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Gilmore Girls: Rory's First Dessert (Ff, first, bbw)
by LL

The text had two words and a punctuation mark 'Dinner tonite?'. Rory smiled as she read it, showing it to her friend Lane who was sitting on the bed beside her. "Can you cover for me? I'll tell Mom I'm eating with you and Mrs Kim."

"It's so romantic," said Lane. She clasped her hands together, in what almost looked like prayer, especially as she looked up to the ceiling, though given that Lane's relationship with Our Lord and Saviour was generally strained, it was unlikely that was how she meant the gesture. "Oh how I'd love to have a secret girlfriend like you, that I was hiding from Mrs Kim. I mean you're not hiding her from Mrs Kim, you're hiding her from Lorelai, I'd be hiding her from Mrs Kim. Though I suppose you're also hiding your girlfriend from Mrs Kim as she might tell Lorelai."

"Slow down, Kemo Sabe, can I text back 'yes'?" Rory held her mobile in her hand.

Lane nodded enthusiastically, she seemed more excited about Rory's dinner date than the brunette did herself, at least on the outside. She bounced cross-legged on her bed as Rory typed in the three letters and then as soon as her friend had finished the message launched into the inquisition, "So have you done it yet?"

"Not since you yesterday when you last asked," said Rory dryly.

"So you think tonight?" Lane had pretty much asked the same question every time Rory had asked her to be her alibi.

And Rory gave the same answer, "I don't know." Then she shrugged and gave a wry smile, "But you know Lane I really am seriously thinking about, y'know... having sex."

"We're sixteen, it's all we're all thinking," said Lane with feeling. She paused dreamily, her own thoughts moving in that direction before she continued, "But you'd' do it with her?"

Rory paused, she was someone who always like to consider consequences and this was a topic that demanded thought - if only to confirm her feelings hadn't changed since the last time she'd thought about it a few moments ago. "Yes, I would."

"Oh my God," squeaked Lane, clapping her hands, "It would be so romantic if she did it after dinner tonight. You'll text me if you're having dessert, just so I can get my story straight if Lorelai asks."

"If dessert is an entendre, I'll let you know," grinned Rory.

* * *

"So what are you doing on your night off?" Lorelai Gilmore entered the kitchen off the Independence Inn as her chef and best friend Sookie St James put away her mobile in her bag.

The plump woman jumped and put her hand to her heart, "Don't do that Lorelai, you startled me."

"Don't do what? Come in the kitchen? Hello, it's not like I was creeping into your house at two in the morning with a knife," Lorelai grinned to show she wasn't planning to bloodily murder her friend in her sleep. "You're a bit jumpy."

"It's nothing," said Sookie. "Just I've been thinking all day about lunch. I think I put too much cream in the soup, it must have been all ruined and everyone would have been thinking 'this is a sludge and I can't taste the mushrooms'. They're never going to come back - unless they come back and sue us claiming that the food we served wasn't edible."

"I had some. It was alright..." Lorelai took a look at her friend's horrified face and quickly changed her mind, "...not alright, excellent, exquisite. In fact I overheard someone telling one of the waiters it was a God of a Soup, ready to be worshipped and bowed down to." Sookie looked slightly mollified, though only slightly. Lorelai wondered what further praise she could lavish as whilst the soup hadn't been nearly as bad as Sookie had suggested it might be, it still was a little below the chef's exacting standards, but without risking Sookie having a nervous breakdown there was no way to tell her that. Thankfully Sookie's mobile beeped. It gave Lorelai a chance to change the subject, "Are you going to look at that?"

Sookie already was doing, snatching the phone from her bag, like if she didn't get it straight away the message would expire. A smile came over her face and she relaxed, sliding the mobile back into her bag. She looked at Lorelai, "I might have been over-reacting on the soup."

"Just a little," replied Lorelai, slightly surprised. Sookie never thought her food was ever quiet good enough and she never, ever, ever admitted that she might have exaggerated the disastrousness of what she had served - at least not without Lorelai pouring copious amounts of alcohol down her friends throat. Lorelai wondered if it had anything to do with the text, it must have been good news. She wondered about asking, but that would be too obvious; still she wondered if it was anything to do with this evening, "So I was asking if you had any plans on your night off?"

Sookie looked coy with a slight hint of bashfulness. It was obvious she was lying when she said, "I was thinking I'd just watch some TV, perhaps read a book."

