Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Gilmore
girls" that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series.

WARNING: This story (will) contain graphic sexual scenes between a mother
and her underage daughter. It's all fictional, of course, but if you don't
like to read about that kinda stuff then I suggest that you simply don't.

Series: Rory's Secret Sex Life

Title: Gilmore Girls: Beginnings

Author: Oric13

Universe: Gilmore Girls

Pairing: Rory/Lorelai

Rating: NC-17

Keywords: f-mast, incest, TV-parody

Summary: Rory recalls her first sexual experiences.

Notes: Most of this story takes place way before the first episode of
"Gilmore girls", and is told from Rory's POV. This first part isn't that
interesting since it's mostly meant as an intro, but it gets better in the
next chapters...

Gilmore Girls: Beginnings - Rory's Secret Sex Life
by Oric13 ([email protected])


My mom and I have always been close - much closer then any other
mother/daughter relationship I've ever known. And this is not just my
opinion: a lot of people have said the same... I guess it probably has
a lot to do with how young mom was when she got pregnant and gave birth
to me, still just a child herself in many ways, though she had to grow
up real fast after that.

Still... mom's not the only girl to have a child when she's sixteen, and
yet I'm pretty positive that most of those other girls' relationships with
their daughters are nowhere near as strong, or as close, as the bond that
mom and I share.

Luckily, nobody knows exactly how close mom and I really are.

Part 1 - The "Talk"

It all started on my thirteenth birthday. After a hectic birthday party, mom
and I were lazing around in the living room, where the huge mess left over
from the party still needed to be cleaned up.

However, we were both so worn out from the party, and the birthday week
proceeding it, that we flat-out refused to do anything that would take even
the slightest bit of effort, so cleaning up the rubble would just have to
wait until tomorrow. Even watching TV seemed too much of a hassle since
neither of us wanted to dig through the mountains of confetti, present
wrappings, pulled-down decorations, dirty plates and glasses, and empty
pizza boxes to find the remote.

For some reason, mom decided this would be the perfect time to have the
"talk" with me. Sorta like the perfect ending to a perfect day - or maybe
she was just bored out of her mind and couldn't think of anything else to

Mom opened a bottle of wine and, in honour of my birthday, poured me a glass
as well; then calmly described - in detail - the workings of the male and
female reproductive organs.

The sex talk started out rather awkward but after getting the technical stuff
out of the way, she began telling me the basics about sex between a boy and a
girl, which is where things got interesting.

She first explained to me what kind of birth control devices were the most
effective and made me promise that as soon as I even considered having sex
with a boy to give her a heads-up so she could get me on the pill, and also
to ALWAYS make a boy wear a condom, even if I'm already on the pill. She
then told me where her super secret hiding place is in which she'd hidden
her "emergency" stash of condoms, in case I needed them in the near future.

Poor mom... I didn't have the heart to tell her that I'd known about her
"super secret" hiding place for a long time already. It's the hollow inside
of the large yellow plastic duck I used to bathe with when I was little that
she'd hidden in the bathroom, underneath the sink.

After the birth control speech, I asked mom how to be a good, or at the very
least, a decent lover. So she started describing some of the sexual positions
most men she's been with preferred and the ones she herself really liked,
but then figured it would be easier to just show me some of the best sex
positions instead of describing them, and got out the Kama Sutra.

Leafing through the book, mom pointed out the most "interesting"
illustrations and narrated them in a really funny way while I giggled like
a little schoolgirl (which I was at that time). We spend at least two hours
going through the book before switching over to another (but no less
interesting) topic: masturbation.

Mom had a bit more trouble explaining the finer points of masturbation to me
then she had with explaining about sex (mostly because this time she didn't
have an illustrated book to help her along) but she taught me the basics,
like, where to find the clit and what to do with it; and how to find my
G-spot, that sorta thing. She then basically told me that getting the hang
of masturbating is mostly a trial and error thing: different people like
different things and the way to get good at it is to practice a lot -- and
the same thing goes for sex.

We talked a little more after that, but since it was getting late we soon
decided to call it a night.

After kissing mom goodnight, I went to my room and was already halfway
undressed when I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

"Come in!" I shouted.

The door opened and mom stuck her head through the opening, smiling at me
standing there in my underwear. "Hi, honey, I've got you something that might
come in "handy" tonight - or any other night," she added as an afterthought.

Trying to put on an innocent face (and failing miserably), mom handed me a
bottle of hand lotion accompanied with a cheerful, "Enjoy!"

I silently accepted the lotion and stared at it. I could feel my face flush
from embarrassment, which was pretty silly considering the kinda conversation
I just had. Looking up, I met mom's eyes and shot her a smirk. "Thanks, mom!"
I said in my most chipper voice.

"'Night, sweetie." She winked at me and turned to leave. She was almost out
the door when she suddenly looked back and gave me one of her infamous impish
looks. "Oh... and Rory? Let me know if you need a hand."

