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Gilmore Girls: Rory's Eighteen Birthday Wishes (Ff,inc,oral,anal,toys)
by MTL ([email protected]) and LL ([email protected])

"Sweet eighteen and never been..." sang Lorelai Gilmore as threw herself on the bed like it was a trampoline and it was her Eighteenth Birthday, not her daughter's. The bed groaned as she landed; Rory sympathised - she knew exactly how it felt. She opened one eye and looked at the alarm clock sitting beside her bed. On seeing the display hadn't yet flashed onto six she closed it again. She vaguely remembered there being a rule in the Gilmore house about no talking before nine or at least two mugs of strong coffee.

Unfortunately today was one of the day that Lorelai was so full of the joys of life that she forgot she had a serious caffeine addiction. She leant over her daughter and pulled open one of Rory's eyelids, if the teen hadn't been woken by the charge of the she-elephant trying to pry open her eyes would have woken her. Weakly Rory batted at her Mom's hand; "Stop, too early..."

"You are awake," Lorelai said as if she was confirming a hotel reservation to a particularly slow Japanese tourist.

"Mmmmn", replied Rory in a tone that suggested she wasn't convinced by her Mom's word. To emphasise the fact it was way too early she pulled her covers closer to her chin. This didn't seem to make any difference to Lorelai...

"Sweet eighteen and never been...." Lorelai sang again. She paused and repeated in a more normal tone, "Sweet eighteen and never been, well you've been kissed, so it can't be that... I know sweet eighteen and never been got up by the Stars Hollow Brass Band!"

That woke Rory like her Mom had just plugged her into the mains. She sat straight upwards, the bedding falling down to her waist.

"You haven't booked them? Have you?" she shrieked in panic, looking round the room to make sure they weren't about to tumble out of her closet serenading her with a collection of show tunes.

"Er, no," said Lorelai looking down at her daughter's chest, "That would be cruel. Though it's lucky I didn't as the boys would be swallowing their trombones with the eye-full you're giving them."

Reaching up Rory quickly covered her naked titties, blushing furiously. They weren't a bad pair and Rory was quite proud about how well they were developing. It was just that compared to her Mom's... well her cleavage still had a way to go; "It was warm last night - I took off my top. I didn't know I was going to have morning company..."

There was a cluck like a mother hen from Lorelai, "I always come in on your birthday. Anyway I wouldn't worry I've seen them before..."

"You have?" Rory squashed her arms tighter over her titties, so hard indeed that they almost popped out again to get themselves some space. Rory went redder - it was bad enough that ever since she'd heard her Mom in the shower she been thinking about her - it would be too embarrassing for words to find that her Mom had been spying on her as well.

"Sure," replied Lorelai with a smile, "It only seems like yesterday that I was buying that first bra and you were proudly parading round the kitchen. They've grown since then."

"Oh," said Rory, she wasn't sure whether she was relieved or not. She started to reach for her nightie, at the end of the bed. It was just beyond her reach; she leaned forward.

Lorelai was quicker, the young Milf very seldom could resist a bit of mischief. She rolled forward and grabbed the cotton nightshirt. Jumping up Lorelai paraded her trophy like she had just braved the wilds of the mountains for it, "I've got Rory's nightie, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah."

The teen struggled forward to get it, harder than it looked as she was trying to cover her nudity at the same time as chase her Mom. It was no surprise that she failed, ending with a sheet wrapped round herself and facedown on the floor, with Lorelai on the other side of the room waving the nightdress round her head like a lasso, "Still got Rory's nightie, nah-nah-nah-nah-nah."

"Give it back," squeaked Rory, trying to disentangle herself without flashing her slit at her Mom. She gave a further plaintive cry, "It's my birthday."

"Whoops," laughed Lorelai as she threw the nightie out the window. By the time Rory had picked herself up, wrapped her sheet round herself like a toga and hopped over to the window the nightdress was flapping merrily on a tree branch. She turned to look at her Mom, trying to give her a stern look, which was made next to impossible by Lorelai's look of comical innocence. The Milf shrugged and smiled, "Whoops?"

"I'll whoops you," grumbled Rory and sat on the edge of her bed, "So have you anything to say?"

"What like, I'm sorry that I threw your night dress out the window?" Lorelai grinned teasingly, "Or was it something like now you've seen mine I want to see yours."

"Mom," blushed Rory as her Mom pulled up her jogging top and waved her tits at her daughter like she was a drunk co-ed on Spring Break. The teen averted her eyes, but not so far that she couldn't see her Mom's tits juggling in the periphery of her vision.

Luckily for Rory's heart-rate, if not for the vivid dreams she was likely to have, her Mom only flashed for a few moments before pulling down her top. The Milf grinned and waited for Rory to look up again before speaking again, "Happy Eighteenth, Rory."

"Thanks," Rory smiled back. It was hard to believe that eighteen years ago her Mom had been pushing out a tiny Rory Gilmore - she weathered the years well and looked even younger than her thirty-four years, more like an older sister or girlfriend than a Mom; "So what have you got me?"

"I tried to get you out of Grandma's on Friday - that's got to be worth something," replied Lorelai.

"Oh," replied Rory, "Did you succeed?"

Lorelai shook her head, "No Emily Gilmore was more insistent than ever. I tried I really tried, but she's laid on a full bash for Friday. All presents to be opened then - no exceptions. Expect something good from Prince William and I think the Bangles have cancelled their tour dates so they can play for you."

"You're kidding, right?" Rory was pretty sure her Mom was, seriousness was not a trait notably strong within her. At the same time her Grandma could sometimes go over the top in spoiling her.

"I'm kidding," confirmed Lorelai, "Well apart from the no presents to Friday. Your Grandma wants everything opened in her presence; after three hours on the phone I lost the will to argue it any longer."

"Oh," replied Rory. It was disappointing, it wasn't that she expected much, but on her eighteenth she had at least expected a CD to open, even if the main present had to wait a few days.

As if sensing her daughter's disappointment Lorelai continued, "But whilst I can't give you a present to open I can still give you a special present."

"You can?" asked a confused Rory.

"Eighteen wishes for eighteen years," said Lorelai, "All to be used before midnight tonight. If they are in my power I'll grant them, so no wishing that Pizza is suddenly discovered to have slimming properties or that Paris lightens up - I can't do miracles."

"Okay," grinned Rory. It sounded like a fun idea and, depending on the wishes, it might make her birthday a much more memorable experience that the new P J Harvey album. In fact if her Mom was true to her word it might allow Rory to fulfil a dream that had being starting to dominate her nights.

As her daughter became lost to a thoughtful silence an impatient Lorelai sighed and said, "Come on Rory, there must be something you want which I can give you."

There was, but even as her mind whirred with possibilities of how to get that one thing she wanted more than almost anything else, there was one thing Rory wanted even more, which at least made her first wish easy...

Wish 1

"I wish, you will always love me. Promise me, promise me you'll always love me no matter what." Rory said softly

"Ooh let me think about that one," teased Lorelai, "I did say I can't do miracles."

Rory gave a false pout, "Think carefully, your own birthday is coming up and you know how much Grandma likes a party. A few words..."

Lorelai laughed, "Okay - I love you for now and forever. When you're old and grey with lots of little Lorelai mark fives running around your knees, I'll be in the old folks home with you, telling my great-great grandchildren how much I love my little girl."

Rory smiled, but there was a brief instant when it faulted and she looked like she was away somewhere else. It was such a swift, there and gone moment, most people wouldn't have noticed. But Moms have a way of noticing these things; it worried her because it wasn't the first time she had seen that brief look cross her daughter's face. It had been happening a lot lately and understandably had Lorelai worried, but just like all the other times she opened her mouth to try and ask what was wrong she found herself interrupted...

Wish 2

"I wish, for a big expensive meal." Rory said, her smile turning into a grin.

"That's more like it." Lorelai grinned, her worries momentarily forgotten, "So what will it be, Chinese? Indian? Lukes? All three? The most expensive things on the menu, of course. Oh, oh, oh, I could get Sookie to do an extra special meal for us."

"Actually I was thinking somewhere more... high-class." Rory said.

"Oh." Lorelai responded. It wasn't that she didn't want to spoil her daughter on this most special day, but consuming mass amounts of unhealthy food was a tradition in the Gilmore household. Perhaps that was why Rory probably wanted to do something different, but she had never expressed that much interest in more 'restauranty' type places... And there was always the terrifying possibility of bumping into Emily Gilmore in a place like that, but this was Rory's day. So, faking a smile Lorelai said, "Sure hun... did you have anywhere in mind?"

"Actually there was this one place, it's out of town, but it's supposed to be really good." Rory said, sounding nervous for a reason Lorelai couldn't fathom.

At least it would mean it was less likely they would run into Emily, "Okay... so, dinner there, and then what?"

"You'll just have to wait and see." Rory said.

"Okay... it's first thing in the morning and you don't know what you want yet, that's fine, but you better spent most of your day in class thinking about some really awesome things we can do tonight. Otherwise we're going on a trip down birthday memory lane, complete with that donkey ride which made you throw up." Lorelai said jumping off the bed and letting her daughter get ready for school.

Rory waited until her mother was out of the room before softly declaring, "Don't worry, it'll be a night to remember..."

* * *

"Wow... you look beautiful." Lorelai marvelled at her daughter dressed in one of the most elegant dresses she'd ever seen, low-cut and sparkling. Her mother had a lot of flaws, but her taste wasn't one of them. It still surprised Lorelai that Emily had been persuaded to buy it for Rory for the last Chilton Dance - or perhaps not, Emily Gilmore could be a bit too competitive and it wasn't unlike her to be boasting to all and sundry how Rory had been the belle of the ball.

"Me... you look amazing." Rory said softly, her eyes lingering over her mother's dress which was a lot cheaper than her own but hugged her Mom's curve so, so wonderfully, and... and she wasn't going to be distracted by it, at least not now.

"So, are you finally going to tell me where we're going?" Lorelai asked.

"No." Rory smiled.

"Okay, so what, you're going to drive us?" Lorelai questioned.

"No." Rory answered, before opening the front door and indicating to the first surprise of the night.

"Rory!" Lorelai exclaimed, taken off guard by the limousine outside their home.

"Grandpa's paying for it." Rory quickly explained, "I called, explained I wanted this night to be special and it would be a one time thing, so he agreed, as long as Grandma never, ever finds out I got a birthday present early."

Lorelai opened her mouth to complain, after all with her parents there was no such thing as a free favour, but she closed it again when she realised whatever price she would have to pay later would be worth it. After all the day was more than half over and Rory had only cashed in two of her wishes so far. Speaking of which...

"Okay, but are you sure you don't want me to order you something before you go? I know I said no books, but if you really can't think of anything else..." Lorelai began.

"I can think of plenty." Rory assured her mother as they got into the limo, "Don't worry, everything's in place."

"Ooooooh, mysterious." Lorelai teased, getting comfortable after the driver shut the door behind them.

"Toast to it?" Rory offered, holding out a wine glass.

Lorelai raised her eyebrow, "So what, one of your wishes is to grow three years older?"

