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Now we can go to the story...

Gilmore Girls: The Alien God
by Dr Tailor

Paris Geller and Lane Kim arrived at Rory's house and hurried to the basement. They were on edge about the upcoming event.

"Okay girls, I spent three hours doing this pentagram. What do you think?" Rory said, watching her friends stepping down the stairs.

"It is perfect. This is going to be awesome!" Paris exclaimed.

"The book says that we all have to be naked, so let's show more skin," Rory said mischievously.

"Are we seriously doing this?" Lane asked, a little scared about what they were planning to do.

It was nothing more than a game to them. Since Paris found an old book hidden inside an armoire, they had been talking nonstop about doing a spiritism session. They wanted to contact her dead grandmother since the book belonged originally to her and challenged Rory and Lane to help her in doing it.

"Should I dance while I am stripping?" Paris asked as a joke, while moving her hips sensually.

"You are not at work, bitch... haha," Lane responded, pushing aside her fear.

"Stop joking around and hurry. Let's start right now, or give up!" Rory said. She was already naked. She wanted to get rid of her reputation of being a "good two shoes" at any cost and did not believe that anything would happen anyway.

The three friends sat completely nude inside the pentagram, and started chanting according to the instructions in the old book. Rory was waiting for the right moment to scream and scared the shit out of her friends. This was going to be the best joke ever.

"Nyarlathotep! Great One, Nyalarthotep!

Listen to our prayer! Oh Great Old One Nyalarthotep. Jai Ma-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Come to us! Jai Ma-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Oh Crawling Chaos! Oh Great Old One! Come to us and we shall be your servants for eternity!"

But then the room got colder and the overhead light started flickering. The girls stopped chanting and looked at each other with astonishment. Not in a million years they thought this would work.

"What's happening?!" Lane asked.

"Rory! Are you doing this? You are scaring me!" Paris said.

"What the fuck?!" Rory said with a soft voice.

A bright light sparkled at the center of the pentagram. Then a black hole opened up. The girls were frightened and confused, not really understanding what was happening.

Suddenly, a large, monstrous figure emerged from below. It had the legs and the head full of tentacles but the torso and arms of a human with a pair of black bat wings on his back. Its skin was tanned and he was quite strong. The creature quickly grabbed Rory's leg, preventing her to move out of the circle, while the other two girls jumped precipitately away.

"Ahhh!! Get off me!!" Rory screamed.

"Oh God! What is that?!" Lane asked screaming.

"What is going on? Rory, how are you doing this?!" Paris insisted, still thinking that it was one of Rory's practical jokes.

A loud guttural voice resounded in the room... "Hello Paris, your grandmother sends her regards. She always was one of my most loyal followers. Now you and your friends will serve as well and this one will be my first..."

"My gr...?!" Paris mumbled, unable to speak from utter terror.

Lane was covering her eyes talking to herself, "This is not happening... This is not happening..."

The terrifying creature moved one hand closer to Rory's head. Then a sinister light emanated from his fingers, surrounding the girl's skull and penetrating into her brain.

"No..." Rory said in a whisper, staring at the light with wide open eyes.

Paris and Lane were petrified with fear, watching Rory's body going feeble, surrendering to the powerful creature's power.

A moment later, the light disappeared and Rory fell backwards onto the dirty floor. Everything became silent except for the heavy breathing of the girls. Then the creature spoke again...

"Suck my cock."

Rory slowly sat up, with her arms limp by her sides and her eyes focusing into nothing. Without saying a word, she leaned forward and started licking the huge phallus presented to her. Her empty stare was a clear indication that her mind was totally under the creature's control.

Her two friends whispered nearby, still trying to understand what was happening.

"What is going on? What is that thing?" Lane asked in a low voice.

"I think we summoned a demon! I can't believe this is possible!" Paris answered.

The creature ignored the other girls while he toyed with Rory, fully aware that she would obey his command without question, no matter how impossible it seemed.

"Swallow all of it," Nyarlathotep commanded.

Rory struggled the push the fat cock into her throat, but after a moment, she managed to swallow the entire phallus until her lips touched his crotch.

Paris and Lane watched with amazement at their friend's actions. When Rory ran out of air, she pulled back to breathe, and immediately shoved his cock back into her throat.

"What is she doing?" Lane asked alarmed.

"I think she is hypnotized. She is doing whatever he orders her to do!" Paris responded.

The girls gasped when they heard the devil's next command, "Lay back and spread your legs. I will fuck you now."

Obediently Rory moved into position as ordered.

"We have to help her. We should run and get help!" Paris exclaimed anxiously.

"But the monster is blocking the way. He is going to get us too," Lane said, her voice trembling in fear.

The penetration was swift and deep. The huge phallus slid into Rory's cavity with a squishy sound that echoed around the dark basement. The young woman moaned while her eyes rolled back from the strange, tantalizing feeling.

Rory was now possessed in mind and body. Nyarlathotep could extend his cock as long as he wanted, and it penetrated deeply into the welcoming young enslaved woman, who's heightened senses were programmed to feel nothing but pleasure.

After several minutes of rough fucking against the hard, yet ethereal floor, the creature lifted Rory's limp body and began pulling her down onto his throbbing cock. The young woman's head and arms swayed up and down, back and forth, following the rhythm of his thrusts.

Lane and Paris watched with disbelief the surreal scene displayed right in front of their eyes.

Are those moans of pain or pleasure? Lane wondered, not saying it out loud.

"Holy crap! He is handling her like a rag doll. He is fucking her so hard!" Paris exclaimed.

Rory's pussy twitched and contracted around the pulsating cock that penetrated her body impossibly deep. The Great Old One owned her completely.

Several minutes later, the creature from the other world changed positions again, purposely placing Rory on her feet while facing her friends, so they could see how much she was enjoying it.

"Oh god!" Paris said, "Her belly bulges every time the monster pushes his cock inside of her! How long is it?!"

Those are definitely moans of pleasure! How can this be? Lane exclaimed horrifiedd.

The monster's powerful cock squirmed inside Rory's trembling body and it was in fact pushing her abdomen outwardly from within every time the demon charged forward.

Her new Master's cock became Rory's entire world. She wanted his cock deeper and she wanted it to stay inside of her forever. She believed she was in blissful heaven. Ironically, she was taken there by a creature from a place far away from any known heaven!

Paris and Lane watched silently. It was still difficult to believe that this was really happening. The ecstatic expression in Rory's face and her loud, rapturous moans made it appear as a crazy sex movie. For a moment, Paris and Lane felt their nipples hardening and their pussy getting wet and then they felt embarrassed by that reaction.

