Gilmore Girls: Hot Night With Lorelai Part 5 (M/F,Ff,F-mast,inc)
by Terry Webster

"Fuck me harder! HARDER!

Lorelai sunk her nails into Trey's buttocks, forcing his cock deeper into
her cunt. The pair lay upon her large bed, their bodies sweating from their
exertions. Trey grunted at the pain of Lorelai's attack and increased the
tempo of his thrusts into the woman beneath him. Lorelai bucked to meet
those thrusts, her face twisted with fury.

"Damn you, cum in me! Cum! CUM!"

Trey could feel the pressure building up through his body. He began to piston
his hips harder, as his cock erupted in the depths of Lorelai's body.

"GGOOODDDDDDDD!!!" He yelled.

Lorelai locked her legs around his waist and pumped back with the same level
of energy. Even though Trey was slowing his thrusts, Lorelai was still
thrusting against him. Weakly, he pushed away from her and rolled onto his
back. Lorelai rose and straddled his waist.

"Make me cum, you son of a bitch!"

"Lorelai, I'm done. I can't..."

"Then eat me!"

Lorelai moved her body up Trey's exhausted form and lowered her cunt onto his
face. Trey could smell his cum on her pussy and pushed her away.


Trey climbed out of the bed and stepped to the bathroom. Lorelai gave a grunt
of exasperation and followed him. She found him pissing at the toilet.

"What's wrong?" She asked evenly.

"I don't eat cum, not even my own," He replied angrily, "That's a fag thing."

"And fucking women in the butt isn't?"

"No. And what would you know about it? We've never done it. You would think
with Rory gone for over a month, we'd..."

Lorelai's face darkened, as she turned and stalked out of the room. Trey
finished his business, cleaned his cock with a tissue, and followed her.

He found the elder Gilmore lying on the bed, thrusting her silver vibrator in
and out of her cunt.

"So I've been replaced by the machine," He observed wryly.

"You know the way out," She stated flatly.

"What is it with you?" He asked, "Is it Rory? Did she find out about us?"

"Just go!"

Trey began to pick up his clothes.

"Maybe I won't be back." He uttered indignantly.

"Then don't!" Lorelai stated.

Trey gave her a defiant look and picked up his clothes. He stepped out of the
room. Lorelai could hear him descending the stairs, followed by the sound of
rustling in the foyer. She knew he was dressing. A few moments later, she
heard the door slam.

'That's it. It's over. One month later than it should have. The bastard!'

Lorelai rose and tossed the vibrator on the nightstand. She returned to the
bathroom and stepped into the shower. She turned the warm water on and let it
cascade over her body.

'I guess that was stupid. Now I have no one. I know he's cheating on me with
Marcy. He probably has a third girl lined up, since his visits have decreased
the past few weeks. But I had to see him. I needed something... anything...
to take my mind off Rory.'

She closed her eyes and placed her head directly under the spray.

'Sex. That's all I wanted for from him, just a few hours from the loneliness.
God, I miss her. But the more Trey and I fucked, the less he could make me
cum. Thank God I was on the pill long before we met, in case Luke and I...'

Lorelai shook her head and stepped from the stall, turning off the water as
she did. She began to towel her body dry.

'Poor Luke. There's no chance I can even look at a man without being reminded
of how I betrayed Rory.'

Lorelai dropped the towel aside and returned to the bedroom. She climbed back
on the bed and laid back, her naked body above the sheets.

'Thank God for Krystal. At least she felt enough sympathy that she drops by
to keep me informed of Rory's status. I can't believe everyone has bought the
story that I sent Rory to live with Krystal's parents while I work on a book.
Yeah, "The Depravity of Lorelai Gilmore". How she seduced her daughter's boy
friend, then, even after learning he was cheating on her as well, still
indulged in sex with him. Why? Because Lorelai Gilmore is nothing but a

Lorelai pulled the pillow over her head and held it tight against her body.

No, more than that. Because Lorelai Gilmore has been having incestuous
fantasies about her daughter... and fantasies about her daughter's best

Lorelai closed her eyes. She had talked to Rory over the phone several times
since she left. The conversations had been polite, but Rory repeatedly stated
she was not ready to come home, despite her mother's pleas.

'So I kept Trey around, simply because I needed to be comforted, so I
wouldn't be alone. And because I was still enough of a whore to want to be
fucked. Even with a user like Trey, I still needed sex more than my dignity.

