Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Gilmore
Girls" that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series.

WARNING: This story (will) contain graphic sexual scenes between a mother and
her underage daughter. It's all fictional, of course, but if you don't like
to read about that kinda stuff then I suggest that you simply don't.

Pairing: Rory/Lorelai

Rating: NC-17

Keywords: f/F, f-mast, F-mast, anal, exhib, voyeur, incest, reluc, TV-parody

Summary: Rory recalls how her special relationship with her mother became
even more "special".

Notes: Most of this story takes place way before the first episode of
"Gilmore girls", and is told from Rory's POV.

Gilmore Girls: Rory's Secret Sex Life Part 2 - Seducing Mom
by Oric13 ([email protected])

"Hey, how about some leftover pizza? I'm pretty sure these slices aren't more
than a couple of days old... Hmm... unless these are the leftovers from last
month's pizza pig-out day, in which case I better bring out the food
poisoning pamphlet... Rory?"

Hearing mom say my name shook me from the trance-like state I was in, and I
treated me to a mental bitch-slap for allowing myself to drift into another
daydream about mom and me - naked & sweaty, on top of the kitchen table,
going at it like bunnies.

"Uh... Sure!" I hurriedly replied, my voice sounding an octave or so higher
than normal, "You know me: always ready to play a little leftover roulette."

"That's my girl," mom grinned. Taking the leftover pizza from the fridge, she
dumped it on a plate and put it in the microwave. I watched with fascination
as she simultaneously programmed the timer on the microwave while cramming
the empty pizza box in the garbage can.

This, of course, made me fantasize about all the naughty things she
simultaneously could do to me ...

Here I go again...

This kinda thing seemed to happen a lot lately whenever I'm around mom, which
is basically always - not counting school and sleep - and even then I'm still
fantasizing about her. And yes, I'm well aware of the huge creep-out factor
of my impromptu, incestuous daydreams, which is why I've valiantly tried to
stop it. But I just couldn't help myself this time: the moment that she
leaned over to search the fridge for anything eatable and treated me to a
great view of her perfect ass, I was hopelessly lost.

Mmmm... I really hope that someday I'll be able to fill out a pair of tight
jeans - and a tanktop - the way mom does.

Damn! And there I go *again*... Ever since that sex-talk I had with mom on
my 13th birthday, I can't stop thinking about the two of us together in a
variety of very un-mother-daughter-like situations.

I guess it's safe to say that mom's sex-talk made one hell of an impact on
me. Sure, I've always considered mom to be beautiful, but I doubt that I ever
thought about her in a sexual way before that day.

Naturally, I was a tiniest bit freaked out when I suddenly found myself
fantasizing about my beloved mom doing all kinda X-rated stuff with me.
But after a long time of trying to resist any sort of sexual fantasy about
her, I just went with it - figuring that it would pass and I'd soon start
fantasizing about other people - people who'd be a lot more socially correct
to fantasize about than my own freakin' mother.

Well, it's been more than a year since that very special 13th birthday
and, instead of going away, my mom-featured fantasies have only grown more
frequent - and more depraved. Also: it used to be that I would only think
about doing twisted sex-acts with mom when I'm in bed (having some "quality
time" with myself), but a month or two ago I've picked up the inconvenient
habit of daydreaming about her anytime she looks or acts sexy... which is
pretty much always.

So, basically, ever since my 13th birthday the biggest thing on my mind has
been mom in her birthday suit.

After much soul-searching, I've decided to assess the situation objectively.
Since ignoring the problem didn't help, maybe I should try facing it head-on.
I don't mean I should jump naked in her bed, but maybe if I did something
small like... kiss her, then I'd finally get some kinda fulfilment, and the
whole depraved daydreaming thing might go away.

At the very least it's worth a try. Doing some brainstorming, I'd already
come up with a scheme to get mom to kiss me (which, now that I think about
it, was surprisingly easy); and today seemed as good a time as any to put
"Operation - Kissing Mom" into effect, especially since mom was kind enough
to provide me with a perfect opening:

"Hey, is something the matter, sweetheart?" she questioned as we were getting
ready for bed, "Correct me if I'm wrong, but you just haven't seem like
yourself lately."

