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Gilmore Girls: Gilmore Girlfriends Part 4 (Ff,inc,anal)
by LL

Not many houses have a pole in the middle of the main room. Neither did ours until a few days ago and the handyman who installed gave me and Mom some curious looks as he drilled it to the ceiling. However, he didn't need to ask why as Mom said that she'd read somewhere that Pole Dancing was as good exercise as a swim. Not that either Mom or I needed it for that - we got our exercise in a more enjoyable way.

I'd been practising on it for the last few days, whenever Mom wasn't around. I didn't want to spoil the impact on Mom seeing me dance by having her watch my practice moves - winding yourself seductively round a pole is much more difficult than it looks.

Still all was now ready. I steeled myself and looked in the hall mirror, the blue spangling hotpants were fetching and clung to my ass in a way that showed its best curves. The matching bra did the same, but for about the hundredth time since I'd promised Mom a dance I just wished my titties were bigger. It was too late now; I couldn't just wander off and have a quick boob job. After all Mom was waiting for me.

When I left to get changed she'd been sitting on the sofa sipping a glass of wine. And she knew I was ready as I called her to start playing the CD I'd burnt earlier. Through the door I could hear it playing the brief introductory song. There was a pause and as the first bars of 'Hit me one more time' rang out I opened the door and strode in.

Mom glass was half-raised to her lips, but she paused and whistled, "Way to go Rory."

Like a good dancer I ignored her interruption and swung myself round the pole. I could feel the smooth metal against my skin as I wrapped myself round it, before swinging away, holding onto it with one hand. Mom put the half-empty glass on the table and gave me a light clap. As I moved back to the pole, twisting my back against it, Mom leant forward and licked her lips.

The dance slowly got more seductive as I held my hands behind my back, gripping the pole and leant forward. Inwardly I cursed my titties being so small, if they'd have been larger they'd have almost popped out. Mom didn't seem to mind, she just licked her lips again and then gulped.

Pulling myself back up, I slid round the back of the pole in a circle. By the time I got to the front again my hotpants were lying behind me and all that was left covering my modesty was a very small heart shaped thong. I let go off the pole again; putting my hands behind my head I stepped in front of Mom and swayed. If I carry on with this dancing Mom's never going to have to buy lip-balm again. She feverishly dipped into the purse sitting next to her and pulled out a bundle of ten-dollar bills. I stepped closer and allowed her to slip the money into the thong elastic, before stepping back.

"That's your allowance for the next month," Mom said and then made a grasp for my ass.

I twirled away and grinned at her, "No touching."

Mom gave a groan and fiddled with her jean buttons, as I danced back to the pole. Still she deserved a reward for increasing my allowance, so I slipped out of the bra and threw it towards her. Mom caught it with the hand not down her pants. She moaned in frustration as I grabbed the pole again and levered myself forward, my tits exactly in her eyeline. I shook my body so they bounced and then slowly pulled myself up and twisted myself round the back of the pole.

I positioned myself so that the pole slid into the gap between my tits. I crouched down; the metal felt, both cool and comforting as I rubbed it between my tits. Mom gave another moan as I slid my way up, "Damn that's too hot, Rory."

As I moved down again I could see Mom's hand making small movements beneath her exposed panties. Luckily this wasn't a proper lap-dance club or else Mom would have been thrown out for such wanton behaviour. I slid my thong away, the pole still in between me and Mom. With my slit now bare I rubbed it up and down the pole. It felt good and I could feel my own juices slide against the metal.

I kept myself there, moving up and down until the music stopped. Then I stepped from behind the pole and gave a little curtsey to the appreciative audience.

Breathing deeply Mom pulled her hand from beneath her panties, "Is the no-touching rule still in place?"

"I've finished the dance..."

"Okay upstairs now! I'm going to fuck you to within an inch of your life."

* * *

Mom was exaggerating, but only just. She really fucked me hard and deep, going at it through a series of orgasms until we were both covered in a sheen of sweat and other liquid. I lay in bed recovering as Mom stood over by the wardrobe, removing her strap-on. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, opening them again when I felt the bed move as Mom returned.

I sat up as Mom put down the latest issue of 'Tempting Teens' on the bedclothes covering me. On its front cover a pretty redhead was bending over, hands covering her nipples and a small pair of panties her cunt, "Aren't I enough for you?" I grinned at Mom.

"I've got a small confession," said Mom. She bit her lip and looked uncomfortable, "Turn to page seventy-eight."

I did so.

"Rory Roxx," said the headline in lurid letters. Below it were a series of pictures, spread over five pages - all of me in various states of undress and many seemed to include a toy stuffed deep up my pussy. They were the photos Mom had taken a few weeks back.

I went back to the starter page and read the boxed text out loud, "I'm Rory Roxx. I love fucking with my girlfriend and if she's not around I'm so horny I just need to play with my myself. It's making me wet thinking that she's not the only one who'll be looking at my tight teen slit."

"So is it?" asked Mom, she still looked nervous.

"Is what?" I replied, still not sure what to think.

"Making you wet..." Mom gave me a quick smile, but dropped it as soon as it came and bit her lip again waiting for my reaction.

I looked down at the photos again, "Kinda, a little..." I admitted, "but next time could you ask me first?"

"Of course," Mom looked happy again and she leant forward, kissing the tip of my nose, "It was just I needed some money quick."

I felt a sudden fear in my stomach and it must have shown, because Mom laughed and said, "No, it's not for anything bad. It's just I got an option to rent a secluded cabin for a week and I needed to pay up-front."