And then it had happened again, that new feeling. Lorelai remembered
Krystal's visit last week. The girl had found Lorelai home and depressed.
Krystal was able to cheer her up with stories about Rory's happiness at her
scholastic achievements. When Lorelai appeared tired, Krystal suggested a
back rub. The girl pulled Lorelai's top off, laid her on her stomach upon
the sofa, and opened the older woman's bra clasp.

Within moments, Krystal's fingers were dancing across Lorelai's naked flesh,
bringing waves of tingling sensation. Lorelai closed her eyes and thought how
easy it was to become aroused under this girl's touch. She then reminded
herself that this was how it all started... seducing someone close to her
daughter. Besides, Krystal wasn't gay... and Lorelai was still unsure she
herself was bisexual.

But the sensations that Krystal was conveying to the elder Gilmore were
causing the woman to feel moisture between her legs. Lorelai immediately
feigned remembering an "appointment" and sent Krystal politely away. Lorelai
then ran to her bedroom, stripped off her clothes, and played her vibrator
in her pussy with Krystal's face in her mind.

After that, Lorelai found herself with a changed perspective. Men were not as
attractive. She would find herself slyly looking at young women at work, at
the store, walking through the town. And each time, she would wonder what
that woman would be like naked, making love to her, having wild abandoned

Having my head forced between a woman's legs, while she holds my hair in a
vicious grip. A sex slave with the objective to satisfy and be satisfied.

Lorelai rolled over on the bed onto all fours, lifting her body up. She
shoved the pulsating dildo into her pussy, clenching it with her muscles.
Then, with her left hand holding her balance, she reached between her legs
with her right until her fingers settled on her puckered anus. Lorelai was
almost drooling at the vibrations in her cunt, as she pressed her fingers
against her rectum. The middle finger probed into the abyss.

'God, that finger feels good in my ass. I'm glad I didn't give this to Trey.'

Lorelai began to rock between the two sensations. After a few moments, she
lowered herself on her side, her head against the pillow. With her free
hand, she moved the vibrator around and deeper into her pussy. With her other
hand, she dug her middle finger deeper into her ass.

'Oh, Rory, I wish it was your finger in my ass!'

As her body moved in a rhythm, Lorelai tried to bring back the sensation of
her last moments with Rory... their lips locked together, their tongues
battling. Every time she recalled the moment, the kiss was longer, deeper,
and more passionate.

'Come back, Rory, I need you. I need you!'

Lorelai removed her fingers from her ass and rolled on her back, grasping the
vibrator with both hands. Faster and faster, she pounded her pussy.

'Make me cum, Rory! Make your whore mother cum!!'

Lorelai's assault on her pussy increased, as she bucked up against the
vibrator like a woman out of control.


Lorelai's body shook the bed in the throes of its orgasm. As it subsided, she
removed the device from her pussy and began to savagely lick the juices from
it, pretending that they were Rory's.

As she lay back, her sweaty, exhausted body clinging to the sheets, Lorelai
set the vibrator on the nightstand. She rolled her head back on the pillow
and closed her eyes.

A moment later, she began to cry.

* * *

It was a long two weeks that followed. Lorelai seemed sullen at work, though
she still performed her job efficiently. She also found herself withdrawing
from contact with her parents, claiming various excuses from work to illness.

It was the end of two weeks that Krystal stopped by the Inn to see her.
Because of the unseasonable hot weather, she wore sandals, shorts, and a
white transparent blouse that barely covered the powder blue swimsuit bra
that scarcely could contain her breasts in the cups. Seeing they were alone,
Krystal leaned forward over the counter. Lorelai quickly caught herself
from staring at the nubile girl's cleavage and straightened her eyes to meet

"How are you holding up, Mts. G?" She asked in soft whisper.

"I'm all right. How's Rory?"

Krystal leaned in further, causing Lorelai's gaze to momentarily dart down
before returning to Krystal. If the girl noticed Lorelai's interest, she gave
no indication.

"Tomorrow's Saturday and Rory is going to show me this secluded spot on the
river. She said you two used to go there all the time to swim."

"I know the place."

"I was thinking that this might be a good time for you to get together and
talk. It's secluded, so, if there's any argument, no one but us will be
there. In fact, I can disappear for a while and let you two be alone."

Lorelai let out a sigh of anticipation, then her expression turned to

"Do you think she'll see through it?"

