Warning: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. Real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. Please read the story codes and stop reading if you can't stomach that shit. Seriously, you'll just hate it if you keep reading and send me flames or do shitty unfunny MSTs or whatever. I do not own Gilmore Girls nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. The original version was written by me in 2007, and has now been re-written and expanded.

Description: A strange tattoo, new sexual urges, and body destroying demonic rape. What doesn't kill Rory will make her stronger.

Content Codes: MF, FFFF, pwp, nc-cons, cream pie, inc, mc, magic, trans, snuff, viol, ws

Gilmore Girls: Rory's Gory Story
by JD ([email protected])

Not long after starting at Yale, Rory awoke in her dorm room with a burning pain across her back. Naturally, her first concern was that she had some kind of allergic reaction. She dashed from her bed, and turned her back to the mirror, looking over her shoulder. Her sudden cry of surprise brought Paris to her room.

"Do you know what time it is? I don't need beauty sleep. But-"

"My back! Look at this!"

"That's a... that's a big tattoo. Like an anthropomorphised goat's head. Is it Pan? Going to find a guy to fill your pan pipe?"

"I don't know how it got there! It wasn't there when I...."

Rory suddenly realised she couldn't remember going to bed, or anything before sitting down at the bookstore with a coffee. It isn't as rare as it should be for an 18 year old girl to have her drink spiked and wake up with no memory. Evan a non-alcoholic drink, legally served to a college freshman like Rory Gilmore. Still, she doubted the kind of scum to spike drinks would have bought her back to her college room.

"It can't have been done since yesterday, Rory, tattoos take a while to heal up. Everyone knows that. When did you get it done?"

"I swear it wasn't there yesterday."

"Sure, a magic healing tattoo. Call the campus cops, then. I have sleeping to get back to."

Paris walked away, and only then did Rory realise she was totally naked. Paris had seen her... A tiny part of Rory's mind, a part she didn't even recognise, grew aroused. She ignored it. Coming to the conclusion that terrible things must have happened to her while she was blacked out, she did call the cops, who started an investigation.

The medical examination found no sign of sexual assault. It did find two small tattooed zeroes on her inner thighs that Rory hadn't noticed. The tiny part of her mind, hungry and lustful, was disappointed she hadn't been used. A check of the bookstore cameras showed a technical error. Rory had sat down at her table in the little coffee chain franchise within, and then every camera in the store had gone blurry, reducing to static for minutes. The cop pulling the footage swore she saw a goat like face staring at her for a moment, but when she rewound it was gone. As the footage cleared, the camera by the door caught Rory leaving with a stiff walk, almost like a marionette. None of the staff could recall her, beyond the girl who sold the coffee, and then she had nothing to add. They sold a lot of coffee. More than they sold books.

Finding the parlour where the tattoo had been completed was easy. Rory's card showed the transaction, and the cops had been called anyway, as the artist was hit by a truck right outside, smeared down the road. Her inked ass poked up unharmed from a tight leather skirt, while her upper body was little more than a red mess. When the cops got there they were pleased to find there was a camera there, too. Rory had walked her jerky walk, spoke to the artist, and lay face down on the table. The artist had seemed to try to talk her out of it, and finally shrugged and gone to work. The tattoo went on fast; the same cop thought the artist's arm appeared to take on a mind of its own as soon as the goat eyes were drawn.

Her partner told her not to be so damn stupid, but nobody could explain why the tattoo didn't need covering, didn't require any of the usual healing time that it should have. The same applied to the two quick zeroes on her thighs. When the artist was finished, Rory paid and left. The camera showed the ink-slinger staring with crazy shock at her arm, before rummaging through a cupboard and coming out with a very unexpected thing - a bible. She read madly for an hour, before rushing out, leaving the door open, straight into the path of the truck. A tragic accident rather than a suicide.

As far as the cops were concerned there was no further crime to investigate. Rory Gilmore had clearly asked for the tattoo, not resisted at all, and left afterwards. If her drink had been spiked during the blurry period, nobody had seen it, there was no evidence. Rory was left with a giant goat's head across her entire back, obscured only by her dark hair hanging across the top of the horns. She went for tattoo removal, the laser burning her skin. It made no difference. They told her the first session wouldn't, always, but Rory knew then that just the same as it had appeared without the usual side effects of tattooing, so it would resist attempts to remove it. She'd held off sharing her experience with her Mom, convinced Lorelai would act as the cops had and think she'd taken the tattoos by choice. She'd find out what it meant first.