Maybe all this is a dream. Maybe I'll wake up any second now... Lane thought, trying to make all of this go away somehow.

Paris couldn't take her eyes of her moaning friend. She is really loving it!

The surreal scene didn't last much longer. The creature reached his peak and with a loud, terrifying growl, he discharged his alien sperm into the submissive possessed female, filling every crevice of her twitching body.

Rory climaxed as well. The hot fluid ejecting from the enormous phallus ignited a strong orgasm that sent a powerful wave of pleasure across her shivering body. It opened up her already malleable mind, allowing every alien dark force to travel into the human's realm. For a brief second, Rory's eyes turned as purple as precious stones.

Rory's shuddering body slipped lifelessly to the ground while the her Master was still ejaculating. Copious gobs of sperm sprayed from his erect cock at Paris and Lane, who were sitting against the far wall. They instinctively lifted their arms trying to protect themselves.

The grey, sticky substance splashed all over their bodies and the wall behind them. Paris was able to protect most of her face, but Lane got some sperm on her lips and inside of her mouth!

"It's all over me! It's hot!" Paris yelled.

"It's in my mouth!... cough....cough..." panicked Lane

His deed completed, the Great Old One began to descend into the ground, laughing diabolically, while his solid figure started to vanish.

Moments later, everything was quiet as if nothing had happened. Every trace of the alien's sperm vanished as well and the floor within the pentagram became hard and flat again. Rory was lying in the middle of the circle, unconscious.

Paris and Lane carefully approach their friend, trying to wake her.

"Rory! Wake up!" Paris said, shaking her body in controlled panic.

"Please Rory! Are you okay?..." Lane said crying, then she saw Rory's arm move, "I think she is waking up!"

Rory quickly regained consciousness and looked around in confusion. She had no idea what had happened after the monstrous creature grabbed her leg. Her friends hesitated about telling the truth but they knew they had to.

"I don't remember anything after that monster emerged from the ground and grabbed me..."

"Well...the creature... abused you," Paris said hesitantly.

"He did what?!!" Rory exclaimed in panic.

"But he is gone now. Everything went back to normal. Even his sperm is gone," Lane said, trying to reassure her friend.

"His sperm?!" Rory asked, struggling to believe what she was hearing.

They had a long, agitated discussion, until they all agreed not to tell anyone about the incident, and never do it again. It was better to pretend that nothing ever happened.

"You need to destroy that book. It is dangerous," Paris said to Rory.

"I will, but right now I need to take a bath and rest for a while. I feel so tired."

No wonder why... Lane thought, looking up and down at her friend's naked body and noticing that he tits were bigger the they ever were. She also noticed that Rory's blouse was wet, like she was lactating and that thought ade her onw nipples get hard and her pussy get wet again...more than anything Lane wanted to suck on her best friend's tits and get some of her milk...

* * *

A few days later, Rory was lying restless on her bed. She had been dreaming every night about the awful creature and tonight was no exception. Paris and Lane said that he had fucked her, even though she didn't remember that. But somehow, she could recall the feeling. She knew that she was lactating a kind of milk that was sweet in both taste and smell but she hid that from anyone, even he mother Lorelai, sucking the milk from her own tits herself and each time she did that she had a huge, strong orgasm.

She wanted to get up and run, but something prevented to do it. She turned on her bed and there it was. An ethereal figure floating right on top of her. Rory saw his tanned body... and his huge cock. It moved like a serpent, threatening to penetrate her.

That enormous phallus was going to enter her body impossibly deep, and it would make her shiver from unwanted pleasure.

Rory unconsciously moved her hand between her legs.

Her inner vaginal walls would snuggle the enormous member while it throbbed with increasing intensity.

The monster was going to violently fuck her twitching pussy, rocking her frail body back and forth until she couldn't take it anymore.

Her hand caressed her clitoris, slowly at first, then faster.

She couldn't let it happen. She couldn't let a monster pleasure her unwilling body to the point of reaching an orgasm. It was impossible!

At that instant, Rory reached a powerful climax. She jolted under blissful contractions while her pussy gushed over and her tits spilled a good amount of nher sweet milk in her already soaked bed sheets.

After that, there was no more chasing and no more fear; only the lingering feeling of sexual satisfaction. She was content and at peace. Rory went back to sleep.

* * *

The following nights were no different. In her mind, the dream-world mixed with the real-world in such a way that she couldn't distinguish one from the other. But the nightmares were not scaring her anymore; as long as she stopped fighting her rightful Master. He would make love to her... no, he would ravish her, using her a the fuck toy and plaything that she should be for him. Shoving his long cock in her pussy until she reached a mind-blowing orgasm. Afterward, she would be allowed to sleep and have a restful night.

Exactly six days after their spiritual session, Rory was admiring her slim figure in front of the full size mirror. Luscious big lactating breasts, she was thinking how she would explain them to her mother and others since she always had smaller and non lactation breasts, flat belly, she felt so sexy... and so horny. All those unusual dreams that always ended with an unavoidable climax had heightened her sexuality. Her hand slowly drifted between her legs when suddenly...

... She saw it!! Rory saw the reflection of the her alien Master standing behind her! The creature in the room with her! She gasped in terror.

She turned around in panic but saw nothing. She was alone. Was her mind playing tricks on her? All those nightmares were getting to her. She looked back at the mirror again...

It was still there! This was real! Rory was paralyzed with fear. Her Master stepped closer. Rory couldn't even scream. Then she remembered. If she let him catch her, he would fuck her brains out and then leave her alone. She would be at peace.

Rory felt tickles across her inner thighs, like a subtle caress from something that wasn't really there. It compelled her to spread her legs. She could see the ghostly reflection of the monster's huge phallus worming between her thighs and twitching like a snake over her trembling belly. The tickles spread to her pussy, igniting a well-known arousal that assaulted her every night for the last six days. Another tentacle entered her anus but the pain of that unwanted penetration soon turned into pleasure. Two other tentacles entwined around her big breasts milking her and making the mirrors stained in her sweet milk and the smell of her fills the whole bedroom.

Rory could see the alien creature, her Master, guiding her hand to her pussy. His fingers felt cold, yet alluring. She moaned, tilting her head back. Now the soft caress was everywhere on her sensitive skin. She realized that her fear was gone, replaced by arousal. He was not going to hurt her. He only wanted to possess her, like always. Rory started masturbating.

A moment later, the aroused young woman was panting and moaning loudly while she watched the ghostly figure pump her pussy and ass from behind and abuse her milky filled tits. She could swear that the fat, pulsating cock was really inside of her, stretching her warm vaginal cavity as wide and deep as possible. Rory's fingers rubbed her clitoris furiously, matching the strength and speed of the creature's strokes.

