(If I didn't mention this before, this whole story takes place in Rory's
senior year, when she's past 18, as are Krystal and Trey).

Gilmore Girls: Hot Night With Lorelai Part 6 (FFF,F-dom,inc)
by Terry Webster

Krystal stared down at the Gilmore Girls, who were standing on their knees
upon Lorelai's beach towel, their arms wrapped around each other, holding
their naked bodies close. The juices from their recent sex still glistened
on their mouths.

Krystal still had her beach bag slung over her shoulder, but her clothes were
gone, ostensibly packed in the bag. Lorelai couldn't help but notice the
beads of moisture on her pussy.

"Well," Rory smiled, "Did you enjoy the show?"

"Want to taste how much I liked it?" Krystal inquired in a sultry tone,
holding her hand out to Rory.

Rory started to move towards the invitation but, in a move that surprised
both girls, Lorelai's mouth moved quicker to the exrended digits and
encircled them with her lips. Krystal grinned, as the elder Gilmore moved
her tongue and lips slowly over the fingers. She then pulled back, a grin
of her own to meet the shock of the two girls.

"Very nice," Lorelai remarked, rolling her tongue over her lips one last

"Mother!" Rory exclaimed in amazement.

"Well," Krystal observed, dropping the bag to one side and dropping to her
knees next to the Gilmore Girls, "You certainly have her trained, Rory."

"She did that all on her own," Rory replied with a tingle of pride.

"I wonder what else she can do," Krystal challenged in a light tone.

Lorelai released Rory and wrapped her arms around Krystal, pulling the young
girl's mouth to hers. Their lips parted and their tongues began to duel.

Rory sat back, stretching her legs next to her two lovers. She watched her
mother's lips move from Krystal's mouth to her throat and then to her chest.
Lorelai's lips clamped on Krystal's left tit, beating a rhythm with her
tongue. Krystal's hands entwined into the hair at the back of Lorelai's head
and pressed her harder against her flesh. In response, Lorelai increased her
pressure by nipping at Krystal's nipple.

"God, she is good!" Krystal hissed in pleasure.

Lorelai broke her ministrations and brought her face level with her lover,
looking at Krystal with passionate eyes.

"You don't know how much I wanted you," She whispered lustfully, "Both of

"And we wanted you, Mother" Rory replied proudly.

"Both of us," Krystal added with a short kiss to Lorelai's lips, "From the


Krystal shook her head and gently maneuvered Lorelai down into her daughter's
grasp. Rory spread her legs and allowed her mother to sit between them, the
elder Gilmore's back pressed against the younger's pert tits. Rory wrapped
her arms around Lorelai in a gentle embrace, her fingers embracing her
mother's breasts. She began to pinch her parent's nipples with her thumb and
forefinger of both hands. She licked gently against her mother's throat,
eliciting a soft moan of pleasure from Lorelai, as she seemed to melt into
her daughter's embrace.

"You don't know how much I hated you," Rory suddenly remarked in a matter of
fact tone.

"How did you find out?" Lorelai inquired softly, her body subtlety responding
to her daughter's ministrations.

Krystal slid her body down to where she sat reverse parallel to the older
Gilmore. She lay one hand against Lorelai's thigh and gently rubbed her
fingers against the woman's flesh. Lorelai slightly stiffened at the new
pleasurable sensations the girl was producing.

"You certainly know how to massage," Lorelai remarked, trying to keep the
sounds of joy within her from the double assault.

"You ever make it to that appointment?" Krystal smiled.

The two women exchanged knowing looks, then Krystal's face darkened slightly.

"When Trey broke up with Rory, it hurt her immensely," She explained, "And
just as seem to shut your daughter out."

"Stupid me, I couldn't make the connection," Rory remarked bitterly.

With her free hand, Krystal touched Rory's arm. The younger Gilmore released
her mother for a moment and clasped Krystal's fingers tenderly.

"But it was for the best," Krystal stated in a loving tone, "You see, Mrs. G,
she needed someone for support...someone who could care."

