Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Gilmore
Girls" that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series.

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Paris/Rory

Keywords: f/f, reluc

Summary: A kiss from Paris is the beginning of a series of sexual experiences
for Rory.

Gilmore Girls: Trick Or Treat Part 1 - Study Session
by Phoebe ([email protected])

Rory trembled on the end of the boy's cock filling her cunt, her hands and
knees bruised by the hardwood floor. Her small lithe body dripped sweat onto
the floor while she grunted to the boy's thrusts from behind, her small round
breasts pulled from her body by gravity, swung back and forth in time with
his fucking motions.

She felt her body flutter as the boy began filling her with his hot cum. She
clamped down on him with her pussy, a flush of pleasure filling her body.

Her mind rebelled: "Oh, god," she thought, "how could she be enjoying this?
What kind of whore was she?"

* * *

Rory felt a vague dissatisfaction. She knew there had to be more to life than
just getting good grades and prepping for Harvard entrance exams.

Sometimes the pressure to succeed seemed too much for her. She kept her
emotions under tight control but she was always afraid that someday she'd
lose it big time. Everyone thought she had it so together, but it was all a
sham. Now that she was almost 17, she was terrified of failing, just like
her mother had before her.

Her mother had been given all the advantages, just like she was receiving
now. She'd grown up in a well-to-do family atmosphere. She had gone to the
best schools, and had a great future before her. Her parents had high hopes
for her, expecting her to become a bright star with a good solid career, a
daughter they could be proud of.

But it hadn't worked out that way. Their daughter Lorelai, had met a boy and
had become infatuated with him. Finally her dalliance with the boy had ended
in a pregnancy. She gave birth to their grand daughter Rory at the tender age
of 17.

Rory's grandparents had been devastated and humiliated by their daughter's
irresponsible actions. They'd talked about disowning her, but when Rory was
born and they saw their grand daughter for the first time they instantly came
to terms with the situation. They knew that if they disowned their daughter
they'd lose their grand daughter.

Over the years the young girl knew nothing but love and acceptance, but
also the pressure of being the apple of both her mother and grandparent's
eye. She continually strove to keep everyone happy and proud of her, but
that desperate fear of failing grew like a tumor deep down in her gut all
the while.

Then one October evening during her 16th year of life her fear became a
reality. It had all begun innocently enough:

She had been spending less and less time with her boyfriend Dean. Maintaining
a 4.0 average at a top-flight preparatory school like Chilton was taking its
toll on their relationship. That's why Rory had invited Paris Gellar, one of
her classmates to be her study partner 2 nights a week.

Rory wanted to spend more time with Dean and by splitting up the research and
essay requirements with Paris, Rory would have more free time to spend with
her hunky boyfriend.

Paris was an over achiever, but unlike Rory, Paris was also domineering and
not well liked by her classmates. Although both girls were driven to succeed,
Paris could be scary in her single-minded pursuit of excellence.

Rory soon realized that Paris would be her best study partner simply because
she was so driven. The girls weren't friends and could even be called rivals
but they both knew instinctively that they were each other's best hope to out
shine everyone else scholastically at Chilton.

* * *

Rory lived in a small New England hamlet called Stars Hollow, some distance
outside Hartford Connecticut and Paris had to be dropped off my her mother
for their study sessions.

It was a crisp autumn evening with a chilly tinge in the air. A
quintessential Stars Hollow evening; clear starry night, a blaze of turning
leaves rustling in the breeze, people bundled against the night air.

Lorelai was out with friends that evening, she didn't want to cramp her
daughter's study session. And besides, if the truth be known, she always
felt a little creeped out by Rory's intense friend with the domineering
personality. She couldn't put her finger on it, but she always felt like
she wanted to either punch the girl in the mouth, or push her up against
a wall and french-kiss her until she blacked out.

Lorelai would of course never do either, but that strange urge every time she
met the uptight teenager induced her NOT to be around when she came over.

Rory was used to Paris and was willing to let her lead their sessions. Rory
didn't actually give ground to Paris, but she knew that they had to get along
to complete their school projects, so she was willing to be "laid-back" about
Paris' little bossy quirks.

* * *

The girls completed their task for the evening with precision. All the I's
were dotted and the T's crossed to the point that they were done early. It
would be almost an hour before Paris' mother would be coming by to collect
her daughter.

Paris had seemed pensive that evening, she'd been a little quieter than
normal and hadn't tried to dominate the study session as she usually did.
'Maybe that was why they were done early,' Rory thought with a silent

While waiting for Paris' mom, they talked about school for a bit, and then
to Rory's surprise Paris mentioned Dean. She said, "Your boyfriend is really
handsome Rory. Does he ever, you know, try to uh, you know, get you to do
stuff with him?"