"Grandpa said I could have one glass for the ride, and one glass at dinner. Actually, he kind of insisted. Something about giving me a taste of the finer life so I don't..." Rory stopped herself before completing the sentence, quickly tried to think on her feet, something she wasn't always that great at, and came up with "Erm... become a non-wine drinker."

"Uh..." Lorelai grunted, not really as put off by her father giving her a non-deliberately spiteful backhanded comment as she was concerned for her daughter drinking underage. Lorelai had been breaking into her father's drinks cabinet at the ripe old age of fourteen, and while the last thing she wanted was for Rory to end up like herself she doubted a couple of drinks would send her sensible daughter spiralling into alcoholism.

"Just this once." Lorelai said.

Grinned Rory, her smile enigmatic. She sipped at the wine and swilled it round her mouth, before swallowing and putting on an expression looking like a slightly mad professor, "Mmnn, acceptable don't you think?."

Lorelai swallowed her own wine, she could tell a cheap two dollar bottle from a something which her Dad would keep in his cellars to be uncorked for a special occasion. This was definitely the latter. She put down the glass and rolled her eyes upwards as if she was thinking, "It has a certain je ne sais quoi. That intangible quality that separates the mere palatable from the positively divine."

"A certain fruitiness," responded Rory.

"Like strawberries. Or bananas," said Lorelai, quickly trying to think up some fruits, "Or apples. Or oranges."

"MMnnn, fruit flavoured wine. It's like those juice packs we see in the store, look at and then ignore in favour of coke," said Rory.

"Hey, I like coke," protested Lorelai, smiling, "Though I think you'll find this has a higher alcohol content. Good choice, by the way."

Rory tried to look both smug and angelic at the same time, coming off as merely beautiful, "Grandpa said to pick something from his cellar."

"Lucky it wasn't a spider," joked Lorelai.

"Oh, I got one of those as well," Rory shot back as quickly as her Mom in quipping. She raised the wine glass again, "Cheers."

"And you were being so sophisticated," laughed Lorelai clinking her class against Rory's, "To my darling daughter, happy birthday and may all your wishes come true."

* * *

Thinking about it the line was pretty snazzy so Lorelai repeated it with the second toast, this time in the middle of a dimly lit restaurant with soft jazz playing in the background. However while the surroundings were very different, Rory's response remained the same, "I hope so."

Frowning Lorelai asked, "So... what's up with you?"

"What do you mean?" Rory asked, trying not to panic.

"Nothing, I just... I don't know, you seem a little off lately, and you just seem a little worried about something." Lorelai said, gently taking Rory's hand in hers, "You know you can tell me anything, right? Anything at all, so if something's bothering you..."

"Your dinner Mademoiselle." the waiter, who although shared Michelle's accent didn't share his unique take on customer service placed Rory's food down on her plate before turning to Lorelai. His eyes briefly falling to their linked hands before he quickly apologised, "I am sorry, your order requires a little longer, but should be along shortly. Yourself and your partner have our most humble regrets."

As he left Lorelai frowned again, "Partner... does, does he think we're a couple?"

"I... I don't know..." Rory said, a little distracted by the physical contact.

"Huh... I kind of like it." Lorelai beamed, "Unless he knows we're mother and daughter, in which case ewww, right? But I mean, if he just thought I was just your Sugar Mommy instead of your actual Mommy, then that's kind of cool. I mean, me as a cougar, picking up girls and boys half my age, fun right?"

Lorelai expected her daughter to yell out 'Mom' and 'gross', but instead she softly echoed, "Ewww?"

This took Lorelai by surprise.

"Well, yeah. I mean, it's not like I want you or anything." Lorelai almost panicked at how unconvincing she sounded. Quickly regrouping she said more firmly, "And it's not like you want me either, right?"

"Right." Rory quickly responded.

There was a long silence.

"Your dinner Madam." The waiter said as he briefly returned with Lorelai's food, however for the first time ever food was laid before the Gilmore girls and it went ignored for several moments.

Then Lorelai picked up her cutlery and began. Rory felt relieved as she followed her Mom in starting their meal, that silence had been a little long and uncomfortable, though not quiet as uncomfortable as the words before it.

"Have you thought of your third wish?" Lorelai asked to stop them descending into another period of silence.

"I have," replied Rory.

Wish 3

The teen took a deep breath," I wish you would listen to me, and not interrupt, because what I want to say is really, really important, and I need you to not say anything or judge me, at least not until the end, okay?"

A terrible feeling of fear gripped at Lorelai, freezing her stomach into a twisted Gordonian knot, "You're not pregnant?"

"No," Rory shook her head.

"Because it would be fine if you were," Lorelai regretted speaking so quickly; she'd spent the last eighteen years telling Rory she could be open and suddenly she'd almost blown it in a moment of panic. But Rory becoming pregnant was the terror that always gripped her, the fear that no matter how sensible her daughter seemed that children made the mistakes of their parents. Lorelai took a deep breath, whatever Rory said she would be fine - she wouldn't be Emily, "Okay it's a deal. You sure you're not even a little pregnant?"

"Not even a teeny-bit," Rory held up her two fingers so close that there was only a tiny half-inch gap between their tips, "I'm Mary remember...Virgin not Magdalene."

"I bet you say that to all the boys," laughed Lorelai, "It worked for me on your Dad... no, I told him I was Magdalene."

"There's sharing and there's sharing too much," retorted Rory laughing. Suddenly she became serious, "You listening."

"Yes," Lorelai reached out to stroke Rory's hand to show that whatever she said Lorelai would still be here, still be her Mom, still love her daughter. She was a little surprised and not a little putout that Rory snatched her hand away as it Lorelai was neither the Virgin or Magdalene, but Typhoid. Still she smiled and pretended nothing had happened, "Speak, Virgin Mary. Confess your sins."

There was a long pause from Rory, as though she was either regretting that she had mentioned this wish or was wondering what to say. The silence went on for so long that Lorelai almost called the waiter over and ordered another bottle of wine, but eventually Rory spoke, "I think I like girls. I like boys too, Mom, I think I'm bisexual..."

"Oh," said Lorelai, she had been expecting something bigger than this. She was about to say that she had been expecting at least a confession that Rory had been involved in the D B Cooper hijacking.

But before she could speak, Rory continued, "I mean I don't think... I know. I like girls, I mean I find them attractive and I think about them. Not all girls, just pretty girls and women - I fantasise about older women - what they called Milfs in American Pie. I still like boys, but can you still like women at the same time?"

"Yes," replied Lorelai and smiled, "Yes you can."

Rory smiled back briefly, but that smile slowly faded and after a little silence the youngest Gilmore girl simply muttered, "So..."

"So?" Lorelai parroted, sounding confused as opposed to her daughter who sounded nervous.

"So... is my first wish still granted?" Rory asked, adding after a short pause, "You still love me?"

"Oh God Rory," Lorelai said, getting up and hugging her daughter tightly to her and not giving a damn that the other people in a restaurant looked at her weirdly, "That wish will never, ever be ungranted. Never ever. There's nothing you can do or say which would ever make me not love you."

Rory bit her lip, glad her mother couldn't see it as she seemed to melt into her embrace. Too soon it ended, with Lorelai pulling back so her face was only a few inches away from Rory's, her luscious lips seeming to scream out for attention.

"Rory... is there anything I've done to make you feel like I wouldn't love you if you told me you liked girls?" Lorelai asked.

Rory honestly thought back before she replied, "No... I guess I never really believed you would... I just couldn't help worry, you know?"

Lorelai smiled, sat back down in her seat and then after a pause asked, "How long have you known?"

"I..." Rory began, a little taken off guard, "I guess always... but..."

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Lorelai interrupted.

"I... I don't know." Rory lied, before quickly adding, "I mean, I never thought it actually act on it, so I thought it was no big deal. I was just going to keep it to myself, but... after everything that happened with Dean and Jess, I just thought, why not? I mean, I think... I think deep down this is what I really want. It is what I really want."

Lorelai's eyes suddenly lit up, "Oh my God, there's a girl."

"What? No, there's no girl." Rory, which depending on your point of view was either the truth or a deep lie.

"Oh my god they're totally is. You're totally into a girl. Who is she? Is she your girlfriend? Have you guys kissed yet? Is... wait, you said you liked older women, is... is she a teacher? Oh my God Rory, are you dating a teacher!" Lorelai suddenly panicked.

"No, no, no, no!" Rory insisted, before unable to stop herself adding, "I'm not the teacher dater in the family."

Lorelai pouted, stuck out her tongue and said, "Well who then? Paris? Oh my God, its Paris isn't it?"

"It's not Paris." Rory said.

"Lane?" Lorelai asked.

"No." Rory sighed.

"It's not Madeline or Louise is it? Because seriously, you could do better." Lorelai joked, almost a hundred percent sure it wasn't, and very much hoping she was right as she didn't want to insult her daughter.

"No." Rory said, "Wasn't wish three that you would listen to me and not interrupt?"

"Maybe..." Lorelai said coyly, "Why, you weren't done?"

"No." Rory said, "Actually I had some questions for you..."

Wish 4

"I wish you would tell me if you had ever had a lesbian experience before?" Rory asked.

There was a brief pause as a smile slowly crossed Lorelai's face, "Yes. A few."

For a few long moments Rory just blinked as she hadn't been expecting that response, "Wow... why... why didn't you tell me?"

Lorelai shrugged, "I was going to when you were old enough but... I don't know. It's not like I've felt the urge to go cruising for hot chicks, so unless I met someone and it became an issue I figured it was just better left unsaid."

"That makes sense," admitted Rory; "You do know I'm going to ask about them in a future wish?"

"I guessed you might," Lorelai smiled and took another bite of her meal. The way the candle flickered in front of her made her daughter look more sensual, more adult than normal - a young woman, not a child. To Lorelai It was both sad and uplifting that soon Rory would be spreading her wings and out in the wide world. But she would always be her daughter, she would always be her Rory. Lorelai put down the fork again, "In fact I was thinking it was going to be your next wish. If it's not what is?"

Wish 5

"I wish you would tell me if you have ever loved a woman before?" the words came out so quickly that they almost merged into one.

Rory's hand briefly shook, she was getting into much more intimate and personal questions. Lorelai looked at her, there was a small trickle of sweat forming on the teen's forehead and she was obviously nervous. It must be she feared that any minute she was going to go over the edge and ask something that her Mom would feel insulted by. She needn't worry, Lorelai couldn't imagine anything she wouldn't share with Rory and the questions so far had been intimate, but nothing that Lorelai felt ashamed or worried about.

Still, Lorelai paused before answering, they were getting more heavy and perhaps it was time to lighten it up. Rory could sometimes get a little intense, it wasn't a terrible flaw, but it was something Lorelai liked to look out for to stop Rory rushing into a sudden panic about nothing. Anyway thinking back none of the relationships had been that special, though some had been fun.

"I'm waiting," said Rory sternly, "It is in your power. You must answer. Them be the rules."

She suddenly smiled to confirm that she wasn't serious.

