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Gilmore Girls: More Than Roomates Part 5 - Confrontations And Negotiations
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

Lorelai Gilmore glanced at Paris Geller sitting next to her as they took the
offramp from Route 89 that would take them to Stars Hollow. Her eyes traced
the sharp features and lean form of the young woman she had seduced and
wondered how much trouble this weekend was going to end in.

She knew she probably shouldn't have gone to Yale but part of her didn't
regret it at all. Since the first time she had met Paris part of her had
wanted to mother her, part to slap her senseless and part to do exactly
what they'd been doing over the past two days.

Paris noticed her looking her over and smiled with a mixture of shyness and
enticement. She leaned her seat back and pulled her skirt up revealing her
pale, smooth thighs. Lorelai turned her eyes back to the road but her hand
reached out, stroking and caressing its way up her lover's soft skin.

Paris whimpered in pleasure as Lorelai's fingers rubbed along her slit. "Oh,
pleeease, Mommy, yes, more!"

Lorelai, realizing that sex and driving were incompatible activities, pulled
over, Paris had already leaned her seat back all the way and pulled her dress
up to her waist, revealing the wheaten hair covering her pussy.

Lorelai wasted no time in straddling the slender blond and thrusting first
two then three fingers into her slit while her tongue thrust into her mouth.
Lorelai moved position, almost toppling sideways, and straddled one long pale
leg, rubbing her dark-furred cunt against the knee. Soon her juices were
running down Paris's, mingling with her own.

"Ahhhh...yeah...unhhhh" Her free hand pushed paris' dress over her shoulders
and into the back seat then started rubbing and pinching her nipples at the
same time her other hand was rubbing and pinching her clit. Paris own hands
went to work on Lorelai's breasts.

"Oh, oh yeah! Paris is cumming Mommy! Cummmmminnnng!"

Lorelai loved to be called "Mommy" by Paris and wondered what that meant
about her feelings for her own daughter.

She moved forward so that she was actually standing crouched over Paris's
face in the back part of the car and lowered herself onto her. The coed's
skillful tongue soon had her crying out in delight.

"Yes! Oh, good girl, sooo goood! You know what Mommy likes, AHHHHHH! Mommy's
going to cum all over your beautiful face! Oh fuck, fuxk, FUCK! Mommy loves
her Paris, YESSSSSSSS!!!"

It was as she came that came that she realized they had an audience.

"Hello officer," she said with a calm she didn't feel. "Is there a problem?"

The cop, a muscular example of the breed with a blond buzz cut was trying
hard, but failing, to keep an appreciative grin off his face. "No problem,
ma'am. I was just wondering if you wanted to borrow my handcuffs."

Paris raised her cream covered face from between Lorelai's legs and replied,
"No thank you, we have our own."

Lorelai looked down. "You've been around me too much."

Although she loved Paris and was entertaining a few ideas about Lane Kim and
even her own daughter Lorelai didn't plan to entirely give up on men. So the
next thing she did was put her wrists together, pout and say, "Arrest us
officer, We've been very, very baaad."

The policeman hesitated then went to his car. He reported in that he was
assisting a pair of motorists, not technically a lie. He then moved his
vehicle so that it partially overlapped Lorelai's, creating a blind spot
from the road.

Going in back of the two cars he found both women kneeling and naked. Paris
had her doubts about this as her one sexual relationaship with a man had
been...dissapointing but had decided to follow Lorelai's lead. Her wrists
were already cuffed in front of her. The officer took Lorelei's wrists,
once more offered up and cuffed them behind her.

He found that lack of hands wasn't much of a handicap for the Dark haired
temptress however. After he undid his belt he found her teeth and lips very
adept at his trousers snap and zipper. Then Paris brought out his cock. "At
least he's decent in the size department," she thought. Soon her lips and
tonger working on one side and Lorelai's on the other had him uttering grunts
of pleasure. Lorelai then turned to sucking on his cock while she went to
work on his balls.

Just as he was on the verge of coming, Lorelai pulled back and signaled her
partner to do the same. Without her arms to balance her she fell back onto
the roadside grass, legs splayed. The cop started to move between her legs.

"Wait," said Paris, her micromanaging instincts coming to the fore. She
hadn't minded his cock in her mouth but didn't want it in her pussy. But
she also didn't want to be left out of the fun. "Turn her over and do her
doggy style". The officer shrugged. All this was unexpected treasure to
him. Position wasn't that important. Meanwhile Paris maneuvered Lorelai's
face between her legs. If the policeman hadn't already been rock hard from
the double fellatio the sight of one beautiful woman eating out another
provided more than enough inspiration. Soon he was pistoning in and out
of Lorelei and all three were headed towards a magnificent climax.

* * *

"Where are they?" growled Rory. "They should have been here by now"

"Relax," said Lane as she massaged her girlfriend's neck and shoulders.
Originally they had been going back to the dorm but it had been decided that
a less public meeting of the minds would be better.