" I thought Trey was the one, Mother," Rory added, "But I was wrong. So

Lorelai could see the love reflected in Krystal's face for Rory.

"When did you discover what was going on between Trey and me?" She finally

"I came home early to find you and Trey on the kitchen floor," Rory answered,
"You were like.animals. And then you joked about a one-month anniversary.
Imagine! My mother had been fucking my boy friend for a month! And you were
laughing...laughing about whether you had initially seduced or raped him!"

Krystal, detecting the slight change of tone, squeezed Rory's hand. She could
see the pain in Lorelai's face at her daughter's words.

"By then, we were already lovers," Krystal declared, "I met the most
wonderful human being in the world and discovered, against all odds, that she
felt the same way. It isn't easy being gay. In Star Hollow, it's impossible."

Rory squeezed Krystal's hand one last time and returned to cradling her
mother in her arms. Krystal stopped rubbing Lorelai with her other hand and
leaned back on both arms. Lorelai could help but admire Krystal's beautiful

"You should have seen her when she came back that night," The girl recounted,
"Crying. Filled with rage. And the plans she made against you. She was going
to tell everyone! Luke. Your parents. Your boss. Trey's parents. The town
council. At one point, she even connived to find some guy to make her
pregnant...just to spite you!"

The younger Gilmore could see the pain in Lorelai's face reflected in
Krystal's face from the last declaration.

"I was crazy!" Rory laughed in embarrassment, placing a gentle kiss between
her mother's shoulder blades, "But Krystal saved me from that."

"How?" Lorelai inquired, glad that the momentary tension in Rory's body had
ebbed away. She relaxed back into her daughter's grip.

"The first thing was to reveal to you the kind of son of a bitch Trey is,"
Krystal explained, "Fortunately, Marcy's love of porn and "trophies" solved
that for us. By the way, she loved the recording. She'll keep it always, even
after she learns Trey is fucking a girl in the junior class."

"God! And a even younger girl," Lorelai moaned in embarrassment.

"Probably fucks her in the ass," Rory remarked off hand.

"Well, he never got mine," Lorelai declared with a touch of relief in her
voice, "No one has."

The elder Gilmore could not see the sly smile that crossed her daughter's
face, but Krystal noticed it and gave Lorelai a smile of her own.

"Good for you, Mrs. G!" She laughed, "Well, anyway, the more your daughter
and I talked to you, the more I realized that Rory, my little fledging
lesbian, was smitten with her mother. All she ever talked about, besides
boiling Trey in oil, was how sexy you were, how hot your body was, how much
naked passion you displayed during sex. She made you sound like a sex goddess
come to Earth. Her enthusiasm had me turned on. So I instructed Rory on some
simple "tests" to subject you to."

"Like the shower," Rory laughed.

"And playing in the river," Lorelai added, a touch of realization in her

"I wasn't asleep when you masturbated here on the beach," Rory confessed,
"And was I surprised when you didn't hiss Trey's name when you came...but

"I suppose you were at the bathroom door after I locked it?" Lorelai inquired
with a tone of dread.

"I could hear my name being called through the door," Rory declared, "You
were fantasizing about me. You don't know how much I wanted to get in there
and finish you myself."

Lorelai slouched sullenly in he daughter's arms and stated, "I told you I was
a slut."

"Then, so am I, because I wanted you as well," Rory hissed, sinking her teeth
slightly into her mother's shoulder, "Now that barrier is down."

"Of course, to be absolutely sure, I had to do some tests of my own," Krystal
noted in a slightly devious tone.

"Like all those tight clothes," Lorelai smiled, "And the massage."

"But the biggest test was staying away from you," Rory lamented, "To see if
you would want me enough to..."

"To come after you," Lorelai finished, "Which I did."

"Don't look so sad," Krystal smiled, climbing to her knees and leaning
forward, "You may have lost a undeserving male, but you did gain two nubile
women to suck, lick, and fuck you to your heart's content."