Meanwhile, the part of her mind that spoke of lust grew. Hardly knowing what she was doing, Rory picked up a stranger at the bookstore, snuck him into the toilets. She fucked him hard in the stall, her top and bra dropped to the floor, so that he couldn't help but gaze into the eyes of the goat as she bent over and pulled him inside her. She had the most powerful orgasm of her life, face over the toilet bowl with a man she'd never met hammering her from behind. Her cries earned her a permanent ban from the book store. She took another stranger less than an hour later. Sensibly, he wanted to use a rubber. Rory smacked it from his hand, took him into her mouth, and changed his mind. The zeroes on her inner thighs had become twos.

The next morning it felt like an erotic dream. Her new lusts had no effect on her academic life; she made the same effort at curricular and extra-curricular activities as she always had. Outside, though... she fucked, and fucked, and fucked. Two to three guys a night. Never the same one twice, though some begged. Once, a real gangbang - she took on an entire bar of bikers. It was quite a night; Rory, bent face down over a card table in just a fine pair of boots, taking cocks at either end, until dawn. Some of the bikers' mamas were pissed, until she ate and fingered them, too, only asking that they admire her tattoo. They looked into those cold goat eyes and took their pleasure from the college girl.

The early couplings caused guilt and confusion in Rory's mind, but she found she couldn't articulate her fears. As the college year wore on, the once tiny part of her mind grew until she had to concentrate to keep her academic record up, to avoid questions being asked. Though she rarely went with Yale students, rumours still began to spread about her promiscuity. She brushed them off, batted them back with some of her old fast talking wit. She gained further tattoos, piercings, covered by her still fairly conservative clothing. Her tongue stud was more obvious, but hardly worthy of comment in the 21st century. Paris, too wrapped up in her own life and need to succeed, hadn't given her roommate the attention she could have, but even she began to call Lorelai and tell her something was wrong. Something had to be done.

By the last few weeks of the academic year Rory had fucked over 600 men both in New Haven and elsewhere, and pleasured a few women too, though they didn't 'count' towards her inner thigh tally. She was still a good student. Though she had never once used protection she had contracted neither disease nor pregnancy. The tattoo hadn't faded; the black lines seemed even sharper, darker. A few of the men found it scary; yet they couldn't seem to pull out and leave once Rory had them in her, not until they had come. She was still as tight as she had been before all of her experiences. The perfect fuck; coming in seconds but keeping going for ages. Her thigh score mounted, climbing higher, though she never saw the numbers change until the night of the intervention.

Paris, Lorelai, and even Sookie, for moral support, all went to the Yale dorm room to await Rory's return. Unexpectedly, she was already there. Her 666th man was Jamie, Paris' ex-boyfriend. They could hear her in her bed,

"Tell me I'm a better fuck than Paris!"

"You are! You're so tight!"

"Come in me! Come in meeeee!"

Lorelai looked away, face flushed with embarrassment, as Rory very obviously climaxed. No mother wants to hear her daughter doing that.

"Get out of here. I'm done with you."

"But, Rory, I thought maybe we..."


Jamie emerged, pulling on his top, and stopped to see the angry faces before him.

"Whoa, she came on to me!"

"...and you came in to me. Get out already. I only need the women, tonight."

Jamie did so, glad to be out of there. Rory Gilmore stood almost naked before her mother, her best friend, and her mother's best friend. She wore a collar and leash, and leather boots that would have looked fine on a hooker. Her breasts each had black circles tattooed around them, with upturned pentagrams centred on her bar-pierced nipples. On each thigh the number 666 had already replaced 665. She licked her lips, showing the stud, and then tossed back her hair. Lorelai noticed it was a much darker black than Rory had ever previously favoured, longer too. Smiling, she reached for the thick rings in her labia, and spread herself to them. Jamie's cum glistened inside, fresh and hot.

"Rory... Rory, please, what's going on?"

She didn't reply. She just turned to them, pulled her hair aside, and showed them the goat. The eyes on the tattoo blinked at her visitors.

"Fuck!" Sookie commented, stumbling back.

"What did you see?" Rory asked, turning her head, amusement on her face,

"Weirdest damn thing. I..."