It didn't take her long to reach a wonderful climax. Her legs trembled and her knees bent while she kept rubbing her pussy during the entire orgasm, as if her hand was a separate entity. Rory thought of the monster's cock, exploding inside of her. Filling her with the alien's delicious cum. It became the longest and strongest orgasm of her life.

Her legs caved beneath her and she crumbled to the carpeted floor. She was exhausted but satisfied. This was true bliss. It was the first time that her Master visited her during the day, while she was awake. This was proof that the alien God was not only in her dreams, but he was real... Almost. Rory's heart jolted with fear and her pussy twitch from excitement. This was the first time, but certainly not the last.

* * *

Every day that followed, the ghostly entity showed up at Rory's room. Rory didn't need the mirror anymore to know about his presence. She couldn't see him but she could feel him. The room got colder and her skin got warmer. She was always there, waiting for him; waiting for that insistent tickling that could take her to unknown planes of bliss. Rory could just stand there, immobile, focusing on the right spot between her legs, where He was 'touching' her, and she would reach climax. The subtle hint of his presence was enough to get her off.

One week later, Paris noticed that Rory stopped going to their meetings, and preferred to stay at home. She decided to pay her friend a visit and check if everything was all right. Maybe that incident with the pentagram had affected her more than they thought and she needed help and Paris felt that it was all her fault since the old grimoire once belonged to Pari's grandmother.

"Hi Mrs. Gilmore. Is Rory home?" Paris asked Rory's mother.

"Hi honey. I think she is. You can go up to her room."

Paris walked to Rory's bedroom and knocked on the door. There was no answer but she heard some strange noises coming from inside and realized that maybe Rory was in trouble. She slowly opened the door and walked in.

"Rory? Are you okay?"

Paris gasped when she saw Rory completely naked, lying on her bed and fiercely rubbing her pussy and milking her own tits. Rory was mumbling a few words that she repeated over and over. She seemed unaware of Paris's presence or she simple didn't care.

"He.... is .... here... me.... He... is.... Here...."

"Holy crap!" Paris exclaimed.

Rory's body began to twitch spasmodically as she exploded in another tremendous orgasm. Paris didn't know what to do. She didn't want to embarrass her friend, who obviously hadn't notice her presence. She decided to back out quietly and give Rory some privacy. Maybe she could came back later.

What were those words she was saying? ... He is in me ... This is so weird.

* * *

There was a constant itching in Rory's pussy that the immaterial presence of the devil could not pacify anymore. Rory realized that she wanted more. She wanted the real thing. And there was only one to get it.

She went back to the pentagram. The young woman's soft chants echoed in the dusty room...

"Nyarlatothep!Oh Great Old One Niarlathotep!

Jai Ma-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!Oh Crawling Chaos!Oh Great Old One! Jai Ma-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Come to your slave and I shall be your servant for eternity and enslave anyone you commands me as well!!"

Soon after, the ground gave way to a black hole that allowed her alien Master to emerge from the deep and come to her. Rory stopped chanting when she heard his voice...

"It was about time you came back. I was getting impatient."

"I need you inside me..." Rory whispered.

Rory stood up, turned around and leaned forward, offering her luscious ass to the creature. Her body was burning with hellish desire. Her breathing was fast and heavy as she waited with eagerness for his cock.

"Please, I need your cock inside me," she pleaded again.

"And you shall have it, my darling."

Nyarlathotep shoved his entire phallus into Rory's soaked cavity. He knew that he owned her, just like he owned Paris's grandmother many years ago and he relished that fact.She knew that too and she was glad for it...

Rory could feel his pulsating cock not only within her tight pussy but also in her anal cavity and in every cell of her body. It was an alien power taking control of her mind and soul, taking her to the deepest and darkest place she could ever imagine. She loved it and gave herself with total abandon.

"Let my cock ennslave you and make yo my compliant,subissive adorer!"

"Yess!! Fuck me Master!!AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!..."

The Great Old One fucked the possessed young woman with all his might, manipulating her frail body with master expertise. His forceful strokes increase the pace to an inhuman speed until the he exploded in ecstasy inside his new slave... and so did Rory! Her entire world became a blissful explosion of red. Her eyes rolled up, her eyelids fluttered rapidly and her legs shoot straight out, trembling under a quick succession of orgasmic spasms that drove her in and out of consciousness a few times.

He fucked her pussy,her ass,her hands,her mouth and her tits and the more he fucked her more Rory belonged to him.

Right in the midst of this mind-blowing pleasure, Rory closed her eyes for an instant and opened them to show two purple pools of emptiness, clear indication that the demon had taken possession of her soul and now his essence was spreading throughout her entire body.

"Now you are absolutely mine!"

"I am absolutely yours, my Master!" Rory repeated. Her pussy twitched.

* * *

After the Great Old One's second appearance and frantic ravishing, Rory's visits to the pentagram became more frequent and they extended for hours every time. Again he fucked Rory in the pussy ass, hands tits and mouth making her completely his.

Rory was his puppet, his sex toy, his plaything and his compliant, submissive and devoted slave for eternity...

Rory's mother, Lorelai, became suspicious about her daughter's behavior. Even though she wanted to respect her privacy, she suspected that something strange was happening.

I am going to ask her what is going on. Something is not right. The alien God was aware of the mother's suspicion and this presented a threat to his plans. Something needed to be done.

* * *

The soft voice of her daughter broke the silence in the kitchen, startling Lorelai. Rory walked in completely naked and said...

"He wants you too."

"Rory! What are you doing walking around naked?! What is going with you?! annd since when you have breasts so big??"

Rory walked over to her mother and grabbed her arm with inhuman strength.

"He must possess you," Rory said with a cold, flat voice.

"What? What's got into you? Let go of my arm right now, young lady!" screamed Lorelai.

Rory's hellish instincts rushed throughout her body, transforming her in and out. Her eyes turned purple while she stared at her confused and scared mother and she sqeezed her big breast sending a good load of her sweet enslaving milk right in the face and mouth of the older woman.

"Oh my God! Honey, your eyes! What's wrong with your eyes?! W...what's that? M...milk...ooohhhhh it taste sooo good...sooo sweeettt..."

Rory took that opportunity and ripped her mother's robe away and pushed her to the ground. Reaching for her panties, Rory looked at her mother with a malevolent smile, knowing perfectly well what was coming for her.

"Rory! What are you doing?! Get off me!"Lorealai screamed in panic.

