Gilmore Girls: The Big Mother's Day Sex Video (Ff,Ff-mast,inc,voy,reluc)
by Hamster

2 days before Mother's Day...

Rory hadn't been snooping. Her mom had just left the box on the bed. She
picked it up and debated whether or not to open it. It could be private. Did
she really want to violate her mother's trust? She picked up the box several
times and kept putting it down. The label said 'Specialty Videos'. What could
it be?

Finally like Pandora, she gave in to overwhelming curiosity and opened the
box. It was a DVD. The case was blank, just plain black. The DVD itself was
just marked with the simple title 'Anna and Suzy'. Rory put the DVD into the
DVD player and hit play.

Rory thought that it was just a simple porn at first but it became very
evident that it was a little more perverted than that. It was clear from the
dialogue and from the similairities between the two actresses that they were
actually mother and daughter. Rory watched with fascination as the sordid
video of lesbian incest played out. It was clearly made by an amateur real
life mother and daughter or at least made to look that way. Did her mom
really like to look at this or was it sent to their house as a mistake. Rory
checked the name and address on the box again but it was clearly to Lorelai
Gilmore. Rory continued watching the DVD as if mesmorized her hand strayed
under her skirt and she began to softly rub her pussy.

Suddenly the door opened and Lorelai walked in. She saw the movie and her
daughter wastching it and she was overcome with rage.

"What are you doing? How dare you? Get out, get out of my room NOW!!!"
Lorelai said, more harshly than she normally would have.

Rory ran to her room in tears and left her mom fuming. But Lorelai when
stopped and reviewed what had happened in her head she was excited by one
revelation. Her daughter had been masterbating, she had been turned on by
what she saw.

Day before Mother's Day...

The events of the day before were burned in Rory's memory. She went up to her
room and after school and noticed her mom's door was open a crack. She peeked
in the door.

Her mom was lying on her bed completely naked. She had a dildo that she was
rapidly pumping in and out of her cunt.

"Oh Rory! Oh Rory yes, fuck yes I love you." Her mother moaned.

Rory was even more stunned than the day before. Just what the fuck was going
on here? Was she in the twilight zone? She was getting turned on at the
sight of her mother calling out her name while masterbating. She could hardly
deny it. Rory unconsciously let her finger's stray beneath her skirt to her
panties. Rory began slowly rubbing her cunt as she watched the show that her
mom was putting.

"Mmmm mmmmm" She moaned trying to be quiet as she fingher-fucked herself into

Finally Rory came. Filled with embarrassed self disgust, Rory quietly went to
her room and eventually fell asleep but she dreamed about the incident all
night long...

Meanwhile, Lorelai knew that her daughter had seen her masturbating and knew
that she had been turned of even if just a little bit.

Mother's Day...

Rory's mom had been waiting for her daughter to return from school.. She
had set up everything that they needed just an hour or two before. It was
mother's day and what she wanted was her daughter's sweet little cunt. As
soon as Rory stepped through the door she rushed towards the kitchen but
was intercepted by her mom.

"One second, sweetie." Lorelai said as she grabbed her daughter's arm. "Last
night I knew you were masturbating right outside my door."

Blood rushed to Rory's face.

"I-I..." the horrified Rory started to protest but was stopped by her mom's
finger being placed over her mouth.

"Don't deny it sweetie, it's ok. You know that DVD? That was a homemade video
of an actual mother and daughter. Does that make you hot sweetie? Because it
sure makes me hot." Lorelai said as she pulled her daughter close. "Do you
know what I would love more than anything? If we could make a little movie of
our own to send to them. I think we'd be a big hit."

"M-mom what are you talking about? W-we can't..." Rory stammered but she was
cut off by Lorelai kissing her.

Lorelai's tongue forced its way into Rory's mouth, at first the teen
struggled but then she settled and returned the kiss. Their tongues danced
for several minutes and they both lost themselves in the sweet moist softness
of each others' mouths. They broke their kiss and Lorelai stared deeply into
her daughter's lovely face.

"Do you love me Rory?" She asked.

"Yes, more than anything." Rory replied.

"Then please, lets make love, on camera for the world to see." Lorelai said.
"It would be the greatest mother's day gift ever. Will you do it baby?"

Lorelai pulled Rory in close and gently brushed her lips against her

"Yes, yes mom I'll do it."

They kissed again before Lorelai took her hand and led her to the living room
where the camera was set up. Lorelai went to the camera and turned it on.
Lorelai stood behind her daughter with on her waist and another one on her
shoulder. They both turned to the camera and smiled.

"I'm Lorelai Gilmore and this is my lovely daughter Rory." Lorelai said into
the camera.

"Hello." Rory said and gave a slight wave.

"I'm about to teach my lovely daughter how to perform lesbian sex. I hope you
all enjoy." Lorelai announced.

Lorelai moved one hand from Rory's shoulder to her breast and squeezed it
gently. The hand on her waist was moved slowly up her thigh and under her
pleated skirt. Lorelai rubbed her girl's virgin pussy through her panties.

"Mmmm yes mommy that feels so good." Rory moaned.

It took no time for Rory to get very, very wet. Lorelai took hold of the
waist band of the girl's underwear and pulled it down. Rory stepped out of
them then began to unbotton her blouse. Loelie moved around so that she was
in front of her daughter and sniffed the girl's pussy. Her tongue extended
forward and gave the sweet little cunt a gentle rake with her tongue. This
sent shiver's of pleasure rippling through Rory's body.

Rory was now naked except for her skirt and she was crying out in pleasure
and massaging her small breast as she was pleasured orally by her own mother.
Lorelai began pumping a finger in ad out of the girl who was beginning to
spasm in pleasure. She came to her first orgasm quite soon. She gasped and
sighed as her mother lapped up the last couple of drops of precious cum.

"I think we should take that skirt off so that the fans at home can see what
a sweet little cunt you have." Lorelai said.

They broke off and Lorelai removed her shoes and shirt as her daughter took
of her skirt. Lorelai was going to take off her pants but she had another
idea suddenly.

"Come here sweetie I want you to take off my pants." Lorelai commanded.

Rory smiled and knelt down in front of her mother. She whipped off Lorelai's
belt then unbuttoned her pants and slid them off. This brought Rory face to
face with her mom's panties. She grabbed the waistband with her teeth and
tugged them down.

"Now why don't you get on all fours, I have a very special surprise for you."
Lorelai ordered.

Rory quickly obeyed. Lorelai opened a box and removed from it a strap-on
dildo of impressive size. Lorelai strapped it on tight and stroked the shaft
lovingly. Rory looked back at her mom anxiously. She bit her lower lip in

"Don't worry honey it will only hurt for a second." Lorelai said as she
approached her daughter from behind.

Lorelai grabbed Rory's hips and thrust forward hard. Rory cried out as the
monstrous rubber cock dove into her and ripped through her fragile virginity
and filled her with red-hot pain. Her mother started plunging forward, in
and out at a wicked pace. The pain was soon replaced with ecstacy. Lorelai
watched with fascination as the big black rubber cock slide out of the teen
cunt. What a treat for anyone who bought the DVD. It was not long before Rory
began to wail with pleasure.

"MMMMM that was so good." Rory sighed.

"I'm glad that you think so sweetie because we are going to be doing that a
lot." Lorelai said.
_ _ _

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