"Well, it is hot," Krystal pointed out, "You have as much right to cool off
as anyone else. Besides, I can tell she wants to get back with you. She
misses you more than you know. Believe me."

Lorelai nodded and smiled.

"I'll be there. You think she'll bring a boy friend out there?"

Krystal laughed and stated, "Since Trey, boys are the last thing on her mind,
Mrs. G. See you tomorrow around noon."

With that, Krystal turned and left. As she did, Lorelai still couldn't help
but admire the sway of the young girl's ass as she walked out of the Inn.

'I have to stop. I have to be a good mother again... for Rory's sake.'

* * *

The next morning, Lorelai was fraught with indecision over what to wear. She
stood in her bedroom, fretting over choice of attire. She wanted to appear as
a responsible adult to her daughter, but a part of her still remembered that
last kiss from Rory.

'God, was it as deep as I remember... or is it all just lustful wishful
thinking on my part? I can't think about these sex fantasies any longer. I
have to have my daughter back into my life again... even if it means giving
up all the ecstasy I had hoped for.'

Lorelai laid out her stripped knee length striped shirts next to her
one-piece bathing suit on her bed. She then went to her dresser and removed
two small pieces of cloth. She lay them out next to the other ensembles. They
were parts of a tiny black bikini that Lorelai had bought mail order. She had
planned to stun Trey with them.

After a long moment of indecision, she removed the one-piece suit and tossed
it back to the dresser. As she picked up the bikini, her face screwed into a
wry expression.

In for a dollar...

A little after noon, Lorelai was walking down the path towards the spot by
the river. She was wearing sunglasses, the tight bikini top, the white
blouse, the striped shorts, and sandals. Over her shoulder was slung a small
bag with her keys, two towels, and suntan lotion. As she reached the edge of
the clearing, she stopped short.

There were two towels laid out on the ground, each with a small beach bag
next to it. Krystal laid face down on one of them. She was wearing a bikini,
but the top was in a small pile by the towel. Her naked back glistened in the

The other towel was unoccupied, but Lorelai couldn't fail to notice that two
parts of a swimsuit lay upon it.

A thrashing in the water turned Lorelai's attention towards the river. She
could see Rory's head and shoulders, as the younger Gilmore glided among the
currents. Rory suddenly dived and Lorelai could see her naked backside before
she disappeared beneath the water.

'This is not just going to be hard. It's going to be a test of will... mine.'

With a resigned shake of her head, Lorelai proceeded forward into the
clearing. Krystal spotted her approach and raised her upper body on her arms.
Lorelai was glad that the girl couldn't see her eyes through the sunglasses
widen with lust at the sight of Krystal's breasts.

"I see you made it," Krystal said softly.

"I see you're enjoying the sun," Lorelai observed with a smile.

Krystal looked down at herself, then smiled up at Lorelai and remarked, "You
think this is risqu‚?"

Krystal looked towards the water and Lorelai followed her gaze. The elder
Gilmore suddenly found herself holding her breath.

Rory was slowly wading ashore, her naked body revealing itself to their gaze
a inch or so at a time. Lorelai could see that Rory had been working out.
Her upper body was toned, her breasts seeming firmer than before. As she rose
out of the water to dry land, Lorelai could only marvel at her solid abs, her
buffed legs... and her shaved pussy.

"She's took up working out with me after she moved in," Krystal commented,
"Looks pretty good, doesn't she?"


"She's like a water nymph," Lorelai commented, trying to keep her attraction
out of her voice.

Krystal could tell by the older woman's body language what was going through
Lorelai's mind. Krystal scooped up her top and put it on. She then pulled
sandals and a white blouse from her beach bag. She slipped the garment on, as
she rose to her feet.

"I think I left some water bottles in the car up the trail," She remarked,
"Tell Rory I'll be back in a minute."

Then Krystal leaned in and added in a whisper, "The shaving was her idea."

Krystal smiled at Lorelai's bewildered expression, then turned and moved
across the clearing. In a moment, she had disappeared into the trees. Rory
approached her mother, her eyes following Krystal's departure.

"Where's Krystal going?"

"Er, water bottles."

The two women stared at each other for a long moment. Then Rory reached into
the beach bag and removed a towel.

"Swimsuits out of fashion?"

"Oh, Mother!" Rory admonished, as she dried her body with the towel, "It
wasn't long ago we were lying here naked ourselves."

"I guess," Lorelai agreed, "You look very... fit."