The possessed woman extended her tongue obscenely, reaching for her mother's mouth. Lorelai watched her daughter's face in terror while she helplessly tried to defend herself.

"Noo!! Stop this!!"

Lorelai was scared and confused. Her own daughter was assaulting her. She felt Rory's tongue touching her lips... it was cold.

Rory threw her head back, grunting and moaning loudly, scaring her mother even more. The young woman's body started to tremble and shudder just before a large red proboscis extended from her pussy.

The cold, pulsating appendage curved down and swiftly penetrated Lorelai's pussy and asshole. It squirmed within the tight cavities, finding traction to reach deeper inside. The pseudo-phalluses had to act quickly, since it could not exist for long out in the open, in the realm of humans.

Lorelai grunted with astonishment and disbelief. She couldn't understand what was happening. The initial cold sensation in her pussy slowly turned into an unbearable heat that radiated across her struggling body. The older woman felt a numbness clouding her thoughts while the messenger from hell melted within her loins.

By the time the appendage was almost completely inside of her, Lorelai was not resisting anymore. Her arms rested loosely by her sides as her eyes rolled back into her head. In contrast, her clitoris and her nipples became alive, swelling and pulsating at the rhythm of her racing heart.Her tits got bigger and started to lactate the same kind of hypnotic milk Rory produced.

Rory could not resist to taste her ensalved mother's sweet hypnotic milk and moved down her mother's limp body, licking her luscious breasts sucking a good load of the delicious milky substance, then further down to her pussy. She shoved her long tongue deeply, trying to match her Master's messenger lodged inside her mother's womb while using two fingers to do the same in the older woman's asshole. Lorelai moaned from the blissful sensation, ignoring the fact that it was her own daughter between her legs. It felt so good.

Rory played with her mother for a while, until the time was right. The older woman's heavy breathing and continuous moaning were a clear signal that she was ready to meet her new Master; to begin her new life.

"Stand up and follow me," Rory commanded.

Without saying a word, Lorelai stood up and obediently followed her daughter. Her mind was completely blank ,he eyes were unfocused and her pussy,big tits and ass were on fire.

Nyarlathotep was already waiting for them. Lorelai stood impassibly in front of the monstrous alien creature, even as the numbing effect of the messenger was already wearing off. She mumbled a soft protest that was muted by the creature's voice...

"Hello Lorelai. You managed to elude me all the past days, ignoring your offsprig's has been enslaved by me. But now you stand here before me, thanks to your own daughter... ha ha ha. This is so poetic; your whole family will be mine!!..."

The devil positioned his hands to either side of Lorelai's head and discharged the mysterious red light that penetrated into her brain. The woman's world turned red for an instant then everything became crystal clear. All that mattered was him, to obey him, to pleasure him.

"Let's fix this rebellious brain of yours..."

The instant he was done, Lorelai reached a strong orgasm that made her shiver from head to toe. She lost her balance but her daughter was there to support her. Rory was jealous. Until now, the devil's attentions were devoted solely to her. But is was his wish to possess Lorelai too, and his command most be obeyed without question.

"Titfuck me slave!"Ordered the alien God

Imediatly Lorelai Gilmore felt on her knees,wrapped her big delicious tits around his huge cock and started titfucking her new Master with abandon giving moans of delight.Rory noticed that Lorelai tits were already bigger than before her enslavement and were already producing a generous amount of milk that coated the bodies of both Lorelai and her new alien Master.

Rory could not avoid licking her lips seeing that...

Rory was terribly aroused with the enslaving of her mother and the part she took on it so,with the aproval of her beloved Master she started to masturbate and milk her own big tits furiously while she watched her Master do to her lovely mother the same thing he has done to her.

"Turn around and beg for my cock!" the Great Old One said.

Lorelai did as instructed. She bent over, presenting her round, voluptuous ass to the monster, then said...

"Please Master... penetrate me with your gorgeous cock. Ravish me until the end of time."

"I am going to show what you have been missing all these past days, my Darling plaything."

The devil shoved his huge phallus into the older woman's pussy, stretching the tight cavity until reaching bottom, and then pushed even deeper into her womb. Lorelai groaned and shrieked in ecstasy, disregarding whatever discomfort she felt from the enormous cock and harshness of the penetration.

Rory was so excited, that she just couldn't stand there. She leaned forward and extended her tongue reaching for her mother's throat. The squishy sounds of her Master's cock while it hammered her mother's pussy was so alluring... she wanted to be fucked as well.

Lorelai felt her daughter's tongue swirling around her mouth, reaching impossibly deep. Just like the huge phallus of the devil squirming within her pussy. She kissed Rory back. The enthralled woman didn't recognized Rory as her daughter anymore. She was another source of sin that shouldn't go to waste.
After a while Rory changed her retreated from Lorelai's moth and offered her mother a big tit filled and dripping with delicious hypnotic ,enslaving milk and the older woman never hesitated in accepting it and sucking as much of that delicious milk as she could from her own daughter's tits.

Rory's sweet enslaving milk overflowed from her defenseless mother's mouth and soaked the older woman's face and big tits just to suck on her mother's own tits minutes later.

They fucked for hours. After countless orgasms from both Gilmore girls, they were still going as if not a minute had passed. The Great Old One was smashing his cock into Lorelai's asshole with all his might, rocking her shuddering body back and forth on the shaky table that barely withstood the frantic ravishing.

"Fuck her, Master. Fill her with your essence. Make her complete," Rory pleaded.

"You are such a good fuck Lorelai, just like your daughter before you. And your daughter is such a delight too. I was right to choose your family as my minions."

Lorelai actually feeling sorry that she didn't had the opportunity to do this before. All those wasted days....She remembered hearing her daughter screams from the basement days ago, when she was home soon, but now she understood what those screams were about. There was no pain involved. Only pleasure! pure, mind blowing pleasure.

Rory, rubbing her pussy with one hand, placed the other on her mother's belly, "I can feel your cock through her belly, Master. She is so full!"

"She is full indeed. There are a few things that you don't know about your mother and I have just discovered from her pliant mind. She was nnever heterossexual...She likes women as much as she likes men. Now she is going to teach you how to suck pussy. Sit on her face."

Rory's pussy twitched hard while she leaped on the table and lowered her hips over her mother's face. Lorelai lifted her head and engulfed her daughter's whole pussy between her lips. Rory felt her mother's tongue circling her pussy lips and lashing at her clitoris with astonishing expertise.

"'s it!!!Harder!!!...AAAAHHHHHHH...from now on you are my sex slave when Master is not using you!!..."

Nyarlathotep smiled seeing how corrupted sweet innocent Rory has become,how far she has fallen to the point of enslaving her own mother without hesitation...