Lorelai smiled at her single friend, "And you are planning to do all that on your own?"

"Of course," said Sookie going red. She reached for one of her knives, "I've got to start preparations for tonight. I don't want to be sitting at home worrying that you're not ready."

"I'll leave you to it," said Lorelai smirking.

* * *

"Can I take your jacket?" Sookie closed the door behind Rory and turned to her teenage girlfriend.

"Thanks," Rory shrugged over her blazer and passed it to Sookie. She wasn't sure whether, being in her Chilton uniform, she was overdressed or underdressed, but she was certainly something-dressed compared to Sookie. The older brunette was wearing a sexy low-cut evening dress that gave the teen a good look at the plumper's large bosom; that certainly wasn't something that Rory was complaining about. She had wondered whether to go home after she'd seen Lane and change into something more sexy for Sookie, but the risk of bumping into her Mom, popping back before she returned to the Independence Inn for the evening rush, was too great. There was no way she could explain a sultry, slinky dress for a meal with Mrs Kim - her Mom might think Rory was making a move for the older Korean.

"I've made some nibbles for starters," said Sookie as they walked into the kitchen. She picked up a plate filled with some small tarts and passed to Rory.

The teen took one. It tasted delicious, crumbling in her mouth at the same time as the sauce in slid smoothly over her tongue. "Mmmn, it's lovely," she said, holding her hand to her mouth to stop any dropping out in an unladylike manner.

"It was nothing, just something I whipped up," said Sookie, but Rory could tell she was pleased with the reaction. The plump brunette reached for some glasses, "Do you want wine?"

Rory was tempted; she wasn't a heavy drinker, but she had one or two glasses every few weeks with her Mom. But Mrs Kim was absolutely teetotal and reluctantly Rory shook her head, "Mom might smell it on my breath and ask questions."

"Orange juice it is then" said Sookie brightly, "Luckily I decided to cook something that can go with either white wine or soft drinks."

"It smells delicious," said Rory and she wasn't just paying Sookie a compliment. The aroma wafted through the kitchen like an exotic tropical perfume, it made Rory both hungry and a little bit horny. But then being sixteen with Sookie in the room, Rory thought, anything would make me horny.

"It'll just be fifteen minutes," said Sookie. She gestured at the table, already set, "Sit down." Rory did so, as soon as her butt hitting the seat Sookie placing her orange juice in front of her and the plate of nibbles within easy reach. She smiled, the perfect hostess, "Help yourself whilst I finish."

Sookie was a perfect multi-tasker, talking with Rory whilst she prepared. The conversation was easy and fun, relaxed and amusing. Rory had always found her Mom's friend easy to talk to, but she was surprised how much easier it had become now they were dating. The food, when it was ready, looked as good as it smelt and tasted even better. The only words that Rory managed to get out whilst they were eating were yums and compliments; it did no harm to her digestion that Sookie's foot played with her own as well. Finally, Rory pushed her plate to one side, "That was amazing. I'm going to have to watch my figure if you feed me so well."

"Don't worry," laughed Sookie, "I'm watching it as well. It's a very fine figure."

Rory blushed, "It's alright."

"It's gorgeous," said Sookie, smiling. Rory went redder and Sookie could see that the compliments were embarrassing the young teen gave her another smile and changed the subject, "Do you want coffee?"

Back on a subject where she had control, Rory nodded, "When have you ever known me not want coffee?"

"Do you want to go through, I'll get the percolator going," Sookie gestured to the lounge.

Rory did, sitting down on the sofa. A few moments later Sookie joined her sitting next to her. "The coffee will be ready shortly."

"No hurry," smiled Rory. She moved herself closer to Sookie, so they were touching and moved a strand of hair from her forehead, "I'm sure I can think of something whilst waiting."

Sookie's mouth was already open as Rory moved forward. They moved in on each other, their lips moving almost soundlessly as they munched at each other. Rory could feel Sookie's tongue sliding into her mouth and moved her own tongue to meet it, slithering her wet tongue over and under the intruder, twisting it sexually. She could feel the breath off plump brunette and the beat of her heart, steadily increasing in speed as they kissed. Rory's body moved closer, meeting Sookie as the older woman moved towards her as well. Their bodies rubbed and moved against each other and Rory could feel her horniness, never far from the surface, rise within her.