I quickly put on my most desponded face.

"Well, there is something..." I hesitantly replied while dropping down on
my bed, "but I don't know if I can talk about it; it's kinda embarrassing."

Mom sat down beside me and put her hand on my shoulder. "Oh, c'mon! You're
talking to the woman who used to change your diapers. What could be
embarrassing after *that*?"

I crinkled my nose. "Not the mental image I need right now, mom."

"Heh, sorry, sweetie," she grinned, "but you know you can tell me anything,

"Hmmm, I guess so..." I slowly replied, sounding deliberately reluctant.

"C'mon! Tell me, tell me, tell me!" she called out while tickling my sides.

"Okay! Okay!" I laughed.

Heh. This was going pretty well so far. And since I was already in my
nightwear (panties and a long t-shirt) I was perfectly dressed for the

Giving her a shy, sideways glance, I began, "Um... I've been thinking a lot
about... a certain boy, lately, and wondering what it would be like to kiss
him. It then occurred to me that I've never really kissed anyone before -
on the mouth I mean - and I'm kinda worried that I'll suck at it," I rushed
the last part out.

"That's all?" mom said, sounding surprised.

She'd obviously expected something a lot bigger, although I seriously doubt
if she'd been expecting anything as big as what's *really* bothering me.

"Well, that's hardly worth getting upset about."

"Easy for you to say: you've had plenty of experience with kissing."

"Oh, please!" Mom rolled her eyes. "I haven't been with *that* many men...
and besides, there used to be a time when I'd never kissed anyone yet, as

"Yeah, a long, long, LONG, time ago... like when you were still a baby, but
I'll bet that as soon as you learned to walk..."

"Okay, that's enough of that, young lady," Mom smirked. "I'll have you know
that I was walking for at least two years before I started kissing people...
Besides, we're talking about you now - not me. So instead of bickering: let's
come up with a way to get you over your first kiss fear."

I nodded and smiled back. "I'm cool with that."

"Sooo..." she drawled, "Let's think... What would be a good way to solve this
tiny social snag?"

After thinking for a moment, mom looked at me shrewdly and said, "My guess
is that you simply need a little practice to get started... it's a bit like
riding a bike: once you know how, you never forget."

"Uh-huh, but it's the practicing that's the problem," I logically stated.
"HOW do you suggest I practice kissing? On my pillow?"

"Nope. That would only make you more experienced in the ways of pillow
washing," mom grinned. "I've got a much better idea: you can practice on


It took some effort to keep a huge smile from appearing on my face - that
would've been a little too obvious.

Heh. I just *knew* that mom would suggest this solution. The first part of
"Operation - Kissing Mom" has succeeded without a hitch. Now on to the
second -harder- part of the plan: the actual kissing.

Just remember: don't act too eager...

"Um... not that I don't appreciate the offer, but... would't that be... I
dunno... kinda creepy, *mom*?"

"Nah... it's not like we've never kissed before." Mom shrugged. "It's really
no big deal... and I'll be able to give you a lot more feedback than your

"Well, that last part is probably true."

That familiar, impious smile suddenly appeared on mom's face. A second later,
she held out her arms and puckered her lips. "C'mon, Rory - give mommy a big
wet one."

Resisting the urge to throw myself in her arms, I instead put on a mildly
disgusted face and raised my hands protectively in front of me. "Ewww!

She started to laugh and, putting her arms around me, playfully attempted to
kiss me. I began to laugh as well while half-heartedly ducking her kisses.

After a minute of this, I allowed mom to pin me down on the bed. And this
time, when she leaned down again to plant a kiss on my lips, I didn't move
my head away.

Instead I kissed her right back.

I saw mom's eyes widen a little in surprise as our lips touched. She'd
obviously expected me to evade her again. But she didn't pull away; instead
she closed her eyes and allowed the kiss to last for several seconds, before
opening her eyes again and slowly pulling back.

For a long moment, we just stared at each other without saying a word.