"Thank you," Rory replied with a small smile, sitting down on her towel and
staring up at her parent, "And you look very... Stuffy."

Lorelai's face turned to puzzlement, as she repeated, "Stuffy?"

"You look like you're going to one of grandma's country club pools," The girl
laughed, "You planning on getting a tan or swimming in that ensemble?"

Lorelai looked down and shook her head. She placed her beach bag down and
removed a long towel, She laid it out a few feet parallel to Rory's. She
then removed her sandals and sunglasses, placing them by the bag. As she
straightened up, she could feel Rory's eyes on her.

'Okay. This is it.'

Lorelai unbuttoned her blouse, her eyes not leaving her daughters, and
lowered her arms behind her, allowing the garment to slip from her body to
the ground. She could see Rory's eyes widen at the small string bikini top
that were barely concealing her breasts. Emboldened by her daughter's
reaction, Lorelai slowly unclasped her shorts, letting them slide down her
legs to her ankles. As she stepped out of them she could feel Rory's gaze
on the semi transparent triangle of cloth barely covering her cunt.

Lorelai lay down on her side atop the towel, facing her naked daughter. Rory
stretched out in the same position.

"That's better," Rory commented, "I thought you were going to go on a
repentance kick or something."

Lorelai's face grew sad, as she said, "I have so much to make up for."

"Shhhhh," Rory said, reaching out with her free hand and pressing her
fingertips against her parent's lips.

For a long moment, neither moved. Then Lorelai puckered her lips and kissed
her daughter's fingers gently.

Rory moved her fingers down her parent's throat and across her shoulder. She
could feel the apprehension in the woman's body.

"Do you like the shaving?" Rory asked softly.

Before Lorelai could respond, Rory's fingers reached Lorelai's hand. With a
soft but firm grip, she pulled her Mother's hand to her bald pussy and
pressed her mother's fingers against the exposed lips.

Lorelai knew she should have pulled her hand away but, as her fingers were
led to the sacred treasure, Rory had inched her body closer to hers. Lorelai
could feel her daughter's hot breath on her face.

Lorelai looked at her daughter, the younger woman eyes glazed with
anticipation. Lorelai could feel her fingers press against Rory's mound,
moving into the wet channel. Rory's breath came out in a ragged rush at the
intrusion. Her grip tightened, as Rory pressed her mother's fingers harder
against her sex. Lorelai could feel the moisture running within Rory,
moisture she knew was not from her swim.

Lorelai moved her head towards Rory and their hungry lips collided. Their
tongues slithered through the fleshy barriers and intertwined battling for
domination. As they did, Lorelai increased the friction against Rory's clit.
She could feel her daughter move against her hand, letting herself be finger
fucked by her mother.

'God, I can feel her cum. My daughter's cumming on my hand!'

Rory broke the kiss to take in gasps of air, as her orgasm rocked her body.
Realizing what had just occurred, Lorelai suddenly broke from her daughter
and looked down at her. As Rory's seizure subsided, she looked up at her
mother's face... and smiled.

'NO! Not again! I'm just a damn whore! I can't control myself, even with

Ashamed, Lorelai turned and climbed to her feet. As she took one step
forward, a powerful grip seized the ankle of her other leg. She looked down
to see Rory holding her tight, a look of fierce determination on her face.

"No!" The younger Gilmore cried.

With a yank, she toppled her mother to the ground. With both hands, she
pulled her mother back onto her towel. As she did, her naked body crawled
atop her mother's.

"No, we can't!" Lorelai cried, "It's wrong!"

"Is it?" Rory asked, before pulling her mother's wrists above the woman's
head. Lorelai was surprised by this new strength of her daughter, as well as
the aggressiveness.

Rory again pressed her lips against her Mother's, totally ignoring the older
woman's struggles. Lorelai tried top pull away, but Rory bit at her lip. When
Lorelai gasped in surprise, Rory's tongue thrust into her Mother's mouth.

Lorelai fought against the invasion, but didn't bite the intruder. This was
still her daughter and Lorelai was still the one who hurt her. She felt
Rory's lips travel down her throat, causing the older woman to gasp, as the
girl nipped Lorelai's flesh with her teeth.

When Rory reached Lorelai's chest, she released one wrist. With the free
hand, she ripped the top from Lorelai's body. Without a word, Rory pressed
her mouth against Lorelai's left nipple and began to assault it with her

Lorelai realized she had a free hand now, a weapon to be used against this
attack, but Lorelai just let it lay by her side. She stared up at the sky,
her body beginning to respond to Rory's ministrations.

