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Gilmore Girls: More Than Roomates Part 2: The Liberation Of Lane
by Tricksterson

Rory Gilmore was just leaving her dormroom when she almost walked into her
best friend from Stars Hollow, Lane Kim.

"Fancy meeting you...what's that smell?"

"That would be me," said Lane, her tone despondent bordering on despair. "My
roomates came up short on the rent and I've been homeless for two days. I
know you and the other roomates threw me out before but I didn't know where
to go."

"Well, maybe I can talk them into it this time. Meanwhile, let's at least get
you a shower, that's where I was headed anyway." Rory knew that it had been
mainly Paris behind Lane getting thrown out before. But that was before she
and Rory had become lovers. Hopefully, she would have more influence now.

As they showered Rory found herself paying more attention to Lane's body than
she ever had before. Since her sexual awakening at Paris' hands (and tongue)
she looked at other girls in ways she hadn't before. Besides this was the
first time she'd ever seen Lane in anything but full clothes. Lane's mother
was a very strict Christian and had raised her daughter to be ashamed of her

From Rory's perspective Lane had nothing to be ashamed of. Shorter than her,
the Korean girl had a fuller build than hers, with firm round buttocks and
breasts that had grown into C-cup, while Rory, like Paris, had remained
stranded in the land of the Bs. She wondered what it would be like to have
her hands on those lovely round globes, to feel those golden brown nipples
harden under her tongue. As they dressed Rory started to formulate a plan.

"When was the last time you ate?" she asked her friend.

"I don't know, some time yesterday."

"This shall not stand." She gave Lane some money. "Go to the coffee shop on
the corner and get something while I talk to Paris. Take your time. It might
take a while. In fact I'll meet you there and bring you back."

When she got back to her suite the other two roomates who shared it were out
to class. She didn't expect them back for most of the day. Fortunately Paris,
whose first class wasn't until a couple of hours later was just starting to
wake up. Rory snuggled in behind her, massaging the blonde's breasts
sensluously while licking the back of her neck.

"Why don't we stay out sick today?"

"Didn't you get enough last night?" Paris asked, turning around and soul
kissing her partner.

"Never enough of you my Queen. Besides, somethings come up." She explained
about Lane and her problem.

"So you think she'd be willing to do anything to stay here?"


The two lovers shared a knowing smile.

A short time later Rory led Lane into the common room of the dorm suite where
Paris, dressed in a long sleeve blouse, whose demureness contrasted with her
short leather skirt awaited.

"So, Rory says you want back in. I can probably convince the other two and
Rory of course is on your side but I have to ask 'what's in it for me?'"

"What ever you ask. I'll clean your room, I'll clean the common room, I'll
bring you breakfast in bed, I'll..."

"Eat my pussy."


"You heard me." Paris slowly spread her legs to show her naked, golden furred
crotch. "Get down on your knees and give me some licks. And make them good."

Lane looked desperately back at Rory.

"You did say anything. And it looks like it's going to be real cold tonight."
Normally Rory would never have been so cruel to anyone, much less her best
friend but she had as much to gain from this as Paris. Besides, she was
convinced that, like her, once Lane shed her inhibitions she'd enjoy it as
much as the other two girls.

Hesitantly Lane got in front of Paris and sank to her knees. "I can't do
this. I'm a *good* girl."

"*How* good? That's what I want to know." sneered Paris. She spead her her
slit with her fingers as Lane bent down and gave first a tentative, then a
long slow lick up and down.

"Uhhuh, not bad to start with. Now a little faster...ohyeah...and deeper...
yeah are you sure you've never done this before? You have...unh...a
natural...OH yes!...talent...*yeah*... that's found...
OOOOHHHH! clit without ...oooooh... even being mygodmygodmygod!"

Meanwhile from behind Lane felt something strange pressing against her back,
then realized it was Rory's bare, round breasts. Then she felt something
slipped and fastened around her neck. She realized it was a tight leather
collar. She felt her head pulled back from Paris's soaked pussy.

"Why are you doing this? I thought you were my friend?" she said as tears of
humiliation came down her cheeks.

