. I obviously hadn't.

Mom opened the door and turned to me. And that's when I threw myself at her
and not in a tackle to the ground type of throw either. I literally jumped
into her arms and wrapped my legs round her back, all I can say is lucky
Mom is stronger than she looks or I'd have bounced my ass on the ground for
the second time that night.

My lips pushed against hers and I squeezed tight. I could see Mom's face
and it wasn't the look I got when I kissed a boy. She dropped me to the
ground, none to gently and took my wrist before I could leap again.
Actually I wasn't going to. I already felt pretty stupid and also the front
yard seemed to have decided to take off.

"Let's get you to bed, young lady," said Mom.

With Mom's help I tottered to my room. It whizzed around like a whirlpool
and it took a lot of effort to make the bed stay still long enough for me
to fall face down on it.

And that's all I remember.

* * *

I don't think teenagers would drink alcohol if anyone properly explained
what a hangover is like. When I came too my mouth was like the Sahara
desert. I'd have got up and got myself a drink of water, if it wasn't that
every time I moved someone drilled into my skull.

I lay there weakly as the memories started to come back. As if being ill
wasn't enough I'd thrown myself at my Mom like I was a cheap three-penny
hooker. I opened my eyes and saw the dress I had been wearing folded over
my chair. Mom had stripped me to my bra and panties before letting me sleep
it off.

Eventually my head felt like it was only an elephant walking through it
rather than a herd and I hoisted myself out of bed. I slipped into a robe
and staggered downstairs.

Mom was sitting at the kitchen table, reading the paper. She looked up as I
came in.

"How are you feeling?" she smiled and poured me some juice. I gratefully
gulped it down and then drank the refill, anything to avoid having to talk
to Mom.

I couldn't avoid it however, "Mom, about last night."

She interrupted me, "Don't worry; we all do things when we're drunk. And I
guess anything I do won't be as bad as your hangover."

She was damn right there.

"And Rory," she gave me a teasing smile, "If you're going to make out with
someone best to use a little tongue."

* * *

I thought it had ended there. Very drunken daughter makes a clumsy pass at
Mom, Mom brushes her off and daughter sobers up and thinks, `I'm an idiot.'
Of course it wasn't the end, not even close.

A few weeks later Mom got a promotion and with it a hefty pay rise. On
Friday, two weeks to the day since my drunken escapade, we went out to
celebrate; just the two of us. It was the first time I'd touched alcohol
since then. Sharing a bottle with Mom my intake was much more modest,
though we were both pleasantly tipsy when we left to walk home.

Our inhibitions had been lowered and as we started to walk home arm in arm
our conversation became much smuttier. It started with me telling Mom about
the boys I'd kissed. Then she described how I'd been conceived - in graphic
detail. I upped the ante by describing how I'd like to finger myself in the
shower. Mom still beat me by describing how she had a dildo in her bedside
drawer, with which she frequently pleasured herself.

When we got home Mom poured us both a large helping of wine and we sat
cross-legged on the sofa.

"So," said Mom, "what did the boys think about your kissing skills?"

"Mommm.. I don't know. I enjoyed it though."

"Well as they didn't come back for more I guess they didn't," Mom said and
I hoped she was being more blunt than she intended.

I don't think she was as after she taken a gulp of wine, she continued,
"And that's because, Rory, you're kissing is terrible."

I blushed as Mom gave a critique based on her very limited experience of me
when drunk.

Finally I managed to butt in, "Fine; show me how's it done," I said.

She took another gulp of wine and stood up, "Okay then. Come here."

I stood in front of her. Mom put her arms on my shoulders and put her hands
together round the back of my neck. She pulled me closer and then gave me a
peck on the lips.

"That's." I was about to say `useless', but I didn't get a chance as Mom's
lips touched mine again. Except this time she opened them slightly so they
rubbed against mine, giving me a little tingle. I followed her example and
opened my mouth slightly.

