Gilmore Girls: Rory's Rite Of Passage (MFF,inc)
by NotAPencil

It was another dull Sunday afternoon in Stars Hollow. Rory closed her book by
Michel Houellebcq who, even though he had some interestingly perverted views,
she always found to be very negative. Especially concerning sex. Everybody
can just have fun, right? It doesn't always have to end in some horribly
downward psychological spiral. She walked over to her window. The same damn
birds as always. Time for a little snack, she decided. She walked into the
hallway and passed her Mum's door. To her surprise she heard some noises that
made her think that maybe they had some company.

With their door handles being freshly oiled by Luke, she silently opened the
door to see that same Luke and her Mum engaged in what had become a regular
thing. Ever since Luke had started to come over to fix Lorelai's plumbing he
had been, well, fixing her plumbing. This time Lorelai was seated on her
knees, her strong back arched and her large, milky white boobs hanging low,
her hard nipples swaying back and forth while brushing the white bed sheets.
She was grunting with pleasure as Luke behind her was thrusting into her.

Rory watched as Luke was just about to cum, his mouth open and his strong
arms gripping just a bit stronger into Lorelai's sides. He slapped her lily
white ass with an open flat hand just once, since he knew Lorelai would
flinch a little, tightening up that dripping wet pussy he was pumping his
big dick into. She gasped and did just that, sending him over the edge. He
quickly took out his dick, allowing a good view of it to Rory while he
leaned back and sprayed his hot cum all over Lorelai's back. Lorelai,
feeling this sudden shower on her sweaty back, sat up quickly, yelling out.
"Oh fuck, yes!"

She slit her hands in between her legs right away to rub her clit a wildly,
knowing she only needed a little more stimulation to reach what must have
been her fourth orgasm. As she sat up, she saw Rory standing in the doorway.
While smiling at her daughter, she continued rubbing her clit. Rory walked
up to the bed shamelessly and kneeled in front of her. She gently took her
mother's hand and whispered; "Let me do it Mum."

She put her small, soft hand completely over her mother's pussy, feeling how
incredibly wet she was. By just covering her slit her hand was lubricated
enough right away to start massaging that clit. She knew her Mum could use
some rough stimulation and put some pressure on her venus mount with the palm
of her hand, while her fingers slipped over the opening over her vagina.
Curious, she also slipped her fingers a little further, touching her mother's
tight asshole. She found a little moisture there, too, which made her smell
her fingers quickly. She then realized it was some of Luke's cum that had
trickled down from her Lorelai's back. Her daughter's touch of her asshole
gave a little jolt of pleasure to Lorelai, making her cum. "Oh fuck yes,
fuck, fuck, Jesus yes!" She yelled from the top of her lungs.

As Rory knew all too well, her mother liked to swear a little, or a lot, when
she had a particularly good orgasm. With her mother in her own little joyous
world for the moment, Rory looked over her shoulder to see Luke lying down,
enjoying the view. She crawled over to him and they smiled at each other.
Luke had his arms comfortably folded behind his head. She gazed down at his
crotch, to see his dick, half limp, but still swollen. She took it in her
hands to feel its weight. She was impressed. With it almost completely limp
by now its tip was hanging down over the palm of her hand. A little drip of
cum was hanging from it. "mmmm...Time for a snack," she remembered.

Sliding down, she quickly put it in her mouth. Luke gasped for air. He didn't
see this coming. He sat up a little as he watched amazed. He saw Rory, that
little girl he knew so well, sucking all the cum out of his dick. Her black
hair fell over her face but he could clearly hear her moan as she moved his
limp dick around in her mouth. Her agile and soft young girls tongue just
licked all over it, while it filled her mouth completely.

Luke just couldn't get over it. Of course, he knew that Lorelai and Rory
were not your regular nuclear family and Rory had watched him and Lorelai on
several occasions, but never had she even laid a finger on him. If only his
punk nephew could see this. For a second he started to question whether this
wasn't morally wrong, having his 18-year old nephew's girlfriend stuff her
face with his dick, but at the same time he felt that same dick give off some
signs of life again. He was pleased to notice Rory had trouble keeping his
growing manhood in her mouth. Just a flinch, she seemed to gag as a twitch of
it made it touch the back of her throat, but she was very determined to keep
it in her sweet little mouth. For a moment she was disturbed by Lorelai who
started to remove her daughter's socks and shoes. With approving murmurs from
Rory she then went on to strip her clear of her pants. Now Rory, struggling
to take in as much of she could of Luke fully erect cock, was only wearing a
white blouse and silky pick panties.

Luke let out a groan. "Oh yes Lorelai, I mean, oh fuck Rory, keep on sucking
that dick."

Lorelai, still looking a little puffy from all those orgasms, beamed with
pride."Good showing honey, you really got him going again."

Rory was now bobbing up and down Luke's dick which she could only just get
her lips around. Sometimes she wished she had her mother's larger mouth. For
a second she wondered if Lorelai had every attempted to fit two dicks in
there and made a mental note to ask the next time they were having tea and
biscuits. Her thoughts were interrupted by a soft brush between her smooth
thighs. Her Mum was gently working her way up the back of her legs, softly
stroking her baby girl. Rory, unable to see her mother, felt her kiss her
panties softly. She kissed around them, on Rory's perky little bum and then,
seeming almost annoyed, quickly removed the panties. Rory had to struggle to
keep her balance as Lorelai yanked her panties down from her ass.