Now there was no reason to hide from her daughter the fact that she had been a bisexual for all her life. From all the women that had spend the night on Lorelai's bed, her daughter's pussy tested the best.

Now there was no holding back from either of the two ladies of the house. Rory was becoming her mother's lover and they both had become sex slaves to their Master,the Great Old One Nyarlathotep. Once again, loud screams echoed from the basement, but this time everything was properly falling into place.

At the break of dawn, the alien God decided it was time. He shoved his cock hard and deep a few more times and then he discharged a vast load of sperm into Lorelai's shivering body. Lorelai reached yet another forceful climax. The hot semen that flooded her womb, quickly invaded every cell of her body, multiplying the orgasmic bliss.Then,with Rory's guiding help,their Master came into Lorelai's anus,mouth,tits and all over her body, Lorelai's world turned red, then everything became black.

Rory looked down at her mother's twitching body while the orgasmic spasms slowly faded off. When Lorelai finally opened her eyes, Rory's pussy twitched with unrestrained excitement. Those eyes were now as purple as Rory's. Lorelai had been completely possessed.

And Rory started to lick all their Master's sperm from her own mother's body,starting from her delicious big,milk filled tits,to mix both delicious substances in her mouth and then share the concotion with her slave mother...

* * *

After the incident in Rory's room, Paris was really worried about her friend's behavior and wondered why she had cloistered herself at her home. Paris shared her apprehension with Lane and they agreed to visit Rory and confront the problem directly.

"Let's go now. We can't waste more time," Lane said.

"Okay, let's go," Paris responded.

Paris and Lane found the front door unlocked and walked into the living room. Rory's mother was sitting on the couch, wearing only her bra and panties. She had an empty stare as she responded to the girls' question with an unemotional tone of voice.

"Hi, Mrs. Gilmore. Is Rory home?"

"Yes... she is in the basement. Please talk to her."

The two friends looked at each other with confusion and walked towards the basement without noticing that there was milk leaking from the older woman's hard nipples and that she was discretly masturbating. They were not able to hear Lorelai's soft whisper... "He is in me..."

Lane and Paris found the basement completely dark. They could hear soft moans coming from below.

"I think I hear something but it's too dark. I can't see anything. Rory? Are you down there?" Paris said.

"Last time we came here, I saw a light switch at the bottom of the stairs," Lane said.

"Okay, let's go down. But be careful," Paris said hesitantly.

They walked down stairs looking for the light switch. When they found it, Paris's heart almost popped out of her chest!

"Oh my God!! It's back!!"

"Hi Paris. We were waiting for you," Rory said.

Rory was naked, standing with a sexy pose and the monstrous creature was behind her, floating in the middle of the pentagram.

Paris turned around ready to run, but Lane moved to block the way. She stared back at her friend with eyes as purple as Rory's.

"Lane!! Your eyes! What is going on?!"

"I belong to Master now," Lane responded, "After I tasted his sperm, I couldn't stop thinking about him. It consumed me day and night. I had to come back."

"And when she did, I brought her to him," Rory added, "He possessed her the same way he possessed me. He gave us true pleasure."

"Then I came back home annd enslaved my own mother for our Master,something that you will do to your own other very soon,and then mom and me invited my aunt Jun and enslaved her to our Master too.Or Master's power grows and you will be the next to sbmit to him Paris..."Lane said with an evil grin in her mouth.

The scared girl, shaking like a leaf, looked back at the alien God as she heard his guttural voice.

"But I have different plans for you. You are very important for my plan."

"We know that your rebel look is just for show, Paris. We know you are still a virgin," Rory said.

* * *

A while later, Lorelai was holding Paris with a firm grip and drenching the younger woman with her hypnotic milk, a few centimeters beyond the perimeter of the pentagram.

"Please Mrs. Gilmore. Don't let them hurt me!" Paris pleaded.

Lane and Rory masturbated in front of their Master, waiting to be commanded. The alien growled and grunted, summoning the darkest powers of the underworld, while his phallus grew and extended to an impossible length, getting ready for his greatest act.

"Paris, your grandmother was taken away from me before she could accomplish what we are about to do..." the Great Old One said.

"Yes, Master. Please do to her whatever you please."Said Rory aroused

"Let your body be a conduit for my essence into the world of humans. Turn around and kneel before me."

Rory heard her Master's words and searched for the last remnants of purity within her soul. Her human body would serve as the perfect insulation for the devil's cock. Her eyes regained their normal color as she moved into position. "Use me, Master." she pleaded.

The long phallus waved like a serpent around Rory's horny body, until it stopped near her anal entrance. Rory felt him pressing at her anus and trembled with excitement.

"Fuck my ass deeply! I beg you!"exclaimed Rory

The alien God shoved his cold member into Rory's tight cavity, slowly and steady. Centimeter by centimeter, the flexible phallus slid within her entrails, stretching her slim body to the limit.

Rory felt her body shifting and churning to accommodate the fat cock as it moved deeper inside of her. The intrinsic pain was easily overridden by the immense pleasure of serving her Master.

Seeing what was heppening to her daghter Lorelai wanted to use one of her hannds to furously masturbate to orgasm bt she could not allow that Paris scaped their Lord and Master.

The hellish penetration would not stop, even when Rory's anus clutched down on the gliding phallus with orgasmic spasms. It wasn't long before Rory felt the devil's cock rising up her esophagus towards her open mouth.

Lane saw the reddish cock emerging from her friend's mouth and her heart jolted with surprise and exhilaration. She leaned forward and licked the tip, tasting her Master once again.

Paris was watching the spectacle with frightened astonishment, This is impossible! How can Rory survive this?

The devil's loud voice resounded across the room as he gave Lane a command. She was next. "Turned around as Rory did. I will use your body too."

"Yes Master! Please fuck me!"begged Lane.

As Lane felt the tip of the Devil's cock pushing against her anus, she almost reached climax. She raised her ass with eagerness, trying to accelerate the penetration. "Ahhh... yess!!"

Seconds later, Lane whole body shuddered under a wild orgasm as the creature's phallus stretched her tight cavity beyond humanly possible. The young woman went cross eyed from a blissful pleasure that had no match in an earthly realm.

The creature's cock emerged from Lane' mouth after passing through her entire body, the same way it did to Rory's. The two young friends were impaled all the way through by the extending phallus!

Meanwhile, Lorelai pushed Paris forward, getting her closer to the waving phallus that was still growing.