It was mom who (as usual) broke the silence.

"So... how did you like your first real kiss, Rory?"

I softly stroked my lips with a single finger and then smiled.

"Mmmm... Liked it! ... a lot!" I added.

Mom giggled. "Glad you enjoyed it, sweetie. See! Kissing is easy - nothing
to worry about."

"Hmm, I'm not so sure..." I said, looking thoughtfully. "D'ya think we could
maybe practice a little more?"

After a brief moment of hesitation, she shrugged and smiled.

"Sure thing, sweetheart," she told me as her lips descended to mine.

* * *

Less than 10 seconds after mom left the room, my shirt and panties were off
and my fingers were busy between my legs. I hadn't bothered with locking
the door, or even lie beneath the covers to hide my naked body. I'd simply
discarded my two items of clothing, put some lotion on my hands, and got on
all fours - my naked ass pointing at the door, making it the first thing mom
would see if she'd walked back in again. Part of me was hoping that would

The reason for my urgent need to play with myself was the incredibly hot
make-out session I just had with mom. Yeah, that's right: make-out session.
There's simply no other way to describe the 15 minutes mom and I spend on
my bed together, kissing and touching each other. "Operation - Kissing Mom"
turned out a lot more R-rated than I had initially planned.

I'm not complaining, though!

After some simple - but very hot - on-the-lips kisses, I asked mom to teach
me some other ways to kiss. She gracefully accepted and it didn't take long
before we were French-kissing each other. Meanwhile, mom was also kind enough
to show me some good places to put my hands during kissing (her sides, back,
butt and close to her breasts). Eventually, I ended up straddling mom's lap
with one of her hands supporting my panty-clad ass and the other stroking my
back while our tongues played tag inside each other's mouths.

I almost climaxed right then and there. No doubt about it: mom definitely
knows how to kiss. I would've loved to have our make-out session last a
little longer, but she suddenly seemed in a mighty big hurry to leave.

So here I am: kneeling on the bed, my upper body resting on the bed and my
ass up in the air with both my hands busy bringing me to a much-needed
orgasm. Not much in the mood for foreplay, I rapidly worked two fingers of
my left hand in-and-out of my pussy while using my right hand to alternately
play with my tits and clit.

While frantically finger-fucking myself, I closed my eyes and replayed the
kissing practice with mom over in my mind, meanwhile pretending it's her
fingers fucking my snatch and fondling my tits. Visualizing this tantalizing,
forbidden scene, it didn't take me long to cum.

Still panting with lust, I turned over on my back and started licking my
sticky secretions from my fingers while staring up at the ceiling.

I guess that in a way "Operation - Kissing Mom" was only part successful...
I succeeded in getting mom to kiss me, but it obviously didn't rid me of my
improper fantasies about her.

To my surprise I wasn't bothered by this. I'm not sure when it happened -
maybe gradually over the last few months or during the kissing lesson - but
I no longer really cared that I was having incestuous lesbian fantasies about
my own mother. In fact, I found myself seriously considering making some of
those fantasies come true... and to hell with society's taboo on the whole
mother/daughter thing. I'm old enough to make my own decisions, and as long
as mom and I both want it, then I don't see the problem. Of course, I
couldn't say for sure if mom actually wants to have sex with me, but if our
little make-out session is any indication then she can't be totally opposed
to the idea.

Smiling to myself, I stroked my right hand across my belly down to my pussy
and slid a finger in-between my labia-lips. Picturing mom's naked body (which
wasn't hard, considering I'd seen her naked plenty of times), I seesawed the
single digit back and forth, going faster and faster, moaning as my finger
grazed my sensitive clit with each stroke.

Once I'd worked up a nice lather down there, I pushed the finger inside my
tight pink pussy hole and started fucking myself again. Moaning loudly with
delight, I quickly added a second digit inside my dripping slot and fucked
myself even harder while using my left hand to play with my boobs.