Rory was surprised that Paris would bring up such a personal subject and it
seemed that Paris realized that she's said something inappropriate because
she rushed on without waiting for Rory's rebuke, "I mean, well I just
wondered how you handled in. I've wanted to have a boyfriend, but I just
don't seem to have the time. And besides, guys only want one thing from a
girl and I don't want to have my plans messed up by some accident if you
know what I mean."

Rory knew what she meant. But being sensitive about what had happened to her
mother she wondered if Paris was referring to her mother's mess-up almost 17
years ago? Her old anxiety flared up suddenly, almost like a tearing animal
deep in her guts. She felt light headed and a little sick to her stomach.

Then Paris, receiving no response, went on almost compulsively, "Um, don't
you get urges when you're with a guy as cute as Dean? I don't think I'd trust
myself with a boy that looked that nice."

Rory still didn't say a word but her face was bright red and Paris wasn't
sure if she was angry or embarrassed. She couldn't help herself, her own
insecurities made her blunder on, "I can't afford to get pregnant, but I
won't deny myself the pleasures of human contact. You know I've figured
out the perfect answer... girls are safe, you know, you can't get pregnant
being with another girl."

Confusion reigned at first. Rory hadn't understood what Paris meant. Then in
a flash she knew what Paris meant, her flesh began to crawl as she looked at
her classmate. Paris had implied that she had sex with girls!

Rory stared at Paris, noting her tense expression, and for the first time
she noticed Paris' soft blonde hair and her intense blue eyes. Paris was
attractive in a rough and ready sort of way. Rory had never thought about
her classmate's looks before. But suddenly she noticed that Paris had a
well formed athletic body.

Suddenly Rory could picture Paris "with" another girl. She was shocked.

"Paris, I don't think you should tell me anymore, I don't think that I want
to hear any more about your sex life," Rory said getting up from the couch
and moving away from Paris.

"No Rory, I'm not queer, I like boys, really I do. It's just that I don't
trust myself around them. I have these urges to be dominated by men and if I
ever gave into those urges I'd lose everything I've working so hard for."

Rory looked wide-eyed at her classmate; it was strange to think of Paris, the
indomitable bossy girl of Chilton Prep fantasizing about being dominated by a
boy. Rory couldn't quite imagine that scene, no matter how hard she tried.

Then Paris continued in a small voice, "I have needs, you know. I'm not dead,
I see what that slut Louise does with boys. I know she's no longer a virgin."

"You shouldn't accuse other students of sleeping around Paris. That could be
damaging, and unless you know for certain that's liable."

"Oh, I know for certain alright. Lousie told Madeline and me all about her
first time, and the many times since that first time. Rory, I hope I can
trust you... I probably shouldn't have said anything to you."

Rory unceremoniously sat down on the couch-arm at the far end. She was in
real shock now. First Paris had admitted that she'd committed lesbian acts,
then she'd accused Louise of being little more than a slut. This was
enormous, this was really huge!

Paris looked a little worried now, "Rory you have to keep your mouth shut
about this otherwise I'll be ruined. You know how much I want to accomplish
and this would destroy my chances forever."

Rory sat silently, mind in turmoil. Finally she stammered, "I--I would never
tell anyone Paris. I--I don't think anyone would believe me if I did tell."

Paris rose from the couch and came over to Rory and took her hand in hers.
She had always been attracted by Rory's "sleeping beauty" good-looks. She
could almost imagine Rory being dressed by little singing birds in a forest
glad. Rory's bark brown hair and brilliant blue eyes had always fascinated

Rory tried to pull her hand free of her classmate's grip but Paris only
tightened her hold and said, "You have to do something to prove that you'll
keep quite. I don't want you to have this kind of power over me. I shouldn't
have said anything, but I did, and now I need you to prove to me that you'll
keep quite."

"Paris I told you I would keep quiet and I meant it," Rory responded a little
indignantly. She was becoming nervous now.

Paris looked into Rory's eyes. Rory quickly became even more uncomfortable
under her classmate's intense gaze. Then she was being pulled to her feet and
pulled up close to Paris. Rory stood only inches away from Paris, then she
felt arms encircle her, but she didn't move. She watched as Paris' face came
closer to hers, and she still didn't move.

Then she closed her eyes as Paris kissed her, still holding her tightly. Rory
felt Paris' lips press against hers, then felt Paris' tongue part her lips
and force its way against her clinched teeth. Rory still didn't move, she
didn't kiss back, but she didn't fight the girl either.