But Lorelai was going to answer, "The only girl I've ever truly loved is you. I love my best friend, and to a far lesser extent I love my mother, but I love you in different way... I love you more than anything else in the world."

She grinned. It was a clever trick she felt, one in the careful what you wish for category of wishes. It answered the question accurately, just not the question Rory had meant.

However looking at Rory the teen's reaction surprised her Mom, she had that far away look again. It was only for a moment, before she blinked and shook her head like she was clearing her thoughts, "I wasn't talking about loving Grandma. I was talking about, well love-love. You know... sex love."

"That's not what you asked?" replied Lorelai grinning, "You asked if I'd ever loved a woman. If you want to ask whether I've ever loved a woman who I was in a relationship with that'll be wish number six."

"Fine..." Rory pouted.

Wish 6

"I wish you would tell me if you've ever been in love with a woman before." Rory said, stressing the words 'in love'.

"Isn't that the same as question five? Or wish five, or whatever?" Lorelai teased.

"No, loving someone isn't the same as being in love with them. Loving someone just means they're dear to you, being in love with someone means you want to spend every waking moment with them, get married, have lots of babies and grow old together." Rory explained in annoyance as she was pretty sure her mother knew what she was talking about given the smug look on her face, "I mean, you love Grandma, but you're not in love with her."

"God no." Lorelai said with a shudder.

"And you're not in love with me," Rory said, pausing for only a microsecond before continuing, "Or anyone else we know who's a woman?"

"No." Lorelai replied, however there was about a second's pause.

"Are you sure? Because you don't sound sure." Rory said.

"I'm sure." Lorelai said firmly, "I've never been in love with a woman. Ever. The closest I've come... is you. Not, not in a gross way or anything like that, I just... you're everything to me, you know?"

"I know." Rory smiled. She did know, and if her mother had been slightly more convincing then this night might have gone differently. True, Rory had been hoping the responses to her early wishes would give her more conclusive results, but while there was still a chance to get everything she wanted she had to take it.

"So, what's your next wish?" Lorelai asked.

Rory opened her mouth as if to say something, but seemed to change her mind, "Can we wait until we finish our meal?"

Lorelai smiled, "Sure Rory, it's your night, we can do whatever you want."

Rory's mind briefly wandered to her up coming wishes, but she pushed them aside and smiled, "Thanks."

* * *

Wish 7

"I wish you would tell about your lesbian experiences," asked Rory.

They had eaten, had a coffee (or rather two, much to the waiter's shock - not being used to such caffeine hounds he was taken by surprise by the demands for refills) and were in the car heading back before Rory had raised her seventh wish.

The question didn't quite come out of the blue, but it still wasn't what Lorelai was expecting as the next question. Though, if she admitted the truth to herself, none of the wishes had been what she'd been expecting. Whilst she was close to Rory she was starting to wonder if this had been a good idea, the wishes were getting exceptionally personal. There was no getting out of it now - a promise was promise. Even so Lorelai glanced out the window, watching the lights of passing cars zip by, pausing before answering, "Why? Would it mean anything?"

"It might help me with my own curiosity," replied Rory shyly, "I've seen a naked woman. I mean in the showers at school... oh and you... it's not like I'm stalking you or anyone. I'm gabbling... What I mean is that's all I've seen I don't know what it's like. I want to know how you found it."

Again Lorelai paused, letting her mind wander back to her lesbian relationships and thinking what they were like. She smiled as she remembered, they might have all ended in grief or bitterness or boredom, but at the time they had been fun. Indeed they had almost all the enjoyment of heterosexual sex, but without the pregnancy risks. The Milf turned to face her daughter, the teen's face clouded in the darkness of the car, "Okay a wish is a wish."

"Thanks Mom," Rory sounded more relaxed.

"My first was called Shelly. We were fourteen and at school. It wasn't heavy, we made out a few times in her bedroom. And on one occasion I put my hand inside her shirt, but she pushed it out before I could get anywhere," Lorelai smiled at the memory.

Rory giggled, "You slut... So what happened?"

"Her Dad got a new posting in Frankfurt and off she went. She promised to write...she never did. I was heartbroken for at least a month. So that's number one.

"Number two was called Monica. This was a bit more serious. She was nineteen and pregnant, same time I was pregnant with you. We did some antenatal together and we hit-off, I think we were both rebels. So anyway one night I had a big fallout with your Grandma and went to stay the night with Monica. Her boyfriend was doing nightshift and they'd been fighting as well, he said he wasn't ready. Well one thing led to another and we ended in her bed naked, making out and... well, with our fingers in each other's holes. Next morning she wakes up and flips, screaming, shouting, really not happy. She was so bad I was glad to see Mom..."

"That bad," grinned Rory, "I guess you didn't do it again."

"No. But number three... You would have been about two when I met Suzie. She was a free-spirit, this bohemian artist. You know that painting in the toilet..."

"The dying sunflower?"

"... she painted it. She was renting over the Summer, doing some painting before she went back to University to do a PhD. We hit it off. I really did think we were in love that Summer. We made love under the stars, or in her flat, or in friend's house. We were like bunnies... But she didn't want to be a step-Mom. Eventually I had to tell her it was non-negotiable - you came over the sex, no matter how good."

"Oh," said Rory, a little put out.

Lorelai smiled and stroked her daughter's hair. She was surprised that Rory flinched, but decided it was because of the thought of her Mom having sex or because of what Lorelai had just said on the choices she'd made. She decided she needed to expand, "I'm glad. It's not something I regret. I can't imagine a relationship without you in it... It was her loss, she could have had the most gorgeous step-daughter in the world."

"Were there others?"

"One more. You might remember her. Auntie Carol? She was... well, I think my lover is a nice way to put it. We were never really dating so I didn't really mind when she got serious with some guy and moved away," Lorelai paused. It was perfect timing as the town sign for Star's Hollow came into view, "Looks like we're nearly home. So does wish eight wait until we're there or not?"

There was a few seconds as Rory wondered if there's anything else she should ask before she used her next wish, but her mind was a blank so she smiled and simply replied, "Let's wait."

"Okay sweetie, whatever you say." Lorelai smiled.

For the brief remaining moments of their limo ride the Gilmore girls slid into something highly unusual to for them, an awkward silence.

Lorelai couldn't help wondering where her daughter was going with all this. After all, so far all of her wishes were nothing Lorelai wouldn't have granted under normal circumstances. Okay, so the expensive meal might have been a stretch, but it wasn't like Rory asked for them all the time so Lorelai would have probably said yes on any other given day, and for a birthday it seemed like such a small thing.

Why wasn't her daughter asking for expensive gifts? Sure, she had been careful not to spoil her daughter but Rory had the right to be at least a little greedy and selfish on her own birthday didn't she? What was Rory getting out of all this? Was she really going to have to beg her daughter to make better use of her wishes?

And what was going on here? Something just seemed... strange. Like she was almost expecting something bad to happen, but that was just absurd.

While Lorelai's mind was curiously wondering what was going on Rory's mind was going a mile a millisecond, desperately analysing this night and the past few weeks, desperately deciding whether she should go through with what she planned or not.

There was still time to back out but she was rapidly approaching the point of no return and in a few wishes time her relationship with her mother would never, ever be the same again.

To risk something so precious to her seemed like madness in its purest form, but Rory had promised herself no more putting this off, no more neglecting to say how she really felt, no more not going after what she really wanted.

Rory kept reminding herself of this, over and over again as the limousine arrived at it's destination and she slowly got out of it to make her way back into her home. Her Mom was by her side as usual, but for once her cheerful words didn't even register in Rory's mind. She didn't even wake up from her haze until she realised she was standing in the middle of her home with her mother staring at her.

"Seriously Rory, are you okay?" Lorelai asked, the deepest concern in her voice and on her face.

Rory blinked, and then smiled, "I'm fine."

"Really," Lorelai said in relief, before a smile crossed her face, "Did the wine really get to you that much? Because if it did maybe Grandpa was right, we need to start getting you used to drinking more. God forbid your school mates at Harvard or Yale think you're some kind of light-weight. Hey, maybe we should really prepare you for the future by having you drink more regularly. I can see it now, my little girl chugging a six-pack everyday on her way to school."

"Mom." Rory whined as her mother teased her.

"Oh, you want to get started right now? It's not as fancy, but I'm sure I have wine lying around here somewhere." Lorelai continued.

"Mom." Rory said again.

"Or maybe a beer." Lorelai grinned.

"MOM!" Rory yelled in a tone that Lorelai had never heard before and shocked her into silence, and Rory immediately regretted it is she added, "Please sit down, we're not done talking."

Lorelai blinked, briefly considered scalding Rory for her tone but let it slide as simple frustration and sat down. Rory joined her and just seemed to stare at her for a few moments, prompting Lorelai to begin, "Rory..."

Wish 8

"I wish you would answer my next questions truthfully." Rory interrupted almost too quickly for Lorelai to hear them.

Assuring her daughter she had heard Lorelai said, "Okay sweetie, no problem. What did you want to ask?"

There was a long pause, so long in fact that Lorelai began to wonder whether her daughter had forgotten what she was going to ask or had got side-tracked into looking at the wallpaper. But when the question came Lorelai immediately recognised the reason for the pause...

Wish 9

"I wish you would tell me if... if you've ever thought, about fucking me?" asked Rory. As soon as she said it she drew in a deep breath and stared at the floor.

For a few moments Lorelai didn't know what to say. If some of the previous wishes had been strange and intimate, this one was so much deeper; it ploughed into the very deep of Lorelai's soul. However she answered it would be for keeps, there would be no going back. The Milf knew that she needed a few seconds to clear her thoughts and perhaps work out why Rory would think that. Lorelai tried to keep her voice even as she asked "Why would you ask that?"

"Because I've watched you finger yourself many times in the shower calling my name," replied Rory, which suggested her earlier comments about not stalking her Mom in the shower may not have been entirely truthful. Lorelai let that ride as she tried to think of what she could possibly say.

The truth was that Lorelai Gilmore was in her mid-thirties with a sex life, which could be best described as intermittent. She had sometimes fantasised about her daughter, but she'd pretty much fantasised about everyone she knew, and as that included visions of a threesome with Sookie and Jackson, and being dped by Taylor and Michel, her sex fantasises about Rory certainly weren't the weirdest she'd had. In front of her Rory sat, she had looked up again and was staring at her Mom intently, biting her lip nervously and rubbing her hands together.

If Lorelai denied it, she be lying to Rory. If she said yes, there relationship would alter out of all recognition - Mom's did not admit to day dreaming about their daughter's spreading their legs without there being some comeback. But look at Rory, looking so sweet, so innocent, so sensual Lorelai also wondered if that by saying no she might be missing out on a possible relationship that would mean more to her than any of the failed ones in her past.

Taking a deep breath Lorelai spoke, "Yes," for a moment the word seem to hang in the air. But slowly Rory smiled and relaxed, making Lorelai sure she had chosen the right choice. Perhaps nothing would come from her admission, perhaps it would, time would tell. At the same time Lorelai felt she needed to say a little more, "Not often and compared to some of my dreams, nothing at all kinky... well, if you don't think me having sex with you is kinky."