We practised like that for a short while and then Mom moved into `kissing
stage three'. Her tongue slid from beneath her lips and pushed mine further
apart so that it slid into my mouth. I almost choked in shock, but not
quiet. I had to admit that feeling Mom's tongue inside me wasn't
unpleasant. In fact it was giving me a very funny feeling in my pussy.
Making out with Mom was turning me on.

"Like it?" Mom asked.

That would be an under-reaction I felt, but I'm a typical stroppy teenager,
so all I managed was, "It wasn't bad."

Mom arched an eyebrow at me. I had the grace to blush.

"Well we better try some more," said Mom and came in again.

This time I knew what was coming and so responded naturally. My tongue
clamped against Mom's and we both fought to control each other's mouths.

Then Mom's unclasped her hands. I wondered if this was a hint that the
lesson was over, but Mom's enthusiastic tongue movements told me it wasn't.
I discovered what she was doing with her hands when I felt the tip of her
fingers slide in the top of my jeans. I momentarily cursed the tightness as
Mom's fingers jammed in at the top.

Mom did break then, "If you unbutton it'll help," she instructed and then
resumed making out with me.

I did as I was told and with one hand unbuttoned my jeans. I expected Mom's
hand to nestle on top of my panties, which would have been further than I'd
been with any boy. She didn't. Her hands slid beneath the denim and then
beneath my cotton knickers, so that I could feel her hands rubbing on the
flesh of my butt cheeks.

I knew this shouldn't turn me on. After all we were only practising, I told
myself. But at the same time those feelings in my loins were getting
stronger, more than any other time.

I knew I had to break the kiss and by a supreme act of willpower did so. I
looked at Mom, she was breathing heavily, her tits heaving as she did so.
Her face was red, but with pleasure not shame.

Her hand came up and brushed my cheek, "You're beautiful," she whispered.

And my willpower left me as I looked into her eyes and replied, "So are

"Rory, would you lick me out?" asked Mom as naturally as if she was asking
me to take out the trash.

"Sure, Mom," I replied calmly. In truth I was terrified. A few of the girls
at school had told me what it was like to have oral sex, but they hadn't
told me how to do it. I guessed I'd just have to make it up as I went
along. After all, I reasoned as I knelt down in front of Mom, how hard can
it be.

Mom had undone her jeans for me. I gripped the hem and pulled them down to
Mom's ankles, allowing her to step out of them. In front of me I could see
Mom's white panties. I gripped the elastic, aware that if I pulled them
down I was going to pass over an invisible line. My hesitation only lasted
for a moment.

It had been several years since I'd seen Mom's cunt, when I accidentally
wandered in when she was having a bath. Then she had a very hairy beaver,
but sometime since then she must have decided to go Brazilian as the slit
which was in front of my eyes was a smooth as marble. I waited nervously
whilst Mom stepped out of her panties.

Before I could start Mom spoke again, "Rory; don't go straight in. Start
with some licking and teasing round the edge."

I nodded and licked my lips. They were dry with tension. I moved closer, my
nostrils inhaling the musky aroma that was coming from Mom's pussy. I could
see a trickle of jizz on lips and I slid my tongue over it to lap it up.
There was too little to taste, but I could hear Mom give a moan, "Rory,"
she murmured.

I repeated the movement and again there was a satisfied sound from Mom. I
pursed my lips and kissed the flesh beside the pussy, moving out my tongue
and rubbing it against the smooth skin. I felt Mom's hand lightly on my
shoulder as she shuddered under my touch.

With Mom pleased reactions I began to grow more confident and I began to
run my tongue all around her pussy lips, until they were covered both in my
spittle and her cum

"Oh.. Oh.. Put it in now, please, lick me out," Mom sobbed. Her hands were
gripping my shoulders more tightly, squeezing her fingers into my flesh, so
I did as she asked.