After happily finger-fucking myself for about ten minutes, I suddenly decided
that I wanted to try something a little different. So, getting out of bed, I
ran over to my desk and retrieved the oversized novelty pen mom won for me a
few years back at the local carnival. I then hurried back to the bed and
coated the end of the pen with plenty of hand lotion, making sure it's well

Lying back, I hooked my ankles behind my neck so that I was staring straight
into my own snatch and poised the pen at the opening of my pussy. I was all
ready to push it in and give myself a good, hard fucking, when I suddenly
hesitated... Sure, I could use a good, hard fucking right about now, but did
I really want to lose my virginity to a large novelty pen? I don't think

Deciding that the special privilege of deflowering me should belong to my
wonderful mommy, I aimed the thick rod a little lower until it was pressing
against my anal entrance. Then, taking a deep breath, I slowly started
pushing the large pen inside my tight rectum.

I never had more then a finger or two up my backdoor, so fitting a 25-inch
long pen with a 2 1/2-inch girth inside that narrow hole was quite a chore.
After much panting, pushing and prodding, I eventually managed to get about
a third of the length into my virgin asshole before concluding that I
couldn't take a single inch more.

For a minute or two, I kept my hands entirely off the pen. Instead I studied
with a strange kind of fascination the way it was lodged inside my ass with
most of the length sticking out like some weird kind of plastic tail.

Having taken the time to catch my breath, I decided to continue with my
little sex games: taking the tip of the pen into my right hand, I pulled it
towards me until it was touching my belly and then let go. With a soft
swishing sound it instantly bounced back and struck my bottom before
bouncing back the other way and almost hitting my clit. It then bounced
back and forth with steadily decreasing speed...

I breathed out a content little sigh, enjoying the wonderful vibrations the
pen's movements sends coursing through my anal passage to my already aroused
pussy. Once it stopped moving, I repeated my actions and breathlessly watched
the long thick rod bounce around on my round little butt.

It really was a mesmerizing sight (not to mention a huge turn-on).

Becoming increasingly horny, I swiftly resumed playing with my wet slit while
playfully swatting the large pen back and forth with my hand. A couple of
minutes of this brought me to the brink of another orgasm.

I wanted to cum badly by now, but I also wanted to try something different
than diddling my pussy and clit, like I did last time. So instead I grabbed
the length of the pen with both hands and started to slide the thick rod
in-and-out of my ass.

Not exactly being used to large objects going into my ass, things went a
little slow at first. But once I got my little rosebud to relax a bit, I
quickly got a steady fuck-rhythm going, and it didn't take long before my
initial pain changed to pleasure. Once that happened, there was no stopping

Grunting and groaning loudly, I moved the novelty pen in and out of my butt
like I was churning butter. I think I must have some kind of G-spot in my
ass 'cause every time my makeshift dildo hit bottom, I was hit with a
shockwave of pleasure that made my toes curl.

The moment my orgasm hit me, I closed my eyes and started pounding my ass
even harder, whimpering, "Fuck me, mommy! Fuck your little girl's ass!!"

I came so hard that jets of pussy-juice actually squirted out of my slit!
And thanks to this special pose I was in, these jets of juices landed right
into my mouth and on my face. So moments into my orgasm, I was drinking
down my own juices.

* * *

Feeling content after that amazing second orgasm, I stretched out on the bed
and absently toyed with my naked body while contemplating how to get into
mom's panties, which is likely to be a lot harder than getting her to kiss

The beginnings of a plan started to come together (which basically entailed
wearing skimpy and sexy outfits around mom and becoming a lot more
touchy-feely) when I decided that I needed a shower. Getting up, I stretched
and looked around for my bathrobe. That's when I suddenly got this naughty
idea... Why not go without a bathrobe for a change? Mom has gone to bed
already, but if she happens to see me then that's just a big plus for my
plans to get in her panties. And it's not like she can say anything about it
since she walks around bare-assed all the time...

Yeah, I liked this idea - this could be my first step towards becoming a much
more daring and exciting Rory Gilmore.

Smiling to myself, I left my room naked and headed up the stairs to the
second floor that holds the bathroom and mom's bedroom. I was about to enter
the bathroom when I suddenly heard this loud moan. As I looked around, it
occurred to me that if that moan didn't come from me then it could only come
from one other person...

