Part III concerned Lorelai's visit to Paris and what happened. This tells of
what Rory and Lane were doing at the same time.

Codes: FF, reluc MFF, spanking, oral, light B&D

Gilmore Girls: More Than Roomates Part 4 - What Rory And Lane Were Up To
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

Rory watched her mother's car pull out of the driveway and wondered what her
mother was up to. After drilling her and prying out the knowledge of her
and Paris' relationship she had gotten an odd look on her face and said she
wanted to talk to Paris. Rory had tried to get details of what her mother
wanted with Paris, but Lorelai had simply said she wanted to interview her
"future daughter-in-law".

But why had she gone dressed in her best, and tightest, little black dress?
The one that barely qualified as legal, with, as far as Rory could tell,
nothing underneath? 'I think things are going to get a lot more complicated
around here.' she thought. 'But then whenever Mom's involved, they usually

Her reverie was cut short by a pair of hands over her eyes and a soft pair
of lips kissing her neck.

"Who's there?"

"Guess," came an almost inaudible whisper.

"Colin Powell?"

"No," came another whisper, accompanied by another kiss.

"Andy Rooney?"

"No." The hands moved from her eyes, to her breasts, stroking them through
her shirt.

"Mickey Rooney? I've heard he likes young chicks?"

"No." The hands pulled her shirt out from her jeans and went up under.

"Is it the beautiful Lane Kim?"

The fingers pinched and rubbed her nipples as a tongue licked at her ears
and neck, producing a low moan. "Getting warmer."

"Is it Lane the Puppy?"

She was turned around to see the smiling face of her best friend and lover,
Lane Kim.

"You guessed!"

Rory's arms went around the Asian girls waist. "What do I get?"

In answer, Lane leaned forward and kissed her firmly on the lips, her hands
moving down Rory's back to stroke her tight young ass.

"How long is your mom going to be gone?"

Rory smiled. "A while." Her face turned seriuos. "She's going up to Yale."

The hands groping her butt went still. "Yale? Why?"

"She said she wanted to 'talk' to Paris."

"I told you there'd be trouble when she found that vibrator in your bag."

"Yes, well you know my mother. The CIA could learn a few things about
information gathering from her." She proceeded to tell Lane about how her
mother had dressed and what she thought she might actually be up to.


"Well I'm not sure but it looks suspicious."

Lane rested her head on Rory's shoulder. "So now what?"

Rory stroked her girlfriend's hair. "I don't know. Well, Maybe I do."


"This." She took Lanes head and kissed her slowly and deeply. "Race you to
the bedroom."

With that she broke away from Lane and sprinted for the stairs. As she ran
she finished the job Lane had started of pulling off her shirt and tossed it
behind her, hitting Lane in the face. Lane growled, caught up with her at
the base of the stairs and pulled her pants down around her knees. She then
ducked around the brunette and started up the stairs, only to be caught by
one ankle and pulled down. Rory thencrawled over her girlfriend, only to be
caught in her embrace.

"You play rough."

"You like it rough."

Lane couldn't deny that so finished pulling off her brunette lover's jeans
and slipped a pair of fingers into her panties.

"No fair," moaned Rory. "We were supposed to get to the bedroom first." She
pushed up Lane's shirt over her head and nuzzled her soft brown tits.

"We will. Eventually." Saying this she planted a long kiss on Rory's lips,
tongue sliding and twisting around her paramour's. The suddenly she pulled
away and ran up the stairs laughing.

"No Fair!" Legs, wobbly from the kiss and the fingering Rory staggered into
her bedroom to see Lane, naked on her bedspread on all fours, ass in the air
and legs parted.

"Oh, you are so going to pay."

"Oh yes. I've been a bad doggy," Lane whimpered. "Punish me Princess."

For a minute, Rory considered *not* punishing her which would be the worst
thing possible she could do. But the making out on the stairwell and the
sight of her lover naked and begging had been just too damn arousing. She
went to her suitcase and brought out a rolled up newspaperand Lane's collar
and leash. She fastened on the collar and leash and gave it a twist,
producing a pitiful whine from Lane.

"Bad Lane, bad puppy!" WACK! WACK! went the newspaper acrosss the Asian
cuties round ass. Soon she settled into a rythm that had Lane's butt red and
her own pussy itching. Lanes posture went from all fours to three limbs as
she used one hand to furiously rub herself into orgasm.

"Will puppy be good now?"

"Oh yes!"

Rory finished stripping down and threw herself on the bed in front of Lane.
She used the leash to pull her lover towards her.

"Then prove it. Give your Princess a good licking."

The Asian cutie bent down both dutifully and happily. Soon Rory was pressing
Lane's face down into her crotch, gasping and moaning.

"Oh yeah. That's right. Good little bitch. Sooo goood! OH! Yes! FUCK!" Eyes
rolling up into her head Rory bucked and heaved in climax. Afterward both
girls relaxed, chests heaving. Lane wiped her mouth on Rory's belly and
licked up her lovers cream.

"Do you think Paris will throw me out?

"I doubt it. Besides, we don't know she and Mom are...are..."