As soon as my tongue entered her wet twat I could taste her juice. It
fizzed against my tongue and as I lapped it entered my throat and splashed
against my tonsils. I rolled about trying to find Mom's clit. A hard bit of
skin and a shriek from Mom told me when I found it.

I rammed my tongue into it. With each dart I could feel Mom quivering in
pleasure, with each vibration growing in intensity as I worked her towards
orgasm. A deluge of Mom cum entered my mouth as she came. Her hands let go
off my shoulders as she exploded like a live wire.

"Rory, Rory, ohhhh fuck, Rory."

I looked up at her, aware that I was blushing bright red. Mom looked down
at me, "Rory, that was. that was awesome."

I stood up, suddenly aware of what I'd done, "Yeah Mom. I'm tired. I'll see
you tomorrow."

I fled to my bedroom.

* * *

I struggled to sleep that night - not even my normal relaxation wank could
help. In fact it made it worse, as all I could think about as my finger
slid into my hole was Mom's pussy. When I did manage to finally nod off my
dreams were erotic, but disturbing, visions of Mom and I, intertwined and

The sun was streaming through the crack in my curtains by the time I awoke.
It wasn't the light playing over my face that had woken me.

"Morning," said Mom, "How's my slutty daughter?"

She was sitting on my bed, wearing a tiny nightie. I guessed it must have
been new, as I'd have noticed if my Mom wandered around the house in a
piece of see-through material that barely reached below her belly button. I
blushed - the memories of the last night were still fresh.

"I'm not slutty," I whined - though the evidence in my defence wasn't

"You munched pussy on a first date," countered Mom.

"It wasn't a date." I replied.

"Even sluttier," responded Mom. Then she pulled back the bedclothes and
climbed into bed beside me.

For a moment my sleep befuddled brain wondered whether I should tell her to
leave. Fortunately, her mouth enclosed mine and stopped me saying something
I might later regret. Mom wriggled about and ended up lying on top of me.
Her large tits crushed down and I could feel the hardness of her teats,
through the thin material.

We slurped away greedily at each other mouths for a few minutes, before I
felt her hand moving down and pulling up the hem of my T-shirt. I didn't
wear panties at night so there were no further obstacles to Mom as she
started to push a finger into my slit.

I gasped and broke the kiss, "Mom, what."

She smiled at me, "I'm about to give you an orgasm."

I lay back and Mom's mouth closed onto my neck, which she began to kiss and
lick in time with the thrusts of her finger. I let out a moan as her finger
banged against my clit.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Mom," I muttered into her ear.

Her digit prodded away. I could feel a growing dampness in my pussy spread
down into my thighs. Having someone else finger me, even my own Mom, was
much better than doing it myself I decided. The hot flush coursing through
my body made my toes curl in pleasure and I let out another groan.

I was building up. Mom sensed how near I was and began to thrust faster. I
let go a shriek of joy as the mind-blowing orgasm almost shattered me like
a mirror.

Mom withdrew her finger and put it in her mouth. She sucked away my juices
with the seductiveness of a naughty schoolgirl feasting on a lollipop.

"How would you like a treat?" she asked.

"You mean that wasn't?"

She laughed, "No. well yes it was. But I meant how would you like breakfast
in bed?"

Normally the only time I ate in bed was when I was ill and then it was
normally nothing more than some dry toast and orange juice. It seemed like
this was going to be a strange weekend. I nodded, "That'd be great Mom."

She slipped out of my bed, "Okay let me go and rustle something up - on one

"What's that?"

"You better be totally naked when I come back."

I think I was out of my night clothes even before Mom had left the room.

It didn't take her long to return with breakfast. However, it wasn't the
waffles that held my attention, but the fact she slipped on a large strap-
on. It bounced as she walked in and I looked at it with rapt attention -
ten inches of rubber dong has that impact on a sixteen-year-old I guess.

Mom put down the breakfast tray on the bed. Then she looked down at the
dong, before giving me a naughty grin, "Like it? Let's up our calorie level
and then we can work it off."

