Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Gilmore
Girls" that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement
on their copyright of the series.

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Rory/Jess

Keywords: m/f

Summary: A kiss from Paris is the beginning of a series of sexual experiences
for Rory.

Gilmore Girls: Trick Or Treat Part 4 - At The Movies
by Phoebe ([email protected])

The Halloween Party was only a couple of days away now and Rory was more
confused than ever. She couldn't stop thinking about the fantastic oral sex
she'd had with Jess, and the guilt that was eating her up over Dean.

Finally Rory came to a decision. She decided to have sex with Dean. She'd
bought birth control pills the week before and planned on seducing Dean as
soon as her two weeks were up. She loved him and he deserved to be her
first real lover.

Dean had come over that evening and they'd gone to the movies. They liked
the movie theater because it was a teenage hangout. For $5 you could spend
hours making out and watching other teenagers make out, it was a social

Only this evening things turned out a little different that usual. They'd
arrived at the theater like usual at 7PM and they took their seats at the
back of the theater like they always did. And they kissed and snuggled just
like always.

The difference this time though, was Rory. Dean's closeness had lit a fire
in Rory that evening. Her guilt and her new found sexual capacity combined
to make her do something she would never have done before.

She reached down and placed her hand over the fly of Dean's pants. She
squeezed gently, again and again and felt the material of his pants fill up
to tent under her touch.

Dean hadn't said a word after Rory had touched him like that. He'd just sat
back and watched her hand moving rhythmically squeezing and letting go, and
then squeezing and letting go.

Then Rory heard a gasp and knew that he'd come in his pants. She was shocked
that he'd come so fast, and embarrassed for him because she'd made him come
too soon.

Dean got up and walked out of the theater. Rory knew that he was upset with
her but couldn't understand why. If she'd only known how insecure Dean was
about his sexuality she'd have understood what she'd done.

Rory had bruised Dean's ego by making him come in his pants. Any other boy
might have been grateful, but not Dean. He marched home and took a shower,
threw his clothes in the washer and sat in his room thinking about what had
happened and wondering how he'd ever face his girlfriend again.

Rory sat in the dark theater wondering what to do about Dean. She hadn't
meant anything, she'd only wanted to give him pleasure. Now she had alienated
him, she was miserable.

Then the next moment Jess was sitting next to her with his hand on one
breast. "So what did you do to make old Dean march out of here like his ass
was on fire?" Jess said sarcastically.

"Don't make fun of Dean, he's just upset with me a little," Rory said

Jess didn't say anything more, he just took Rory's head in his hands and
turned her face to him and planted a long passionate kiss on her mouth.

Rory struggled for a moment then found that her hand had, almost of its own
accord, found Jess' fly and had opened it. Soon she was bent over in her seat
bobbing up and down over his wonderful exposed tool.

As Jess exploded in her mouth and while she was swallowing him up she
wondered how it would feel to have him on top of her, fucking her like a
man does a woman. She was so aroused by the thought that she didn't make
a protest when Jess pulled up the seat arm next to her and pushed her
down on her back.

She thought that he was going to return her oral favor but when he climbed
up on top of her she whimpered, "No Jess, this is crazy, someone will see

Jess just covered her mouth with his and she felt the head of his dick slip
into her, and then he pushed a little further, then pulled out and shoved in
deeper. It took no more than a few moments before the two teenagers had
forgotten where they were and were hugging each other, thrusting back at each
other in total abandon.

Rory was totally into what Jess was doing to her. His beautiful dick was
sunk in her as deep as it would go and the feeling made her feel strangely
complete. As he thrust she wrapped her legs around his butt and thrust in
perfect rhythm until his body stiffened and she knew from experience that
he was coming.

The feeling of Jess' body over hers, and with him shoved into her was too
much for her to stand. Before Jess was done coming Rory came too. Her body
jerked wildly impaled on his stiff dick, he could feel her tight pussy
spasming around his shaft, it was the most wonderful feeling the boy had
ever experienced.

Then they heard clapping. Jess who was on top looked up and saw that there
were dozens of teens sitting around them, and all of them knew what he and
Rory had just done.

Rory pushed Jess off her and with a cry of disappear she pulled her pants
back on and fled the theater. But it was too late, they'd been seen, and by
other townsfolk. The word would be all over Stars Hollow before the sun set

Rory was miserable as she walked home. She could feel Jess' sperm oozing out
of her, ice-cold against her flesh. The sudden thought invaded her mind as
she hurried home, that she hadn't been on the pill long enough, she had been
totally stupid to let Jess fuck her. What an idiot I've been, she thought


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