This story is fantasy and shouldn't be taken as the writer's real views.

The idea for this story came from a request on the T-S-S-A forum in 2008/09 and stayed in my mind since. It's taken a while, but here's a response to that request.

Gilmore Girls: Lorelai And Rory's Roadside Raping (M+Ff,anal,rape,ncon,oral)
by The Wrapper

"Crap," said Lorelai Gilmore as the engine spluttered. She looked at the gas gauge, it was still half-full so it wasn't that. The engine gave another nasty coughing noise.

"That doesn't sound good," Rory said. A thin cloud of steam hissed from the engine, "You better pull over."

"Typical we break down on the most rural part of the drive between Chilton and Stars Hollow. And it is dark as well," said Lorelai. Still as she had no choice she pulled the car over into the side of the road.

The two Gilmores got out and looked at the engine. But amongst their skills neither the sixteen-year old Chilton student or the thirty-two year old Hotel Manager had any knowledge of how to fix cars. The two of them stared at it for a while, hoping for some revelation or a sign to tell them what was wrong and how to repair. But there was nothing.

"What should we do?" asked Rory.

Lorelai straightened up, "We'll just have to flag a car down and see if they can help."

Rory looked up and down the road, "There's no-one around." It was true, the road was utterly empty not even a light in the distance.

Lorelai shrugged helplessly, "Well it's too far to walk, so we'll just have to hope someone comes soon."

Lorelai and Rory stood by the side of the road, their thumbs out. But each car that passed ignored them. Until their luck changed, little did they know for the worse, and a car pulled up beside them. The doors opened and four young men got out, Lorelai and Rory smiled at their fortune as they looked at the young men's muscles rippling under their T-shirts and their firm bodies. One of them, smiled, "I'm Stu - this is Glen, Jon and Matt. What seems to be the trouble?"

"I'm Lorelai and this is my daughter, Rory. Our car has broken down," said Lorelai. She pointed at her jeep.

"Let's have a look," said Stu, smiling friendly. He popped open the hood and began to look in, as Matt moved next to Lorelai and Glen and Jon stood next to Rory. For a few moments Stu seemed to root under the hood before he said, "Nice pick-up wagon. Lots of space in the back seat for fucking."

"I wouldn't know," said Lorelai coldly. She liked to flirt with good looking young men, but this was a bit more forward than she liked and she hoped her tone would tell him that.

It didn't as Stu continued, "Come on, it's a slutwagon."

At the same time as he said that Glen squeezed Rory's butt through her school skirt. The teen gave a squeak of shock and horror at the flagrant breach of her personal space. She gave a quick open mouth look at Glen, before looking at her Mom, silently appealing for her support.

Lorelai felt that the young men were going way too far and decided to take control of the situation. "Thanks for your help. However, I think we'll be good. I'm sure there's a town along here where we can get help," she said, "You can go now."

Stu put down the hood and straightened up, "What? Before we've had some fun?"

"There's no fun going to be had here," said Lorelai sharply.

"Oh there is..." leered Stu.

Even as he spoke Glen and Jon had grabbed Rory and were dragging her towards the woods a few yards from the side of the road, "Moooom"!" she screamed in terror.

But Lorelai had no chance to react, Matt had grabbed her arms, pinioning them behind her back. Stu brutally kicked her feet away and as the young Mom collapsed (held only up by Matt's strong arms) he reached down and grabbed her under the knees, "Noooo! Please! No!" shouted a terrified Lorelai as she was carried into the woods.

She was thrown roughly onto the ground, as Matt slammed himself down on top of her, twisting one arm even more painfully up her back as the other was free to claw at the dirt. Beside her the men had already pulled off Rory's blazer and even as Lorelai watched Jon had his hands inside her daughter's shirt and ripped it open, sending buttons spinning through the air.

"Nooooo! Please... don't" screamed a weeping Rory as the ruined blouse was torn off, "I'm a virgin."

"Not for long," laughed Jon as he pulled at bra. It wouldn't rip and neither him nor his friends could be bothered to look for the snapper at the back, so instead he pulled it down so that it uncovered Rory's tits and lay below them.

"Please, take me. Don't hurt her. Take me," shrieked Lorelai, her voice high-pitched in terror.

Matt laughed, "Shut the fuck up. We're going to do you both. We'll take you soon enough." He shoved Lorelai's head at the ground, smacking it into the dirt.

His two friends had shoved Rory over a fallen tree, so that her face was pushed into the leafy ground and her ass was up. Glen lifted her skirt and tore at her panties. Rory shrieked as the cotton dug into her flesh, her screams loud and echoing in the woods. The panties were too strong to rip easily and Glen really had to pull at them, almost lifting Rory up with them, until they tore. The teen screamed and cried again, "Please don't. I'm a virgin."

Lorelai lifted her head, adding her pleas though she feared they'd be no use, "No, I'll do anything, just don't hurt her."