"Maybe I don't deserve you two. What kind of future could we have?"

"Well, for one," Rory began, squeezing her mother tighter, "We're leaving
Star Hollow."


"That's right, Mrs. G." Krystal continued, "We're going to move to San
Francisco and study at the University of California there."

"And you're coming with us," Rory stated, "Listen to me, Mother. You've
outgrown this town. You can't hang around waiting for Luke or grandmother
and grandfather to control your life. You need a new beginning. You're a
new person now, Mother. Do you want to spend your life curled up with a
good book or your daughter's hot body?"

Rory pinched her parent's nipples at the last question, soliciting a sigh of
pleasure from Lorelai.

"San Francisco a nice town for the "sexually adventurous, Mrs. G," Krystal
stated, "Large lesbian community. Sex clubs. Don't misunderstand, we're
committed to each other as partners. But, as far as sex is concerned, we have
frontiers to explore. Frontiers without men."

"And how will you support yourself, you two?"

Rory and Krystal exchanged glances, then Krystal replied casually, "Well, I'm
going to school by day and be a stripper by night."


"You're repeating yourself, Mother," Rory noted.

"One side note of my Internet research points out that 75% of the strippers
in sex clubs in San Francisco are bi or gay," Krystal remarked, "So, not only
would I be making good money, but I would be occasionally bring my "work"
home with me to share with my roomies"

Lorelai thought about it for a moment, then asked, "I being one of those

Krystal nodded, adding, "Like Rory said, there's no future for you here.
We're over 18 now. We both graduate in a month or so. I think my parents
would be happy to know you are going with us, when I tell them that we
applied to UC San Francisco."

"But more important, we want you with us," Rory stated earnestly, "We
discussed it and you're going to be a part of us, for as long as you want."

"And I think you'll want that," Krystal said, moving her fingers across
Lorelai's flesh, "Our problem is going to be if we rotate our nights sleeping
with you or buy a bed big enough for three."

There was a long moment of silence. A look of concern crossed Rory's face.
Krystal could tell that she wondered if they had said too much at once,
instead of stating their intentions for the future gradually.

"Better get me my own room," Lorelai suddenly suggested, "In case your
parents come to visit. You two being gay is easier to explain than a
incestuous parent in residence. Just make it big enough for three."

Krystal leaned forward and gave Lorelai a deep passionate kiss. As they
broke, Lorelai ran her tongue over her lips, indicating her agreement.

"And would you be a stripper too, Rory?" She asked her daughter.

"Maybe," Rory replied in a sly tone, "I might even work on a mother-daughter

Her daughter squeezed her mother lovingly, bringing a laugh to her parent's

Krystal looked at Lorelai and began to move towards her. Rory suddenly pulled
her parent away from her.

"There's still the matter of Trey," The younger Gilmore declared.

"Oh, yes," Krystal nodded, leaning back.

"I don't understand," Lorelai stated in a baffled tone at the change in

"Well, Mother, we still feel that you should be punished for what you did to
me," Rory explained, cradling her parent's body.


"Mrs. G," Krystal smiled slightly, holding out her hands, "Come here."

Lorelai took Krystal's hands, as Rory released her. Krystal pulled Lorelai
forward until she was lying on her stomach upon the towel. Lorelai startled,
when she felt liquid splash against her naked back. She turned back to see
Rory pouring liquid from a bottle on her naked flesh.

"Sun tan lotion," her daughter replied to her mother's unspoken question.

Krystal moved beside Rory and two pairs of hands caressed Lorelai, as the
lotion was spread across her body. Lorelai laid her head on her arms and

If this is pain, bring it on!

She could feel Rory's fingers move across her buttocks in a gently caressing
manner. Lorelai startled a bit, as Rory seized each cheek in her hands and
spread them apart. Before the older Gilmore could react, Rory dipped her head
into the channel and began probing the puckered hole with her turgid tongue. Krystal smiled, as she moved her oily hands sensuously across Lorelai's shoulder blades.

