An erotic episode of the WB television series "Gilmore Girls" based loosely
on the 2002 fall season shortly after Rory dumps Dean, her old boyfriend,
and hooks up with Jess her new boyfriend. (Written for fun, not profit, no
infringement intended, it's just a parody, nothing more.)

Gilmore Girls: My Sex Slave (mf,m-dom,bdsm,anal)
by Niggardly

It wasn't more than 6-weeks after breaking up with Dean that Jess and I first
made love. He was incredible, and I just couldn't help myself.

My name is Rory Gilmore, and I live in a small town called Stars Hollow with
my single mom. She had me when she was 17 and has always warned me about sex
with boys and what it could lead to. But in this day and age, I figure any
girl that gets pregnant is just stupid, what with all the contraceptives
there are on the market.

Anyway, I found that I just couldn't get enough of Jess. We'd do it just
about anywhere we could (Mostly in the back seat of his "new" old car).

So when Jess first suggested that I be his sex slave, I thought that it would
be fun, I was pretty much open to anything and I loved him so, but I didn't
know how serious he was about it.

He made the suggestion pretty casually. We were having a bite at Luke's Diner
(a local place that my mom and I always have breakfast at, and it belongs to
Jess's uncle Luke. Jess asked how I felt about giving myself to a man to be
used only for his sexual pleasure. Jess is a very exciting and interesting
guy, and it seemed like it might be fun to completely submit to his every

So I thought about our nights in bed, feeling his truly enormous cock
stretching me so nicely to the limit and said, "Sure, sounds good to me."

"I don't think you understand," he said seriously. "I mean, completely give
in to everything I want. Basically, to be my sex slave."

This caught me a little off guard; this is not what a woman is supposed to
do. We're supposed to be assertive and stick up for our rights, not to be a
man's sex, or any other kind of slave.

I paused while thinking about at. Looking into his dark eyes, I saw that he
was extremely serious about this. He stared intensely at me, sensing my
indecision. Jess is the most wonderful man I know, but my pride prevented me
from going along with him. I averted my eyes, looking for Luke to give me
some water.

* * *

The subject was dropped for the time being, but I could tell that Jess would
bring it up again. When we made love that night in the back seat of his car,
he seemed to have a fire in his eyes, and I felt an overwhelming desire to
be taken hard. I think he sensed this, and it was with reckless abandon that
we went at it. If anyone had been around they would have known what was going
on by the violent rocking motions of Jess's car.

He had planted a seed, one that was to grow in the coming days. I struggled
with my dilemma; unable to reconcile my physical urges with what I thought
was "right." Here I was, a 4.0 student at a top preparatory school, on my way
to a limitless future. I knew that I was going to Harvard in a year, so why
would I debase myself this way?

Finally, I could stand it no more. I called Jess that night and asked him to
come over. "Why?" he asked. I wasn't sure if I should tell him about my
decision or not. I decided to give him a hint just to excite him as much as
I was already. "Because, master, I need you." He hung up immediately, leaving
me wondering what he was thinking.

Fifteen minutes later my doorbell rang. I opened the door, and Jess asked
what had taken me so long. I apologized, but he just walked by me, thankfully
my mother was working with a wedding party and hadn't planned on coming home
till late.

"Rory, do you know what this involves? You must give in to anything I wish.
You must never disobey me. Your body and soul will be mine, and I will use
them as I see fit. Do you understand?"

Looking down, with my hands behind my back, I responded meekly in the

"I don't know if I believe you Rory," he said. "I'm going to test you. Go
upstairs into your mother's bedroom and take off your clothes. I will be up
in a little while."

This was a new Jess. Normally he was soft spoken and gentle. He'd never
forced himself on me, though I could tell that he sometimes wanted to. He
seemed to love foreplay as much as I did, and here he was gruffly telling
me to strip and wait in my mother's room. I went upstairs, undressed, and
sat down on the bed to wait for him. God, what if my mom came home right

Twenty minutes later Jess came up, carrying some rope. He took off his
clothes. I love watching his nakedness emerge as one piece of clothing
after another and dropped away. His body was so sexy, so masculine that
it made my heart race.

Naked, he sat down on a chair and looked at me. "Well, what are you waiting
for? Get over here and suck my cock!"

I crawled over to him and knelt in front of him. He was already harder than
I had ever seen him. I took his wonderful penis in my hand, not even able to
touch my thumb and forefinger as I wrapped them around the huge thing. Then
I leaned down and I put my mouth around him, prepared to give him a blowjob
as I had done several times before.