I wolfed down breakfast so fast I almost choked. When we had finished Mom
took the tray and put it on my desk, before pulling back the covers. My
naked body was exposed to Mom's lascivious gaze, but I didn't care. In fact
I spread my legs so Mom could get an even better look at my pink pussy.

I could see Mom lick her lips with anticipation. Her hand reached out and
rubbed across my lips. I let out a light moan, a mixture of pleasure and
anticipation. I moaned louder as Mom's finger slipped between my labia. She
swirled her finger round the top of my hole.

"Is it virginal?" she suddenly asked.

"Mommm." I said in shock. We had a pretty open relationship, but this was
something she shouldn't be asking. Then I gave a laugh. I was lying naked
with my Mom's finger in my cunt and I was embarrassed about Mom asking
personal questions.

"I guess," I replied, "I've put a couple of fingers in their, but nothing

Mom poked in deeper, sliding her finger downwards until I could feel it
deep within me. She looked at me with a quizzical expression, "You sure?
There's no hymen."

"Gymnastics, Mom. You trying do the splits and keeping yourself intact."

"Wow - I'll be your first," Mom was half talking to herself. She pulled her
finger out and gave it a little lick.

Crouching over me, Mom took the cock in her hand and began to guide it
towards my hole, "Rory, grip your pussy lips and pull them apart."

I did so, enlarging the hole enough that Mom was able to place the tip of
the dong within me. I groaned as the rubber grazed along my flesh. Mom
paused and for a few seconds the cock nestled within me, then gradually she
resumed pushing it in.

It was a tight squeeze. My pussy had never had anything so big within it
and at first there was a feeling of discomfort. I gritted my teeth and
gripped at the bedding. But as Mom pushed the cock in my twat walls fell
back and lapped round the cock, so that I could feel every scrape and bump
rushing against me. Electric signals raced from my cunt to my brain and
returned back in waves of pleasure.

"Mmmm," I let out a loud sigh of contentment, "Yike!" I gave a larger yelp
as the end of toy pushed against my clit, sending stronger signals
throughout my body.

Mom was on top of me. I could hear her breaths and feel every movement of
her diaphragm. They were coming in short bursts, which I guessed was from
excitement as she had hardly begun to exert herself yet. One of her hard
nipples brushed against my own solid teat. It took only a slight movement
for our titties to move and the nipples started to continually rub against
each other.

"Ready?" asked Mom.

She was already levering herself up, so I didn't bother to reply. Her body
crashed down on mine. Our tits bounced against each other like a plateful
of jellies in an earthquake. However the feeling I got from feeling her
nipples bang into mine was outweighed by the burst of pleasure which rose
from my cunt where her dildo slammed against my bud.

"Oooohhhh" I gasped. My head went back deep into the bedding as Mom started
doing push-ups on top of me.

"Fuck," went Mom, "fuck, fuck, fuck.."

A thin sheen of perspiration had appeared on her forehead, the fruits of
the speed and force of her movements. It wasn't the only liquid we were
producing, juice from her pussy was sliding down the cock or dripping out,
to mix with my own as the cock lubricated my insides.

I gave a scream of pleasure as an orgasm racked my body. It was better than
anything I had ever managed on my own, sending shivering sensations through
me and curdling my insides.

I expected Mom to stop and pull the cock out. She didn't. She did pause and
wait for me to regain some composure. Then she spoke again, "Rory, wrap
your legs round me."

"Like this?" I asked as I moved my legs so that they enfolded her thighs in
a vice like grip.

"Yes, like that," said Mom and started to thrust into me again. She went
deeper than before as I pushed at the back of her; I think that may have
been her plan. I let go off the bedding and wrapped my arms round her back,
rubbing at Mom's smooth skin with my nails. This excited Mom even more. Her
cries of `fuck, fuck,' began to merge together, to be interrupted by pants
of breath.