"Don't worry," The girl murmured, "She does this all the time."

Lorelai lay her head down in her arms and closed her eyes. She tingled at her
daughter's tongue, her lover's fingers.

If this is punishment, don't stop!

After long moments, Rory's mouth withdrew. Lorelai's eyes opened, but she did
not move.

"How does she taste?" She heard Krystal inquire.

She could sense the two girls' mouths meet in passionate combat. A moment
later, they broke apart.

"Mmmmmmmm, just like you," Krystal purred, "Ready?"

Lorelai could sense Rory reaching for her beach bag. She turned her head,
just as her daughter removed a string of plastic beads from her bag. Rory
could see her mother's curiosity. She smiled at her parent, then tilted her
head back, opened her mouth, and dropped the beads into her mouth. Lorelai
could feel Krystal's hands caress her back.

"She's showing off," The girl explained, "She knows they were in me this

Lorelai stared in wonder, as her daughter pulled the beads from her lips one
by one. She then bowed slightly at the waist. Still smiling, Rory moved back
to her mother's ass.

Realizing what was to come, Lorelai put her head against her arm and waited.
She tensed a bit, as she felt Rory's fingers probed at her anus.

"Relax, mother," Rory cooed softly.

Lorelai did her best, as she could feel the beads being pushed one by one
into her rectum. Krystal rubbed her shoulders in sympathy.

"It's uncomfortable the first time, but that will pass," She consoled, "I
wore it for a whole school day last week. The feeling of having it there and
no one knowing...except Rory, of course. She couldn't wait to get home to
pull the ring out with her teeth."

Lorelai smiled at the vision, as she could feel Rory push the last bead in.
She then licked around the asshole one last time in a tender caress, before
moving to Krystal.


"You bet."

Both girls rose to their feet and looked down on Lorelai.

"As part of your punishment, you stay here and watch us," Rory commanded,
"Don't leave this towel!"

With that, Rory took Krystal's hand and the two nymphs ran for the water.
Lorelai smiled in naked appreciation of the two girls, as they plunged into
the water. She wanted to jump up and run after them.

But that's the punishment.To have them just out of reach. Damn, I raised a
smart bitch!

Lorelai settled her head back against her arm, looking at the two beauties at
play. She could feel the fullness in her rectum offset by wetness building in
her pussy.

God, what a life these two have planned for us. Krystal bringing strippers
home to fuck. Exploring seamy sex clubs. Maybe Rory will lead me around a
bondage club, my only clothes a leather hood and a leash. Or maybe the
girls, as a prize for winning some championship, will give me to one of
the women's athletic teams at the University.A wild lesbian orgy with me as
the centerpiece.

Lorelai smiled to herself. The beads were less and less uncomfortable now.
She closed her eyes to absorb the feelings within her.

She felt drops of water hit her head. She tilted her head, opening her eyes
to see the two naked water sprites standing over her. Lorelai marveled at the
beauty of both girls, their athletic bodies covered in water beads glistening
in the sunlight. Lorelai could feel her own mouth water at the sight of
Rory's shaved mound and Krystal's hairy pussy. She moved to raise herself up.

"Down!" Rory commanded.

Lorelai lay back down, her lust still undisguised in her eyes.

"Your punishment isn't over yet!" Rory purred, "You can watch...but no

Lorelai found herself almost mewing in disappointment. Perhaps this "pet"
training is taking hold, she wondered. She felt inclined to lick Rory's hand
as a plea to participate. But she settled for staring up at her daughter with
sad eyes.

Rory smiled at her mother's apparent discomfort, then turned and seized
Krystal's dripping wet body. Their mouths clamped in a kiss of passion. Rory
then broke the kiss and turned around, facing away from her lover. Krystal
pressed her wet body against Rory's back, her hands encircling her body to
grasp the girl's breasts. Lorelai could see Krystal's gentle hands maul her
daughter's breasts savagely, as Krystal bit and nipped at Rory's throat and
shoulders. Rory arched herself back into Krystal's grasp, seeming to urge her
on. Lorelai could feel passion rise in her body. She longed to jump up and
join them.