But this time, after only a minute or so, I felt his hands on the back of my
head, forcing my mouth down on him. When his cock hit the back of my throat,
I gagged, but this did not deter him, he just grabbed a fist full of my hair
and began fucking my mouth faster and faster.

Tears formed in my eyes as my throat was stretched, I choked some more, he
was so big and long, I could hardly breathe. I tried to pretend in my mind
that I was swallowing a large piece of food, and this seemed to help a bit.
Then Jess started forcing my head up and down on his dick faster, in and out,
in and out, down my throat. I gagged several more times, and tears were now
running down my cheeks, but he did seem not care. Well, I thought, this is
what I asked for.

All of a sudden he stopped and told me to go over to the bed and get on my
knees and bend as far down as I could. He pushed me even further so that my
breasts were mashed against my lower thighs. Then I felt him tie a rope
behind my legs and over my back, in essence hog-tying me. The coarse rope
bit into my skin, and I started to worry if I had gotten in over my head. He
then demanded that I put my hands behind my head. He tied them securely in
place, leaving me immobile with only two strands of rope.

I heard him go to the bathroom, then return. I heard the cap of something
being taken off, then a delay, then something was thrown to the floor.

I waited there, tied, on the bed, wondering what he was going to do and
nearly shaking from fear, and strangely enough, arousal.

"Well, Rory, this should tell us how serious you are," Jess said.

I didn't know what he meant until I felt his huge cock between the cheeks of
my ass. I had never taken a cock there, and he knew it. Jess had been my
first boy and he knew that I thought this kind of thing was perverted. He
had asked me several times, but I had always rebuffed him. Now I silently
waited for what I knew I could not stop.

The discrepancy in sizes made it difficult for him. He grabbed my hips and
pulled me to him, but I was too tight. He slapped my ass a few times, telling
me to relax. I did my best, and with a sudden lunge he forced about an inch
into my anus.

I cried out in the most severe pain of my life and was rewarded with another
lunge of his cock. I begged him to stop, knowing that he wouldn't, and also
knowing that I didn't really want him to. He forced more and more of himself
into me until finally he was as far in as he could go. I felt unbelievably
full, and the stinging pain was making me see stars.

Jess began thrusting right away, but my tightness prevented him from
moving too quickly. But slowly the pain receded, leaving a dull throbbing

He used his hands to force my hips back and forth on his erect penis, moving
ever faster as my tight butt-hole loosened it more and more. Soon he was
thrusting at will, and I could see the true meaning of being used by a man.
He was doing what he wanted to me.

It pleased him because it was so tight. Though I derived very little physical
pleasure from my anal deflowering, the submissiveness of it turned me on
incredibly. I squeezed his penis with all my might with my muscles, making
him moan in appreciation. I could now control how tight I was, and took full
advantage of my newfound talent.

It didn't take much longer for my contractions to push him over the edge.
Jess thrust his penis deep inside me and held it there. I could feel it
pushing against the depths of my rectum, then suddenly, I could feel the
contractions of his cock throbbing inside me, emptying himself in me. He
remained hard for several minutes afterwards, then slowly pulled from my
grip. The friction was painful.

Then Jess got up and went downstairs, leaving me tied on my bed. His semen
dripped from my open hole onto my mother's bedspread. I started to wonder
here Jess was. He wouldn't leave me like this for my mother to find me. God
I hoped not!

After a while he returned. His dick was limp, but he told me to take it in
my mouth. I was grossed out but did as he said. I could taste his cum and my
ass on it, both were dried on his cock. I had to really force myself to do

Jess got hard quickly and decided to fuck my ass again. I was still pretty
loose, but the tissue was sore and the friction was difficult to take.

After he came a second time he stuck a wad of tissue paper up my butt and
again forced me to clean him with my mouth. When he was done he untied me and
carried me downstairs to my room, then he left. On the way out he said that I
hadn't performed badly, considering that it was only my first night.

I pulled the blankets up over my naked body and fell asleep, exhausted. I
awoke the next morning and groaned when I realized I still had tissue paper
in my sore ass. I tenderly removed it, thinking about the previous night's

Then I heard the door open and my mom's face appeared around the edge, "Hi
honey, did you have a good night last night?"

"Um, yeah, I did," I responded cautiously.

"Well sweetie, you'll have to do some more of the same tonight because I'm
going to be tied up with the Pierce Wedding until late tonight. That okay
with you?"

"Um, sure mom, that's fine."

And I thought to myself, "I think I'll be tied up tonight too!"



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