She reached up and took hold off Sookie's large titties, squeezing at them through the material of the evening dress. Even as she continued to make out Sookie moaned in pleasure, blowing warm air into Rory's mouth. The teen took that as encouragement and continued to squeeze at the ample bosom, kneading and massaging them slowly and lovingly. Sookie gave a small move off her body and one of the titties came further loose from the dress, exposing the nipple. Rory's fingers tweaked and played with the nub, making it stiff and erect.

As Rory played with the newly exposed teat, Sookie had undone a couple of buttons on Rory's blouse and had moved her hand in. She pawed at the bra until she could pull it down enough to get her hand directly on Rory small, firm breast. The teen kissed harder, massaging her girlfriend's tongue with her own, as the older expertly plated with the tittie, pushing her fingers into the supple flesh and rubbing the hardening teat with her palm.

Rory was in heaven, she could have stayed here for ever. She moaned, blowing back at Sookie as the plump brunette's fingers took hold off her nipple and slowly and sensually pinched it. Then all of a sudden Rory could feel Sookie's spare hand on her thigh. It moved upwards under Rory's Chilton skirt. This was further than Rory had gone before and Sookie knew it. She paused, allowing time for Rory to push back of she felt uncomfortable. Rory considered doing so, for all of a second; it was the easiest decision she had ever made to carry on kissing her girlfriend and allow Sookie to move further up.

The plump hand continued to move sensually up Rory's thigh, rubbing sexily at the teenager's smooth skin. It didn't stop until it reached the top of her legs. Again Sookie paused, giving Rory the choice of whether to continue. Rory continued to kiss back at her older girlfriend passionately, squeezing the big titties and making their nipples hard. It was the answer.

Sookie's hand moved forward that extra inch and her fingers stroked at Rory's pussy through the thin material of the teen's panties. It wouldn't have been too late to stop Sookie, but Rory didn't want to. She knew tonight would be the night she lost her virginity. She kissed back harder, making sure that even without words, Sookie knew she was doing the right thing. Sookie continued to stroke at the slit and Rory felt her panties dampening at Sookie's tender touch. She moaned slightly and took her mouth back from Sookie's, her hands dropped to her side and she looked at her girlfriend's attractive, plump face. Sookie smiled back, "Do you still want that coffee?"

Rory shook her head, suddenly her mouth felt very, very dry, but she knew that no coffee could quench that thirst - no drink could. She tried to give a charming smile, but she worried it came over as sickly, "No, I don't want it. I want to go to your bedroom. I want you to make me a woman. Will you?"

Suddenly Rory worried she had misread the situation, what if Sookie thought she was moving too fast. God, perhaps Sookie wasn't ready herself and was still getting to know Rory or she might think the teen was a slut who was to forward with her favours? She waited, for Sookie to speak, her heart hammering even harder than before, so much that it threatened to burst out of her chest. Sookie smiled, cupping Rory's face with one hand and stroking her cheek tenderly. Rory instantly relaxed as Sookie said, "Yes, Rory, I will."

She stood up and took Rory's hand, helping the slender teen to her feet, "Let's go upstairs."

Sookie led Rory to from the main room and the up the stairs. The teen followed wordlessly, her heart pounding with nervous excitement, knowing at the end of the short walk would come the place where she lost her virginity. She couldn't deny the knot of nerves in her stomach, but it also felt right. Sookie switched on the light as they entered the room, letting go off Rory's hand as she walked over to make sure the curtains were fully closed.

The teen stood still looking round the room and unsure what to do next. She had never been up here before, or in any woman's room apart from Lane and her Mom's. There were little cushions on the bed, their covers as floral as the quilt and prints of flowers and prancing animals lined the walls. Rory saw that on the sideboard beside the bed that Sookie was reading a biography of a seventeenth century French cook; it didn't surprise the teen. She stood still and waited as Sookie came back to stand in front of her.

"Rory, you're beautiful," said Sookie. She leant forward and kissed the younger brunette, a long and lingering kiss, her mouth moving over the teen's and her tongue sliding over her lips. Rory relaxed some more and wondered whether she should start to undress.

The decision was taken from her as Sookie drew back her mouth and brought her hands up to start to undo the buttons on Rory's shirt. The teen stood unmoving, biting her lip nervously as Sookie undid each button until the shirt was fully open. The plump brunette's hands moved further up and she pushed the shirt back and down, so that it fell down Rory's back. Then her hands moved Rory and the teen felt the thirtysomething fiddling at the clasp of her bra. Seconds later it fell to the floor, leaving Rory's teen titties naked. The younger woman smiled nervously, "I'm sorry they're so small."