Rory looked down and a ghost of a smile passed her lips at her mother's
obvious discomfort at being left out. Rory suddenly pushed Krystal away,
whirled about and grabbed the girl by the hair. With a sudden push, she
forced Krystal to her knees. Rory then released Krystal and turned about,
offering her ass to her lover.

Krystal moved her head between Rory's legs and began to lap at her cunt like
a frisky puppy. Rory's eyes lidded, as she absorbed the joy of Krystal's

Lorelai felt like springing on the pair like a jungle cat. The beads in her
butt were reminding her of how much she needed release. She could feel her
mouth turn dry and the sweat rise on her skin and realized that the sun had
very little to do with it.

Rory had now turned her body towards Krystal and the kneeling girl clutched
her lover's thighs as she worked her tongue faster against Rory's clit. Rory
opened her eyes and looked down with a expression of triumph at her parent.
She could see the eagerness in her mother's eyes.

Lorelai took her daughter's expression as an invite and started to rise on
all fours, when Rory shook her head and gestured for her to stay flat on the

"Watch me cum," She invited in a hiss.

This was the punishment, Lorelai decided, as she lay there watching the
erotic tableau before her. Watching this sensuous creature that was her
daughter being brought to a climax and being helpless to join in.

No, not helpless.. Simply submissive.

Lorelai could almost feel the beads in her ass burn her flesh. Maybe it was
her imagination, maybe not, but the hunger for release was growing in her
body. Absently, she moved her right hand down her body to her clit. Her eyes
never leaving her daughter's glistening body, Lorelai began to flick at her
own clit.

"Stop that!" She heard Rory snap at her.

Lorelai pulled her hand back and stared up at the couple with a frustrated
look in her eyes.

Damn, I can't even bring myself off. This is cruel!

It seemed like eternity before Rory began to convulse against Krystal's eager
mouth. Lorelai could only stare with yearning at the two lovers, as Rory held
onto Krystal's shoulders to steady herself against her internal convulsions.
The younger Gilmore fell to the sand, Krystal rocking back on her heels. Her
mouth was smeared with the juices of her triumph, as she smiled at Rory's
exhausted expression. She then turned towards Lorelai, who was smiling slyly
at the girl. Krystal crawled on all fours in a slow seductive motion, until
her face was inches away from Lorelai.

"Clean me."

Lorelai's tongue lashed out like a hungry snake at Krystal's face, slurping
the liquid from her face. As she did, Krystal's tongue darted out to meet
hers and the pair were soon locked in a passionate kiss.

Lorelai could sense Rory walking around the pair and sliding to a kneeling
position beside her mother. Lorelai could feel her daughter's fingers on her
ass cheeks, but did not want to disengage from the tongue combat she shared
with Krystal to see what she was doing. She could feel Rory's teeth graze
her flesh, as Rory bit into the ring of the anal beads and slowly draw the
jewelry out of her orifice. Lorelai broke the kiss to buck her ass back, as
she reacted to the bead-by-bead withdrawal from her anus. She turned her head
to see Rory take the ring from her mouth and, with a smile to her parent,
place the chain into her mouth.


As she withdrew the beads from her mouth, Rory laughed at her mother's
dismay. She moved to her beach bag and dropped them in. She then reached in
and withdrew an object that brought a larger look of surprise from her
mother. She held a strap-on with the largest and most realistic artificial
cock attached to it. The devilish smile returned to Rory's face, as she began
strapping it on. Lorelai turned her attention towards Krystal, who was
removing a similar object from her bag. She smiled as well at the elder
Gilmore. Lorelai returned the smile.

Looks like I'm going to be gang-banged! About time!

Krystal lay back on her towel, the "cock" standing up in invitation. Krystal
gestured to Lorelai with a beckoning wave.

Whether Rory planned to stop her or not, Lorelai didn't care. She crawled
across the short distance between them and seized the offering.