The second orgasm was even more mind-blowing than the previous one. My arms
and legs fell away; my back arched and I let out a yell that would have
done Tarzan proud.

Above me Mom continued to pound. Her face was red and the sweat was
streaming of her like a waterfall. She was no longer able to speak - the
only sounds she was making were grunts of exertion, as she struggled to get
in enough oxygen. None of this seemed to slow her or interrupt her rhythm.
I say this for Mom she was making sure my first fucking was special.

I lay back and enjoyed the rubber dong banging against my clit. With each
stroke I knew I was getting nearer to yet another orgasm. I could feel
myself building up and hear my own little grunts and cries of pleasure.

"Ohhhh fuck. Yeesss, yesss, yess. Mom," the orgasm's intensity dwarfed that
of the previous ones. If Mom hadn't been on top of me I think I'd have
floated off the bed.

Mom rolled off me onto my arm. I pulled myself closer to her, until I could
feel the warmth of her breath ruffling through my hair.

* * *

I must have drifted off. When I woke Mom was gone. For a few seconds I was
unsure whether it had been a dream, but there was still the damp musk of
sweat in the air and my cunt was sore, but in a nice way. I got out of bed.
Did I get dressed or wander down in the buff? I wasn't sure of the social
niceties of what you do when you've just been banged by your Mom.

Eventually I compromised by pulling a robe over my naked body and wandered

In the lounge Mom was doing some dusting. She hadn't had the same crisis of
conscience as me and was stark naked. She looked up as I came in and gave
me a smile, "I thought I'd let you sleep."

She dropped the duster and walked over to me. Her arms dropped onto my
shoulders and she clasped her hands lightly behind my back, "How's your

"A bit painful," I admitted, "but it was worth it."

Nodding in her most knowing and Mom-like way, "It will do the first time,
especially when you put something that big in it."

She gave me a wicked smile, "I'll tell you what - Mommy will kiss it

She gave me a light push and I took the hint, falling back onto the sofa. I
haven't believed in the magic power of Mom's kisses since I was about five,
but she looked so happy that it seemed churlish to say this. I undid my
robe and pushed the material to each side, leaving my cunt and titties

Kneeling down in front of me Mom pushed apart my legs and waddled between
them. She started to kiss the sides of labia before sliding her hands up to
pull apart my hole. I could feel her lips within my hole, making kissing
motions. It didn't help do anything about the soreness, but I was starting
to give me an another, more pleasurable, sensation which took my mind off

Her tongue darted out and moved down within me. I gave a little jump as it
rubbed against my clit. I thought after all fuckings I'd been receiving
that I couldn't secrete any more cum, however as Mom slurped away within
me, I could feel the juice bubbling up between my lips. Mom slurped it

With Mom inside me I didn't take long to cum again. My fists pounded onto
the sofa and I made sharp guttural noises as my body jerked with the
explosive passions going off within me.

Mom pulled back her head and wiped her lips, "Better?"

I gave a weak nod.

"Sit there and I'll just go and make some lunch."

She came back a few minutes later and gave me a plate of salad, which I

"Aren't you having anything?" I asked as I cleared my plate.

Mom gave a smile, "In a minute. I'll wait until you've done."

When I finished Mom held out her hand and led me to the kitchen.

"Get on the table," said Mom.

As I complied she went to the freezer and brought out a tub of ice cream.

"I thought you were dieting?" I said.

Mom pushed me down so that my back lay on the table, before she replied, "I
think I've done plenty of exercise today."

That was true, I thought. I suddenly gave a gasp as a dollop of ice cream
was dropped into my cleavage.. Warmed by my body it started to gradually
melt and slivers of freezing cream slivered against my tits and down
towards my midriff. I had barely time to get used to it when a second chunk
was dropped onto my belly button. I shivered with the cold, before Mom
dropped a final bit of ice cream on my cunt.