"NO!Ms Gilmore...PLEASE DON'T DO THAT TO ME!!!...HELP ME!!..."screamed Paris bt her plead felt in deaf ears as her naked best friend's mother gave a huge smiled and got a firmer hold on her helpless body.

The moment it reached beyond the pentagram, the alien's cock started to burn out of existence. But it absorbed Rory's and Lane' human energy from every cell that was in contact with its surface, managing to survive long enough to fulfill its purpose.

Paris was scared out of her mind. She fought and resisted with all her might but Lorelai was inhumanly strong. The devil's cock was already twitching between her trembling legs, ready for penetration.

"Nooo!!... Get away from me!!..."Paris screamed desperated

And then it happened! For the first time ever, the Great Old One shoved his huge cock into the warm pussy of a virgin girl outside the limits of the pentagram. He was so close now... there was only one thing left to do.

Paris screamed from the forceful penetration. The alien's cock pierced through her hymen, all the way to the bottom of her stretched cavity. She was in shock while a million sensations cluttered her mind. The fat cock felt hot and enormous, yet her pussy wrapped around it with unwanted pleasure. Paris had imagined her first sexual experience in many different ways, but none of them was remotely similar to this. then she felt Lorelai's Gilmore tit be shoved in her mouth and a huge amount of her mind controling milk go down her throat.

Nyarlathotep began to move his hips back and forth, fucking all three women at the same time. Two of them moaned loudly from a blissful feeling that went beyond description, and the other whimpered from a feeling unknown to her until today. A sensation that was proving to be undeniably delightful, and this caused her even greater anguish and desperation.

The Great Old One pumped hard and fast, grunting louder every time as his sperm boiled within his loins. This unearthly fucking seemed like an eternity to Paris, but just like seconds to her friends. At last, the defining moment arrived. The alien God growled harder than ever as he released his cum like an explosion from hell, expanding his phallus as the fluid moved forward!

Rory also climaxed like never before, feeling her master's phallus enlarging within her cavities, carrying his alien semen across her body, absorbing from her soul her last remnants of humanity.

As the sperm reached Lane anus, she climaxed as well. Her body jolted and trembled with orgasmic spasms while the hot liquid flowed into her entrails, taking her human substance away. She barely hung to consciousness as the fluid passed between her lips towards Paris's pussy.

Having absorbed all of Rory's and Lane' earthly essence, the sperm was now resistant enough to flood Paris's womb and survive the impregnation process. Paris felt the hot semen spraying into her fertile cavity and her body twitched from the strange and unexpected sensation.

To ensure a successful impregnation, Nyarlathotep pumped more sperm than necessary, inundating Paris's body to the limit and letting the remnants of his seed spread across the ground between the girl's trembling legs. Paris could feel her belly bloating for a second with every gush, before the fluid escaped through the tight space between her stretched vaginal lips and the fat cock lodged within.

At last, Paris couldn't take it anymore, and despite every desperate effort to suppress it, she reached a powerful climax that made her scream in bliss and swallow more hypnotic milk from Lorelai's tits. Her eyes rolled back from a level of pleasure that she could barely understand. Her legs stretched outwardly and shook in rapid successions as the orgasmic spasms came down on her like a freight train, one after the other. She was having her first orgasm provided by a real cock. She was no longer a virgin, even though her virginity had been taken by a creature from another dimension.

Moments later, it was all over. Rory, Lane and Paris laid exhausted on the ground, barely conscious. The devil slowly retrieved his long cock from their bodies with a squishy sound.

"She has been impregnated. I can feel it," Lorelai said with a huge smile.

"Ha ha ha.. Of course she is. I made sure of it," the Great Old One responded.

Within Paris's womb, an impossible event was taking place. A sperm cell from the otherworld was fusing with a human ovule, creating a creature capable of surviving in the human world.

Meanwhile, the devil slid back into the ground laughing victorious, "I will see you again very soon, my playthings.... ha ha ha ha."

* * *

Six weeks later, Paris was already displaying a heavily pregnant belly. She was permanently living in Rory's house, since her mother and father mysteriously allowed that.In fact Paris was sent home to enclave her own mother to her Master and then mother and daughter joined forces annd enslaved Pari's father as well. Lorelai was taking care of Paris with devotion, thus protecting the precious embryo growing in the teen's belly.

"It is time for your meal," Lorelai said.

The older woman was constant mating with the Great Old One, and this was causing her to produce more and more milk. A special kind of milk that kept anyone,mostly women,docile and willing to do whatever she was told, no matter how strange it sounded. Now it was feeding time again... Lorelai sat on the couch and opened her legs offering her pussy to Paris, and offered one of her luscious breasts.

"Come on honey, feed from me."The Older woman said in a commanding voice.

Paris openned her own legs and started to grind her hairless pussy into Lorelai's own hairless cunt as she suckled the bloated nipple between her lips and swallowed the mind controlling fluid with zealousness. Both women moaned simultaneously. Paris couldn't deny a perverse excitement that sparkled in her loins and made her pussy stir as she Always wanted tto fuck Lorelai,even before they both being enslaved by their Master...

Rory divided her time between the basement and the dining room, pleasuring her Master every way she could, and helping her mother to take care of and breastfeed Paris and the unborn alien. At this moment, she was rubbing her clit and penetrating her pussy with one of Lorelai's huge dildos while she watched her slave mother feeding her slave friend so lovingly. She felt compelled to join the couple.

Rory spread Paris's legs while her inhumanly long tongue snaked in the air, savoring the wet pussy she was about to taste.

The young woman shoved her tongue deep into her friend's cavity while Paris moaned louder, never releasing the engorged nub that provided her nourishment. Within her belly, the embryo stirred and shuddered, getting ready to leave the cozy environment.

A short while later, Paris and Lorelai were both shuddering from the blissful throes of a strong orgasm. Rory's agile tongue had taken her over the edge like many times before and now she was taking turnns in licking her mother's and her friend's pussies. Except on this occasion, the intense spasms that rocked their entire bodies started to localized on Paris's abdomen. The blissful convulsions were not fading away, they were getting stronger!

Rory swiftly pulled back as she saw Paris's water break. Her dear friend was in labor and it was time for the young emissary from Nyarlathotep to be born into the human world.

Paris grunted from the effort of delivering the devil's baby. Her tight pussy slowly dilated, allowing the alien creature to slide out. She was afraid that it may be a horrible monster, but it was her baby and she would love it no matter what.

"I can see bumps forming all over Paris's abdomen. Our baby master is full of energy mom!" Rory said excitedly.

"Push honey... push. You can do it," Lorelai said.

Moments later, the tanned baby finally came out of Paris's strained body. Lorelai was ready to receive it with protective hands and take him to her milk filled big breasts.