My God, it even feels real!

Lorelai could feel her mouth water, as she closed her eyes and moved her lips
over the helmet of the dildo, licking at it. She could hear Krystal moan at
her ministration and opened one eye. She could see that the side of the dildo
against Krystal's flesh rubbed against her clit at each movement that Lorelai
instigated. Lorelai began to increase her action against Krystal's "cock",
causing the girl to buck her hips slightly against Lorelai's mouth.

"Suck me! Suck me! SUCK ME! You're so damn hot, you horny bitch! Fuck it.

Krystal's moans motivated Lorelai to begin sucking the device in earnest. She
added pressure through the movements of her hands, causing even more bucking
and twisting. Krystal's hands dug into the sand to give her purchase, as she
thrust against Lorelai's assault.

Caught up in the passion, overcome by the need to feel the "cock" within her,
Lorelai clambered over the sprayed girl's hips and, in one swift motion,
guided the dildo between her pussy lips. Krystal grasped Lorelai's hips, as
the older woman yelled at the penetration. Like a woman possessed, Lorelai
began to move up and down in an attempt to drive the large object as deep as
she could within her.


Krystal began to buck harder against the elder Gilmore, her nails digging
deep into Lorelai's flesh. Lorelai embraced the pain of her grasp, as she
pounded against the cock in a fierce rhythm.

"Cum for me, Krystal!" She hissed desperately, "Cum for me. Cum for me. CUM

Lorelai suddenly felt hands on her shoulders. Rory was kneeling behind her
and pushed her mother forward into Krystal's waiting arms. Krystal pulled
Lorelai against her body, her arms pinned in Krystal's grip.

"What?" Lorelai gasped, "No, stop! Don't stop me! I WANT TO CUM!"

Krystal bucked her hips up and Lorelai groaned at the motion. The elder
Gilmore could feel her daughter's fingers prying at her ass cheeks. Rory's
fingers, covered in a cold, wet substance, jammed against her asshole.
Lorelai yelped at the intrusion, trying to twist her body to look at her

"Rory, stop! I need to cum! I need to fuck! STOP!"

Rory ignored her and worked her fingers in deeper. Lorelai tried to twist out
of Krystal's grip at the pain of the invasion, but Krystal's strong arms held
her tight. She looked at the woman beneath her, who was grinning up at her.

"Please let me go! I want to fuck you. I want to cum, I want you to cum, let
me finish! Let me finish! Let me fuck you. Please! Please!"

"Just a moment," Her captor whispered reassuringly, "God, I need it too. I
need you! Wait!"

Lorelai was about to retort, when she felt the fingers leave her rectum. She
then felt an object press against her anus, the new intruder coated in the
same cold wet substance.

"NO!" Lorelai protested in surprise, as she realized what was about to

"Yes!" came her daughter's lustful reply from behind her.

Rory pushed her "cock" against her mother's rectum. Lorelai began to twist
against the intruder, but Krystal held her tight.

"If you stay still, you'll be fine!" She warned, "Stay still! Relax!"

Lorelai surrendered, trying to relax her body against the violation her
daughter was perpetrating behind her. The pain eased a bit with lubricant
and the lack of struggle. Lorelai could feel the intruder scrapping through
the thin skin within her against the "cock" that Krystal had buried within
her. She could feel both girls tense at the contact.

"Oh, God!" Krystal hissed in surprise.

Rory began to withdraw the dildo, then thrust it back in. Lorelai groaned
in pain. Rory ignored her parent's discomfort and began a rhythm. Krystal
released Lorelai, pushing her by the shoulders up. The elder Gilmore placed
her hands on either side of the girl below her, as Krystal began to match
the pace of her lover.

Lorelai's face twisted in pain, as she began to be buffeted between the
athletic lovers. As the tempo increased, Lorelai could feel the pain starting
to send currents of tingling pleasure. She never thought that someone fucking
her in the butt would bring delight to her body, much less being caught in a
seesaw between two organs.