The main door, left open by the fleeing Jamie, slammed shut. Sookie went to it, pulled, but she couldn't shift it.

"What the fuck?"

"The blinking was some kind of optical illusion," Paris began, seeking rationality, but even she had to stop.

The tattoo was definitely moving. Looking back, Rory saw their terror, etched into their faces as firmly as the ink into her skin. The colour drained from Lorelai's face, and she started shaking, trying to point. To the three women, it seemed as if the ink flowed from Rory's back like water. To Rory, so used to feeling only pleasure in her life of depravity, it felt like somebody had poured boiling water over her spine. She screamed, dropping forwards onto all fours, for the thirty or so seconds it took to clear her back.

Rory had no idea what was going on. The voice that had spoken through her didn't share anything else with the screaming girl; her mind hadn't been truly her own since that fateful night in the book store. Given the intensity of the burning pain she imagined a snake or spider of some kind had gotten in, and bitten her while the others stood there uselessly terrified. She screeched out a request for them to call 911 and managed something about killing whatever had bitten her so they could identify the antivenin needed. Through the pain, Rory kept a sensible head. The realisation of her nudity hit her, and she remembered Jamie, remembered everything she'd been doing. She'd favoured attached guys, sending them back to wives or girlfriends with her cunt smell on their fingers and cocks.

Then the pain faded. Naked, but for boots and collar, Rory panted hard. She was drenched with sweat and high on adrenalin from the incredible shock of the pain. Rory's thick black hair had swung over her face as she screeched on all fours. She pulled it out of her face, and turned to call on her Mom, or Paris, or even Sookie, panicking at the door, for help. She covered her breasts with one arm, her pussy with the other, each touch reminding her of a stranger sucking, fucking, coming inside. She hadn't worn panties for months.

They couldn't help her. As the ink flowed from Rory's back a mighty wind had slowly picked up in the small room, sending books, papers, even heavier kit rushing around. A lamp caught Sookie in the head and knocked her to her knees. Rory started trying to crawl to her Mom even as a terrible ripping sound preceded their clothing tearing away in the supernatural storm. It looked as if the women were stripped by invisible fingers. Paris's shouted cry was cut off as she landed on her ass, and then her shoes tore away too. The wind pulled the three women together, and the ink flowed in a great circle around them, spinning fast. Sookie clutched Lorelai in pure terror, unable to process what was happening. Lorelai just prayed for her daughter's safety.

Rory remembered then, the number of times she had slunk back to the dorm room after her latest conquests, squatted silently over Paris' mouth and fed her sperm straight from her pussy, and ass. Paris had always seemed so close to waking until some force stopped her, and she swallowed the taste away. She remembered Paris' own flavours, her roommate moaning to unconscious orgasms she never seemed to know about the next day - how many wet dreams did she think she had? She was forced to remember every second of every encounter; so much pleasure.

"Rory! What is this? What is it?"

"I don't know! I don't know! I was such a whore!"

Panicked, terrified, they couldn't match their usual fast exchanges. Lorelai found the wind pressure lessened, and stumbled to her feet. She stood, ashamed to be naked before her daughter and the others. The ink circle broke, flowing in on Lorelai. When it reached her feet it burned as badly as Rory's back had. Rory's heart wrenched to hear her mom scream in anguish. To the shock of all three her feet burst into thick hooves. Paris and Sookie, who'd been trying to stand alongside Lorelai, reacted with disgust and tried to pull their hands away. They couldn't! As the ink ran up Lorelai's calves it turned them into muscular, hairy, goat legs. The transformation needed more flesh. Screaming in unexpected agony, Paris and Sookie felt their hand bones crunch as they began to be sucked into Lorelai.

Feeding on the bodies of three women, the transformation accelerated. Lorelai's cunt seemed to explode outwards, reforming into an oversized cock. Sookie and Paris felt invisible forces grip their heads and ram them brutally beneath the shaft. Their screams choked off as their skulls flowed and twisted, becoming testicles. Only Lorelai and Rory's screams continued. The ink spread upwards, turning Lorelai's curvy upper body into a thick mass of muscle, expanding her arms and neck. The legs of Sookie and Paris still kicked weakly as they melted into the transformed demonic body and disappeared. Her torso looked like an oversized human's, but Lorelai's head had become a great goat's head with thick horns curling from her forehead, and a shaggy Billy-goat beard beneath her lengthened maw. Rory noticed through her terror the appearance of Paris and Sookie's faces, like tattoos along the cock's shaft, wide eyed and screaming silently.