I could feel numbness spreading through my twat as the ice cream seeped
down my hole and across my lips. I could feel the table shudder as Mom
climbed onto the table so that her pussy was directly above my face. I
could see that it was oozing cum and I hadn't even touched it. Mom bent
down over me and noisily ate at the ice cream.

Without a spoon to scoop it up Mom was getting ice cream everywhere.
Spatters of it slid all over my body. Mom chased them gobbling them up and
running her tongue over my frozen flesh, bringing it back to life. As she
ate drops of jizz dropped from her pussy and splashed down on my face. I
put out my tongue and licked away the spots near my mouth, Mom wasn't the
only one savouring a tasty dessert.

She left the ice cream on my pussy until last. It was half-melted by the
time she got to it, the sloppy remains draining into my cunt and freezing
my clit. Mom slurped away at the ice cream on top then licked away at some
of the stickiness coating my thighs. Then she moved her hands and pulled at
my twat lips to allow her tongue to lap up the ice cream within me.

Her table manners were poor as the noise of her slurping wouldn't have
disgraced feeding time at the zoo. However, the way she warmed my clit
meant I was in a forgiving mood and I groaned as the feeling in my clit
came back in a sudden rush of warmth. The ice cream might have been eaten
but Mom continued making sure that I wasn't going to suffer frostbite of
the clit, by ramming her tongue against my bud. Her licks had me quivering
and groaning, and she moved from eating ice cream to jizz.

With a scream I came. Mom got off the table and gave me a look, "You better
go and have a quick shower," she said, "you're very sticky."

* * *

I could hear Mom banging about in my bedroom. I finished drying myself and
put away the towel. The robe hung on the back of the door. I didn't put in
back on. I was sure Mom wouldn't complain about me wandering around naked -
I think she'd approve.

In my room Mom was leafing through the clothes hanging in my wardrobe. On
the bed was the black cocktail dress she brought me a couple of weeks
before. She turned round as I came in, "I thought we might take some
pictures of you. Do you want to get dressed?"

I sighed and did as I was told, "I was hoping for some more fun," I said as
I slipped the cocktail dress over my head.

"What do you think the toys are for?" said Mom and gestured to a bag beside
the bed, that I hadn't looked at before.

I peeked into it. There were at least half a dozen different dildos in
there. I gave a whistle of appreciation - I never knew Mom had so many sex

The first few pictures were tame. Me standing with a hand on my hip and
sitting on the bed looking demurely at the camera with my hands in my lap.

"Let's get a bit more daring," Mom said, "How about showing me a bit of

I stood up and pulled down my strap, lowering the dress so my right tittie
burst over the material and stood exposed. Mom snapped away as I dropped
the other strap and pulled down the dress to my midriff. I gave a wiggle
and my tits bounced, though sadly the camera wouldn't pick up their

I continued to pull down the dress, slipping it past my pantyless pussy.
Mom moved in closer for some close-ups and I used my fingers to pull apart
my slit, so Mom could get some very gynaecological shots of my hole.

"Stick a couple of fingers up your cunt," ordered Mom.

I did so and began to frig at my bud. Mom snapped photo after photo, some
of my whole body, others of my rapidly juicing cunt and a few of my face as
I gasped and groaned in excitement. Mom briefly put the camera and rooted
around in the bag, coming out with a thin six-inch toy. She passed it to
me, "You ought to have a go with this. I can highly recommend it."

She was right - it hit the spot. I finished pulling off the dress and
dropped onto my bed. Legs agape I began to stuff the dildo up my slot,
until I was screaming in ecstasy and the bedding was damp with my juice.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with me posing in a variety of outfits
and with a multitude of toys up my cunt. I lost count of the number of
times I frigged myself to orgasm and Mom must have taken thousands of
photos, so many that she kept have to take a break to download them to the

Exhausted, finally I went to have a shower to wash the dry cum off my
thighs, whilst Mom went to make dinner.
_ _ _

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