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Gilmore Girls: More Than Roomates Part 1
by Tricksterson

Rory Gilmore was deeply worried about her roomate, Paris Gellar, and not in
a "Is she eating enough?" way.

More in a Psycho shower scene way.

In fact showers were part of the problem. Whenever Rory took one Paris seemed
to be there. And she always seemed to be watching Rory whenever she thought
Rory wasn't looking. With a wierd "wolf eyeing raw meat" look. Rory had
enough of a problem with the dorm's communal shower. This was starting to
make her seriously consider giving up hygeine altogether.

Then there was the touching. Paris usually avoided physical contact the way
politicians avoided fiscal responsibility. But lately she was always brushing
against Rory's arm or side. Once against her butt which Rory almost
confronted her about but then she was a wary of confrontation as Paris was of

Then last night she had woken to find Paris standing over her with a look of
both hunger and tenderness. She had pretended to still be asleep but it had
freaked her out.

And she was doing it again right now. Fine, time to take a stand.

"What are you doing Paris?" She said in her best deadpan voice.

"Ah! You scared me. Don't you know better than to speak suddenly?"

"I'm not the one breaking the stalking laws," she said, eyes still closed.
She peeked out and saw a rare look of uncertainty passover her blonde
roomate's face. She sat up.


Paris sat next to her. A long pause ensued. Finally Paris mumbled something
she couldn't hear.

"Volume up please." Another mumble. Rory made knob twisting motions in front
of her roomate's face and was shocked when the other girl grabbed her wrist
with surprising strength.

"I think...I think I'm in love with you, Gilmore," came in both a whisper and
a rush, followed by the brush of soft lips against the back of her hand.

Before she knew it Rory had pulled away in shock and was crouched in a
semi-fetal position as far away on the bed as she could manage. She wasn't
sure if she was more shocked at what Paris had said or that she was still
calling her Gilmore. Part of her wanted to scream "Dyke! Dyke! Burn her!
Burn her!" Another part was curious and flattered and maybe just the
smallest bit aroused. Most of her was just confused.

Paris looked at her bitterly. "So now you can have me hauled away and put in
the stocks."

"It's not that. It's just... I never even considered. I mean you do have a

"Jeremy? That was...okay. But not what they write poems about. I never.

"You mean no..."


"I'm sorry."

"So you don't think, you and me..."

"Like I said I never really even considered it."

"Tell you what. How about one kiss. Just one." An unheard of note of pleading
entered the slim blonde's voice. "Then if there's nothing I'll leave and go
to another dorm."

Before she really thought about it Rory nodded. At the nod Paris lunged,
pinning her to the bed, her tongue shoved into the small brunette's full
mouth less in a kiss than in an assault. After Rory started struggling
Paris sprang back, looking guilty.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking. I'll tell the dorm committee
tomorrow I want to move out. I'll sleep on the couch tonight." She started to
get up.

"Wait." Unexpected and scary as Paris' actions had been a small part of Rory
had responded. "That wasn't a kiss. You still owe me a kiss."

Paris ducked her head shyly, "I do?"

"Uh huh," and with that Rory leaned forward, pressing her lips against
Paris'. The reponse this time was as cautious as the first kiss had been
ferocious, Paris' tongue probing carefully against Rory's lips which opened
and let it in. The two girls tongues slid against each other, clumsily at
first, then in a knowing dance.

Once again Paris pinned the smaller girl down on the bed, but more gently
this time. She slid her tongue down Rory's arched neck and was gratified to
hear a gasp of pleasure as it licked down the cleavage exposed by the scoop
of the brunette's nightgown. She slid her hand up Rory's leg and started to
lift the gown's hem only to have Rory scoot out from under her.

"What now? I thought you were enjoying this?"

"I was. I am. I just can't take off my nightie, that's all."

"Why not? Afraid I'll see your underwear?"

Rory's blush told her she had guessed right. "What is it? Granny panties?"

"With my mother? No way."

"Well, out with it Gilmore." Paris stood up and maneuvered the delightful,
irritating girl she loved and lusted after into a corner.

"All right, promise you won't laugh?"

"Of course I don't promise, I'm a bitch remember?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot" With that Rory unbuttoned the back of her flannel
nightgown and let it slide down her body. Paris' gaze slid down along with
it. She couldn't help but admire the bare B-cup breasts and the slim torso.
then she saw what Rory had been so skittish about and while she didn't laugh
she couldn't help but smirk and raise an eyebrow.

"Wonder Woman Underoos? I didn't even think they made them in your size."


Paris pressed against her and hooked her fingers in the undies in question.
"So should I call you Princess Diana?" she smirked as she nuzzled Rory's

"Anything but Gilmore."

"Your wish is my command oh, Wonder Girl," she said as she kissed her way
down Rory's writhing body down to her dark haired cleft. At her first lick
Rory shuddered with pleasure.

"Ah!...Then you should call me Drusilla, not Diana."

"Huh?" Paris looked up with another arched eyebrow.

"Wonder Girl was Diana's *sister*, Drusilla."

"You know what? Sometimes you talk too damn much." With that the blonde girl
led her lover-soon-to-be back to the bed and stripped off her own bedclothes,
revealing a slender, but attractive figure with cone shaped breasts, in
contrast to Rory's round ones and a closely trimmed golden hedge, clashing
with Rory's wild, dark bush. She pushed Rory down on the bed and straddled
her face.

"Now shut up for once and lick me."

"Yes my Queen," Rory said meekly and proceeded to slide her toungue first up
and down and then, to Paris' moaning pleasure in and out. Shortly thereafter
Paris switched directions so that they were locked in a passionate 69. Soon
after both girls came to a massive simultaneous climax.

"You *are* my Princess," murmured Paris as the two girls cuddled and licked
the cum off each other's face.

"No, your slave," whispered Rory.

Rory had seen Paris smirk more than a few time and even smile once or twice,
but she suspected this was the first time *anyone* had seen an ear-to ear
grin cross the young blonde's face as she said, "Both."


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