Lorelai's face seemed to glimmer in the centre of the monster's glowing red eyes before her soul was subsumed under the demonic possession of her body. Only Rory's screams remained. A stench, animal and rotten, filled the room as the winds died away and the transformation completed. He spoke, a deep, masculine version of Lorelai's voice. The demon before her, for he most certainly wasn't a god of the wilds, had corrupted her mom's body completely.

"I... am Reparluos! You are mine."

Rory gaped, nearly catatonic with shock. She was faced with huge heavy balls the size of human heads - grown indeed, from human heads - hanging down beneath a pulsing shaft already the width and length of her upper leg, and still seemingly growing like the rest of the corrupted body. Rory felt a gnawing horror in the pit of her stomach, but couldn't seem to will herself to move. Nobody seemed to be reacting outside or, banging on the door. Could the events within even be heard outside the room?

Reparluos was pleased that the little bitch knew her place, prostrate on her hands and knees before him. He stopped growing bigger just before his horns began to interfere with the high dorm room ceiling, and by then his hairy thick-veined dark demonic cock was longer than Rory's torso. He strode across the room on his goat's legs just as Rory's instinctive fight or flight response cut in and she tried for the window. She screamed as Reparluos caught her thick black hair in his grip, and knew then that she was as doomed as her Mom, as poor Paris and Sookie.

"You can't escape me. You will be punished for trying," the goat face smiled, "punished in a way you soon won't even see as chastisement."

He pulled back hard - too hard. Reparluos tore most of Rory's hair free from her scalp. She grunted again at the sudden pain, but skittered forward, free again. Reparluos growled with annoyance before his free hand closed over her left boot. He didn't know the full strength of his new body, with three hearts beating within. Rory hadn't got far and her brief hope was crushed back into despair. Reparluos dropped the handful of hair and closed that hand around Rory's other leather boot. His big cock bounced as he pulled her towards him. He could smell her recently fucked shaven pussy over her fear.

"Oh God No! Please, I had no control! I didn't mean to have sex with all those people or cause this, God save me!"

Rory shouted, breaking into incoherent babbling of prayers she recalled overhearing in childhood. Reparluos laughed, and the echoes shook the dorm room. The last items that hadn't been blown about by the wind shook loose and fell to the floor. The room looked like a frat party had hit it. Rory's fingers caught on a table leg, and she desperately found the leverage to pull her feet from her shiny black boots.

"Oh thank you!" she cried, as her newly-bare feet hit the floor.

She pushed forward with the literal terror of Hell behind her. She resolved to join a nunnery and spend her life in prayer as she pounded towards the dorm room door. As her hand scrabbled on the handle, the collar around her throat pulled back hard. Her eyes widened with her new shock. Rory was yanked backwards off her feet, and dragged on her ass to Reparluos had caught hold of her forgotten leash.

"Pray all you want. Your soul is mine. You will not be redeemed. You had my face painted into your skin, harlot."

"Something made me!"

"Oh, no, you chose!"

Rory was about to reply when she suddenly regained her final missing memory; the night in the book store. She had been sipping her coffee when the hottest guy she'd ever seen asked to sit down at the table. She'd acted cool, but indicated the chair.

"I have a problem," he'd begun, "It's a long story, but I need to trade for your soul. Because-"

"Handsome, you can have my soul for two dollars."

He'd looked shocked, but grabbed her hand in a shake, then tossed two bucks on the table,

"Done! Holy shit, I can't believe that worked! I was sure I'd have to lie and claim it would be temporary or something!"

"What are you..." and then Rory had felt very strange. The handsome guy had fled, and she'd begun her puppet walk. The demon had had only the most basic control then, enough to make her to get the tattoo, to inspire her to acts of lust, but, Rory realised, she could have resisted him then. He would have stayed a part of her, but a part that could be ignored. So what the hell had been handsome man's story?

The collar was pressing in hard on Rory's throat. Her oesophagus felt like it was being crushed. She couldn't breathe, or speak any further. Rory's long-nailed fingers scratched the smooth skin of her neck as she vainly tried to loosen the constricting band. Her skin bulged around the leather. When she tried to move her head back, the collar kept pace. Her remaining hair sizzled, as Reparluos's glare burned it all off leaving slightly reddened skin rather than scarring burns. She was fucking bald! Damn, her cute hair had been the best part of the last year!