What Paris couldn't know and would never have suspected was that Rory was
secretly enjoying their kiss. Rory had wanted to kiss her boyfriend Dean like
this so many times that she could hardly keep count. They had started to do
it once but the feelings that had welled up inside her had frightened her.

The sexual arousal that Rory had experienced in the brief encounter with Dean
had only confirmed that her fear of losing control were real. She'd pulled
away from Dean then, and never let it happen again.

But now she stood stock still and let Paris do whatever she wanted to her.
Rory was trembling with excitement as Paris pushed her tongue further in,
forcing Rory to take her tongue against her own.

Rory was on fire as the two girls stood there in front of the couch
passionately frenching each other. It was obvious now that Rory was kissing
Paris back with equal fervor.

Only the sounds of their sensual encounter could be heard, moist sexy kissing
sounds, little moans of pleasure, heavy breathing, the soft rustling of
clothing that roving hands make as they travel with abandon.

Then Rory felt the pressure of Paris' hands on her shoulders and she was
being forced down on the couch. "No Paris, please we should stop this," she
mumbled as Paris sat down next to her and gently lifted the hem of her skirt.

As the blue and gray plaid material of Rory's Chilton uniform skirt rose
higher and higher up her thighs she moaned, she knew that this was SO wrong,
that what they were doing was taboo. Deep down inside Rory knew that she was
letting Paris gain a hold over her. For some reason she felt that she needed
to give Paris this power, to make them even again. Now they would both have
a story to tell if need be.

Rory's heart began to pound in her chest as she felt her classmate pulling at
her panties. This couldn't be happening she thought. But at the same time she
was fantasizing that it was Dean pulling at her underwear. She could feel hot
breath on her thigh as her panties were tugged off. Then she jumped as Paris
ran her hands with uninhibited abandon around and across her exposed pussy.

Then Rory stopped breathing all together when she felt a hot moist tongue at
her entrance, 'God it's happening, it's really happening, Paris is going to
eat me!' she thought to herself. It was so weird, but the fantasy of Dean
made it all seen okay for some reason, and it felt so wonderful to have
someone other than herself playing with her pussy.

Incredible sensations began to rush through her exposed body, then Paris
began bobbing her face over Rory's sensitive crotch. Rory gazed dreamily down
to take in the sight of Paris at work on her. It was amazing to see Paris,
her blonde hair streaming gently over Rory's exposed body as she pleasured

The sight of this ambitious, dominating personality, face pressed between her
legs in such a submissive pose, giving her these wonderful sensations was too
much for Rory to take.

She gasped and her body began to jerk wildly around each time Paris' tongue
played across her sensitive pleasure nub. Soon she was experiencing the most
intense orgasm of her life leaving her breathless and trembling, body ridged.

She came until there was nothing left but a pleasant satisfied fatigue like
no other feeling on earth. The pleasure she had received was beyond anything
she'd ever imagined, the freedom to experience such pleasure without the
worry of becoming pregnant was liberating.

After Rory had nothing left to give, Paris stopped and looked up at her lover
and smiled. Rory thought that her friend looked beautiful in that moment. Her
perfect teeth shown in a wide grin, and Rory's juices were smeared all over
Paris' chin and mouth.

Suddenly for some strange reason Rory had an overpowering urge to kiss Paris
again. She reached down and pulled Paris up her body and the two teenagers
began to french kiss each other long and most passionately. Neither one of
the girls wanted to end their kiss, but finally Paris pulled away and rolled
over into a sitting position beside Rory.

Rory watched Paris as she began to pull her school uniform skirt up her
tanned thighs until Rory could see her panties. Uncertain now, Rory reached
out and took them lightly and as Paris raised her bottom from the couch Rory
tugged her friend's panties down.

Rory wasn't too sure about what to do next, but she knew what Paris "wanted"
her to do. It was strange because for some unknown reason Rory really wanted
to reciprocate, to make Paris moan and shiver in ecstasy, like she had done
to her. The thought made Rory's blood surge through her veins with

Only an hour before she would never have even imagined being in this
situation, but now for some reason she wanted it more than anything.

The sight of Paris' exposed pussy was strangely inviting. Rory leaned over
bringing her face to within inches of her lover's naked cunt. The little
tangles of golden hair did nothing to hide Paris' slippery slit. Rory could
smell her friend's arousal. At first she thought she'd be grossed out but
as she buried her tongue between the folds of her friend's soft pussy-lips
she experienced an animal lust the likes of which she'd never experienced
before, not even in her dreams.

Then suddenly both girl's heard Lorelai call out as the front door opened,
"Girls, I met Mrs. Gellar outside, time to break things up it's almost 9:30."
And the women walked into the livingroom to greet their daughters...


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