"They're lovely Rory," said Sookie, her hands moved over the mounds, cradling and fondling them, "So firm and pert, they're perfect."

"Oh," blushed Rory. She smiled and gave a little giggle as Sookie continued to play with them, rubbing at the teats until the nipples firmed and stood out. The chubby woman moved her hands down Rory's naked waist, her plump hands massaging the teen's slender form until she got to the plaited skirt. Rory waited patiently as Sookie undid it. The skirt fell to join the bra and shirt.

Her excitement building, standing clad only in her shoes, socks and panties, Rory looked down and blushed again. This time it was not due to her lack of clothes or experience, but that this morning she had put on her 'Hello Kitty' panties, not realising that anyone else would be seeing them. Sookie smiled, "I won't say a word."

"Please don't" said Rory. She gave a small shiver as Sookie's fingers slid under the elastic and slowly pulled the panties all the way down to the teen's ankles. The pussy underneath was shaved smooth, Rory and Lane had read in a magazine how Brazilians were all the rage with teenage lesbians. But now the cunt was exposed Rory had a sudden worry that she had no idea whether that was true. She gave a nervous smile, "Do you like?"

Sookie's lips puckered and she tenderly kissed the smooth slit, before standing up, "I like it a lot Rory, it's so sweet and sexy, like the rest of you." She kissed Rory again, opening her mouth and bringing the teen's naked body against her. Rory swept into the kiss, opening her mouth and allowing her girlfriend's tongue to swing in. Her hard nipples pressed against Sookie's evening dress, rubbing against the satin, the friction warming the nubs. It was only for a few moments and then Sookie let go. She nodded down at Rory's feet, smiling, "I guess you can get those off yourself."

"Yes," said Rory. She sat on the bed and took them off. As she did so she watched Sookie undo the evening dress and let it fall to the floor. The chubby brunette wasn't wearing anything underneath and Rory felt the pitter-patter of her heart, the increasing of her body and a strange knot in her tummy as she looked at her girlfriend. The bosom's looked bigger uncovered, large and more than a handful, the tummy round and sexy, the cunt wet with excitement, a small tuft of hair its decoration. Rory touched her own smooth slit; it was wet. Her voice was hoarse and almost inaudible as she said, "Please fuck me, please make me a proper woman."

"Yes," said Sookie. She moved next to Rory. The teen stood and again they kissed. But it was different from any of the kisses Rory had ever had before; the movement of lips and tongue was the same, but never before had she felt the warmth of flesh, the touch of smooth skin and the dampness of another woman's twat against her. The teen felt Sookie's large, bouncy bosoms moving against her own small tits, the hard nipples of the teen whirring with pleasure as the mounds rubbed them. Rory's hands were on her girlfriend's back, holding and massaging the flesh. One of Sookie's hands was doing the same, moving up and down the vertebrae in a gentle massage, the other was cupped under the mons rubbing the outside of the pussy making it even wetter.

"I want to fuck you Rory, I want t fuck you hard," breathed Sookie, "Lie on the bed."

Rory hastened to obey as Sookie turned and headed to her wardrobe. Rory watched as the older woman got out what looked, from behind to be a pair of panties. It was only when she turned back to face the younger brunette that Rory saw that the panties had a dildo attached to the front. It wasn't that big compared to ones Rory had heard about, only six inches or so, but to the virgin it looked massive. She shivered, nervous and excited, her pussy burning and leaking at the thought that the cock would soon be in it.

"Come fuck me," said Rory, gazing in lust as Sookie came towards her.

"Oh my sexy thing," said Sookie, as she got onto the bed. Rory could feel it's tremors as Sookie moved over towards, they matched her own quivering.

"Mmnnn," the teen gave a passionate moan as Sookie moved her lips onto hers. The chubby woman's body pushed half onto the teen's, her large bosom over Rory smaller right tit, whilst one of her plump hands squeezed at the pert left tittie. Sookie kissed harder and more forcefully, pushing her tongue into Rory's open mouth. The teen returned the passionate kiss, her own tongue wrapping round her girlfriend's.