I tiptoed to mom's bedroom and pressed my ear against the door. Bingo! I
could definitely hear a loud moaning coming from inside her room, and it
didn't take a Harvard graduate to figure out what she's doing.

I stifled a giggle. Seems like mommy and me had the same idea. We really
are a lot alike.

Leaning down, I tried to peer through the keyhole, but since her room was
pretty dark I was unable to see anything. Unbelievable, but I felt myself
getting horny again. However, despite being very tempted to listen to mom
play with herself, I opted for leaving since I didn't want to intrude on
her privacy.

I was about to head back to the bathroom when I suddenly heard my name called


I stiffened. Did mom know I was here? Has she caught me peeping at her - in
the *nude* no less!

"Oh! Ungh!! Rory-y-y-yyy!"

Holy Sh-- that didn't sound like an "I just caught you peeping at me, you
little perv!" kinda Rory, to me. Nah-uh, that definitely sounded more like
an "I want to cover your naked body with whipped cream and then lick it all
off you" kinda Rory...

"OH!!! Mmmmm... Yessss!! Roryyyy!!!"

Yup, no mistake about it. Mom was playing with herself while thinking about
lil' ole ME. Talk about your lucky coincidences!

Almost automatically, my hand went to the door handle and I opened the door
just far enough to peek inside the room. My breath caught when I found myself
looking straight at my very naked mother lying on top of the covers with her
legs spread wide, busy drilling what looked like a very big dildo inside her

The sight made me salivate.

My nipples almost instantly became hard pebbles and my cunny grew soaking
wet as I watched mom enthusiastically fuck herself with that monster dildo.
Silently, I slipped inside the room, closed the door behind me, and made my
way to the bed.

Standing less than a foot away, I stared down at my frantically masturbating
mother. Her eyes were tightly closed and her fit form was covered with a fine
layer of perspiration, showing that she'd been at it for a while.

I can't believe how beautiful she looked.

My eyes hungrily took in mom's ample-sized breasts jiggling wildly about as
she pounded her pussy with that big prick, and the large ruby-red nipples
which proudly crowned those firm mounds of flesh. After having performed a
thorough study of my mother's boobs, I eagerly lowered my gaze towards my
ultimate goal: mom's sweet snatch, which was currently being stuffed with a
foot-long fake phallus.

I let out a small gasp when I noticed that mom had shaved off almost all of
her pubic hair, except for a small bit on top, which she'd shaved in the form
of a lightning bolt.

That's SO like mom.

Spellbound I watched the way my mommy's labia-lips would cling to the thick
pole whenever she pulled it out - as if her cunt was unwilling to let the
huge cock go - while listening with growing arousal to her many grunts and
groans, accompanied by the sopping sounds the dildo made as she pumped it
in-and-out of her slit.

"Ohhhhh!! ... Mmmm... Oh! Rory!! Oh! Yes!! Oohh! Oh! Ungh!! OH!! OHHH!!!"

It sounded like mom was about to cum. Without really thinking about what I'm
doing, I climbed onto the bed between her wide-spread legs to watch the show
from close up.

Mom must have felt my weight on the bed 'cause she instantly opened her eyes
and looked straight at me.

"RORY?!?!" she yelled, "What the fuck?!!"

"Uh... Hi, mom?!" I chirpily replied while giving her a hesitant smile and a
little wave.

She stared at my face, looking totally stunned. Then down at my naked body,
and then at her own naked body - focussing specifically on her dildo-filled

Yelping loudly, she released the large dildo and scrambled for the covers,
hurriedly trying to cover herself.

Uh-oh! This wasn't going well at all...

Having no time to lose, I sprang into action and quickly covered mom's body
with my own, pushing her on her back. She gave me this shocked, wide-eyed
look and her mouth opened to say something. Not granting her any time to
speak, I planted my mouth on hers and slipped her the tongue, twirling it
gently around.

Those kissing lessons were sure coming in handy fast!