"Hello my Lord and Master. You are safe with us. You have nothing to be afraid of," Lorelai said with a soft voice.

Paris fell back exhausted onto the couch while Rory and her mother admired their Master's child. It looked like a combination of a human and the monstrous creature that conceived it. A tanned baby with arms and legs like a human, but little horns of his head and tentacles around his body.

"He is beautiful!" Rory said taking the place of Lorelai in breastfeeding Paris.

"We must feed him constantly. Bring more girls and take them to the master. He will get them ready for the task," Lorelai said to her daughter.

"I will," Rory responded, already making plans to lure more of her friends from Chilton Academy into the basement.

Louise Grant and Madeline Lynn,former Rory and Paris's friends would be the first ones,then Francie Jarvis and all the girls on her clique and then,their families and, why not, some of their female teachers...

* * *

Six months later, the Great Old One's child had already become an adult and his powers were getting stronger every day.

"Do you like it mother? Do you like my cock?" the young alien asked Paris while fucking his mother in this plane from behind.

"Yess.... baby. Fuck me hard! Shove your big cock inside of me!I am your submissive and obediente slut mother and slave!!!"

Paris had become addicted to her son's cock. She could cum several times every time they fucked and she still wanted more.

"He he he... you are climaxing again mothher! Your pussy is squeezing my cock!"

The demon heard Lorelai's voice behind him... "Hi Master. I brought you fresh meat."

Paris, still shuddering from her latest orgasm, dislodged her son's cock from her pussy, went down to her knees and engulfed it whole.

The alien discharged a huge load of cum into his subserviente mother's mouth, just for the fun of watching her struggle to swallow it all. Paris moaned loudly and pushed the bloating phallus all the way to the back of her throat. She tried not to waste any drop but she failed miserably!

"Look Lorelai! Look how much cum my mother can swallow!"

Lorelai walked closer, dragging along a beautiful woman. The new victim saw the demon and at first she thought that it was a man in disguise... but she quickly realized this was not a joke. This monster was real! She screamed in terror!

"Don't be afraid. He will not hurt you," Lorelai whispered to her ear.

"Bring her closer!" the alien commanded.

Lorelai pushed the terrified woman close to the demon. His eyes began to scintillate with a sinister yellowish glow. He had learned this trick a few weeks ago and he was becoming an expert of mind control. He stared at the new victim with fierce intensity.

The young woman felt her heart jolting out of her chest. Just an hour ago she was having coffee with the attractive mother of her friend Rory and now she was standing naked in front of a monster. This had to be a nightmare and she was expecting to wake up at any moment...

But looking at those entrancing eyes for a few seconds, were enough to bring her under his spell. Her facial expression began to relax as her will to defend herself slowly vanished. A subtle wave of excitement ignited out of nowhere and concentrated at her crotch.

The alien shoved a finger in her pussy and the yong woman moaned softly. She remained stiff, staring at the hypnotizing eyes.

Lorelai recognized the increasing power of the Great Old One's child and she suggested that it was time to take the next step of their mission.

"It is time Master. Now you are strong enough to the spread the plague, like you father instructed."

"Yes! I am strong. I will spread the decay and soon the world will be ours!"

"The name of this girl is Clara Forester. She shall be you first subject," Lorelai said with a huge sile full of lust at the same time that she fingered herself."She is the sister of Rory's forer boyfriend!"

"Her name is appropriate, since she will become the dawn of this world's perdition...ha ha ha. Let's move on to the bedroom, my dear," the alien commanded.

Clara Forester laid on the bed with her legs spread wide and her eyes staring forward, unaware of anything that was taking place around her. At the feet of the bed, the alien creature summoned the powers of his alien father that would help him accomplish his task as Lorelai Gilmore kneeled near Clara's face,unbottoned her blouse,took one of her milk filled tits from her it and forced the younger girl to start sucking from her nipple at the same time that Lorelai reached for her pussy,closed her eyes and started masturbating...

Nyarlathotep ethereal figure loomed above the enthralled woman, eager to witness the beginning of the end. "Open your soul to me and your pussy to my son. You will live in bliss forever!" the Great Old One whispered in the woman's ear. Clara's pussy gushed with unbridled abandon.

She didn't even blink as the whole bed shifted under the weight of the aliens's bulk,she just kept sucking submissively that delicious milk fro the tit that was being offered to her. He positioned himself on top of her, aiming his cold, huge phallus at her lubricated pussy.

"Get ready to receive my phallus inside of you slave. You will be my carrier of perdition," the alien said.

The creature moved his hips forward and shoved his fat cock into Clara Forester's tight pussy. A squishy sound was followed by a loud moan of pleasure escaping the woman's mouth. The long phallus penetrated all the way to the bottom of her vaginal cavity.

The alien monster began to fuck her harshly. Clara just lay there with her arms limp by her sides, her eyes staring to the ceiling,her mouth attachedd to Lorelai's tit,absorbing each drop of her delicious enslaving milk and her body swaying back and forth, following the rhythm of the forceful penetrations. Only her mouth responded to the vicious assault, letting out soft moans of true pleasure from time to time before going back to Lorelai's tits.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Clara Forester knew that this was dangerous. She shouldn't be doing this. But her body was sending the opposite signal. His cock felt wonderful. There was no point fighting against it.

After half an hour of rough fucking in the missionary position, the alien God lifted Clara's hips from the bed, and started pumping her stretched pussy even harder and faster. He was excited to complete the mission that his father trusted upon him.

"You love this, don't you my slave? Your slave pussy is twitching around my cock!" the alien God asked, not really expecting an answer.

Rory entered the bedroom annd soon Rory's pussy was dripping wet. She knelt beside the wild couple, watching with exhilaration as Clara Forester's breasts got bigger and full of hynotic milk and swayed back and forth, in synchrony with her moans and her master's powerful strokes.

"Cum inside of her, Master. Fill her with your essence. Make her a vessel from your plane!!" Rory exclaimed while rubbing her pussy with eagerness.

The alien God made a strong last motion, keeping his engorged phallus buried to the hilt, and discharged a huge amount of cum into Clara's womb. The sperm was black and thick, saturated with a alien virus that immediately invaded the woman's shaking body.

Clara reached climax too. She arched her back while her eyes rolled completely up her head. Her entire body twitched like a maniac as she was totally possessed by her new Master. A strange coldness initiated in her womb and spread everywhere, prolonging her orgasmic spasms for the longest time.