Sookie's spare hand was between Rory's thighs and the teen let the older woman guide her legs open. She gave a gasp and pushed her head back as two of Sookie's fingers slowly started to ease themselves into her tight teen twat. Rory had lost her hymen long ago in a furious masturbation session and though since then she had fingered and dildoed herself regularly no-one else's fingers had ever moved in. It felt good, very good. She gave another pleasured moan as the plump woman's fingers moved gently in and her mouth began to kiss and suck at the side of the teen's throat.

"Ohhhh," moaned Rory in deep pleasure as the plump fingers moved up and in her pussy, "ooohhh."

"You enjoying, Rory?" Sookie murmured quietly, her mouth hovering over the teen's ear, "I'm going to make you nice and wet, then I'll fuck you."

"Ooohh, y...y...yes," replied Rory her voice quavering as the pleasure filled her, "I'm loving it... oooohh, oooohhh."

Sookie's slowly fingered Rory, her digits moving up and down the teen's tunnel. As they went up they lightly slid over the clit, each touch exciting Rory and making her flush. The older woman's lips continued to explore the teen, kissing her mouth, her neck, her small and firm titties and moving in the cleavage, where her tongue slid in the gap. Rory moaned, her excitement building more and more. Her body twisted and turned under Sookie's attention, warming from the older woman's touch and become more sensitive and sexual at each lick or touch.

"Oooh, oooooh," Rory moaned again, her back arching and lifting off the bed as her pussy blazed with ecstatic pleasure.

Sookie withdrew her fingers, they were wet with teen cum and the plump woman licked them, her expression that of a cook who's latest dish is done to perfection. She smiled at the young brunette, "You seem ready... nice and wet and relaxed. Are you?"

"Yes," nodded Rory, relishing her last moments as a virgin, "Fuck me."

For a second Sookie moved off Rory as the plump brunette positioned herself. Then she came down, slowly sliding the toy into Rory's sopping slit. The teen gasped as the rubber invaded her, her virginity departing as the dildo entered. It felt liberating, it felt scary, it felt good. The teen moaned in pleasure, her hands reaching out at right angles to her body and gripping the bedding as Sookie slowly eased the toy down the slit. The dildo pushed at the walls, rubbing over the damp flesh and moving in deeper. The teen giggled and then breathed in sharply as the toy hit her erogenous zone, sending sparks of pleasure shooting through her.

"Relax, Rory, relax" smiled Sookie, looking into Rory's eyes as she levered herself up again.

Rory nodded; she wasn't sure she could relax - not with the toy stretching her pussy and pleasuring her insides. She gripped the quilt harder, pulling it towards her, "Please, just fuck me, fuck me Sookie."

The plumper came down again, slightly faster and more deeper. Rory moaned as the dildo pushed at her erogenous zone and sending blissful rushes of pleasure deep into her. The teen's body curved moving up and trying to keep contact with her lover as Sookie went up again. There was a very brief pause and Sookie's body pressed down onto Rory, squashing the teen into the bed, making her moan again, "Ooooohhh...."

"Rory, that's it baby, that's it," cooed Sookie. She moved faster, using her weight to push the toy deeper and harder into the teen twat. Rory looked upwards, a strong emotional intensity welling up in her as she could see Sookie's smiling, attractively plump face conversely coming nearer and then moving away as she pumped. The older brunette looked so caring, so sexy, so right for Rory's first. The teen gasped again, her hands clenching and unclenching. Sookie's lips came down, pausing long enough to passionately kiss Rory before pushing herself up, "Oh baby, you're doing so well, that's it baby relax and take it."

"Fuck me, fuck me," groaned Rory. She moved her legs further apart and her hands moved to Sookie's back encouraging her to pound deeper.

The plumper took the hint. Her body raised up and slammed down, the dildo sliding down Rory's slippery, wet hole. Sookie levered herself up again and thrusted down, gasping as she did, "That's it my sexy Rory, that's it, good girl."

Rory had never felt sensations so pleasurably intense or explosively blissful as she was feeling. Yes, she had cum before as she had lain her own bed her small dildo working her pussy or in the bath with a couple of fingers up her cunt. But, never like this, never so powerfully that she felt she was going to burst. The orgasms were getting stronger, ripping into her hammers pounding an anvil. Her back stretched, arching upwards and her mouth opened as for the first time in her life she had a real, honest, explosion of an orgasm, "Aaaaaarrggghhhh, yesssssss, aaaaaaargggghh."