"Fucking like bunnies?"

"Yeah. That."

"But what if they are?" Lane kissed her way up Rory's body and started
sucking on her nipples.

"You know... mmmmyeah... you're not exactly making it easy to concentrate
on the... mmm... problem."

"So do you want me to stop?," the Asian girl teased, as she rubbed her vagina
against Rory's.

"Mmmmm... fuck.. yeah!... I mean no! Don't... don't stop!" Rory grabbed
herself a double handful of her lover's firm ass and helped her push the two
pussies together while applying her lips and teeth to the firm brown breasts
in front of her. Soon both girls had climaxed and drifted off to sleep
cuddled together.

Some hours later Rory's cell phone woke her up. Usually waking up with Lane's
head between her tits would have been ideal but it hampered her in reaching
the phone. Finally she had to just roll her friend off.

She answered the phone while a nonplussed Lane looked on.

"Uhhuh. Your car has problems and you're staying overnight at the dorm. Not
buying it Mom. What were you and Paris up to? Not buying the bad connection
story either. We *are* going to talk even if I have to steal all the coffee
and hold it hostage!

"There, that's better. Listen we all need to talk and work things out. Don't
know what but Lane and I both love Paris and I love you. Even if I don't
particularly *like* you at the moment. Okay you wanton wench, we'll come up
Sunday night. *Try* not to seduce anyone else I care about? Promise? Okay."

As she hung up she turned to Lane. "Revenge shall be mine."

"Umm, let's not make it *too* extreme. Maybe we can work out a timeshare."
This was said because it was occuring to Lane that she might not mind sharing
Lorelai, as well as Paris. Lorelai had always been like a second mother to
her but she couldn't help but wonder what having her in bed would be like.

"No, actually I had something in mind that would fit in perfectly with
something else I've been thinking about."


"You've never had a guy have you?"

"No. Why?"

"Well neither have I. Well, not the full deal anyway."

"Well how far *did* you go with Dean and Jess anyway?"

"A lot of this," she said, pumping her fist up and down. "And a little of
this," and bobbed her head up and down. "And now Ah've gots me a hankerin'
for some man meat. You game? I mean thanks to Paris' dildoes neither of us
is technically a virgin so it probably won't hurt."

"Maybe. Who do you have in mind?"

"That's where the revenge comes in."

"Jason? I don't think so. He's kind of...icky."

"Ickimus Maximus. No, I was thinking of someone we both know Mom has always
had the hots for and the feeling is mutual but neither have ever had the guts
to do anything about it."

Lane's eyes grew wide. "You don't mean? Luke?"


"But it's Luke."

"Oy, with the poodles already! You sound like my mother. If you look behind
the scruff he's actually kind of good looking. And he's older, so he'd
probably know what he was doing."

"Well, true. But do you really want to hurt your Mom that much."

"She's hurt me a lot with this. And you too. Even more if we can't work
things out with her and Paris. Maybe she needs to know what hurting feels

Well, okay but how are we going to do this? If we do this."

"Well, he's supposed to work on our plumbing tomorrow so that would probably
be the best time for it. But I suggest we scout out our target at breakfast."

Lane thought for a minute then agreed.

* * *

The next morning the two girls went, as they often did, to Luke's. Both
were dressed as conservatively as they usually were when they visited Star's
Hollow, though Lane insisted on her collar. That drew a few looks but since
everyone knew she had a budding career as a rock musician, it was put down
to that.

When Luke came to serve them, of course, he couldn't resist a sarcastic

"Do you want your food brought in a bowl?" he asked Lane?

Lane thought about saying yes, just to see the reaction but just frowned at
him and said "No. Yeesh, try to make a fashion statement and see what it gets

While this banter went on Rory had been sizing up Luke and was surprised
to notice a nicely solid body underneath the flannel and loose jeans. She
wondered what it would feel like to have him riding her. As he walked away
she noticed that his ass, what she could see of it, was nice and tight.
When he brought their orders she entertained a brief fantasy of snaking
her hand up his leg and rubbing his crotch, but decided the results would
be... messy.

As she and Lane left she asked, "So? What do you think?"

Lane started humming the Mission Impossible themesong.

Rory gave her girlfriend a puzzled look. "So is that yes or no?"

"I think it's yes. I kept having these flashes of him bending me over the
table and fucking me senseless right then and there. In fact right now I
feel like ripping off both our clothes and doing you right in the middle
of the street."

"Tempting. But lets not." In fact the only thing that stopped Rory from
dragging Lane off into a back alley and tongueing her into a screaming
frenzy was that Stars Hollow *had* no back alleys.

* * *

The next day when Luke knocked he was greeted by both girls in their robes.
He didn't notice of course that neither had anything on underneath. He
couldn't help but notice when they crowded around him as he worked on the
pipes underneath the sink. Normally they showed about as much interest in
plumbing as they did in nuclear physics, less, in Rory's case but today both
bent over giving him numerous flashes of their firm young breasts.

"Shoo! What's with you two?"