The alien God jumped off the bed and watched Clara Forester with a grin of satisfaction. His job was done and now it was just a matter of sitting back and watch the show. His helpless slave was infected with the virus and it would keep her forever horny. She would mate with everyone and everything,male and female, dispersing the virus into the general population.

There was another presence in the room. The Great Old One's shadow was still there, watching everything and laughing malevolently.

Rory continued masturbating, trying unsuccessfully to put out the fire in her pussy. "Please, fuck me too, Master. I beg you..." and then she took one of her mother's milk fillled tits in her mouth to enjooy her sweet hypnotic milk

"I will. But first you need to get a test subject and bring him here. Go now!"

* * *

After a couple of hours, Rory walked into her room bringing one guy with her. He was her grandparent's driver and she had lured him to her house with the promise of a lusty night easily. He thought he was lucky for sure...

The alien God was hiding in Lorelai's bedroom having Lorelai titfuck him with abandon while looking at Rory's bedroom with his powers.There Clara Forester rested on the bed, shivering from time to time from orgasms gave by Paris Geller and Lane Kin,that were totally naked and taking turns licking the young woman's pussy as she used the huge dildo that Rory used just hours ago on her own soaked wet pussy.

"Get closer to the bed!" Rory commanded.

"Alright! Alright!You do'nt have to say it twice!" the guy said amazed with the scene in front of him and his 7 inch cock already hard.

Clara Forester saw the man's cock and her pussy stirred. She was horny all the time and she couldn't stand one more second without a phallus. This man would provide a much needed release. She had to fuck him!She pushed Paris and Lane away gently and offered her pussy to the newcomer.

The man was amazed and confused. Even more so when he saw that gorgeous woman kneeling on the bed, offering her perfect body to him.

"Please fuck me!" Clara begged.

"You see this beautiful woman? All you have to do is fuck her all night and then you are free to fuck those girls,Paris and Lane,in any way you want as well me and my mom,together or separated,any time you want."Said Rory similing and pushing Lorelai,who had just entered the room,with her face and gorgeous big tis full of their Master's semen,down forcing her obedient and submissive mother to eat her pussy.

Rory traced the fingers of both hands in her mother's tit and tasted their delicious Master's cum with one hand while making Lorelai lick the other finger clean.

"We will share this sweet load of sperm soom dear mommy..." Rory thought to herself...

"What?! I just have to fuck her and then I can fuck both those girls and both of you?Any time I want?Togethher or separated?" the man asked with amazement looking at both Gilmore girls.

"Okay, I'll do it. You cann bet I'll do it!!" the man said, then he thought, These bitches are crazy! At least I'm gonna get a good fuck out of this.

"I'll leave you fuckbirds alone so you can do your thing and have my submissive mother to take good care of my own sexual needs" Rory said, putting a colar and a leas walking out of the room pulling Lorelai on all fours behind her while Lane and Paris proceeded to use the double dildo on themselves in the floor of the room grunting like desperate animals.

"I must have this cock inside of me. I must!" Clara exclaimed, then she engulfed the man's phallus and sucked it with expertise, helping him overcome the stressing situation. She got him fully erect in seconds.

"I wondering why does a beautiful woman like you need to send someone to get men to fuck you? You could fuck anyone you want," the man asked.

Clara kept sucking with mindlessness, ignoring his question.

Moments later, Clara Forester was humping on top him like the perfect sex machine. Her hips swayed back and forth, then up and down with with undulating motions as her pussy tightened around his cock every couple of seconds.

The guy soon forgot how he was brought into the room and started to fuck her with enthusiasm. "Wow! You really know how to move!"

There was something about this young woman that made his head spin. Her pussy was so tight and her entire body smelled so fine and alluring. He smashed her ass with all his might, shoving his cock to the hilt every time and making her scream in bliss.

I am so damn lucky. I am gonna fuck her brains out until she is begging me to stop. Then Ill fuck hot Lorelai and her sexy daughter together!!!

After a couple of hours, they were still going at it like wild animals. Even when he slowed down a little, Clara picked up the pace, forcing him to keep moving. Clara had already climaxed a few times but far from bringing her some release, it made her even hornier than before. She just couldn't get enough.

Suddenly, the room got so cold that a small cloud of mist formed from the couple's agitated breaths. But they didn't even notice it as they were too engrossed on their mutual ravishing.

The excited man was amazed at his own stamina. He usually couldn't handle a sex session this long, but there was something about this woman that urged him to keep on fucking her. He came inside of her pussy with long, abundant spurts, but his cock remained hard and he just kept moving.

After several hours, the man was completely spent. He laid motionless on the carpeted floor while Clara sat on his lap, milking whatever was left of him. The virus from the otherworld that now infected his body was keeping his cock erect and at the same time, it was eating his free will away.

The next morning, Rory,Lorelai and the alien God entered the room to see what had become of the man. Clara had fucked him for so many hours, that the infection had accelerated to the maximum. Paris and Kim were unconcious in the floor.

"Come with me slave. Let's see the future of mankind," the alien Master said to Rory and her sexy mother.

"Yes, Master," Rory and Lorelai annswered at the same time, following him like they were his puppies.

The test had been a total success. On the carpeted floor laid a figure that used to be a man. Now he was stronger and tanned in a grey hue annd had a 11 inch cock,his cockhead huge and purple. It was the first of it's kind!There would be others like him...

"This creature right here represents the doom of your world," the alien God said, pointing at the body."Rise,thrall!!" he said to the former driver

"He is huge!!!" Rory said, not caring about the fate of humanity.

"And totally delicious!!..." completed Lorelai with a lustfull voice while she licked her red lips and played with her tits wanting to have them on the Thrall's mouth.

Clara was on the bed, looking down at the thrall, wishing she could fuck him some more.But she had to wait for orders from her Master to have that pleasure and she knew he wold sennd her to enslave her family to her Master first...starting with her brother and her father that wold become her master's second and third thralls...and then they would help her to enclave her gorgeous mother,Lindsay Forester...

The thrall slowly opened his eyes, already feeling the irresistible need to fuck. To spread the virus. He would ravish every woman that crosses his path. The incubation period would be long enough for the women to spread the virus to more men, which would eventually turn into thralls as well. The fate of the world was sealed. At least for now....

"Put him on the street and let the pandemonium begin!" the alien God exclaimed.

"Yes Master!" both Lorelai and Rory said att the same time.

"First we are going to grandma's place and while the thrall seduces and enslave my grandma,Emily,and the all the maids of the house me and my mom will take good care of my grandpa!!..." Rory said with a smile winking to her alien Master.

Then she and Lorelai pulled the thrall by his huge member taking to the car while the Master started to fuck Clara again before sending her to enslave her own family...

The End


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