I made a face at her and she walked away laughing.

I stood there silently for a while, holding the lotion... then shrugged.
Putting the bottle of lotion on the nightstand, I quickly removed my
underwear, threw them in my dirty clothes basket, and slid my naked body
under the covers.

For a long time, I stared at the hand lotion on my dresser. Then tossed and
turned for a while. Then stared at the bottle of lotion some more. After
about half an hour of this, I finally figured: what the hell! Tossing back
the covers, I grabbed the lotion and squirted some on my hand. Putting the
bottle back on the nightstand, I rubbed my hands together and placed one
hand on my boobs and slid the other one down to my pussy.

And just like that, I took my first steps into the wonderful world of
masturbation - beginning my youthful experimentations by stroking my
lotion-covered fingers back and forth across my boobies and hairless
little slit. I shivered with delight at the tingly sensations that my
hesitant fingers managed to extract.

My pink nipples soon became hard, standing proudly erect like two little
soldiers. Becoming a bit more daring, I took the stiff knobs between my
thumb and forefinger and alternately tweaked and pinched them. The heady
combination of pain and pleasure that shot through my titties brought a
moan of delight from my lips.

While using my left hand to play with my boobs, I stroked my right hand down
my belly to my moist pussy and rubbed my index finger back and forth between
my labia lips. Another shiver of delight went through me.

I didn't think this could possibly get any better, but then I suddenly
remembered mom telling me about my clit: how it's the most sensitive part
of a woman's genitalia, and often considered to be her "pleasure button".
So, naturally, I started looking for it...

My exploring fingers soon encountered a stiff little button near the top of
my slit hidden beneath a tiny hood of pink pussy flesh. When I gave the taut
little knob an experimental pinch, something that felt like an electric shock
went through my body, making me buck wildly on the bed... I felt pretty sure
that I'd just found my clit.

Breathing heavily, I returned my hand to my pussy and lightly tickled my
fingers across my mons, making sure to avoid my sensitive clit for a while.
This felt really nice, so I softly petted my pussy for a couple of minutes
more before tentatively stroking a finger across my stiff, red clit... The
sensations coming from my pleasure button made me squirm, but in a good way.

I happily continued playing with my little clit while my other hand massaged
my boobs and tweaked my rock-hard nipples. I was really getting into it now!
Remembering mom's masturbation instructions, I closed my eyes and imagined a
cute boy playing with my naked body, instead of myself... First it was a boy
from my class that I had a crush on, then a cute young TV actor... These
images were getting me pretty hot, but it didn't seem enough to reach that
incredible feeling - an orgasm - that mom told me about.

Mom... For some reason I couldn't stop thinking about her, even though I was
right in the middle of doing something that REALLY shouldn't make me think
about my mother - no matter how close we are!

But nevertheless her image kept popping up inside my mind. I found myself
thinking about how incredibly close we are, about the wonderful birthday week
she'd arranged for me, and - naturally - about the very arousing sex lesson
she'd given me tonight...

Thinking back to mom explaining to me the best way to play with my pussy, and
describing her favourite sexual positions, turned me on more then all the
cute classmates/actors/singers put together! Then, I suddenly recalled mom's
"innocent" offer to "lend me a hand"... Before I knew it, I was fantasizing
about mom touching my secret places: playing with my tiny titties and my bald
little pussy while whispering lewd instructions into my ear, as she gave me
what was to be the first of many practical lessons in the art of sex.

~ ~ ~

"Spread your legs for mommy, sweetie... That's it! That's my good little
girl!" mom said approvingly as I pulled my legs back to my shoulders and
spread them as far as I could get them. "Now let's see how many fingers I
can fit inside your virgin cunt..."

A single digit slipped inside my tiny slit without too much effort and
started sliding in and out - spreading my juices around and preparing me
for the second finger, which joined the first one less then a minute later.

"That's two fingers already, Rory," mom proudly exclaimed, "you're doing

The two fingers moved around inside my tight pussy, expertly prodding and
probing the pink flesh, while her thumb teasingly rubbed my clit. Moaning
happily, I pressed my pussy against mom's soft hand, getting more of her
fingers inside me.

She smiled at me in a way that indicated both amusement and lust. "You
really like this, don't ya, honey? You love your mommy's fingers fucking
your teenaged twat!" she said excitedly. "Just look at yourself: lying
there naked and sweaty, with your feet folded behind your neck, flashing
your wide-open wet box at your mommy and humping her fingers! ... God,
Rory!! I never knew you're such a horny, little slut!!"

While her thumb almost continuously stroked my clit, mom got a fast
finger-fucking rhythm going with her two fingers - making me shake on the
bed and mewl with pleasure as I felt what must be an orgasm approaching...
I never had one, so I wasn't sure, but what else could this amazing feeling

"Ohhhh!! I am, mommy!" I called back aroused. "I'm such a horny little slut!
YOUR horny little slut!! I'll do whatever you want, momma!"