With our lips locked together, I slid one hand down her taut belly and
captured her stiff clit between two fingers. At the same time, I covered her
right breast with my free hand and began rubbing the hard red nipple and
kneading the supple flesh while at the same time stroking and rolling her
rock-hard clit between my thumb and index-finger.

The moment I started playing with her clit, mom's body went limp and she
stopped fighting me. This made my racing heartbeat gradually return to its
normal level, and if I wasn't lip-locked with mom, I would've breathed a
deep sigh of relief!

I'd been very much afraid that she was going to yell at me and then throw me
out of her room. That would've really messed up the great relationship we
have, and I would have been devastated if that had happened. Luckily, it now
seems like mom's getting into this as much as I am.

The change in attitude was amazing; it's like I flipped some kind of mental
switch when I touched her clit.

One moment, she's trying to get away from me, and the next moment our tongues
are playing tag in each other's mouth. Her hands - formerly used to fend me
off - now covered my bare breasts and toyed with my erect nipples.

Feeling happy and reassured, I released her mouth but kept my fingers working
on her clit while I raised my head and smiled down at her.

Mom had this kinda dreamy expression on her face, with her mouth hanging
slightly open and her normally so alert blue eyes looking a bit glazed. She
was looking so "out of it" that I pinched her clit just to get a reaction out
of her. Feeling relieved when she gasped in response and her eyes focussed on
me, I smiled again and continued fondling her tits and clitoris.

A minute of my handiwork had her moaning loudly with pleasure.

Feeling suddenly much more confident about myself, I playfully asked,
"Yeah... feels nice, doesn't it, mom?"

With a light blush covering her cheeks, she let out an affirmative little
moan. "Mm-mm..."

Giggling, I moved my hand from her clit and grabbed the large dildo that was
still sticking out of her cunt. Holding the rubber rod tightly, I slowly
pulled until it was almost all the way out... and then shoved it swiftly all
the way back inside, eliciting a loud grunt from mom.

I repeated this a couple times... moving the fake cock in-and-out with
teasingly slow strokes. Just like I expected, it only took a few minutes of
being prick-teased before mom became frustrated and started raising her hips
to meet the large dildo.

Having waited for this moment, I quickly let go off the dildo and watched
her lewdly buck and grind her hips into thin air, trying desperately to get
off. Noticing something's amiss, mom opened her eyes and looked back and
forth between me and the dildo - I think I actually heard her whimpering
with need.

I returned her pleading look with the most innocent smile I could manage.

"Do you want me to use this on you, mommy?" I asked with a little girl's
voice, feeling deliciously wicked.

Mom's blush grew darker and she swallowed nervously, but after only a
moment's pause she nodded eagerly.

"What's that, mom?" I teasingly inquired.

"... yes," she softly replied.

"Yes, what?" I innocently asked.

"YES, *please* use that big dildo on me!" she called out frustrated, "I need
it! Pound my pussy with that huge rubber hard-on, Rory!"

"Sure thing, mom," I smiled, "Just get on all fours, raise your cute ass in
the air, and I'll give you the fucking of a lifetime."

Not exactly used to hearing that kinda language coming from my mouth, mom
looked at me kinda like I was a giraffe delivering the Gettysburg address.

"Okay... Who are you, and what did you do to my daughter?"

With a slight pout on my face, I let go off the dildo and flicked her clit
with my index finger.


"Hmm, I guess you don't need me to use that dildo on you, after all..." I
said, sighing deeply, "That's too bad."

When I pretended to get off the bed, mom turned around and got on all fours,
lewdly lifting her ass up in the air... and all within a single second.

Being suddenly presented with the spectacular sight of mom's firm round butt
pointed straight at me less than a foot away made me blink a couple of times.

Wow! I just keep getting blown away by how incredible sexy my mother is.

I felt my heartbeat grow faster again as I tentatively stuck out my hand and
lovingly petted her perfect ass. Putting my other hand into play, I grabbed
both her buttocks and gently squeezed, kneaded and stroked those two perfect
spheres for several memorable minutes.