"Sure Mom," Rory sounded relieved.

There was another long pause which made Lorelai extremely nervous that her little girl was now disgusted with her. Feeling like she had to be careful not to lose everything she had with her daughter Lorelai spoke carefully, "Rory... I've never ever even considered acting out half my fantasies, no, not even that, it's more like one third, a quarter, one tenth, something even smaller, I don't know. I just know that I'd never ever do anything to you Rory. I love you. I'd never make you do anything you didn't want to do."

Rory blinked and then softly said, "What if I wanted too? What if I wanted you too?"

Lorelai was floored. Her mind had been blown out of her head and was now lying scattered on the floor while her body remained in place, her eyes hollow shells as they stared blankly at her daughter.

"Because I do." Rory continued, "I think about you all the time. I always have, but as soon as I learned what it meant I wanted to have sex with you. But it's more than that. I don't just want to just have sex with you. I want to be with you. I want that more than anything. More than any wish, and I don't want to just wish for you, I, I want you to want me like that." There was another brief silence and then Rory asked, "Do you? Do you... want me, like I want you?"

As a mother Lorelai knew she should say no. As a mother she should be appalled, yell at her daughter, find her some professional help, something, anything other than saying yes. But as a lonely woman in her mid thirties who's fondest memories all involved her daughter, who yearned to be by her daughter's side in any way possible more than anything in the world, who had never loved anyone or anything as much as her little girl, Lorelai couldn't lie. So she didn't.

"Yes." Lorelai answered softly, and then after another long pause clarified, "I want you. I want to be with you."

A smile slowly crossed Rory's face which seemed to light up the room, the most important thing in Lorelai's life slowly scooting closer towards her on the couch until their knees were touching at which point she cautiously took hold of her hand. Holding hands was one of the many affectionate things they did with each other before, but this time felt different. This time was different, and while it was wrong in so many ways, Lorelai didn't care.

Suddenly a thought crossed Lorelai's mind and a smile almost as big as the one that had just been on Rory's face crossed her own features, "So... this whole night, you've been using your wishes to try and seduce me?"

"Maybe." Rory blushed a little at her plan being outed, "Hypothetically, if it was, would it be working?"

"Well... maybe, hypothetically." Lorelai grinned, and then pretended to look thoughtful, "If you were, hypothetically, trying to seduce me then what, hypothetically, would you do next?"

"Well, I'd use my next wish." Rory said, "Like..."

Wish 10

"I wish you would tell me if you've ever thought about kissing me." Rory said after a long pause.

Lorelai couldn't help but find the question funny, not just because of the previous conversation, but because kissing Rory was probably the most PG think she thought about doing with her daughter. Well, most PG thing that she really shouldn't be thinking about.

"Yes Rory, I've thought about kissing you." Lorelai confessed, smiling in a way she never thought she would do when saying such a thing.

There was a another period of silence, though for some reason Lorelai felt herself becoming more comfortable and relaxed with the way the evening had turned. Perhaps it was the alcohol kicking in. Or perhaps now she admitted that she had thought about kissing Rory, that she had sex fantasies about her in the shower that a corner had been turned and that there was no going back; the path had to be travelled whether Lorelai tried to resist or not. Anyway she suspected she knew what the next wish was.

She was right.

Wish 11

"I wish you'd let me kiss you," said Rory anxiously.

Again there was a pause. Rory looked even more nervous; like a plague of mice were tiptoeing across the floor. Lorelai twisted a finger through her hair, pretending that this was something she was having to think deeply about. In truth she was clear that this was a wish she was happy to grant, especially if it involved tongue. But one thing Lorelai had learnt in her near twenty years of sex and seduction was that if the object of your affections appeared nervous too much enthusiasm of your part could send them fleeing away faster than a Bank Manager being approached by Lorelai for a loan. She kept up the silence for a few more moments, until it looked like Rory was so stricken Lorelai worried for her health.

"Okay," smiled Lorelai, "On the mouth, though."

"Where else would I kiss you?" asked Rory and suddenly blushed as she obviously realised all the other places that she could place her lips.

Moving closer, Lorelai smiled, "Go on..."

She deliberately opened her mouth, only a small way, but enough to spoil any chance of Rory just giving her a peck on the lips. The teen stayed back for a moment, as if she was unsure what to do. Suddenly she moved forward, as if a switch had been flicked on her back, pushing her mouth against Lorelai with such a passionate intensity that the Milf nearly fell off the couch. For a brief few seconds, as the tables turned, for what seemed about the tenth time that night, Lorelai was too surprised too do anything, but wave her hands and looked at her daughter's eyelids.

The shock didn't last long. Lorelai's mouth opened wider and she twisted her tongue out to scamper over her daughter's. Their lips started to move in unison as they slurped and battled, their hands reaching down to grasp at each other - another fight as they gripped and squeezed their fingers together.

There was a reluctance to break, but if they hadn't done they risked running out of oxygen. Lorelai and Rory drew back, looking at each other and both realising that their relationship would never be the same again...

Wish 12

"I wish you'd let me taste you," said Rory.

She was still surprised at the kiss; it hadn't been the light peck she was expecting, but a full on make out session. She wasn't totally sure how far she'd expected to get, but almost not as far as she had by this stage. If she was truthful she had thought her Mom would give her a quick peck on the lips and it would be a few more wishes, before Lorelai either slipped in some tongue or said enough was enough.

Yet again there was the still silence, and Rory wasn't sure whether her Mom was considering whether to go along with the wish or teasing her by pretending to think about something she was as looking forward to as her daughter. A few minutes ago Rory would have thought the former; but now she could still taste her Mom's saliva the teen was wondering if it was the latter. Whatever, she had to keep her nerve and see how far Lorelai would go... unless it was Rory who broke first. The teen inwardly steeled herself to repeat the question.

She didn't have too. Lorelai stood up and reached round to the straps of her dress. They unclicked and it dropped to the floor. Rory licked her lips in a mix of lust and nervousness as she looked at her Mom standing in her underwear, lace bra and heels. The panties weren't in place for long, Lorelai bent down and peeled them down over the shoes. The small pair of panties lay on the floor, but Rory wasn't looking at them, she was staring at her Mom's pussy. It was almost smooth, but with a tiny thatch of hair, almost decorative, just above the hole. The teen continued to stare as her Mom sat back on the couch and spread her legs apart. She grinned at her daughter, "You want to taste me... come on."

This time there was no pause or reluctance. Rory dropped to her knees and pushed her face into her Mom's cunt. The teen laid her hands on top of Lorelai's thighs, pushing the legs further apart even though there was plenty of room. Rory's mouth opened and her tongue flicked out. She shoved it into her Mom's waiting slit, like she had seen other girls do in a couple of pornos she had watched. Lorelai moved, pushing her cunt outwards and her head back - she groaned, "Oh that's good, lick my pussy, lick my pussy clean."

This was wrong. Lorelai knew it, and she knew her super smart daughter knew it, but they were both past the point of no return and Lorelai was beyond the point of caring. It felt too good to care. Lorelai couldn't even remember what it was she was supposed to care about. What ever it was it couldn't possibly justify her not wanting to feel her little girl's tongue in her wet and now extremely willing hole.

It had been far too long since Lorelai's pussy had been licked by another woman. The men she had been with tried but really they just couldn't compete. Of course while Rory wasn't as skilled as some of the women Lorelai had been with there was an eagerness her daughter showed for this act, bordering on need, which was really quite intoxicating. Rory seemed like she needed to eat Lorelai's pussy, like she couldn't survive another second without it. And then there was the fact that Lorelai had an innocent little virgin girl half her age in between her thighs... an innocent little virgin girl half her age who just so happened to be her own daughter.

This acknowledgement had Lorelai rolling her eyes in the back of her head and thrusting her cunt harder into Rory's face, her hands reaching to her breasts to play with herself. Her bra was ripped off quickly and tossed aside so she could squeeze and tweak her nipples as she encouraged her daughter on, "Oh God Rory, oh, oh that feels so good. Lick my pussy. Lick Mommy's pussy. Lick Mommy's pussy good."

Lorelai bit her lip as she momentarily worried that referring to herself as 'Mommy' would make Rory stop. After all reminding her of their relationship might not be the best course of action, and Rory hadn't called her 'Mommy' on anything close to a regular basis since she was two.

The word had just slipped out, twice, but Lorelai was quickly rewarded. Rory's body burned with desire as she heard that word, the reminder of exactly what it was she was doing only making the naughty fire inside her grow stronger. Indeed, Rory seemingly to somehow redouble her efforts every time she heard the word 'Mommy' or Lorelai said anything that reminded her of their relationship.

Rory pushed her tongue deep into her mother, trying and failing to reach her point of origin before settling on licking the slick and surprisingly tight walls of her Mom's twat, slowly at first but quickly picking up speed. It wasn't long before Rory was tongue fucking her Mom, the older woman's juices flowing into her mouth, Rory eagerly swallowing them, unable to believe just how good they tasted.

This was better than even Rory's wildest dreams, the youngest Gilmore girl feeling as if she'd found Heaven on Earth in between her mother's thighs.

It was hard for Rory to pick the think she loved most about this situation. But if she absolutely had to pick it wouldn't have been the delicious juice or even the thrill finally achieving this dream she'd had for so long; it would have been the feeling of her Mom's hand coming to rest on the top of her head, gently stroking her in encouragement. No, scratch that, it would definitely be hearing Lorelai praise her work and beg for more, "That's it Rory, lick Mommy's pussy, lick Mommy's pussy like a good little girl. You're such a good girl Rory. Oh, you make me so happy. You're, mmmmmmm, you're making Mommy feel so good. Please give me more. Give Mommy more. Mommy can't get enough of your tongue Rory, give Mommy all of your tongue."

Pushing deeper Rory proceeded to do as she was told. Soon she could feel her Mom quivering in excitement as the teen whipped her tongue round the slit. Cum secreted from Lorelai as Rory rammed against the warm, moist walls and hammered down on the hard flesh of the clit. The young woman could taste her Mom's juice as it coated her tongue. Rory lapped harder, slapping herself deep and fast into Lorelai. The Milf shrieked harder, her back arching as waves of pleasure raced deep into her body, "Fuuucckkk, Rory, fuuuuckkk..."

Slowly Rory pulled back, the cum dribbled down her throat. She looked up at Lorelai, the Milf was flushed a deep red from the orgasm, the orgasm that Rory had given her.

As she licked her lips and softly swallowed a little bit of cum that had been collected on them Rory's eyes fell on her Mom's naked breasts heaving up and down as she tried to get her breathing under control. Rory licked her lips again, only this time for a very different reason.

Leaning her head down Rory gently lapped at Lorelai's cunt, cleaning the last bit of cum she could find and swallowing them down as eagerly as she had done with the original batch which had flooded her mouth.

"No Rory, no more... please, I need a little rest." Lorelai moaned weakly, but did nothing to stop her daughter.

Rory suspected her mother wasn't that tired or her twat that sensitive, and that she could have probably licked her to climax again... and again, and again, and again. But while that was incredibly tempting thought Rory wanted to see just how much she could actually get out of her wishes today.