"Have you *ever* known your mother to be on time?"

"Well no, butmmmmmm...yes, right there between the shoulder blades. What were
we talking about?"

Lanes lips had joined her hands, not so much kissing as gliding along Rory's
neck, tongue flicking out occasionally to lick her skin. Both girls had
dressed for the purpose of seducing Paris back into their arms in sheer
teddies and lace silk panties, Lane in an apricot that matched her golden
brown skin and Rory in Burgundy. Because they were supposed to be angry at
Lorelai, Lane had accesorized with a spiked collar but in truth she was
hoping to attract the older Gilmore as much as she was Paris.

As long as we *are* waiting, we might as well enjoy the wait," murmured Lane
against Rory's skin. Her hands moved from Rory's back to her front, stroking
her breasts and tickling her nipples.

"Mmmm, so nice," moaned the horny young brunette.

Just then they heard a car pull into the driveway.

"My mom's timing sucks."

When Lorelai and Paris entered they were greeted by a barrage of questions.

"Where were you? What took you so long?" asked Rory.

Lane added "Why is Paris wearing a policeman's hat?"

That question Lorelai had an answer for. "Because I gave it to her."

Rory looked over her mother and lover. "There are grass stains on your

Lorelai smirked. "Not just our knees."

"Slut!" Rory had never raised her hand in violence to anyone, much less her
mother but before she knew what she was doing her arm swung out and delivered
a full bodied slap to Lorelai's face.

Not only Lorelai's but lane's and Paris' jaws dropped.

"You hit me!"

"You stole my girlfriend."

"Well, not stole exactly," commented paris. "More like borrowed."

"When you borrow without asking..." and with this she gave her mother a push,
"it's called" another push," *stealing*!" She pushed at her mother again but
this time Lorelai grabbed her wrists.

"!" shouted Lorelai.


The two women's struggles toppled them to the floor where they commenced
rolling around struggling for control. Fortunately no real harm was done to
anything except what they were wearing as unarmed combat was not the forte
of either of them.

"Shouldn't we stop them?" asked Lane.

"I don't know, it's making me kind of hot," purred Paris. Her hand had
slipped under Lane's teddy and was stroking her back.

Lane turned to look at her love and mistress. "We missed you."

"It's only been a weekend."

Lane's arm went around her neck. "So are you coming back to us?"

"I didn't leave. But I'm not giving up Lorelai."

"Well...could we...share?"

During the entire conversation their faces had been moving closer together
until their lips were less than an inch apart.

"Share me, or share Lorelai?"

"Yes," answered the Asian beauty and with that, their lips and tongues fused
together passionately.

In the meantime Lorelai, being marginally larger and stronger had managed to
pin her daughter. The fight had not been kind to their wardrobes. Lorelai's
strapless minidress had half slid, half been pulled off leaving her
completely naked while the straps of Rory's teddy had broken, leaving her
only in her panties with the teddy tangled around her waist.

"Why did you do it?" asked a still struggling Rory.

"She needed a mother and i needed..."

"You needed what?" he daughter asked, half anticipating, half fearing the

Lorelai broke down. "A daughter i could do this to!" and lowered her mouth
down onto Rory's . After a token resistance, Rory responded eagerly.

Lane and Paris had not been idle through this. Both had stripped quickly and
Lane, finishing first had fetched a vibrator from upstairs which, finding
Paris on all fours, she proceeded happily to apply to Paris' pussy from

"MMMMMMMM, God I missed you and Rory! Love you! Love...AH...all of you!

Lane used her free hand to caress Paris' tits and stomach while her lips
roamed over her smooth back and ass. "So are we four now?"

"If...oh want it."

"*I* do. I want all of you."

Lorelai had broken off the kiss and was now nibbling and sucking on her
daughter's breasts when she felt a strange but welcome hand stroking between
her legs. She looked behind her to see Lane Kim, eyes closed in rapture as
paris, now in possession of the dildo, worked it into her ass.

Lorelai backed up, letting lane's fingers push into her as she licked her way
down her daughter's squirming body. Finally her tongue flicked across Rory's

"AHHHHH! Yes, ohoh, yesssss!"

Finally Paris completed the daisy chain by lowering her crotch onto Rory's
face. Soon the moans and whimpers of the lesbian lovefest echoed throughout
the Gilmore house until the four women collapsed in happy exhaustion.

* * *

And so was the Treaty of Stars hollow negotiated and consummated. Lane would
spend the rest of the school year with Lorelai with the other two members of
the quartet visiting on weekends and all four living in the Gilmore house
during the summer. Paris and Rory planned to get an apartment in New Haven
the following year while Lane worked at Lukes to earn her keep. When asked
if she was sure Luke would hire her she just smiled and said she looked
forward to negotiations, a statement that flew right over Lorelai's head.



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