"Yes, his parents sold his soul to me for a place in Newport, but before the time to claim him came he had the option to find someone to take his place. The easiest way to do it was to find someone who didn't believe him, wasn't it? And how perfect you were, charging me with more power than he ever could, until I could incarnate here, on Earth, and even the Angels daren't come for me. In both sex and suffering there is much power to be had."

She could only gag silently backwards, throttled on the collar as he pulled it suddenly upwards by the leash, and she was helpless to prevent it lifting her first to her feet, and then into the air. She revolved until she looked into Reparluos's goat eyes, and he licked his tongue across her increasingly purple face. Rory's head throbbed, and her lungs burned worse than her back had done when the ink flowed off. She kicked harder, dancing on a rope that wasn't there. Reparluos slapped his cock between Rory's breasts, long and wide enough to press them apart. Lorelai had often wanted to measure her daughter's teenage cleavage, but the demon she had become had no time to waste in such things.

"And every one of those you fucked, you infected with lust uncontrollable. Some resisted for a while, others failed utterly. They spread the desire, reaching out across the world in acts of lust and violence... Now I've got one for you, Rory Gilmore. I'm going to fuck you with a cock sculpted from the flesh of your mother. I've given you so much pleasure, but it means nothing without pain."

Reparluos humped the head of his cock between her breasts as Rory's asphyxiated in her collar. Her kicks were weakening, and he could taste bile on her tongue as he bent his head and slipped his great goat mouth over hers. She felt the hot wetness down her thighs as she pissed herself, but the pain in her head and lungs seemed to be one single pain by then. The demon's fingers passed into her bright golden stream, and then he slurped her hot waste from his fingers.
"Just like Mommy used to make!"

As Rory thought she was finally going to die, the collar tore apart. She dropped back to her knees before Reparluos. There was a vivid stripe where the collar had pressed into her throat, and blood vessels had burst all over Rory's face. Still, the impact of the floor on her legs started her breathing, and the pain grew back to full strength in her head. Rory's skull throbbed like it was in a vice, and she was barely aware of being pushed forward on her knees, until her face was on the dorm room floor.

She found she was vaguely wondering about her hair. Her beautiful hair. Gone, torn out or burned away. Rory tasted the floor on her swollen tongue. She felt the damp piss puddle pressing into her nipples, and the slimy trail that Reparluos's cock had left between her breasts. When his hands gripped her thighs, Rory started to struggle again. Reparluos gripped the toned flesh firmly in his hands, each thigh felt small in his mighty grip. She was like a doll to him.

He pulled each leg out to the side, slowly at first, then with increasing speed and strength. Rory's tattooed stomach dropped to meet the dorm room floor as her leg muscles began to protest at the enforced splits. Rory's raspy scream was the first noise she'd made in a few minutes, and came when Reparluos tore her thigh quadruped muscles and dislocated her legs. He hadn't lied about making her suffer. Rory's eyes bugged from her face as she screamed. The agony was only going to grow worse.

Reparluos laughed again. It was perfectly done, enough to render Rory's legs floppy and useless, but not enough to tear her arteries or stop her from being able to feel the pain in her leg muscles. He dropped Rory's legs on the floor, pushed her forward like a rag. Her sweaty breasts ground into the thin carpet. Once he had her positioned for his needs, Reparluos bent his cock down to aim between Rory's torturously spread legs at her piss-wet cunt. The huge crimson crown of his demonic cock was far bigger than Rory's crotch, and would never be able to penetrate her vagina without tearing into her rectum. It would take great strength to impale her with it.

"Even after the last year I can show you a new experience. Double penetrated by the same cock!"

Flesh ripped wetly and stunningly fast as Reparluos forced himself into Rory. She screamed wordless agony as he tore into her crotch as if her taint was made of rice paper. Rory's uterus was split like an old rubber glove and forced up inside her belly by the invading cock. Reparluos's giant organ crushed Rory's other internals. Bloody piss leaked out as her bladder was smeared like jam against muscle. Only the sheer size of Reparluos's cock pressing up between Rory's thighs held her shit in. Her rectum was held shut by the rope veined shaft that filled the space between her back and belly button.