As they backed away Lane couldn't help but notice the traditional plumber's
crack coming out from his pants only in contrast to the usual his ass looked
real nice. She leaned over and slipped her hand into the back of his pants
and inserted a finger up his rectum, causing him to go bolt upright and crack
his head on the sink.

"OWWW! What the FUCK!" He realized who he was with and stammered an apology.
"Sorry girls but what the..."

Both girls crowded in, feigning concern. With their firm young bodies
pressed against him, Lane from the right, Rory from the left he couldn't
help but notice now, even through his pain and confusion, that they were
naked underneath the robes. They pulled him out of the kitchen and down
onto the the living room couch.

"Girls, what are you doing?"

Rory smiled and said "Kissing you and making it better. And don't worry
about the 'F word', we're both big girls now. She proceeded to show him by
doffing her robe and straddling him, while Lane took care of the kissing
part, starting with his forehead, then going to his neck and finishing by
planting her mouth on his and slipping her tongue into his mouth.

Of course he could easily have thrown off both young women but his mind was
being pulled in several directions at once. One part wanted to run from the
house, another was afraid of huirting the girls, another was afraid of what
Lorelai would do if she found out and another, growing, part wanted nothing
more then to get his hands on the firm young tits in front of him. This part
responded to Lane's eager and skilled tongue, sliding and twisting his tongue
around hers while his hands buried themselves in her hair. Yet another wished
that it was Lorelai doing this to him while the final part, a small, mean
part was thinking of this as revenge on Lorelai for never doing this with

While all this turmoil was going on in Luke's head Rory took a big step
towards resolving it by pulling down his pants and taking his dick in her
mouth. The combination of soft lips, teasing tongue and powerful suction
gave pure lust a huge legup in the race. Meanwhile Lane had unbuttoned his
shirt and was playfully nipping at his nipples, producing strangled moans
of pleasure.

Rory raised her head from his cock, keeping up the pressure, figuratively
and literally by stroking his balls with one hand and his shaft with the
other. "So, do you want it? Say no and we'll stop. Just say the word."

"No...I want it. I want you...damn you. Both of you."

At Rory's signal both she and Lane got off Luke and pulled him off the
couch. "Then let's go where there's more room." They led him up to Lorelai's

"Here we are. Where you've always wanted to be. Better take it because
*she'll* never let you in here," Rory taunted. "She doesn't know what she's
missing. But we will, won't we?"

Stunned Luke let the two young minxes lead him to the bed.

"Me first!" called Lane, getting on her knees and bracing her arms on the
head board. Luke, all pretense of free will given up, looked at Rory.

"She has a doggie position thing."

"So that collar..."

"Better not to ask"

While Luke, prepared to enter Lane from behind Rory wriggled underneath both
her partners.

Lane gave a gasp as Luke entered her, followed by puppylike whines of
pleasure. These whines changed to moans as Rory started licking her pussy's
front while Luke banged it from behind. Rory's fingers and tongue climbed
up and down her lovers body while she rocked with the tremendous fucking she
was receiving.

"Oh! uhhuh...yeah!" As she came the Asian honey began rythmically and
purposefully banging her head against the headboard. Luke observed that
Lane had more problems than he had thought.

Before he could spurt his load he was pushed gently but firmly way from

"You're not getting off that easily. No pun intended."

"Yeah, right. I believe that one."

"Shush." Rory's voice took on an uncharacteristic pleading tone as Lane
settled down beside her and gently stroked her body in afterplay. "Do me
now. Please." Luke hesitated. Even more than Lane, he thought of Rory as
practically his daughter. On the other hand if anyone had been pushed into
this it was him, not her. Looking down on her sexily squirming body he
couldn't help himself. He pushed into her to the accompaniment of a joyous
squeal. "Oh daddy! Yeah!" At the sound of those words all doubt left him
and he rammed into her even harder than with Lane.

As her arms wrapped around him Rory kept up a continuous litany of grunts
and moans. Meanwhile Lane watched and fingered herself into another orgasm.
Finally the moment came and so did the lithe brunette.

"Oh, oh, ohhhh! Dadddeeee! Oh yeah! Fuck your little Rory, fuck me!" Her
body wrapped around Luke's as she tried to draw him ever deeper into her.
Finally the release came and he slumped against her, exhausted.

'I'm not as young as I used to be,' Luke thought. 'And what the Hell am I
doing here anyway?'

"So what was this all about? And was this a 'whambamthankyouman' thing or
can I expect a repeat performance."

Rory considered telling him but the situation was complicated enough and
Luke was confused and traumatized enough that she decided not to.

"Luke, trust me on this, you're better off not knowing as to the first. As
for the second, I don't know. Do you want it to happen again?"

"I don't know. And I don't trust you two, not after what just happened but
I suppose I don't have a choice, do I?"

"Not really."

After he had left Lane asked Rory if they were going to tell Lorelai.

"I don't want to hurt her *that* much. I don't *hate* my mother I was just
angry and horny."

"Me too."

"Let's get showered and dressed. Put on your best war gear, it could be OK
Corral time."

"Race you to the shower." And with that Lane ran off. Rory let her go.
After all, no matter who won they were going to take it together.

To Be Continued Maybe...


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