I raised an eyebrow, as my stomach returned to normal, "A secluded cabin?"

"Very secluded," Mom replied.

* * *

When I got home on Friday Mom already had the car packed for our vacation, luckily school was off so I wasn't going to miss any lessons. It was a long drive; even with only a brief stop for dinner, it was still the best part of six hours before we drove up the track leading to the cabin. Mom had been right about it being secluded though, for the last fifteen minutes of our journey I hadn't even seen headlights in the distance.

Mom opened the cabin door as I got out our cases. For a second I paused outside the door, and looked at the moonlight shimmering on the lake. Mom came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulder, "Beautiful, isn't it," she murmured.

I nodded. Mom certainly had chosen a heavenly vacation spot. I felt her hands move over my shoulders. A perfect spot and a perfect person to enjoy it with, I mused.

Mom switched on the lights and picked up one of the cases. I took the other and followed her in. I dropped my case on the double-bed, it looked very comfy, which was good as I guessed I'd be spending a lot of the vacation in it.

"Let's have a quick look round before we unpack," said Mom.

The cabin may have been wood, and from the outside had a pioneer charm about it, but inside it was packed with all the modern mod-cons. Opening the fridge Mom took out a bottle of wine and put it on the sideboard, "We'll open it in a few minutes," she said, before taking my hand and leading me from the kitchen.

Central to the main room was the fireplace, logs lay ready packed and a box of matches and pile of paper sat beside it. A large shaggy rug lay in front, it felt good under my bare feet. I nodded approvingly, "Mom, what a great place."

"There's more," said Mom and led me into another room.

"Is that a hot-tub?" I smiled at her.

There was a nod from Mom, "I thought you'd like it. We'll have to have a dip in it tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" I asked.

Mom looked at her watch, "I need to unpack. Tell you what get the fire going and pour some wine and I'll join you in a minute."

I did as she said. Then as an afterthought I stripped naked, turned off the lights and sat on the rug. Mom had the same idea, as she came out of our room naked. In the glittering firelight she looked even more sexy than normal.

She joined me on the rug, so that our legs were intertwined. I passed her a glass of wine and lightly sipped from my own. We talked about little things as we savoured the wine, but Mom had other things also on her mind as I felt her move her leg against mine. My pussy began to tingle in anticipation. I put down the glass, Mom picked it up and then stood, taking it to the kitchen.

"Let's go to bed," she purred as she returned.

I shook my head, "I want you to do me here. In front of the fire."

"Okay," said Mom, she ruffled my hair, "Let me go and get a toy."

She went into the bedroom. I swivelled so that the first thing she'd see when she returned was my ass - it'd had been at least a week since I'd had a bit of anal and hopefully Mom would get the hint of what hole I wanted her to use tonight. She guessed right, "You want it up the ass Rory?"

I nodded, turning my head to give her my best little girl smile. Mom grinned back and ran her hand over the nine inch dildo she had strapped to her cunt.

"Give it me the way I like it Mom," I purred back.

"Lucky I lubed up them," Mom laughed. I turned away from her and waited for the initial burst of pain. I could feel Mom's hands wandering over my cheeks, massaging them gently before she pulled them apart as far as they would go.

Even with the lube there was a stab of pain as Mom started to push in the toy. Not that I minded, I know Mom loves fucking my butt as much as I enjoy having it fucked and I love making Mom happy. And from past experience I knew the orgasms she'd give me would be mind blowing.

I gave a grunt as Mom continued to ease the solid hunk of rubber up me, then a little whine of pain as scraped at me, finally a gasp of appreciation as I felt Mom's thighs against my ass and knew it was fully in. Mom's hands left my cheeks and she gripped my waist tightly, as she waited for me to get used to the cock before banging me.

When I stopped squirming she said, "Ready?"

"Yeah Mom, fuck your little girl's ass."

"And what a cute ass it is," replied Mom as she pulled the dildo half way out. There was another painful jolt as it slammed back in, but this time it was joined by a burst of pleasure. As Mom levered herself in and out the hurt went away and all I could feel were the electrical shocks jolting my body as I built to orgasm.

Mom has this terrible habit of being able to tell when I'm about to cum. She paused each time, allowing the pre-orgasm to slightly die away before resuming. Which was why after thirty minutes of having my butt fucked I was sweaty and red from the heat of the fire, had imprints of carpet in my knees and palms, but hadn't yet orgasmed.

I was just starting to think that Mom would never let me come when I felt another pre-orgasm starting to rush up.

"This time," grunted Mom. She was panting heavily.

Her thighs slapped against my buttocks in a quick rhythm and then I felt the orgasm explode.

"Oh God, oh my fucking God," I squealed. It felt like the fire was engulfing me entire body, it was like being drowned in a volcano. Except it was so good.

I couldn't hold myself up as the orgasm tore away my strength. My arms gave way and I fell face down onto the rug. Distantly I felt Mom pulling the cock out of my ass. I dropped down fully and lay across the rug.

"Mom that was great, better than ever."

Mom smiled at my compliment, "You're getting so much better yourself, I'm only doing half the work." She lay down beside me and slipped an arm under me, drawing me close.

"You're doing the most important bit," I replied. There was no response from Mom, just the gentle nuzzling of her teeth on my ear lobe.

We lay like that for hours, until the fire had gone out and the embers were cool. Only then did we get up and head into the bedroom.
_ _ _

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