So Rory slowly kissed her way up her Mom's body, stopping to suck one of her nipples into her mouth, Rory happily reliving life as a baby and suckling on those teats as if they were going to give her milk again.

Lorelai added to Rory's perverted fantasy by cupping her head to her chest and softly cooing, "That's it Rory, suck Mommy's nipples. Mmmmm, good girl. Don't forget the other one. Get all you can out of that one too."

Eagerly obliging Rory went back and forth for a few long minutes before trailing upwards to nip at her Mom's neck and then gently pulling away to look into Lorelai's eyes. There was a pause, and then Rory leant forward, Lorelai meeting her halfway in a soft kiss.

The kiss was far shorter than Lorelai would have liked, but as a consolation prize Rory stood up and slowly took off her dress, the poor girl standing nervously there in her underwear, not getting that the look on Lorelai's face was one of wonder. Changing her expression to blatant lust only seemed to make Rory blush more, but before Lorelai could utter any words of encouragement Rory was stripping off her bra and then pushing her panties down so she was standing there in her birthday suit.

Wish 13

"I... I wish you would go down on me." Rory stuttered after a brief pause.

Lorelai smiled softly, and then pounced on Rory. She literally threw her little girl down on the sofa in the position she had just been in, practically smothering her in kisses before making her way down her daughter's body. She started kissing the soft flesh she found there, stopping for a few moments to worship Rory's perky little titties, but Lorelai was unable to wait too long before making her way further down to return the earlier favour.

Rory's heart was going at a mile a second and her brain was going so fast she could barely even think coherently. She just hadn't expected her mother to be so... eager. Reluctance, hesitance, even discussed Rory had expected, but she hadn't been expecting this. She hadn't been expecting her Mom to be so eager to kiss her, to suck her nipples, or to slam her tongue inside her the moment she was between her legs.

The feeling of her Mom's tongue entering her almost had Rory exploding with pleasure, and not as in she was going to cum, but as in she thought she was literally going to explode with limbs flying everywhere. She was grateful that didn't happen, and she was grateful she was actually getting to experience this, which much like going down on her Mom was better than she could have possibly imagined.

That tongue... her Mom's tongue, seemed to know just where to touch to drive her crazy, driving in and out of her until she thought she was going to explode in orgasm this time. But just as she would be about to scream so loud that windows would shatter the tongue would leave her hole and slide around the sides until her body calmed down. Just as she recovered it would attack her clit or dive into her love hole again just long enough to send her to the edge, each time expertly dropping her down only to bring her back up again.

It was the most heavenly torture Rory could ever imagine, powerful enough to melt her brain until all she could think about was the fact that it was her Mom's tongue that was doing this to her, that it was her Mom's tongue that was the first to touch her virgin cunt. How lucky she was because her Mom's tongue was making her feel better than anything else ever possibly could.

As she ate her daughter's pussy Lorelai felt she should be feeling more guilty about giving in so easily to this taboo act, but that ship had sailed a long time ago, and Rory was making it kind of impossible not to love this. For one thing she just looked so cute, Rory's head rolling from side to side as her arms seemed to flutter around every so often as if she was unsure what to do with them. For another, she was delicious.

Seriously, the next time Lorelai needed food she should just make Rory drop her panties. Sure, eventually she would need some solid food and for that she could go to Luke's or to one of the various other places in Stars Hollow, and she might want something alcoholic from time to time, but in that moment Lorelai felt more than willing to try living off Rory's pussy juice.

Of course even as the yummy liquid flowed into her mouth and down her throat Lorelai didn't forget about her little girl's needs. After all she had always tried to be the best mother she could be, giving her daughter everything she could give her without spoiling her, and on this, Rory's birthday, it would be far from spoiling her to give her the biggest orgasm Lorelai could possibly give her.

It wasn't something Rory had wished for but Lorelai doubted her daughter would mind the additional present, nor did she mind giving it to her. Lorelai slid her tongue as deep as it could go into her baby girl before jack-hammering it in and out of her as hard and as fast as she could. Rory's cries and a flood of fresh and extra delicious juices more than enough evidence that Lorelai had succeeded in giving her daughter at least a half decent climax.

Lorelai was given further proof when she felt Rory's hands finally find a place to go, that being the back of her head, pushing her down into her cum leaking twat as her daughter whimpered her name over and over. Lorelai gently sliding her tongue over the juicy hole in between long slurping sessions as she sucked Rory's cum into her mouth and swallowed it greedily.

Lorelai moved her head up and smiled at her daughter, "So how was that?"

It was obvious that Rory thought it had been fantastic, her semi-vacant smile and dazed expression were evidence of that. But it was also obvious that the normally literate and articulate Rory was unable to think of any way to describe it. She didn't try. Instead she sat up and said, "Is it time for my next wish?"

"If you think its time for your next wish, it's time for your next wish" replied Lorelai with an excited smile - she could hardly wait to find out what Rory was wanting next.

Wish 14

"I wish you'd let me fuck your pussy," said Rory, this time there was no trace of nervousness or shyness in her voice.

Instead she sounded calm and in control, completely confident that her Mom would agree the wish - after all they had now gone so far that there was no way off this Highway.

But it was no surprise that Lorelai nodded, like her daughter she was over the 'ick factor' and now wanted to enjoy the pleasure the night was bringing, "You want to use your fingers or..." she paused deliberately heightening the tension for what she was going to say next, "...I've got a small dildo upstairs you can use on me."

"Neither," Rory shook her head and gave an enigmatic smile. As Lorelai just shook her head in confusion and didn't say anything Rory continued, "You're supposed to say 'what are you wanting to use'?"

"Oh," said Lorelai and smiled, "What then?"

"I've a strap-on, in my room. I'd like to use that," said Rory.

Despite everything else that had already happened that night Lorelai's eyes opened in surprise, "You have a strap-on?"

Rory nodded, "I bought it a few weeks back. I haven't used it. It's in my underwear drawer underneath my panties," she paused and grinned before joking, "I always knew it was going to be useful one day to have a Mom who doesn't do laundry."

Lorelai nodded and smiled to show she took the quip in the right spirit, "My little girl has a sex-toy stash. You grow up so fast, next you'll be asking for money to hire hookers and be making porno's in the front room."

"Who says I haven't?" Rory flashed back, "I could just be putting the furniture back after we've finished filming."

"If you have I want a cut," laughed Lorelai. She halted and smiled, "The answer's yes by the way - you can fuck my pussy with your strap-on."

Rory stood up and stood over her Mom. She put out her hand, "Come into my room."

Lorelai took it as she stood. The two of them walked hand in hand to Rory's room, the only clothing they were wearing between them were Lorelai's high heels. Rory opened the door and stepped into her room, for a second Lorelai paused. This was her little girls room, the room Rory had been in since she small. The moment that Lorelai stepped through the threshold it would no-longer be the room of the little girl with pigtails and a missing tooth running shrieking round the Independence Inn. It would be the room, instead, of her young lover, a woman who would be sweating and panting on top of her as their bodies intertwined.

Lorelai stepped into the room.

Sitting down Lorelai started to take off her shoes, as she watched Lorelai rummaging in her underwear drawer, though Lorelai was sure last time she'd opened it (a while ago she had to admit) it was where Rory kept her old school notebooks and pens. She grinned at the teen, "So that's your secret stash drawer - what else is in there?"

Turning her head round Rory smiled, "It's got my hooker list for my films and my bags of coke - they sell real well in Chilton."

"So long as its nothing really bad -like a 'Sound of Music' karaoke CD," responded Lorelai.

Rory opened her mouth and closed it again in pretend horror, "Curses you know my real secret. But I hate to tell you, that and the 'My Fair Lady' CD, I hid them in your room. If we are raided by the taste police I'm going to deny all knowledge. It'll be you who's going down for life."

"I shall say your Grandma must have planted them when she visited," shot back Lorelai. She held her shoes in her hand for a moment, they were expensive and it seemed needlessly cruel to them to just throw them down. But as Rory wasn't offering to take them from her what else was a Milf to do. She tossed them on the chair in the corner, luckily they landed and didn't bounce onto the floor. Leaning back onto her hands she asked, "Where do you want me?"

"Let's not be too ambitious and go for the bed," replied Rory, "I'll save the swinging from the chandeliers for a later wish."

"As you don't have a chandelier it'll have to be a very later wish," laughed Lorelai. She paused and drew in her breath as Rory turned round. Her daughter's slender teen body was magnificent and beautiful, making Lorelai's heart run faster and her body temperature shoot up a couple of degrees. The teen's sexual allure was enhanced by the strap-on she was holding, it wasn't massive - Auntie Carol had tended to favour bigger ones - but at eight inches it wasn't a tiddler either. The Milf licked her lips, they had suddenly dried as if Rory's room had lost all humidity, "I'm going to say something I never thought I'd ever say..."

"Yes - what's that?" Rory walked towards the bed.

"Come fuck Mommy."

Rory stopped, standing beside her Mom. She ran her hand through the Milf's hair, "I intend to. I am going to fuck you so hard and so good, I've been wanting this for so long."

"So have I," said Lorelai and she knew it was true.

She stood up and stood in front of Rory. Her mouth opened and she let Rory slide her tongue in. There naked bodies crushed together as their mouths moved and their tongues grappled against each other. Rory's hands moved down her Mom's body, her sensual touch massaging at the flesh and exciting the older Gilmore even more than she was already. In turn Lorelai slid her own palms down Rory's side and up again, accentuating her figure. The toy pushed into the Milf's thigh, almost seeming to call out that it was ready for her pussy - Lorelai was certainly ready for it. She gently pushed Rory away and got onto the bed. Her legs opened and she gave a smile, "Come fuck Mommy."

The mattress moved under her as Rory clambered onto the bed and onto her Mom. She moved on top of the Milf, lying her body against Lorelai's so that her dildo was rubbing at the outside of her Mom's slit. The Milf moved her face slightly downward so that she could again kiss at Rory's open mouth, as the teen reached down to take the toy in one hand and start to guide it into Lorelai's waiting cunt.

"Oh," barely had Lorelai began the kiss when she stopped and gave a little gasp as the tip of the dildo entered Lorelai's twat. Rory smiled at her Mom's reaction and continued to feed the toy in. The Milf spread her legs a little wider to allow her daughter easier access. It was tight, but not so much that it would have been like wading in cement. In fact snug would be the term, Rory pushing the toy in as Lorelai's woman cum lubricated the rubber and her walls opened round it, before closing back down. She gave a little smile as the dildo moved deeper and repeated, "Oh."

"Can I swear Mom?" asked Rory, lying on top of her Mom so that they were staring at each other's eyes.

Lorelai nodded, scared that if she opened her mouth she would squeal incoherently as the rubber toy dug deep into her.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard," breathed Rory, "I am going to fuck you until you shriek and then I'm going to fuck you some more. I'm going to fuck you until your cunt aches and you've screamed so loud that your throat is raw. I am going to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you again and again and again."