"I am. And we're going to be even better friends soon," Rory said as she
licked both the tears and her blonde lover's juice from Lane's face. Paris,
meanwhile quickly stripped down as Rory held Lane under control with the
leash attached to the collar. The slim blonde then turned her attention to
the Asian girl's top, pulling, almost ripping it off, than doing the same
with her bra.

"Hmm, I see why you wanted to do this, Princess" she murmured as she sucked
on first one richly brown nipple than the other. By contrast Paris' nipple
were so pale they didn't even have an aureola, Lane noticed. Rory's were a
delicate pink. Lane's eyes went wide as her best friend started to masturbate
at the sight of her two friends making love.

Suddenly she heard her mother's voice in her head condemning her.

Her attention was drawn back to the real world in both dissapointment and
relief as Paris' lips withdrew from her nipples. They were quickly replaced
by Rory's fingers, moist with her own juice as Paris unbuttoned and pulled
off Lane's jeans, revealing legs that were slightly stocky in comparison with
the other girls but still quite shapely. Paris' nose wrinkled.

"Okay, these clothes are for burning. We'll have to get your other clothes
from your apartment."

"But the landlord changed the locks."

"Nothing a little money and a lot of intimidation won't fix. You'll see I'm
good to my pets."

Lane thought, she wasn't sure if she liked that idea. But then again
she wasn't sure she didn't.

Meanwhile Paris had gone into her and Rory's bedroom.

"What did she mean, pets? And where did you get that collar"

"She is the Queen, we are her servants and she is so good to us isn't she?
The collar is mine but I'm sure you'll get your own soon."

"But I don't want..." Lane stopped as Paris came out wearing a large strap-on
dildo. Rory's hands shifted from her breasts to her arms, holding her.

"What's...that?" Lane struggled to escape but was held fast.

"Don't fight it," Rory whispered. "It only hurts at first."

Lane wanted to run but even if she got away was she supposed to run naked
into the quad? She let Rory and Paris position her against the common room
sofa. Even in her fear and embarrasment there was an element of anticipation.
She let Paris spread her legs and gasped as blonde dominatrix ran a finger
down her slit to check her wetness. Which was considerable at this point.
Rory's massaging and licking of her neck and shoulders provided a welcome
distraction. Deep down, she heard her mother.

But a growing part of her
knew she didn't *want* to get away.

Paris slipped two fingers, all that would fit into her virgin pussy. Lane
arched her back involuntarily, then started pumping her hips in response to
Paris' thrusting fingers.

Paris smiled. "So, Lane, do you want it?"

Her mother's protests within her mind grew dimmer and more distant. She
couldn't be going to Hell because this was what Heaven must feel like.

"Well Lane? I could always stop." Paris grinned already knowing the answer.

"Noooo, don't stop. Yes, I...I want it."

"What exactly do you want, her blonde mistress teased, positioning her false
cock at Lane's virgin entrance."

"I want... I want..."


"I want you to fuck me, Paris. Fuck me now!"

Paris quickly obliged and for a minute Lane thought that she was indeed in
Hell as pain ripped through her, only slowly subsiding and giving way to a
slowly growing heat. Meanwhile Rory was not inactive, taking advantage of
her friend's arched neck to straddle her face on the couch. Soon Lane's
tongue was thrusting into the brunette snatch in rthym with Paris' thrusts
into her.

"Ahhh," she cried as her first orgasm approached. Her fingers dug into
Rory's tight ass and her legs wrapped in ecstacy around Paris.

"Yesss...ohhhh, can't be wrong, can't" she moaned. Shortly she and Rory
climaxed simultaneously, then the three beauties collapsed into a tangle of
shapely limbs.

Paris took the young Asian girl by the chin and said "Who's your Queen?"

"You are, now and always."

Rory licked slowly up her neck, "And who's the Princess?"

"You Rory." She paused. "But what does that make me?"

"Paris and Rory got up and Paris took ahold of Lane's leash. "Our beloved

Lane thought this over. She should resent this but oddly she didn't. She was
loved and would be taken care of. She followed her owners happily on all
fours into the bedroom, to her new life.


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