The boys just laughed. Glen tossed the pair of ruined panties to Matt, "Stuff these in the bitch's mouth, keep her quiet until we're ready for her."

Matt grabbed Lorelai's head roughly and pulled it up, ramming the panties into Lorelai's mouth. Lorelai could taste her daughter's sex on the cotton, it was a strange flavour that Lorelai had never thought she would know. She couldn't do anything now, not even cry out as Glen undid his jeans and gripped his hard cock, ready to penetrate her daughter. She tried not to look, but Matt saw that she was trying to lower her head and gripped it keeping it up, and forcing her to look, "Hey bitch, watch your daughter loose her virginity."

Glen was behind Rory, his large dick in his hand. He laughed, "Just to show I'm up not a bad guy, I won't burst your hymen, Rory, I'll use your ass instead."

Rory just sobbed in fear, blubbering tears down her attractive face as she was held down by Stu and Jon. Her sobs turned to cries and shrieks as Glen started to force his manhood down her tight, unused asshole. She tried to get away but Glen and the others were gripping and all her struggles did was amuse them, "Stay still you bitch," Glen laughed, "the sooner I finish the sooner everyone else can have a go." He pushed harder into her shitter, making Rory scream with pain. He made no attempt to lessen the agony, thrusting his cock as hard and deep into her anal chasm as he could.

"It hurts," screamed Rory, "Please stop, it hurts."

Glen laughed and continued to hammer in, "You whine once more you cunt and I'll scar you good."

Rory had thought her first time would have been with Dean. She had imagined rose petals on the bed, some romantic music on the stereo, kissing, hugs, soft words crooned in her ear and then slow love-making on fresh sheets. She had never thought it would be dirty leaves on the ground, the sound of laughter and jokes, brutal threats and rough anal sex, with no concern or love for her at all. She sobbed heavily, trying to wish and imagine she was somewhere else, but the feel of the prick in her ass chasm and the rough of the bark against her stomach kept her in the present.

"Don't shoot in her butt, I don't want to fuck in your cum," laughed Stu.

Glen said, "Won't do." He ploughed a few more times into the crying teenager, before pulling out his cock. He gave it the few final strokes it needed with hand and then shot the warm goo shot onto Rory's back. She could feel its slimy texture flowing down her skin, a further mark of humiliation.

"I'll go next," said Stu.

Rory could see him unzipping his jeans and pulling out his cock from beneath his boxers. It seemed big, but Rory had never seen another to compare it too. She gave him a tear stained plea, "Don't please. It's hurts. Let me and my Mommy go."

"Shut the fuck up you whore," said Stu and moved out of her line of vision. Within seconds he was pushing his cock up down her ass. Glen's cock had left it stretched and the second penetration was easier than the first, though the agony was still intense. And like his friend, Stu showed no mercy, hammering his manhood hard and deep into the wrecked and red anus. He grabbed the teen's body in his hands and rammed her, thrusting down into her hole.

Lorelai was in constant agony as well, one arm pinned to her back by one of Matt's knees and her head wrenched up painfully by the young thug. The panties forced into her mouth kept her quiet and stopped her from screaming as she watched her teen daughter's forced buggery, but tears of rage and fear and horrified humiliation coursed down her face. Her vision was blurred, but not so badly she couldn't see Stu pull out his cock and splatter his seed all over Rory's bruised and bashed buttocks, "Take that, whore."

"Me next," said Matt. He let go off Lorelai's head and thrust her face into the leafy ground. She kept it down, mentally unable to cope with looking at her daughter's ripped open anus. The break didn't last long, Stu was on top of her pulling her head up by her chin so that she could see his friend strip down from his denims and enter her daughter's ass.

"No! No! No!" shrieked Rory, her screams punching into Lorelai, as the third rapist pushed his cock into her ass. The previous two might have stretched it open, but they'd also left the inside raw and sore and each hard thrust by Matt was agony. The teen's tears would no longer come, the salty water crusting her face, all she could was scream out and even that was harder as her throat got soarer from her constant shrieks and her voice became hoarse, "No, no, no."

She hardly felt it when Matt pulled out, her ass was so numb and the explosion of cum he shot on her back was almost soothing. She closed her eyes, aware that Jon had let go off her and he was the last one, "Please don't, please don't" she whined, her voice almost quiet.

He ignored her and thrust his cock into her wrecked and gaping asshole, hammering down into the mincemeat shitter. It was sore, as agonising as before, but it had one advantage that the others didn't have - it was the last, after this they'd have all used her. But that advantage wasn't yet apparent as Jon rammed down hard, slamming his dick deep into her anal chute and stretching it even more than the others. Rory tried to scream, but her mouth was too dry and her throat too sandpapery. All she could do was gasp out small little "No, please, no, no, no," the words in rhythm with his thrusts.