Lorelai purred in anticipation. She didn't think that Rory would hold up to her boasts, but even an average fucking was better than lying in her bed alone with her fingers or a small rubber toy. Lorelai gave a smile and licked her lips, "Come on then, Rory," she said in challenge, "Fuck me."

Raising herself up Rory seemed to hesitate for a moment. For a second Lorelai thought her daughter was having second thoughts. But it was preparation, not hesitation. Rory plunged down driving the dildo deeper than before into Lorelai. Even as the Milf was gasping in pleasure Rory was levering herself up again and thrusting down. The toy slammed down and in, pushing aside any resistance as it buried itself far into the slot. Lorelai gasped as her clit quivered with the force of Rory's dildoing. Her hands reached out and she gripped at the bedding pulling it towards her as Rory again rammed the dildo home with force. The teen was repeating three sentences over and over again, "Fucking you... I'm fucking you... I'm fucking my Mom."

"Aaaaarrrggghhh, that's good," Lorelai gasped and squealed for her daughter. She swung her legs round to grip Rory. They kept the teen in place and dragged her in deeper, not that Rory needed much encouragement. She slammed hard into her Mom, her smaller teenage tits bouncing against her Mom's plumper thirty-something ones. Lorelai's mouth opened and she exhaled another gasp, "You're fucking me, you're fucking me. You're fucking me so good. Oh, fuck me, fuck me."

Rory found her mother's words were somehow fuelling the passion inside her. She didn't think it was possible, but her already burning desire felt like gasoline had been poured on it, possibly with some alcohol on top just for good measure. She soon found herself redoubling her efforts pounding into her Mom's pussy with a ferocity Rory didn't think she was capable of. Nevertheless Rory still remembered to use all those tricks she had picked up while researching lesbian sex, including the whole thrusting at certain angles which really seemed to make the older woman scream out in pleasure while begging her for more. That only made Rory fuck her Mom harder - the circle repeating itself over and over.

Fucking her Mom. Rory still couldn't believe she was fucking her Mom. She had wanted to for so long, and now she actually was everything was better than she could possibly have imagined. The feeling of her mother's thighs wrapped around her waist, being able to look deep into her Mom's eyes and seeing the way she felt reflected back at her, or just look into the older Gilmore's face in general and marvel at the ecstasy she saw there. And her Mom was so tight. Okay, so Rory didn't feel it in the same way a guy could, but she felt how surprisingly difficult it was to thrust in and out, her Mom's walls clamping roughly down on that dildo and refusing to let her leave her pussy without a fight. This caused a wonderful amount of friction on Rory's clit, which was yet another thing adding fuel to the raging fire blazing inside her.

It wasn't like Rory ever really thought her Mom was a slut. In fact Rory remembered thinking a woman so funny, charming and wonderful as her mother should never be without someone in her life to tell her just how great she was and to satisfy her needs. The revelation that her Mom had a more fulfilling love life than Rory had initially thought what with the batting for a different team... or the same team, or however that analogy went, was a relief. Lorelai Gilmore really did deserve someone in her life to tell her just how great she was and to satisfy her needs. Rory loved the fact that it looked like she was finally going to get to be that someone. But her original point was despite her mother's previous love life and the fact that she had once given birth didn't seem to stop her from having a ridiculously tight fuck hole, which just made Rory want her more.

Cum was soaking Lorelai's slit, soaking the dildo and dripping down from the rubber to land again on the pussy. And it was joined by Rory's juice; the haft of the dildo was ramming into the teen's cunt and making her wet. The teen was thudding down energetically, her skin perspiring with the effort and no longer speaking, the words replaced by grunts of exertion and effort. Lorelai had underestimated Rory, she had thought the sex would be average, you can't expect much from a teenage lesbian virgin. But Rory was a natural, Lorelai's body was burning with bliss, the sex some of, and possibly, the best Lorelai ever had. Her daughter knew exactly where to hit the clit, the depth, the angle, the speed - everything together to make Lorelai cum.

Another chain of explosions raced through the Milf, rushing outwards and burning everything that stood in the way of the scintillating orgasm. Lorelai's back bent and she hammered her heels hard against Rory's back, "Aaaarrrghhhh," she screamed, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

The hammering in Lorelai's cunt continued until the Milf's quivering body stilled. Only then, sure her Mom had cum, did Rory drop off and lie on the bed. The teen was panting, her body wet with sweat. Lorelai knew how she felt, her own body was metaphorically twisting in circles like a dog chasing its tales, a mixture of confusion, excitement and sheer exhaustion. For a few moments they lay beside each other, neither speaking before Lorelai said, "My God, Rory, what can I say... you were... you were out of this world."

The teen turned her head so she was looking at her Mom and smiled, "You did seem to enjoy it."

Lorelai nodded, "And that was only wish fourteen. I can't wait for what's next."

There was a quirky smile from Rory, "I'd have to think," she said.

For a few minutes they lay looking at each other, their hands out and gently stroking each other's naked bodies. Rory sat up and looked at her Mom and then at the strap-on, still soaking with Milf juice, "You ready for my next wish."

"Yes," said Lorelai.

Wish 15

"I wish you'd let me fuck your ass with my strap-on," said Rory.

There was a pause from Lorelai. Her daughter must think she was more slutty than in reality she was, not that from the various quips she had made as Rory had been growing up and tonight's activities she could blame that impression. However, Lorelai in reality was an anal virgin, the nearest she had got to butt play was an ex-boyfriend who liked to stick his little finger down her back hole as she got near to orgasm. But it was Rory's wish and Lorelai also had to admit she was both curious and feeling adventurous. Not that she was going to admit it was her first time, at least not yet. She nodded, "You want to fuck my ass - you got it."

"Let me get my breath back," Rory said.

"You did the work last time," Lorelai turned on her side and ran a finger round Rory's nearest nipple, "Let me do it this time. You sit up and take hold off that strap-on, let me get down."

For a few seconds Rory looked like she was considering this, before she smiled and said, "Let me sit opposite the mirror, that way we can see each other at the same time."

"Kinky," giggled Lorelai. She got up and adjusted the full-length mirror, which was positioned so you got the best view standing in front of it, to one where you got the best view sitting on the bed. By the time she had done it Rory was sitting on the edge of the bed, holding her strap-on up for Lorelai's butt and looking at her Mom in excited anticipation. Lorelai smiled and gave a seductive twirl to the teen, before turning away from the teen and walking backwards.

She stopped when she felt Rory's hand on her waist. She turned her head, she couldn't quite see the dildo though she knew it must be close.

"Guide me down," the Milf purred huskily.

Rory's hands gently moved Lorelai until the elder Gilmore could feel the touch of rubber against her anus. She hadn't told Rory everything when she suggested this position. It was true that as Rory had made so much effort in their first fuck that Lorelai wanted to take some of the strain. Equally, for her first anal fuck Lorelai wanted to control the speed and pressure. She looked at herself in the mirror she was still flushed and covered with a sheen from the earlier fucking, with her pussy juice was glinting in the light. She smiled to herself and then to Rory said, "Hold me tight as I come down."

One of Rory's hands gripped her Mom's waist, the other moved to the Milf's lower back as the teen was nervous that her Mom would fall backwards off the prong. Slowly Lorelai lowered herself down, the cock might have still been soaked with Mom cum, but it was also very large. The Milf grimaced as she felt her inner walls stretched apart by something much bigger than a pinkie finger. She continued to lower herself, trying to ignore the discomfort, "UUUrrrggghhh."

Lorelai could feel Rory's excited breathing on her back. The teen was massaging Lorelai's waist and seemingly satisfied that, now the cock was half-way up her back-passage, Lorelai wasn't going to slip off had moved the other hand to one of Lorelai's tits and was gripping that like it was a stress ball. The teen gave an excited squeak as Lorelai pushed herself down another half-inch, "That's it Mom. Go down, go down."

If it wasn't for the thought of disappointing Rory Lorelai would have stopped where she was. But her daughter's excited yelps brought Lorelai on. It was lucky they did, as the rubber toy moved over a certain spot and one of the most intense waves of pleasure Lorelai had ever experienced washed over her. It swept away the pain and discomfort, like sandcastles in the tide and replaced it with a sensual joy so deep that Lorelai had to cry, "Yes, oh yes."

"Oh God," Rory squealed, "That's it Mom. Take my big dildo up your slutty ass."

"I'm taking it," shrieked Lorelai as she slammed herself down hard. The cock shot up the Milf's butt like a rocket achieving take off and the scream of pleasure that Lorelai gave as it embedded itself in her ass wasn't a dissimilar sound to said rocket breaking the sound barrier. They just sat there for a moment as Lorelai got herself used to the anal intrusion. She wiggled a bit to get herself comfortable, as Rory's lips gently brushed and touched at her naked back. Lorelai giggled at the light kisses, before giving a further moan as both Rory's hands latched on her tits and began to knead them between her fingers and thumbs.

It was only a short interlude before Lorelai lifted herself up. This time as she went down the discomfort was much less and she moved a lot faster - the pleasure was as intense as before.

"Take my dildo," Rory gasped and squeezed at Lorelai's titties harder.

The Milf started to bounce her butt hard. In the mirror she could see her body shaking and her hair flying as she rammed down. An open mouth smile was playing on her face, swiftly to be replaced by a series of moans. She closed her eyes and moved into a state of intense concentration mixed with serious relaxation. Rory's hands were playing all over, massaging and touching and rubbing. But wherever they wandered one seemed always to be at the Milf's pussy, sliding a finger in and out and round the front hole as the strap-on stretched the back. Lorelai gasped and shrieked, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, this is so good. Fuck, fuck, fuck..."

"Oh, oh, I want you on top of me. I want to fuck you like you've never been fucked. Do you feel my bigger cock in your nasty ass? Can feel it?" Rory cried in excitement.

There was no doubt Lorelai could feel it - she was feeling it good. The Milf wasn't someone who went through life dwelling on regrets, but she was going to break the habit of a lifetime and regret how long it had taken her to do anal. The orgasms that were breaking through her were the most intense, the most powerful, the most enjoyable that she had ever had. Her body was aflame and she opened her mouth to scream, "Aaaaarrrghhhhh, my ass, my ass. I want it fucked."

Her body weakened and she collapsed against Rory, thinking that all good things come to an end and that was one hell of a good thing. But Rory had other ideas. Moving her hands to under her Mom's thighs she lifted them up, as Lorelai's back relaxed into her daughter, as began to thrust upwards. The large strap-on rammed up Lorelai. The Milf gasped and shrieked, "Yesss, yesss, yessss."

Wish 16

"I wish I could fuck you like this any time I want," gasped Rory as she hammered up.

Lorelai opened her mouth to say something witty and profound, but all she could manage was another series of shrill shrieks, "Yessss, yessss, yesssss."

It was lucky that this had been pretty much the message she wanted to convey in response to wish sixteen. The Milf had never known that pleasure like this existed, all the bad dates - the men who didn't call, the women who didn't care - none of it mattered any longer. This was where she belonged, with her Rory, with her daughter loving her, with her lover becoming a woman. The anal pounding was sending her to heaven, even as the toy ripped up her chute.