The teen's hands gripped at her lover's back as Sookie paused. The plumper smiled, her boy hovering over Rory even as her mouth came down to kiss the teen. For a moment their mouths met, moving and enveloping each other in passionate intensity. Sookie moved her head up, "Enjoy that Rory baby?"

There were no words to describe how much, but Rory tried, "Don't stop, fuck me more."

"Cum for me, sexy," said Sookie and pushed the toy deep down into the teen. It made Rory gasp ecstatically, her hands gripping at Sookie so the plump woman had no chance to leave her. Not that Sookie had any such plans as she returned to pounding the teenager's twat, hammering the hole passionately.

"Ooooh, ooooh, oooooh," Rory moaned. Sookie's large bosom banged into her, the huge titties crushing against the teen as the rest of the plumpster came down with them. The nipples on Rory's smaller, but firmer, pair were like rocks, hard and erect. They stabbed into the flesh of Sookie as the thirtysomething woman rammed down, but Sookie didn't seem to care; just coming down harder and faster.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," panted Sookie. Sweat was forming on her body as she energetically pounded the pussy. The teen below was covered in perspiration as well, some Sookie that dripped onto her and some her own as her body heated as the blood raced through her and the plump woman covered her. Rory gasped as the toy moved down into her slick slot; the hole was so wet that the cum was trickling out over the lips, soaking the tops of her thighs. Sookie continued to ram down, "Fuck, fuck, fuck."

Rory knew how she felt. Even without the orgasms, the feeling of another woman against her was intense, like two bodies merging into one, with the orgasms Rory felt like this must be heaven. If this was what being a woman felt like Rory was glad she had become one. She gasped and moaned again, as the orgasmic pleasure built up, "Ooooh, oooooh, oooooohhh!"

In response to her moans Sookie sped up and ploughed harder. The dildo rammed in and out of the teen's sexy slit, slamming over the erogenous zone and making the clit pulsate with pleasure. The orgasmic ecstasy grew, more and more powerful, like a blinding light coming over the horizon. Rory gripped at Sookie's back and screamed as the orgasms tore through her, "Aaaaaarrrgghh, aaaaarrrgghh, aaaaarrrggghhhh!"

There was a pause and then Sookie rolled off her teen lover. For a few moments neither said anything as Sookie panted with exhaustion and Rory sobbed with stunned pleasure. Eventually Rory managed to say, "Oh, my God..."

She left the words trailing as she rolled over to kiss her lover. Their lips met and the mouths opened, as they kissed passionately. "I'm guessing you enjoyed?" said Sookie once Rory's face moved back away from hers.

"Oh my God yes," said Rory, "It was like nothing I've ever felt before. It was just so perfect, I thought I was going to die... in a good way. And when I came... I think I saw stars."

"I enjoyed it as well," said Sookie. She smiled at Rory and brushed a stray strand of hair from her young lover's face.

Suddenly Rory looked worried, "But you didn't cum."

"You came for me," smiled Sookie, "That was all I wanted, for you to cum on your first time. Next time we do it, I've got toys that'll allow me to cum as well as you."

Rory's heart leapt at the words 'next time'; Sookie wanted to fuck her again. It was what Rory wanted, for the plumper her to fuck her again and again and again, for night after night to be a repeat of this one, a pageant of sexual pleasure. She nodded, "Oh yes. That'd be good." She looked at the clock on the bedside cabinet and sighed, " I better be going or else Mom will be back before me."

She slowly got up and dressed, aware that Sookie was happily looking at her, whilst reclining naked on the bed. The knowledge that her chubby lover was admiring her slender form took some of the sting out of having to leave. She finally picked up her panties, looking at the 'Hello Kitty' on the front, stained with her cum - these were going to be a special souvenir piece of underwear, she wouldn't risk ruining them by wearing them again. She folded them and put them in her pocket.

Sookie stood up, "Let me show you out."

She led the teen downstairs and opened the front door. A cool draught came in and Rory felt guilty about having too long a goodbye kiss with her nude lover. But Sookie gave her no choice and kissed the teen passionately and deeply and for long enough that both had to gulp for air when they surfaced.

"See you later," said Rory, "I loved it."

"I loved it as well," said Sookie.

Rory turned and started to head home. As she walked she pulled out her mobile friend, Lane would want to know the details and whilst it was too late to call (what with Mrs Kim's eagle ears) a quick text would give her friend the details. Rory smiled as she typed in, 'Had dessert.'

* * *

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