'Stop. Please stop. Please. God, I love this! Please stop!'

Rory shifted her attention to the other breast. In doing so, she released
Lorelai's other hand. As the girl squeezed and licked her mother's breasts,
Lorelai's hands moved slowly down to entangle themselves in Rory's hair.
For a moment, Lorelai held her daughter's bobbing head gently.

Lorelai then pushed her daughter's head harder against her breast and hissed,
"Yes. Do it. Do me!"

Rory responded by digging her nails into her parent's flesh. Lorelai
responded by bucking against Rory's wet mouth. Rory suddenly let loose of
her treasure and crawled back to clamp her mouth against Lorelai's.

This time the kiss was not uncertain or romantic. It was the animalistic kiss
of two creatures in passion. Lorelai dug her nails into her daughter's back,
pushing harder against her mouth. She could feel Rory's hand slide down her
stomach to creep beneath the triangle of her panties. Rory inserted two
fingers in to her mother's wet mound, an action that caused Lorelai to buck
against her daughter.

"Fuck me. Please fuck me!"

Rory grinned with lust, as she moved her hands to grasp her mother's panties
and rip the flimsy material away. Rory then began to beat her fingers in and
out of her mother's pussy in a rapid piston motion.

"Yes! YES!" Lorelai moaned, "Fuck me. I love you, Rory. Please fuck me."

"I love you too!" Rory replied, increasing her motion.

"Give me your pussy!" Lorelai grunted, "Give me your pussy!"

Rory brought her legs up and maneuvered into a 69, bringing her mound over
her parent's head. As she did, she added her tongue against Lorelai's clit,
as her fingers continued their onslaught.

"Oh, God!" Lorelai yelled, this new action causing her to press her cunt
harder against her daughter's mouth. As she did, Lorelai firmly seized Rory's
thighs and plunged her own mouth against the wet treasure before her.

For long moments, the two women lapped at each other like animals in heat.
Then Rory could feel her mother pull her lower body down further. She felt
Lorelai's tongue travel from her pussy to her asshole.

Lorelai began to lick around the puckered anus, before she pushed her tongue
against it.

"Yes, butt fuck me with your tongue," Rory hissed, "Butt fuck me!"

She could feel her mother push a finger into her asshole. Rory laughed with
delight, as she began to rock back against the invading digit. She returned
to her ministrations on her parent's mound.

She could feel her mother release her grip and fall back against the towel.
Her orgasm was building rapidly and Rory gleefully anticipated the ride. She
licked and bit at her mother's cunt lips. She was rewarded with a flood of
juices, as her mother convulsed against her daughter's in a wave of passion.

Rory lifted herself off her mother and stared down at Lorelai. The elder
Gilmore was trying to catch her breath. Without a word, Rory straddled her
mother's head, pressing her cunt against her lips.

"Make me cum, slut!"

With her waning strength, Lorelai pushed her mouth against Rory's cunt,
lapping at it as hard as she could. Rory laughed and humped against her
mother's tongue.

"Yes! You beautiful slut! Make me cum, you fuck whore!"

If Rory's insults had any effect, it was to make Lorelai increase her

'Cum for me, Rory! Cum for your slut mother! Cum in my mouth!'

As Rory could feel her orgasm building, she suddenly stood up. She then
leaned down, grabbed her mother by the hair, and pulled her to her knees. She
then pushed Lorelai's face against her cunt. Lorelai grasped her daughter's
thighs tightly, as she pressed her mouth as tight as she could, lapping like
a frenetic puppy.

Lorelai could feel her daughter's fingers twisted in her hair, pressing her
head against her body. Lorelai's fingers could feel Rory's flesh starting to

'Now! NOW!'

Lorelai lapped and sucked, as the flood of Rory's juices cascaded into her
mouth. Rory's grip tightened on her mother's head, as her whole body quaked.

Rory collapsed to her knees, her weary body falling into her mother's arms.
The two women held each other up, their tongues snaking out to lick the
juices from each other faces.

Lorelai leaned against her daughter's throat and whispered, "You're right. I
am a slut. I am a whore."

Rory dug her teeth gently into her mother's throat and replied softly, "My
slut! My whore!"

"And what about me?"

Both women turned towards the newcomer in their midst.

To be continued...


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