"Yesssss, yessss, yessss," Lorelai screamed as another orgasm shattered her. Rory slammed up and deep.

"Yeessss, yesssss, yessssss," Lorelai was shrieking out of control. Her entire body was a sea of pleasure, one continuos orgasm. It was bliss. Her legs opened wider and more cum shot out as she exploded in the most bind-bending wave of heaven she had ever felt.

"Yessss, yesssss, yesssss, " she murmured as Rory slowed down. The Milf turned her head to try and kiss Rory, their sweaty bodies slithering against each other.

For the second time Lorelai thought they were done. For the second time she was proven wrong.

Rory gently rolled them over so they were on their sides, Rory gently spooning her mother while continuing to lazily pump into her pooper.

Still feeling well rested after letting her Mom do most of the work during the ass fucking so far Rory was more than eager for more. She still wanted to pound into her mother's butt for hours, ram her rectum hard and deep, sodomise her until she begged for mercy. But while Lorelai hadn't exactly done that yet she seemed so exhausted so Rory was cautious, hoping to gently stimulate her Mom's ass to the point she would be begging for another butt fucking while the same time totally ready to pull out if she instead begged for mercy.

For a long while Lorelai laid there panting, not objecting to the slow movement inside her ass but not necessarily reacting favourably to it either. Then, just as Rory was going to ask if she should stop, Lorelai moaned softly. Her moans increased steadily until Lorelai eventually turned her head around, looked her daughter in the eye and softly said, "Fuck me. Fuck Mommy's ass. Fuck Mommy in the ass some more and make her cum like a whore."

Rory stared back blankly for a few quick moments, and then she was increasing the pace, her mother's moans also increasing as the Gilmore girls got down to some serious butt fucking, Rory pounding into her Mom's pooper hard and deep, making her squeal, "That's it Rory, fuck Mommy! Fuck your Mommy! Fuck your Mommy's ass! I love taking it in the ass for you so much Rory. I love taking it up the butt for my little girl. You can do this when ever you want Rory, I swear. I'll bend over for you whenever you want from now on."

The next thing Lorelai knew she was on her front, squealing too hard to make any sense, which was just as well as her brain really couldn't handle words or even anything else as the pleasure of another monster climax ran through her.

Rory had also become lost to the pure joy of fucking her Mom's ass, to the point where she was on such a high it was like she was looking down at herself, rolling herself and her mother so that the Milf was lying face down on her stomach and Rory was lying on her back. This position letting Rory slam the strap-on as deep and as hard into her Mom's bowels as it could possibly go. The force of the sodomy became so rough Rory had to believe it was someone else because no way could her little body possess such strength. Slowly she wound down and pulled out after feeling the Milf go limp beneath her, Rory biting her lip as she surveyed the damage her strap-on had done to her Mom's butt hole, that once tight ring of flesh now stretched out and gaping wide.

To Rory's relief her mother turned over and stared up at her dreamily, Rory allowing herself to be gently pulled down into the other woman's arms and then excepting the soft kiss that followed.

Lorelai was still in heaven, the aftershocks of the latest series of climaxes which ran through her as her daughter had pounded down on top of her echoing through her body as she wondered, what would the next wish be?

The Milf was left wondering this for a while, which she didn't really mind as she and Rory continued to show just how much they loved each other, their kiss slowly turning from frantic and needy to soft and gentle while the passionate intensity remained.

When it finally ended Rory just stared down at her mother, her eyes drifting all over her amazing body for a while before zoning in on Lorelai's eyes, marvelling at being able to see the same level of love that she had for the older woman reflected back at her.

As much as Lorelai equally enjoyed the moment she couldn't fight back her natural urge to say something, and while she didn't want to push her daughter into making her next wish she decided instead to praise her, "That was... beyond amazing. I mean seriously, I don't think I've ever cum that hard."

"Really?" Rory beamed.

"Really." Lorelai insisted, "I never thought it could ever feel that good back there, but wow. And you, you can definitely fuck me there when ever you want."

"Well, I wasn't just talking about your ass. I just, want us to do this again, you know?" Rory blushed.

"We can. As much as you want." Lorelai promised, "Just promise me one thing ok?"

"What?" Rory asked.

"Promise me that you'll fuck my ass like that again." Lorelai grinned.

"Hm... I'm not sure oh ok." Rory said, not even able to pretend she wasn't sure about it for a whole sentence. The Gilmore girls exchange smiles and then saliva as Rory gave her mother another soft kiss before she asked, "So, I seriously made you cum harder than anyone else? Even when they fucked your ass?"

Lorelai smiled at her daughter's possessiveness, and then revealed, "Yes, no one's ever made me cum like you just did. In fact, no one had the chance. Well, they had the chance plenty of other ways, but that was my first time taking it up the butt so..."

"You're a anal virgin!" Rory interrupted in surprise.

"Was. Past tense, thanks to you." Lorelai smiled softly, "Why, you really thought I was that slutty?"

"No, it's just... I mean... you always seemed, so adventurous." Rory stammered.

"Well, not that adventurous. But I would love to be that adventurous with you again, anytime you want." Lorelai said suggestively.

"Really... well, I could think of something adventurous that I want." Rory said.

"Ooooooo, do tell." Lorelai said, feeling another wish coming on.

She was right...

Wish 17

"I wish you would take my virginity. I want you to be my first." Rory said softly.

There was a brief pause as Lorelai's brain went into overdrive. There were major warning flags here as this was something Rory would never get back, her virginity in the traditional sense. Lorelai had spent some time in her youth as a technical virgin, but there was no going back from this. Then again like all mothers Lorelai wanted her daughter's first time to be with someone she loved that loved her back just as much. Rory had more than proven how she felt about Lorelai, and not only did Lorelai feel the same way she wasn't even sure whether she could pretend to feel guilty about it any more.

So Lorelai smiled and said, "Anything for my little girl... but, assuming you want me to use that strap-on, it's going to need some cleaning first."

"Sure, just give me a minute and I'll..." Rory quickly began but before she could finish her mother had crawled down her body and taken the base of the fake cock into her hand.

Looking up at her daughter with a mischievous smile Lorelai slowly lowered her lips to the dildo and took it into her mouth. She was preparing to try and pretend like it didn't taste disgusting, but to Lorelai surprise it didn't. It wasn't that good, but it wasn't nearly as bad as she had expected, the older Gilmore girl finding she was able to happily bob her head on it. As the cock wasn't that wide she even tried taking it down her throat. That proved a little more difficult than she thought, but with a few firm bobs she was able to get the entirety of the shaft down her windpipe, noisily sucking the taste of her own ass off of it while continuing to glance up at her little girl.

The look on Rory's face alone was worth it, Lorelai grinning around the strap-on, never forgetting that she needed to make sure that the only thing covering the dildo was her own spit. She even salivated extra hard on the toy when it was fully embedded within her throat just to make sure, while at the same time marvelling at the range of emotions which seem to cross Rory's face.

While Rory doubted many people found themselves in her exact shoes she was sure that there must be at least some people who saw their lover sucking on something straight from their ass. In fact she knew there were as she had passionately masturbated herself to half a dozen pornos already in her young life. and while they could have been acting for the camera she recognised the familiar look of kinky delight in her Mom's face, just as she recognised if not a look then a feeling of disgust mixed with awe and a disturbing amount of arousal running through her own body.

True, this was one of Rory's most kinkiest of fantasies, but she didn't think she'd ever actually experience it, a fact that compelled her to point out, "I thought you said you weren't that slutty?"

Lorelai grinned, and then after pulling away gasped for breath for a moment and then said, "Only for you. Now, are you ready to give Mommy your cherry?"

Rory quickly nodded, "Help me take this thing off?"

Her Mom was quick to oblige and in what felt like no time at all Rory was laying on her back with her legs spread and Lorelai was in between them, the tip of the strap-on which was now tightly fitted around her waist pressing against her daughter's virgin cunt.

There was nothing Lorelai wanted more than to accept this precious gift which had been offered to her and thrust forwards, but her motherly instincts got the better of her and she asked, "Rory, are you sure?"

"Yes, please do it, I want you to be my first." Rory replied without hesitation, "I know this is a big deal, but there's no one I want to do this more than you. There never could be. I could never, ever love anyone as much as I love you. I'm too much of a Momma's girl. I love you and I want you to do this. Please do this."

The Gilmore girls exchanged smiles, then a soft kiss, and then Lorelai slowly pushed forwards, making sure the head of the dildo stretched Rory open as slowly as possible before slamming her hips downwards and quickly breaking through Rory's hymen. The scream of pain beneath her broke Lorelai's heart, but unfortunately she couldn't do this without causing Rory pain. The only way she could think of making it even remotely easier was to treat the actual cherry popping like a Band-Aid and quickly get it over with while everything else was as slow as possible.

All of Rory's research hadn't really prepared her for the pain of losing her virginity. True most of her research told her that nothing could prepare her for losing her virginity, but she had still held out hope, which initially seemed dashed. But then her Mom was so good to her, gently holding her and stroking her hair softly, cooing in her ear that everything was going to be all right and only continuing to fill her with dildo when Rory softly told her she could. Rory wasn't waiting for any great sign to tell her that her mother was the right person she should lose her virginity to because she already believed that with every conceivable inch of her being. But if she had needed a sign the soft way Lorelai filled her pussy with the strap-on dick would have been a no-brainer. As was the way Lorelai waited a long time when she had the whole dildo inside of Rory before gently kissing her and asking, "Are you ready?"

Rory nodded and softly answered, "Yes. Fuck me."

With a final gentle smile and soft kiss Lorelai gently pulled back and then equally as gently pushed forwards, establishing a slow but steady rhythm, Rory whimpering in a soft mix of pain and pleasure beneath her as she fucked her.

Fucked her. Fucking her. She was fucking her. Fucking her daughter. She, Lorelai Gilmore, was fucking her daughter, her little girl, her own child, her Rory.

Part of Lorelai felt she should feel something other than overwhelming pleasure at this, but she didn't, and soon what became much more of a pressing issue was not fucking her daughter too hard when she wasn't sure she was ready yet.

Sure, Rory's whimpers had turned quickly to moans of pure pleasure, her little girl slowly turning into a woman beneath her, but Lorelai controlled herself, desperately waiting for the moment Rory would beg for more.

As she waited it suddenly hit Lorelai just how right this truly was. After all, Rory had terrible taste in men. They both did it seemed, but the idea of Rory giving up something as precious as her virginity to one of her ex-boyfriends, particularly that last punk, had always been an uncomfortable thought and was now unbearable. Lorelai loved Rory more than any of those stupid boys ever would so it was only right that she was being the one trusted with the important act of guiding Rory to womanhood. In fact, she was probably the only one qualified for the job.

Suddenly Lorelai was pulled from her thoughts as Rory begged, "More! More! Please Mommy, give me more. Harder. Fuck me harder Mommy, fuck me as hard as you can!"