Eventually Jon was done, but unlike the others he shot inside her. The cum burnt against her raw insides, the salty liquid more painful than any bleach. Rory would have screamed, should have screamed, but she was incapable of doing anything, but lying there like a ragged doll.

"I think it's Mommy dearest now," said Stu, he squeezed Lorelai's face painfully.

"She could suck my cock clean of her daughter's ass," said Jon. His manhood had either returned to hardness or it hadn't even bothered to go soft.

"Yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you Lorelai?" Stu pulled Rory's panties from her Mom's mouth and grabbing her by the hair pulled her up so that was on her hands and knees.

"Please, leave us alone, please," cried Lorelai, tears coursing down her face as she looked at her daughter's ravaged body and realised that she was about to suffer the same.

"Open you fucking whore mouth wide and suck Jon's fucking dick or we'll snap Rory like a fucking twig you whore," snarled Stu. He followed up his threat with a stinging slap to Lorelai. Obediently she opened her mouth and began to suck Jon's cock. It tasted of her daughter's ass, shit, blood and semen mixed together. But it wasn't only the taste that made her gag, but that Jon pushed it as deep as he could manage, thrusting his prick deep into her throat. Even as she was choking Jon was holding her head, keeping her in place and making sure she couldn't force the cock out.

The young man faced fucked her hard, slamming his cock into her mouth like it was a pussy. Lorelai choked and gagged. White bile forced it way through her lips and her eyes watered even more, the tears mixing with her earlier ones. The explosion of cum blew in her mouth with no warning, swamping her with its salty taste. Jon withdrew his cock and high-fived Stu. Lorelai bent down and wretched the cum out of her mouth, gagging up a sickly gooey mix of sperm and bile.

"I'm going to have another go," grinned Glen.

Lorelai felt him move behind her, undoing her jeans. He roughly ripped them and her thongs down to her knee exposing her naked ass. Lorelai sobbed, "Please, that's enough, you've had your fun, just please go, leave us alone."

She had hoped differently, but it was as she expected - the young men ignoring her pleas. Instead Glen gripped her cheeks and started to pull them apart, his manhood hovering outside her back hole as he said, "Wonder if she's an anal virgin, like her girl. I bet she's not; are you an anal virgin, Lorelai?"

"Please, no, please don't," Lorelai whimpered in reply. She wasn't an anal virgin, though it wasn't something she had experienced often and even then she had been relaxed and helped by lots of lube, "Please leave, please... aaaiiiieeeeee, nnnnooooo!" She screamed as Glen shoved his hard, large prick into her tight anus. It hurt, agonisingly, a pain that didn't go down as the young man carried on shoving and thrusting down, working his manhood hard in her anal chasm, "It hurts, stop, it hurts, you're ripping me, please, please."

"Shut the fuck up," grunted Glen and continued to pound her ass. Lorelai sobbed in pain and humiliation, continuing to plea for them to stop.

Stu moved in front of her and slapped her again, "I think you were told to shut up you fucking whore." Lorelai sobbed as he pulled out his cock again, "I know how to keep you fucking quiet. Suck on this."

Lorelai didn't want to open her mouth, but she knew she had to, the risk of what would happen to her and Rory if she didn't obey the men was worse. Stu pushed his cock into her mouth and she sucked at it, not resisting as he pushed into deep into her cheek, "Suck it, suck it like a fucking cheap whore."

"Fuck, yeah," grunted Glen. His cum landed on her butt cheeks and thighs as he exploded. There was hardly any delay before Matt replaced him, pushing his cock into the well-stretched anus. He showed no mercy, piling his manhood in and ramming it over her scraped and bruised bowel walls. She would have screamed in agony if her mouth hadn't been full, but with it being full of Stu cock, all she could do was let more tears flow. 'How Rory had been able to cope with having four cocks raping her ass one after the other', Lorelai didn't know, 'but then as her daughter was sitting still, more or less catatonic, perhaps she hadn't.'

Stu grunted something and pulled out his cock. It allowed Lorelai to cry out, "Stop, please..." before a shower of cum hit her in the face, the liquid stinging her eyes and dripping down her face. Her tears merged with the cum and she cried deeper. Matt carried on fucking her, ignoring her sobs.

"That's it. I'm cumming," Matt said, in a matter of fact voice. He continued to thrust for a moment and then his cum exploded down Lorelai's anal chasm. As he pulled out the Mom fell on the floor, the white goo leaking from her wide-open, red-rimmed asshole.

"We're off, bitches," grinned Stu, "but you better not mention our names or we'll find you and if you think we were rough tonight..." he left the threat unfinished.

Lorelai nodded, unwilling to risk antagonising him further she politely said, "Thank you. We won't say a word, will we Rory?"

Rory just sat on the ground, staring into the middle distance. Lorelai crawled up to her and held her daughter close as the young men walked away, unsure what to do or say to make everything good again.


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