"Ah, that's better," Lorelai said as she looked at her daughter's bare pussy
lips. A perfectly hairless pussy, the result of extensive family grooming
parties, was staring her in the face. She didn't wait long and let the tip
of her tongue slide over the two perfectly folded outer lips. She could taste
a bit of pussy juice on her tongue. Rory jerked, causing her to loose her
hold of Luke's dick.

"Hey!" He yelled out, in mock anger, "Let the girl do her job!"

Rory grinned, adding "Yeah Mum, you know how much I need to focus in physical

Lorelai didn't respond, seemingly caught up in an idea. Sliding her hand over
the cheeks of the softest, most perky bum ever, she started to bend towards
it. Remembering the quick flush she got from Rory's touch upon her tightest
hole, she now started to kiss her daughter's back, moving down towards those
perfect hills. She herself loved it up the bum every once in a while and was
wondering whether this was a hereditary trait. Rory, gone back to trying to
swallow as much of Luke's impressive dick as she could, gave a soft approving
moan when her mother started to kiss her back. A bit of motherly tenderness
was something she was always in for, oblivious towards the final destination
in mind. Lorelai had reached the slit of Rory's ass and stuck out her tongue
in order to reach. Rory started to flush; this was new! Lorelai had entered
her devilish mode and quickly moved on to the star shaped hotspot. She gave
it a firm lick right away, making Rory sit up straight with a jerk. "Jesus!
Mom!" she yelled out, sounding almost complaining.

Luke, who had seen the whole thing coming from where he was enjoying his
blowjob, forcefully, but tenderly, pulled Rory's head back down to his now
bright red dick. "Let your Mom decide what's good for you Rory."

He wanted to spray his cum down this hot teen's throat and all over her, but
Lorelai gave him a signal to hold back a little longer. Lorelai had started
to spread pussy juice from Rory's wet pussy on her asshole. "Rory honey, I
know you think you're no virgin anymore, but that's not really true. There's
still one more cherry to pop back here."

Luke's grin just became a little bigger. He figured out he could be in for an
honorary position in this rite of passage. Rory looked up, breathing heavily
as her mother kept on rubbing her asshole, and knew what was going to happen.

"Mom, are you sure it's okay?" she asked in her sweetest little girl's voice.
"I mean, is it going to fit?"

"It always does eventually honey."

Luke took the hint and moved behind Rory, where Lorelai made way. For a
second she gently stroked his dick, then firmed her grip on it. She wanted to
be part of this as much as she could. "Now lean over a bit more honey."

Rory obeyed, putting her head down to the bed. The look on her face was a
mixture of animal lust and juvenile trepidation. Lorelai bent down quickly,
put Luke's dick as far a possible in her mouth and moved away right away,
leaving it glistening with her saliva. She took hold of it and guided it
towards her daughter's quivering ass. Holding Luke's dickhead pressed up
against Rory's asshole she thought the same thought as the other two. This
was never going to fit. Luke, sensing his master of ceremony position was at
stake, took over. He placed his big hands on Rory's hips and pulled her back.
"Aaaawww...,!" Rory roared. She felt like she was being impaled! "God that
hurts! Stop!"

Luke stopped moving in, but did not pull out. Rory was squirming under him,
trying to keep her cool. Lorelai sat behind Luke, looking over his shoulder.
She reached around him, placing her hands on his and pulled Rory back by the
hips. "C'mon honey, you'll love it! I know I do!"

Rory started to doubt. If her Mom liked something, normally she did, too. She
relaxed a little, and to her surprise it made all the difference. Luke was
taking in the moment: his dick was in the ass of the girl he had seen grow to
a vision of pristine innocence, her mother, a more devilish beauty, had her
hands on his hands while he was fucking her daughter in the tightest spot,
pressing her soft breasts against his back and occasionally kissing him in
the neck. He felt Rory relax a little and start to move up a bit further.
Rory bit down on the pillow, determined to ride this one out all the way.
Luke slowed started to fuck her, picking up the pace as his balls were crying
out for relief. Lorelai looked over his shoulder, seeing his big dick moving
in an out of her daughter's ass and felt the urge to partake. She started to
rub her own pussy and inserted a finger in Luke's ass when her finger was wet
enough. Luke, oblivious to this assault from behind, froze up. "Jesus!"

he cried out as he was fucking Rory's ass pretty hard by now, and as a result
Lorelai's finger fucked his own ass at the same pace. She had put it in as
far as she could. "Now you get just an idea of what she must feel like, with
you pounding that big dick in her sweet little ass."

Rory had taken to letting out long wails of both pleasure and pain. One hand
was rubbing her own clit furiously and she felt an orgasm coming the likes of
which she had never felt before. "Yes, Luke, yes, fuck me, fuck me forever!"

Unfortunately, this couldn't be true. Luke had turned bright red and grunted
"You little sluts, you dirty whores." and with a last couple of mighty, deep
thrusts he exploded inside Rory's ass. He took out his spraying dick and came
all over her back, drips of cum landing in Rory's hair and on Lorelai's
hands. Realizing he had given Rory the same treatment as herself, Lorelai
murmured in his ear:

"Like mother like daughter, Luke?"

Rory fell on the sheets, gone into a wailing orgasm, turning on her back to
feel Luke's cum spread over the sheets. She found it refreshing to roll
around in Luke's sticky cum while the last waves of her orgasm faded away.
Lorelai slowly pulled her finger out of Luke's ass, the sensation making his
dick jerk with a final little squirt of cum. Rory got up, put on a bathrobe
and cheerfully said:

"Pancakes, anyone?"


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