Rory's words clearly had the desired effect on her mother, Lorelai increasing the pace slowly but steadily, Rory clearly letting her know that she was ready for more with continuous moans and of course her words, "Yes, yes, yeeeeeesssssssss! That's it! More! Ohhhhhhhh yes, oh please, oh Goooooddddddd! Please Mommy, fuck me. Fuck me hard!"

The academically gifted Rory wished she could think of something better to say, but she was so overwhelmed by the sensations running through her that was the best she could do. Eventually her words dissolved to 'fuck me' repeated over and over, and then just incoherent jargon as she literally lost her virginity to the woman who had given her life.

It was better than Rory could have ever possibly imagined. Sure the initial pain had been horrible but the ecstasy Rory was feeling now made up for it and then some. It was all just so, intense. She could feel that hard dildo, which had so recently been fully embedded in both of her mother's fuck holes, pounding in and out of her main passage, her love tunnel welcoming the hard invader which seemed to bang against the most sensitive places inside her with ease.

For a few moments Rory was overcome by jealousy as she wondered exactly which of her mother's previous lesbian lovers had first introduced Lorelai to the joys of strap-on sex, and how many of them her Mom had fucked like this. However as she quickly approached climax Rory pushed those thoughts out of her head and concentrated on what was really important here. Because after all of her planning leading up to this moment, not to mention the endless unfulfilled nights and even daydreams of fantasizing, she now had the one thing she had ever really wanted. She had her mother, fucking her, promising she could fuck her whenever she wanted, seemingly giving in to the same taboo desires which had consumed Rory's every waking moment.

Hopefully this wouldn't be a one-time thing and Rory would get to be with her Mom in a committed and sexually active relationship on a permanent basis. Hopefully the last wish would be granted which would just make this wonderful night complete, but as much as Rory's mind tried to wonder she forced herself to forget about the past and future and simply concentrate on the wondrous present. Something, which became incredibly easy when the sensations racing through her suddenly intensified to a degree which could only mean one thing, she was cumming.

Any chance for analysis immediately ceased as an explosion rushed through Rory's body which was perhaps more powerful than any she'd ever experienced before. The only challengers to it being the climax she had experienced when her Mom was eating her pussy, and the orgasms that followed as her mother continued pounding into her.

After the amazing climaxes she had just experienced Lorelai was extremely eager to returned the favour and then some. Considering she had more experience, at least when it came to pussy fucking, and that her daughter was trembling orgasmically beneath her, Lorelai was confident she could achieve her goal. However Lorelai knew from her own experience that Rory's pussy would be very sore once they were done, and the longer she continued fucking her the more painful it was likely to be for Rory. So once Lorelai was absolutely sure she'd made her daughter cum more than twice she gently started slowing down until she came to a complete stop at which point she gently pulled out of Rory and then just held her softly as aftershocks continued rocking through the younger girl's body.

The Gilmore girls lay peacefully like that for several minutes, Lorelai feeling like she could drift off into a very peaceful sleep like this, and wondering whether to give Rory a 'I owe you' on her last wish. However before Lorelai's eyelids could drift downwards Rory lifted her head up to look at her, and then leaned in so her mouth was practically pressed against the older brunette's ear.

Wish 18

"I wish you would fuck my ass with the strap-on." Rory whispered softly.

Lorelai bit her lip, "I don't know Rory, you only just lost your virginity. Are you sure you're ready for that?"

"Uh-huh." Rory confirmed with a nod of her head, before she elaborated, "I wanna lose all my cherries to you tonight so you can be my first in every way. Please, Mommy, fuck me in the ass. I want my Mommy to butt fuck me."

Rory said the last part in a little girl's voice which turned Lorelai on way more than it should, but it was a bit late to worry about being squeamish about such things.

Instead Lorelai gently stroked Rory's hair and asked, "Okay hon, but I want you to choose how you lose your anal cherry."

"Okay." Rory agreed. She had pretty much decided how she lost her regular virginity as she had simply laid back and her mother had mounted her, but for this position she had to think. Eventually Rory answered, "I want to lose it the same way you did, facing the mirror."

"Extra kinky." Lorelai beamed before moving herself into position, Rory doing the same after gently fingering her butt hole with a couple of saliva covered digits, "Just go slow, okay?"

"Okay Mom." Rory replied softly as she lowered her butt down on the cock.

Rory bit her lip as she felt her tight virgin pucker pressing against the tip of the toy, her Mom holding it steady for her as she slowly forced her way down, gasping as her little back door opened wide enough to swallow the dick.

Well, technically she was the one responsible for the anal penetration, so maybe she had just taken her own anal cherry. Maybe her Mom had done the same. Then again maybe it wasn't who did the penetration that mattered, just who she was with at the time. By that logic she had just given her anal virginity to her Mom, and a short while ago had taken her Mom's anal virginity. Rory definitely liked that logic better.

Suddenly Rory found herself knocked out of her head and into the present moment as she suddenly felt a surge of pleasure coming from inside her ass the likes of which she had never felt before.

Ever since she had first taken the head of the strap-on into her ass Rory had been slowly lowering her butt down on it with only discomfort and pain to show for it. That suddenly changed as the dildo reached a sensitive spot in her back passage, a sensitive spot which seemed really easy to stimulate. All Rory had to do was bounce her butt up and down on the toy, taking more of it each time, each thrust beginning to feel like pure heaven to the point where she was tilting her head back to let out loud moans of pleasure.

"That's it Rory, bounce your butt on Mommy's dick." Lorelai encouraged her daughter lustfully, "Take all of Mommy's dick in your naughty little ass."

Lorelai's words and the pleasurable sensations she was feeling drove Rory on, as did the reflection in the mirror which she began to focus on as the anal ecstasy increased.

Rory had never been very vain, in fact she thought she didn't have much to be vain about. Sure she could pull off cute pretty well, but that was really all she had. However in her mind she had never looked better than she did right now, her perky tits bouncing up and down in time with her thrusts as she impaled her own ass hole on a large strap on dick which was around her own Mom's waist. Lorelai's hands slowly slid over her body, mostly concentrating on those bouncing perky tits, and if Rory lent back enough she could feel her mother's lips on her neck and upper back.

It was all so incredible, like everything else Rory had experienced tonight better than she could have possibly hoped, but she couldn't help want more, and considering it was her birthday she didn't think it was unreasonable to ask for it.

With that in mind Rory begged, "Fuck me Mom! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass like I fucked yours!"

Rory then cried out joyously as her mother's hands gripped onto her hips like a vice and began jack-hammering up into her butt, the younger Gilmore becoming so overwhelmed by the ecstasy shooting through her body she couldn't even think. Her entire world revolved around her ass hole, Rory's only goal to slam it is hard as possible down on that strap-on as it pounded in and out of her pooper at what felt like lightning speed.

Lorelai was becoming equally enthralled with her daughter's ass hole, her eyes zoning in on it as she brutalised it best she could from her current position, using her previous experience to her advantage. True, this was actually her first time pounding ass, but previous tricks she had learnt from being in this position while pounding pussy seemed to work just fine.

For instance, thrusting in certain angles seem to make Rory squeal extra loud. Changing the speed of her thrusts also worked like a charm, Lorelai enjoying the little mews of disappointment from her little girl as she decreased the pace ever so slightly before she gave her an extra hard thrust to get her squealing again. Another great trick which she eventually added was holding Rory firmly down on her cock and rotating her hips so the dildo moved around inside her bowels, making a nice change of pace from the fucking even if it wasn't long before Lorelai was slamming Rory's shitter.

The longer the ass fucking lasted the more and more Lorelai would hold Rory in place for longer, not allowing her baby girl to move while she brutally banged her butt, Rory drilling her back hole down on that cock like never before whenever Lorelai let her go.

On one of these occasions Lorelai deliberately slowed down before letting go and then as Rory slammed herself downwards Lorelai slammed herself upwards, resulting in a thrust harder than any other that had preceded it, the pleasure resulting from it enough to knock Rory over the edge of orgasm.

Rory's cum squirted out from her pussy like a fountain, the poor girl practically being turned into one as her mother continued to relentlessly drill her ass until Rory had no more strength left to hold herself up and she collapsed down on top of her Mom.

Lost to some kind of primal haze Lorelai immediately rolled them over so that Rory was lying completely flat on her stomach with her face pressed down sideways, her Mom quickly re-establishing the same rectum wrecking rhythm she had before. Only this time Rory was trapped like a helpless little baby bird beneath her. Like the proverbial cat catching the baby bird Lorelai sunk her teeth into the soft flesh of Rory's neck, marking it as she used her own daughter's butt hole for pleasure.

A few short minutes later the stimulator on her clit did its job and Lorelai came, wonderful sensations racing through her quickly followed by the horrible realisation of what she was doing.

"Oh God Rory, I'm so sorry...." Lorelai began as she started to pull out of her daughter's ass.

"No, please don't take it out of me." Rory begged quickly, turning her head so she could look up and into her mother's eyes, "Please Mommy, fuck me."

Lorelai bit her lip for a second, and then slowly pushed back into Rory, gently increasing the butt fucking once more, being careful not to lose control this time, which wasn't what her daughter wanted.

"Harder. Fuck my ass harder! Destroy my ass hole. Bite me. Mark me as yours. Make me yours." Rory pleaded softly.

Nipping gently at the bite mark on her daughter's neck Lorelai increased the pace just enough to make her baby girl cum again. Rory's eyes rolled in the back of her head as her clit was bashed against the bedding and her ass was banged by the strap-on resulting in an extra hard orgasm which rocked her world, leading her to whimper in disappointment as her Mom pulled out.

Lorelai stared with a mixture of guilt and arousal at Rory's gaping ass hole, the thirty-something woman able to see deep into her daughter's bowels thanks to the little red ring that used to be so puckered and tiny.

To Lorelai's relief the gape slowly began to close after a little while, although the bite mark on her daughter's neck remained. It wasn't bleeding or anything like that, but still Lorelai felt compelled to get out of bed and go look for something she could put on it.

"No, don't go." Rory quickly blurted out, completely returning to consciousness at the fearful thought that her mother might be rethinking things, even softly adding a hopeful, "Stay."

Lorelai bit her lip. On the one hand she had just been going to get something, on the other this might be her last chance to back out. Not from having sex with her daughter, it was way too late for that, but she could still get out of falling into a taboo relationship with her and not engage in forbidden and wickedly amazing sex night after night from now on. Of course, Lorelai had no idea why she would want to do that.

"I'm not going anywhere." Lorelai assured her daughter, as she slipped back down onto the bed, the Gilmore girls sliding into each other's arms for yet another soft kiss. They seem to melt together, become one, an allusion which was not lost when the kiss was ended, both of them pulling away to stare into each other's eyes. The allusion was unfortunately ended when Lorelai was unable to stop a smile crossing her face, and although it seemed a very happy smile Rory couldn't help feeling a little unnerved.

"What?" Rory asked cautiously.

"Nothing," Lorelai initially lied before this same smile returned to her face and she honestly answered, I'm just really looking forward to my birthday, that's all."

"Why?" Rory asked.

Lorelai's smile grew wider, "Because then I get thirty-five wishes."

The End


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