Rory's desperate agony led to her grabbing her own throat and attempting strangulation. She had fought it from the collar, but now sought release. She wanted to finish off what the demon had started earlier. The sight of the college girl clutching her own throat was almost comical. Reparluos reacted by momentarily releasing his grip to raise his fists high and bring them down on Rory's elbows. Fresh blood spurted as the joints were crushed to powder, while her perfect skin was pulped into crushed muscle. Rory's fingers twitched, but her grip was broken on her throat.

"Won't let you swallow your own tongue either," came the warning before fingers tasting of her own piss reached around her face and gripped. She felt the fresh tearing inside before it came out with a rush of blood. She didn't turn around, but she heard chewing. She couldn't scream anymore, blood sputtered out when she tried.

Reparluos moved his bloody hands under his unwilling servant's body and gripped her sweaty breasts for leverage. Rory felt her tattooed tits enclosed in the rough skin of demonic hands. The breasts, which had given Rory and her lovers so much pleasure, were less than handfuls in his palms. Reparluos didn't give her time to consider the implications as he forced another foot and a half of cock up into Rory's torso. He could feel her heart thumping in her chest as he tore through her diaphragm and in between her lungs. Rory's whole chest and stomach were pressed out by the giant impaling shaft. She could feel the veins rubbing inside her, aware of each inch.

It was truly excruciating. Rory coughed up bright red blood, and it splashed back from the floor to sting her eyes and paint her face. The lightly singed flesh of her burned away hair seemed almost pleasant compared to the agony wracking her whole being. It seemed almost as if time slowed, and the spirit of death which should have claimed her was waiting back in fear of the demon brutally raping her entire body with his giant cock.

Reparluos couldn't decide whether to pull Rory's breasts straight off, or crush them to pulp instead. He considered his options for a few seconds and enjoyed her spastic writhing on his shaft. The balls he'd made from her friend's heads were boiling with spunk. A third choice presented itself, and he heated his newly formed hands up enough to melt steel. Rory's breasts expanded in searing agony as the fat fried within. The sickly smell of burning meat filled their noses. It tweaked his appetite for more than Rory's tongue.

Reparluos pressed the rest of his huge shaft into the near dead college girl's fuck sheath body once he was satisfied that the nerves in Rory's breasts had given up all their agony. The angle was slightly off, and the giant crimson crown burst through Rory's neck. The flesh popped out around it like a balloon bursting. Rory's chin was forced back as the thick veined shaft pulsed under her face. It was not enough to break her neck, and the agony continued. She couldn't believe she hadn't even gone into shock, she could find no respite from the physical torment but death... surely death would come soon.

Rory saw the gore drenched crown press forwards as Reparluos stood up. He let gravity drag her impaled body the rest of the way down his shaft while blood and fried breast fat dribbled down her body. The bulge pressing through her stomach looked monstrous, as if it was something no human body could even take. The remains of Rory's cooked breasts came away in Reparluos's hands, and she was aware of him raising them to his mouth.

The goat headed demon came then, shooting like a fire-hose in pressure and quantity. His thick demon seed sprayed up against the dorm room's ceiling, and splashed back down on him and on Rory like hot rain. Her blood blurred vision was filled with scalding demon come before she finally died, limp and broken, on Reparluos's shaft. He breathed Rory's soul in through his goat nose while her mortal remains twitched beneath the rain of ejaculate. He sighed with contentment. He hadn't come so hard in a 1000 years.

Rory's physical remains were eaten in the satisfied afterglow of her death. His goat teeth rent her flesh into tasty strips, and chewed her bones to powder once the marrowbone was slurped into his hungry maw. Kneeling, he held out his hands and drew the ragged remains of her flesh and blood into him, making every cell as much as part of him as Paris, Sookie and Lorelai were. He could feel their four souls inside him, the other three claimed by their closeness to his two dollar whore. His dinner date.

Claimed, but not kept. Not unless they agreed. He spoke to each of them in his mind, and he lied as he spoke. He told them they had seen the suffering of Rory through him, but that if they gave themselves to him, served him, they would live in his service with Rory resurrected beside them.