Lorelai suddenly found herself caught in the war between the two lovers,
bucking her hips to meet each thrust. Within moments, her body was covered
in sweat, as she became lost in the passion. She could feel Krystal's hands
seize her breasts, mauling them in a savage grasp.

"Yes, squeeze them! Fuck me. Both of you! FUCK YOUR WHORE! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!

She could feel Rory's nails hang onto her hips, as she thrust again and again
into her mother's ass. Lorelai could feel the sweat drip off her daughter's
body onto her own flesh.

"Keep fucking my ass, Rory! Don't stop fucking your mother's ass!"

Lorelai could feel her daughter hold on to her hips with one hand and start
slapping her butt hard with the other. Lorelai bucked as best as she could,
while grinding back against Krystal's pounding from below. She looked down at
her daughter's lover, the sweat from her own body dropping and intermingling
with the sweat glistening lesbian beneath her. Krystal was lost in her own
passion, pumping in a savage rhythm with Lorelai. Lorelai suddenly felt
Rory's free hand grasp her hair and suddenly yank her head back as far as it
could go. Lorelai gritted against the pain, trying to keep her body moving
with her two lovers.

"Your ass is so tight", Rory declared, "I wanted it so bad! I wanted to be
your first! I wanted your ass cherry!"

Lorelai only grunted in reply, her teeth clenched, and her body enjoying the
pleasure and pain being ravished upon her: Rory twisting her head, Krystal
mauling her tits and the twin dildos pounding mercilessly into her orifices.
Her orgasm was building through every fiber of her being, but Lorelai didn't
want release. She wanted to be fucked by these two forever!

Lorelai could feel Krystal come first. She dropped her hands from Lorelai's
chest and used her arms to push herself from the sand, as her whole body
began to arch in her thrusts. Her face twisted in a grimace, as she screamed
her release.

Krystal slowed her body, small moans escaping from her lips. But Lorelai kept
fucking her strap-on, keeping up the rhythm her daughter was setting in her
savage ass fucking. In a sudden move, Lorelai rose and let Krystal's dildo
drop from her pussy. Then, placing her hands on either side of Krystal's
body, Lorelai began thrusting even harder against her daughter's assault.


Krystal could only stare up in wonder at the mother and daughter locked like
animals in feral combat. She could see the orgasm begin its final cascade,
moving like tidal wave threw Lorelai's body. The elder Gilmore's rapture was
like no other that the lesbian had seen before. There was no scream from
Lorelai, just a gritting of teeth against the force ripping through her body.
Instinctively, Krystal moved her arms to catch Lorelai, as the woman above
her sagged forward in exhaustion in the aftermath. Gently, Krystal cradled
Lorelai against her body, as Rory slowly withdrew the dildo from her Mother's

Seeing the concern in Rory's eyes, Krystal gave her a small smile of
reassurance, as she could feel the heavy breathing of the woman pressed
against her naked flesh. Rory lay down beside Krystal, her eyes never leaving
her Lorelai's face.

"God, if we went too far."She stated softly, the fear in her voice.

Before Krystal could speak, Lorelai moved in her arms. Both women looked at
her, as Lorelai's eyes fluttered open. It took her only a moment to realize
where she was. She moved her arms around Krystal and lay her head against the
girl's chest, closing her eyes again.

"Mother?" Rory said, sounding very much like a child again.

Lorelai opened her eyes and looked at her daughter. Her mouth broke into a
small smile. Her right hand reached out and touched her daughter's naked

"You have to give an old lady a chance to catch her breath," Lorelai declared
softly, "God, I never came like that ever in my life! Give me a moment."

"And after that?" Krystal asked with a purr.

Lorelai looked at Rory, then Krystal, then at both of them.

"More," She grinned, "I want so much more!"

Krystal hugged Lorelai closer, her lips locking with the older woman's, as
Rory moved closer to join the embrace. The three females began to kiss and
lick each other under the hot sun.


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