Mom stroked my hair and we shared a loving smile. "I know you will, sweetie.
You're such a well-mannered, obedient girl, Lorelai Leigh Gilmore," she
told me tenderly. "Now lets see you play with your tiny titties while I
finger-fuck you to your first orgasm."

Obediently, I moved my hands to my boobs and started rubbing and kneading
the firm flesh while occasionally pinching my hard nips.

"Oh, Yeah!!" Mom whistled appreciatively. "You go, girl! ... Damn! I so love
watching you play with yourself... we should do this more often!"

Winking at me, she gave me a friendly slap on the ass with her free hand.


"Now let's find out if we can't fit a third finger in there..." she said
thoughtfully while staring at my slit.

"Mom!" I groaned in protest as a third finger was added into my already
stretched pussy.

"Don't worry, baby," mom cooed reassuringly while driving her three digits
deeper inside my narrow love tunnel. "Your little cunt is juiced up nicely,
and now that two of my fingers have just cleared the way, you should be able
to handle a third finger easily..."

I grunted as mom's three fingers were fully inserted into my pussy...

"See! That wasn't so hard, now was it?" mom triumphantly told me.

Okay, so they went in - but I can't say it was easy!

"Won't be long now before your tight little pussy is ready for mommy's big
black 9-inch dildo," she said conversationally while moving her fingers back
and forth.

Before that statement could fully sink in, I let out another grunt as mom
pulled her fingers almost all the way out, and then pushed them back in
again... She slowly repeated this a couple of times, and pretty soon she
was cheerfully finger-fucking me again while humming a happy tune.

As mom's fingers worked their magic in my pussy and my own fingers played
with my boobs, the discomfort of my stretched cunny was soon forgotten. In
fact, nothing much mattered right now except for the wonderful sensations
coursing through my body.

Panting with lust, I roughly pulled and twisted my hard nipples while
enthusiastically pushing my pussy against mom's probing fingers. The combined
sensations coming from my pussy and tits made me dizzy with lust... I started
riding her hand faster, trying to get more of her fingers inside me as I felt
my very first orgasm building up inside me.

"That's it, sweetie!" mom panted excitedly. "No need to be shy! You're almost
there! Just keep on humping your little twat onto mommy's fingers while you
give those cute titties a good workout!"

Mom's enthusiastic encouragements brought me over the edge. Bucking wildly
on the bed, I came for the very first time.

~ ~ ~

Lying quietly on the bed with my eyes closed, I panted slightly as I
recovered from my first ever orgasm... Thinking hard, I tried to put the
sensations I felt during my orgasm into words, but all I could think was:
Wow! No wonder sex is so popular.

On my thirteenth birthday, I'd already read a truckload of books, and plenty
of those books dealt with sex. While reading about it, I usually found myself
thinking that the importance of sex is being way over exaggerated in these
stories... Why would any sane person ruin their life for half an hour of
pleasure? Okay, I know that I had my mother as a living example that it could
actually happen, but still...

Well, now it suddenly made a whole lot more sense... if it's THIS good on my
own, how great could it be with a real-life partner? For example, someone
like... mom!

Opening my eyes, I quickly looked around. For a brief, crazy moment, I hoped
that my fantasy might have been real... it certainly FELT pretty real! But
instead of seeing mom smiling down at me, I found myself staring at a dark,
empty room... Glancing down at my naked body, I saw my right hand cupping my
pussy and my left hand lying near my breasts.

A sigh of disappointment inadvertently escaped me. Which was totally crazy,
I know. It's twisted enough that I couldn't get off until I used my own
mother as masturbation material, but then to hope that she actually diddled
my slit for real?!

Ugh!! I should probably get my head examined!

After going to the bathroom to freshen up a bit, I got back into bed and
tried to get some sleep. Despite being worn-out from the busy day and my
first orgasm, I just couldn't get to sleep. No matter how hard I tried to
think of ANYTHING else: schoolwork, books I've read, even baseball! nothing
seemed to work... numerous perverted, pornographic fantasies starring mom
and me kept popping up in my mind. Images of her playing with my pussy and
the other way around; both of us totally naked doing a 69; draped naked
across the back of the couch while mom fucked me from behind with a strap-on
dildo as we watched a home video on TV that showed us having sex.

It just went on and on, each new fantasy more perverted than the one before,
and with each new fantasy I became more aroused... Despite my best efforts
to keep my hands beneath my pillow and go to sleep, my hands kept sliding
down to my pussy and tits, and before I knew it I was playing with myself

Oh damn!! Mom should've warned me how addictive this is!

By the time I finally fell to sleep, it was already getting light outside.

To be continued in Part 2 - Seducing Mom


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