They agreed. The wind started in the room again, swirling around, as Reparluos flowed apart into four separate bodies. The demon left his mark on each of them. His goat face stared hungrily from each of their backs, with no further tattoo artist needed. Rory looked as good as she had when she'd kicked Jamie's ass out earlier, and as she reached down wonderingly to her no longer destroyed pussy, she felt demon come on her fingers. Each of them carried him inside them as Rory had done, each of them would serve him as he drew souls into his service and established his physical dominion on Earth. But first?


Rory pulled Lorelai into her arms, and kissed her mother passionately. One hand went straight down, spreading the thick bush she found there. Lorelai's hands found her daughter's breasts. Damn, they were bigger! Paris dived forward, the petite genius blonde broken to demonic service, and went on her knees before Rory's pierced pussy, crushed between mother and daughter. Sookie, hungry as ever, bent to tongue Lorelai's asshole. She seemed to be trying to force an entire fist into herself. His voice spoke in their heads, praising them. He shared with them memories of Rory's conquests in his service, her many orgasms, and the consequences of the lust with which she infected her partners.

The very first guy in the book store had driven across two states to his own daughter's college room, and fucked her brains out. Together they'd come back and fucked her mother. One of the biker mamas had become so obsessed with cunt licking she'd taken a gun into a nunnery. Two cops had picked Rory up for whoring. She'd had both of them in the back of their squad car, one at a time so they could both come into her pussy, and then, speaking through her, Reparluos had sent them to deal with their colleague, the tough, pretty, cop who'd kept trying to raise the strange factors in Rory's original possession. Rory pulled Lorelai to the floor, simultaneously remembering the demonic cock tearing her apart minutes before as well as the smooth car seat beneath her back as the first officer hammered her into it.

She worked three fingers into her Mom as Sookie changed her attentions to Paris' anus. Together, the four women were shown the demon's knowledge of the cops luring their colleague out to a meeting with supposed demon hunters. They'd managed to convince her she was meeting the representatives of an ancient church order. Lorelai came hard on her daughter's fingers as she saw the demon's memory of the cops violating their trusted colleague, and then kicked her out of the car into a group of bums. She'd been found weeks later, high on crack, and swearing she loved cock in the name of hell.

In the service of Reparluos there would always be both pain and pleasure. He made them suffer as he had Rory, but before long the suffering was indistinguishable from sexual passion to their resurrected quasi-demonic bodies. Sometimes their master would merge three of their bodies to remake one for himself. Sporting the huge cock he would fuck the remaining woman into a bloody mess as he had Rory. Other times he would set two of them to torture, rape, kill and eat the other two, and then heal their wreaked flesh back to life and health from within. He had a special passion for seeing Lorelai and Rory take each other apart, a parody of the love and care between mother and daughter.

Reparluos's mistake was in spreading himself too thin. The pride he took in his spreading control was as fatal as any demon's. A smart girl, a truly intelligent one, could hide her thoughts from him beneath surface lust for sex and death. They loved the lives they led, except for the fact that they were subservient to the demon and his personal quest for domination. They were as strong, smart and independent as they had been when merely human, and he'd shared his power with them. It had always been the case that a single smart girl alone could defeat a demon... and he was against more than one, and had been foolish enough to let them know he saw that cop's attempts to contact demon hunters as a genuine threat.

His fall came two years later. As Rory sliced out Lorelai's cunt for Sookie to cook and serve, Paris completed the ritual she'd learned without the demon in her head ever knowing she was studying it. She could feel the part of him her mind focussed between Lorelai's thighs. Blood spurted as Rory cut deeply while Lorelai fingered her daughter in lust-fuelled agonised ecstasy. Paris spoke the binding words.

They all felt it as Reparluos's mind was dragged dreaming from all those he'd spread into, trapped without his power in Paris' new clitoral ring. It had never occurred to him that a seal could be carved on such a small item, or that his servant would even try to obtain one. The metal tingled with a pleasurable heat; Reparluos was totally stripped of power, sealed forever. They laughed together, long and proud, to have taken their master and tormentor's power for their own. They were free of his will, but their minds were forever warped by lust, and the joys of pain.

Sookie fried up Lorelai's cunt steak, and even before it was seared to taste, she'd re-grown her genitals for Rory to lick and pleasure. There was no injury they would not heal from, nor any disease that could sicken them. The new formed cult of Reparluos became theirs, to do with as they wished while long centuries of demonic strength, power and immortality became their gift.


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