Practically salivating with lust, I ran my tongue across my lips while moving
my face even closer. Unable to resist, I parted my lips and planted a hungry
kiss on each ass-cheek.

Looking up, I noticed mom looking back at me - her expression a mixture of
fascination, arousal and disbelief as she watched me kiss her ass. She then
got that familiar mischievous gleam in her eyes, and I just *knew* that mom's
about to hit me with some kinda witty remark about ass-kissing.

When she opened her mouth, I swiftly slid my left hand between her legs; and
before she got the chance to pronounce the words, I was already stroking her
slit and clit, making her totally forget about what she's gonna say. Instead
she started humping my hand while letting out little pants of pleasure.

Keeping my hand busy between mom's legs, I moved from sitting behind her to
kneeling at her side, and then quickly repositioned my left arm beneath her
belly so I could stroke her dripping slot from below.

Judging from mom's increasingly loud panting and moaning, I sensed that she's
only seconds away from reaching the big O. Wanting to make her first time
with me extra special, I grabbed the end of the dildo still sticking out of
her cunt and started working it in and out.

With my left hand diddling her clit, and my right hand pounding the large
rubber prick inside her, the effect on mom was incredible: she came screaming
loudly with juices gushing out of her slit.

Completely caught up in the intense erotic excitement of the moment, I kept
on working that big cock into my mother's receptive snatch while her body
convulsed with multiple orgasms, and didn't stop until she couldn't stay on
her hands and knees any longer and dropped face down on the bed.

Smiling to myself, I stroked mom's sweaty naked body. Taking her loud
screaming in consideration, and the fact that she almost passed out, I
figured that this was an orgasm she wouldn't soon forget.

With mom being totally relaxed, I easily pulled the thick dildo from her
slick cunt and brought it close to my face to examine it...

It was even bigger than I'd initially thought; at least an entire foot in
length and 3 inches thick, and the purple length was glistening with mom's

I stared at it for a while before curiously sticking out my tongue and
swiping it across the dildo's length, getting my first taste of mom's

Mmmm... Yummy!

Smacking my lips, I tried to identify the taste... It was kinda hard to
describe... definitely a sweet flavour but with a hint of spice...

Hmm... cinnamon, perhaps?

Anyway, whatever it was, I liked it... a LOT. Eagerly, I licked the entire
dildo clean. Then stuck it in my mouth (which took several tries) and slid
my lips up and down on it a few times while rubbing my tongue around it and
sucking with all my might. It suddenly occurred to me that - in a way - I
was now performing my first ever blowjob; I started to giggle and the rubber
cock slipped from my mouth.

I was about to return the fake phallus to my mouth and continue my dummy run
blowjob when I happen to look up and all of a sudden found myself looking
straight into my mother's clear blue eyes.

Mom must be in great shape to recover from that many orgasms *this* quickly,
I considered while looking back at her. Pretty good at deciphering mom's
facial expression I noticed that she was eyeing me with a mixture of
amusement, interest, and lust.

Her gaze suddenly shifted to the glistening purple dildo that I was still
holding at my mouth, like a large, novelty-shape Popsicle. I stared down at
the dildo, and then back at mom... seeing a grin form on her lips, I felt my
cheeks turn red from embarrassment.

Maybe a stupid thing to be embarrassed about after sneaking naked into my
mother's bedroom and helping her finish her masturbation session, but I
couldn't help it.

With that grin still plastered on her lips, mom slowly sat up and took the
dildo from me - placing it on the nightstand. Next, she moved closer to me
and lifted my chin until we were looking into each other's eyes.

Uh-oh! Mom was no longer looking confused or conflicted in any way. And she
wasn't smiling, either. Instead, she had that stern "take-no-prisoners" look
she usually reserves for whenever there's a crises at the Inn, or at those
very rare occasions when I act out and she considers it time to remind me
who's in charge.

Every time I see that look I feel both scared and excited for some reason.

"Alright, young lady!" Mom sternly addressed me.

I gulped nervously.

"I think it's time you and I had a little talk."

To be continued in Chapter 3 - Lorelai Takes Charge...


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