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Gilmore Girls: More Than Roomates Part 3: Paris Meets Her Match
by Tricksterson

It was a Sunday morning in the Yale dorm and Paris Gellar was alone. Rory and
Lane, her lovers/servants were off in Stars Hollow doing whatever hickchicks
did, and she was alone.

Of course in many ways Paris was always alone and had always been alone. She
had been raised by a nanny. She didn't remember ever being hugged or kissed
by either of her parents. It was better now, with Rory and Lane, she *did*
love them both, more than she had ever loved anyone before, but then, since
she had never loved anyone before, how much did that mean? They worshiped her
but that wasn't the same as the love of an equal. Just once she wished *she*
could be the weak one.

There was a knock at the door so she filed away her brooding and answered it.
At the door was Rory's mother Lorelai, perhaps the most confusing person she
had ever met.

The first time they'd met Lorelai had combed a dingy apartment building in
New York that was one step away from a crack house to drag home two wayward
friends of hers. She couldn't imagine then or now her mother doing anything
remotely like that for *her* much less for two almost strangers.

Then there was the hug. They had been at a table selling tickets for
Homecoming and had been talking about something she couldn't now recall when
Lorelai had given her a spontaneous hug. It had scared her to death. It had
been warm and dark and soft, like soft chocolate and all she could think
about was the one time she had hugged her mother, at the age of three and
been told, "not to get so personal".

"Mrs. Gilmore? What are you doing here? Is everything all right with Rory?"
She hoped her voice didn't show *too* much concern.

"Really, Paris you should definitely call me Lorelai," The older woman said,
subtly pushing her way in. "After all we're practically in-laws aren't we?"

ran through Paris' head.

As if reading her mind the elder Gilmore said "Please, I'm her mother. Do you
really think I couldn't tell she had feelings for someone? It took me about
thirty minutes before she told me all...well most of the dirty details."

By now Paris had been maneuvered to a point where her back was literally
against the wall. Nervous as she was she couldn't help but be aroused by the
fact that Lorelai's cuvaceous body was less than an inch away from hers and
that the older woman had an arm braced on either side of her, cutting off

"Dog collars, Paris, isn't that a tad cliche? But what I really want to know
is this. Have you hurt my daughter in any way? Don't lie because believe me
*I'll know*!"

"Mrs...Lorelai... I love Rory,
I really do. Anything we've done was completely unforced and I hope she and
Lane enjoyed it as much as I did."

"Lane too? My you have been busy." Lorelai leaned back a little. "Well good
because otherwise I couldn't in good concience do this." And with that she
plunged her mouth onto the younger blonde's.

The first time she and Rory had kissed it had been something like this, a
desperate assault full of raw hunger. But wheras Paris' attack on Rory's lips
had been the clumsy swing of a drunken brawler, this was like being attacked
by a Kung Fu master. Lorelai's tongue touched her in places she didn't know
existed and in spots she didn't know her mouth had. By the time Lorelai broke
it off, Paris' legs were like jelly, the only thing holding her up was
Lorelai's body pressed against hers.

"If we slide two feet to your right, we'll be in your bedroom," whispered the
raven haired beauty.

Half walking, half carrying each other, they did just that. Lorelai gave the
younger woman a slight push, tumbling her onto the bed. Quickly she pulled
off her top and the lacy black bra underneath, revealing a perfect pair of
round breasts, pink nipples erect.


Lorelai bent down placing two fingers across the younger woman's lips. Her
next words sent a rush of warmth through Paris, unrelated to the sexual heat
she was feeling.

"Shhh, call me Mommy." With that she pressed Paris' head against her breasts.
Eagerly Paris' lips sucked at this bounty.

"Oh, yes, such a good girl. Suck on Mommy, yess."

She released Paris just log enough to strip off her short black skirt,
revealing only a pair of black nylons and a garter belt underneath.
Meanwhile Paris had recovered enough to strip off her own top and bra
to uncover breasts that while not as large as Lorelai's were still
quite nice.

Lorelai eyed them with an appreciative "Mmmm," then straddled the blonde
coed's face.

"Lor...Mommy, may I?" asked Paris in a little girl voice she hadn't known
she possessed.

"Oh, you certainly may," purred Lorelai as she lowered her trim dark bush
onto her young paramour's face. "Oh, oh, yes that's right, that's good. Ohhh,
you eat Mommy so gooood! Yes that's my little girl, that's my darling." She
pushed down harder. Paris felt like she was drowning in the other woman's cum
but didn't care Her tongue lashed back and forth across her clit and nibbling
teeth were soon added bringing her "mommy" to a screaming climax.

"YEEESSSSS, OH YESSS!! Mommy loves you Paris! Mommy loves you!"

Coming down from her high, Lorelai looked towards Paris' bureau.

"Second drawer," whispered Paris. Staggering over Lorelai soon took out and
put on the huge strap-on dildo Paris preferred to use on her lovers. Soon the
statuesque brunette had it's head poised at the entrance to the young woman's
pussy while Paris spread the lips with her fingers for easy access.

"What does Paris want?" Lorelai teased.

"She wants her Mommy,"

"What does she want her Mommy for?" Lorelai asked as she pushed the head in
then stopped, tantalizingly.

Desperately, the slender blonde pleaded, "She wants Mommy to fuck her. Please
Mommy, fuck your little girl good!"

Smiling the older woman obliged, plunging hard into the blonde twat, ramming
almost savagely into her. Paris gasped in pleasure.

"Yes, Mommy, yes, rip me, rip me. Fuck Paris hard!" Soon her fingers were
digging into the other woman's back, arms and legs trying to pull her ever
deeper in. The two lovers quickly covered each other with kisses and bites,
finally ending in a bucking climax.

As they sank into each others arms, neither quite knowing how they would
deal with the issues of Rory and Lane, and at the moment not caring, Lorelai
softly kissed her new daughter's mouth.


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