Gilmore Girls: Slaves Part 1 (MMF,BDSM,ncon)
by Hamster


Lorelai Gilmore had decided to take her daughter on a picnic. Busy with
school as Rory was the two did not get to spend as much time together as
they liked so this little weekend retreat would be a great time for them
to enjoy each other's company. The two women packed their car and were
off to a secluded area at the small lake in the park. They then unpacked
and prepared to enjoy lunch as they talked about a steady stream of
inhumanly boring and girly things. Such was their nature.

But on this day things were different. On this day the two attractive women
were being watched. Norman James was watching them from some bushes. He was
dressed in camouflage from head to toe and watched them both through the
scope of his rifle. The rifle had two darts in it. His employer generally
wanted his prey alive. The elder Gilmore woman had made a good impression
on the man so he commissioned Norman to capture them so that they may be
turned into proper fuck slaves. The man watched the marks for several
minutes. After some time he set his sights on the elder Gilmore's neck and
after taking very careful aim he fired.

The woman's hand immediately flew to her neck but it was no use, the dart
had hit it's mark. Lorelai wobbled briefly then toppled over.

"MOM!" cried out a very frightened and confused Rory.

As the girl went to check on her mother Norman James fired a second shot.
This one nailing Rory in the neck. Quickly and without wasting a moment
Norman ran out and used cuffs to secure them both. First he selected
Lorelai and lifted her up and placed her over his shoulder. He carried
her two his van and secured her with a leather collar and a chain. He
repeated this process for Rory. Time to move, Mrs. Whitestone's School
was his next stop.

He drove a few hour's before arriving at a dirt road. He took this long
road to a gated mansion where the school was located.

'Poor sluts,' he thought. Mistress Whitestone was tough on her slaves.

Chapter One

When Lorelai Gilmore awoke she was laying on her back on a bench. Her wrists
were cuffed together and the cuffs were connected to a chain that was hooked
to some kind of pulley system on the ceiling. Lorelai didn't notice that at
first though. Instead she noticed that she was completely naked.

She looked about her and noticed that Rory was in the same state on a bench
to her left.

"Where am I what's going on?" Lorelai demanded.

She then noticed the woman in the room with them. The woman was tall and
attractive, in her late 30's. She had a body to die for and her blonde hair
was tied into a bun. She wore glasses but also a tight black leather outfit
with high-heeled black boots. In one hand she had a riding crop.

"Hello. Ms. Gilmore. My name is Bethany Whitestone and I will be happy to
explain everything to you if you would kindly shut up." Confused, bound and
frightened, Lorelai could only obey this request. "Fabulous compliance will
help things run a bit smoother I daresay. Now here's the situation and
please don't interrupt because it upsets me terribly, You are now a slave in
training I'm afraid. And until you and your daughter are trained successfully
you belong to me and my staff. You will do everything that pops into are
dirty little heads or, I'm sorry to say, you will be punished. If at any
point I feel that you are hopelessly untrainable then I'll just sell you to
a Bangkock snuff-producer. Believe me, nobody wants that."

"You can't do this! You won't get away with it." Lorelai cried in horror.

"Point of fact Ms. Gilmore I can and have." Said Mistress Whitestone.

"I'll never cooperate, and I wont let you hurt my daughter!" Lorelai yelled.

"Oh dear, dear I was so hoping you would choose to be a bit more
cooperative." Mistress Whitestone said.

The woman kicked the bench out from under Lorelai. Lorelai fell and her ass
hit the ground with a thud.

"Time for your first lesson in obedience." Said Mistress Whitestone.

She went to a crank on the wall and began to work it. The chain that bound
Lorelai's wrists began to pull upwards and she was dragged by her wrists up
into an upright position. Eventually she was dangling from the ceiling on
her tippy-toes.

"No stop please!' She pleaded.

"Sorry, deaf ears over here." Whitestone said. It was at this time that Rory
stirred and awoke. "Fabulous you can watch your mother get disciplined that
way you'll know what happens if you are stupid enough to disobey me."

"What's going on, where am I ůmom what are you doing to her?" Rory demanded.

"You'll see first hand very shortly young lady now kindly shut your mouth and
pay attention to how I handle disobedience." Mistress Whitestone said.

She went to a cabinet on the wall and took out a paddle. She then approached
Lorelai from behind. "This is going to be quite painful dear. At least I hope
it will be."

"No don't hurt her!" Rory cried.

"Ten whacks for you after I'm done with your mother. Now be silent or you
each get five more." She said sternly.

She stood behind Lorelai and took a practice swing. Then she began to whack
that ass as if she was chopping wood on a cold winter's day.

"EEEEEEEEEEOOOCH!" Lorelai screamed.

She was balling and screaming as the paddle came down across ass over and
over. The skin on Lorelai's ass reddened and blistered as she whacked her
over and over. Soon Mistress Whitestone was drenched in sweat from her
rather aggressive paddling of Lorelai's swollen ass.

Lorelai thrashed like a fish out of water as she was paddled until finally
the abuse ended as she fell slack in her bonds. At this point Mistress
Whitestone turned her attention to Rory.

"You must learn that if either of you misbehave then you both will suffer."
Said Bethany. She approached the younger Gilmore from behind.

"No please." She begged.

"Don't hurt my daughter." Pleaded Lorelai.

"10 whacks, want to go for 5 more each? Didn't think so." Bethany said. With
that she walked up and began to fondle Rory's ass. It was smooth and soft and
very much to Bethany's liking. "This is a very nice bottom you have miss
Gilmore. I'm sorry I'm going to have to tear into it."











Rory was also thrashing and screaming in her bonds as she was abused. Once
completed with her chore Bethany looked over her teary eyed victims. She
stepped outside and then returned with two men.

"Fuck the mother until you're exhausted then get replacements. I her fucked
non-stop till I return. Don't touch the daughter thouh understand?" Bethany
asked sternly.

"Yes mistress." The two men replied robotically.

Bethany strode out of the room and left the men to their work. The two large
men approached Lorelai who began to struggle.

"No please stop, leave me alone." Lorelai screamed.

"Don't touch her, get away from her!" Rory cried

The two men ignored their pleas as one pinned down the woman's arms and the
other one removed his pants and forced her legs open. He got on top of her
and began to push his cock into her cunt. She was still struggling as he
began to fuck her but her struggling died down as she slowly lost hope. The two men took turns fucking her for several hours as Rory looked on in horror.

To be continued...

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